The Meaning of Freedom{Chapter1 Phase1}[InnocentGult]

submitted by InnocentGuilt - Jul 6, 2002

This is going to be a mental AR. I might make it a actual AR depending on how the developement goes. So hope you enjoy what happens when Kenny meets Jenny.

Chapter1 Phase1

For every person the fourth of july means one thing and that is Freedom. However for Kenny freedom didn't come that easy. You see our friend kenny lived a life of fame and fortune. He is a actor on a soap opera show that is viewed by millions of lonely women that ignore their children and relatives just to view a handsome guy in clothes.

His story however unlike the character he plays is a much different. Lots of times he would sit and ponder just how his journey's in life had taken him to this point. For you see, His mother was a shoe maker and his father was a out of work writer. Kenny was the middle child of the family. Stuck in between a brother who entered college, but never made it past the first year. He's now working at a gas station in some out of the way town that nobody has ever heard of before. His younger sister is currently on the right cycle, but her friends keep trying to bring her to the wrong path. It seems that no youth is safe from the peer pressure of friends now a days.

As crazy as it sounds, this didn't stop Kenny from reaching the top of the ladder. Sweat, late nights reviews of old plays and story's, courses in acting, and finally being discovered by a hollywood agent is what brought Kenny to his latest acting job. This Job lead Kenny to became a house hold name. Woman loved the idea of having one night with him; while their husbands hated his guts for making them look bad. This was the life of a actor and the price of fame.

Their was a lady however that didn't understand Kenny was just a actor. Her name was Jenny. Now jenny was your average middle age woman. Her dresses were arranged in fashion between 1930's and 1940's. To her the old clothes of yesterday was proper and idealistic look for a lady her age. She believed a woman's job was to raise a family. However, because her clothes and style of dressing were so out of date and out of fashion no man wanted her. This lead her to a lonely life. She lived in a old house that was secluded from the rest of the world. It lay dormant on top of the country side. The view from the place was outstanding. To her left was a small lake that had once been part of a great river till beavers had damned it up. In front of the house was a old pebble stone road that lead to a dirt road. When it rained or flooded the road was impossible to use. To Jenny it wasn't a problem since the only time she left the house was to buy food and other supply's. To the right was a small pebble stone pathway that lead to the family graveyard. 10 generations of her family had been berried inside the graveyard. The last to be berried was her mother. With her mothers passing Jenny inherited the family property and all the other treasures that had been passed down. This gave her a small fortune to live off of. In the back of the house was a garden. Jenny used to play their as a child with her mother. It was a pleasant place, but as the time grew and she grew it became a place of tears. This was her place to escape all of lifes troubles. When she escaped their she would leave the world behind and just cry.

Inside the house was a different story. A maid, one male servant, and a doorman were part of the crew that kept the house running. It was their job to make sure that Jenny's every want and need was met. To Jenny they were the only family she had left. They helped her through the hard times and the good times. The maid's name was Lilly. Her parents named her Lilly after the first flower they had ever seen. They used to tell their daughter story's about fields of red roses, dandy lions, and sunflowers as far as the eye could see. The sun would shine down from the heaven. These were what provided the fuel and hope for her parents to cross the border. It was as if the God's had open up the heaven and given them a gift of hope to make their journey's have reason and logic. That's how her father always explained her mystery's birth right after arriving in a new country. Jenny's mother had hired Lilly's parents to work at the house when Lilly was just a baby. The two of them grew up together like sisters. When it came time for Lilly to start working it was only natural that Jenny hire her on.

The Servant of the house name was Jacob. It was his job to maintain the needs and wants of Jenny. He would drive her to town when she needed to go get supply's. Another part of his job was to make sure that Jenny's clothes were out and ready when she needed them. He also prepared the meals for her too. In Jenny's eye's Jacob was the father figure she never had. For you see Jenny had lost her father at a very young age. All that was left of her father was a few pictures her mother had kept and his clothes which still lined the closet. She never could pull herself together and throw them away. Jacob dared not throw them away because of the fear for his job. So the clothes stayed in the closet collecting dust. Only to be brought out when Jenny felt depressed or sad.

The doorman's name was John. John was younger then Jenny. He had come to work for Jenny because his family was sick and needed the money. After a few years of working with her he became the little brother that Jenny never had. She would try out her new outfits in front of John. Always asking him for his o-pion of how she looked. If John gave the wrong answer to her she would dismiss him. If he gave the right answer to her then she would allow John the night off. Being the bright boy that he is, he soon pick up and always answered with a smile.

With these people Jenny's whole world was complete or was it? Sure she had the father that she never truly had, the sister that never was truly hers, and a brother that wasn't really a brother; but. what she didn't have was a child to call her own.

Some girls might say they don't want to ever have children, but that just isn't so. You see females have what is called a biological clock. It ticks away every minute of their life. In a ironic way you might even say that this clock is God's little way of insuring the human race goes on. In Jenny's case it was no different. Her's was ticking away. Reminding her that she was growing older. It brought out that want or yarn for a child. She wanted a daughter of her own. However the sad truth was she couldn't have children due to physical problems.

This brought her up on a hobby that soon would control her life. A certain soap opera that's plots involved certain young and handsome actor swiping women off her feet. That certain young actor that she feel in love with was Kenny himself. She soon found herself sending love letter's only to get rejection notices back. Each one saying,”We are happy that you enjoy the show, but please remember that Kenny is only a actor. At the moment he is not looking for a girlfriend.”

This was common type of thing for fans to receive from a actor. They were high above them and on different levels then their fans. They didn't want anything to do with them. It was the last rejection that set her off. Towards the bottom she read,” P'S. Instead of writing these annoying letters that are so childish. Why don't you go be a good little girl and play with your dolls instead of bothering us big tv stars.” She was outraged. He had just insulted her by referring to her as a little girl and not a woman.

It was then that Jenny had a idea. Part revenge, part obsessed fan, and part crazy woman drove her to it. In the plan it involved a remodeling of her old father's room. For the first time ever she was throwing out his clothes. Tutu's, Frilly dresses , skirts, t-shirts, and any other clothes made for 2 year old children soon filled the closet.

Of course their would have to be a little alteration involved. That involved making them into adult sizes. Jenny of course was overjoyed with getting the clothes done. She had paid a man to make a life size model of Kenny. The model was to be kept without color, without hair, and a face. The model maker did ask her what it was for; but Jenny's only reply was,”What girl doesn't want her own life size model to play with.” The model maker thought it was a little weird, but what could he do. A job is a job after all.

With this task finished she could move onto the next job at hand. This required contacting a dress maker from out of town. A lady by the name of Mrs. Jones helped her out. She agree'ed to do the work. With that note two large boxes arrived at Mrs. Jones house. One of the boxes contained the baby clothes that Jenny had bought and the other contained the life size model. With these Mrs. Jones could complete her task.

It took Mrs. Jones around 6 months to complete all the outfits. Each one was created with great love and care. This was what made Mrs. Jones the best in her field. To her each outfit that she made was the same as if her own granddaughters was going to wear it. It was one of the reason's that Jenny had chosen Mrs Jones in the first place.

Jenny knew deep down though that Kenny wasn't going to love these outfits like Mrs. Jones granddaughters would.. That was going to be part of the fun. However before that could happen she had to create the nursery. This step would take great time and care. The first thing she had planed out for the nursery was a crib. She looked through thousands of books. Each containing about 8 pictures a page with 40 pages a book. The books were arranged with cribs from 2001 to all the way back in the 1810's.

The crib that Jenny had finally chosen was a rounded crib. It contained 4 poles. 3 of the poles were stars and on the 4th pole was a moon. Each of the poles had been placed in a square like pattern that created 4 corners of the crib. The rails of the crib were plastic bars. Blue ribbons were tied together into a bow on the bars. Two of these were placed on the bars. Each of the bars were placed 4 apart with a big panel that contained a picture of a moons, stars, and clouds. At the bottom of the crib was a cloth that draped down to the floor. The cloth contained a nighttime background with stars and moons dancing around the sky. Sewn into the edge of the cloth was a brown ribbon to create the separation of sky and land. Inside the crib a assortment of different color pillows that contained the same theme as the stars and moon of the crib design would be placed.

Jenny just adored the crib. She
knew of course it would need some work and a larger model would have to be made. It was just perfect though. How could she pass it up? Because of this Jenny contacted people who could obtain her needs. This required her to contact Sam who was to make the floor plan from the small crib and make it larger. With the floor plan in head the next course of action was to contact James. He was in charge of producing the metal bars. These metal bars would replace the plastic bars that could be broken if accidently kicked. For safety reasons a plastic cover with a padding inside it was made to be placed over the bars. Another step she had to take in getting the crib made was finding a artist that could paint the panels. Once she had that finished she knew that the big version was giong to turn out like the little version.

Now that she had the crib going her next step would be to have the room painted. Pink walls with a ascent of purple at the top to create a border was the color's of choice. However she wasn't happy with that. It needed another touch that would blend together with the crib. She then looked at wallpaper magazines to pick out a border. It was there that she found a border to match the crib. Happy little moons, stars, and clouds dancing around. It was perfect and complimented the crib well.

After a few months of waiting and a lot of spending the crib was finally finished. It was placed in the center of the nursery. This was perfect, because it would give Jenny access to kenny from ever angel. Plus this meant that the first phase of operation was almost complete. The only thing left to do was the changing table and a mirror. The changing table was a necessity if she planed to keep kenny in diapers. However picking the design of the changing table was going to be a complicated task. She decided to use the same method that she used in picking out the crib. Once she had found the changing table she wanted she then would get it designed.

This would take her another month. During that task she could work on completing the mirror. This was to be a device tha she could use to alter Kenny's prospective of his new life. The idea was to have chains be placed on both side. This would keep the feet in place and by having a 3 sided mirror all 3 angles would reflect the imagine back at him. With Phase 1 complete the only thing left was to move onto Phase 2.