The Meaning of Freedom Chapter 3 {Reprogramming} by InnocentGuilt

submitted by InnocentGuilt - Jul 17, 2002

You say that trouble is up ahead! What kind of trouble? Well to find that out you will have to read and see.

A small amount of light creaked into the room from a near by window. The light was a reminder of what lay on the outside of the wall. Freedom was out there, but Kenny had no idea how to break free from this prison that he was in In here he was trapped alone and secluded from the outside world that had given him fame and fortone.

A portion of his brain was able to figure out that he was naked. It was the ropes that made him aware. Every movement that he tried to make caused a incridibal amounts of pain. It felt like thousands of little neddles were rubbing against him. The pain was narrowed down to three single spots on his body: The arms, waist, and legs. The ropes weren't the only problem that Kenny was aware of. His fingers would brush by cold metal bars that were came together creating a circler pattern. He knew that very moment that he was in some sort of cage.

In the distances he could hear footsteps. Fear soon overtook him while oddball theory's started bouncing around in his head. Was this the press trying to frame me ? or could my friends be doing this as a strange practical joke? Each theory bounced back and forward inside his head till the footsteps had slowly stop. He then heard a small creeping sound as the door handle was slowly opening. The next thing he knew was a bright light had over come the entrance way. He could barely focus on the light due to the void that he had been in seconds before. “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” He could barely recognize his own voice. It was very high pitch in nature. It wasn't the voice of a well defined soap opera star.

“I see you are awake now. As you can tell this isn't your home. It's my home, but from now on it is where you will be staying. The reason you are here is because you brought this upon your own self.” Deep down inside Kenny was afraid of those words and the way she spoke them, but before he could ask anymore questions she flipped on a switch. That was when the fear was replaced by pure shock. The cage that he had thought he was in looked more like a baby's crib then a cage. All around him were baby objects. Diapers, changing tables, baby theme wallpaper, A closet, and a mirror with chains on it. “Don't worry. You'll be spending a lot of time in front of there. Of course you might not like what you see.” Jenny spoke in a sadistic sort of manner.

“Why are you are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you?” Every time he spoke now a shiver ran inside him from the new voice.

Jenny pulled out a letter,” This was sent to me in response to a letter I wrote you as a fan. I truly was a fan of yours till I received it. In it you wrote that I was being stupid for writting you and should go back to playing with dolls instead. As you can see from your current environment it won't be me playing with dolls.” She gave out a sadistic laugh that made me cringe all over.

“I never saw the letter. The manager of my fan club is the one that responds to them.” I tried reasoning with her.

“Well maybe next time you will higher someone who respects the view points of women.” For a moment there I thought I had reached her through sympathy. Then she added,” As for now it looks like you get to experience what girls go through..” Tears rolled down my eyes. All I could do is sit there and cry,” Awe isn't that cute. I see my new little daughter is starting to accept her new role.”

“Lady, I'll never give you that pleasure. You may have robed me of my life, but I am not your daughter. I am Kenny. I was born a Kenny and will die a Kenny. There's nothing you can do about it.” His attempts to hold back what little truth he still knew did nothing.

It would however be his last attempts at words. Jenny rose to her feet and grabbed a little surprise for Kenny.”Looks like someone's going to have to get used to sucking on a nipple top sooner then I thought. Isn't that right little Jenni..” She then proceeded to place a adult sized bottle into Kenny's mouth. It was the worst thing he ever had to go through. Kenny had never felt so humiliated in his life.

Jenny was enjoying this part of the reprogramming. She had known from the very first that Kenny would resist . Before she had come into the room Jenny had placed a chemical in the bottle that would bond and react with Kenny's inside muscles. Most of the top of the nipple on the bottle had been removed to force Kenny into accepting it. The voice had been altered before hand. She knew that it would drive Kenny crazy if he heard a little girls voice instead of is own.

After a few minutes of sucking she then laid the bottle down,” See that wasn't so bad was it? Before we move one I think it's time I tell you what is going to happen to you. You are now my daughter Jenni. The drool build up is from a chemical. I wanted to give you the pleasure of having a voice before I took it away. As you know, sweet little baby's don't know how to communicate in adult language. That is why I applied the chemical to you.” Kenny was now terrified by this woman that stood before him. She held all the cards and he was helpless. “Now I'm sure your wondering why you are only in a diaper. Well That is because I wanted to let you to see what you would be wearing for the next 24 hours.” She then reached into the closet and pulled out a dress. The dress was gingham party dress. Cuteness was written all over it. The collar was pink with white lace sewn into the edge of it. In the middle of the collar was a rosebud. Each of the sleeves were just like the collar. Around the waist was the prettiest bow a person could see. It was white with a rosebud sticking out of in the middle.

To Kenny it was a sign of girlyness. He wasn't a girl. He was a boy. “I will not wear that stupid looking thing. What do you take me for lady?” Try as he might the words only came out was goo's and gaa's. That was when he remembered what she had told him about the chemical.

“Awe is my little one trying to speak to her mommy. There there it ok. Mommy knows her cute little girl is excited about her new dress. “ Jenny knew it was time. All she would have to do is remove the ropes and place her little one on the changing table. However what she wasn't counting on was Kenny to have enough strength left in him to run away and that is just what he did. He ran out of that room as fast as he could.

The hallway was unfamiliar to him, but that did not stop him. It was the need to escape from the madness that fueled him now. Finally after running 2 minutes around the house he had found the front door. As he opened it a look of horror came across his face. Standing there was Lilly. Lilly was wondering why such a person would be afraid of her. She tried approaching Kenny, but he backed away at each attempt. “Don't be afraid of little old Lilly. I only want to help. Trust me I won't tell.”

Kenny was set back in his plans of escaping. He was so close to freedo , yet he was blocked by a single lady who thought he wanted to be here. It was so frustrating. That was when he felt a prickle from a needle point on his skin and began to cry. “ That should take care of those problems. Now Kenny. The chemical I just gave you has taken away most of your muscle control.” Kenny could feel the effects as he fell down to the floor. When he tried to move his muscle they went in different directions. He was completely helpless.” I was going to try and wait till after you were dressed to give it to you, but no you just had to go run off. Oh well, now I'll just have to drag you back to nursery and start all over. Lilly since you are already here can you help me carry the little one up to her room?”

“Yes Sis.” Lilly did as she was told, but was puzzled. Why did Kenny look so afraid when he saw her and why was Jenny giving Kenny shots. It just didn't seem to add up and she would have to question her sis after they got Kenny to his room.

It took them only a couple of minutes to carry Kenny back up to the room. The two girls had carried him by grabbing the head and chest area and the other grabbing the feet. When they were in the room Jenny Proceeded to put the dress on Kenny. There was still some resists, but this time there was less of a struggle due to the chemical.

When Jenny was finished dressing Kenny she then placed him in front of the mirror. She completed the process byt chaining his feet to the mirror so that he would be held in place. That was when he saw the reflection of his own self. The imagine was of a adult, but of a girl in a childish outfit. It was horrible. Kenny just stood their crying the whole time.

“She's such a cutie.” Lilly said giggling. She couldn't believe that just clothes could change the look of a person that much. “But why is she crying sis. You said that Kenny wanted to be treated like this.” Lilly spoke.

“Did I? Well I might have lied a little bit. The only reason Kenny is staying here is because he thought it would be fun to mock little girls so now he is one.” Jenny smiled evilly.

“That is kidnapping. Do you realize that we could go to jail for that? “ Lilly asked.

“There is a possibility, but that is all part of the risk. Remember now if you tell the cops about what we did you, Jacob, and John will be put in jail too for helping me out.” Jenny snapped back.

“I will have no part of this. You tricked us into helping. We had no idea what you were planning to do.” She tried to defend her innocents in the matter.

“The boxes, the remodeling, the kidnapping, and the fact that I told you about it is enough for the judge to find you just as guilty. Plus a little lie from me might make it look like you planed the whole thing.” Jenny was in control the whole time. Lilly didn't know what to do so she angerly walked out of the room. Jenny knew that Lilly was starting to become a problem and someone would have to be done to put a end to her medaling.

As always Jenny had a plan for everything. This time however it would be Lilly who was on the receiving emd. She had gathered together the chemicals that she used on Kenny and a bottle of whine that would work just as well as the bottle in this case. She then found Lilly in her room packing.” I'm leaving and there isn't a thing you can do about.” Lilly shouted to her.

“Ok ok, but before you leave sis can't we have at least one drink for old times sake after all we are practically sisters.”Jenny poured the bottle of whine into the two cups. Lilly took the left cup and Jenny took the right one.

“To old times.” They both said in unison and then drunk the whine. Lilly noticed a strange taste within the whine that she was drinking. Lilly started to feel a little dizzy. Then a few seconds later the glass fell on the floor. Jenny just smiled and drunk to a perfectl plan event all coming together,” The same chemicals I used on Kenny were placed inside that glass. You see sis, I could not let you go off spoiling my plans. Plus if I remember right you yourself wished that you could wear those pressy dresses that Kenny gets to wear so now you can.”

Lilly was terrified. She tried to speak, but all that came out was goo's and gaa's. The movement of her arms had been reduced to uncontrollable swings. Her own body had become a cage and she was trapped within it unable to do anything to stop anyone. She knew now that Jenny was truly mad.

While Lilly had been trying to figure out what had gone wrong with her. Jenny had called Jacob on the phone. “Jacob, could you please come up here and help me out with a problem? Lilly accidently injected herself with a unknown drug that is causing strange side effects. I think it's best we take her up to the nursery and let her play with Kenny.”

“Yes Miss. I'll be right there.” Jacob answered back. He had a feeling that this wasn't a accident, but feared if he asked any questions about what happen he might be next. He quickly carried Lilly to the nursery where he saw what appeared to be a young man in a dress chained to a mirror. Again he feared to ask. He then placed Lilly down on the floor.”Will that be all Miss?” He asked.

“Just one other thing. Can you please take Lilly's clothes to the local goodwill. I don't think she will be needing them anymore.” Jenny said.

“Yes miss.” Jacob responded.

After Jacob had left she then proceeded to dress Lilly in a similar dress to Kenny. The only difference was she added a cute pink hat with rosebud on it.

With that all of Jenny's plans had come complete. She now had two children to take care of. What else could a woman like her want ? Well to find that out you will have to read chapter 4 Final Stage. It is also to be the last chapter in this story so keep watching and I promise someone is getting turned into a child. I just won't say who.