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Extreme Reality Game by Libra

submitted by Heidegger - Jul 22, 2003

Dedicated this one to Twilight Zone show; New and old. "When you find reality is a game, be careful how you play that game."

''Loss of Privileges'' Part 1 by Oni

submitted by Oni - May 11, 2002

Oh yeah, I promised a second story this week, didn't I? ;)

Well, here it is. This little tale was in my 'partially finished' pile, for two years. All it needed was a second half.

Like "Melissan's Fall" this is a punishment story, though less extreme and in a more normal setting. A classroom. Let this just be a warning for young teacher's everywhere to be sure they want their position and to treat every charge with respect. Or else.

Of course this story can also be found at Nom's site:


''Loss of Privileges'' Part 2 by Oni

submitted by admin - May 11, 2002

''Rita's Department Store Adventure'' (Revised) Parts 1-3

Jun 14, 2004

My friend, Alec Leamus, finding himself unable to carry on with his fine
story, "Rita's Department Store Adventure," sent me a partial draft of
Part 4. He asked me if I would finish the story for him, which I have
been honored to do. In the process, and for various reasons, I edited
the entire story, including the three parts previously posted on several
sites. The last half of Part 4 and the whole of Part 5, of course, are
entirely my own.

(I am posting the revised story here in two lots, Parts 1-3 in one and
Parts 4-5 in the other. The original version of Parts 1-3 may also be found on this site.)

I have long been convinced that Alec was writing a classic of the genre,
and it's a pity he couldn't finish it himself. But, even though I might
not have the same flair for it, I can hope that I have not done it an

''Rita's Department Store Adventure'' (Revised) Parts 4-5

Jun 14, 2004




Alec Leamus and C. Lakewood

''The Cordova Incident'' Part 4 by Lady Maire

submitted by lady_maire - Jun 27, 2002

After the whole mundane affair of regressing an entire city, things really start to get weird for Josie. : )

'Mammas, Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies' by Bambino Rojo

submitted by admin - Apr 11, 2002

(AR, Female/male, western setting, strong sexual content)


This story was inspired by the photo and originally intended for Capst's short story site, but as always, I got too long winded. This is a heterosexual AR tale intended for adult readers and contains adult sexual situations and descriptions.


-20 by dioscuri

Feb 9, 2003

A short-but-sweet mind regression tale: A tormented college freshman gets revenge on his vindictive antagonist through the use of a board game and a little ingenuity.

12 AR days of Christmas

submitted by tazz - Dec 20, 2004

My version of the song 12 days of Christmas

400th Story Uploaded...

submitted by Timmy - Jul 6, 2002

Congratulations Everyone! We now archive 400 stories from more than 50 unique authors. Putting us over the top were the missing stories from Sgt. Vincennes just uploaded tonight! Great Job and Keep the stories coming! Timmy (

A Change For The Weekend

Apr 19, 2004

Some people look for a change on the weekend. A little more spice in their otherwise mundane life.

Some people find it!

When you use crystals to become younger, pay attention to those colors! Something our lead character will soon find out.....

A Change For the Weekend -Sequel- A Weekend of Change

Aug 27, 2004

A followup to "A Change For the Weekend". This is the sequel "A Weekend of Change". It follows the characters from the first story as they go through another day of change.

Reading the first story is recommended to understand the background.

A Day in My Life by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

A Day In Their Lives by Michael

submitted by Michael - Jan 14, 2003

Enjoy...or not...either way it will be there for you to take a look at.

A Day In Their Lives part 2

submitted by Michael - Jan 29, 2003

This is the start of Megan's day. I warn anyone that doesn't like to see children (or rather regressed adults) in sexual situations not to read this or the next part that I post.

In fact, let me apologize now. This involves a lot of swearing and back-story but I had to get it out of the way to continue. Hopefully Megan won't scare readers away.

For those that choose to read this part, Enjoy. For those that don't, it will still be here later.

A First Hand Study (pt 1) by ferver

submitted by ferver - Sep 3, 2002

When a young college studant who slacked off in her assignments is in danger of failing, Spending a month as a test subject in a funded project sounds like a perfect plan!

She gets to get a passing grade, doesn't have to go to class, and gets payed money on top of it! What could possably go wrong?

A First Hand Study pt 2

submitted by ferver - Sep 3, 2002

Well since some people were miffed that part 1 didn't have any transformations in it I descided to do a quick addition to get some out there and keep my fan base happy. In this installment Amanda Shine gets an idea of whats going on and what she'll be expected to do!



A Friend for Peter by Maire

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

A bullied young man makes a new friend who is more than what she seems.

A Gift to the Archive from Donny G and Bojay!

submitted by admin - Apr 12, 2002

Donny G and Bojay have put their talented heads together and created a new image series for the Archive! Check it out!

Thank you Donny G and Bojay - for all the things you do for this community!

A Late Mothers Day by InnocentGuilt

submitted by InnocentGuilt - May 13, 2002

Some mothers get gifts on mothersday, while some get put into the grave. Find out how one special mother got the joy of both on mothers day.

A Little Bit of Fun2: I am God by Chrono Eclipse

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

A Little Trouble in Mexico (Pt. 3, Conclusion) by TimeMinder

submitted by TimeMinder2 - Nov 3, 2003

The next day, Miguel awoke as a 13 year old. 5’0”, 95 lbs. He was a shell of his former self. He decided to make the best of it and spend the day with his son. Carlos, now slightly taller than he, showed sympathy for him and tried to make him feel better.

A Little Trouble in Mexico (Pt. 1) by TimeMinder

submitted by TimeMinder2 - Oct 31, 2003

Miguel has a choice between jail or participating in an experiment...

A Little Trouble in Mexico (Pt.2) by TimeMinder

submitted by TimeMinder2 - Nov 1, 2003

On the way home, Miguel’s mood swung wildly, from shame to fear to anger. Hey, Rosa had talked him into doing this in the first place, right? And now, at 16 years his senior, she seemed like an old lady to him.

A Little Undercover Work - part 6 by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 6, 2002