Generations Island Adventure Part 4 by AP Scout

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"Generations: Island Adventure"
Part 4
by the AP Scout (
© 2001
NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.
Serena Shields, or was she Serena Tsukino? Her memories were so fuzzy and twisted that it was hard to know for sure. Anyway, she woke up to the sound of crying. The sun was just starting to climb above the horizon. As she sat up, she noticed that she was older. Certainly her breasts were much firmer and seemed to be even a little larger than normal. She felt more energy than she had when she had fallen asleep. Looking around, she noticed that the clearing where they had gone to sleep that night was empty except for a very tiny looking, and unhappy sounding, Rini. The pink-haired infant was completely entangled in a now huge blouse.
While Mina wasn't yet speaking to her, they had managed to convince the ribbon-wearing blond to at least remain close by. Everything smelled clean and there was a nice warm breeze blowing. Irene had wondered how long it would take the searchers to find them. The small group of age shifting girls had been stranded on the island for four days now.
Carefully the blond lifted baby Rini up. She tried patting the child's back like she had seen others do but that didn't work. Hearing a rustling, she turned to find a six-year-old Irene coming through the bushes. Her mother had certainly been playful as a teenager, more of a kid than Mina typically was. The meatball-headed blond wondered how her mother, now as cute as a button, had become so strict.
"Where's Mina?"
"Little girl's room, Serena," Irene lisped out, "What's wrong with Rini?" The raven-haired girl skipped over wearing what remained of Mina's neon yellow T-shirt. The girls had been trading clothes since they got to the island but most of it was in tatters. Simply draped over their shoulders or wrapped around their waists.
"I don't know," Serena said, "But I'm starting to feel... um... uncomfortable too."
"Where?" Irene asked. When Serena pointed to her chest with a blush, the child said, "You gots to feed her, silly."
"With what, Irene?" the blond asked. They had decided to give up titles for the duration. Irene pointedly looked at her. "I have milk?!"
"Guess so."
"I think I remember now," Serena said unsure of herself. Her memories were so mixed up that she wasn't sure if any of them were real. "All I can do is try." Rini just wailed all the louder. "Ungrateful Pink Spore," Serena grumbled misunderstanding the baby's response.
"Serena..." Rini tried to say but it came out as meaningless babbling. She knew her tummy was hungry so she resumed crying. Eventually little Irene got her large daughter to sit down and hold Rini the right way. Almost instinctively, the pink-haired infant took Serena's engorged nipple into her mouth and started to suckle hungrily. It was heavenly.
"Hey!" came a squeaky voice. Rini thought it must have been Mina. "What 'Wena doin'?"
"She's givin' Rini some milk."
"How 'bout me?"
"Sorry, Mina, but you're a little old," Serena said to the three-year-old.
"Aww..." the blond said closer to Rini than before, "Me want some too!"
"Okay," Serena relented. Not only might this get Mina to talk to her but also she doubted if baby Rini could finish it all. Thus, Mina was lifted up into position next to Rini.
Rini finished first. She sighed and was relieved when Serena lifted her up to burp her, though it was little tricky with Mina in the way continuing to suckle. "I kinda remember this," Serena was commenting, "But it seems like so long ago."
"You know," Serena said with a sour face as she rubbed her wet stomach with one hand. She held Rini on her hip with the other. "If we're here any longer, I'm like gonna start making diapers out of leaves." Irene giggled. They had all moved down to the pool for a morning dip.
"Can I like try that Silver Crystal thingie, Serena?" Irene asked. The effects that Serena had gotten had been staggering. She had never seen a set of boobies that large before much less sported them.
"No," Serena said, "Rini! Hold still!" Nine-month-old Rini just splashed about happily.
"But they were wicked cool!" her thirteen-year-old mother said then looked down sadly at her AA-cup chest.
Serena sighed. It had been one of her reoccurring fantasies to have large breasts. Darien loved them large but the monstrous watermelon-sized orbs she had gotten after activating the Imperium Silver Crystal only served to make her petite frame quite top heavy. The fact that it had practically destroyed the only decent looking shirt she had left didn't help matters.
Raye felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment. "I'm not a baby!" she whined to herself. Looking around once more to make sure her father wasn't nearby, she pulled on a fresh set of panties and then a set of clean shorts. The ones that she had first worn that morning were lying soiled in the clothes hamper. She had wanted to find out about her princess and her friends so had ignored the desperate signals her young body was sending her.
The little girl found herself in a very bad situation. She had grown to love the life she had. Nonetheless, she knew her duty and wanted to protect Serena. The fact that she was apparently too young to be a Sailor Scout also bothered her deeply.
Hearing something behind her, she whirled around and gave a gasp of surprise when she saw Sailor Pluto standing in her room. "Where'd you come from?" she demanded.
"Raye, you are getting desperate... No matter how much you try to hide it," the woman towering above her said, "You might do something that would be very destructive."
"But I have to help her, Susan," Raye pleaded. "I should be helping Mommy... I mean Lita and Amy too. It's my duty as a Sailor Scout." She felt like bawling.
"I can change you back, Raye but... I don't think you will be able to help."
"Why not?!?"
"Because," Pluto said in a very tired voice, "I can't find her either."
The twin engine speedboat powered over the crest of a large swell and hit the rolling ocean hard. "You okay back there?!" Lita called out. The woman was wearing a set of bluejeans shorts and a tank top.
"Try to keep it a little more level," Dr. Amy Anderson, or rather Sailor Mercury responded, "I don't want Luna puking on my boots." The black cat gave her an annoyed look. Maybe she should have stayed back in Tokyo with Artemis.
"I don't see why you didn't wait back at the hotel."
"Because she's my charge!" the cat screamed even if she wasn't a child anymore.
"Lita," Mercury said after several minutes, "Turn right ten degrees."
"Are you sure?" Lita asked, "There ain't a thing out this way." Mercury just looked at her. Shrugging, the big brunette swung the boat to the right. After only a few minutes, she saw what her friend probably had detected with her visor: namely a very battered looking sailboat. "You don't think..."
"Only one way to find out," Mercury said, "See if you can spot its name."
As the seconds rolled by, their worst fears were confirmed -- it was the boat their friends had rented.
Raye yawned sleepily and snuggled deeper into her bed. She couldn't believe she was preparing to nap (like Serena used to) when her friends were in trouble. Of course, being five didn't give her much choice in the matter.
It had been a struggle but eventually she decided to stay as she was. If anybody could find them, it was Dr. Amy and Mommy. The raven-haired child hoped that nothing would happen to Serena. She felt better when the adults, especially her daddy, reassured her that things would be okay. And Mommy was right: she had to be brave for her little sister Jordan who missed Mommy an awful lot.
It was noon by the sun's position in the sky and it was hot despite the breeze. Eighteen-year-old Mina tried to get out of the tree as soon as she felt the now familiar tingling coming on. Unfortunately, her long blond hair got caught in the branches. "Help!" she called, "Rini! Irene!" then in a whisper, "Serena." Nothing happened. Her firm muscles started to sag as her once firm breasts drooped. Curves became rounder and her bottom expanded outwards. Where once a flat tummy existed was replacing by a bulging stretch-marked belly.
"HELP!" she cried out again in a more raspy voice, "Stop it! I can't be old!" Mina's worst fears were realized as her once beautiful golden blond hair became streaked with gray. She clung to the tree for dear life and was relieved to hear the sound of running feet.
"Are ya okay?!" Rini asked.
"You did this, didn't you Rini?"
"Hey!" the buxom woman squawked, "I'm like my mom's age!"
"That lady's up a tree?!" The voice sounded old and scratchy. A wizened looking stick-like figure tottered out, a twenty-something Irene helping the ancient thing along.
"Holy cow!" Mina declared, "Is that Serena?!"
"Yes, now let's get you out of that tree."
"My hair's caught," Mina complained.
"I think we'll have to cut it."
"With what?" Serena croaked.
"This," Irene said, holding up a sharp edged rock.
"No freakin' way! I'll stay up here," the fifty-something blond retorted.
"Stop laughing, you old goat!" Mina snarled at Serena while looking at a hacked pile of blond-gray hair.
"I'm sorry, um... Mina," the gray-haired old woman cackled. The younger woman (relatively speaking) turned her back on Serena. Irene glared at her elderly daughter.
"Rini, like where's the Disguise Pen?" The pink-haired woman looked blank. "I said where's the Disguise Pen?" Mina demanded rubbing a sore elbow, "I'm gonna like turn back to a normal age."
"DOH!" the meatball-headed old blond responded, "I like completely forgot about that." Funny, she seemed to have forgotten other stuff too.
"So did I, Serena," Rini said. She made a flicking motion and produced the magical object. "Here."
"Thanks," Mina said. She took the pen and shouted out, "Disguise Pen MAKE ME TWENTY!" Nothing happened. "Disguise Pen MAKE ME TWENTY!!" Again, nothing happened. "Jesus. What'd you do to that thing, Rini?!"
"I didn't do anything!" the thirty-something Rini protested.
"Maybe it's what's making us like you know, like this," Irene speculated. Serena nodded and nearly toppled over.
The old crone eased herself onto a nearby rock with a groan. Her newfound arthritis made movement painful. "Could be worse, rrrmmm... Mina?" Serena sounded very unsure of herself. "You could be my age."
"I guess so."
"Come on, Mina. Let's go for a swim," Rini said. She took off the cloth strips that once had been her clothes and jumped into the pool. Her large breasts sagged, her body that of a mature woman.
"I might as well," Mina conceded. "You coming in, Irene?"
"No, I think I have to go to the bathroom."
"I'll come with you," Serena said and slowly levered herself up.
Serena felt the tingle and muttered out, "I can't get much older or I'll like be a pile of dust."
"What?" Irene asked.
Serena didn't respond. Instead, she stopped her slow walk and waited. Bony arms thickened and then became less flabby. Legs became firmer as muscle was added back. Her bottom expanded before becoming just as shapely. Waist and hips changed from that of an old woman to that of attractive young lady. Breasts firmed and became somewhere in between what Serena had been used to as an adult and what she had been used to as a young teenager. Perhaps, seventeen.
A moment later, Serena watched as Irene changed, growing younger, though the change was not as significant. When it was over, her mother appeared to be the same age. Serena exclaimed happily, "Totally wicked! I feel great!"
"Yeah, wanna like take a quick dip in the ocean?"
"Sure, that would be majorly cool!" Serena replied. "I don't wanna fight with Mina anyways right now."
"Then come on then! Last one's in a rotten egg!" Both teens took off at a run.
"I like being young," Mina was saying to Rini as they relaxed in the pool. Being old, out of shape, with sore joints was definitely not her idea of fun. She was sure glad the next change allowed her hair to return to its full length and beauty along with the rest of her body.
"It sure saved my butt when I got stuck under that bush."
"Why'd you crawl under there anyways, Rini?" the older blond asked.
"Don't know, Mina. I just saw it. Irene said don't and..." Rini made a motion with her hand indicating that she had just taken off. "Temptation I s'pose."
Mina shook her head and observed, "I'm totally surprised that you changed back after only an hour."
"I had to be stuck in there longer than that!" the pink-haired girl said.
"Maybe... Some of that was fuzzy." Mina wrinkled her brow. She was only a little older herself then. "Anyway, when you like got younger again, you got smaller and that let you crawl back out."
"Speaking of getting younger... Irene and Serena have been gone an awful long time."
"Yeah, they could both be babies," Mina frowned, "Maybe we should like go look for them." With that, both girls dragged themselves out of the pool and went in search of their friends.
"HEY!" Mina shouted when they found missing girls, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?"
"Wow!" Rini said when she noticed they were both teens, "You guys like changed!"
"Come on in!" Irene invited. Mina scowled. The pink-haired girl started down towards the beach but Mina stopped her. "What?"
"You get back here!" her blond friend said sternly.
"Come and swim," the meatball-headed teen replied, "It's so nice and warm."
Rini did look up and stared at the large full moon in the sky. "Chill out, Mina. We were swimming too."
"I guess," Mina said, "But like they should've come back." Rini rolled her eyes and ran towards the water. Only a few seconds later, she heard Mina running after her.
Serena lay floating on her back. Things were so strange. She wished Darien were here. He'd look after her. The part of her mind that had been an adult scolded her for being lazy. She had been an independent, confident, and capable wife with a very charming, if sometimes wild, preteen daughter.
That reminded Serena, she had wanted to ask Rini something. Rolling over, she looked around for her pink-haired cousin but spotted Mina instead. "Where are you going?!" she called out.
"There!" Mina shouted and pointed to some rocks sticking up about fifty yards offshore.
"That might not be a good idea!" Serena shouted back, "Like what if you change, Mina?" Then remembering the two other girls, she shouted out, "Irene!" Her mother had told her that she was going back on the beach because she thought she was changing.
Turning to the beach, she was relieved to see her mother, although the teen had shrunken down to a small toddler. Her relief turned to disgust as she realized that Irene was relieving herself out in the open and making a thorough mess of it.
Mina reached the outcropping of rock and pulled herself onto it. Turning, she noticed that Rini was swimming towards the shore. Before she could ask why, the blond saw that the pink-haired girl was rapidly shrinking. Legs and arms became pudgier, hair and baby-fat reappeared. "Major bummer," Mina said, "Come on, Serena!" She wanted some company.
"Sorry, I gotta watch Irene and... Rini," the blond said. She quickly moved in position to help the pink-haired toddler out of the water. "I think you should come in too, Mina!"
"Bite me!" she shouted back and turned her back on Serena. She laid down to catch some rays. The rock's surface was warm from the sun's heat and she felt a cool breeze rolling over her. It was so peaceful out here and relaxing.
The teen felt content as she sat on the beach and watched Rini and Irene play in the sand. She had tried to convince Mina to come in but the blond had been stubborn.
Soon enough, two tired children came over and snuggled close to Serena before falling asleep. She smoothed out their hair and smiled. These were the two most important people to her. She looked at the sun and saw that it was growing late; it was starting to set.
"Mina! Come in!"
"I will like when it starts to get dark!" Mina shouted back. It was funny how none of them got sunburns. Serena was glad given her light complexion they didn't. She shifted a little, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.
"'Wena!" The voice was high-pitched and frightened. "Se-rena!" Serena blinked and looked around. The sun was now almost gone below the horizon. There on the rock was a cute little blond four-year-old. "HELP!" the child cried.
Serena checked herself and saw that she hadn't changed. This was a relief because Irene and Rini were still toddlers and in no shape to help. Carefully getting up, so that she didn't wake them, Serena started out into the water.
"Why didn't you come in?!" Serena scolded Mina.
"It too fast," Mina said and sniffled. "Hurwy!"
"I'm coming. Hold your horses," Serena said. Moments later, she reached the rock where the little girl was perched. "Now you get onto my back," Serena told the child, "And hang on."
"Me scawed."
"I know but I won't let anything happen to you." It took a little more coaxing for Mina to be convinced. As the older blond swam, she just hoped that she wouldn't change. Nearing the beach, Serena stood up and shifted the little girl around to the front so she could carry her. "I TOLD you not to go out there, didn't I?"
"Me weally sorwy." Tears flowed freely.
Serena checked on the younger napping girls before walking a little way down the beach to where a large rock was. She sat down, put Mina on her lap, and gave her a hug. The child returned it and sniffled. "You're gonna gimme spankin', huh Serena?"
"No," Serena said, "Like this isn't like what you did at the hotel." She smiled and added, "I'm glad you're okay." Mina gave her friend a hug, which the meatball-headed blond returned. She soothed her like she remembered doing with Rini when she was small. "I know I was like majorly selfish, Mina, and you got your revenge."
"Well, you did spank me." Mina blushed. "But look can we talk, please?"
"'Kay," Mina said after awhile.
Mina woke up feeling the need to pee. She rolled over and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Yawning, she simply lay there, not wanting to get up. She wouldn't have moved if not for a high-pitched voice that said, "Me go potty." Sitting up, she saw that Serena was looking around. Mina did feel some regret that the blond had changed after their talk. She had enjoyed being cuddled.
"Come on, Serena," Mina said. She took the younger child by the hand and led her into the bushes where they both relieved themselves. By this point, the other two were up and looking towards Mina, now the oldest of the group at four, for directions.
Sometime later, after a breakfast of berries, Mina led the other girls in a fun game. About the middle of the morning, a funny noise came to her ears. "Let's hide," she said to the girls. They nodded and followed her into the trees. She watched as a shiny looking object passed low over the water and then the island. The little blond giggled, "This is fun!"
The teen part of Raye scolded her knowing that sooner or later, she'd probably get a swat on her bottom. She just couldn't help it though. The five-year-old part had insisted and thrown a temper tantrum until her father had agreed to take her to the Cherry Hill Temple to say some prayers for her missing friends.
Now with that being done, all Raye wanted to do was play. The temple was so boring. All the grownups wanted to do was sit and stare at a dumb old fire. How could she use to do that? She was trying to sit still and behave but her body was pent up with energy.
"Raye, sit still," her father hissed. He was sitting next to the old temple priest (her former grandfather) and a sleepy Jordan. Raye had acquired the middle name "Hino" because the priest was a good friend of the Andover family.
She apologized to her father and grandfather. Ten minutes later, Raye jumped up unable to sit any longer and in her strongest voice shouted, "TAG! YOU'RE IT!" She bopped her father on the nose and tore out of the Great Fire Room as fast as her little legs could move her.
The Coast Guard helicopter circled back towards land. The noonday sun was high overhead. "Let's check out that island again," the navigator said, "That place isn't on the map."
"Right," the pilot said, "Maybe they didn't hear us the first time." It wasn't very likely but still possible.