Oops, My Bad by Zappy

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A man's daughter is aging at a tremendous rate.

"John could you bring me some pickles covered in sour cream and butter?" asked Marie

"Sure, honey!"

"Thanks bring some mustard too!"

John reaches into the refrigerator and grabs the stuff. He heads down the hall towards the bedroom. He opens the door and looks upon his pregnant wife. Her stomach is huge. Her nightie is too short and it reveals her large shapely butt. Her figure is huge but still attractive. Her pregnancy helped her bust increase two sizes to a DD, something John loved. She glowed, and John loved it.

"Here you go honey!"

"Oh thank you. How are you doing with the study?"

"Terrible, I can't get the the lens to focus correctly. I may have to stop the study if I don't find results soon."

"Oh, you will find it! I know it!"

"I know, thanks honey."

John kisses his wife and turns over to go back to sleep. Thoughts of calucations flow through his head.

Two months later a beautiful baby girl was born with many complications. Marie died during the delivery and John stop his research. He took the laser and put in away in the back of the attic. John named his daughter Katherine or Kat for short. Kat was a special child her intelligence was great. She reminded him of Marie greatly. John's feeling of loss was too huge to forget. His love was so great that he felt that the whole world had died.

Kat grew quickly and John could not understand the accelerated growth, she looking like a three year old when she was only 8 months old. Her intelligence matched her age and she could already talk and walk quite easily.

John had took her to the finest doctors. Instead of trying to help they accused him of doctoring the records or just flat lying. He had only one place left to turn, his friend in New York, Dr. Bob Stein. Bob was a friend he meet a few years ago on a mailing list filled with people writing imaginative stories. Bob was the only person he ever meet online that became a friend off line. Bob sent a letter and a card when Marie had died. He was the person that helped John beat the depression that haunted him atfer Marie's death.

John emailed Bob and told him his daughter seemed to be growing at acceralted rate, and there was no explation for it. Bob and him sent notes back and fro for alomst six months. Kat was now wearing clothes that fit more with a eight year old than a 14 month baby. Bob had some friends who worked at a lab in Texas, a Dr. Htuoy was a scientist working on body growth and aging. Bob recommended that John and Kat go to him and seek his help. Bob worked with Dr. Htuoy and sent John a letter saying be in Texas by Saturday.

John went to work the next morning and told his boss he needed a 3 month vacation. The boss of course refused but John had contacted a lawyer and according to Clinton's Family Leave act John was allowed this amount of time.

"Daddy, there is nothing wrong with me I am just big for my age." Kat said while running towards gate 11.

"Look no baby looks like an eight year, for pete's sake u were potty-trained at 2 months." John sent back as he handed the plane tickets to the boarding agent.

Two long hours later John and Kat arrived at Dallas airport and were escorted to a nearby car and head off into the nearby hills to Star Labs Inc.

To be continued?