'Mammas, Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies' by Bambino Rojo

submitted by admin - Apr 11, 2002

(AR, Female/male, western setting, strong sexual content)


This story was inspired by the photo and originally intended for Capst's short story site, but as always, I got too long winded. This is a heterosexual AR tale intended for adult readers and contains adult sexual situations and descriptions.


'Mammas, Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up to be Babies'

The cattle drive had been long and hard and dusty and dirty, but Wyatt didn't care. Now that it was all over he was about to get his reward. For most of his young life he'd thought he'd never get away from his family and off that farm. The youngest kid in his family, his life had consisted of endless chores and having to take orders from everyone else. But that was past now.

At 19, he was out in the world on his own, a man at last. And after three months on the trail he wanted the same thing any man would want.

He and his friends, all the other cowboys from the cattle drive, filed into the 'Whitehouse,' as the ranch was called. Ranch wasn't exactly the right word, but close enough. Though far from town on open land the place didn't have a lick a cattle. But it sure had women. Lots of 'em. Young and pretty too. In fact, they were the youngest, prettiest things these sorry eyed cowpokes had seen in a long time.

The ladies were happy to greet them. With their warm and inviting smiles, each cowboy was soon taken quietly into a room. But Wyatt thought he got the prettiest of 'em all and his excitement grew as he went into the room with Darla.

Darla was a true beauty; young, maybe even younger than him, she was smooth and sensual and just plain hot as hell! His manhood swelled in his buckskin britches as he eagerly itched to get inside her.

'Mind if I keep my boots on,' he asked as she closed the door behind them.

'Now what on earth would you wanna do THAT for!?' she asked, looking at the dust covered man. Wyatt was a handsome one, she thought, especially compared to the others. He was younger, clearly fresh off the farm, for all she knew this might well be his first time with a woman. At nearly 6' 4', he was a tall, well built, drop dead good looking fella with a sweet set of pearly whites. He certainly didn't need the extra height of the boots to impress her.

'Just the way I like to do it,' he grinned, tipping his hat with a wicked smile that flashed those pearls to great advantage and radiated a cocky confidence.

Darla smiled, 'Wear 'em if you want, baby, just as long as you get outta those filthy clothes and have yourself a bath before you go crawlin' into MY bed!'

She motioned Wyatt toward a tub in the corner of the room, the water already drawn and steaming, waiting for him.

Wyatt grinned back at his hostess, 'You gonna give me a bath, lady?'

Darla's eyes sparkled as she looked him over. He was so handsome, so well built, with such wonderfully cute, boyish good looks and hard, sinewy form. Oh yes, she thought, she'd definitely gotten the best for herself. He was exactly what they needed.

Playfully, Darla undressed Wyatt, revealing his ample masculinity. She watched in awe as he slid his well muscled form into the tub. Her hands moved over his body as she sensuously began to bath him, gently massaging his weather hardened skin and muscles. He was so hard, so strong. She rubbed his chest and stomach, then slowly let her hand drift lower.

Wyatt was a big man in every way, with the sort of heavy tool you'd expect on a farm boy of his proportions. And this particular part was just as big and, at the moment, just as hard, as any other muscle on his rugged body. It was almost a shame, she thought as she gently stroked his arousal under the water, that it would all have to go away for awhile.

The velvet touch of her fingers worked him to a more frenzied state of arousal, but once she had him there she removed her hand. He quickly reached up and grabbed her arm.

'Don't stop now,' he said, taking her firmly, 'It's just getting good.' Darla recognized the pleadings of a desperate virgin and tried to pull away, but Wyatt held her tightly and pulled her back down, forcing a hard, violent kiss to her lips in spite of her attempt to resist. She tried to pull away again but he wouldn't have it, Wyatt was just too strong for her. Finally, he let her up for air.

'Oh baby,' she said, trying to act impressed, rather than upset, "You're just too much man for me to handle!'

Reaching to the table beside the bath she took what looked like a perfume bottle and poured it into the tub. The smell that rose up immediately caught Wyatt's nose with a fragrance of talcum and mineral oil.

'Whoa, lady, you gonna stink me up all pretty with your toilet water?'

'I just wanna sweeten you up a bit before you come into my bed, honey.'

With that she slowly stepped backward toward the bed and opened her gown revealing two large, inviting breasts. Wyatt watched silently, his heart pounding in his ears, his own excitement intensifying as she began to stroke them fondly. Wyatt shivered. The water seemed suddenly cold and Wyatt got goose bumps. He felt strange, a burning, lustful desire for the woman, but something else too. Something he couldn't explain. All he recognized was an intense desire to feel her warm, wet opening against his bare flesh.

Darla dropped her gown in a seductive tease and soon was naked on the bed, her legs spread open to receive him.

'Come on, boy,' she said, her hands rubbing invitingly between her thighs, 'What are you waiting for?'

Wyatt felt odd as he struggled to stand from the tub. He was dizzy suddenly. Dizzy with lust, he assumed. Perhaps it always felt this way, or maybe it was just going 19 years without ever gettin' any that was suddenly overwhelming him. Whatever the reason it was only with great effort he was able to pull himself from the bath and step into his boots. They felt curiously loose, but he didn't care, he just knew he had to reach the woman now.

But with each step, he felt stranger. The room seemed to grow around him and yet his arousal never abated. Lust compelled him toward this vision on the bed, this mother-like goddess, with legs spread wide and inviting.

He felt his feet move inside his boots and knew something wasn't right. They slipped in a way they never had before. Looking down he saw himself, his body, and realized something was very wrong. He was changing, his hard won muscles, his chest hair, it was all fading away.

Wyatt reeled briefly, rubbing the back of his hand against his forehead.

'What...? What's happening to me?' the helpless cowboy asked as he grabbed a chair to steady himself.

'Why whatever do you mean, darlin'?' Darla asked in a teasing voice. 'Mamma's just waitin' here on the bed for her handsome young man to come and join her.'

His mind cloudy, his lust stronger than before, Wyatt took another step. Everything felt wrong, but the woman, he was so aroused looking at her, so wanted inside her, nothing else seemed to matter. Legs shaking, he felt compelled to make his way toward her, toward that warm bush between her legs. It seemed so inviting.

But as he looked down at himself again he felt a chill. His body was nothing like it had been just moments ago! All of his hard muscles had faded and he looked scrawny. A mere scant dusting of boyish pubic hair remained above his groin, and as he watched, to his utter shock, it withdrew before his eyes, leaving his crotch as hairless and naked as a young child.

'Noooo,' he cried out, stunned to hear in the crack of his own voice, the high pitched whine of a frightened child. Before his very eyes his once remarkable manhood was also shrinking! In a matter of moments he saw his massive pride slip from a striking, mature organ to the most modest, little peepee a preadolescent boy could have.

It wasn't fair, he thought. It couldn't be real. This couldn't be happening. Not to him. Not this kind of nightmare!

In disbelief he reached down to touch himself, as if he had to feel his former manhood to believe his eyes. Little fingers fondled an even smaller, little boy's penis. Although still erect, it was only a couple inches long and totally undeveloped. He couldn't believe what he felt as he slid his suddenly pronounced foreskin up and down that hard little shaft.

His fingers and palm too had changed. No longer did he have the rough, weather hewn hands of a cattle rancher, but the soft, silly hands of a little boy.

He looked up to Darla, tears in his eyes. 'What did you do to me?' he whined, looking and sounding like the six year old he was becoming. 'Make it stop lady, please... I... I don't wanna be a kid again!?' Yet even his voice, his words, his very thoughts betrayed his lost maturity. What was happening to him!?

In desperation he moved toward the bed, trying to reach her. With each step Wyatt felt the room around him grow larger, the boots on his feet got heavier, until by the time he finally reached the footboard of the bed he had only the body of a three year old child. The tops of his boots now extended practically to his groin and he found he could barely stand in them, let alone walk. Leaning against the looming footboard he stared back down at himself in utter dismay.

His handsome, beautiful man's body -- it was all gone now. He was just a kid again. A small, helpless little boy wearing over sized cowboy boots. It wasn't fair! It was so not fair, he pouted, feeling so helpless, still not understanding what was happening to his mind and body as he continued to grow younger.

With tears in his eyes he looked up at the beautiful naked lady on the bed. Inside, in the man that remained, he still felt a powerful arousal for her, still felt compelled to go to the pretty mommy lady, even as she smiled at him with a look of wicked satisfaction.

'You bwad waddy!' he cried, feeling the ability to talk quickly leaving him as he struggled to get the words out. 'You maked me widdle!' the boy pouted, tears streaming from his eyes. Balling his hand into a tiny fist he rubbed at the tears, only to loose his balance in the process. The little guy tumble back onto the floor, landing on his bare little baby bottom.

As the helpless little child wailed Darla reached down and lifted the crying boy out of the massive boots that trapped him.

'Look at you!' she said, holding the naked boy up with a grin as she examined his diminutive little form in detail. 'Well aren't you just the cutest little thing!'

Wyatt wanted to shout, to scream, to take control, but all he could do was cry and kick his legs. With great effort he managed to whimper out the last word he could utter between sniffles. 'wh... wh... whhhyyy?'

'Why?' Darla asked, 'Why did I make you a little baby? Well, for the money, of course!' she explained to the sobbing infant, knowing that inside, for a little bit longer at least, he'd still be able to understand her.

'A lot a farmers need sons these days,' she said, 'not daughters, sons. They want boys! Need 'em to grow up and help 'em work the farm. And they all know how professional ladies like us tend to get in a family way sometimes, even though we ain't got no family, so... This is a whole lot easier than waiting around nine months and maybe gettin' a girl. Don't you see? In a bit, you're gonna be somebody's sweet little baby boy again. You're gonna get to grow up all over and help 'em work their farm and just have a whole brand new life. Ain't that great!?'

Wyatt wanted to scream, and so he did; a tiny, infant's cry of helpless need. He tried to tell her that she couldn't do this to him, that she just couldn't, but all that came from his mouth was the unintelligible babble of adorable 'baby talk.' He'd lost the ability to make words and it would be a long time before he'd have anything to say about his situation again.

Darla smiled at his sweet little efforts and brought him close to her in a warm embrace. Suddenly Wyatt felt himself pulled into a kiss. He shook his head and tried to push away from the lady, as she had from him earlier in the tub, but she held him so powerfully, he couldn't. She was just too strong for Wyatt, forcing a hard kiss against his crying form.

'Now don't you worry none, honey, mamma's gonna give you what you came in here for.'

Laying back on the bed she placed Wyatt between her legs as he continued to grow younger. Lifting his heavy head up he found himself at the door to her womb and within himself in spite of all that had happened to him physically, he felt the same, incredible, masculine desire to get inside her.

With horror he realized that was exactly the instinct she was counting on! Unable to control himself, incapable of resisting his instincts, Wyatt slowly wriggled toward the inviting warmth of her womb as she gently put her hands on his tiny body to help him reach his goal.

The last thing Wyatt was aware of was the sound echoing from all the rooms of the bordello, the sounds of dozens of infant boys, crying for the warmth of their mommies.

The End