Generations Island Adventure Part 3 by AP Scout

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"Generations: Island Adventure"
Part 3
by the AP Scout (
© 2001
NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.
Little Raye Andover (formerly Raye Hino) planted her tongue in the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on coloring. Despite her teenage memories, Raye found herself enjoying what she was doing. The fact that the picture she was working on had blue grass, a pink sky, and red sun didn't bother her in the slightest. In fact, since Sailor Pluto had restored her youth, Raye didn't regret her decision. It was hard at times to sort out the dual set of memories but her emotions and behavior were those of a five-year-old, or at least the little girl hoped they were.
Raye knew that Rini cared for her a lot and tried to do her best. She also knew the pink-haired girl spoiled her but not as much as Mina did. Sometimes, she felt like Rini's little sister.
She had gained a real sister after Pluto's latest visit. At two and a half, Jordan Andover was several years younger than she was.
Raye turned to locate her baby sister. She spotted the toddler sitting on the floor and playing with a plush toy. The little girl had chocolate brown hair and pale green eyes. Getting up, Raye walked over and checked on her sister. "Just like Rini would," she giggled to herself. "Hi," she said.
"Hi Waye," Jordan said then seeing the crayon in Raye's hand added, "Me co'or!"
"Okay," the five-year-old agreed. She got a piece of blank paper, handed it to her sister along with a crayon, and then she returned back to her own coloring. Moments later, the child heard her sister giggling. Looking, Raye felt her stomach clench when she saw the toddler scribbling on the wall.
"Pwetty," Jordan declared.
"Jordan," Raye said, "Let's play." Before the toddler could really protest, Raye took her hand and pulled her away. Quickly she put away the coloring book and crayons much to Jordan's disappointment. It wasn't in the least unusual for Raye. She wished Mina or Rini had seen it but they were both off at some resort for a few days. Her parents had taught her and she was quite proud she was able to do put them away by all by herself. They were attempting to teach Jordan as well that if you wanted to play with something else, you had to put the first toy away first.
In addition, the raven-haired child didn't want to have any potentially incriminating evidence around when her parents saw those pictures. It might rate more than a simple timeout. Mommy and Daddy weren't as strict as Mrs. Shields (she really couldn't think of her as just Serena anymore) but they were less lenient than the Aino's.
The thought of her friends made Raye wonder how they were doing. She sometimes wished she could hang out with them at the arcade or her grandfather's temple like she used to do. That feeling doubled when Lita came out of the kitchen. It was only mere moments before the tall brunette said, "Who was drawing on the walls?!" Naturally, each child pointed at the other one.
"Serena!" Rini shouted, "Serena!" Coming to where the sailboat lay aground, she looked up and down the beach but didn't see any sign of her. She wished she knew where her mother was.
It had to be scary being all alone in a strange place. Even though Irene remembered her previous adult life, the regression did have obvious mental effects. Rini knew, from her own experiences as a five-year-old, how much she wanted to be around grownups especially when she wasn't feeling sure of herself. Assuming her meatball-headed mother hadn't changed again and what she observed of her toddler grandmother, she decided to use a more authoritative voice. It did take some effort. "Serena Tsukino! Get out here this second!"
The pink-haired preteen turned upon hearing a noise and saw a small figure wiggling out from under a set of bushes. She walked over to the little blond, bent down, and brushed away some of the leaves and dirt. "Are you okay?" she asked the child while looking her over for any injuries.
"Yeah," Serena answered but hugged Rini tightly. The preteen hadn't seen anything more than a few scratches and they would heal in a day or two. Just to be on the safe side, she'd take the time to wash them off once she was back with Mina and her grandmother.
"Come on, let's go find the others." Serena continued to cling to Rini as she was lifted up and the pair started walking back.
"Lookie!" Serena exclaimed and her tiny body shivered. Turning, Rini felt her own body shiver as she saw a massive set of black thunderclouds heading towards the island. She could see the streaks of lightning on the horizon. It would probably be there soon.
Turning again, she picked up her pace wanting to get away from the oncoming storm but also to tell Mina and Grandma. "I hope Grandma's big." She would probably be looking for somebody to cuddle with when the storm hit and if her mother weren't big, her grandmother would be the next best thing.
"Mina mean," Serena suddenly said.
"Yeah well, she says she's sorry." "She'd better say she's sorry," Rini added silently.
"No, you say she sowry," Serena pointed out, "Mina not say that."
"Are you okay, Mom?"
Serena shook her head with some force before exclaiming, "Whoa! Major weirdness. What the hell happened?!" Rini wasn't sure how to explain it. She was just glad that her mother was a little more lucid.
The pair heard Mina and Irene before they saw them. Rini briefly wondered what Mina was doing because her grandmother was crying and sounding very plaintive.
Coming over the hill, Rini stopped and gaped in surprise. Serena slid from her daughter's arms and ran down to see her tiny mother who was now even smaller and pudgier than before. Mina was holding a three-month-old infant and looking desperate. As they approached, Rini could tell that her friend's breasts were bigger. She guessed C-cup. The blond no longer looked a coed but a woman of perhaps twenty-five.
"She like won't stop crying!" Mina shouted to them as they approached, "I tried everything, Rini! Rocking her and patting her back and even singing."
"That'd really make her cry," the little blond commented nastily. Mina frowned but Rini giggled -- she had to agree with the five-year-old.
"Did you try feeding her, Mina?" Rini asked.
"With what?" Both blonds looked at her curiously. Before the pink-haired girl could say anything, the older girl added, "And like I think I got a wicked cramp in my new titties. Come hold her so I can get rid of it."
That was the answer! "Mina, you have to breastfeed."
"Eew!" Serena declared, "That's MAJORLY GROSS!"
"You did it, MOM. Remember?" Rini retorted smoothly before turning to her friend who also was looking ill at ease. "She's a baby and you're like her mom or some junk."
"But I don't know how!" the young adult protested.
"Jesus. It's easy, Mina," Rini assured her friend, "First thing to do is sit down in a comfortable spot and relax." Baby Irene was red in the face. "Please Mina or Grandma's gonna get sick from crying so much."
"Okay. Cool you jets," Mina said, "But I think it ain't natural. Babies are supposed to get milk from bottles." Rini and Serena both rolled their eyes at this statement.
Serena looked over at Mina and her little mother. The baby was hungrily nursing while the big meanie had a content look on her face. Serena was starting to get hungry herself. A funny feeling came over her so the little blond told the others she had to go to the bathroom. Standing, she started wandering and changed with every step. Her baby fat melted some. Legs and arms lengthened. Waist became slimmer, hips not as chubby.
Stopping, the little blond looked at herself and then up to where the others were. Rini was looking a little relieved. "I'd say eight," the pink-haired girl guessed. She was about to say more when she started growing herself.
The meatball-headed blond watched with some envy as her daughter's breasts expanded stretching her T-shirt until it nearly ripped apart. Her hips slimmed and waist became more attractive. Unfortunately, this just shredded Rini's bathing suit bottoms. The pink-haired girl might have been upset except things just kept getting better. Curves became more defined as arms and legs matched the rate of growth. Her T-shirt lost the battle and split open. The thin pink hair thickened between her legs while the hair on her head lengthened past her butt. She grew to nearly six feet in height. It presented a more majestic image of Rini. That wasn't the biggest change for Rini easily surpassed Mina in breast size. Pulling the shirt off with some effort Rini looked down at the Double-D set of teardrop-shaped mounds as they hung exposed to the warm tropical air.
"Holy cow!" Serena exclaimed, "You look like me..." The blond scowled. "I think." Rini agreed somewhat. She did look like a more voluptuous version of Serena when she had been the same age. "Twenties?" She was once again about the same age as Mina.
"I think so." Rini cupped her ample assets in her hands testing their weight. She'd have to inspect them more later.
"That's majorly not fair!" Mina complained while pointing at Rini new titties, "I was ahead of you."
"Come on, Rini," Serena said, "I'm hungry." And headed off into the trees. "Serena, let's put something on. You're bigger now."
"Mo... Serena, I wish you wouldn't. What if you change?" Rini asked.
"Chill out, Rini, I'm your mom," an eight-year-old Serena said as she started climbing a tree, "I want some of that fruit. Looks like mangoes or something."
Rini sighed. She was distracted from watching by a rumble of thunder. The storm was getting closer and the wind had picked up. The evening was becoming cooler and she could hear the waves crashing against the beach.
"Watch out below!" the eight-year-old sang out as she started dropping fruit to the ground. "This is like old times," she thought. She had been a great climber when she was a kid.
"Be careful!" the pink-haired twenty-four-year-old admonished again.
"Sounds just like Mom," Serena thought hearing that warning. "Oh you worry too..." The little girl stopped speaking and then started scrambling to get down. Rini watched with growing horror as her mother's body started shifting. Her fear took a giant leap upwards as the still shrinking Serena lost her grip and fell. The child screamed as she plunged towards the ground. Rini just hoped that she wouldn't change herself and moved to catch the falling child.
The woman grunted as a two-year-old child fell into her open arms. She staggered under the weight but managed to keep her balance. To her annoyance, the meatball-headed girl was giggling. "Do it ag'in!" she declared, "Do it ag'in!"
"Good grief, Serena," Rini said with relief and held her mother close.
"Mina, say you're sorry to Serena."
"Like no way," Mina said, "Rini, she like totally screwed up our lives!" The blond cradled a dozing baby Irene in her arms. "You can't seriously mean you're not pissed at her."
"I know you're majorly mad but Serena doesn't think you like her anymore," the pink-haired woman replied. She tossed a long flowing pink pigtail over her shoulder.
"Don't like her?!" Mina thundered, "I HATE HER!" Turning, she stomped over to Serena who was splashing her feet in the pool they had bathed in earlier that day. As the little blond looked up, Mina snarled out, "Did you hear me, 'I DON'T LIKE YOU!'" Irene, who had been roused by the yelling, started to cry. Her crying was joined as Serena's lip trembled and then she burst into tears. "See what you did," Mina said nastily, "You even made your mother cry." The little girl sprang up and ran to Rini crying the entire time.
"MINA!" Rini shouted.
"Look, I thought you were my friend. Like when you decide to dump that loser, let me know." She turned her attention to the baby she was holding. "There there, Irene. Don't cry. Mommy's here." With that, Mina walked off into the bushes and the growing darkness. Rini lifted the tiny meatball-headed child up and hugged her close.
Rini had found a relatively dry place under some large palm leaves. She didn't like being under a tree in a storm but she wasn't willing to risk going near the beaches. The waves sounded loud and strong. The young woman couldn't guess at the time though it was certainly well past her typical dinnertime.
Rini rubbed her breasts and frowned slightly. She had undergone another change but it was so minor that at first the pink-haired woman thought she was imagining it. But as the dull ache started in, she knew that she was filling with breast milk and soon would need release.
She didn't dare go and look for Mina in the dark. A motion pulled her from her thoughts. Serena was shifting and the little blond said in a plaintive voice, "Me hungwy, Mommy."
Rini couldn't help but smile. "Come here," she said and lifted Serena from the ground. She settled Serena into a comfortable position before proffering a nipple. It was only a few moments before little Serena started suckling and Rini's mind was overwhelmed with the feeling of motherhood.
She shifted position to get more comfortable. Patting Serena's back tenderly, they both soon fell asleep. Eventually, the rain lessened to a soft patter before stopping completely.
Irene Tsukino's fat melted away. Her hair grew out so that it covered her entire frame. Her lengthening arms and legs spread over the soggy ground. As they extended, they became firmer and more dexterous. Waist and hips became attractive, what they had once been as a teenager. Her chest expanded and firmed.
Fourteen-year-old Irene sat up and looked around. The sky was gray but becoming lighter. It looked as if the dawn would soon be there. She yawned and stretched. She noticed that Mina was slumped against a tree fast asleep. Smiling, she walked over and nudged her defender.
"Mina, wake up."
"Too early, Artemis."
"Mina, it's Irene," Irene said. The blond's head rose up and she blinked blearily at the teen. "Hi MOM!"
"You changed," the young woman looked down at her chest and frowned slightly, "A little smaller."
"Where are the others?"
"You don't know?" Mina asked.
The teen shook her head and gave the blond a worried look. "Like what happened?"
"Oh... we had a majorly bad fight and I said I wasn't staying with them. I think they're still like back at the pool we found."
"Come on and let's go check on them. They might be in trouble."
"No!" Mina countered stubbornly, "I won't help Serena!"
"Mina..." Mina's jaw stiffened and she looked away. "Well, I have to check on them." She hated leaving Mina alone though.
"Stay. Those guys'll be okay."
"I need to check on Serena." Mina looked away again. Sighing, the raven-haired teen slowly left.
Mrs. Lita Andover (formerly Lita Kino) was abruptly awakened when something heavy slammed into her stomach. "MOMMY!" Raye's voice plunged into her sleep-fogged brain like a knife. "Rini in trouble, come see!"
"Ra-ye," Lita started to speak but was prevented from saying anymore by the child bouncing up and down on her stomach.
"Raye, go back to bed!" Raye's father commanded.
"NO! Dad-dy... Mom-my... Rini in trouble. Please!"
"She's on a trip, Raye. You know that." Raye scowled, hopped up, and ran from the room. The child paused in the doorway. She then reached above her, took a porcelain figurine from the dresser, and flung it across the room.
Lita, who had by now swung her feet over the edge of the bed, sprang up. Her husband looked shocked. "Want me to handle it, honey?" he asked.
"No," Lita said while pulling on a pair of slippers. "She's awfully wound up." She pulled on a robe over her nightgown and quickly followed her eldest daughter. She found the hallway empty but she could hear the television in the living room.
Walking sternly into it, she said to her daughter, "Raye Hino Andover, that was very naughty."
"I'm sorry!" Raye said before adding, "But look. Please Mommy!" Lita felt herself becoming anxious. Raye was definitely worked up over something on television. "Why isn't she watching Arthur? I'm glad Jordan's still asleep," she thought. Moving over, she lifted the child up and sat down before sitting Raye onto her lap. There before her was a commercial. Lita gave her daughter a frown but the raven-haired girl didn't see it. She was too intent on the television.
The brunette was just thinking that Raye was doing this out of some sort of revenge but that didn't seem right. Just as she was starting to lose her patience, the commercial ended and a news reporter came on. "Once again," the woman was saying, "Four Tokyo residents are overdue and missing at sea. Their rented sailboat was seen leaving the Blue Island Resort and Spa yesterday before noon. It failed to return." Lita felt her stomach turn. "Officials will not release the names of the missing until their families have been notified. The Coast Guard has begun an intensive search of the area. In other news..."
"Maybe it wasn't them. Maybe Raye was just being over anxious," she hoped silently. "Raye..." Lita started to say but just then, the phone rang. She felt her heart leap into her mouth. Leaning over, she picked it up. "Hello?"
"Lita?" It was Amy's voice. "Did you see the news?"
"Yes, Raye got me up." Lita then forced herself to ask, "Is it them?"
"Artemis said the police were just at the Aino's."
"My God..."
"Rini 'n' Mina are in trouble, right Mommy?" Raye asked. Not even thinking, Lita nodded. Little Raye burst into tears and snuggled close to her mother.
Coming up out of the water, Mina breathed in and shivered. "Just what I needed. A morning dip to wake me up!" The sun was starting to rise and the island's wildlife had woken up filling the wind with exotic sounds. Just as she took her first step ashore, Rini popped out of the bushes.
"Hi," Rini said.
"Hello Spore," Mina replied coldly.
"Oh Mina, don't be like that." The blond walked up to lean against a tree. "I know it wasn't fair to you."
"She's so selfish!"
"She can be but do you remember my mom?"
"What?" the blond woman asked, "Sorry... I feel totally naked without my ribbon on."
"You are," the pink-haired woman pointed out.
"Like you know what I mean," Mina said, "So what did you mean about your mom. Serena is Serena."
"No," Rini retorted, "Look Mina. There's a humongous difference between Serena my dorky cousin and Serena my mom. Like she lost all of her memories too."
"Serves her right." She wrapped her child-sized shirt around her bottom and began to walk away.
"Mina... please come back. I'd be majorly worried about you. And like what if we change? We'll need somebody." Mina looked stubborn so she added, "Aren't Sailor Scouts supposed to protect people?"
"That was way low," Mina grumbled out. Turning, she started shimmying up a tree where she got two pieces of fruit before coming back down. "Did Ire... Mrs. Tsukino come back?"
"Yeah, but I had to clean Serena up and feed her first."
"You sure got big enough boobies to do that." The pink-haired woman giggled. "So... what did you think about it?"
"Made me feel... well... like a mom."
"Me too," Mina said. She took a bite of her fruit. She offered the other one to Rini. "I wish you were younger."
"Why?" Rini asked as she sat down.
"'Cause I'd like be larger than you. I can't wait to get home like this and see what the guys think."
"Come on, Mina. I can't help how big they are." The woman seemed placated. "You don't wanna be my friend no more?"
"Sure I do," Mina said. She then sat down beside Rini, leaned closer, and added in a whisper, "I was that one night." She giggled as Rini's face went scarlet. "Just think about all the hunky guys we can get now. Jeremy will freak. Heck, I bet we could beat Serena out in the running for Darien."
"No way!" Rini declared, "You keep your claws off him."
"Oh come on, you mean you wouldn't want him? He's a major hunk." She was getting a funny feeling just thinking about it.
"No, he's my dad!" Rini gave her disgusted look.
"Like now that things are... normal."
"Even if Serena was supposed to be my cousin, she and Darien are really my parents!"
"You wouldn't want me to be your mom, huh?"
"No, you're my best friend."
"Well, FRIEND," Mina said while reaching out and taking one of Rini's DD breasts in her hand, "Wanna trade?"
"Mi-na..." Rini said and then grinned, "What we need is your shirt. Like it'll fit Serena now. You can wear Grandma's and I'll like grab Serena's." Mina gave her a sour look.
"Don't worry, Raye," Lita said to her crying daughter, "Mommy and Dr. Amy will find them."
"Mommy, I wanna come," Raye sniffled out.
"You got to stay with Daddy and Jordan," Lita said. "Jordan will need her big sister to be very brave."
Raye pouted a little but hugged her mother. Suddenly she wanted to be big, be Sailor Mars again, and be able to go and help her friends. It was stupid. She was supposed to protect the Moon Princess. Instead, she was lounging about like a five-year-old!
Serena had recently grown. Her arms and legs changed to be more appropriate for a nine-year-old. Her hair lengthened and her hips and waist became less chunky. The shirt that Rini claimed was hers fit better now, like a small dress.
She was walking around trying to get the feel for her new frame. "Mom?!" she called out, "Where are you!"
"Your mother is not here, but I, Sailor Moon, am!" declared a voice. Serena whirled around and gaped at the sight of a teenage Irene bursting out of the bushes. Her black hair had been put up much like Serena's normal style although the pigtails were wide and wavy.
"You aren't Sailor Moon, I am!"
"I am Sailor Moon and because you were majorly selfish, in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" The blond nine-year-old gave a shriek and tore off through the underbrush with her mother hot on her heels calling out even worse speeches than Tuxedo Mask used.