The Way of the West by InnocentGuilt

submitted by InnocentGuilt - May 21, 2002

Grandfathers are great at telling a story, but they never can tell the ending of it right. So read on and find out what happens when a tale becomes true.

The way of the West
Innocent Guilt

As the dust cleared and the smoke filled the air; only one man remained alive. The lonely gun man stood there recapping the final blow. It was a minute past high noon in that small town and the coffin was being dragged out to where the body once stood. Those were the rules of the game back then. One man walked off as victor and the other was carried out to the fields where the family's mourned the lost of another gun fighter.

The law held no bounds on these court, for you see there was no law strong enough to face down a man with a six shooter who shot fear into all that he passed. The only ones brave enough to stand up to this destroyer of lives is those who wish to challenge the man for the fastest draw in the west. Knowing their chances were slim they still faced up to the man who would send them to their maker. This was the way of the west. A west forgotten in time.

However for one small boy the memories of these battles would be retold by a grandfathers His grandfather told about the smell of the sweat as it strolled down the face drip by drip. The look on the peoples faces as they hide in the windows and buildings hoping and praying that a stray bullet wouldn't be aimed for them.

It wasn't just the gun fight that grandfather told. It was of the services and life style. Times back then held greater respect for people. A person was called sir and or Lady. Woman actually kept a modest look about themselves. These dresses were made to show grace, not breast. It showed how elegant a lady could be. It showed manners and a social order that has been lost since then.

To a young man these things didn't last long in my head. I wanted the action of the fights; but Grandfather always told me,” If things hadn't changed your father and mother wouldn't be divorced. They would have raised right and the world would still be right.” He always had some little bit of insight to those sayings to. Each one filled with the wisdom of age. Ripped till just the right time to use them. It was part of his charm that he keep with him to his death bed.

That is what brings me to this day. Today was the anniversary of my grandfather's death. To honor his life I took a trip to a old ghost town. It had been the one that my grandfather had told me about many times in his stories. Cob webs lined most of the buildings; but that didn't stop the magic it held over me. Even the windows that were cracked or falling off the hedges still didn't stop what I felt inside. It was a since of belong. The echoes of the past were still felt to as I rolled my fingers over the dust post that used to hold the horses while the owner was away.

It wasn't long before I could see and hear the voices inside the bar. These voices of course ghost of the past that called out to me. It was almost as if forces from the past were drawing me into a past that screamed to be remember. I couldn't resist this call. I knew their could be danger inside, but I still had to explore. I needed to know why me and why now? To many answers would be left answered if I didn't go into there, so I went.

Slowly I went in the room. Some of the dust had got into my eyes as I was bring the last foot forward. I closed them only for a second and that was when the true magic happen. That was when everything around me spun out of control. As my hands were slowly reaching up for my eyes a female grabbed my hand. Then she spoke,”Now don't do that. You'll ruin your dress.” That was when I noticed that I was cuddled up in a corner. The dress was the worst thing of all. It was just like one of those awful looking things that the girls in those old western's would wear. I knew then that I wasn't in kansas's anymore, but a strange nightmare's place. I quickly lifted up the him of the dress to see if anything was underneath, but all that was there was miles of ruffles lace each linking together to form rolls. I even tried to do a jiggle, but that produced no result. My manhood was gone. I did the only thing I possibly could do and that was cry. “ Now now honey, I know the shots were loud, but it will be ok. Honestly the nerve of your father getting into a gun fight on the day of your birthday. I swear when he gets back from the doc I'm going too strangle him a live, but if you don't stop crying the neighbors are going to think un-lady

like of you. Now give me your hand and lets go see the damage that has been done.” With that I was lead out to meet my new fate and new life.