Generations Island Adventure Part 1 by AP Scout

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"Generations: Island Adventure"
Part 1
by the AP Scout (
© 2001
NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.
Twelve-year-old Rini Shields tucked the five-year-old into the quest bed in her home before quietly leaving the room. She walked downstairs and started picking up the scattered toys that were strewn on the floor. She was glad the house had air-conditioning; the summer had been hot and muggy so far.
She paused in her task when the phone rang. "Hello, Shields' residence."
"Hey Rini, it's Mina."
"Hiya Mina!" Rini said with a grin, "What's up?"
"You have to book it down to the arcade."
"Can't... Like I have to watch Raye.""
"Major bummer..." Mina sounded disappointed, "Hey, like I got it. I'll drop by and bring Jeremy." She hated saying no to that type of offer. Rini had a major crush on her classmate and he seemed interested in her too but she knew the rules.
"No way, Mina!" Rini said, her stomach tightening.
"I thought you liked him."
"I do," Rini said, "But if I like let you in here, especially with a guy, my 'rents'll majorly freak."
"Oh come on, Rini, don't be such a wet blanket."
"I'm sorry, but I can't."
"I guess you're right," her best friend sounded very disappointed now, "Well, gotta motor."
"Bye," Rini just had time to say before Mina hung up. Rini sighed in relief. Not only would she be in serious trouble but also she'd probably be regressed in age. She certainly did not want that to happen again. It had been a long haul to get to be twelve; the pink-haired preteen wasn't about to throw away all her hard work.
She had slipped into some of her old ways soon after Susan's (Sailor Pluto's) visit. That had been because Raye had vanished. Lita was younger although still a grownup like Serena. But what had hurt Rini the most was that Serena didn't remember being cousins. It had taken some time for her to realize that she was only hurting herself.
"I did get my Christmas gifts at least." The fact that most of them were what she had previously torched only made her happier to see them.
Her most recent regression had happened when she was ten. She had spent three months as a toddler. That wasn't to say she was as bratty as she used to be. Her parents were quite effective in curbing her misbehavior in typical ways. It was only when she really pushed the limits and did something completely out of character for her age that she was regressed.
Starting to pick up toys again, Rini thought about Raye. It had been a surprise to find that Lita was pregnant and even more of a shock to find out that the baby turned out to be the former teen Raye Hino, though the five-year-old still didn't remember anything of her past existence. She and Mina babysat her and had ensured that they spent time with the child when they could. Rini thought of Raye as the little sister she never had. Raye was a cutie now but could be a handful.
The pink-haired girl hadn't quite risen to the level of authority that Cousin Serena had had over her; Rini didn't regret it. It was just one less thing to get her into trouble. The thought of trouble brought Mina to mind.
Mina was the best friend Rini had. They shared everything together, both good and bad. The two twelve-year-olds did everything together, which sometimes caused problems. It was a rare event for one girl not to be in trouble if the other one was. Another reason why Rini didn't want to be regressed was that Mina would be as well and Raye for that matter.
Dr. Amy Anderson did marry Chad although they still were childless.
All in all, Rini Shields was happy, and a Sailor Scout just like her mom. Sitting down on the couch, she sighed in contentment. "Life is good."
That's when the room started to shake. Rini felt surprise grip her as she realized that it wasn't the room but reality that was wavering. It wasn't fair. She was changing and she had been good! The pink-haired preteen closed her eyes and waited for the change to occur. After a moment though, nothing happened.
"Rini?" Rini's eyes popped open at the unexpected voice. Turning, she saw a fourteen-year-old Raye Hino standing there holding two cans of soda. The pink-haired girl felt her jaw swing open. "Like what happened? Last thing I knew, I was a toddler."
"You remember?!?" the pink-haired girl questioned. Raye nodded. Rini jumped up, stepped over to Raye, and gave her a large hug.
"I'm big now..." Raye sounded a little sad.
Rini stood back and looked at the former kindergartner. She looked just like she had before everything started. Raven black hair hung below her waist. Legs had lengthened and become shapely. Arms also had become more graceful looking. She now had barely concealed C-cup breasts. Rini felt a pang of envy as she looked at Raye and had to admit that the raven-haired girl was very attractive.
It struck her then that Raye had not been wearing the red shorts and T-shirt she had been earlier that day. Instead, Raye was dressed in a white halter-top and red miniskirt. Rini sat down as Raye did.
"You okay?"
"I'm just surprised," Raye turned to Rini and said, "What happened? I see you're big again, Rini."
"It took a lot of work to get this way," Rini said and set about telling Raye what had occurred since that fateful night nearly six years ago.
"Pluto... and Serena?"
Rini looked uncomfortable. "Don't be mad at Serena, Raye. She didn't know what happened to you. She still doesn't remember."
Memories of the last years began to trickle in. "I like having Lita as my mommy... mom. It's nice having a dad too." She smiled a bit. Rini was like a big sister and there was something else at the edge of her mind.
"Uh... Nothing," the teenager said, "I just was thinking."
Rini was about to open her mouth to say something but a knock at the door cut her off. Both girls looked at each other. Rini shrugged and left the room to answer the door.
Raye stood up as Rini came back followed by a strange woman. "Raye, this is Susan AKA Sailor Pluto." Raye stared, not sure what to say. The twelve-year-old turned and asked, "Did you do that to Raye?"
"Yes," Susan said, "She's been doing very well. I thought I'd give her a break."
"Gee thanks," Raye said with a little sarcasm. She did motion for the other two to have seats.
"Why'd you'd make her remember again?" Rini questioned.
"Because I want her to make a choice with all the information."
"Oh..." the pink-haired girl said. The teen looked at Susan expectantly.
"I can progress you to the same age as Serena or you can be your normal age of fourteen as you are now."
"What about younger?" Raye asked.
"What?" Rini squawked. The twelve-year-old sounded surprised.
"I said what about younger? I mean I was five before, right?" Susan nodded.
Raye leapt up suddenly and ran up the stairs. Rini quickly followed, a puzzled expression on her face.
"What's up here?" Rini asked. Raye didn't answer. Instead, she walked over to the guest bedroom and quietly opened the door. The teen turned and looked back at Rini with surprise. Rini moved to look in as well.
When they returned, Rini gave the Guardian of Time a puzzled look. "Is it my..."
"No," Susan interrupted the pink-haired girl.
"Mine?" Raye asked and then suddenly knew.
"No." Again was the green-haired woman's answer. "Raye Hino does NOT have a younger sister. Raye Andover does."
"Huh?!" Rini asked with raised eyebrow.
"She means that if I want to be older, like now, I'd lose my family." Rini still was puzzled. "If I want to keep Lita as my mom, then I have to go back to being little Raye Hino Andover. Right?" The Guardian of Time nodded.
"You seriously want to be five again?" Rini asked.
"It's not too bad." The preteen muttered darkly. "Besides, Lita's a great mom and if I can have a little sister..."
"You're like serious?" Rini squeaked out.
"Yes." The pink-haired girl gaped. "I'd like to be younger, please. I'd also like my little sister," Raye stated firmly.
"What about you, Rini?" Susan asked, "You've been pretty good the past few years."
"No way," Rini said, "It took me this long to get where I am. There's no way I want to be older. I'd just mess up. And like Mom would be older too. Twelve ain't so bad." The older woman smiled. "Well... okay so I wouldn't mind being older but I'd rather just grow up normally."
Susan nodded and gave her a proud look. "That's very mature of you."
"The only thing I wish is that Mom... Serena could remember what happened. And..."
"What?" Raye asked, a look of curiosity on her face.
"Promise not to laugh. Sometimes, I would like to be younger so I can be... you know cuddled." Rini blushed. Raye smiled knowingly. "I know it sounds silly. It's just I have to do something majorly wrong and it's a real pain." Especially in her rear!
Susan considered for a long moment and then replied, "Well you have worked very hard, Rini." Performing a flicking motion, Susan produced a Disguise Pen. "Here, but you're responsible for it."
"Oh wow!" Rini said, "I'll have to tell Mom about this." She tucked the Pen in her Mini-Moon pocket.
"She knows," Susan said after a moment, "She gave it to you." She then turned to the teenager. "I will let you retain your memories. Would you like anything else?"
"No, thank you."
Susan rose and changed into Sailor Pluto. "Close your eyes please," she directed both girls.
Late August was hot and muggy. The moon shone down from a cloudless sky and the city waited for rain. Rini Shields lay awake in her bed. It had been a month since Pluto's visit in which she offered a chance for Raye to grow up. Raye hadn't taken it though wishing to remain five with a family that included a new sister.
The air conditioner wasn't working properly and there probably wouldn't be any repairman in sight for awhile. Not being able to sleep wasn't so bad because she didn't have to go to school in the morning.
Getting up, Rini quietly left her room. She went downstairs and paused. Someone was in the kitchen. Silently she walked towards the entrance and peered in. In the light coming from outside, Rini could see her grandmother sitting by the table and an open window.
"Hi Grandma," she said softly.
Irene Tsukino gave a slight start before smiling. "Rini, you should be asleep."
"I can't sleep. It's majorly hot," the pink-haired girl said to her grandmother. Irene was staying with them since her grandfather, father, and uncle were on some weeklong camping trip. Walking over, she pulled up a chair and sighed a little as a minuscule breeze brushed against her. The woman still looked vibrant despite her years.
They sat in silence for several seconds before a new voice surprised them both. "I see we're a bunch of night owls." Rini turned in her chair to see her mother coming into the room. Serena Shields, once Serena Tsukino, was thirty. Her features though suggested that she was younger. This was because of the Imperium Silver Crystal. "I was thinking," Serena said as she sat down, "We should go on a trip too."
"Where?" Rini asked.
"Well, I think it should be someplace where US GIRLS can have some fun," Irene added.
"Well there is that new resort, the one I was telling you about," her mother said.
"But I don't wanna hang out with you all the time." She clamped a hand over her mouth and stared in surprise. Irene and Serena looked at her with unreadable expressions. The girl had found that Serena was no fun to just hang out with since she'd become a grownup. "Sorry, Mom, it just... slipped out," Rini said meekly.
Much to the pink-haired girl's relief, her mother chuckled and rumpled her hair. "I know, and since your father took off for some 'male bonding', I think he should foot the bill to let Mina come along."
"Ken will certainly chip in as well, dear," Irene added, "How does that sound, Rini?"
"Mom, you really wanna take Mina?" the twelve-year-old asked dubiously.
"Nothing is wrong with Mina," Serena said, "I'll just speak her parents tomorrow." What Rini didn't know was that Serena sometimes felt as if Mina was another daughter.
Two days later, Rini, Irene, Mina, and Serena were on their way to the Blue Island Resort & Spa. The train trip was pleasant and Serena was happy to see the girls controlling their energy. That is, until they reached the hotel.
Serena shook her head and chuckled as Rini and Mina dashed into the lobby of the hotel. "You'd think they'd never gone on a trip before."
Irene gave her daughter a knowing look before saying, "I think the reason they are excited about this place has to do with something spelled b-o-y-s."
"Mom! Rini's only twelve," Serena protested.
"Well, you started noticing boys about that age, dear," her mother pointed out, "And don't tell me you don't know about Jeremy." Serena did know about her daughter's crush. The fact that Darien approved of Jeremy made him even more memorable. Irene grinned as her daughter did.
"Maybe I shouldn't let the girls have their own room."
"Rini's responsible," the grandmother said, "Now let's go check in."
Sometime later, Rini and Mina came through the connecting doorway of their hotel room into Serena's. Both twelve-year-olds were in a state of excitement. "You've got to see the pool, Mom! It's da bomb!"
"Yeah, it's wicked," the ribbon wearing blond added.
Serena, who had been in the midst of unpacking, paused before asking, "Did you unpack? Or did you just chuck everything on the floor while searching for those?" She pointed at Rini's black and yellow two-piece bathing suit. The twelve-year-old had wanted a bikini but her mother had been firm that she wasn't getting one. The top was black while the bottoms and the straps that ran up the front and down the back like suspenders were yellow. Mina, on the other hand, had gone with a one-piece bright orange swimsuit. As Irene had commented privately, with the Mina's lack of development, it made her look like a safety pylon.
"Aw, Mrs. Shields," Mina whined, "This is supposed to be a vacation."
Straightening up, she said in a firm voice, "Go unpack properly and put your stuff in the dressers." Mina looked like she was going to protest when Rini stopped her with a hand on her arm.
"After that, can we go to the pool, Mom?"
"You bet." The pink-haired girl smiled and pulled her grumbling friend from the room. "I bet Mom'll be glad that she didn't get the room beside them," she thought.
Rini put the last of her clothes into the dresser. Turning, she saw that Mina hadn't even begun yet and was in fact laying on her bed, swinging her feet back and forth in idleness.
"Mina, come on, or we'll never get to the pool." She wanted to get out there with plenty of daylight left.
"I was waiting for you."
The pink-haired preteen sighed a little. "Mom won't let us go if you don't put your stuff away."
"Your mom's a stick in the mud," Mina said and rolled over to her back. "We're supposed to be having fun. All those hunky guys are waiting for us." Rini scowled at her friend.
"My mom's not that bad."
"Oh come on," Mina said. She sat up and got off the bed. "You never wanna have any fun."
"Oh yeah?"
"Okay, what about a game?"
"Truth or Dare?" Rini nodded her head. "What do I get when I win?"
"The loser has to be a five-year-old until dinner."
"Are your pigtails wound too tight?" the blond asked, "How are YOU going to be five?"
"The LOSER," Rini said with some exasperation, "Will use this." With a flick of her wrist, she brought forth the Disguise Pen. Mina's eyes grew wide and she gave a low whistle.
"When'd you lift that?!"
"Mom gave it to me 'cause I'm good," Rini said with smugness.
"Okay Ms. Shields," Mina said in a challenging voice, "What's the question?"
"Truth or dare, what did your parents do BESIDES grounding you for majorly vaporizing their new DVD player?" Rini knew that Mina had been grounded but something else had happened and Rini could never get Mina to tell her.
Mina blushed. After thinking about it for a minute, she asked, "Okay, what's the dare?" Rini gave her a smug look.
The pink-haired preteen smiled and said, "You gotta get a guy to buy you lunch."
"Is that all?" The blond sounded scornful, "You might as well change now, Rini. This won't take long."
Mrs. Serena Shields pulled herself out of the pool. She still drew plenty of appreciating stares from men. She looked good for a wife and mother of thirty she decided. Gathering up her towel, she went in search of her mother. "Mom," Serena said, "I'm going to find the girls and get some lunch. You coming?"
"No," Irene said, "I've met some old friends I haven't seen for awhile. We're going to get together and have lunch. We might go for a drive too so don't expect me back for dinner."
"Careful Mom," Serena said teasingly, "Dad'll get jealous."
"Serena..." Irene said with a little annoyance. Serena giggled and left for her room.
Several minutes later, the meatball-headed blond had just finished dressing when a knock came at her door. "Coming!" Serena said. She walked over to the door and opened it. For a few moments, her brain didn't quite register what she was seeing.
"Ma'am," said a young man dressed in a hotel uniform, "These two said you're their mom."
Rini's cheeks were flushed bright red with embarrassment, or was it anger. Her eyes were certainly showing that. What was causing Serena so much trouble was a little five-year-old that looked and sounded remarkably like a young Mina Aino.
"Hi Mommy!" the little girl said and skipped into the room. Serena turned so Rini could slip past. The twelve-year-old slunk around the corner out of sight of her mother while the child sat in a chair and swung her feet back and forth.
"What happened?" Serena finally asked.
"They started a food fight." He paused and smiled at Serena's horrified looking face. "Luckily, there wasn't any real damage." Serena glared at Mina. "They've been banned from all of the hotel eating establishments, unless accompanied by an adult. In the future, Ma'am, please keep a better eye on them."
"I most certainly will. Thank you," the blond said and closed the door when he left. She stood there for a few moments before walking into the room. She found Rini sitting on the bed gazing at the floor.
"This had better be good, young lady!"
"We were playing," Mina said.
"Playing what?!?" Serena's voice was stern.
"Truth or Dare," Rini said softly. Looking up, the pink-haired girl added, "Mom, I dared Mina to get a boy to take her to lunch." Serena grimaced. "She majorly gave up."
"Yeah," Mina pouted, "They like thought I was joking!"
"And how did that happen?" Serena asked Rini.
"So she changed into a kid because she didn't win," Rini replied, "She used the Disguise Pen." She knew her mother wouldn't like that but there was no sense in trying to cover it up.
"Mina, change back," Serena directed.
"No," Mina said stubbornly. She wasn't about to welch.
"No?" Serena asked in a dangerous tone.
"Mrs. Shields," the blond said, "It's a holiday. We were just havin' fun. Why are you being such a stick-in-the-mud?"
Rini felt like crawling under a rock. Serena's face had shifted from grim disapproval to downright anger. "Girls," her mother said in a soft voice that sent a chill up Rini's spine, "Go to your room and get packed. We're leaving."
"What?!?" Rini cried out.
"But we just got here!"
"Yes, this is a vacation but I don't want to spend it playing nursemaid to you two the entire time." Serena said, "I thought I could trust you but maybe this was a mistake." She turned to Rini and said, "Go and pack. When Mina changes back, bring me the Disguise Pen. I'll call the train station to see when we can catch the next train home."
Rini felt numb as she went into her room. She pulled out her suitcase and was opening up a drawer when Mina came in.
"I'm gonna be so grounded!"
"It's your own fault," Rini retorted sounding like she was lecturing her little sister, "We were having fun then you had to get back at that little brat who laughed at you."
"Why are you pickin' on me?" That really sounded like a little kid.
"Jeez, I'm not, Mina," Rini said with a sigh, "But I'm gonna be grounded too. Probably for the rest of the summer. I'll like never get to see Jeremy until school starts." If she was lucky, she'd be grounded. If she wasn't, she'd probably be in diapers fairly soon.
"My 'rents are gonna come down hard on me, Rini," Mina said, with a pleading wail, "You gotta talk your mom out of this."
The pink-haired girl stood there for several seconds before sighing. "Change back and give me the pen."
"What are you going to do?"
"Get what you shoulda got."
Serena Shields sat fuming in her room. She could understand the girls wanting to have a little fun. She wouldn't have disapproved of Rini using the Disguise Pen; her mother knew about it. She might have been overreacting but it would be a royal pain to go and eat with the girls or go with them when they wanted a snack.
"Mom?" Rini's voice was higher than the meatball-headed blond expected. Turning around, Serena glared at her now diminutive daughter. Rini, now five, once graceful arms and legs were pudgy. Her budding breasts were gone. "Rini Shields, I am not in the mood for any jokes!"
"I'm not joking, Mom," Rini said solemnly and came around the bed to stand beside her.
"Then please explain to me what this is all about," the thirty-year-old directed.
"I kinda figure this is more my fault than Mina's. I got the game goin'," the pink-haired girl confessed, "And then when she started acting up, I didn't stop it. I was s'pposed to be her big sister."
"Go on."
Serena watched as Rini squirmed before saying, "Well, I thought maybe you'd... spank me and let us stay." Sailor Pluto was sure to regress her to a baby otherwise.
"I thought you had something serious in mind."
"I am serious, Mom!" Rini countered, "You didn't say it but I bet you wanted to spank Mina." Serena had to admit that thought had crossed her mind seeing the guilty, if unrepentant, five-year-old. "You won't though so..."
"Go wait in your room while I think about this."
Mina was sitting on her bed and looked anxiously at little Rini when she came in. "Well?"
"I gotta wait. Mom's thinking about it," Rini replied. Mina felt her stomach tighten at that. Rini came over to her and Mina couldn't help but smile.
Rini had been a cute kid, so had she for that matter. It was just then that Mina noticed that the pink-haired child was now wearing a set of red shorts and a pink T-shirt instead of her bathing suit. She was just about to comment on this when Rini's mother came into the room looking serious.
She walked over to the bed and sat down opposite Mina. "We're going to settle this issue right now." Mina felt her stomach flutter. She watched in uncomfortable silence as Serena picked her daughter up and put her over her lap. Serena was proud of her daughter for her willingness to accept the responsibility. She hated to punish her but she wanted her daughter to learn there were consequences to misdeeds.
"Maybe I should like go to the next room," Mina said when Serena started pulling down Rini's shorts and underpants.
"Mina Aino, you stay right there," the woman commanded. Mina stayed. Mina's guilt hit her with the same force as the first swat. When it was over, Rini's bottom was glowing as pink as her hair. The little girl was bawling; Mina figured she would be too.
Serena stood her daughter up, pulled up the clothing, and then told Rini to sit by Mina. The little girl did so, crying the entire time. Mina, who looked like a big sister, put her arm around Rini in a hug. It wasn't until the pink-haired girl's crying had subsided into sniffles did Serena speak again.
"I'm disappointed in both of you." Mina lowered her head. "But we won't be going home."
"Wicked cool!" Mina crowed before she could stop herself. Blushing, she mumbled out, "Sorry Mrs. Shields." Rini's mother gave her a tight smile.
"I can understand you being excited about staying."
"We'll be good, Mom," Rini promised.
"I hope so," Serena said, "Because if you misbehave, you'll be going over my knee again." Mina cringed as Serena looked right at her. "That means you too, Mina."
"But... but..." Mina started saying.
"Your parents." Mina knew what was coming. "I'll call them right now and inform them of your behavior." She felt her stomach roll. Maybe a spanking wouldn't have been such a bad idea.