Fantasy Realised by Juspera

submitted by Juspera - Jun 24, 2002

My first AR story ;)

Fantasy Realized

I have a very odd fantasy life. Most people see me as a normal human being, the popular guy at school, the macho man. To most this is all I would ever be known as, ever seen as. To a rare few who I did spill my innermost secrets, I was usually either seen as a freak or a pedophile. I knew I was not these things, I just odd wishes and desires.

But doesn’t everyone? I mean, some people want to have superhuman strength, some want many riches, some would love to change places with their favorite actors. All of these dreams were seen as normal, why not mines? All I wanted was security.

Many people wouldn’t know about my life as a younger child. In my early years I was sexually abused many times. So does this have an effect on my fantasy? Of course it does. I want to live it over, away from my dad. I want to fix past decisions I made, and fix things that caused me great pain today. I want to just relive it all. Who would have ever known I would get the chance?

I took a deep sigh before turning on the power to my computer, a spark appearing on the screen as it started up. I went through the normal boot sequence. I loved getting on the computer, and escaping my life. My aunt and uncle, whom both took responsibility for me and adopted me, lie sleeping in the next room. It was 12 AM, I knew I would have to get some sleep soon, I was already feeling rather tired. I just wanted to read one more age regression story

Today I was turning 16 years old. It was just a marker of time showing me how even though I got older, I wished I wouldn’t. Ah well, some dreams can not come true. I logged online, still having a crappy 56k modem, and dialed up. My computer was doing weird things, little sparks would appear on the screen every so often.

I double clicked Internet explorer, and chatted with Paul a bit online. The message I believe consisted just of hello, what’s up? Not much. And then a long awkward pause. I had somehow lost my ability to start good conversations the past few weeks. I don’t realy know why, I just had.

I typed in, waiting for it to pull up. I for it to, but for some reason, only the clock that replaced the “O” did. Suddenly I got a blue screen of death. I muttered a curse, and read the error. “reverse error”. I had never seen that error before. I tried using my normal tricks to get out of it, but I couldn’t. It finally collapsed and the screen stayed black, all that was on it was that clock. I got a little tingle, which I attribuited to my tiredness. I sighed and just walked to my bed, getting some sleep. I had nothing to look forward the following day… I knew my aunt and uncle wouldn’t be there, as they didn’t really care about me these days. They had some meeting to go to and would be gone the next week or two. I gave one last sigh and lied down, fading to a deep slumber.

I woke up, the sky just becoming light again. I felt very different but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I stood up, only getting an average of 4-6 hours of sleep a day, and went to brush my teeth. “Happy birthday me” I thought. Well, heh, at least my girlfriend was on her way over. I was surprised I could actually still have one these days. She was older than me, college age, 19. I gratefully awaited her arrival, she said she would be here at around 7. Until then I went to the bathroom and started brushing. I didn’t look up in the mirror at all, still rather tired, and joyful at seing my girlfriend. This would be the day I had been waiting for for a long while… little did I know exactly how true that would be.

I walked downstairs and at a couch by the front door. 7 AM… she was on time. She rang the doorbell and I quickly got up and ran to the door, opening it. She took a look at me and said, “where is Anthony? He never told me he had a little brother”.

I looked at her. “Julie, I AM Anthony”. I gasped. My voice! It was higher than usual, as if pre-pubescent!

She started laughing. “your only about 12 years old from what I can see. You and him look so much alike though!” she said, smiling at me.
I looked down only to find she was right! I was shorter, and my muscle mass had gone… And I was just noticing it now, but my manhood had regressed into boyhood! I quickly looked back up at this…

“Julie, you have to believe me.. its me… Remember that night where we made out in the field by Franks?”

She looked at me in utter disbelief. “A..A..Anthony!? What the HELL happened to you?”

“I don’t know” I said, rather frantic myself.
“well, what did you do? I mean, you weren’t like this yesterday!”

“All I did was get ready for sleep, went online and talked to paul a bit, and…. Oh my god.. hold on” I ran upstairs.

My suspicions were confirmed. My computer was still on, the clock still going backwards constantly. I remembered the error, reverse error… How it happened, I don’t know, but this was definitely the cause! I laughed and went to it, pressing the power off button. For a moment the screen flashed, but then, the clock stayed on the screen, as if the power button was still on. I even tried doing it to my monitor…. But not even that worked!

Julie had walked up the stairs by now, and was watching the clock.

“My god Anthony… cant you stop it?” she asked.

I had remembered something though… This was my dream… did I realy WANT to stop it. I turned around.

“Julie, perhaps there is something I should tell you….you had better sit down”. She nodded, and sat.

I explained my fantasies to her. I had expected though that I would get the same reaction that I got from everyone else. She had an oddly different one.

"I understand completely… It isn’t every day any of us get to live out our fantasies… But don’t you think this is a bit weird?” she asked back.

I gave some thought about it. Perhaps fantasies were better left fantasies.

“you know, you are right… Lets just stop it… Best way I can think of is to swing a bat at it” I grinned, going to the corner of my room and getting the one that had lied there for the longest of times.

I took a good swing at it, and it instantly busted up. I gave a sigh of relief and went to her.

“well, now that THAT is taken care of” I gave a sheepish green. “Shall we continue?” I asked, smiling.

She looked to me oddly, “look.. Anthony.. You seem no older than 12… even 11…. You are a little to young for me… I mean, you probably aren’t even going through puberty! I could snuggle with you though” she replied.

I gave a sigh, but I saw nothing wrong with that. It seemed like my sex drive was gone anways. Id have time to grow older again, I hadn’t reversed THAT badly… only 4 years. I smiled and nodded, lying in bed with her, and fell asleep in her arms.

I woke up rather abruptly, feeling even more odd, as I looked up to the clock in my room.

“oh shit” I said… the clock was spinning backwards.