Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters Part 2 (remainder) by Ef-master

submitted by Ef-master - Jul 6, 2002

All of part 2 did not get posted, so I'm putting the left out part here.

All of the story did not get posted, so I'm putting it here. Please post comments.

Cindy got more scared and whimpered, "Loc... Xavier. It was... Loc Xavier spell."

Lydia gave the intimidating look again and said, "If this is a lie, then you'll get twice as many feathers and for twice as long as before."

"Noooohohoho, it's not a lie! Its not a lie! Pleeheeheese don't tickle me anymore. Waaahahahaha..."

Lydia was sure Cindy was telling the truth this time. She put the naked six-year-old on a table. Cindy sat with her bottom on the cold, dusty table and cried. She was swinging her legs without even noticing it. It felt natural. She wanted something to comfort her, but she did not know what it was. She kept looking at her new body and cried, occasionally rubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands.

The continuous crying was making Lydia lose her concentration. She was trying to figure out how she was going to approach the witches. Giving an annoyed look at the crying child, she shouted, "Shut your mouth, you crybaby."

It made Cindy's crying worse. She wanted to stop, to prevent Lydia from getting angry, but she could not control it. Lydia picked up the bra the adult Cindy was wearing and stuffed it into the child Cindy's mouth. A small transformation spell changed it into a pacifier. The muffled crying of Cindy slowly died down as she began sucking it. It felt right. It gave her comfort. Slowly it was making her more relaxed. Cindy lied down on the table with dangling legs swinging from the side of the table. Cindy looked at her reflection. She was still weeping silently as she thought about how the kids are going to tease her about being a such baby. She hoped they did not know about this, but she was also afraid to put the pacifier away as it may make her cry again. She would rather be just a baby than a crybaby.

Cindy kept thinking about her fate, while Lydia sat on a nearby chair and improved her plan. Now she only knew what spell had been used. She had to make sure, that the witches revealed all the hidden spells before they learned about it. Cindy might accidentally tell the witches about the spell, so she had to find a way to silence Cindy. There was only one obvious way using which she could avoid the affects of the Fate Orb.

Cindy saw Lydia approach her. She took away the pacifier from her mouth. Cindy whimpered as she tried to grab it as it was being taken away. The sweating had slowed down after she was taken out of the box, but it did not stop. So as a result, Cindy was now a five year old. Lydia said, "Don't worry you'll get it soon. I'm going to put you in a position where you will be sucking this very often. You just have to bear a little more punishment for being a naughty adult."

Cindy screamed and tried to crawl away as Lydia reached out for her. Lydia managed to grab her leg and pull her nearer. Cindy cried out, "Nooo please! No more tickling. I'll be a good girl. I promise!"

"No Cindy, I won't tickle you." Cindy was put on the table facing down with her legs hanging from the side. Her bottom was exposed, and Lydia started spanking it without anymore delay.

"Nooooo Aaaaaa stooop Ouch Naaahaha Aaaahahaha " Lydia kept increasing the speed. Cindy's little bottom was getting red again. She was banging the table and kicking her legs. It was increasing the sweating again. Within a minute Cindy had lost about one and a half years. Then she felt herself being lifted and carried like a rag doll. Lydia sat down on the chair and put Cindy on her lap. The spankings continued. Cindy slowly began to lose her knowledge of language as well as her teeth as she squirmed helplessly on Lydia's lap.

"No mowe. No mowe. Pweeese Aaaaahaaha Naaaaaa I beeee goooood Noohoho baahabeeee I gaaaaaahahaha Gaaaaallllglaaaaaaa Wahahahahahaaa..."

Lydia stopped when she heard nothing but babbles. She put the one and half year old crying Cindy on the table again. Cindy's cries increased as she saw the image of the little mass of flesh she had become. The pacifier was put in her mouth again. Now that it was becoming a very important part of her life, it did not seem all that relaxing anymore. She did not have any controls over her limbs and so she could not take it off. She knew that she could not speak anymore, but she felt that if she tried very hard she would be able to say something. That option was not available, as her mouth was sucking the pacifier on its own and she could not get her pudgy hands to the pacifier no matter how hard she tried. Cindy just lay on the table tossing from side to side.

Lydia changed the remaining clothing of Cindy into diapers and put one of them on Cindy. Lydia laughed thinking about the humiliation Cindy was going through. She hoped that she would need to change it soon. She did not want to miss humiliating Cindy some more. Cindy tried very hard to protest, but she did not have the strength or the control to push Lydia's hands away.

After dealing with Cindy, Lydia called out to the witches who rushed quickly to the dungeon. All three of them were looking at her slightly anxiously. Lygine had the frog in her hands. Katria said, "Al-Alright... you’re time is up. Has she told you which spell she had used?" There was obvious fear in her voice.

Lydia said, "No, she has not."

"Wh-What?" Katria said while the other two showed an alarmed expression on their faces.

The frog emitted a soft croak and whined a little, "Nooo."

The witches tried to change their expression to that of anger. Katria said, "You will pay for wasting our time. Run away from here, we don't have time to deal with you. But remember we will hunt you down and..."

Lydia interrupted, "And what? You don't have the power to stop me. I heard your conversation a while ago. Besides, you can get nothing from the baby. She can't talk anymore." The terror the witches felt was now showing up on their faces. Lydia continued, "Don't worry, I got the information you need before I changed her into a baby. If you want to get your sister back, you have to do exactly as I say."

The witches were not trying to hide their fear anymore. Katria stuttered, "Ple-Please, don't hu-hurt us. We'll d-do anything you s-say."

"That's better. Now collect all the spells that are kept in all the hidden places and give them to me. Now don't try to hide anything, because I can see all the hidden places if I want to. I just don't feel like it at the moment."

The witches stood still as if frozen by fear. Lydia said with a commanding tone, "Hurry up. I don't have all day. Get them out before I turn you all into frogs."

The witches were still standing. Katria said out aloud, "There are n-no spells in the hidden p-places."


The witches moved a step back with fear. Drusina said, "Yeah, after our mother was out of the way, we took out all the spells and tried to learn them."

Katria said, "When we couldn't, w-we destroyed them."

"What? All of them?"

"Y-Yeah, we thought it would be dangerous to to..."

Lygine interrupted, "We may remember a little of some of them. Were you looking for anything in pa-particular?"

"Alchemy - The potion of ultimate humiliation."

The witches gave a confused look at each other. Lydia was about to say something, when the frog croaked and said, "Wait. I remember the process. I can show you." Lydia snatched the frog away from Lygine. It started shaking and struggling with fear. "Noooo please don't hurt me."

"Tell me how to make the potion."

"I... I can't tell you, I have to show you. There is a spell part. You have to position your hands in a specific way. Please believe me."

Lydia dropped the frog to the floor and kept her foot on it. "Alright, I'm changing you back. But remember, if you try any trick, I'll turn you and your sisters into frog pancakes." She made her point by applying a little bit of pressure on the frog.

"Yes, yes, I'll do exactly as you say. Please let me go."

Lydia lifted her foot and cast the counter spell for the Loc Xavier transformation spell group. Soon, the frog turned into the human Gyrina. The naked 20 year old stood up from the floor and tried to hide her nudity with her hands. Lydia waved her hands and said, "Forget your clothes and show me the spell. If you fail you may never need clothes again." Gyrina told the other girls to bring the required equipments and ingredients quickly while she explained the spell to Lydia. Drusina and Lygine left.

By this time, Cindy had managed to remove the pacifier from her mouth. She was now crying because she needed a change. Lydia changed Cindy's diaper, while Gyrina explained how the spell worked. While she listened she kept grinning at Cindy's humiliation.

Gyrina explained that as far as she remembered there were two main steps for producing the potion for ultimate humiliation. First a transformation spell is cast on a person. The resulting form is the main ingredient. The transformed person is humiliated in his new form and this was what generated the feeling of humiliation in the drinker of the potion. The remaining step is just adding a proper amount of a second ingredient to the first one. Lydia had finished diapering Cindy and was listening intently to Gyrina. After she finished, she looked at her in disbelief and said, "No, it can't be that simple. You are hiding something. Or maybe you forgot, hmm?"

Gyrina saw her sisters enter the room with the second ingredient and a few glass apparatus. Lydia continued, "Well, since I can't get the potion, I will satisfy myself by humiliating all of you."

Gyrina looked at her sisters and asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Katria said, "We'll get away with it. She is too obsessed with humiliating people. We have the right plan."

The tone of their voices was different now. They made Lydia get confused a bit. They were talking among themselves, totally ignoring her. Nevertheless, to teach them a lesson, Lydia threw a Xan Xavier transformation spell at Gyrina. Lydia was getting ready to laugh at her, but was stunned to see Gyrina block the spell away very easily. The witches did not even react to it. They looked at her calmly and slowly smiles appeared on their faces. Lydia could not understand what was going on. She threw another offensive spell at them. It had no effect.

Gyrina grinned and said, "It's no use. Don't waste your energy. We were just pretending to be weak, so that you show your true face."

It was Lydia's turn to stutter, "W-Why?"

"To avoid the Fate Orb of course." Katria said. "We needed to find out exactly what punishment you deserved."

Lydia could not speak. She never saw this coming. Fear was rushing into her mind. She could not think clearly. She just watched as Katria tore her clothes off. She continued to watch as Gyrina put a spell on her. She did not recognize which one it was. Her thinking was not clear enough to even try. When she finally came to her senses, the spell had started to take effect.

The changes began at her feet. She could tell that it was not anything she had seen before. She was finding it hard to remain standing. Her legs felt soft and weak. She folded her legs and sat down on the floor. She touched her ankles. They felt very soft. Actually it seemed that there were no bones in them. She was beginning to panic. She looked at the witch sisters and managed to ask, "What are you doing to me?"

All of them grinned again. Lygine said, "You'll see."

The strange sensation had moved up to Lydia's knees. The parts of her legs below the knee had become soft and boneless. Her feet had become disfigured. She tried to stand up, but as she tried, she found herself supporting herself on her hands while the soft parts of her legs spread out on the floor like soft putty. Now her things were changing. She looked up again at the grinning sisters and shouted, "Stop it, now."

Gyrina said in a teasing tone, "Didn't hear you say please."

"I uh..." As her thighs changed, Lydia began to sink lower. "Please, please, stop it."

"Are you sorry for humiliating people?"

Lydia was now sitting on her bottom on what remained of her legs spread out on the floor. "Yes I'm sorry." Lydia said with much effort.

The sisters remained quiet for a while and then Katria said, "What? we can't hear you."

Lydia felt that her vagina was melting. The walls of the vagina were spreading out and rubbing against each other. Lydia was getting very aroused, but also very irritated. She had never apologized to anyone in her life. She did not want to apologize aloud. "I said it."

"Really? We did not hear it."

Lydia felt her bottom being pushed back as her stomach moved down. It was getting harder to hold herself up. She was now more frightened than before. How far was this going to go? She shouted, "I said I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She felt humiliated as the girls laughed at her. After the laughing stopped, Gyrina said, "It's OK if you are not sorry. You'll have plenty of time later to feel sorry. We watched what you did to Cindy. I bet you have done similar things to a lot of other people."

"No! Change me back... Please?" Lydia pleaded and tried to ignore the embarrassment. Her belly and back had completely become putty-like. Her bottom cheeks were sticking out at the back. Her arms were getting tired.

Gyrina said, "You'll fall down eventually. It would be easier if you let it."

"No! Stop this. I said what you asked me to say."

"Well that's not good enough. You deserve this punishment, no matter how sorry you are."

Lydia's body felt heavier every second as if it wanted to collapse on to the melted form. Tears were forming in her eyes as she strained her weak arms to support this load.

Gyrina said, "Aww don't cry yet. Here cheer up." She took a feather from the box Cindy was tortured in and tickled Lydia's neck. Lydia screamed out and started laughing. "AAAAAAAAA... NOOO... HA HA HA STOOOHAP." The sisters giggled as they watched. Lydia also heard the giggle of a baby. Cindy was laughing at her as she watched from the top of the table.

Lydia's arms could not take it anymore. Under the tickling and the fatigue, she let herself drop. Her view dropped suddenly to ground level as her putty body collapsed and spread out. Her head, breasts and arms were still in proper form. Her arms were sticking out to the air like antennae. She tried to use them to lift herself again but in vain. Gyrina tickled her some more. Lydia wanted to get away, but she was not able to move from her position anymore. The changes had reached her shoulders and she could not hold her arms up. Her left arm fell towards the back and her right arm fell across her face. Gyrina stopped tickling and stood up. Lydia looked at the giant figures above her. Now she felt so helpless and scared that she began to ignore all the humiliation she was feeling and started pleading and crying. Her hands melted and had joined the rest of her body. Only her breasts and head were still sticking out. Her hair was starting to melt and merge with her body. "Pleeeease, I'm very sorry. I'll do anything you tell me. Please turn be back. Don't turn me into this blohohob. Aaahahaha."

Gyrina said, "Why are you so upset? I'm just treating you just like the way you were about to treat us. We can't be impolite to our guests." All the girls laughed as they received more cries as reply from the almost melted Lydia. Gyrina put her foot on Lydia's left breast and pressed it flat on the floor.

"Noooooohohoho. Pleeease don't doo this!" Gyrina flattened the other breast. "Aaaahahaha. I'm sorryyyy. Please... mmmmph nmmmmmm... mmmmph." Gyrina put her bare foot on Lydia's mouth preventing her from saying anything. Lydia never felt so humiliated in her life. She could not even struggle to free her mouth. She just emitted muffled screams as Gyrina slowly began to flatten her face. At first Lydia felt that her head would pop like a balloon, but soon it also got soft like the rest of her body and slowly began to flatten under the pressure of Gyrina's foot. Lydia found herself staring vertically up at the ceiling. In the mirror she saw a blob of flattened pink flesh with two eyes. Gyrina's foot was pressed against the part where Lydia's mouth and nose were supposed to be. She did not need to breathe anymore and she could not emit any sound. After making sure the changes were complete, Gyrina pressed her foot a little harder on Lydia to let her know who was in charge, and stepped back. The girls watched the pink mass of flesh and laughed. Lydia saw in the mirror that Gyrina left a deep impression of her foot on her new shapeless body. Lydia wanted to cry, scream, plead, to express her humiliation, but she had no choice but to keep it inside her. She could only stare at her own reflection and feel more humiliated every moment.

Gyrina said, "Now, we only have to add the second ingredient and the potion will be created."

Katria said, "Its going to take some time. She can look at herself in the mirror during this time."

Giggling, the girls were about to leave the room, when they heard a whining from behind them. It was Cindy, trying to draw attention. They realized that they were about to forget about the baby. Gyrina walked over to the table and took the baby into her arms. Cindy felt scared at first, and then calmed down when she started feeling comfortable. Gyrina asked the others, "What should we do with the baby?"

Drusina said, "Well, we can't hurt it in any way, the Fate Orb might consider it an injustice."

Lygine added, "Yeah, the blob had already tortured her a lot."

Katria was thoughtful; "She is supposed to change back, since we have taken care of the one who put the spell on her." They remained quiet for a while. Then Katria said, "Unless, the spell was a permanent one." The sisters browsed through the books recently used by Lydia. When they found the regression spell, Katria suspicion was confirmed. Realizing that she had to grow up the normal way, Cindy started crying louder than ever. Now it was certain that she would have to go through all those humiliation she was thinking of during the tortures. Lydia was feeling a little sense of victory at the back of her mind - at least she won one battle against Cindy. Lydia was glad that Cindy would remain a baby for a while. But these thoughts were just in the back of her mind. Mostly she was busy trying to figure out a way to communicate. The impression of Gyrina's foot was slowly disappearing as Lydia's soft body was flowing in to fill the gap. But she still could not make a voluntary movement. She could not feel any part of her body separately. All have molded into one form. She only had her eyes, which were like two round images in the middle of the blob. They had no three dimensional shape of their own.

Gyrina handed the baby over to Lygine. Lygine tried to comfort the baby while Gyrina put on her clothes. "Aww, baby. Don't cry. We'll get someone very nice to take care of you. They're going to give you everything you need. You don't have to worry about a thing in the world." It really was not working. After Gyrina had put on her clothes, Lygine gave the baby to her.

Gyrina rocked the baby in her arms and tried to make her suck her thumb. The baby was reluctant and did not stop crying. Gyrina said, "Look baby, do you want me to hurt the little monster who did this to you? Look, I'll hurt her right now." Lydia's thoughts got interrupted as Gyrina stepped on her again. This time the pressure was more as Gyrina had put her shoes on. The girls giggled. Gyrina kept trampling the blob with her foot while the baby slowly stopped crying and watched. Lydia helplessly lay on the ground as her body was pressed again and again by Gyrina's foot. The baby stopped crying and watched her tormentor get tortured.

After the baby had kept quiet for a while Katria said, "Well we need to prepare the second ingredient before the first one starts to rot and die." In between each trample, Lydia thought that she would rather be dead than be a potion for the rest of her life. She started praying to be released from this spell.

While Lydia was being tortured, Drusina had brought baby Vynira's bottle from upstairs. Baby Cindy pointed at it and babbled. Gyrina stopped trampling Lydia and took the bottle from Drusina to feed Cindy. Cindy showed clearly that she was hungry. Gyrina said, "You three start, I'll be coming in a minute."

Three of the girls went upstairs. Gyrina fed baby Cindy while pacing from one end of the room to another. Every time she walked by Lydia, she stepped on her and agony and humiliation kept interrupting Lydia’s prayers. Her reflection was showing many imprints of Gyrina's shoe overlapping each other. Lydia could not think of anything more humiliating than this.

After a while, Cindy had finished her bottle and was finally calm. Gyrina told her, "Baby, I have to go upstairs now. Would you like to guard the blob for me while I'm gone?"

Cindy giggled with enthusiasm. Lydia cursed herself and Cindy. That was all she could do. She cried in her mind as Cindy's diapered bottom was placed on the spot where Lydia's mouth should have been. Cindy sat on the blob with her legs spread apart. She could see the scared eyes of Lydia on the blob's face. Gyrina giggled as she left the blob alone with the baby.

Cindy was giggling and drooling over Lydia. If she could speak she would have humiliated Lydia with well-placed insults, but she was still being successful without speaking. The fact that the helpless baby was sitting on her was insulting enough. The drooling only made it worse. The baby was also beating the blob with her little feet to show her who was now the boss. Lydia was still trying her best to move, but her muscles were not responding at all. At one point, Cindy bent forward and tried to slap Lydia in her eye. Since Lydia's eyes were merged with the rest of her body, the slap did not hurt as she expected it to. Cindy did not know what Lydia felt, but she kept trying to hit her eyes. Since the baby did not have much control over her muscles, she kept missing the targets and the blob's face was being covered by impressions of the baby's little pudgy hands. This continued for a while making Lydia's face (or body) more uneven with each slap. Then suddenly, the worst happened. Lydia seriously regretted turning Cindy into a baby. She also wished that Cindy hadn't been fed a little while ago. Being a baby again, Cindy did not have control over her bladder anymore. Lydia felt that Cindy did it on purpose. And the diapers she had made Cindy wear, were not really very good ones. So it didn't take long for Lydia to be wet all over. Cindy did not cry for wetting herself or Lydia. She just giggled more than before. Lydia could not imagine anything else worse than this. She could not do anything but feel extremely humiliated.

When the witches returned, they looked at Lydia and just started laughing. They laughed for what seemed like a long time to Lydia. There was nothing Lydia could do. After the laughter stopped, the witches picked up the baby and started changing her diapers. Lydia was completely ignored during this time. She was starting to feel cold, but could do nothing except stare at her pathetic reflection in the mirror. Two of the witches remained busy with the baby, while the other two went upstairs again. Gyrina started talking to the baby after she was diapered. "See baby, you can also punish the monster all by yourself. How did it feel?" The baby giggled.

The two witches returned. One of them said, "We need to clean up the first ingredient before using it. So I brought this." Lydia lost almost all hope. She was already being referred to as a thing. She had become 'just' an ingredient. Soon she was going to become a potion trapped inside a bottle. Lydia felt something being poured on her. It was a cold liquid. Within a few seconds, she could feel that the liquid was dissolving whatever Cindy left on her and evaporating it away. After she felt dry again, she saw two hands reach down for her. She was then lifted and carried towards the table. There she was rolled and pressed like a mass of dough while someone poured a green liquid on her. The liquid was giving her a tingling sensation and her skin was taking a green colour. After some more rolling and mixing, she was put into a bottle and sealed. She tried to scream with all the will she had left. It was no use. The tingling sensation had increased. She felt that her body was getting softer. It was losing viscosity and collapsing. She stared at the witch sisters as she melted. Within a few minutes, she had become a green liquid. She could still see and hear and feel, but she could not move at all.

Gyrina brought her face close to the bottle and said, "And that's how you make the potion of ultimate humiliation." Then she picked up the bottle. Lygine took the baby into her arms and they all left the dungeon. In the laboratory, the potion was placed on the shelf with the other potions. Cindy was placed on the table. Gyrina wondered aloud, "What do we do with the baby?"

Katria said, "It wouldn't be a good idea to give her away to any orphanage, she knows about this place and even if we erase her memory it would be hard to remove some of the memory from the subconscious mind."

Gyrina said, "On the other hand, its also too risky to harm her."

Katria thought for a while and said, "Well, little Vynnie could use a playmate."

Gyrina smiled at the anxious Cindy, "Don't worry baby, we'll take care of you."

Cindy heard a deep voice in her head, "No one can escape the judgment of the Fate Orb." She suddenly remembered all the incidents where Cid had shown his arrogance and pride. She felt sorry for those acts. She felt like crying and almost would have if Gyrina did not take her up into her arms. As she rocked in Gyrina's arms, she put her thumb into her mouth and looked at the bottle of green potion. She concluded that her fate was much better than Lydia's. She was glad for it.

Lydia also heard a voice in her head, "No one can escape the judgment of the Fate Orb." She also remembered all the times she humiliated people. If given the chance now, she would have done anything to make up for those. But she knew now, that it would never happen. She was stuck forever in this form or at least until someone was made to drink her. As she thought of the incidents of her past, she began to feel the humiliation of all her victims. All of their feelings seemed to build up inside her. She felt like she would die out of embarrassment. She knew it was the effect of the second ingredient. It would keep her feeling humiliated, so that her consumer could feel intense humiliation when she would be drunk. Lydia began to scream and cry in her mind, while the sleeping Cindy was being put to the bed next to little Vynnie.

End of Part 2