Fountain of Youth Stone 2 by Timeminder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A man and his wife use some pieces of the meteor in this sequel to Fountain of Youth Stone.

Poor Terry Stuart, at one time a Captain in the Special Forces, has, in a series of unusual circumstances, been reduced in age to a five year old. The officer on duty, Colonel Thomas Graves, has decided to become Terry's self appointed mentor, since there is very little of the boy's adult mind left and he can no longer take care of himself.

This causes friction at home. His wife, Monique, welcomed the idea with open arms. It was his 14 year old daughter, Lindsey, that was the problem. Up till now, she had been an only child and loved having all of the attention.

Terry's arrival has forced fits of jelousy from her, and hatred of her parents for disrupting her "perfect" life." Her unhealthy behavior causes Lindsey to become somewhat 'unbalanced', which is where we pick up the story.

Tom and Monique are having breakfast one morning when she asks... "Tom, what's it like to go through the regression that Terry has gone through? I mean, what's it like to be young again after living so many years as an adult?"

Tom paused as he was about to bite into a muffin; "From what Terry had told me, it was quite an exilerating experience. Terry's problems came from the fact that the change was permanent, not from the change itself."

Monique stared absentmindedly at her food.."Yeah, it's too bad that it can't be reversed. It might have been fun to try it once."

She looked over at Tom, who had a strange glint in his eye.."What?" she asked innocently.

"You know, Moni, it's funny you should mention it.".he said..."but it's already been done. We've developed another strain of the stone that will make you grow younger, and yet it won't be a permanent situation."

"Oh really?" said Monique. This time it was her eyes that had the glint. "Hmmmmm....."

Tom laughed out loud and said..."I'm way ahead of you, Hon....Since I've always suspected that you had a "Kinky" side to you, I took the liberty of bringing home the samples."

Monique frowned at this. "But, is it really safe, Tom?"

"Absolutely" he said, "I've seen the test done myself. Last month, a group of ten volunteers were exposed to the new strain of rock. For two days, they recieved several doses of the stones rays. Full grown men became teenagers again. Three of the group; two men and one woman, went below puberty to about age seven. All of them returned to normal. We have done 15 such tests since then, and all have passed with flying colors."

He smiled. "I figured that, since we will have the house to ourselves this weekend, including Monday, we might as well have some fun."

He went over to a closet in the bedroom and pulled out a metal case. It was about the size of a shoebox. Tom opened it and inside were two smaller boxes, one blue and one white.

Tom's face darkened. "Because I told them that I was taking it home for research, I was forced to bring along the permanent de-aging rock as well. They are identical in size and color. The only way an average person can tell them apart is by the color of the box. The good stone is in the blue box and the bad is in the white box. We have to be very careful not to mix them up."

"Great." said Monique, "We can start right after the kids leave this afternoon."

In another room, within earshot, stood Lindsey. Angrier and more unstable than ever, she wanted revenge against her parents for dividing their affections between Terry and her. Yes, Lindsey wanted revenge, and now she knew just how she would get it.

Later in the morning, when Tom and his wife ran an errand in town, Lindsey sneaked into her parent's bedroom. She pulled the metal case from the closet shelf and sat it on the bed. She opened the lid, and saw the two colored boxes inside.

"I'll show them," she snarled, "I'll turn them into sniveling kids permanently!"

Placing an oven mitt over her hand, Lindsey quickly opened the two boxes and switched the rocks. Just as quickly, she closed the lids, secured the case and put it back in the closet.

Back in her bedroom, she inspected herself. No change. Even if there was, she was so close to fifteen it probably would not show up anyway.

Later that afternoon, Lindsey hugged her parents and started down the road on her bike to the neighbor's house. The plan was for her to spend the weekend with a friend from school.

Little Terry would stay at a sitter's house until Monday. Waving at their daughter as she sped down the lane, Monique looked over at her husband and said.."Shall we?"

Tom smiled and said "Why not?"

They entered the bedroom and Monique took the case out of the closet, opened it and removed the blue box. "Is it okay to open it?" she yelled to Tom, who was in the bathroom.

"Sure," he said, "Go ahead. "This new stone works much slower than the old stuff did. Just don't touch it. That seems to speed up the effect."

Monique raised the lid, and immediately felt a tingling sensation. "Oooh, that's a weird feeling," she said.

"You'll get used to it," he said.

Monique looked closer at the rock and frowned. "You know, Tom, it's such a pretty stone. It's too bad there is a litte piece missing from it."

"What???" shouted Tom. "Monique...Shut that box, NOW!"

Startled, Monique did as she was told and closed the lid. The tingling sensation stopped at once.

She looked as Tom came bounding into the room from the bathroom.

"What's the matter, Honey?" she asked.

"I'll tell you what's the matter," he said angrily, "That's the wrong rock, That's what's the matter! Those idiots at the lab must have mixed them up.

Monique panicked, "Oh my God! What's going to happen to me?"

Tom went over and embraced her. "Nothing's going to happen, Moni, you exposed for a few seconds. It was only enough to make you a couple of weeks younger." "Whew, that was scary" said a visibly shaken Monique.

Tom noticed and said, "Look Hon, Let's not let a stupid mistake by a bunch of lab rats spoil our weekend. Besides, since I'm fifty one and your only thirty five, I'll have to go first anyway. That is, unless you want me to be your baby sitter the day after tomorrow."

This made Monique laugh. "Very Funny" she said. "How much time will you need?"

Tom opened up the White box and picked up the rock in his bare hand. "As I've said, direct contact will speed up the process. Why don't you go down to the pool for about an hour."

And that's what Monique did. A little over an hour later, Tom walked over to Moni, who was laying poolside.

His grey hair was replace by a light chestnut color. The lines that previously had lined his rugged face had dissapeared. For all wants and purposes, Tom was now physically 35 years old again.

Monique was pleased. "My my, do you ever look handsome. It makes me wish that I had met you fifteen years ago instead of five."

Tom sat down beside her and put the closed white box between them. "What, when you were a college kid of twenty? No way, you would have been too much of a kid for me."

She looked at him. "But now we're both 35 years old, right?"

"Yes," he said and, smiling, opened the lid on the box. "Now, let's go explore our past."

Moni smiled back. "There's that tingling sensation again," she said.

This time, the box stayed open.

Tom and Monique left the box open the rest of the evening, exposing themselves to the "Fountain of Youth Stone."

At bedtime, they placed the open box on the headboard of the bed. Just before turning out the light, Monique picked up the gem stone and looked closely at it. "Are you sure this is working, Tom? I haven't noticed any change in you or me."

Tom looked on as Monique replaced the stone in the opened box. "Now Moni, don't be so impatient. I told you that it would act slowly. I would guess that we are both about thirty years old now, and I'm definately don't look fifty one anymore. I'd say that when you wake up in about eight hours, or should I say, eight years from now, you will be able to tell the difference easily."

They turned out the light and went to sleep.

The next morning, Monique awoke slowly. When her eyes finally were able to focus, her gaze fell upon the figure of a man that she did not recognize at first. Frightened out of her wits, she stifled a scream and jumped out of bed.

Then she saw the still opened box containing the "stone" and remembered. This was her husband. On the bed, still asleep, lay Tom. Gone were the deep ridges that had lined his face; and in their place was the face of a person, more boy than man. Monique figured him to be no more than 21 or 22. "And if he looks like that, then how do I look?"

She turned and faced the mirror. In it's reflection stood a much younger version of herself; one she had not seen in many years. The facial wrinkles were gone. There wasn't an once of fat on her body. Her breasts, which had always been large, stood high and firm, not showing any trace of the sag that accompanied her former 35 year old body.

"Damn," she whispered, "I sure did look good back then."

Just then, Tom woke up. He looked at his gorgeous wife approvingly and said; "Wow! Now I'm sorry I didn't meet you when you were this age."

Monique smiled and climbed back into bed. They snuggled in each others arms and made love. Monique was especially delighted by her husband's renewed vigor.

After breakfast, Tom said "Well, what's on the menu for today, my lovely young wife?"

Monique thought for a moment.."Well, how about if we go hiking. I've been craving a trip up to "High Rock."

"Great idea," he said, "Besides, we need to spend some time away away from the 'stone'. "Chronologically, I'd put us at about 19 years of age. Since we seem to be regressing about one year per hour; and if we don't take a break, we will only be around 10 years old by six o'clock this evening. So, unless you want to spend the rest of the weekend watching cartoons, I suggest we close the box for now."

"Agreed," said Monique.

The trip up to "High Rock" was a glorious adventure that took up half of the day. They got back around 5:00pm and were munching on some take out burgers when Tom ventured..."Now, what do you want to do, Moni?"

"I know what exactly I want to do," said Monique without hesitating, "I want to go to the movies; but not as 19 year olds. I want us to go as 16 year olds and treat it like it's our first date."

"But how can we do that?" asked Tom "It would take three hours to reach that age."

"I know," replied Monique, "But didn't you say that if we touched the stone, we would get younger faster?"

"Yes," Tom said, "But then we wouldn't be able to control our regression. It could turn out to be quite embarassing."

Monique looked at him and smiled; "Come on, where's that military get up and go attitude? Besides, I have an idea that might make it fun."

She led Tom into the bedroom and told him to undress. When they were both naked, Monique picked up the stone from the box and lay down on her back and put the stone on her firm, flat stomach.

"Come here, lover," she cooed.

Tom sighed and climbed into bed. They kissed a long time and made love in a slow, gentle rocking motion with the magic stone snuggled between their bellies, and made a little magic themselves.

"Come on, Tom," yelled Monique, as she struggled to find clothes that were not too big for her, "We've only got about 15 minutes before the show starts."

Into the bedroom came Tom. His clothes were rumpled and too big on the sixteen year old. They literally hung down from of his shruken frame.

"Man," he said, " even the clothes that were too small for me are now too big. And listen to my voice." His once familar bass was absent and was now replaced by a medium tenor's voice. "I'll never get used to this," he said.

Monique giggled, her voice had changed as well. "Well, come on Colonel Teenager, or we're going to be late."

At the theatre, they got the supprise of their lives. They were trying to get tickets for a particular movie when the woman at the counter said, "You can't get into an "R" rated film unless you can prove that both of you are over 17 years of age."

Tom and Monique looked at each other in shock, and then burst out laughing. Since there was no way that they could show their true I.D.'s , they opted for a "G" rated movie. It was the Disney film "Snow White" in it's umpteenth release. The teens settled in with some popcorn and had a delightful time.

At the end of the film, they came out of the dark and gasped in astonishment when they saw each other. Tom, now in his high tenor, said; "Holy Cow, Monique, we've shrunk again! Why, you only look fourteen years old now."

"So do you, Tommy," said Monique, "We better get home, and fast!"

They gathered their clothing up and dashed for the car. They jumped in and started up the motor. The car suddenly lurched forward.

"What's the matter, Tom?" shouted Monique.

Tom was flabbergasted. "We forgot about one other thing, Moni," he said, "My legs are too short to reach the pedals. "I think I can do this, though."

He sat on the edge of the seat and peered out from beneath the steering wheel. Despite their precarious situation, Monique had to laugh at the sight of the diminished Tom trying to turn the now huge steering wheel.

They both broke into fits of laughter as the car bobbed and weaved it's way home. Once inside the house, they ran to the bedroom to inspect the damage.

"God, look at me," exclaimed Monique, "Even my boobs have shrunk!"

Tom wasn't listening. He was looking at his own reflection and some of his own parts had shrunk too.

Monique studied her new adolesant body nervously, "Tom, what happens when we get below the puberty stage?"

Tom sensed her concern and said, "Don't worry hon, all that will happen is that we'll lose our pubic hair. But it will grow back normally."

"I'll tell you what, though," he said, "I think we had better stop for this weekend, don't you think?"

"Agreed," she said.

Another pair of eyes gazed upon them from a slightly opened door. It was Lindsey. "I can't believe these two kids are what's left of my parents," she thought. Lindsey had originally planned to check up on them and then leave, but decided to remain hidden for awhile.

Tom and Lindsey spent the rest of the evening as 14 year olds, playing cards and watching TV, then fell into bed. They were so exausted that they never heard Lindsey as she sneaked into their bedroom and reopened the box containing the stone.

Tom and Monique slept all night. Six hours later, Monique opened her eyes. As she had the day before, her gaze fell first upon her husband. In place of that strapping, 21 year old man of yesterday, slept a boy who looked not much older than eight.

Monique couldn't figure out what had happened, until she glanced up and saw the open box.

"Hmmmm," she thought, sleepily, "Tom must have changed his mind. But where does that leave me?" she thought.

She was lying naked, face down on the bed. Cautiously, she reached up to touch her right breast. It wasn't there. She had no breasts!

"Oh my!" she exclaimed, and slowly rolled over to one side. Monique glanced down at herself. Yep, her chest was definately flat. Farther down on the bed lay a neat pile of dark brown pubic hair. It was still in the outline of her vagina. Monique glanced from there to her lower body, now looking as hairless, innocent and beautiful as any child would.

Monique lay there for several minutes. She was still tired and would have fallen back asleep, if she didn't have to go to the bathroom.

She got up, still leaving the box open, and brushed the discarded pubic hair into her smallish hand to carry it to the trash. In the bathroom, she got to look at herself all over again in the mirror. She couldn't get over the fact that she was now this little, eight year old girl. Although not a full grown woman anymore, she was still quite cute.

She lifted up the toilet seat, climbed on and nearly fell through. The seat felt huge.

"Hey, my butt got smaller, too. Maybe this isn't all bad."

The young girl decided that maybe some television might help wake her up. She stumbled into the living room, climbed onto the couch and pulled the comforter over her. It was so warm and cozy that she promply fell back asleep.

Three more hours went by.

Lindsey, asleep in her room, was startled by a noise coming from the driveway. Throwing her clothes on, she dashed outside as quietly as she could, and, to her horror, saw her new "Step Brother," Terry bound from a car.

She walked over to the driver and said,"Mrs. Deason, how come you brought Terry back today? I thought he wasn't supposed to come back until tomorrow."

The woman in the car sighed, "Hi Lindsey. You're right. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but my mother isn't feeling well and I need to drive the hundred or so miles to be with her. I was hoping your parents wouldn't mind if I dropped him off early. Maybe I should talk to them. Are they home?"

"NO"! shouted Lindsey, and then caught herself. "I-I mean, No they're not at home right now. I can take care of Terry until they get back."

"Why, thank you, Lindsey." Mrs. Deason said her goodbyes and drove off.

"Come on," Lindsey said as she grabbed Terry hard by the arm. "You are going to have to be quiet. Mom and Dad are still sleeping."

"But, I thought you said that Mom and Dad were not home yet," said Terry.

Lindsey jerked him towards the door. "Nevermind that. Now, just shut up and be quiet."

Terry obeyed as Lindsey snuck both of them back into the house and into Terry's room.

"I'm hungry," he said, "Maybe Mom will make me some pancakes. Let's go wake her up."

Lindsey was furious. God, he was such a little pest. She hated him more than ever. Maybe it was time to take care of this problem permanently.

She left Terry playing in his room and crept into the master bedroom. There under the covers lay a small boy, not much older than Terry.

Although mesmerized by the sight of her changed father, Lindsey kept her focus, and picked up the box. She closed the lid and carried it back to Terry's room.

"Look, Terry," she said, "I brought you a gift."

"Oooh," said the exited youngster, "let me see."

He eagerly accepted the box and, just as quickly, opened the lid. In his diminished mental state, Terry did not recognize exactly what he now held in his hand.

"That is a magic stone," said Lindsey, "Put it in your pocket and it will bring you luck."

"Gee, thanks Lindsey," he said, and stuffed the rock into his jeans pocket. "Now I'm gonna go play with my trucks." And off he went.

Lindsey snikered, This was working out even better than she had imagined. She carried the now empty box into the master bathroom, set it down, and returned to her own room.

In the master bedroom, young Tom finally rolled out of bed. He failed to notice that his pubic hair, now unattached, lay scattered in the sheets.

As he walked naked toward the bathroom, he rubbed his eyes. The room looked huge to him. Still groggy, Tom had to use both hands to lift up the seat of the toilet because it felt so heavy to him. Standing on his tip toes, he was just barely tall enough to lean over and pee into the bowl.

This did not seem right, but Tom, with many less synapses firing, was having trouble thinking clearly. "Maybe if I go and ask Moni," he thought, "She can tell me what's going on."

He found her, still asleep on the couch, and tapped her on the shoulder. Monique rolled over and opened her eyes. Before her stood Tom, now reduced to the size and stature of a 5 year old boy.

"What happened?" he asked, "Why did you let me get so young?"

Monique looked at him. His penis and balls had grown tiny. She giggled, got up off of the couch and stood next to her diminutive husband.

Being chronologically three years older than him, she was now at least a head taller.

"Look at me," she said as she rubbed her hands over her smooth vagina , "You're not the only one who got small."

"But, I didn't open the box. I thought that you did."

Just then, they heard an infant's wail. "Listen," shouted Monique, "That sounds like it's coming from Terry's room. Come on!"

They ran to the room and, upon entering, found Terry. The once proud soldier, turned teenager, turned child, was now a helpless infant.

He had crawled out of his jeans and across the room until he couldn't move anymore.

"Jesus!" exclaimed Monique, "It must have been Terry who opened the box. And judging by the sight of him, that rock is still somewhere in this room. We've got to find it before he gets any younger."

Frantically, they searched. Finally, they found it under Terry's discarded jeans. "Here it is," said Tom, pointing down.

"Well," she said, "Pick it up and go put it back in the box right away."

Tom hesitated. His adult mind was giving way to his child's mind, and inside, he was growing with fear and uncertainty.

"But, I-I'm scared," he said.

Monique softend her tone; "It's okay, Tommy. "If you get too young, I'll take care of you. Now, go."

Tom picked up the stone and walked out into the hall as Monique carried baby Terry into the living room. As he entered the hallway, he stopped dead in his tracks. At the other end of the hallway stood Lindsey.

The fourteen year old smiled and walked over to him. She bent down until she was face to face with him.

"My goodness, Daddy, you're looking awfully puny today. Don't you feel well?"

Tom, embarassed, and still clutching the stone, dropped his free hand down to cover his genitals. Lindsey burst out laughing and backed away to a safe distance.

"L-Lindsey?" Tom ventured, not quite sure.

She laughed again. "What's the matter, Colonel Baby, don't you recognize your own daughter? Let me tell you what I've done to you."

Smugly, Lindsey explained switching the rocks. "So you see, Daddy, you and Mom aren't going to return to normal. You are going to both remain children. Ha ha haaaa......"

As she talked, the five year old boy shrank and became a four year old boy. What Lindsey said had frightened him. He knew that he was supposed to be grown up, but could no longer remember what it felt like.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He felt so helpless. For a minute, Lindsey almost felt sorry for him. Then she pointed toward the stone and said "Aren't you forgetting something, little man?"

Tom looked at the rock in his hand and remembered Monique's instructions. He looked around and spotted the box in the bathroom on top of the toilet tank. He started towards the bathroom. Lindsey made no attempt to stop him and followed him laughing.

Halfway there, Tom shrank to a 3 year old. His gait became more unsteady with each passing second. He reached the toilet and struggled to climb up on the seat. Once there, Tom quickly put the stone in the box and closed the lid.

He turned around, standing on the toilet set, and stared up at his enormous daughter. She towered over him. He had to get to Monique, that was the only thing on his mind now. A dizziness overcame him and he shrank once again, this time to just a two year old.

Lindsey reached under his arms and picked him up easily. Tom struggled but couldn't break free. He started to whimper and Lindsey was afraid that Tom would give her away. "Oh," she said, "You want to go tell Mom what happened, eh? Well, go ahead."

Lindsey sat him down and immediately, Tom raced for the door. The ever smaller boy half ran, half tottered back towards the living room.

Monique was shocked by the sight of him. "My God, Tom!" she shouted, "Why did you take so long?"

Tom wanted to tell her; about Lindsey; about her deception, but he couldn't. All he could do was to feel helpless and afraid as any child in a strange situation. Now, he only wanted a hug and reassurance. So, he ran over to her and hugged her thigh.

Monique picked him up and held his naked body next to hers. He continued to shrink and started bawling.

"There, there, Tommy," she said. Becomming the eight year old mother to two infants was not the way she had envisioned this weekend.

She kissed her husband gently on the head, "It'll be alright. I just wish that I had my breasts so you could nuzzle them and feel warm and cozy."

Lindsey watched from behind her door and snickered to herself. "Heh heh, Mom doesn't have breasts, but I do." she said, "I love this."

A very interesting thought crossed her mind. She continued watching.

Eight year old Monique had swalddled a blanket around Tom and had placed him on the couch. At eight months, he didn't seem to be getting any younger now, thank God.

Then an odor passed by her nose. She scrunched her face up in discust. "Whew, Terry, what have you done?"

The question did not need answered. Monique picked up Terry and looked down at her infant husband. "Be a good boy, Tommy, while mommy tries to put some make-shift diapers together." She carried Terry and exited the living room.

As soon as the coast was clear, Lindsey snuck into the living room.

She gazed at her infant father. He did not seem to recognize her. Lindsey picked up Tom and held him. He was so light. Lindsey had removed her bra eariler, and now lifted up her sweater to reveal her breast. She guided the infant to her nipple and rubbed his tiny lips against the nub.

Slowly, with his eyes gazing up at her, baby Tom's lips surrounded her nipple and he began sucking on it. This sent an electric shock through Lindsey's body.

This was her father, sucking on her tit!

Then, Lindsey heard a noise in the other room. Her mom was coming back soon. Monique would kill her if she saw them in this position.

She quickly placed the boy back on the couch, and high-tailed it back to her room just in time.

Lindsey's heart was beating frantically. That was close. 'Now how do I want to break the news to Mom that she's a permanent child?' she thought.

After a time, Lindsey came up with what she thought was the perfect plan; 'I know, I'll pretend to be affected by the same rock, but use the harmless one in the blue box. Boy, will mom be supprised.'

Lindsey walked silently down the hall to the master bedroom's closet, and retrived the so far unused blue box. When she returned to her room, she took off all of her clothes except for her panties, and opened the lid.

The tingling sensation hit her immediately. She picked up the stone out of it's box and walked over to her full length mirror. While Lindsey waited, she examined the stone, turning it in her hand. It was such a pretty rock. It was too bad that it had that small piece missing.

The girl studied her reflection. There was no change yet. She had planned to hold the stone for two minutes, but since it was acting so slowly, she decided that three minutes might be better.

While waiting, she looked herself over. As a fourteen year old, Lindsey was above average in beauty. Her still developing breasts were the largest in her class. There was no doubt that she would inheirit her mother's fabulous chest. She looked at them again. They still didn't look any different. What was going on here?, she wondered.

Then she noticed her face. Gone was the ever present scowel of the last six months. It was replaced by a gentler, more innocent looking face.

Lindsey tried to scowel, but it looked silly on such a fresh looking, young face. No doubt about it, she had lost a year of her age.

"Wow," she said as the transformation turned her back to a young thirteen; "This is really strange."

The three minutes were up, so Lindsey decided to do one more minute. Her breasts, which had not changed in the last few passing seconds, almost instantainously, shrank to about one quarter of their original size.

"Wow" was all she could say; "The last time I looked like this was when I was twelve!"

Lindsey knew that she had entered puberty at just before twelve, and couldn't take her eyes off of her shrinking tits. Her body lost it's shape; her ass flattened out and she shrank in height.

Her mammaries had deflated to just two small bumps. "This is amazing" , she said, "I only look eleven years old now." Her voice sounded high pitched and whiny. This made Lindsey giggle.

Her face in the mirror was the face of a child. The room seemed to be growing around her.

Then she slipped again. Her chest flattened, and her panties hung loosely to her hips. "That makes me about 10," she said, "That ought to do it." She still wanted to be bigger than her mother.

Lindsey put the rock back in it's box and closed the lid. She slowly pulled off her underpants. Her pubic hair, now unattached, lay in clumps in its' pink folds.

A child stared from the mirror. "Now to go into my act," she squeeked.

In the living room, Monique had her hands full. Baby Terry had finally fallen asleep, while Baby Tom had cried for a long time before settling down and playing.

Now the eight year old Moni, still naked, flopped down on the couch, exausted. "Jesus, I sure would like to wear some clothes sometime today," she said. Suddenly from the other room she heard a scream.

"Mommy, Mommy," yelled Lindsey as she raced into the room; "Help me, something has made me into a little girl again."

Monique, still on the couch, stared at her unmovingly. This was not the reaction that Lindsey had been expecting. The fact was that Monique had had too many supprises today to let one more affect her very much.

She placed her fingers to her temples and started rubbing in circular motions. "Well, that makes it unanimous," she said, "The whole family has turned into a bunch of kids."

Lindsey pretended to start crying, little girl sobs escaped quietly as her smallish shoulders bobbed up and down.

Monique, with as much motherly instinct as she could muster, got up off of the couch and went over to Lindsey. Moni, now dwarfed by her own daughter, was only now beginning to realize how petite she had become. At ten, Lindsey was two years older than her. And the ten year old towered over her as the two little naked girls embraced. "There, there," she said comfortingly to Lindsey.

Lindsey could contain herself no longer. She stood back, wiped away the crocadile tears, and burst out laughing. Monique was startled and jumped away.

"Ha ha haaaa," bellowed the girl, "I've tricked you, Mom. " I switched the rocks before I left this weekend and you and daddy were exposing yourselves to the 'permanent' de-aging stone. Guess what, you and dad aren't going to return to your normal age. Your going to stay kids. I've finally got my revenge."

Monique stared up at her in rage. "So, it was you who caused us all of this misery?" she said and slapped Lindsey hard across the face.

This stopped Lindsey from laughing. A red welt showed up on her cheek.

"You shouldn't have done that, Mom," she screamed, "because I'm bigger and stronger than you are now."

Lindsey reached over, grabbed the eight year old and pushed her hard to the floor. Monique's bare butt hit hard on the wooden, rugless, floor. She lay there, tears forming in her eyes, trying to remember she was an adult, and not supposed to cry. Her back hurt. There was something else. Something that Lindsey had said that bothered her. What was it?

As Lindsey stood towering over her fallen mother, a wave of dizzyness crept over her. The room grew. She was regressing again. She knew it, but could do nothing about it. She became a nine year old. At least she was still bigger than her mother.

Monique had recovered and stood up to face her daughter. Now they were almost equal in height. There was fire in Moni's eyes. "Lindsey, you little bastard, how could you do this to us?"

Lindsey struck her hard across the face and Monique went down again. This time the tears came. She lay there with her face burried in her hands, crying silently.

Another wave hit Lindsey. She knew it. She shrank. Her perspective changed. Her whole body youthened back to a girl of eight. Her knees weakened.

As Monique lay again on the floor, she remembered what had been bothering her. A feeling of relief washed over her. She composed herself and stared up at her not so tall adversary. Lindsey was still getting younger. she was staring at her self as her body hit age seven. "No!" was all she could say, "I can't get any younger. I have to stay in c-control."

Monique stood up. Now, she was the one who was taller.

"Lindsey?" she said in a soft voice. Lindsey took time from her predicament to look over and up at Monique. "Mommy?" was all she said.

"Lindsey, guess what? We switched the rocks back a long time ago. Do you know what that means?" she said.

Lindsey's eyes blinked, and as the realization hit her, she regressed again to six. Her eyes widened. "Oh my God" she screamed and put her hands to her face. "I-I'm the one who was exposed to the permanent stone."

Lindsey started shaking. "Noooo, this can't happen! I'm supposed to be fifteen next month Please make it stop. Oh Mommy, Please MAKE IT STOP!"

All Monique could do was watch as her daughter lost height.

From six, to five, and down to four years of age.

"Pleath, mommy," said the ever tiny voice, "Make it!"

This time, Monique did feel her instincts kick in. She reached over and embraced her tiny daughter.

"Mama, help" said the three year old. "I not want to get younger. I"m a little girl now. I not want to be whittle baby..."


Three became two, and two became one. Monique stood looking down at her new baby child.

"I love you, Lindsey." she said.

Two days later they were back to normal. "Well," Tom said, "that is one experience that I don't ever want to repeat."

"You said it," said Monique, now back to her vivacious thirty five.

Into the room walked five year old Terry. "Mom," he said, can you make Lindsey stop crying?"

"I'm sorry, honey" she said, "But, it's natural for babies to cry. That's how we know when they need food or to be changed."

Terry didn't remember what had happened. All he knew is that he now had a baby sister. And it was a real pain having a baby sister. Hardly anyone paid any attention to him now. He hated her for that.

The family resumed their life, as everything returned to normal. Everything except for the dreams that Tom was having. Dreams he would not tell Monique or any other living soul. Dreams of being at his former teenaged daughter's breast, happily sucking away.