The Video Game by Heidegger

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When Victoria babysits nine-year-old Britt, they play Britt's new video game.


"Victoria, are you ready to go over to the Johnson's and babysit?"

Victoria Evans sighed, closed her textbook and rolled off her bed. "Down in a minute, lemme change clothes first," she answered. She needed the money, so she had agreed to babysit for Mrs. Johnson. Britt Johnson was an OK kid, but she insisted on Victoria's full attention the whole time she was babysitting. She couldn't talk on the phone without Britt right there, no studying, certainly no boys coming by. She could kind of understand the nine year old's curiosity about being sixteen.

Victoria always dressed comfortably for this particular babysitting assignment. "I won't be seeing anyone," she thought as she pulled off the blouse she had worn to school. Then she skinned off her jeans and threw them on the end of her bed. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled open a drawer and grabbed some sweatpants and a large sweat shirt with her school's mascot (a Maverick) on the front. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in just a bra and panties. She turned to the side and straightened her back, admiring the way her full breasts rose on her chest. She tossed her long blonde hair over one shoulder and pouted into the mirror. She cocked her hip and put the other hand on it and put a sexy look on her face, but couldn't hold it and broke up into smiles. Then she ran the fingers of one hand underneath the bottom of the cups on her bra and shifted it, it was starting to get a little tight at the end of the day, maybe she needed to get a bigger one soon. She had been wearing a 36C bra for about four months and liked the extra attention she seemed to get from the boys.

She hurriedly grabbed the sweatpants and pulled them up her long, slender legs when she heard her mother coming up the stairs. The sweatshirt was next and then she pulled her hair out of the collar. She was tying her tennis shoe when the door opened.

"Will you come on!" said her mother "and when are going to pick up this room? Its a pig sty!"

This was an ongoing diagreement between Victoria and her mother, so she quickly tied the other shoe, jumped up and headed out the door. Her mother followed her down the steps and to the front door.

"If need any help, just call me," said her mother.

"Mom, come on!" huffed Victoria, "I can handle this." She was tired of her mother treating her like she couldn't do anything for herself. She wished she was older, things would be much better when she left for college. She closed the door behind her, silencing her mother, and walked down the street to the Johnson's house.



Terry Johnson was a forty-something, single mother with just one child, Britt. She had worked hard and been very successful, but having a career and a child had left her no time for her husband and he had left two years ago. She was finally starting to date again, but wasn't particularly happy with who was available. "Maybe tonight will be different," she thought. Then the doorbell rang, it was Vicky Evans, the baby sitter.

"Hi Vicky," she said as she opened the door.

"Um, I prefer Victoria now," replied Victoria.

"Sorry." Terry opened the door wider and the young sitter came inside. "She is such a cute girl," thought Terry "sixteen and has the whole world in front of her." She looked at her watch and got her purse off the hall table.

"I need to go now," she said,"the phone numbers are on the kitchen counter, eat whatever you want and I'll be back about ten. Britt can stay up until I get in." She went out the front door and Victoria watched her drive off. Then she heard Britt come thumping down the stairs.

"Hey Victoria," said Britt,"what are we gonna do tonight?" She was a short, brown haired girl with dark eyes. Her body was starting to hint at the changes to come with puberty. Britt didn't have any curves at all yet, but you could tell she was a girl. She was wearing one of her father's T-shirts over a pair of shorts. She looked like she was going to be an attractive woman, but sometimes she scared Victoria with how smart she was.

"I don't know," said Victoria, "how about watch TV?"

They turned on the TV but it was rerun season and everything was really dull. "Wanna play a video game?" asked Britt, "I just got a new one in the mail today." Victoria remembered that Britt's father sent her just about every video game under the sun, he was an electronics distributor and constantly got free samples. He didn't see Britt much because her parent's divorce had not been pleasant, so Victoria guessed he made up for it with this stuff.

"Sure, why not," she replied, and Britt ran to the table in the hallway and grabbed a small box. "Its for my new Nintendo 64," she said. Victoria was impressed, one of the boys she had gone out with had really wanted one but they were too hard to get.

Britt unwrapped the game and put it into the player. She turned it on and the TV screen flared to life with the game intro.

"YEARQUEST - A three dimensional adventure where YOU are in the game!" it proclaimed. "An evil wizard has stolen everyone's time crystals and scattered them throughout the land, you have to retrieve enough time crystals for yourself or you lose. One to four players."

Britt chose two player game, head-to-head. "Now you have to make up yourself as a character," she said, reading from the instruction booklet. "Use your real name and age."

Victoria was astonished at all of the options. It took both of them about five minutes to set up the characters, but it was incredible how much they looked like Victoria and Britt. Britt started the game.


9 and 16

The screen showed their characters in a room in an old house with a big black pot in the center. In Britt's corner of the screen it said 9 crystals and in Victoria's it said 16. The middle of the screen said "Level 1: 25 crystals available. Gather them up and put yours in the pot. Level value: 1 crystal. Press any button."

Britt pressed a button and the game began. Their characters ran around the house looking for crystals. Victoria got some easily because Britt's character was too short to reach the higher shelves, but Britt played games often and soon she was way ahead, grabbing crystals and having extra time to figure out how to reach the high ones before Victoria even got there. Soon the top center of the screen showed that all crystals had been collected. They raced for the pot and Britt put hers in first, ending the level. The screen said "All Crystals Gathered. Britt: 18 crystals, Victoria 7 crystals. Score adjusting 1 crystal. Press any button." Victoria pressed the A button and Britt's score changed to 10 and hers dropped to fifteen, she shivered, suddenly chilled for about thirty seconds. "Are you cold?" she asked Britt.

"No, I feel great," was the reply, "I whipped your butt."

"Well, this time I'll win and get my crystal back!" said Victoria and hit the start button. While the screen changed she tugged at her sweatshirt, it felt like it wasn't on right.


10 and 15

The new level was outdoors and the screen said it was worth 2 crystals, they had to put them into a well to score. Victoria again had a size advantage, but Britt's character seemed to be moving faster and jumping higher than before.

"That's because I won!" she said when Victoria mentioned it.

Soon the level was over. Victoria had been beaten even worse than before. Once it was apparent that she would lose again, she had taken the time to wander her character around and look at all the scenery. The detail was incredible! Trees, water, flowers, all rendered in colorful 3-d. She was jolted out of her reverie when the screen said "All Crystals Gathered. Britt: 20 crystals, Victoria 5 crystals. Score adjusting 2 crystals. Press any button." Victoria stretched, it had been almost 40 minutes since they had started the game.

"Hey kid, I'm thirsty, let's take a break and get a snack." she said.

"Sounds good," said Britt and pressed the button ending the level as she got up. The two went into the kitchen as the scores changed to Britt: 12 crystals, Victoria 13 crystals.

Victoria got down two glasses from the cabinet while Britt went in the refrigerator for some Coke. Victoria shivered, there was that feeling again! She looked at the other girl and was shocked, Britt now had the unmistakeable beginnings of breasts! She was taller too and still growing. The t-shirt that had hung to almost to her knees inched up to just below her crotch and the shorts were very tight. Her cheekbones were more defined and her face looked more mature. The points on the front of her shirt pushed further outward and her nipples were now apparent. Then Victoria noticed that Britt was staring at her.

When Britt had turned around from the refrigerator, she felt a sudden warmth pass over her. She looked at Victoria to see if she felt it too. Something was wrong, different. Victoria looked . . . younger. Her face didn't have the assured expression of a sixteen year old anymore. She watched in fascination as her babysitter got shorter and her breasts decreased in size. The sweatshirt began to inch downward from her waist to just above her crotch. Her sweatpants bagged at the ankles and loosened at the hips. Britt noticed that she was changing too, the kitchen was looking smaller and the counter top was lower than before. She felt an extra warmth and tingling in her crotch that she had never experienced before. Victoria didn't look like a woman anymore, more like a girl. She was a good six inches shorter than before, only a little taller than Britt.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Victoria, realizing how large her clothes had gotten. Then she was shocked by the sound of her voice - it sounded like a kid! She looked down at her self and saw her little chest and baggy pants. She grasped at her breasts and felt how small they were through the heavy layers of fabric. She hiked up the sweatshirt to undo the huge bra. Britt saw Victoria's breasts when she pulled off the bra. They were small and rounded, but didn't hang at all like they had before. They were girl breasts. Victoria quickly pulled her sweatshirt back down and then looked at Britt. Britt was only a bit shorter than her now. She pushed past her and went into the downstairs bathroom, Britt followed. In the mirror they saw two girls, a dark haired twelve year old and a slightly older blonde. Britt raised a hand and touched her new breast. It was soft and yielding, just like when she touched her mother's, but it sent tingles through her body.

"The game!" shouted Victoria and the girls ran to the console.


12 and 13

She ran and picked up the controller. The level had already started, they were in The Dark Woods. Britt followed right behind. The characters were now roughly the same size. Victoria frantically ran her character around looking for crystals.

"You have to let me win!" she cried.

"No way! I like this," exclaimed Britt as her character grabbed two crystals hidden beneath a bush.

Victoria's intensity helped her get more crystals than before, but Britt had much more game experience. Soon the screen said "All Crystals Gathered. Britt: 16 crystals, Victoria 10 crystals. Score adjusting 2 crystals. Press any button."

"Noooo!" cried Victoria as she stood and came at Britt. Britt stood up too and Victoria ran into her. Her finger pressed the button and the scores shifted to Britt: 14 and Victoria: 11. Victoria's hands grasped at her shoulders and Britt looked directly into her eyes for a moment until Britt grew taller and Victoria got smaller.

"No, no, no," repeated Victoria as her voice grew higher and her clothes swelled on her. She could feel Britt's breasts expand and press against her harder. Her chin was barely above them when the changes stopped. She stepped back and looked up at Britt's face. The older girl looked down on her with pity in her eyes. When Britt's eyes dipped down to look at Victoria's body, her gaze followed. The sweatshirt hung like a dress and the pants were barely staying on her hips. She could feel the crotch of her underwear hanging well below where it was supposed to be. Britt was now a willowy fourteen year old. With makeup, she would be stunning. Her breasts were no longer pointed, but rounding with maturity. She raised her hand to her face and encountered the soft mass of her larger breast, looked down at herself and smiled. She headed for the front hallway to look in the big mirror over the table.

She looked so grown up compared to the little girl face she was used to. She smiled and liked the way it made her eyes shine. She turned in profile and smoothed the t-shirt below her chest. She really needed a bra now, you could see her nipples clearly through the fabric. Victoria began to shuffle towards the hall, dreading what she would see, when her pants fell down around her ankles taking her panties with them. She stepped out of them and noticed that the sweatshirt covered her past her crotch. When she got to the mirror, her head was barely high enough to see herself in the mirror. The frame went across her neckline in the image. She saw a girl and a teenager in the mirror, but the teenager wasn't her. Britt stepped away from the hallway and, pulling off the very tight shorts (the seam had ripped on the seat) she pulled on Victoria's panties and sweatpants. They were loose, but they were better than nothing. It was a strange experience pulling up the panties and seeing pubic hair where there had been none before. Victoria was still standing at the mirror. Her eyes filled with tears and she turned toward Britt to plead for her help, but the older girl wasn't there. Then she heard the sound of the game being played.


14 and 11

When Victoria got to the game, Britt already had 2 crystals. She had a hard time holding the controller and making it work because she was used to bigger hands on the controls. Her vision blurred with tears, she had to win - she had to. She found a large group of crystals, but her small character couldn't reach and Britt's character came over and easily grabbed them. As she got the last one, the screen said "All Crystals Gathered. Britt: 16 crystals, Victoria 9 crystals. Score adjusting 10 crystals. Press any button."

"10 crystals?!?" thought Victoria. "No, no! Don't press the button, please Britt, please!" she pleaded. But the older girl's thumb hit the button as she said simply,"I want to feel what its like to be a grown up."

Victoria's hands went immediately to her small budding breasts. She felt them shrink to flatness as the sweatshirt cloth felt thicker and thicker. It had descended to her knees and was still going down. The sleeves hung six inches past her hands now. "No, no, no, no," she wailed over and over, but now in a little girl's voice. She looked up at Britt who towered over her.

Britt could feel her breasts swell. She grasped them in her hands and shivered with the pleasure of it. She had gotten taller for a moment but then it stopped and she started filling out. Her hips were more rounded and her rear filled the sweatpants. She was a couple inches taller than Vicky had been, so they rode high on her ankles. Her t-shirt hung off of her breasts and she could feel the cool air across her stomach. She felt a pleasant warmth in her lower belly. Vicky made a sound and she turned her attention to her former babysitter. It looked like the end of the witch in the wizrd of Oz. Little Vicky, all of four years old now stood in a huge floppy sweatshirt. Tears stained her face and her voice shifted from childish sounding to babyish sounding. Her hair thinned into a blonde haze on her scalp and her balance weakened and she plopped down on her behind. "Bwitt?" she said and then lapsed into childish babbling.

"I have just the thing for you, Vicky," said the woman Britt. She scooped up Vicky's bra and raced up the stairs two at a time. When she got to the top, she went into the upstairs bathroom and looked in the cabinet under the sink. There were two diapers in there, left by her Aunt on their last visit. She set one diaper on the counter and pulled off her t-shirt. Her breasts shifted when she moved and she could feel it. She held the cups of Vicky's bra to her chest. It was a decent fit, so she slid the straps over her shoulder and lifted her breasts one at a time into the cups and then, after a short struggle, got the clasp closed. She pulled the t-shirt on and admired her 24 year old reflection in the mirror. "This feels great!" she thought.

Bouncing down the stairs, she noted how her chest didn't bounce around so much with the bra on. "My first bra and its a 36-C," she chuckled. The former owner of the bra was sitting on the floor struggling with the gigantic sweatshirt. Her head and one arm were out of the neck and she jumped and looked up at Britt as she approached.

"Here, baby, let me help you," she said, pulling the neck of the shirt over the other shoulder and lifting the infant out of the pile. Vicky was shocked by how big everything was. Her feet didn't reach to Britt's waist now. Britt laid her on her back and grabbed her feet. She lifted Vicky's bottom off the floor and slid the diaper under her. Then she set her back down and taped the diaper closed. "There you go, all safe and snug!" she said in the singsong way adults talk to babies,"Up you go." She picked up the diapered infant and carried her into the bathroom.

"See how cute you are!" she said. Vcky looked at the woman in the mirror holding up the cute little baby girl. The baby had the same chubby cheeks and chubby thighs as she remembered from her photo album. It was all too overwhelming, she began to cry, and as she heard the infant tone, she cried even harder. Britt turned her around and placed baby Vicky's head over her shoulder and stroked her hair. The soft warmth of a grown up soon calmed Vicky and she almost fell asleep in Britt's arms. She could feel the large soft breast against her stomach.

"OK, fun's over, time to finish the game,"said Britt, carrying baby Vicky over to the game console. She set her on her bottom in front of the controller for Vicky's character. Vicky watched as Britt went into the level options and changed the crystal score for the level. Vicky couldn't tell what the number was because she found she couldn't read anymore.


24 and 1

"Hold the controller baby," said Britt, "you don't have to do anything else." She picked up her controller and started to play. The level was called The Mountain Cave. Britt got one crystal, but then skipped past several that were just sitting out in the open. THen her character fell into one of the black holes on the floor and disappeared. Vicky's character, a baby like she was, just sat on the floor. Britt's character reappeared and she ran to the same hole and fell in again. She repeated the same thing and the screen said "Britt fails. Britt: 0 crystals, Victoria 25 crystals. Score adjusting 8 crystals. Press any button."

Britt presses the button and feels the chill that the loser felt in the game. She felt her clothes loosen slightly and she may have gottne just a touch smaller, but that was it. Vicky on the other hand was growing quickly. The diaper popped open as her pelvis expanded and she was naked. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 she grew into a fourth-grader's body. Her crotch was bare and her chest flat, but at least she wasn't a baby.

"One more time Britt?" she asked.

"Nah, I think this game is over," said the sixteen-year-old, "Let's go upstairs and get you some clothes." Vicky held Britt's hand as they climbed the steps. She was about breast high on the girl she had been babysitting. The steps were so high, she had to really pick up her feet to climb them. They walked into Britt's room. Britt picked out a cute skirt and a little blouse that went with it. She also got out a pair of panties with Esmeralda on them and ankle socks with white lace. She put them on, hoping that Britt was just playing like she had with the diaper. The last touch was a pair of tennis shoes. When it was done, Britt led her into the bathroom and brushed out her medium length blonde hair and pulled it into a cute pony tail and put a bow in it. Then the two went downstairs.

As they got near the game, Britt's mother's car pulled into the driveway. Vicky thought,"Britt had better hurry if she wants to give us time to turn back." But Britt picked up the controller and pushed Game Over. Suddenly, Vicky sensed something changing, but the clothes she wore still fit the same and Britt still looked 16. Mrs. Johnson opened the front door and walked in.

"Did you girls have a good time?" she asked. Vicky wondered, "why is she acting like this is normal, she should be screaming right now!"

"Yeah," said Britt, "we played video games."

"That's nice," said Mrs. Johnson, "well, you should walk Vicky home now, her mother got back just when I was pulling up."


Game Over

Britt closed the front door and locked it.

"Did Vicky get home OK?"

"Yeah, it was no problem."

"Well, I think we both need to get to bed pretty soon."

"If you have a few minutes," said Britt,"we could play this new video game."

The End