PDL High Stories

Jun 15, 2002

Here are the stories that go with Oni's post on the new Bojay and Donnie G. pictures.



From all appearances it was a normal Sunday afternoon in the Beechwood neighborhood of the sleepy south Florida town of Higgsville, as life-long friends Mark, Todd and Jim, seniors at the town's high school, hung out in the street in front of Mark's house throwing the football around. Unbeknownst to the casual observer, however, this afternoon's game had a somewhat unusual purpose.

'What time does she usually come home?' asked Todd for the third time in the last twenty minutes, looking longingly up the street. 'Are you sure her parents aren't home?'

'I'm telling you, she gets off work from her summer job at 4, meaning she should be here any time now and no, the rest of her family left this morning for two weeks in Europe', responded Mark, also for the third time in the last twenty minutes, 'Now just cool your jets.'

About five minutes later, just as Jim had caught a deep pass from Todd, a black, new BMW came speeding around the corner, nearly hitting Jim as he caught the pass, and sending him sprawling into a neighbor's yard.

'Why don't you idiots watch where you're going!' came a voice from the car as it sped past Jim , making a short turn into the driveway next to Mark's house.

All eyes turned to the car, as out came a stunning young Asian woman, one Anita Lo, Mark's next door neighbor. Anita was 21, and back from college for the summer. 'Really, Mark, you guys are still playing such childish games. I thought you guys were seniors this year', Anita said to the assemblage before taking her long, tan legs, aerobics-firmed rear and 36-C chest into the house along with the rest of her. To top it all off, making her the local 'total package', Anita had a shiny black head of hair reaching down her back and framing the face that had broken the hearts of half the boys at Ponce de Leon high (or PDL as the locals called) when she had gone there. During her tenure at PDL Anita had been Head Cheerleader, Senior Class President and both Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen.

What didn't make it onto her college resume was the fact that she was also a Royal Bitch Queen, know throughout the school for her put downs of the less socially adept and for her cutting comments and practical jokes at their expense. This continued even through college, as just last year on her spring break she told poor Billy Orenstein up the street, a regular captain of the 'Geek Patrol' and head of the local Dungeons and Dragons Club, that she'd go to the Freshman Formal with him if he couldn't find another date. Poor Billy, people still talk about the look on his face when he showed up at her house the night of the dance, only to have her laughingly slam it in his face to the tune of 'Do you think I'd ever be seen with a little shit like you even if you were the last man on Earth?' as she and her friends headed out to the bars for the night.

'Time to take this into the house, 'said Mark to the others in a hushed tone.

Once inside, Mark and Todd took headed up to Mark's bedroom, while Jim stayed downstairs and crept into the Sanderson's back yard, which was separated from the Lo's by a five foot tall wooden fence which Jim hid behind, making exaggerated 'commando-like' movements as he did so.

From Mark's bedroom, Mark and Todd had a full view of the Lo's back yard, including their inground pool and deck. 'Her she comes, right on schedule', said Mark, as Anita Lo closed the sliding door and exited the Lo's porch wearing a white bikini that showed off both her ample breasts, which the captain of the high school football team had nicknamed 'the Beasts of the East', and her firm posterior. Todd gulped, as he noticed the tingling sensation that started to fill his loins as he watched Anita, carrying a drink and a magazine, first walk over to the deck chair and then proceed to rub sun tan lotion over the long legs that supported her 5'8' frame.

'It's go time' said Mark, simultaneously pulling a cell phone out of his pocket and signalling Jim in the yard below with his hands. Mark dialed quickly and then heard simultaneous ringing in each ear-one, from his cell receiver, the other coming from across the yard inside the Lo's house.

'Shit,' muttered Anita Lo audibly, as she got up to head back into her house.

At this, Jim jumped quickly over the fence, ran up to Anita's drink, and emptied the contents of a small test tube filled with clear liquid into Anita's it before heading back over the fence just as Anita came out muttering, 'Must be another stalker' and resuming her position on the chair.

'Now for the moment of truth,' said Mark as Jim made his way up the stairs and into Mark's bedroom just in time to see Anita take a drink from her glass.

Five of the longest minutes of Mark, Todd and Jim's life later, Jim said, 'You mean I risked the wrath of the Mighty Lo (*another of Anita's high school nicknames) for nothing. I mean, look, it's been at least five minutes and not a darn thing. Maybe the other stuff was all a fluke.'

'Yeah, she doesn't look a bit different at all,' said Todd, 'I'm outta here. I've got Calc. Homework for tomorrow-see you dudes later' he continued as he and Jim headed for the door.

Just then, and just as he was about to get up too, Mark noticed something that brought a smile to his face, 'Houston, Anita Lo's got a problem' said Mark in his best 'Apollo 13' imitation.

As Todd and Jim bounded up the stairs and ran to the window, they were greeted by the sight of Anita Lo looking down at her crotch in disbelief, as her formerly white bikini was now sporting a still growing yellow stain down the front of her pubic area, the cause of which was also forming a growing puddle under her chair. She tried to stop it, but nothing she did seemed to work-in fact, all she was able to accomplish was to move herself back and forth slightly in her chair, her large breasts and rear end heaving with the effort. It was as if she had totally lost control of her muscles and the look of disbelief on her face turned to absolute terror at this realization. She struggled to speak and call for help, but all that she was able make out was 'Uhnn, uhnn, ooo, ooo, gaah, gaah.'

'Holy shit!'said the three high school seniors in unison.

'Time to check our test results up close and personal, 'chirped Mark, bounding down the stairs followed by Todd and Jim.

About thirty seconds later, they were standing next to Anita, who, by this time was looking at them imploringly from her deck chair and still struggling to get any intelligible words out-she had worked her way up to 'Baa, Baa, Kaa, Kaa' by the time they got there.

'Not quite what we expected, but I'd still call this a success,' said Mark to the others as he first lifted Anita's arm and then her leg, each flopping down uselessly as soon as he let it go.

'How Lo the Mightly has fallen, huh, pumpkin', said Todd as tweaked Anita's tear stained faced. 'Get it-Lo the Mighty, fallen?' he chuckled to her, adding 'She's fallen and she can't get up.'. At this, Anita started to bawl, as it became clear to her that these three were not here to help her out of this unexplained predicament that had caused her to first lose bladder control and then control of the rest of her body, but were in fact the cause of her problems. Cries of 'Waaah,, waah, n waah' soon filled the backyard.

'Let's test something else here' said Mark as he placed Anita's thumb in front of her mouth. Without a thought, Anita reached her lips out to suck her thumb, quieting her sobbing.

'Aww, isn't she cute,' cooed Mark as he watched Anita work her thumb for all she was worth, 'Just as I thought, some parts of her body's been infantilized, just not the same way it was with the animals. It looks like the infant's sucking reflex has re-emerged.'

'I'm just puzzled that her change appears to be mainly neurological and not otherwise physical like it was with the animals,' chimed in Todd, 'What do we do now? Continue to observe her?'

'I've got a better idea,' said Mark, as a devilish grin crossed his face.


Passersby would have mistaken her for a drunk raver girl being held up by some of her younger friends, as Jim and Todd , one on each side of her helped Anita slowly make the way up the block wrapped in a towel, her long black hair done up in little girl pig tails.

On the way the boys took turns rubbing Anita's face in her new situation, 'How's that Anita, going from Playboy Bunny to 'Pwetty Baby' material, from dance clubs to diapers, from Gucci loafers to 'Guchie, Guchie goo' all in one afternoon'.

'Here's the house-put her down and I'll wring the bell.'

Thirty seconds after the bell sounded, three sophomore boys from PDL found themselves face to face with a scene that a thousand years of playing D&D couldn't possibly prepare them for. There, sitting with her legs akimbo, wearing nothing but a diaper and sobbing quietly through the pacifier that she was sucking on sat the girl that had been the wet dream fantasy for all three of the members of the PDL D&D Club, including its President, Billy Orenstein, whose house this was. Around her neck she wore a little sign that said 'Hi! I'm Baby 'Nita. Will you play with me?' that only partly covered the 'Beasts from the East' who were both staring them bluntly in the face.

As she looked up into their wide-eyed faces and watched the little tents that seemed to rise in unison under their belt buckles, Anita began to hope against hope that the only thing that her new found irresistible oral fixation would be working on this afternoon would be her pacifier or her thumb.

Part II


About two hours later (the wildest and weirdest two hours of his life, no doubt about it), Billy Orenstein heard his doorbell ring. With what had just transpired, he went downstairs with some trepidation, and wouldn't have been surprised if he'd found King Tut at his door. Instead, it was just the older guys from up the street, Mark, Todd and Jim, each with a broad smile on his face. older

Before Billy could get out his 'You guys won't believe what's going on here?!' Todd asked him 'How's your adventure in babysitting going?', while Mark chimed in 'How's our little ‘Nita-kins doing?'

'It…it…it was you guys, 'Billy managed to stammer.

'Oh, yeah, it was us all right', said Jim. 'We figured she owed you for last years's dance debacle. How is our little friend doing?'

As if on cue, an infant's wail began to come from inside the house.

'You guys better s-s-see for yourselves', Billy continued to stammer.

When the three entered Billy's living room they weren't quite ready for what they saw-a cute Asian girl with shoulder length black hair, no more than two dressed in a makeshift diaper, and trying her best to remain upright on the couch. It was a struggle with gravity that she was having quite a bit of trouble with. She was sobbing inconsolably until one of Billy's friends popped her pacifier in her mouth, which seemed to calm her a bit.

'Wow, how did this happen?' said Mark, pulling a binder marked 'Test Results' out of his bag, and walking over to inspect his handiwork.

'It was right after we gave her pacifier a rest, she would have sucked that thing to nothing, boy, if we didn't 'give it a rest', if you know what I mean. Billy had just started to spank her', said Gus Lazarus., 'You know, ‘for being a bad, bad girl' last year. Billy had her across his lap and I noticed that she was starting to get smaller. At first it was her legs, but then Billy turned her over and by then, 'the Beasts of the East' weren't quite up to their former Beastitude, if you get my drift'.

Gus and the other boys went on to describe how the stunningly attractive knockout that had met them at the door earlier that afternoon had proceeded to melt into the cherub that now sat before them (unhappily one might add). Within minutes, Anita had gone from a college looker, losing a bit of her curves and sexiness, to a high school phenom, until her large pert breasts had receded into her chest and her sensuous hips had flattened, to a junior high girl with pretty,long pigtails, to a primary school darling who looked like she was ready to collect your milk money, to the Barney watching babe in front of them. Mark proceeded to record all of this in detail, before turning his attention to the sobbing child in front of him.

'Let's see if Anita's still in there somewhere,' he whispered to the other guys, out of the little girl's earshot.

Turning towards her, Mark lowered himself to Anita's level by kneeling in front of the couch and saying to her, in his most condescending voice, 'Well, ‘Nita, I remember a certain young lady who used to be a real terror as a baby sitter. Why, she used to find any excuse to smack the younger children in her care or embarrass the heck out of them in front of their friends-Jim, remember that time she locked you out of your house without your clothes?' In fact, as Anita was several years older than all of the boys in the neighborhood, she had in fact baby sat all of the boys in the room at one time or another over the years and they all recalled the dread they used to feel when their parents told them that Anita Lo was coming to baby sit them.

'Taken a look in the mirror lately, sweet ‘ums?', he continued. 'I think that it's your turn to need a baby sitter and boy, we can't wait to volunteer. Why, just think, your Saturday mornings will be filled with cartoons, and the most fun you'll have on Saturday nights will be your bath. No more boys or night life for you, young lady.'

At this, the new two year old in front of them, the one who had started the day with the body of a Penthouse centerfold, the dream of all of the men in town, young and old, looked right at Mark and began to wail in large 'Waaaaah's, spaced out only by her breaths for air to continue them.

'Oh, yeah, she's in there all right,' continued Mark. 'Perfect.'

As the possibilities just started to occur to Billy and his friends, Mark turned to the assemblage and, with a devilish grin, said, 'Daycare is about to become a growth industry in this town.'

Next Episode 'The Faculty Lounge'

Ponce de Leon High, Part III-Ms. Kim in Reverse

Angela Kim had been teaching science at Ponce de Leon High for the past 8 years and had a reputation as one of the toughest teachers in the school. It was well know that she actually enjoyed sitting detention and around test time, no one made life rougher on her students than 'Killer Kim'. A 32-year old Korean American, Ms. Kim as everyone called her (even her fellow teachers), stood 5'6', usually wore her mid-length dark brown hair in a bun over her attractive face and had a slimmish figure that at least some of the boys in her classes had noticed, when they got past her disciplinarian personality, her glasses and her lab coat that hid it.

'Today's lesson is on absorption,' Ms. Kim told her first period class, as she pulled out a package of baby diapers to hand out to the class to demonstrate during the lab session.

Seeing her finish the coffee that he had made her during detention earlier that morning, Mark Thompson, one of the class's perennial troublemakers, pulled a large box of Adult-Sized Depend diapers out of his bag and piped in with a snickering'I brought my own.,' which raised a few chuckles from the class.

'I've brought enough for everyone, so that won't be necessary, ' shot back Ms. Kim with an icy stare. Mark met her gaze and just as quickly shot back, 'Don't worry, you'll thank me later.' Smart ass, thought Ms. Kim to herself, we'll see who's so smart when I give you your third detention this month, as she took her place at the head of the class.

'Now then class, let's begin. As you can see here from my example, the water is drawn up into the diaper via , ohhh'. Just at that moment, Ms. Kim's vision faded out and things got blurry to her. When she regained her composure and reopened her eyes, most things (like her class) came back into focus, but she didn't feel quite right and was met with shock when she went to look at her lecture notes. While she could make out most of the small words, the larger words were suddenly beyond her. Trying to continue on despite this, a slowly reddening Ms. Kim continued ' via the cap, uh, cap, uh, itty bitty tubes' she got out triumphantly.

'Are you sure about that-I mean if we write 'itty bitty tubes' on the midterm, we'll get points for that?' shot Jenny Hernandez, the class geek.

'Uh, yes, yes, you will' replied a still shaken Ms. Kim, nodding her head vigorously, as if by doing so, it will make her answer correct. 'I sorry, I need to sit down. I not feeling so good' she made out, immediately noticing her sudden lapse of diction and turning even redder.

'Time for these yet?', smiled Mark, walking to the front of the class with his box of Depends.

Angela knew she wanted to say, 'I'm a grown woman, I don't I need diapers.' What came out instead was 'I a big girl, I no need di-dees.'

'Correction, you were a big girl-do big girls do that?' Mark asked pointing at Ms. Kim's crotch, where a slow dark stain began to spread from between her legs.

Now completely in shock, Ms. Kim began to try to get up out of her seat, only unable to get her legs to support her, plopping her back down into her wet, warm seat, which caused her to start whimpering audibly as a disbelieving group of 17 year olds began to gather around her. This only increased her anxiety, as all of these young faces that only yesterday she'd loved to torture were now closing in to get a look at her in her newly soiled pants. Her youthening mind began to drift back to the old days, searching out a way to make things better. Slowly her mind (and the youth elixir Mark had slipped into that morning's coffee) began to work its way around to a solution-who always solved Ms. Kim's problems when she was feeling insecure and scared?

'I, I, I want my Mommy!' yelled Ms. Kim to the approaching students, some of whom were now doubled over in laughter. She repeated this a few times, until her still regressing mind and the speech abilities that went with it were soon only able to get out a steady supply of 'Ma, ma!, Ma, ma!''s. While Ms. Kim's mother, a 58 year old store owner in LA, wanted grandchildren, I'm not sure what she would have made of her daughter's descent back into infancy.

'See, I told you it's a good thing I brought you your Depends, chuckled Mark, pulling one out of the box. 'Now someone help me get our darling Ms. Kim into something more appropriate to her new, how shall we say, 'situation.''

A couple of the boys cleared off the lab table and helped Mark bring a still incredulous Ms. Kim to the table, plopping her gently on her back. By this time, Ms. Kim's 'Ma, Ma's' had died down, as the adult still inside her realized that Mommy wasn't coming. Instead in between her desk and the table Ms. Kim rediscovered her old best friend, Mr. Thumb, and by the time she was put down, her thumb was planted firmly in her mouth and she was sucking it like a champ. Mark removed her went pants and underpants and, after wiping her down and applying some powder he had also brought, put a large white diaper on Ms. Kim, much to the class's amusement.

'What's still not right with this picture? 'continued Mark, looking at the class's one-time teacher, now clad in a diaper, blouse and lab coat, sitting on her back on the table, her face flecked with tears and her thumb firmly in her mouth. 'Babies don't wear big girl clothes , now do they?'

This caused what was left of Ms. Kim's adult dignity to leave her. She pulled her thumb out of her mouth and began to cry as Mark first removed her lab coat, and then removed her blouse, making a big striptease production out of it, doing it one button at a time until she was left in a diaper and her bra. Continuing his striptease, Mark made a huge production out of removing first one shoulder strap and then the other, exposing Ms. Kim's pert little breasts to stick out for all the world (and her class) to see.

'Now don't worry, uncle Markie can give as well as take, sweetie-pie' he said, as he pulled a baby bonnet, rattle and formula bottle out of this knapsack, giving them to Ms. Kim and finishing by plopping a binkie into Ms. Kim's still sobbing mouth.

'There, there, much better now, don't you think?' he finished to the class's roars of laughter. 'Why don't you take a look?' he said to Ms. Kim, recognizing a glimmer of the adult that had started the class in her eyes as he put a small lab mirror in front of her.

What Ms. Kim saw staring back at her was not the 'Killer Kim', prim proper, serious disciplinarian that had started this morning's class as the terror of PDL High, but a scared and frightened little baby girl, tears in her eyes, a diaper on her still soggy bottom, a pacifier in her mouth that she couldn't stop sucking for the life of her and who wanted her Mommy more than anything else in the world. Ms. Kim broke into a wail that redounded through the corridors of PDL High, a wail that soon would have company.