Frat Mother by Tabula Rasa and EgARednu Sphinx

submitted by TabulaRasa - May 7, 2002

A new story by EgARednu Sphinx and myself. When the Kappa Iota Delta fraternity hires a new house mother , they get more than the expected.

The Kappa Iota Delta fraterity resided in a large house, a bit of a distance from campus, and enjoyed a large, private lawn fenced off from the rest of the peaceful street it was on. As the only fraternity not located on the fraternity row, its popularity had decreased in the last decade or so, but it still maintained a membership of roughly thirty brothers.

When their old House Mother retired, they put the candidates through a grueling selection process, which culminated in four finalists being interviewed by the entire membership, answering question after question in rapid succession. While three of the finalists crumbled under the pressure, one managed to hold her cool throughout it, and so Vanessa Delcy was selected as the new House Mother.

From the first day she took over, not only did she run the house efficiently, but, as she'd promised in her interview, "took the 'mother' part of 'house mother' seriously." Realizing that many of them were under more stress then they cared to admit, she began leading guided meditations once a week. At first only a few of the brothers attended, but they carried glowing reviews to the others, and soon after the President began going, he decided that every member should be there.

Eventually, she persuaded the President to set aside a mandatory bonding time for the frat on an upcoming weekend. He quickly agreed, and while some of the brothers were annoyed to have most of a weekend--from two o'clock on Friday through Saturday--occupied by the frat, they also trusted Vanessa enough to know that it would be worthwhile. Meanwhile, Vanessa began gathering all the materials for the event.

Schedule For Kappa Iota Delta Bonding Weekend

Friday, 2:00: Opening Meeting

The fraternity brothers began gathering in the house lounge at about quarter to two. By two fifteen, all but one member had arrived, and the President called the meeting to order.

"As you know, this weekend has been set aside for bonding within the fraternity. A big part of that is trust. Especially at first, some of the things we do may seem strange, but, just like the things you did during initiation, they all have a purpose. To be a Kappa-D you need to set aside your distrust and believe that your fraternity will take care of you.

"This is going to be a busy weekend, so it's important for you all to be well-rested. Therefore, the first part of our weekend is going to be a nap."

There was a moment of silence. No one knew what to expect, but this wasn't it. At that awkward moment, the only brother not already present, a sophomore named Jeffrey Clements, ran in, loudly apologizing for being late. The President glared at him.

"As I was telling the brothers who cared enough about their fraternity to show up on time, the first thing we're doing is taking a nap."

Jeff, thinking he was the victem of a joke, laughed. "Nap time? Sure. Really, what are we doing?"

"Enough of this. Trust! Everyone go to their rooms and take a nap. You'll be woken up in time to proceed."

Finally, the Treasurer and two other seniors stood up and started walking to their rooms. Not wanting to be left out, everyone else followed.

Friday, 2:30: Nap Time

Jeff and his roommate, Cody Young, entered their room and shut their door. "Is he serious?"

"Whatever. We'll just stay in here until 'nap time' is over."

Cody went to answer a knock at their door, and discovered Vanessa standing outside. "Boys, you're supposed to take a nap, not stand around talking. I'll be back in fifteen minutes, and you'd better both be on your beds sleeping. I'm going to unlock the door, since I don't want to have to wake you when I check."

She unlocked the door and closed it behind her.

"Well, we'd better be ready to fake it."

Both of them took off their shoes and sat on their beds studying. When they heard Vanessa coming, they stuck the books on the floor and lay down. The door opened, but both of them had their eyes closed. A moment later the door closed again. Cody was about to sit up, but realized that he was more tired then he realized, and without intending to, drifted off to sleep.

Vanessa finished her rounds, making sure everyone had gone to bed. She wasn't worried about them faking, since during the guided meditation she'd programmed them all to fall asleep at this point. Among other things. She waited half an hour for some of the other programming to take effect, and then began setting up for the next part of the weekend. She started with Jeff and Cody's room. She'd planned for some of the brothers to be less cooperative then they had been, but just in case she decided to add some more programming for Jeff.

When she entered the room, she first tapped Cody lightly on the shoulder. He woke up and looked at her through bleary eyes. She began speaking in a quiet, calming voice. "Cody, do you remember how I told you about big Cody and little Cody?" Cody nodded half-heartedly. "Well now it's time for little Cody to wake up. I want you to do what I told you to. Imagine taking all of big Cody's thoughts, all the worries and problems, and puting them in a closet. Are you doing that?" Cody nodded again. "Good. Now imagine closing the door and locking it with a key. Can you do that?" Another nod. "Very good! Now imagine giving the key to me so that you can enjoy being little Cody." She held Cody's right hand, and he opened it slightly as if giving her something. "Very good Cody. You're a good boy. Now you can go back to sleep, and I'll take care of everything." Cody nodded one last time and closed his eyes again.

Deftly, she undressed him, stripping off his jeans and boxers and replacing them with briefs and jean shorts. Then she gently removed his "Old Navy" t-shirt and replaced it with an "Astros" one.

Next she went over to Jeff. She went through the same speech with him, but before telling him to lock his adult thoughts away, she added more. "Now, big Jeff knows things little Jeff doesn't, right?" A nod. "For instance, big Jeff knows how to go to the bathroom, but little Jeff doesn't. So I wan't you to take everything you know about using the toilet, and put that in the closet too. Okay?" Jeff hesitated. "You want to get rid of your worries, right?" A nod. "And to do that you need to be little Jeff, right?" Another nod. "Well, little Jeff is little, right?" Another nod. "And little boys use diapers, not toilets, right?" He nodded again. Vanessa smiled. There was no escape now. "So to be little Jeff, you have to use a diaper, right?" A reluctant nod, but a nod none the less. "So take everything big Jeff knows about toilets, and put it in the closet with the other thing big Jeff knows." As she'd planned to do with any of the brothers who misbehaved, she dressed Jeff in only a diaper. Closing the door quietly, she left the boys to sleep as she went through the rest of the house.

Friday, 3:30: Free Play

One nap time was over, the fraternity's president ran up and down the halls shouting "Nap time's over!". Randy Ward, one of the only freshmen in the fraternity, was initally surprised to wake wearing basketball shorts and a basketball jersey over his t-shirt, but then he remembered Vanessa telling him about "little Randall." He ran outside to join Cody and the other older kids for a game of basketball

Junior Todd Coleman also ran outside, but was rebuffed from joining the basketball game by Randy. "You aren't old enough to play with us, Todd."

"Am too!"

Randy laughed at him. "How old are you?"

Todd stuck up 7 fingers, proudly.

Randy laughed again. "Sorry, kiddo, this game is for nine and up, only. Go play with the other little kids."

Todd was a little hurt, butwandered over to where some of the other kids were playing in the sand box.

Meanwhile, senior Daniel Campbell, wearing a Barney t-shirt and plaid shorts, stayed inside, along with most of the other seniors, entranced by the collection of toys which had been placed in the lounge, not to mention the Nickelodeon Jr. playing on the television. In fact, the only exceptions were seniors Justin Baker and Alex Price, the fraternity's President and Tresurer, respectively. Daniel knew they were the same age, but "little Danny" was saying that they were the big kids, and therefore in charge. Both wore Dragonball-Z t-shirts and zipoff cargo shorts, and as the oldest kids, they mostly supervised the younger kids for Vanessa.

Jeff had ended up several years younger, all of three, "little Jeffery" told him, and he ended up sitting with the six year olds watching television.

Friday, 5:00: Games

At four o'clock, Vanessa, Justin and Alex gathered all the kids on the lawn for the next activity, a water balloon fight, with the warning that there would be a penalty and a reward for the wettest and least wet person, respectively. The promise of a prize probably had less to do with the excitement which resulted then the fun of the game. Of course, everyone ended up soaked, and there was some controversy about who was wettest. Jeff, who hadn't really understood the rules, and had mostly tried to get wet rather than avoiding the balloons, was almost certainly the wettest. But Vanessa had ruled that, as a three year old, he didn't count. Eventually Todd was selected as the wettest, while Daniel was the least wet.

Vanessa took Todd into the house to get changed. She took him into the study, where she had several sets of cloths laid out, including one similar to what he was already wearing.

"Todd, you got very wet out there, didn't you?" Todd nodded. "You managed to soak yourself, didn't you?" And at that trigger, he felt has bladder loosening as he wet his pants, a stream of urine dribbling down his legs onto the floor. He stared at the stain in horror.

"Well, I see you've gotten wet in more ways then one!" Vanessa declared. Todd didn't resist as she striped him naked and put on a diaper. She pulled a fresh pair of gym shorts over the diaper, and gave him a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and then led him back outside.

Daniel was told that his surprise would have to wait until tomorrow, as it was getting late.

Friday, 6:30: Dinner

Alex and Justin herded the boys into the dining room. Everyone had been given an opportunity to change clothes, though most of the seniors didn't seem to care about their wet clothes. Everyone was still giggling about Todd, and the noticable bulge under his shorts.

Once the pizza was laid out, the kids dived for it. There was more than enough, but even so there was the usual fighting over particular toppings, and even some of the older kids made a bit of a mess. Jeff was made to wear a bib (some suggested, none too quietly, that Todd should too), but even so got sauce all over himself.

Friday, 8:00: Board Games

After dinner, the kids gathered in the lounge for board games. A different one was selected for each group: the three freshmen would play Risk, the sophomores Sorry, the juniors Clue, and the seniors would play Monopoly, Jr.. They were warned that, as with the water balloons, there would be penalties for whoever came in last in each group.

Todd was relieved that he did fairly well, avoiding another penalty, and that Randy, who had been so mean to him earlier, was the losing freshman. Michael Perkins was the losing sophomore, while Doug Martin and Lawrence Hill were the losing junior and senior respectively. Vanessa took all four into the study and shut the door.

When they came out, none of them looked noticeably different. In particular, the diapers everyone was expected weren't there. It took several minutes before anyone realized that all four had started sucking their thumb. With six year old Larry, this wasn't such a big deal, but Randy was ten, and the other two ten year olds quickly began making fun of them.

Friday, 9:00: Bed Time/Free Play

Vanessa took the younger kids to bed, and left Alex and Justin to watch over the older ones, who were allowed to stay up for another hour. Once she was gone, Alex had a plan.

"We can't let her catch us doing this, but let's play poker!"

"We don't have anything to bet with, stupid."

"Sure we do! We can play strip poker. Or are you chicken?"

Of course, no one dared admit to that, so they started. All were dressed in about the same thing, so shoes went first, then socks, then shirts. Randy was down to his underpants, and most everyone else their shorts, when Vanessa walked in.

"My, my gentlemen, playing very civilly, I see. Please wait here. Justin, and Alex if you'd come with me..."

The other boys just watched as Justin and Alex followed Vanessa meekly into the study.

She shut the door, then glared at the two boys. "What were you thinking? You're supposed to be an example to these boys! And you're teaching them disgusting things like POKER! What do you have to say for yourselves?"

"Well, they were going to have to get undressed for bed anyway..." Alex muttered.

Vanessa grinned evilly. "Alright then. I think I know what to do for you two. If you want to lead the boys, so be it. Strip, then wait here."

The boys obeyed, standing in their underwear while Vanessa was out. They heard the sound of laughing from the other side of the door. It opened and in walked Vanessa, with two sets of footed sleepers, just like Jeff was wearing. One had Pooh on it, the other, Piglet. "Since you're the president, Justin, take your pick."

Justin grabbed Pooh. Alex glared and took Piglet. They started to put them on.

"Stop right there, boys."

They stopped. "You can't put those on! You don't know how!"

They looked puzzled, but it was true, neither could figure out how to put on the sleepers.

Vanessa led them out to the boys they had played with. She picked Cody, and told him to dress the two. No one dared say a word (although not all the giggles were completely suppressed) as Cody helped Justin put first one leg and then the other into the Pooh sleeper. Alex stood there in his underwear the whole time, patiently waiting his turn. Once Justin was dressed, Cody dressed Alex, who had even more trouble. He seemed quite confused by the whole process, repeatedly lifting the wrong foot. Cody quickly gave up trying to distinguish them with "left" and "right," and had to point out which leg came next.

All the kids still thought of Alex and Justin as the oldest, but their authority was diminished more than a little by the childish pajamas.

Vanessa wasn't quite through yet, however. "Alex and Justin were the ringleaders, so they've been punished the most severely, but the rest of you shouldn't have gone along with it." From a bag, she produced a pile of assorted stuffed animals--several bears, but a few other things as well. "I suggest you bring one with you to bed. Bed check is in fifteen minutes, so you'd better get moving."

Of course, none of the boys there felt any need to get a stuffed animal, but having seen what happened to Alex and Justin, plenty of need to get to bed quickly. They all ran back to their rooms, threw on their pajamas (secretly relieved to find that they were age appropriate, and that they still remembered how to put them on), and turned out the light.

Cody found, however, that he couldn't sleep. His bed, which had never seemed especially big before, suddenly seemed very...lonely. He tossed and turned, but eventually decided that he had to get one of those animals. He quietly opened the door, and snuck downstairs as quietly as he could. As he entered the lounge, he saw Randy creeping out with one of the bears cradled in his arm. The two stared at each other for a moment, but both knew why the other was there, and there was no need to say anything.

Cody took a small stuffed dragon back to his bed and quickly feel asleep clutching it.

Saturday 9:00 - Breakfast

Justin ran up and down the halls shouting "Breakfast time!" He, of course, hadn't changed out of his Pooh pajamas, not having a clue how. And while most of the brothers held back their laughter (especially the ones now clutching stuffed animals), most couldn't help staring. Justin ignored it. Stupid as it may have looked, the pajamas were amazingly comfortable, and he was starting to like them.

They gathered in the dining hall, all wearing pajamas, and roughly half clutching new 'friends'. The tables were lined with different types of cereal, but any kind without sugar was duly ignored. It was a messy affair, all in all, as only a few boys could pour the milk, and they were mostly hugging an animal, which gave them only one free hand. Just about everyone ended up with some milk on them.

Vanessa sent everyone upstairs to change, even allowing Justin and Alex to 'remember' how to dress themselves. Soon after, boys were beginning to mill around, wondering what was next, and if it would leave them in their present humiliated state.

Saturday 10:30 - Movie

"Okay boys," Vanessa announced, "we're going to the movies!"

Even on a normal day this would have been a popular proposal, and in their regressed state this elicited cheers from the boys. Vanessa took Daniel, Justin, Alex, and two other boys into the study, and when she came out announced that those three, and her, would each drive one car. It occured to Todd that most six year olds couldn't drive, but he figured that Vanessa wouldn't let him drive if he didn't know how.

Todd ended up having to ride with Jeff, Cody, and Randy, in the car Justin was driving. He suspected he'd been put with Jeff because they were the only two wearing diapers, but of course Vanessa never said that outright (although some of the other boys did). Jeff was difficult to keep still, and he and Cody had to keep holding him down as he tried to shift around the car. Even so, he distracted Alex enough that he ended up swerving a little, eventually catching the attention of a cop.

They pulled over, and as the sat waiting for the officer to get there, each felt a fog lifting from their mind. Jeff was the most embarrased, as he realized that not only was he a nineteen year old wearing training pants and a Blues Clues shirt, but he was in a car with several of his brothers, and couldn't remember why he was dressed the way he was.

"Alright, son," the officer said once Justin rolled down his window, "you having a little trouble driving?"

"Um, sorry officer. I'll be more careful."

At this point the officer noticed that all of them were dressed somewhat immaturely. "What on earth are you boys doing?"

"It's a, um, fraternity activity," Justin stammered.

The officer frowned. "Alright. I wouldn't want you boys to have to go to the station dressed like that, so I'll let you off. But you'd better shape up the driving. Don't let your friends distract you."

"Um, yeah. Thanks officer. I'm really sorry."

The officer took down the license plate, and then drove off. As Justin resumed driving, the boys were initially silent, none wanting to ask why they were dressed the way they were. Soon, however, things began to settle back into place, and Jeff began trying to fidget again, until Justin, upset about being pulled over, finally yelled at him to sit down, with the result that Jeff stopped fidgeting and started sobbing quietly.

When they arrived at the theater, late and with Jeff crying, Vanessa was not pleased. The other kids were already in the theater, but she'd waited for them. Justin haltingly explained what had happened.

"Justin, you were given a responsibility, and you handled it very poorly. Not only did you fail to get here responsibly, but you set a poor role model for the younger boys. I clearly can't trust you."

She gave tickets to Cody, Todd and Randy, and told them to go in the theater while she took care of Justin and Jeff.

"Justin, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Well, I, uh, it was really Jeff. He kept, well, y'know, squirming, and he distracted me, and.."

"Alright! I understand perfectly." Vanessa smiled wickedly

"Justin, would you help your brother get dressed?"

"In what?" Just asked, "He's got clothes on already."

She grinned, "Yes he does, but I want you to dress him in your clothes."



Justin couldn't resist. He pulled off his T-shirt and cargo pants, then his boxers. He was the only brother who was still wearing them. Next he helped Jeff remove his Blues Clues shirt, shorts, shoes, socks, and training pants. He put his clothes onto Jeff, who grinned as soon as he was done.

"What about me Vanessa?" Justin asked, without much hope.

"Well now, there's only one pair of clothes in here, now, isn't there Justin?

Justin nodded. He felt the training pants. Fortunately Jeff hadn't used them. Cringing with every crinkle, he pulled them on. Next came the shorts and shirt bearing the stupid smiling blue dog. He had to sit down to get his socks on, his balance was off. Fortunately the shoes were Velcro, and easy to fasten.

Vanessa led them out. The brother memories immediately adjusted. Jeff was filling in for the President, who wasn't feeling well.

Justin was not happy. This was all Jeff's fault! He remembered exactly who he was supposed to be, and was extremely conscious of the training pants. They wrinkled ever time he moved, and he was afraid, that since he was wearing them, Vanessa had probably made sure he'd need them. He clenched his bladder tight and started watching the movie. It was the new Peter Pan, and soon Justin was completely absorbed. He never noticed the small trickle of urine into his pants. That's what they were for, after all.

As they left the theater, Justin was reminded of how foolish he looked. And the clinking noise at his crotch made his blush the whole way to the car. Determined to try and make up with Vanessa, he walked over to her. " 'm sowwy, 'nessa! Weal sowwy!" She looked at him strangely, then turned away.

Jeff was a worse driver then Justin, and it was only a miracle that kept the cops away, and got them home safe.

Justin didn't know what to do with himself. Everyone was ignoring him! He had too much dignity to cry and get attention, but everything was so boring. Finally, he started waddling around, picking up the mess the littlest kids, besides him, had made.

Vanessa spotted him, and told him to come to the study. Jeff was there waiting, and he had training pants on. She closed the door, and said, "I'm sorry Justin. I really wasn't fair to you. You can be the president again. And you don't have to wear diapers or training pants."

Justin grinned.

"Hold on there, little guy. You will have an irresistible desire to wear clothes like you have on now. Just as a reminder to you to be more careful in future."

Vanessa quickly striped Justin of his training pants, and put a pair of Blues Clues briefs in their place.

Justin walked out grinning. The clothes didn't bother him much. In fact, he felt kinda daring wearing them as a 12 year old. The other brothers just ignored the clothes: they were, of course, now quite normal. A few even secretly wished they were brave enough to dress like their president.

Back in the office, Jeff was not enjoying his time so much. Vanessa had admitted that it wasn't entirely Jeff's fault either, he was just acting his age. She had decided to make him the same age as his roommate, though, for good measure, little Jeff was extremely scared of the dark. He had several, very large animals to keep him company. Still, he thought, as he looked down at his new Rockies shirt, anything was an improvement.

Saturday 2PM - Free Play (Tag)

Vanessa gathered them on the lawn that afternoon and told them they were going to play tag. There were no threats that anyone would be punished for losing, just the cryptic statement, "Being 'It' is both punishment and reward."

"Cody you're IT"

The boys scattered. And quickly. Cody chased after them in a blind rush of fun, and more by chance then skill tapped Justin on the shoulder. Justin shivered for a moment, and realized that Spot, his favorite stuffed dog would be getting lonely. He figured if he tagged someone else, he could go check on Spot.

Cody on the other hand, had a sudden realization. Two actually. One was that he was a big boy, and didn't need a stuffed dragon to keep him company at night. The other was that he knew that Justin slept with a stuffed animal. They were transferring traits by tag each other!

Justin lunged at Alex, missed, so he chased after Larry, who was running slow and tagged him. Nothing happened.

Larry, on the other hand, managed to take one of the seniors, Sam Harkins. Larry was about to stick his thumb in his mouth when he realized that he no longer particularly wanted to. Sam, on the other hand, had been chasing after Jeff for a while before he realized that his left thumb was firmly entrenched in his mouth. Even tagging Jeff was no help, although Jeff soon began sucking his thumb as well. When he'd almost caught Randy, Randy touched Vanessa, announcing "Safe!"

Jeff tagged him anyway. "There's no such rule!"

"Yes there is, Jeff," Vanessa interceded, "but safety has its own price."

By now everyone had figured out that getting tagged meant acquiring a babyish trait of some sort, which made the stakes rather high. Cody and Junior Albert Simmons touched Vanessa, having seen no apparent consequence to Randy, but the other players had seen enough to suspect that the price would be too high when it was finally collected.

By the time the game was over, almost everyone in the frat had picked up a stuffed animal, and about half were sucking their thumbs.

"Randy, Cody, Albert, you're safe now."

As soon as Vanessa said that, Cody felt himself relaxing, and as he did, he had the vague sense that something was slipping away. In a daze, he let Vanessa strip him naked in the middle of the room and put on training pants. It didn't seem strange at all to be changed in public, even in front of all these big kids.

Saturday, 3 PM - Story Time/Nap Time

With the tag game over, Vanessa announced that it was time for the younger kids to take a nap. "And, since we have so many big kids around, they can read to you first." Despite widespread groaning from the nine and ten year olds, she instructed each one to read a story to one or two of the little kids to help them fall asleep. While they were all afraid of angering Vanessa, it wasn't a task many of them could muster any enthusiasm for.

Michael sat down with Dan, who had picked out "The Cat in the Hat". Michael noticed that as long as he read the story, he had no urge to suck his thumb. Still, it was a stupid book, and Michael didn't want to read, since Dan wasn't even paying attention. Vanessa walked by and noted both boy's frustrations.

"Well then Mike. If you don't want to read, don't!" And Vanessa walked on by.

Mike looked down, but the words suddenly made no sense to him. So he made up his own story to fit the pictures and he and Dan giggled at the antics of the Cat.

It was the same story all across the dorm. If an older boy didn't do a good job of telling a story, he forgot how to read. If they did a good job, they do longer sucked their thumb or needed a stuffed animal.

Justin did a good job of reading to Cody, but he was stuck since as the president, he was rather special.

Saturday 4:30 PM - Debriefing

Vanessa gathered all the boys back into the lounge, and then left the room, promising to return shortly. As he sat waiting, Cody suddenly had the feeling that he was waking up. He looked around, and instead of seeing the "big boys" he had seen before, he saw has fraternity brothers. Sitting on a couch wearing only a diaper suddenly felt quite awkward, but, given that noone in the room was dressed appropriately, it was only slightly more embarrasing than what everyone else seemed to be going through. For a few long moments everyone in the fraternity looked around at each other, and then something seemed to explode, and everyone raced for their room and changed into their normal clothes.

It didn't take long for Cody to realize that something was wrong, mostly because Jeff was still sucking his thumb. When he pointed it out, however, Jeff simply retorted, "At least I didn't wet my pants." Cody looked down, and realized that, without noticing, he had wet his pants. He suddenly remembered that there was a box of diapers in the corner of the room for just this purpose, and he pulled off his underwear and pulled them on, becoming aware as he did that he would need to wear them as long as he was in the house.

Dinner was unusually quiet. Cody, along with Randy and Albert, were obviously wearing diapers, but with most of the fraternity members sucking their thumb or toting a stuffed animal, noone was tactless enough to comment. Especially with Vanessa there, and the suspicion that they could end up in diapers too should they cross her.

By the time nine o'clock rolled around, all of the brothers were quite tired, and so when Vanessa wandered the dorm informing them that it was bedtime, none of them argued. Indeed, most were too tired to question the childish pajamas they found themselves wearing.

The only remaining surprise was when Jeff wore only a diaper to lunch on Sunday. This drew some surprise, and concern, from the rest of the fraternity. It soon became clear that he had returned to a three year old mentality, and he remained that way for most of the day. That evening, when he returned to normal, he explained what had happened.

"I called home, planning to tell my parents what was going on. Once I started talking to them, I felt an urge to go the bathroom, but decided I could hold it until I got off the phone. When I told them I'd had an awful weekend, I lost control and wet my pants, but I still kept going. Before I could go into details, though, I suddenly felt like I was shrinking, and I started babbeling to them about something. Cody grabbed the phone and told them I had the flu, and would call back later, but for most of the day I just couldn't focus, and kept behaving like a little kid."

That warning, combined with the fact that Jeff continued to wear a diaper like his roommate, served as enough to deter anyone else who wanted to reveal the nature of the changes Vanessa had wrought on the KID fraternity.