The Meaning of Freedom{Chapter2Phase2}InnocentGuilt

submitted by InnocentGuilt - Jul 6, 2002

The plan is set, the gears are in motion, and the drama is unfolding right before your eyes. You don't want to miss any bit of the action so read and find out what happens when phase 2 sets in.

By Innocent Guilt
Chapter 2 Phase 2

Phase 2 of Jenny's plan was going to be a little more difficult. Somehow she would have to get Kenny back to her house. She pondered it for a long time. At first it seemed like a lost case. However, a ray of hope came about when Jenny was approached privately by Lilly. “Sis, we are worried about you. Why are you doing this to yourself?” She asked.

“Don't be. Nothing is wrong..” She responded while brushing Lilly's arm off of her.

“But sis, look at what you have done. A whole room has been remodeled, strange unmarked trucks have come in at the middle of the night delivering God knows what, and the whole time you refuse to tell us what is troubling you.”

“Don't worry about things that do not concern you.”Jenny snapped back giving off a evil glare towards Lilly.

“Miss, I do not mean to upset you. We only care about your well being.” Lilly responded a little afraid for her own safety and the safety of the others in the house.

“If you truly want to help me out then you will stop talking and help me come up with a scheme.”

“A scheme miss?”

A little smile lay upon Jenny's face.”Well aren't all life's little solutions to a problems schemes of some type?”

“I suppose so Miss, but why would a woman of your prestige be so interested in a scheme?” Lilly question. Part of her did not want to know the answers. That did not stop her curiosity though. Jenny's laughter didn't do much to settle her nerves either.

“Why one of revenge of course. A young man by the name of Kenny has asked me for help in a problem. That problem is the need and want to be nurtured in a strange way.” Jenny paused knowing that Lilly's curiosity would kick in. She knew that someone would have to help her carry out her plans if she was to ever succeed in her mission.

“What kind of strange thing?” Jenny was successful. Lilly was to far into the gossip now to turn back.

“One of being cared for. Kenny never got the love he needed as a child. He was always pushed to the side. This created a void that needed to be cared for. It also created a strange desire to be regressed back to infancy. That is why I have remodeled my fathers room. It is also why the strange trucks have been dropping off delivery's.”

”But sis, why would this man need your help with this problem? Wouldn't he seek a professional who has studied many long hours for problems like this?” Lilly was starting to relax again now that the fear was gone. Part of her was intrigued by the fact that Jenny knew this person. Another part just wanted to dig deeper and find out more. Jenny just sit there and smiled knowing it was going well.

“It is true that most people would contact a professional first. In Kenny's case he can not. It's a shame really if you think about. A person who puts there lives above others faces the need to hide things. If it was to leak out what we were planning poor Kenny's Acting career would be ruin.”

“Thats horrible. It makes me glad that I'm not famous.” Lilly spoke with a tear in the eye and a hint of remorse that caused Jenny to grab a tissue.

After Lilly had dried her eyes and blew her noise Jenny continued,” It is a sad tale, but we can help him out. All we have to do is lure him out to a place that the press won't suspect a thing. Then we bring him back to the house. This is going to be a big task. Can I trust you to help me out with it?” Jenny already knew the answer, but needed Lilly to respond in her own words.

“Of course, it sounds like fun. How though do we pull it off?” Lilly asked excited and cheerful to be able to help her sis in such a way.

“You've been living here long enough to know that there is a fourth of July event coming up. The whole town will be there. As part of their publicity for the soap opera Kenny will be there to sign autographs and shake hands with fans. I will approach him at the right time and he will be so charmed by my feminine approach that he will just have to ask me out for a date.” Jenny enjoyed that part of the plan. Many hours of watching soap operas had given her the perfect romantic scene for her encounter. She pictured in her mind the fireworks that would create the romantic background. A innocent Kenny that was unaware of his soon to be fate. The music linked together with the firework show would also add to the mood. It was just to perfect.

“Is that when you two come back here?” Lilly asked interrupting Jenny's daydream.

“Yes my dear. That is when we come back here. At that point Kenny is not to be called Kenny. He has asked to be called by the name Jenni. Part of the name was my decision. I used a combination of Kenny and My Name. It only seemed natural after all. Since the adult self will be submerged and only the child self of Kenny will need to refer to you as Auntie, Jacob is to be referred to as grandfather, and John will be referred to as uncle. Keep in mind that Kenny isn't going to respond at first to this. That was also part of the request he made. The adult side will take awhile to go away. Once he is relax enough it will come easier.”

“Sounds like that is going to be a challenge.” The said truth is that Jenny had already been planning for that. It was going to be phase 3 of the operation.

“Don't worry, that is all part of the fun in it. We want to make the illusion real of course.” Jenny responded.

“I understand. I just can't wait. Just one thing puzzles me. Why does Kenny want to be a girl while staying with us?” Lilly asked.

“That was partly my doing. Kenny had already been a boy. When I talked to him I told him that it might help the problems of the past go away. Girls are raised totally different from boys. They get cute little dresses that just scream out cuteness. That part of it he didn't like, but in the end he saw the truth in the words and it was settled.”

“But a baby is just a baby and a adult is adult sis. How is he suppose to fit in dresses that are made for baby's?” Lilly asked.

“Don't worry. That part has already been taken care of. Kenny was able to provide us with a life size model of himself. Because their was no features that made the model look like him nobody knew. After that is was just a matter of finding a dressmaker. If you go look upstairs in dad's old room you will notice them in the closet.”

With that note Lilly ran upstairs just to see if it was true. To her amazement the dresses were there. Lilly giggled a little. The dresses were so big, but so babyish. “I can't believe that these are really going to go on a guy.”

”Believe it or not that is what they are for.” Jenny responded. “However I don't think Kenny is going to be to happy in them at first. It's going to take him so getting used to.”

“Lucky guy doesn't know how cute these are. Why part of me almost wishes that I could try it out myself.” Lilly said.

For a moment Jenny had a vision of Lilly all diapered up and dressed cute as a teasel. 'Focus girl. Focus on the task at hand.' A little voice inside her head spoke. Thanks to the voice her mind was refocused onto Kenny. “Can you help keep this part a secret?” Jenny asked Lilly.

“Yes, but its going to be awfully hard.”Lilly responded still holding the dress in her hand.”What do I tell the others?”

“Just tell them to be expecting a visitor and they should pick up on the rest.” Jenny responded to the question at hand. Lilly didn't want to, but she left the room and the dress behind.

For the next few days all was quiet in Jenny's home. Jenny was always seen in the garden knitting little mittens and booties. That however was only a prospective of vision. In reality the mittens and booties were the size of a adults hands and feet. “It's time!” Jenny said excitedly.

“Time for what?” Jacob asked. Jenny didn't respond to the question. She only nodded and winked towards Lilly direction.

Lilly knew just what to do. She grabbed Jacobs arm,”Follow me.” she told him. The two of them left the house and went down to the car. Jacob and Lilly waited for Jenny to come join them. In the downstairs closet Jenny had prepared a suitcase for this moment. In it was a rag. A bottle of chemicals that would cause a person to pass out. She had also prepared 3 different types of rope. These were the tools that she would be using to capture Kenny. She then handed the suitcase off Jacob. Jacob placed it in the back of the car. He didn't know what was happening, but figured the Miss was just going to take a trip.

Jenny had planned everything. She was to arrive at the firework show around 6pm. Jacob was to park the car in a parking lot that was away from the show. A alternative dress had been placed in the back of the car by Lilly. The dress exposed most of her upper body. By applying several layers of make up she could change her facial look. This would keep the authorities off her trail. A wing was added to complete the illusion. The changes had worked. Jenny's own mother would not have recognized her. Jenny had used old magazine aid to plan the new imagine that she would use to lure Kenny. The magazine had a article in it that described to full detail what the idea woman of Kenny's dream was. Without any of these facts and details Jenny would not have been able to pull off any of phase 2.

Jenny was now ready to complete the mission at hand. It took about 15 minutes to walk to the where stand was. A table was set up and behind the table were all the crew members of the soap opera “Say it isn't so”. Although the dress made her stand out. There were so many lonely women there that she didn't stand out to much.

She hadn't planed for the line to be that long. It was a minor set back, but soon she made it to the table. Everything else went off just as planned. “Could you sign that to room 320 at the Hilton hotel on San crawford Street?” Jenny asked. Slowly Kenny raised his head. The first thing he saw was Jenny's hips. His eyes then met her waist level. The drool had already began to form on his lips. At last he was able to make it up to the chest. That was where it was lost. “Well big boy. If I had known that was all you were going to look at that all day. I wouldn't have worn anything at all.” He tried to shake the lust and nervousness off and then moved up past the chest and into Jenny's face. Kenny couldn't move a muscle. He was lost by the color of her lips. It was a dark red. Just like the color of roses. The eyes then lured him deeper into her gaze. They were the prettiest eyes he had ever seen. It was just as if he had found emeralds lost in a underground cave. In her mind she was his Venus and he was the un fateful sea that she had been casted out into. “So how about it sailor. Shall we go back to my place and find out what these look like underneath?”

“But I don't even know you name.” He stuttered.

“If you keep asking such pointless questions I'll be gone out of you life like those blast of fireworks over there.” Jenny knew the lines were cheesy, but that was all part of the lure and lust. If she created the right mood and atmosphere she could do anything she wanted with him and she had planed just that.

“Ok.” He responded weakly. He was now only driven by one pleasure and that was the pleasure of love. All other emotions had been turned off. He was all hers and she knew it. The two of them quickly left the scene and skipped back to the car hand and hand. The fireworks still blazed in the distance as they drove off. “What's that for?” Kenny ask watching her take out a rag and a bottle of perfume. Little did Kenny know the perfume was actually the bottle of chemicals Jenny had planed to use on him.

“Don't you worry a thing. All that walking just made me sweat a little. I just need to freshen up a bit.” She responded. “Jacob can you please stop the car over there.?”

“Yes Miss.” Jacob responded.

Jenny dabbed a few drops of the perfume onto her dress while the car had stopped. “What a odd smelling perfume.” Kenny said.

“Oh this old thing. It was a gift from my mother back when she visited Paris.” Jenny Lied. Kenny however moved in closer to investigate the smell. Quickly Jenny grabbed his head as he had moved in. She then placed the rag over his mouth and noise. It didn't take to long after that for Kenny to past out. Phase 2 of the plan had been completed. Jenny was very happy with herself. With that note she moved up to the out taking of phase 3.