''The Cordova Incident'' Part 4 by Lady Maire

submitted by lady_maire - Jun 27, 2002

After the whole mundane affair of regressing an entire city, things really start to get weird for Josie. : )

The Cordova Incident Part 4

By Máire Flynn



            A hand lightly patted her on the cheek.  “Hey, pussycat.”  A woman’s voice at that.  Josie decided to ignore it.  She wanted no part of responsibility, thank you very much.  The whole day had been trying to keep the public school system from collapsing because the grownups weren’t so adult-like anymore.

            “Hey . . . Pussycat!  Wake the hell up!”  This time she was smacked a good one.  Her eyes flew open like blinds, and she squawked with protest.  She got to her feet and thought she had died and gone to Sea World.  All around her was an expanse of blue, which could be mistook for aquariums; only problem was that the blue was not liquid, and there was nothing to divide it from where she stood breathing.  The woman standing before her was an olive-skinned beauty with – oddly enough – deep blue eyes.

            “Wha—” She tried to ask, but a finger was pressed up against her lip.

            “Shhh!  Don’t fret about none of this.  You’re perfectly safe, and ‘sides, I need to tell you something.” 

Josie jerked her head away and screamed, “Bullshit!  Where the hell am I?  And who in the fuck are you, and where’s Carol and Lisa?”

            “They’re close, but not here…And I told you not fret about all of that.  Everything is right as rain!”

            “Right as rain?  Queer as a three-dollar bill!”  Josie spat back.  “My high school’s been turned into a nursery, and I’m having to perform acts of feminine hygiene on a best friend who happens to be a toddler now!” 

            “Oh, well, there’s that.  But that’s life.  Be lucky we found you, or they all would have all been reduced to infants.  Guess who would have been changing all those diapers.”

            “Found me?  What the hell are you talking about?”

            “Did you become younger in any way on that day?”  On that Day?  Josie puzzled over that.

            “On that day?  What do you mean by that?  How long have I been out?  Oh shit!  I’m dead aren’t I?  I died and you’re my guardian angel!  Oh my god!  Oh Carol!”

            “…Uhhh…No.  You aren’t dead, although I like the guardian angel bit.  You can say that if you want to.”

            “Would you please tell me what’s going on, then?”

            “Well if you would shut up for a second, I might just be able to do that!  Okay.  According to obscure myths on Earth, there are a small number of people who were born different from the others.  Does any of this ring a bell?”  Josie’s memory flashed to when no one would talk to her in elementary or junior high, when she tried out for cheerleading…and got rejected.  The words freak, dykebag, weirdo, and dog-girl, ran through her head with rapidity.

            “Uhm, no not all.  Me, different?”  The sarcasm was practically seeping from Josie at this point.

            “Nonetheless,” the olive-tanned woman continued, “you may look like most other people and live a fairly normal life, until puberty.  That’s when it happens.”


            “The Incident.”

            “What, like when I started getting my rag?  Could you stop being so vague!”

            “Hey!  Who’s telling this story?  What I’m saying is that you are the type of person the legend speaks of.  You control time – or shall I say – you have the ability to.  The Incident is when the person’s inner potential is released upon her environment, like with you.  Of course, there hasn’t been a known Incident in centuries, and never has it happened in such an environment as a city.  You should be proud.  And, yours regressed the entire population!”

            “I caused all that?”  Josie felt weakness in her knees, but not from anguish or fear.

            “Yes you did, and that is why you’re here now.”

            “Where are we?”

            “Somewhere higher than your world.  You have the power to slip in and out of your world at will, and you can become any age you wish, and you can do all of this to any other person – or persons.”

            “What the hell am I?”

            “I know what you’re thinking, so you might as well spit it out.”

            “Am I some kind of Goddess, because this sort of thing doesn’t just happen!”  The olive-tanned woman only laughed with genuine amusement.

            “Laws no child!  But to everyone on Earth you are, which brings me to my next bit of information . . . You will not use this to make yourself famous or powerful.  There are larger fish in this pond, and they will eat you if you attract too much attention to yourself.”

            “Bigger fish?”  Perhaps Josie’s initial thought of being at Sea World wasn’t too far from the truth.

            “Oh yes, there is always a bigger fish, and this big pond we all inhabit is held in balance by each contributing life form.  If you were a cow in a field and ate all the food, you would starve.  If you were to go back to your city and walk down the street shooting people with a gun, you would in turn be shot or arrested by the police.  However, if you shoot people and make sure no one ever discovers you, you stay free.  It’s the same here.   Do not allow yourself to become too famous, or you will be discovered . . . and those who find you may not necessarily be on the side of justice.  Remember that.”

            “Yeah, but what about all the people I just regressed?  Does this mean that I’m now a fugitive?”

            “Unless you never do it again on that scale, pussycat.  You’ll be going back to Earth, before any of the chaos started.  Hopefully, none of the infamous big fish will ever discover the bastardized timeline you just created.  You’ll be switching over to a world where none of that happened.  I will stress this again . . . do not go regressing people and make you and your powers known to everyone.  The more mortals who notice you, the more immortals will also.”

            “Fine!  I won’t do it again, no problem there!”  Josie felt rather confident in her resolution.  The woman before her only chuckled slightly.

            “That’s a bold statement, which I don’t think even you could uphold.  You have the potential to dominate someone in a way that the threat of murder can’t compare, which could leave your life unchallenged by misfortune.”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  This is freaky, end of story!  How in the hell could this be useful to my fucked up life?  I’m just a girl in a small town with a poor family, I don’t have any fucking power.”

            “Oh?  You don’t think you have any power now?  Then I’ll have to demonstrate to you how powerful time-field tampering can be.”  The woman held her hand out and snapped her fingers.  Almost instantly, Josie’s clothes vanished into the aeyther that surrounded the two females.  Josie’s right hand reflexively went up to cover her breasts while the left covered her pubic patch.

            “What are you doing?  Stop it!  No!  I said stop it!!”

            “That’s a nice body you have there.  If I were still human – and had a thing for girls – I would probably be turned on; but since I clearly remember my fondness for men, let’s correct the situation.”  The woman snapped her fingers again and Josie was confronted with the oddest sensation.  She felt her level of vision rising slightly, and her chest beginning to flatten – not only that, but tighten!  She looked down in time to see her breasts receding – leaving pecks that looked too boyish for Josie’s comfort.  The sensation that soon followed was maddening.  It felt like she was becoming very horny, only there wasn’t the telltale sign of dampness, just heat and a flesh-engorged clit; in fact, the heat in her clitoris was reaching heights of insanity, for it just kept filling up with blood.  She looked down at it with curiosity after feeling it press against the palm of her concealing hand.  Having moved her hand away in recoiled disgust, she saw that her clit was visibly peeking out from her labia.  She frowned with sick fascination and watched it as it continued to extend outwards, thickening as well as lengthening.

            I’m growing a cock.  Holy fuck I’m growing a cock.

            “Stop it right now!”  She demanded in a deeper voice that would have commanded respectful obedience from peers back on Earth.  It was the markedly deep voice of a young man.

            “Oh relax tomcat.”  The woman said with a wry grin.  “The process is complete now anyway.  You are a fairly imposing young lad, as you can see.”

            “I’m a girl, damnit!  Make me normal again now, this isn’t fucking funny!” 

            “This isn’t the time to go on about gender identity.  I made you this sex because you are an imposing young man now.  You could quite easily overpower someone like me in any normal situation, because on Earth I would be a one hundred and ten pound weakling.  You’re roughly one hundred and eighty of muscle, and about half a foot taller.”  A mirror sprang from the “ground” of the blue surroundings, causing ripples to ungulate out from it.  The mirror showed a handsome and well-endowed young man staring back at Josie.  He was the type of guy that her friend Lisa would have had one hell of a crush on.

            “Do I have the power to change sex too?”

            “No, that’s reserved for the bigger fish like me, sorry.  Heh, but I bet you wouldn’t mind trying out the new appendage on your little friend Lisa.”

            “Then why did you change me?”  Josie asked, but noticeably less exasperated.  It was a little bit of a power trip to be a man, though she never would have admitted that at any other time in her life – to be taller and stronger than all the females who picked on her at school, and even most of the guys; and yes – she did have the urge try out her male appendage on Lisa (once again, something she would never admit out loud).

            The woman of olive skin approached Josie and casually took the cock in hand, wrapping her gentle fingers around it.  Josie immediately discovered what it was like to have a case of ‘blue balls’ as her new genitals reacted to the touch; her penis began inflating to twice its size.  Josie was astounded at how large it was becoming, and no wonder guys were so proud of penis size – it was amazing how they could grow like that!

            “I know you’re thinking of how long and strong you are, tomcat.  And that’s why I made you male, so I can show you how sharp age can contrast things.  On Earth, your presence would command some authority over most women, but not when I do this . . .”  The woman took a step back and snapped her fingers yet again, and at first Josie thought she was going to be changed back into a girl, but no such luck.  Her field of vision did begin to lower, but it didn’t stop at her usual five feet, six inches.  It kept dropping, and although skin began to soften, she could notice a bit of her old pudge come back, and her chest was still flat.  Her arms became less developed by the second, and when she looked down at her penis, she was momentarily relieved to see it growing smaller, but it wasn’t receding back into the labial folds that she had five minutes earlier.  Instead, it got smaller and became more delicate; the labial folds were still absent – an increasingly diminishing scrotum was standing in for them.  The pubic hair went from a commendable rug to a smattering of fuzz, then finally to virgin-smooth prepubescence.  

            When Josie finally felt the shrinking stop, she found herself pudgy, waist-high to the now Amazonian woman, and still male.  The woman walked away from her and turned, and boomed in a loud voice.  “COME HERE NOW!”  Instead of Josie complying, she recoiled with a toddler’s whimper.  “ONE . . . TWO . . . YOU BETTER NOT LET ME REACH FOUR OR YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE . . . THREE . . .”  She did not have to reach four, for Josie was already standing front and center, less than two feet away.

            The woman placed her hands on her hips and leaned down to the little boy in front of her.  “Now who’s stronger?  Now who is in charge?  YOU BETTER ANSWER ME OR I’LL BEND YOU OVER MY KNEE AND—”

            “You are!”  Josie screamed, trembling with fear.

            “That’s a good little boy, tomcat.”  The woman hunkered down in front of Josie and patted her head condescendingly.  Her hand trailed down from Josie’s head, to her chest, and then lower to Josie’s flaccid penis, where she wrapped her thumb and first two fingers around it.  She began rubbing it ever so gently.  Josie’s penis came to attention from the stimulation, and she blushed with horror that her body was reacting to such violation.

            “Oh…look at hims.  Hims gotta little boy hardon.  Yes he diz.  Yes he diz!”  Josie found herself smiling out of pure embarrassment.  “It’s just a shame that hims’s such a little man that can’t do anything with it now.  Hims ain’t a man no more is he?”  With that, the woman let go of little Josie’s member and stepped back.  She snapped her fingers, and Josie went from being a naked male-child to the way she had been before she woke up in this crazy Sea World of the damned; however, this did not stop Josie from patting down her reacquired female body to make sure everything was back the way she remembered.

            “Now do you see my point, pussycat?  You can turn any man in the world – though I would avoid the famous ones – into a helpless toddler under your dominance.  Big muscles are reduced to baby fat, height is taken away, and that large cock that they are so proud of becomes nothing more than something that has nicknames like wee-wee and ding-a-ling.  And it’s not just males, not by a long shot . . . just look at your friend Lisa.  She went from a confident young lady with a handsome boyfriend to a crying child in a bathroom stall who couldn’t even change a tampon.”

            “Don’t talk about her like that!”  Josie screamed in spite of herself.  She didn’t care what wrath this might cause, she felt guilty about being responsible for the ordeal Lisa had gone through.  “You’re a heartless bitch and a stupid cunt if you think I’m going to do anything like what you just did to me.”

            “You’re the one who caused Lisa and the whole town to end up in such a mess.  Whether you did it on purpose or not is irrelevant.  The point is you have a power that cannot be matched by mere mortals.  Use it in moderation and it could serve you well, but I warn you . . . don’t push your luck, or what I just did to you might seem like an act of charity by comparison to what the big fish might do.”

            The olive tanned woman snapped her fingers one last time and said, “Adios, pussycat.  Have fun on the prowl.”



            Josie slapped the snooze button on her alarm and rolled over to face away from the glare of its LED.  She collected her thoughts and rubbed her eyes with irritation.  That had been without a doubt the most fucked up dream she had ever had.  Josie had had some fever dreams before, and those had been full of all sorts of nonsensical demons trying to do her harm, but never had she dreamt of regressing Cordova, traveling to Psycho Sea World, and getting turned into a little boy and molested by a blue-eyed Italian chick.

            It’s official, she thought to herself, I need to see a therapist.

            She came close to nodding off again, when the snooze period ended, causing the alarm clock to blare to life once more.  This time, she hit the alarm toggle and silenced it for good.  She swung her legs over the side of the bed and frowned that her feet weren’t touching the floor.  She eased forward until she dropped off.  Her legs were slightly parted upon landing, causing her panties to fall right off her without her hips and ass even bothering to stop them.  She looked at the fallen undies and noticed how unnaturally large for her they seemed . . . everything in the room was unnaturally large for that matter!  She looked down at her hands, and that was when she noticed how short and pudgy they were.

            “No fucking way!  It was a dream!”  She shouted in a disturbingly high-pitched voice.  She ran over to the wall-mounted mirror and stared at herself in shock, but not just because there was a toddler staring back at her, there was a message in red lipstick scrawled across its surface.


Welcome home!  As you’ll notice, you are about to relive the day that the Incident occurred....only this time there better not be one.  My advice is keep your powers on a low profile and have a fun day at school. 





P.S. - You might want to change into something a little more suitable for High School.  Ciao!


(To Be Continued…)