Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters Part 2 by Ef-Master

submitted by Ef-master - Jul 3, 2002

The previous part had AR only. This one has AR along with other transformations, but most of it is AR. If you don't like other transformations, skip to the AR part of the story.

Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters Part 2
by The Ef-Master

Background: During a time of war and chaos in an age of knights and wizards, a group of priests used all their powers to create an object, which would control the chaos and create a balance between the good and evil in the world. It was called the Fate Orb. Its purpose was to control the fates of all the people in the world and make sure that no doer of goods deed goes unrewarded and no evil actions are left unpunished. But due to some unknown reasons, the methods of punishment and reward became a little peculiar. As the priests perished soon after its creation was complete, no one knew how it was created, where it is located or how to destroy it. The world was not the same after that.

Time: Midnight, 202 years after the creation of the Fate Orb.
Location: The Village Mossy Rocks at the Western edge of the Great Forest in the Eastern Continent.

The village of Mossy Rocks had become a popular and prosperous place over the last two years. Because of its quiet location, fertile farmlands and natural beauty, it should have been prosperous a long time ago, but due to the curse of the notorious witch Vynira, no one would prefer to live there. Two years ago, the curse was suddenly lifted. No one knew why. Before that time, anyone who went a little bit into the Great Forest, never came back. No one could hear any sound of birds or animals come from the Great Forest. If anyone stood at the edge of the forest, the thought that would come to his mind first is the thought of death. Then suddenly one day, two years ago, the Great Forest became alive again. At first people would wake up early hearing the chirping of birds. Within a few days, they found out that the forest had suddenly become the home of all the different species of birds found in the Eastern Continent. Some people were actually overjoyed to see a fox or a monkey near the forest.
As word got out, farmers, woodcutters and hunters started pouring into the village. Within a year the size of the village had doubled. The people who had been living there for a long time, in spite of the curse, suddenly considered themselves the luckiest people in the kingdom. The chief of the village had finally become rich enough to build a stone structure in the memory of the first person who founded the village before the creation of the Fate Orb. It was decided then that the "rebirth" of the village would be celebrated each year with a five days festival. Everyone forgot about the terror that prevailed two years ago - the terror of Vynira, the witch.

It was midnight. The feast had ended, but the actual celebration had not started yet. The people were just warming up. After midnight, the music started. They were the most popular tunes played by the best bards in the local area. People danced to it with an enthusiasm they never showed for anything else in their simple lives. Some Knights were also present in the festival. Some of them were dancing, others were talking among themselves. A lot of wizards and priests were present. They had charmed large boxes to go round and round in vertical circles. Children were taking turns in riding those boxes. There were also other games all around which were being played by both adults and children. In short everyone felt that they were in a dreamland.
However, in the crowd, there was a certain individual whose mind was full of thoughts, which were not related to the fun of the festival. Her name was Lydia. She was a 25-year-old blonde with a figure, which would hypnotize any man. She was wearing a tight dress, which showed off her figure to everyone around her. The top part of her dress was revealing enough to give just a teasing view of her breasts. She enjoyed it when men strained their necks trying to get a view of her breasts while their girlfriends turned green with envy. She also had a look of innocence on her face, which deceived most people into thinking that she could not hurt a fly.
In reality, she not only could hurt a fly, she could also turn anyone into one. She secretly practiced black magic from the time she had reached magical maturity (18 years of age). She had covered all the basic black magic techniques. She had mostly concentrated on the ones she could apply directly using magical energy from within herself. She had mostly stayed away from the art of making magical potions. She did not want to be dependent on ingredients of potions. She considered it a burden.
Her most favorite magical techniques are the ones that make her victims feel humiliated. She had used them from the beginning of her training. She did not use the very effective ones to avoid the influence of the Fate Orb. She humiliated people who slightly deserved it according to her. She intended to use them when she was sure she was protected from the Fate Orb. She knew that the most evil wizards and witches had found a way to protect themselves from the Fate Orb somehow. Looked like Vynira's one was not very effective. Lydia did not know what had happened to Vynira, but she could guess very easily that the Fate Orb had something to do with it. If Lydia could get to Vynira's house, she would go through all her works and find a way to devise a better method of protection. Also she might find all the rare magic spells used by Vynira and learn them. Other evil wizards and witches probably already know those spells and the good ones would never even go near her house. So there was a good chance the spells would be intact. Her main objective was the recipe for the greatest potion of humiliation ever created. It's supposed to make the drinker feel unbearably humiliated. Once she can learn the recipe, she might be able to find a way to cast the spell directly by using magical energy.
Since she was not so good with potions she needed the help of another person. That person was supposed to be at the festival. He went to the same magic school as she. His name was Cid. He was the best at potions and also the best looking guy in the class. It was rumored that he improved his looks by using potions. But that rumor did not decrease his popularity even a little bit. Cid often wanted to get closer to Lydia, but she intentionally never gave him any importance. She knew that now Cid would do anything to get Lydia's attention. If she could persuade Cid to join her she might get all of Vynira's powers and maybe even teach Cid's girlfriend a lesson for being her rival in beauty.

Lydia looked around for Cid. A good way of locating him would be to find out where most of the young girls were gathered. Cid was likely to be at the centre of that crowd. Lydia saw four girls with dark eyes and hair walking together towards one direction. She guessed that following them may lead her to Cid. As she went closer to them she saw that one of them was carrying a baby who was sucking her thumb and looked as if she wanted to fall asleep. After a while Lydia realized that the four girls were not interested in Cid or any other men at the festival. They were too busy talking to the baby and giggling to themselves. "Must be lesbians." Lydia thought and continued in another direction.
After some walking, Lydia came to the other end of the festival area. There she found a large gathering of girls at the end of a long table. As she expected, Cid was sitting at the centre of the gathering. Some girls were almost sitting on his lap, some were wandering around, too shy to get close, and some were trying to get his attention by just talking. Cid was barely listening or even looking at their faces. He did not seem satisfied with the sizes of their breasts. Then suddenly he noticed Lydia approaching him. He stared at her figure as she moved closer. Lydia took this opportunity to bend down on to the table giving Cid a perfect view of her breasts. Cid's eyes clearly expressed all the lust he was feeling. Lydia moved her face closer to Cid's and almost whispered, "Hello Cid, are you enjoying the festival?" Getting no response she continued, "Can you spare me a few minutes?" It was very difficult for her to speak in such a nice tone.
Cid still did not reply. Lydia put her arms around his neck and pulled him away from the other girls. As she did so, she felt amused by the fact that the girls were boiling with envy and humiliation. Cid completely forgot about them and continued to stare at Lydia's breasts. The view was making his blood boil. She moved her face closer to his and said, "Poor Cid, you look so lonely. Where's Nina?"
Cid tried to come back to reality, "Uh... who?"
Lydia smiled, "Nina. Your girlfriend."
"O, her." Cid suddenly seemed to remember something. "Forget about her, she got mad for no reason at all and walked off somewhere. Last thing she said was something about collecting some flies for her potion or something like that. Can you believe it? She thinks I'm going to spend my whole life with her, as if anyone is worth that much!"
"O, Cid. Forget about her. She can't give you half of what I can give you." Lydia said as she pushed her breasts against Cid's chest making them rise up a bit. Cid stared at them again.
"Yeah... you're right. I was going to leave her anyway."
A moment of silence passed. Then Lydia asked, "You want to touch them?"
"Yeah" Cid said without any hesitation. He almost thought that it was his right to have sex with any women he wanted.
Lydia's face became a bit serious. "You can touch them, but you have to do me a small task first."
"What task?" Cid seemed a bit annoyed.
Lydia replied, "O, its just a small thing..." She then told him of her plan to obtain the spells from Vynira's house.
"That's it! I thought you'd ask for something difficult. Sure I'd help you get the recipes." Cid exclaimed.
"Oh Cid, I knew you'd do it. Let's go."
"What? Right now?"
"Do you want to wait the whole night for these?" Lydia showed her breasts once more.
"Alright let's go now."
Lydia smiled. They started walking together towards the forest.
After they entered it, Lydia said, "If Nina went to collect ingredients she should be in the forest. If we run into her, shouldn't you teach her a lesson for leaving you like that in the festival? No one would know about it." A wicked smile crossed her face.
"Yeah." Cid nodded. "She deserves it."

After a quarter of an hour walk into the forest, Cid and Lydia could feel the silence of the woods. The sound of the festival was just a murmur now, although they could still see the lights if they looked back. They kept walking deeper into the forest. Lydia had produced a glowing ball of light, which not only illuminated the area around them, but also acted like a compass pointing in the direction of Vynira's house.
Suddenly they heard the sound of creating electric sparks coming from a certain direction along with the sound of water and the croaking of frogs. The sound of sparks was not being emitted at regular intervals, so they suspected that it was being caused manually. Curiously, they walked towards the mixture of sounds. The slowly grew louder and at one point, they found themselves in front of a small pond surrounded by tall grass. At one spot at the bank of the pond, the grasses were spread apart. As they moved closer they saw that Nina was sitting at that spot. She was sitting with her feet in the water and a jar containing small stunned insects in her left hand. With her right hand she was shooting off sparks at flies and other insects, which flew by, and transferring their unconscious bodies into the jar. Occasionally, she was also giving electric shocks to frogs and other crawling creatures that she found disturbing. It was obvious that she was expressing her anger towards Cid by hurting defenseless creatures. It was also her habit to torture creatures which she found to be ugly and so she was actually enjoying herself.
Cid decided to spoil her game. He sneaked up behind her and startled her by suddenly calling out her name. Nina jumped out of her seat, dropped the jar onto the grass and almost fell into the water. But she ended up only getting the lower half of her body wet. As Cid chuckled, Nina crawled out of the water and got up. When she saw the grin on Cid's face, she burned with anger.
Nina said, "This is no way to treat someone before you apologize to her. Don't you know absolutely anything?"
"Who said I came to apologize?"
Nina was speechless at first, but then shouted, "What! Then how dare you show your face to me again? You arrogant pig! I'm going to..." Nina got interrupted as she noticed Lydia. Lydia, enjoying Nina's astonished expression, came forward and wrapped her arms around Cid. Nina continued to stare as Cid put his arm around Lydia.
Cid finally said, "I came to tell you that I don't need to anymore, so don't hang around me from now on."
It took Nina a few more seconds to recover from the shock, and when she did, she screamed out, "What the hell! You are leaving me for this slut. Don't you know that she does not even care a bit about you? She is obviously trying to make you do something for her. Can't you see that, you bastard!"
"Well, Nina." Cid said calmly. "She is treating me nicer than you are. Why would I think about her like that? Besides, she isn't making me do anything. She asked for a favor and I am giving it to her. I could have said no if I wanted."
"What? What are you up to, you bitch!"
Cid seemed to be getting impatient. "Shut up! You're the bitch. I'm not going to let you spoil our night together. And if you really must know, we're going to Vynira's house to obtain some recipes of potions."
It took Nina a moment to understand what Cid was saying. When she did she again screamed out, "And you think you can get away with it? They are going to hunt you down as soon as they know about it."
"No one knows we're here. And no one is going to know."
Lydia whispered to Cid, "And no one knows that she is here."
Nina shouted at Lydia, "What are you saying you bitch. Speak up!"
Cid's anger was growing. Lydia noticed it and stroked his chest with her hand and she spoke, "Don't get so angry, darling. She is just jealous. Look, she is becoming green with envy. I bet there's nothing that would make her look more green than she is now."
Cid understood Lydia's hint and said, "O yes there is." And with that he formed a spell in his hand. Nina was not ready for this. As Cid threw the spell at her, Nina, by reflex, cast the last spell she had learned. After Cid's spell had hit her, she realized that the spell she cast was not going to help her all that much. Cid's spell started to cause changes to her body immediately. She felt very hot and started sweating. Fear of unknown started creeping into her mind, as she did not know what spell was cast on her. Lydia increased the intensity of the light, so that they can observe what changes were taking place in Nina's body. The first change that Nina noticed was the change in colour of her skin. They were turning from white to a darker colour. She also seemed to be shrinking. Her clothes felt loose as she saw Cid and Lydia get taller. They eventually became so loose that they fell to the ground. Nina tried to grab them, but found out that she could not close her hands into fists anymore. She covered her breasts and vagina with her hands. She bent down a bit and managed to take a look at her hand. She saw that the fingers were spread apart and webs had formed between them. Her feet no longer fitted into her shoes as they had expanded. She looked at her feet and found them to be larger and also webbed. Realizing what she was turning into, she screamed. Her scream was replied with laughter from Cid and Lydia.
Nina's whole body had changed colour by then. It had taken a dark shade of green. When she heard the laughter of Cid and Lydia, tears formed in her eyes. As the tears slid down her green cheek, she felt her belly expand. She was screaming continuously. She tried to scream even more loudly as she felt that the weight of her belly was pulling her down. Her legs did not seem to be strong enough anymore to take the weight of her body. Her height was at that time at Lydia's hip level. Her view suddenly dropped to Lydia's knee level as she squatted on the ground. Her hands and feet were flat on the ground. She looked at the gigantic figures above her. She was still screaming. The scream was breaking up into deep croaks occasionally. As her belly touched the ground she cried out, "Please, don't do this to me. . I will.. ... I will not tell .... ..." She completely lost her human voice. Cid and Lydia laughed loudly as Nina kept emitting croaks. She was still shrinking. Nina then felt her eyes change position and some other changes in her head before the spell was complete.
Nina looked in front and saw that Lydia's one foot was as big as her whole body. Lydia took out a mirror from inside her dress and held it in front of Nina. Nina saw an ugly dark green frog stare back at her. She could not bear to look at her own reflection. She tried to scream, but ended up emitting more of those coarse croaks. She never felt so helpless and humiliated in her whole life. She wanted to hide somewhere, but as she was not used to her new body yet, her efforts resulted in her hopping in random directions.
Cid said, "See, I told you she can be more green." and they both laughed again at the hopping frog. Lydia put her foot on the frog and kept her fixed on the ground. Nina could feel the hard sole of Lydia's shoe pressing down on her back, keeping her from moving at all. Nina remembered that when she caught frogs for her magic lessons, she used to step on them first in a similar way. Nina emitted loud croaks and struggled in vain to escape. It only brought more laughter. Cid picked up the jar full of insects and commented, "Looks like she collected a lot of flies in such a short time."
Lydia said mockingly, "Looks like she is good at catching flies. You have given her a suitable form." They started laughing again. Nina was astonished by how much tempting the flies in the jar seemed to her. She felt like shooting out her tongue to catch them. She desperately wanted to reduce the humiliation of what she had become, but there was that nothing she could do. After some more laughter, Lydia lifted her foot momentarily. Nina would have sighed with relief if she could. But within seconds, Lydia's foot rushed towards her again and hit her from the side. She felt the ground lose contact with her four legs and belly. She heard Lydia say, "Bye, Nina." After a few moments Nina felt cold water all around her. Lydia had just flicked the frog into the pond with the tip of her shoe.
Nina swam aimlessly for a while in the dark water. The water felt comfortable and she did not need to breathe, which made it even better. But she still felt lost and humiliated. While in the water, her thinking became a bit clearer, and she thought about the one chance she still had of becoming human again. The spell she cast before Cid's spell hit her was not a very useful defensive spell, but it still could give her a small chance of victory. The spell was usually used to transfer another spell directly from one victim to another. Since she had cast it on herself, any spell which had been cast on her after that could be transferred to another person if she could come into physical contact with that person. So if she could make her body come in contact with another human's skin, that person would turn into the frog and she would be herself again. She would just have to swim to the bank and somehow touch Cid or Lydia.
Nina surfaced. Then she looked at the bank. Beyond the tall grass, she could see Cid and Lydia kissing each other. She wished she could turn both of them into frogs, but she knew that her plan would only work on one of them. She swam towards the bank. She crawled up to the slippery bank. Then she realized that the grass on the bank were too tall to jump across and too dense to crawl through. She had to find a way around. Trying to manipulate her new body, Nina hopped along the bank looking for a gap. Then suddenly she felt vibrations in on the ground and looked at Cid and Lydia. She saw that they were walking towards the forest. She desperately hopped around to find a way to get to them. She croaked loudly, but they were completely ignoring her now. If she missed her chance now, she may never be human again. No one usually comes around here and she could be forever stuck as a frog. Her desperate efforts only resulted in her weariness. She did not find any way and Cid and Lydia were gone. Nina thought of going towards the festival, but realized that it would take days for her to reach it. Besides she was too tired for it. She gave up all hope and slowly swam into the pond. She crawled onto a lily pad and sat there exhausted.
Except the sound of crickets and frogs, there were no other sounds around her. After a while she suddenly heard a voice in her head. It said, "No one can escape the judgment of the Fate Orb." She suddenly remembered all the tortures she imposed on small creatures during her life as a human. She realized that she received this fate because of those. She desperately wanted to apologize to someone, but there was no way she could. She felt lonely and lost and wanted to cry like a little girl, but she could only sit on the pad with her exhausted slimy body. The voice was gone. Her croaks joined the croaks of all the other frogs around her.

The sky was beginning to get brighter as Cid and Lydia were moving closer to Vynira's house. Lydia's compass was indicating that they were close. Cid and Lydia were holding hands. To be more accurate, Cid was holding Lydia's hands. Lydia was amused by the fact that Cid was as easy to fool as she thought he would be.
Soon they came to a clearing in the forest and saw the house. It was a small house, smaller than Cid expected it to be. But Lydia was sure there were rooms underground. The door was open and the house seemed to be deserted. They walked in carefully carrying the light with them. There was no sign of struggle or any sort of disorder, which made Lydia believe that no one had attacked Vynira or searched her house for anything. It meant that the spells Lydia was looking for could still be here. Lydia assumed that Vynira accidentally had destroyed herself by some spell.
They started opening all the doors and light up the rooms. They found all the rooms organized. Strangely to them, there were four identical bedrooms. In a fifth bedroom, they found all the items required for taking care of a baby. There were even magical pictures of a baby decorating the room. Lydia assumed that it was set up to show that this place was owned by a harmless woman with a baby, but wondered why would a witch as powerful as Vynira need a cover like that. After searching for a while, they became almost certain that they came to the wrong place. But suddenly, Lydia found a hidden stairway. Naturally, they both went down the stairs. They ended up at a large wooden door. Cid opened them to find a library full of books and scrolls. A look of success appeared on both of their faces. They immediately started going through the books.
A lot of the books contained spells they had already learnt. Some had new, very evil and appealing spells. A wave of power and excitement would flow through them whenever they found a new spell. Sometimes they would both break out in laughter thinking about the victim's agony. Lydia would become overjoyed every time they uncovered something, which involved the victim's humiliation. Eventually, they had covered most of the books, but still had not found the one containing the recipe for the potion of ultimate humiliation. Lydia was beginning to get anxious. What if they couldn't find that recipe? She started getting frustrated as she rummaged through the remaining books to find the recipe.
Cid tried to comfort Lydia, which was a very difficult task for a person with his personality. "Don't worry, it will be here somewhere." Seeing that it had no effect on Lydia, Cid said, "And if it isn't here, we still have found a lot of powerful spells. Why would you need that one recipe when you have these?"
Lydia did not answer. She was not paying much attention to what Cid was saying. She was thinking that if they did not find the recipe here tonight, she would need Cid's help later on. She was already tired of being nice to Cid. She had to find another way to make him work for her.
Cid was getting impatient and bored. He wanted to grab hold of Lydia and show her how dominant he was. But since getting Lydia was so difficult, he did not want to risk losing her so soon. So he controlled himself. Lydia suddenly relieved him from this pressure. She said, "Cid, you're right. We have found enough. Why don't you look for a suitable place for our tonight's little games, while I look for a new spell to make our games more exciting? Don't forget to look in the rooms we've left out before. "Lydia started looking for spells related to sexual acts. Cid's eyes lit up and he went off immediately.
Lydia was looking at all the sexual spells carefully. She needed some way to force Cid to work for her and she had to use sex for it, otherwise Cid would get suspicious.
Cid had looked at all the bedrooms. They seemed too simple and comfortable for his tastes. He wanted something more special, which he could use to express his dominance properly. He then went back downstairs and passed through the library where Lydia was still looking for a spell. He walked over to the other side where a door led to the rooms, which they haven't searched before. Opening the door, Cid stepped in and found himself in a laboratory. It was full of all sorts of apparatus for preparation of any potion that existed. He quickly glanced around, but he could not find any notes or books. He was hoping he could find the potion of ultimate humiliation in here. Slightly disappointed, he walked over to the other side of the room where another set of stairs led down into the darkness. He walked passed the stairway and found himself in a dungeon. It was the biggest he had ever seen in his life. It was perfect for his plans. Just thinking of the ways he could torture Lydia in this dungeon was arousing him. Waiting no longer, he hurried towards the stairs.
He stopped as the door opened before he could reach it. In the doorway, stood Lydia with a strange glow around her. She had stripped off most of her clothes, and was standing in her under garments clinging tightly to her figure. Cid could not take his eyes off her breasts. They looked more appealing than ever. He wanted to rush and grab them, but only stood still as Lydia approached him. He only muttered, "I found the perfect place. He pointed at the torture equipments all around him. Lydia approached him and caressed his face with her hand, which was emitting a pink glow. Cid felt his penis instantly become rigid as she did this.
Lydia whispered, "We don't need them, I have found something which is far more effective than all these put together." Cid could not respond as he stared at Lydia's breasts, which had suddenly become more appealing. Lydia moved her arms across his body, stretched up and kissed him. Cid suddenly felt this energy pass into him from Lydia and he felt weak as the arousal was too much. He dropped to the ground with an orgasm with Lydia on top of him. As his penis ejaculated, Lydia continued to kiss him while slowly stripping him. There was only a moment's break between the ejaculation and the next arousal. Cid felt even weaker. He had never felt like this before in his life, but he was enjoying it and wanted it never to stop. Both Lydia and Cid were naked by then. Cid saw a mirror on the ceiling was showing their reflection. As Lydia covered his penis with her vagina, Cid kept ejaculating into her and closed his eyes with the intensity of the pleasure. He realized that he could not think properly anymore. It was making him weaker every moment, but he wanted it to go on and on. This was better than any sex he had ever had. He also realized that he had started feeling new sensations all over his body. They were making him scream with pleasure, but he was too weak to stop it. In fact, he still did not want it to stop.
When it finally did stop, Cid felt that Lydia had absorbed all his strength and half of his body mass. In spite of his weak state, he still muttered, "Why did you stop?"
"Don't worry Cid, its starting again."
And it did start again. Cid could not move anymore. He was still screaming. He thought he heard Lydia scream louder than him. But he was too exhausted to look. More new sensations spread through his body. Soon after a few more ejaculations he passed out.

Meanwhile, the witch sisters, Katria, Drusina, Lygine and Gyrina were returning home with their baby turned mother, Vynnie (formerly Vynira), cradled in Gyrina's arms. It was dawn. They had been attending the festival all night, showing baby Vynnie all the different ways people were celebrating her fall. The baby blushed most of the time, but she had learned to accept her fate. Vynnie was now falling asleep.
At a point along their path, the witch sisters took some rest at the base of a tree. Gyrina needed to collect some ingredients for her potions. It had become her favorite area after she started learning magic. While the other three were resting, Gyrina went off to collect those ingredients.
There was a pond nearby which was a great source for organic ingredients. When Gyrina reached the pond, she found a jar lying about, which was already full of various insects. It seemed strange at first that someone would leave something like that along with some scattered clothing, and Gyrina suspected that the jar might be cursed. She tested the jar for curses, but could not find any. She decided to take it with her. She also needed some larger creatures, and she started looking for them. When she looked at the pond, the first creature she spotted was a large frog sitting on a lily pad. She used her magic to draw the lily pad closer to the bank. When it was within her reach she grabbed the frog.
Suddenly she felt something warm pass from the frog to her hand. The feeling was familiar. She used to feel it before whenever Vynira passed a curse to Gyrina from one of her sisters. She could very easily tell what the curse was in this case, but before she could scream the curse had passed into her. She changed into a frog while the frog changed into a girl.
Gyrina was not scared of such a simple curse. If her sisters could figure out which spell was used, they could easily reverse it. She was more scared thinking about what this girl might do to her. She so shocked by the tower-like figure of the girl in front of her, that she could not move at first. Her fear decreased when she realized that the girl was not trying to harm her. Gyrina was actually surprised when the girl started being sympathetic towards her.

Half an hour later, Nina had come out of the forest. She was so relieved to be removed of Cid's curse that she wanted to dance with joy. She had decided never to harm small creatures again. On her way back, she even released the insects she captured the previous night. She was thinking of going for other areas of magic from now on, those involving defense and healing. She was also glad to leave the forest. This was because she found out who the girl who touched her was. Nina put a spell on the frog to enable her to communicate with a human voice, and she found out that she was a daughter of the witch Vynira. She was a bit scared when she found out that Vynira's daughters were the ones responsible for her downfall. She had then told the frog the whole incident that took place the previous night. After that she left as quickly as possible from the spot. Nina hoped that the frog believed her and that her sisters would go after Cid instead of Nina after they found out what had really happened.

When Lydia woke up the next morning, Cid was still asleep. She was amused by looking at how she had changed Cid. He was still not aware of it. Lydia smiled to herself thinking about the expression on Cid's face when he would realize what had been done to him. Lydia got up and started looking for other ways to persuade him completely to help her with the potion. She found the perfect dungeon apparatus to make Cid feel humiliated enough for her amusement. It would also cause him to be ready to do anything for her. She would just turn him into a completely submissive slave.
Cid was still asleep when the witch sisters arrived. Katria, Drusina and Lygine were carrying Vynnie and Gyrina. They had followed the trails of Cid and Lydia right up to the dungeon. After a few confused exchanges of words, Lydia understood that these three girls were the present inhabitants of the house and the sisters understood that this was the witch Lydia whom Nina told Gyrina about. Katria asked, "Where is this Cid you were with?"
Lydia was surprised that they knew so much. She said, "That's him sleeping."
The sisters noticed Cid. "Did you do that to him?"
"Yes." Lydia said smiling. "But how do you know him? Were you looking for us? How come you live in this house?"
Drusina said, "He turned a girl into a frog last night. That spell had been transferred to one of my sisters and so we need to know which spell he used before we can reverse it."
Lydia was a bit disappointed that Nina had managed to come out of the spell so soon.
Drusina continued, "We are the daughters of Vynira. She was making our life a living hell, and so..."
Lygine finished the sentence, "we decided that she needed discipline. This is her." Lygine bounced the baby in her arms as she said this. Little Vynnie blushed as Lydia looked at her astonished. It was very humiliating to be looked on like that by a person who could have been one of her victims if she hadn't been turned into a baby.
Lydia was shocked. She could not really disbelieve Lygine, because the settings of the house, the room with the things for a baby, and the reactions of the baby all seemed to support her story. Lydia started feeling a bit scared. If these girls could do what they claimed to have done to one of the most powerful witches in the world, then that's a good reason to be afraid of them. She decided that it would be a good idea to cooperate with these witches. She did not care about Cid anymore. She also decided that when she started becoming more evil, she would not have any relatives living with her for safety reasons. Keeping her daughters in the same house was the mistake made by Vynira.
By that time, Cid was awake and he had heard some of the conversation. He was still feeling a bit dizzy and did not actually realize the danger he was in. He also did not realize that Lydia was only thinking of finding a way to save herself only. Cid got up and moved towards Lydia and the witches unsteadily. He still had not noticed the changes that had been caused in his body by Lydia.
While stared at the group with half closed eyes, he heard Lydia set up a bargain with the witches. Lydia agreed to force Cid to tell them which spell he had used last night. In exchange, the witches would allow Lydia to leave unharmed. Lydia thought that she would humiliate Cid as much as he deserved and the Fate Orb would not interfere. She had done this her whole life, giving people as much as they deserved, and the Fate Orb did nothing. So she expected to get away with it this time also. The witches were actually relieved that they did not have to do anything themselves. They thought that it was still too risky for them to carry out an evil act without having proper protection from the Fate Orb.
Cid could not believe this at first. How did Lydia dare to go against him just like that? He could do something to Lydia worse than what he did to Nina the previous night. He hadn't heard that these witches were Vynira's daughters. He did not think why Lydia was so scared of them. He was not thinking properly anymore due to the anger he was feeling. He shouted, "I'll never tell you anything!"
Cid was shocked to hear how his voice had changed. Confused, he took a step back and for the first time in the morning, examined himself. He began to notice the changes in his body. His hands were smaller. The whole body seemed different. His skin was smoother. The sisters giggled softly as they watched Cid, and then trying to sound threatening they said to Lydia, "Alright, you have one hour. If you can learn which spell he used by then, you we will allow you to go. Otherwise, we will take over and you will pay along with him." Then they left, closing the dungeon door behind them. They were hoping that they did not need to take over. It would be better if they did not have to anger the Fate Orb at all.
Cid's slow brain had finally realized what had been done to him. He now had the body of an almost eighteen-year-old girl. He had breasts. He could also feel that other organs of his body had changed also. He was a complete girl.
Lydia stepped up to Cid. Cid noticed that Lydia was now a bit taller. Cid said in a trembling high-pitched voice, "Why? Why did you do this to me?"
"Did what?"
"Did what! What do you mean did what? Why did you change me into a girl?"
Lydia smiled, "Oh, that. It's more suitable for you. And besides, why are you complaining now? You let me do it last night."
Cid understood that she was so 'aware' of the pleasure Lydia was giving, that she did not notice the spells put on her. The worse part was that her mind was being affected as well. She wanted to cry like a girl, but she did not want Lydia to know about it. She tried to suppress the humiliation she was feeling inside.
Lydia said, "Aww, 'Cindy', don't try to suppress it. It will only make it worse."
'Cindy' cried out, "I'm Cid!" and with that a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Come on Cindy. Cid is not the name of a girl. Cindy suits you better."
Cindy tried to burn Lydia to ashes by throwing a fireball at her, but she became suddenly that she had lost her magical maturity. Lydia had reduced her age to less than 18, last night when she was too busy with her orgasms. Cindy felt rage fill her mind. She rushed at Lydia to try to hit her. She was tempted to grab Lydia's hair and scratch her face. Lydia just looked at Cindy with a glow in her eyes and raised her hand. Cindy felt weak and could not advance anymore. She again felt as if something was being taken away from her. She slowly lost her age until she became a 17 year old. She realized that she was now a slightly shorter than before.
Lydia grinned at her, "Don't try it Cindy, you cannot do anything to me. I took care of everything. I had put several spells on you last night. You didn't notice at all."
"But why?" Cindy didn't try to stop her tears at all this time. She felt humiliated as they continuously flowed down her cheeks, but she could do nothing to stop it. She still tried to hide them with her hands, thinking that Lydia would not notice.
But Lydia did notice and expressed it by laughing out loudly. It made Cindy cry louder with head bowed with embarrassment. She could not believe that she had become the helpless creature she used to dominate as Cid. She asked again trying to ignore the shame, "Why did you do this to me? Why are you afraid of these witches? I could have easily helped you defeat them."
Lydia seemed a bit annoyed. "I'm not afraid of them. Although I should be, since they are the daughters of Vynira and are also the ones responsible for Vynira's downfall. I would rather be on their side than yours."
"They are Vynira's daughters!" Cindy was so shocked that she had stopped crying.
"Yes they are. Nina had somehow managed to transfer her curse to one of them and they need to know which curse you used. So I decided to help them and give you what you deserve at the same time."
Cindy was quiet for a while. During this time Lydia had dragged her to a dungeon apparatus shaped like a box. Cindy noticed that it had chains for tying the limbs of a victim and also openings to expose the victim's breasts, genitals and butt. She could guess that it was mainly used to humiliate the victim. Cindy did not panic. She still tried to calmly convince Lydia to let her go. "Lydia, you don't need to be so afraid of the witches. I'm sure if we work together, we can defeat them."
"What makes you think that I want to escape with you little Cindy?"
"Its the best thing to do. Do you think that the witches are going to let you go just like that if you tell them which spell I had used?"
"Maybe not, but I'll think of something. You don't have to worry your little head with that problem."
"Lydia please, listen. It's better for the both of us if we escape now. Please change me back to what I was."
"It may be better for BOTH of us, but if I follow my plan, it’s better for me only. So I'll follow that."
Cindy was getting a bit frustrated. "What if I told you the spell and then we both get out of here."
"Yes Cindy, you will tell me which spell you used, but I'll still give you your punishment."
Cindy could not stay calm anymore. "Why! Why can't you understand what I'm trying to say? Why are you doing this to me you bitch!"
"That's it, Cindy! I'm going to torture you right now."
Cindy was furious. "No you can't do this to me. I'm the... I'm the man. I'm stronger... than you!"
"O really, Cindy?" Lydia laughed.
Cindy realized how silly she sounded and started panicking. She tried to run towards the door, but Lydia pushed her to the apparatus behind her. Cindy was easily knocked back. She cried out, "No wait. I'm sorry. Please don't tie me up in that."
Lydia said, "No, Cindy. You will tie yourself up." Lydia's eyes showed that glow again and Cindy's body started working on its own. She found herself getting into the device and tying her legs with the chains. She could not stop it. The only thing she could do voluntarily was cry. Soon both her legs were tied. Lydia then approached her and started tying her arms. While she did that she said, "Do you realize what I'm going to do to you, Cindy?"
Cindy cried out, "Whatever you do, I'm not telling you which spell I used. I'll make the witches be angry on you for not being able to get the information. Then they will torture YOU for wasting their time!"
"No one can resist what I'm going to put you through Cindy."
Both of Cindy's arms were tied up by then. The box rotated until Cindy was held vertically. Cindy regained control over her body, but still could not move an inch because of the chains. She cried loudly and pleaded, while Lydia slowly stripped her. Cindy was shocked to find that she was feeling shy as she was stripped. She did not want Lydia to see her naked. Lydia smiled and said, "You are confused about what you are feeling? Don't worry, it happens when you are sixteen."
"But I'm not..." Cindy stopped as she realized that she had lost one more year. "Please don't do that." She cried again.
"Why Cindy, are you afraid that boys would not like you if you get too young?" Lydia said laughing.
Cindy stopped crying and was horrified to find that Lydia was right. She was afraid that she would be too flat for boys to get attracted to. She answered in a trembling voice, "No... Its not that."
"Yes, it is Cindy. But I've got some news for you. You do not have big breasts to begin with. And take a look at your face." Lydia took out her mirror and held it in front of Cindy. Cindy saw a the reflection of a girl whom she would have never went near if she was still Cid. Lydia continued, "I've put a spell which would keep you unattractive for your whole life."
"Noooo ho ho!" Cindy cried again. She felt emptiness inside her. She wanted to be held by someone, but she felt shy and not worthy of anyone's attention. She could visualize situations where she was ignored and rejected by all.
"And also put something else to spice up the curse. You have become a bisexual. Throughout your life you would have desires for both girls and boys and would always get rejected by them." Lydia walked up to Cindy and bent forward a little, exposing her breasts. Cindy felt even more attracted to them than before. At the same time, she was also thinking of a man's body. She could feel herself getting aroused. She felt fear grip her mind and her fury returning again.
Cindy yelled, "You bitch! Just you wait until I get my hands on you. I'm going to cut your breasts out and pluck your eyeballs." She struggled with the chains, but they only held her more tightly.
Lydia held Cindy's chin and wagged a finger in front of her face. "A-ah, you should not let such violent thoughts enter your fifteen year old brain.
Cindy screamed, "Noo, don't!" but it was too late. She had been reduced to a fifteen year old. She felt the chains loosen a bit but it was not enough to free her. Lydia let go of Cindy's face. She looked down and saw that her breasts had become a little smaller than before. At sixteen her stomach showed a little bit of fat. Now that had increased. Cindy somehow realized that she would get chubbier as she got younger. She probably would be teased for this during the whole of her childhood, if she were regressed back to that age. Cindy started crying again. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, Lydia laughed. The thought of letting Lydia know about the spell crossed Cindy's mind once. But she quickly brushed it away. She had to hold on until the time is up. Then the witches will return and punish Lydia for not getting the information. Cindy tried to stop crying.
When Lydia's laughter stopped, she took a step back and closed the lid of the box Cindy was tied in. Cindy gave a scream as the box was closed. The lid had holes in it for Cindy's breasts, vagina and face. Cindy could feel an opening being created at the back of the box for her butt. The width of the box magically decreased, so that Cindy was tightly held inside with her breasts and butt cheeks sticking out of the box. The lid was also exposing her face. Cindy found that she could not turn her head anymore. She could only look in front and so her view had become very limited. She could still open her mouth wide enough to talk or scream. She sobbed and waited to see what Lydia was going to do next.
Cindy could not see Lydia in front of her, so she assumed she was behind. Then she heard her voice, "That's perfect." Lydia was behind and Cindy could guess what she was going to do. She tried to pull her butt back into the box, but they still remained sticking out. Lydia slapped them hard. Cindy felt her face and ears become hot with embarrassment. It had even made her stop sobbing. Before she could make any protests, Lydia had hit her butt three more times. At the last two hits, Cindy felt the pain. She winced and said, "Stop. Please."
Lydia did not pay attention. She only giggled as she continued to spank Cindy. Cindy screamed and struggled with every slap of Lydia's hand. She had never felt so helpless in her life. She cried and pleaded Lydia to let her go but the punishment continued and the pain kept increasing, "Please Lydiaaa... Noooo... Stooop... Noohohoho... Owwww... That huuurts... Staaaahap... Aaaaaaah... Aaahahaaa... Nooaaah... Plehehese... Aaaaa... Aaaahaha... Naaaaah... Aaaaaaah..." At the end, she was just crying. She understood that there was nothing else that she could do. Lydia laughed all the time as she saw Cindy's butt becoming red and trying to wiggle away in vain from her slaps. When she heard nothing else but cries from Cindy, she slowed down to a stop and walked to the front of the box.
Cindy cries died down to sobs. Her face was wet with tears and almost as red as apples. She could still feel the pain. She wanted to lessen it by rubbing her behind with her hands, but since her hands were tied, she had to bear the pain. Lydia smirked and said, "Now, are you sorry for treating girls like your playthings or do I need to spank you some more?"
Cindy tried to shake her head, but as it was fixed to the box, she could only whisper between her sobs, "Yes, I am sorry."
"I didn't hear you." Lydia said as she slapped her own hands together.
Cindy cried out, "Yes, yes! I am sorry."
"Can you understand what they felt when you treated them like toys?"
"Yes." Cindy was not really paying attention. She was just trying to get Lydia satisfied with her answers.
"Remember how you treated fourteen year old girls back when you were sixteen as Cid? Remember, how you teased them about having flat breasts?"
This time Cindy actually remembered. She remembered pushing young adolescent girls away as Cid, when they wanted his attention. She remembered all the names she called them as sixteen-year-old Cid. She suddenly felt something other than the pain. The feeling was very same she had been feeling now and then from the morning. She cried, "Noooo!" as she became a fourteen year old.
"No? You don't remember? Maybe this will help." Lydia said.
Cindy felt herself shrink again and ended up as a thirteen year old. "Yes! Yes! I remember. Please stop!" Cindy started sobbing again. Her breasts had become so small that she could not see them anymore by looking down.
"Looks like no boy or girl would like you anymore flat Cindy." Lydia said grinning. Cindy cried softly. The openings for Cindy's breasts closed automatically as they were not needed anymore. Cindy crying increased a bit as she thought about how she would be treated by a boy like Cid. As far as she knew, no boys liked a girl of her age. She would have to wait for two years to get a little bit of attention.
While Cindy cried, Lydia decided to take a break and sat down on a table nearby. Cindy kept thinking about her breasts and the treatment she would receive and was also getting thoughts about what more horrible humiliation Lydia might put her through. And so, she was finding it hard to stop crying. She was getting quite used to crying by now. It felt natural to her, although at the back of her mind she knew that she was a tough 27-year-old man just yesterday. These thoughts caused her to feel more humiliated and hence increased the crying.
Lydia was enjoying every second of it. Then she had another idea. She walked up to the dungeon door and called out to the witches. Cindy got startled a bit, thinking that she was being handed over to the witches. She wanted Lydia to fail, not give up, although she did not know how much more of this she could take. One of the sisters appeared at the door and Lydia asked for something. Cindy could not hear what it was, mainly due to her own sobs. Lydia gave an intimidating look at Cindy, which made Cindy look away in fear. Her mind filled up with horrifying imaginations about what Lydia had in store for her. She was quite relieved to see that the objects the witch gave to Lydia were only two books and some feathers. Cindy heard the witch say, "You have only half an hour left. Remember, we will not tolerate failure." Cindy felt like crying loudly again as she thought about tolerating the tortures for another whole thirty minutes.
Lydia walked over to the table and started reading through the pages of the book. Cindy tried to see what the book was about, but could not turn her head in that direction. Soon Lydia seemed to have found what she was looking for. Then she walked towards Cindy, with a grin on her lips. Lydia turned the box until it was horizontal. Cindy was breathing heavily with fear as the box turned. After the box stopped turning, Cindy was facing the ceiling with the mirror. She could see her whole naked flat chubby body as Lydia opened the box. Cindy twisted her face as she looked at herself. Then Lydia started chanting. Cindy did not recognize the spell, which made her more scared. When Lydia finally released the spell upon her she felt some tingling sensation on her skin, but nothing more. Then Lydia pressed something on the side of the box, and Cindy felt her chains pull at her arms and legs. Openings appeared on the sides of the box, and the box got a little shorter until Cindy's hands and feet went through the openings and were exposed to the outside of the box. The chains have pulled her arms in such a way so that her armpits were exposed as well. Then Lydia closed the box. Cindy felt an opening at her belly. The lid of the box stuck tightly with her large belly exposing a round section of it to the outside air.
Cindy started checking herself. She did not feel too uncomfortable. She wondered what Lydia was up to. By that time, Lydia had set up some other objects around the box. Cindy could not see what they were. Then Lydia's face appeared in front of her. She said, "Well, Cindy. Are you going to tell me what spell you used or do I have to torture you further?"
Cindy hesitated at first. Then asked, "What did you do to me?"
"I've put a spell on you which would make you lose one month of age with every drop of sweat you lose from your body. And I'm going to torture you so that you do lose a lot of sweat."
Cindy was scared. She did not want to get any younger. Then she thought that getting younger would not make her any less attractive than she already was. She was still hesitating when Lydia said, "Well, let me demonstrate first."
With that, Lydia pressed something at the box's side. Cindy realized suddenly what those objects were. They were the feathers. Cindy screamed out as one of the feathers started tickling her right foot. She struggled with the chains with all her strength and laughter followed the scream. Lydia pressed another feather and it started tickling her left foot. Cindy was struggling in vain. She could only move her toes and her hands, which were doing nothing to reduce the tickling. She was screaming and laughing at the top of her voice. Lydia whispered to her ears, "It will stop if you say that you will tell me the spell."
Cindy screamed, "I... HA HA HA... I will tell you the spell... HA HA HA HA." The feathers stopped. Cindy gasped for breath as Lydia brought her ear near her mouth. Cindy was still not going to give up. She knew about three types of spells, which could transform a person. She would just give Lydia the wrong spell. She whispered, "I... I used the Meerian spell."
Cindy held her breath as Lydia looked at her in disbelief. Lydia shook her head and said, "No Cindy, it couldn't have been a Meerian spell. Meerian spells give out a bluish glow and produce a sound. Your spell gave a white glow and was silent. It had to be one of the four Xavier spells. Now tell me which one was it. Don't lie this time or else." Lydia finished by pinching Cindy's cheek.
Cindy winced at the pain at her cheek and felt like kicking herself. How could she have forgotten that Lydia was there with her and she had seen the spell. Cindy did not know that there were four Xavier spells. She knew about only two. Now it would be even harder to give Lydia the false spell. She would be too alert. She started panicking again and stuttered as she said, "Well... yeah, it was... uh... the Loc Xavier spell."
"Really?" Lydia asked with an intimidating tone.
"Y-Yeah... it was... actually it was the Xan Xavier... I mean..." Cindy felt like crying again. She felt scared and helpless under Lydia's stern gaze.
Lydia said, "Alright, that's it. You need more punishment. This time I'll punish you continuously for fifteen minutes. I won't stop no matter how much you beg. This will teach you to be an obedient little girl."
Cindy pleaded and cried, but Lydia just switched on all the feathers. Lydia watched Cindy being tortured for two minutes. Then she opened the box, so that Cindy could watch herself being tortured, and walked over to the door to call the witches. When she got there she discovered that the witches had forgotten to lock the door when they gave her the book. She opened it and the thought of escaping without Cindy crossed her mind. She thought more about it as she went upstairs. As she approached the library door, she heard the voices of the witches inside. She eavesdropped on their conversation.
Listening to the witches talk amongst themselves, Lydia got the impression that the witches were not as powerful as they sounded at first. They have not learned much spell as their mother kept them away from spell books all throughout their lives. They only succeeded in getting the upper hand, as their mother was unprepared. The more Lydia thought about all the events that took place from morning, the more she got convinced that the witches were amateurs. They were reluctant to torture Cindy themselves. They kept them locked up in the dungeon, which showed that they were afraid of Lydia. Even after that, they forgot to lock the door when they gave the book. Lydia could easily defeat these careless and amateur witches. She was sure they could never reverse the transformation spell without her help. She could make them reveal all the hidden places in the house where the powerful spells are stored (Lydia was still sure that the recipe of potion for ultimate humiliation was in the house somewhere). And then she could turn all of them into frogs. As she listened to the witches brag about how they tortured and belittled their transformed mother, Lydia was sure that she could get away with it. Forming a new plan in her mind, Lydia came down to the dungeon.
Once down there, she laughed at the state Cindy was in. She had already formed the plan. She would initiate it once Cindy's punishment was complete and she had found out which spell had been used. She acted as if the door was locked and called out to the witches. One of them came down and showed a little bit of shock when she saw that the door was not locked. This convinced Lydia that her plan would work wonderfully. She told the witch to bring another book. It was actually completely useless. She just wanted to see the shocked expression on the witch's face. Satisfied with the confirmation of the witches' carelessness and fear, Lydia turned her attention to Cindy again.
When Lydia switched on the feathers, Cindy felt her body try to jump out of the box. But that only made the chains tighter than before. Two feathers tickled her feet, two tickled her belly from two sides, two tickled her exposed armpits from inside the box and three more tickled her neck from two sides and front. These are the ones she noticed during the first second. The next second she realized that there were four more feathers. Two were tickling the sensitive spots below the knees and two more were tickling her sides. She laughed and screamed as loudly as possible. "NOOAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... NAAHAHAHAHAH HA HA HA HA... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AAAAAAAAAA... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... STAAAAAHAHAHAP... HA HA HA HA HA LYDEEEEAHAHAHAHA..."
She could not move any part of her body no matter how hard she tried. She could not even bend her neck down to prevent the feathers at the neck from tickling. Her head was held firmly at a fixed position. Her eyes remained closed as she screamed and laughed, but she could sense that Lydia was standing about two feet away grinning at her. All the struggle was making her sweat and she knew that she was already getting younger. She wanted to cry, but she was being forced to laugh and there was nothing that she could do to prevent it. After what seemed like a long time to her, Cindy could open her eyes a bit, in between the gasps, laughs and screams. She could see that her face was red and sparkling with sweat. She could see the feathers, which were outside the box, floating in the air while they tickled her. She tried to give Lydia a begging look, but the laughters kept interrupting it. "LYDAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA PLEEAAAAAAA HA HA HA." It was no use.
Finally, she saw Lydia approach the box. She was relieved. She thought she would be freed in a moment, and so closed her eyes and tried to bear the last bit of her torture. She was completely ready to tell Lydia everything she wanted to know. But the tickling did not decrease completely. Cindy felt a cold rush of air and opened her eyes to find that the lid of the box had been opened. She could see her chubby little body in the mirror above. She had lost another year and was now 12 years old. The tickling had decreased a bit because some of the feathers were readjusting themselves to the now open box. When Lydia started walking towards the door, Cindy realized that the punishment was going to continue. She was sure she could not bear any more of this. She screamed and pleaded at the top of her voice, while she could. "NOOOOO, PLEASE! COME BAAAHAHACK! I'LL AAAAAAHAHA... IAH HA HA HA HA HA." The feathers started tickling her more than before, since the box was now open. "AAAAAAA NAAAAAAA HA HA HA AAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA..." It was now more unbearable than before if that is possible. Before she closed her eyes, Cindy saw in the mirror that her laughter was sending ripples through her chubby body like a big mass of jelly. The other kids probably would call her “Miss Jelly” when she went to school. She just hoped she didn't get younger than school age. In spite of the intense tickling a part of her mind could picture the humiliation she would have to go through in school. The other parts of her mind were busy trying to count the passing seconds.
After a while her laughter became silent with the increasing intensity of torture as the feathers tickled her mercilessly. There were long gaps between her gasps during which she felt suffocated but could not take a breath. Minutes seemed like hours. The dreadful thought of Lydia escaping without her crossed her mind. But she wasn't worried about the witches. She just wanted this tickling to stop. It seemed that anything was better than this. She was getting younger and smaller. The feathers felt bigger. They were giving longer strokes than before. The younger she got the worse it became. Cindy wanted to go mad. She thought that she would become insane any moment. But the moment was not coming. The chains were still adjusting themselves with her size. The sweat covered slippery body of Cindy was not loosening them a bit. Cindy wondered how young she had become. She still could not open her eyes to see herself. If she did she would be have been horrified to see her image in the mirror which looked like a pink mass of shaking jelly.
Cindy finally heard Lydia come back and she was overjoyed inside. She wanted to call her, but her mouth was too busy gasping for breath. Lydia was saying something to one of the witches. Cindy could not pay attention to their conversation. After a while Cindy heard Lydia say, "Awww, poor Cindy." It was music to her ears. She forced her eyes open a bit and saw a hazy image of a huge grinning Lydia.
Lydia realized looking at the six-year-old Cindy that she had had enough. Lydia slowly stopped the feathers one at a time. Cindy looked like she had taken a bath in a tub full of hot water. She panted and gasped for breath as the tickling finally stopped. She sobbed and the tears were easily flowing down her already wet face. Lydia said, "Well, are you going to tell me now?"
Cindy nodded. She was too weak to speak. After half a minute, Cindy opened her eyes. What she saw in the mirror made her start crying immediately. A six-year-old chubby naked girl with a fat face. It was more likely that her name would be "Miss Toad" instead of "Miss Jelly". Cindy cried like the little girl she had become.
Lydia reached out and lifted Cindy by her armpits. Cindy's legs dangled two feet above the ground. She felt like a little doll. She wanted to be put down, but was too afraid to object. She just stared at Lydia and cried