The Touch Part6 of 6 by Shortysboy

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

part 6
by shortysboy
Finally arriving home, Aaron opened the door to find Mrs. Wolfe sitting on the couch playing with Davey.
"So how'd it go?" she asked.
"Perfect," Aaron responded. "I've got it entirely under control."
"Wonderful," Mrs. Wolfe added. "Davey and I have been playing since you left. He really is a cute little boy."
"Yeah, he's definitely something,"
"So now that you've got your power under control...."
"Let me guess, you want me to make you younger," Aaron interrupted.
"Please," Mrs. Wolfe replied.
"How young do you want to get?"
"I've been thinking about it since you left, and I've decided on 25."
"Oh, have you now," Aaron said sarcastically.
"Well, yes, if that's all right with you," Mrs. Wolfe said coyly.
"Sure, why not. I suppose it's the least I can do since you supplied the Yohn's," Aaron answered, his voice sounding bored. "Well, come stand over here and we'll start."
"Right now?"
"When would you like? Of course right now."
"Um ... OK, sure."
Standing up, Mrs. Wolfe began taking off her muu-muu.
"What are you doing?" Aaron asked.
"I thought I would take off my dress so I could watch the changes."
Silence for a moment. "OK, I guess," Aaron responded while thinking, "Haven't I seen enough naked old ladies for one day? And my God, she's a big woman. How much can a gay teenager take!"
Laying her muu-muu on the couch, Mrs. Wolfe walked over to where Aaron was waiting and said, "Whenever you're ready."
"Thanks!" Aaron responded. "Whatever," he thought.
Laying his hands on Mrs. Wolfe's shoulder's ... CONTACT.
Immediately she began growing younger, liver spots melting away, wrinkles slowly vanishing as she regressed from 85 to 75, 75 to 65.
Just for the hell of it, Aaron released her head from the freeze so she could communicate, once again proving how quickly his was learning to use his power.
"My God, this feels so incredible!" Mrs. Wolfe exclaimed.
Sixty-five became 55, 55 became 45, as most of her wrinkles disappeared and her hair turned from grey to blond. Some of the weight faded away as well, although she still had a long way to go.
Forty-five became 35 and the crow's feet around her eyes began to fade. More weight melted away and she quickly began to approach a more shapely figure. Her massive breasts began to firm up and the few remaining slight wrinkles disappeared as she hit her 20's. She was still not what you would call model thin, but her body has luscious curves that any man (straight man, anyway) would have fought over to possess.
She hit 25 but noticed that the transformation still continued.
"What's wrong, why isn't it stopping?"
"Nothing's wrong," Aaron replied, "I just wanted to see what you were like as a little girl."
"But I don't want to be a little girl. I just want to be a young woman."
"Well, if you're a good little girl you might just get what you want."
"Aaron, please stop," Mrs. Wolfe begged as her breasts shrunk in size and increased in firmness. Looking down, she realized she couldn't be older than 15, and the changes were still continuing. She started to cry.
"Please, Aaron, stop this," she said, her voice noticeably higher than it was before.
Looking down, she watched as her breasts grew even smaller and the hair around her vagina began to lighten. Regressing into puberty, her massive nipples suddenly grew smaller, pulling back with her breasts until only small pink nipples remained. Her vagina was naked now, and small and childish, and she herself was feeling smaller, weak, and powerless. Her vagina disappeared from view as her belly rounded and began to push out; her arms and legs becoming small and pudgy.
"Pwease, Aawon, I no want to be wittle baby again," she cried.
But time continued to roll backward, and soon Aaron was stooped over the body of a little 6-month-old girl who was crying for all she was worth.
Just as he was beginning to take his hands off her little body, a warm stream of urine shot out, soaking his hands.
"Son of a bitch!" he yelled.
Walking away from the screaming baby, he went to the kitchen sink and washed his hands.
As he walked back, the baby that was Mrs. Wolfe found her fist and stuck it in her mouth and began to suck on it for all it was worth.
"Well, I guess I've had my fun," he thought. "Better change her back before I have to clean up an even nastier mess."
Reaching down and picking up the infant Mrs. Wolfe, Aaron willed the change to begin and Mrs. Wolfe began the return trip to adulthood. While she was growing, Aaron reached into her mind and made her forget everything that had just happened so that when she returned to 25 she would have no memory of him making her even younger. Childhood became pubescence, pubescence gave way to teenage years and finally a young, beautiful, blonde, naked 25-year-old stood in front of him.
"My God, Aaron, you've really done it!" Mrs. Wolfe said excitedly.
"Yup, as if there was any doubt," he said with confidence.
Watching over to the couch, Mrs. Wolfe pulled her muu-muu back over her body, although now she looked like a woman wearing a puptent.
"God, I hope I still have some of my daughter's old clothes up in the attic," she said.
"I'm sure you'll find something, Mrs. Wolfe," Aaron replied.
"Please, don't call me Mrs. Wolfe anymore. My name is Jenny."
"OK, Jenny."
Walking back to Aaron, she placed her hands on his chest and leaned into him, and planted a kiss firmly on his mouth, even working in a little tongue action before Aaron pushed her away.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell was that?"
"I just thought you might like a kiss from a beautiful woman."
"Well, sorry, lady, but I'm batting for the other team," he responded.
"What does that mean?"
"It means I'm gay," he said, exasperated. "You know, maybe it's time for you to go home now."
"Oh, all right," she replied. "But I have one more thing to ask of you." Pointing to the sleeping little boy on the couch, she asked, "I was wondering if I could have Davey. He's too much for you and since I've been spending time with him, I've remembered how much I miss being a mother."
"Yeah, whatever, take him," he said, walking back toward his room.
Picking up little Davey, Jenny headed for the door, frightened by the changes that had come over Aaron in such a short space of time. Hopefully he would find himself again. But for now she was young again and had a child to raise, and that was enough - for now. Shutting the door on Aaron, Jenny Wolfe hoped she didn't cross paths with him again.
Aaron, meanwhile, went into his room and collapsed on the bed. Exhausted from using his power so much over the last two days. "God, this has been one long day," he thought.
Still, school would be back in session on Monday, and, for that, he could hardly wait.