Generations Part 2 by AP Scout

submitted by Timmy - Jun 25, 2002

Part 2
by AP Scout
Author's Note: © 2001 This is my fourth AR/AP story. I hope you'll like it.
NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks. Elements of this story are not suitable for those under 18.
As Sailor Pluto watched Rini Tsukino sleep, she felt a little guilty. "She isn't all that bad." It occurred to Pluto that the cause might have been Their Majesties spoiling her. "Now how best to proceed?"
She was peeing.
Rini knew this the instant her eyes snapped open. She wasn't sure what had caused her to wake up. Perhaps, it was her bladder releasing. For a short time, she struggled with the choice of what to do. Then, the flow stopped leaving her pajama bottoms sopping wet.
"I'm really gonna get it," Rini grumbled as she threw back the covers. She thought she had outgrown wetting the bed. Turning on Darien's couch, the one she had been sleeping on, Rini flicked on a nearby lamp. The pink-haired girl blinked in the bright light.
She pushed the covers aside and got up from the couch. Rini felt herself blush at the dark spot on the upholstery. A mildly pungent odor drifted to her nose. "Serena'll never believe I'm not a little kid," Rini grumbled to herself. The seven-year-old considered what she could do to put off telling her cousin and Darien.
After a few seconds, Rini grinned. Quickly, she pulled the covers off the couch and tossed the dirty ones to one side. "I'll just hide this," she said to herself as she flipped the soiled cushion over, effectively hiding the dark patch.
Gathering up the soiled bedding, Rini quickly went to the bathroom. Once inside, the child locked the door and emptied the clothes hamper before stuffing the incriminating evidence into it. The pink-haired girl then put everything else back on top.
"Hmmm..." Pluto thought as she watched Rini, "This is interesting." The Guardian of Time was starting to think there was hope for the little princess yet.
Rini came out of the bathroom after washing with a towel wrapped around her. Tucked under her arms were her soiled garments. The child glanced towards the bedroom door. There was no sign of her cousin or Darien so, Rini breathed a little easier and crept across the living room floor to the couch. She spent a few moments getting out a fresh set of underpants and an undershirt she had brought for the next day. "I should've brought pajamas."
Serena didn't wear pajamas though; maybe that's why her cousin always treated her like a little kid. "I don't need pajamas," the pink-haired child declared softly. Pulling on the underpants, she discarded the towel before pulling on the undershirt. "There," Rini said with satisfaction.
Over the next few minutes, she remade her bed on the couch the best she could. By the time she was done, she felt very cold.
"Now," Pluto said with a grin. She was going to give Rini a chance to prove herself.
The child had just gotten back onto the couch when it started to shake. Jumping from it, she watched in awe as it changed, elongated, and widened. It was becoming a bed. A bed that was all pink with white highlights.
"What the hell..." She turned around to call for Darien and Serena and stopped. The living room wasn't a living room anymore. She watched as the walls and door shifted. Furniture seemed to sink into the floor and while other furniture rose. The television became smaller. The stereo shifted position. Rini leapt onto the bed as the coffee table sank into the floor. Posters of idol stars appeared on the walls. A few stuffed animals appeared.
With every passing moment, things changed from a living room of an apartment to that of a young girl's room. Rini felt scared. "Serena!" she called out, "Darien!" Where were they? Then she started to change.
The room seemed to grow smaller as her legs extended. Her arms became long and slender. Her pink hair grew longer. She felt her chest expand slightly. Where it had been totally flat was now slightly puffy areas around her nipples. She felt a funny sensation and pulled her underpants open in time to see little hairs beginning to sprout. Her underpants became smoother; her undershirt became a slip. "Mom! Dad!" Rini blinked. "Serena! Darien!" She really had to concentrate to call them that. Where were they?
It was the shaking of the bed that woke Serena up. Sleepily sitting up, she looked around the room. The moon, sitting in a cloudless sky, was casting eerie shafts of pale moonlight into the room. The blond glanced at Darien noting that he was still asleep.
"Wha-?" she asked softly. The very sheets and covers around her form were shifting. They became softer and slightly different in color. The pillow, on which Darien's soft, handsome face lay, grew a little larger, a little softer. Serena's mind registered that she was now naked. Her nightgown had disappeared.
Serena was distracted from this sight when she noticed her body was tingling. Glancing down, she saw her barely A-cup breasts enlarge, become less pert, and began to sag slightly. She could feel muscles shifting and she shivered slightly in the cool air as her stomach flattened a little. Her areola grew larger. Her spine elongated as did her arms and legs. Hips shifted as well but her curves only became more graceful. A nearby mirror showed a ghostly image of her face as it aged slightly, still holding its beauty but also showing more maturity than she had previously. Soon, a woman of nearly thirty stared back at her.
If it hadn't been for the transformation of her body, Serena would have noticed the room shifting, furniture rearranging itself, and being replaced with new items.
When the shaking finally stopped, Serena was looking intently at Darien. He hadn't changed much but there were some signs that he had also matured. Hair on his chest and face grew thicker. More early-thirties than his previous nineteen. A few gray hairs started to appear.
It was from this inspection that she first noticed the gold ban on his left hand. Her heart leapt into her mouth. Darien was married. As if to deny this fact, Serena tore her eyes from the ban and looked at her own hand.
"Majorly cool..." the former teen whispered out upon seeing a diamond ring there. "This is like so majorly far out." Darien grumbled something in his sleep. Shivering again, Serena realized that she was cold.
She was just thinking of getting up when she heard a girl's voice. That reminded her that Rini had been with her. The blond sighed. "Ruin a perfectly good setup," she mumbled as she got out of bed and pulled on a bathrobe to keep warm and preserve her modesty. She hoped her "husband" wouldn't wake up; he looked so handsome sleeping there. Her nipples on her new C-cup breasts stood erect at the thought.
Padding across the bedroom, she opened the door to find a youth of about eleven years old coming down the hall. The youth was too big to be Rini although she looked very familiar. Serena exited the bedroom and closed the door behind her.
"Rini?" she called softly, her voice sounding more mature.
"Mo... Serena?" the pink-haired girl said and sprinted to Serena. "Hey, you're bigger."
"So are you," the blond replied
"What's going on, Meatball Head?" Her now adult cousin shrugged.
"Like why are you asking me?"
"Yeah, you're too dumb. I should ask Darien."
"No, you don't, Fungus. He's sleeping." Serena presented her hand to the preteen. "See, we're married."
"Don't shoot me that load of crap. I ain't a little kid no more."
Serena frowned at her once little cousin's use of language. "Like, don't say that, Rini. It's like majorly wrong." Fearing that she might disturb her husband, Serena said, "Just like, go back to bed. You'll catch cold standing around here like that."
Rini was about to protest but stopped. Waking Darien up wasn't going to do her any good. "Fine... Meatball Head." Turning, the pink-haired girl walked back down the hall towards her room.
Serena gave a satisfied smile before going back to HER husband. If this was a dream, she liked it!
Back in her room, Rini stared at herself in a mirror. She was older; she could tell that. And the room sure didn't look like a little kid's room. It didn't even look like her room in the Royal Palace. As her eyes landed on a poster of a very handsome teen male, she felt something stir within her.
She felt excited and she liked looking at the poster. He couldn't be much older than she was now. Maybe he could be a boyfriend of hers. That made her even more excited. She stared at the poster for another few moments before climbing into bed. The preteen pulled the covers over her, turned off the light, and drifted off to sleep.
Serena yawned.
Stretching, the blond sat up and looked at her chest. "Wicked cool!" she exclaimed. It hadn't been a dream. She reached up and cupped one of her new breasts. She had always wished they were larger and now they were. "This is like majorly far out." Turning to greet her new husband properly, Serena found the bed empty. "I bet that little pink spore woke him up!"
Pulling on some panties and a robe, she ran from the room and stopped. Her mouth swung open and the blond stared for some time at the new surroundings. She was standing in a hallway. To her left was a railing that looked over the first floor. A nearby set of stairs led down to hardwood floors. To her right was a wall and along it were three doors. Behind her was the door that she had just come out of.
The first floor view showed a living/dining room combination. Large windows allowed early morning sunlight to flood into the room. A Christmas tree sat beside an unlit fireplace.
"Like..." Serena couldn't think of anything appropriate to say. She wondered where Darien was, and Rini for that matter. Going down the hall, she opened the first door and found it to be a small and tidy bedroom. Obviously, it was used for guests, though there were toys neatly stacked in one corner.
Moving on, the blond found the door locked but she could hear sounds of a shower running. "My Muffin must be in there." And she wouldn't mind being in there with him either. Her body sent her signals that it agreed.
Smiling a little more, she went down to the last door and opened it. The woman found Rini snoring loudly. Arms and legs were haphazardly flung out at various angles. Serena was never sure what motivated her to enter the room and adjust the covers. She picked up a couple of items lying on the floor.
When she left the room, Serena heard knocking at the front door. "Like who could that be?" her voice showed obvious disappointment. The blond wanted to explore this place and see what other awesome things she could find.
Pulling her robe tighter, she walked down the stairs and padded across the polished floor. The knock came again, and then a doorbell sounded. "All right. Jesus. Okay, I'm coming!" Serena grumbled in irritation.
The entrance hall was reached by descending three low steps. Not really thinking, she opened the door and shivered as a blast of cold wind shot into the house.
"Hi Serena," a man said, "Hope I didn't wake you."
"Er... no," the blond said then she recognized him. She felt her face blush slightly as she realized that Mina's father was seeing her in nothing but a housecoat. The previous teen's embarrassment left however when she wondered why the man was there.
"Now you be good for Mrs. Shields," the man intoned as he looked down.
The blond followed the man's gaze to see a small blond-haired child of no more than five looking up at her father.
"Mina?" Serena questioned.
"Hi Mrs. Shields!" little Mina greeted. She stepped into the house gave and Serena's legs a soggy hug.
"Sorry about that," Mina's father said, "She just had to jump in a snow bank before we got here." Mina pouted at her father. "Well, I'll let you go now." With that, he turned and walked back down the walkway towards a car with the engine running that was sitting beside the driveway.
"Brrr... It's cold!" Serena declared and shut the door. She turned to find Mina trying to take off her boots. "Want some help?"
"Yes please," Mina chirped and plopped down onto the floor before raising a booted foot. The child giggled as her stomach rumbled.
"Like haven't you ate, Mina?"
"You not give me breakfast yet."
This baffled the blond. It was unreal to have Mina show up on her doorstep before eight in the morning. It was even stranger to have her be a child. But to have Mina come all the way from her house to have breakfast here. Why?
Serena shrugged and dismissed it. She was married to the love of her life so nothing else mattered.
Rini Shield's eyes flew open as something heavy flopped down onto her stomach. The pink-haired preteen found herself staring into the soft and childlike face of a little blond girl. "Hi Rini!" she squeaked. The child bent down and gave her a large hug.
Rini blinked to get the sleep out of her eyes. "Mina?" It sure looked like her cousin's friend. It was impossible. Mina is fourteen!
"What?" the child asked, her big blue eyes sparkling. The little girl was wearing a set of bright orange overalls and a yellow T-shirt. "Come play with me!"
"It's too early," Rini whined. Mina wasn't about to take no for an answer and started bouncing up and down. "Quit... it," the preteen got out between labored breaths.
"Then play with me." The little girl giggled as Rini's stomach rumbled.
"Look, I haven't even eaten yet."
"Well then," came the rich sounding voice of Darien, "Come have breakfast." An older looking Darien stuck his head into the room and smiled. "Come on, Mina. Let Rini get dressed in peace."
"But Mr..."
"Okay," Mina pouted reluctantly and slid from the bed. "Hurry up, Rini, so we can play," the child demanded before skipping from the room. Darien gave her a knowing grin and closed the door.
"Wha...?" the pink-haired girl asked but she was once again alone.
Little Raye lay on the changing table wondering why she wasn't feeling the least bit mortified. She lay there passively, completely naked while an older appearing Amy wiped her clean and put a fresh diaper on her.
It had been a terrifying feeling for the priestess to wake up and realize that she was still in a crib. Her cries to be let out and of promises of severe retribution to whoever stuck her in it were lost as soon as Amy walked into the room. The raven-haired toddler found words harder to say. Some were completely lost in babbling while others came out different than she intended. Her shrilly voice became more an unhappy cry. At least, she could speak better than she had last night.
Pluto nodded slightly. "That's better," she thought as Amy started dressing the toddler. She had her own reasons for making the priestess the way she was but she had gone a little overboard the previous night. "Just wouldn't make sense to make Raye that dumb." Well, she'd leave the little family and go check on her main two subjects.
"There we go now," Amy cooed as she lifted little Raye up, "My don't we look pretty today? Can Amy have a kiss before she goes to work?"
"No!" Raye protested. Amy was not her mommy... mother and she certainly wasn't going to give her a kiss.
"No," Raye said and turned her forehead away. She gave the blue-haired woman a scowl as Amy kissed her on the forehead. "Let's go show Chad how pretty you look."
Chad?! The last thing Raye wanted was for Chad to see was her in this overly cute outfit.
Lita hummed softly as she gave one of her houseplants a drink. "It looks like a wonderful day," she commented to the plant.
"Did it answer?" her husband asked.
"Yes, he asks silly questions." This brought a chuckle from her husband. "You don't want to come with us, honey?"
"Go to the mall? It'll be a mad crowd." He waved the newspaper he had been reading in dismissal. "You won't even get me near the parking lot, Lita."
"I just hope Serena doesn't want to bring Mina along. These old bones have a hard enough time already." Lita felt very maternal towards the little girl but she would be a handful with so many people around. "Maybe she'll get Rini to babysit."
"How old is Rini now?"
"She's eleven," the aged brunette replied, "Certainly capable of watching Mina for a couple of hours." The pink-haired girl had done it before without any trouble. "They get along great." Turning back, she continued watering her plants.
Rini sat back in her chair and groaned. "Come on, Rini," Mina demanded when she saw her friend was done with breakfast, "Come and play."
"Rini has to do the dishes first, Mina," Darien countered, "Then she can play."
"Dishes?!" Rini whined, "But Darien..."
"Pardon me?" Darien asked sharply.
"Darien..." Rini began again.
"I'm your father, young lady. You're not to address me as Darien."
"Can I call you Darien, Mr. Shields?" Mina asked. She giggled impishly when the older man gave her a stern look. "Just askin'."
"Now, Rini, you get busy with those dishes. Then you can play with Mina."
Serena nodded her agreement. "That's right." When the pink-haired preteen pouted and crossed her arms, Serena frowned slightly and barked out, "Come on, Rini, it won't kill you."
"Okay, okay," Rini said, "Jeez, just give me a second." She got up and went to the downstairs bathroom.
Pluto's smiled slightly as she watched Rini move into the bathroom. Her princess wouldn't get this boon of physical age without undergoing any ordeal. She concentrated. These microadjustments were very hard to do but the Guardian of Time knew their importance.
"Well, are you still going shopping?" Darien asked his wife.
"YES!" Serena declared. The blond certainly wouldn't pass up a chance to go shopping.
"I wanna come too!" Mina whined.
"No, Rini is going to stay with you, Mina," Darien said.
"You sure?" Serena asked.
Her husband gave her a quizzical look. "She is eleven, Serena. She's babysat Mina before." Then he didn't like to admit his daughter was growing up either. Serena was about to comment when they heard a scream from Rini.
"You stay here," she told Mina. Getting up, she ran from the room. If not for Darien, Mina would have followed. She wanted to make sure Rini was okay.
"Sweetheart," Serena was saying gently a few moments later, "It's okay!"
"NO, IT'S NOT!" Rini almost sobbed out.
"I promise, you're okay. Nothing's wrong." The pink-haired girl sniffled a little. "Now take a deep breath." It took a little more coaxing before her cousin could be persuaded to listen. Once the new preteen was calmed, Serena smiled.
"You promise?" Rini asked with a hiccup.
"Sure, I do," Serena said, "You just had your period. I bet it's your first one too."
"What's that?"
The woman blinked. "You don't know?" Rini shook her head. "Oh boy..."
"You promised it would be okay, Serena!" Rini exclaimed, her voice rising some.
"It is!" Serena said, "I get them too. All women do."
"I'm going to turn into a klutz!" Rini wailed. Serena's sympathetic look turned to a scowl and she growled her disapproval.
"Now we have you cleaned up but I think I need to have a long talk with you."
"But I'm eleven," Rini protested, "I didn't do nothing wrong."
Serena shook her head in wonderment and said, "Rini, this is important. You aren't in trouble. We do need to talk."
Rini suppressed the silly reaction she had been about to give. Serena did sound serious and she wasn't talking down to her. "Sorry Meatball Head."
"You can be a real pain, Fungus," the blond countered, "Come on before Darien breaks down the door." When they left the bathroom, they met a worried looking Mina and a concerned looking father.
"Is Rini okay?" Mina asked while going over and hugging the older girl's leg.
"Sure is," Serena said and then whispered to Darien.
"Oh my little girl's growing up!" he exclaimed. For some reason, this announcement made Rini blush deeply.
When they were sitting in Rini's room, Serena said, "Rini, remember when I said that you just had your period?" The pink-haired girl nodded. "Well that was part of puberty."
"Huh?" Rini asked, "What's that?"
"That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Rini stared at Serena in surprise. Serena tried to remember how her mom explained this to her a few years ago. "See Rini," Serena began, "Everybody is different. And boys are different from girls."
"I know that," Rini said testily.
Serena grinned for a moment. "I don't just mean that they have a penis. I mean they go through puberty at majorly different times." The youth looked baffled. "Puberty is like when your body changes."
"Like last night?"
Serena nodded. "Yeah. I bet Lita was as flat as you were yesterday when she was your real age."
"You mean when she was seven?" Rini asked.
"Yep, and then when she got older, puberty came along and now look at how big she is." Rini's eyes widened in awe. She wanted nice boobies like Lita's someday. It was nice now to be wearing a training bra like big girls.
"What else does it do?"
Serena considered what else to tell Rini and decided to give her a warning first. "Rini, when you start to change, boys will start looking at you funny. They'll think you're very pretty." Rini smiled. "But don't ever let a boy touch your privates, and don't let them be alone with you."
Rini seemed confused and a little upset. "But you let Darien..."
Serena sighed. "I trust Darien, and we both love each other." Giving it a little more thought, she added, "I just don't want a boy to hurt you, Rini. Darien and I make each other feel good but we don't have sex. I'm not old enough for that. At least, I wasn't before."
"Sex... is that when you make a baby?" Rini asked with a slight scowl. Serena moved to sit beside her. She had thought this would be a chore but if Rini was going to go through puberty, she didn't want Rini to be scared.
"I tell you what. I need to tell you some other stuff first. Then you can ask questions okay?" Rini nodded. It seemed fair enough to her.
Fifteen minutes later, Rini was sitting cross-legged and looking a little awed. "So I got a pee hole, a poop hole, and a baby hole?" she asked, more for reassurance than anything else. When Serena nodded, Rini grinned. "Thanks for tellin' me, Serena." This was the first time of her life she didn't feel treated like a little kid.
Serena leaned forward and hugged Rini. "You're welcome, Rini. I just don't want you to get hurt." She gave the younger girl a serious look and added, "I want you to promise me something."
"Just... just promise me that you won't have sex."
"You don't want me to make myself happy?"
Serena chuckled. "No, Rini, I don't mean that. Didn't you like understand when I explained it?" Rini couldn't think what Serena had said; her mind was so full of the other stuff they had talked about.
"You need to wait until you find a man you love and want to marry."
"Do I gotta shave?" Her cousin gave her a questioning look. "I mean like you do?"
"You don't have to," Serena replied, "I do because I like to." After a moment, she asked, "You wanna like ask me anything?" Rini shook her head. "Well like if you need to ask me, I'll try to help. Now go play with Mina for a while. I bet she's majorly worried."
Rini smiled again, hugged the blond and said, "Thanks... Mom."
Serena couldn't believe how old Lita looked. The graying brunette still seemed in fine physical shape all things considered but her age was still showing. They were driving in Lita's car towards the mall. "I'm so glad you didn't bring Mina," Lita rambled, "I love her like my own granddaughter but she'd be a real handful, especially with the crowds." Serena didn't doubt Lita's words. The older woman did seem to have an almost grandmotherly attitude towards Mina and even Rini. "Rini seems to be a little out of sorts today."
"Well, a major thing happened today," Serena replied.
Serena briefly outlined what had happened with as little detail as possible. "Then she didn't sleep well last night either." And given what she had told her, it was a wonder that her cousin had slept at all.
"They grow up so fast," Lita said, "You two fussed over Rini being a Sailor Scout. Now you'll really worry. I bet Darien won't even let her transform for fear some boy'll want to date her."
"A Scout?" Serena squeaked. Rini wasn't a Sailor Scout.
"Sure," Lita replied, "Best thing that ever happened to me." She had been slowing down the past few years. Now she seemed to be more invigorated. Serena kept silent. She just couldn't picture the Pink Fungus in a Sailor Scout uniform.
The Pink Fungus, as Serena called her, was sitting on the couch looking very bored. She had initially enjoyed the games that Mina wanted to play, but as time passed, Rini found herself feeling more confined. She wasn't a baby anymore; certainly not like little Mina. She wanted to do things that Serena did.
So she sat on the couch and endured the television program that Mina had conned her into watching. What she really wanted was for Darien or Serena to come home so she could unload the little blond.
"Can we make a cake?" the little girl asked.
"I wanna make a cake. Please Rini?" Mina asked.
The pink-haired girl did not want to make a cake but if it got the little squirt out of her way... "Why don't you go make it and surprise me?"
"Okay!" Mina replied, jumped from the couch.
"Sucker," Rini chortled to herself. She picked up the TV remote and started surfing through the channels. "I wonder where Luna is?" She hadn't seen the Lunar Cat all day.
Pluto wondered the same thing. "I must be slipping," Pluto thought. Well that was easily remedied.
"Average!" a black Lunar Cat called, "Average!" Now where has that child gone off to?" Luna, advisor to Princess Serena, sighed as she plodded through the snow. Her son, a male gray kitten, was just as irresponsible as Artemis was. "I will have to have a serious talk with that boy when I get a hold of him."
The pink-haired girl was almost asleep when a crash could be heard from the kitchen. Jerking up on the couch, she ran across the living room and into the kitchen. Her red eyes widened and she looked around the room in horror. Little Mina Aino was standing on a chair. There was so much flour on her that she looked like a ghost. The counter was covered with an assortment of mixtures. Beside the chair, the little girl was standing on was a shattered bowl. Its contents creating a large gooey pool on the floor.
"Mina!" Rini said.
"I didn't mean to!" the little girl protested. "You told me to make a cake."
"I didn't mean a REAL cake!" Rini was at a loss as to what to do. She wondered for a moment what Serena would do. Marching over to the child, she lifted Mina off of the chair and onto a clean patch of the floor. "Come with me," the preteen said sternly.
"I'm really really sorry, Rini."
"We're gonna get you cleaned up." With that, she led the little girl to the bathroom.
"You aren't gonna tell Serena, are you?" Mina asked softly. For sure, Serena would tell her father. It had been several minutes since the incident and she was now clean. They were in the spare bedroom; it was where Mina took her naps.
"No," Rini said, "But I'm gonna punish you." Mina seemed surprised. "Serena would." As she undid Mina's overalls, the little blond started to cry. Lowering the clothing, she pulled Mina over her lap and then lowered her underpants.
"No! Rini, I'll be extra good!" Mina promised.
Rini didn't listen, just like Serena didn't listen to her own promises. She started spanking Mina. Having never done it before, she felt clumsy. Mina for her part was squirming and crying. It didn't matter that Rini had never spanked anyone before, it still stung.
After a short time, Rini stopped. The child's bottom had only started to turn pink when the pink-haired girl stopped. Standing Mina up, she raised the lowered clothing and said sternly, "You stay in here." With that, she left the room and the crying child.
Oh no!
That was the thought that raced through Raye's mind as she and Chad made their way towards Serena. Chad had spotted the blond and an older woman that looked similar to Lita.
While the toddler wasn't sure whether it was Lita or not, there was no mistaking Serena's hyena laugh or the meatballs attached to the long golden pigtails. It didn't really surprise Raye though. She was a bit cranky that Serena wasn't small either.
"Raye?!" Serena was surprised. "Oh, you look so adorable!"
"Hi Sewena. Me pwetty," Raye babbled. That was not what she wanted to say.
"Yes, you are," the old woman cooed. "Hi Chad."
"Hello Lita, Serena," Chad replied, "Amy said she'll be by tomorrow." This last part he addressed to Serena.
"Okay," Serena replied and gave Raye a hug. "How is little Raye today?"
"O-kay, me hungry." Yes, Raye was hungry for something besides baby mush. At least she didn't have to feed from a bottle. She was about to comment more when her body sent her a signal. "Me gotta go potty."
"I'll take her, Chad," Serena offered.
"Like, thanks, man," Chad said and handed Raye over to Serena along with her change bag.
Raye didn't enjoy the ride through the crowd. She clung to Serena and sniffled slightly. She wasn't sure why she was scared of all the strangers but she was. "Uh oh..." she said as she felt her bladder let go.
"Too late, huh?" Raye sniffled a little. "That's okay, Sweetie."
It most certainly was not "okay". Once in the mall's change room, Raye decided to give Serena a piece of her mind. "Like hell it is!" The blond looked so startled, the former priestess thought she'd be dropped.
"Whoa! Like you can talk?"
"Of couwse, I can twalk, you ditzy meatbawl!" Her pronunciation was terrible but Raye could live with that. "You can understand me?"
"Yeah," Serena said. "Like what happened to you?"
"I could ask you that too, Sewena. Now hurwy up and change me. Pwease?" Like it or not, she couldn't do it herself.
As Serena set about the task, Raye and Serena traded stories. It was greatly hampered whenever anyone would come in. Then suddenly Raye would lose her ability to really speak coherently.
"We should go out. Chad'll wonder what took us so long."
"We need to talk," Raye added, "And Sewena, if you did this to me, I'll never forgive you." The toddler was not happy when Serena giggled.