The Touch Part5 of 6 by Shortysboy

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

part 5
by shortysboy
Aaron was about halfway home when he noticed 10-year-old Billy O'Donnell sitting by the side of the road, crying, his head in his hands. Sitting next to Billy was his 8-year-old sister, Becky, who trying to comfort her older brother.
"Hey Billy, what's going on?" Aaron asked.
Talking through his sniffles, Billy replied, "Nothing."
"Come on, Billy, it's OK; tell me what's wrong."
Billy looked up at Aaron then, and as his blonde hair fell away, Aaron looked at one of the worst black eyes he had ever seen.
"Your dad do this to you?" Aaron asked.
"No, I fell off my skateboard this morning." Billy replied. "Really," he added when he noticed the look of disbelief on Aaron's face.
"Don't lie to me, Billy. I've used all of those same excuses before. I know your dad did this to you."
"Don't tell anyone, please," Billy pleaded. "He'll hurt me worse if he knows I told someone."
"As if the whole block doesn't know what a monster John O'Donnell is," Aaron thought.
Aaron realized that Billy's situation wasn't much different fro his own, except that John was Billy's real father and Billy's mother was alive and suffered from the same abuse, and worse, allowed her children to live under such horrible abuse.
"Your parents home?" Aaron asked.
"Why?" Billy replied. "You're not gonna do anything are ya. Please don't say anything to him. It'll just make it worse. Please!!!," he begged.
"Please don't say anything," Becky added.
Anger welling inside of him, Aaron looked at the two scared kids and said, "Trust me, things are about to get better."
Striding towards the house, the two kids following behind, Aaron reached the door and rang the doorbell.
A few minutes later, Barbara O'Donnell answered the door and asked, "What can I do for you, Aaron?"
"Is Mr. O'Donnell home, ma'am?"
"Now's not a good time, Aaron, why don't you go ahead and run on home," Barbara said, obviously nervous.
Ignoring her, he pushed his way passed her and went into the house, taking the gloves off his hands as he moved. Tucking them in his pocket, he entered the living room where John was sitting on the couch watching TV.
"What the f*ck you want," John growled.
"I want you to stop hitting your kids," Aaron replied.
"You should mind your own f*cking business," Jack said, rising from the couch and moving towards Aaron.
Barbara O'Donnell moved over next to her husband and quickly spoke to her husband, "Leave him alone John, please."
"Shut up, bitch, no one asked you your opinion," came Jack's angry reply.
Meanwhile, Billy and Becky hovered at the edge of the room, afraid for Aaron, but even more scared of what their father was going to do to them when Aaron was gone.
As soon as John and Barbara were directly in front of him, Aaron reached out and grasped both of their wrists and ... CONTACT.
John and Barbara were frozen in place and as Aaron felt the energy flow from himself into the O'Donnell's, he willed the changes to stop, leaving them merely frozen in place but aware and, for the time being, their current ages.
"Time to see what I can do," Aaron thought. All the times before, he had been frozen in place along with his victim, but this time he wanted to be able to communicate and move his head, so he concentrated and reached within himself and willed himself to be able to move, and a few seconds later he felt his body freed from the time freeze.
"Kids, come in here, I want you to see this," he called back, looking over his shoulder to confirm that they had indeed came into the room, a look of astonishment on their faces.
"Just wait, you haven't seen anything yet," Aaron thought, a smile creeping up on his face.
Turning his attention back to the parents, he spoke, "You like to pick on those smaller than you don't you John? You like hitting your poor defenseless kids and your weak wife, huh? Well, that stops here and now. You get to remember what it's like being small and helpless. To be weak. And you Barbara, you've just stood by and watched him hurt you and the kids all these years. In many ways, you're a victim too, but still, you should have done more. You should have gotten them and you away from him. In that way, you are as much to blame as him. I'm gonna give you both back the innocence that you have lost and hope that this time you don't make the same mistakes."
Looking back at the kids, Aaron said, "Don't be afraid anymore. No one is ever going to hurt you again."
Facing John and Barbara again, he added, "And to make you realize how powerless you are, I'm gonna make this as embarrassing as possible."
Concentrating on the adult's clothes, Aaron will them to go away, and they did, leaving a large powerfully-built naked man and his heavyset naked wife.
Looking back one more time at the kids Aaron spoke his last word before he started, "Watch."
Willing the changes to occur, Aaron and the kids watched as time wrapped itself around John and Barbara and reversed its flow.
The changes were quickly noticeable. Covered from head to toe with red hair, the first changes noticeable on John were the fading of his back hair followed by the return of hair to the bald spot on the top of his head as both he and Barbara shot into their 20's.
Barbara lost all of the weight she had gained since having her two children and regained her shapely young figure. John lost some of his muscle mass, although at this age he was still quite massive in size. Hitting their teens, John's chest hair disappeared and he began to become more slender, losing more of his muscle mass, while Barbara gained her teenage firmness, her breasts becoming tight and full.
As they neared puberty, the changes increased. John losing height quickly and looking more like a skinny kid, while Barbara's breasts began getting smaller and her pubic hair began to recede.
Crossing puberty, John lost all his pubic hair and even more height while his genitals shrank to youth size. Barbara's chest flattened completely and all traces of adulthood disappeared.
Aaron allowed the regression to continue for another few seconds before willing the changes to stop, leaving a frightened 7-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl standing in front of him.
"What did you do to us? I don' wanna be little." John whined.
Barbara looked down at her childish body and began to sob.
"Not so frightening now are you John. I mean, Johnny," Aaron said.
John began to cry too. "Pwease Aaron, pwease, I'm sowwy. Pwease turn us back. I'll be good, I pwomise."
"Too little, too late," was Aaron's answer.
"But what's gonna happen to us?" Barbara asked, between sobs.
"Go sit on the couch and watch," Aaron replied.
"Billy and Becky, come over here," Aaron said, looking back at the kids.
They both just stared and looked at Aaron, fright obvious on their faces.
"I promise I won't hurt you. How'd you like to be big, like they were. No more bullies to pick on you. You get to make the decisions. What do you say?"
"We get to be big, like they were?" Becky asked.
"Yes, if that's want you want," said Aaron.
Looking at her brother for a second, Becky turned to Aaron and said, "I do. That would be so cool!"
"How 'bout you Billy?" Aaron asked.
"Yeah. I'd like to be big," he responded.
"Then come over and stand next to me."
As the kids walked over to him, he looked at the couple on the couch and said, "Stay there. Don't move or I'll make you so young you can't get away."
The terrified looks on their faces told him he didn't have to worry about them.
"I know this is embarrassing to ask, but you kids will need to take off your clothes before I start because you'll soon grow too big for them."
Both hesitated for a moment, but then complied with Aaron's instructions.
After the kids had stripped off their clothes, Aaron took them both by the hands and ... CONTACT.
Willing the energy to move forward, Aaron watched as Billy and Becky began their journey towards adulthood.
Billy hit puberty first and the soon hair began growing under his arms and around his penis, slow at first and then filling out as his penis grew from 1 inch to 4, and his ball sack descended. He also began to grow taller, gaining height and weight, his baby fat melting away, his body reshaping, if not muscular, then toned.
Becky hit puberty as well, and her breasts slowly grew to mounds and then ballooned out becoming C cups quite quickly while she grew hair around her vagina.
Billy continued to get taller and soon hair sprouted on his chest and he gained 2 more inches to his penis as his body filled out more.
Becky breasts grew to D cups and her figure continued to round out, giving her an hourglass curve, her bush now full, brown, lush hair.
Aaron stopped the changes as the couple neared their late 20's leaving Billy slender, and while he had lost his muscle tone his body was still slender and attractive, a 7-inch penis hanging between his legs.
Becky breast's showed the slightest bit of sag but were still full and attractive, a little more weight on her hips then before, but still a beautiful womanly figure.
Gaining his bearings, Billy walked over to where his father was sitting on the couch and said, "Not so big anymore, are ya?" his voice low and firm.
Little Johnny began to cry and before Billy could say anything else, Aaron walked over to him and said, "No more. I didn't turn you into an adult just so you could bully him. He's small and weak now. Now he understands how you felt. He's going to need your protection now. Your love."
Facing all of them now, he added, "I want to try one more thing. I need all of you to take each other's hand and stand in a circle. I'm not sure this is gonna work, but it's just a feeling I've gotten since I've gained control of my power."
The two adults and two children did as he asked. Walking up to them, he placed his hands on Billy's shoulders and ... CONTACT.
This time, as the foursome froze in place, Aaron willed the energy to serve a different purpose. Instead of affecting their bodies, he told it to work on their minds. He forged them into a family again, with Bill and Rebecca as the parents, and Johnny and Barbie as their children. He filled the adults with a strong love of their kids and a dedication to protect and keep them from harm. He gave the kids back their innocence and a belief that their mommy and daddy would always be there for them.
Willing the process to stop, Aaron willed the foursome to not become aware for a few moments, giving him just enough time to slip away.
Shutting the door to the O'Donnell house, Aaron felt a sense of accomplishment that he had never felt before. Somehow God or nature or something had endowed him with incredible power and he had used iy to do good; for the first time, he considered his abilities to be a gift, not a curse.
"I rock!" he thought, turning up the sidewalk and heading for home, feeling powerful. Wrapped up so much in the good he had done, he hadn't considered that once you start playing with people's lives, how long will it take before you start believing you're a God?
to be continued