The Touch Part4 of 6 by Shortysboy

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

part 4
by shortysboy
The next morning, Aaron set out for Liberty Manor, walking the ten blocks to the old folk's home, going over in his mind the plan that he and Mrs. Wolfe had worked out. She had called ahead to the home and told the nurse in charge that her grandson would be stopping by in her place to drop off a book for her dear old friend, Mrs. Williams. Once there, Aaron was to slip away and go next door, to the room where he would he would find Mr. And Mrs. Yohn, an elderly couple who were both barely hanging on to life. Mrs. Wolfe had chosen those two for several reasons. One was their close location to the room where her friend was, another was because of the fact that he should be able to stay in the room uninterrupted because hospital staff rarely went in except to roll them occasionally to prevent bed sores and to change their IVs, and lastly because there was nothing to lose if he regressed them to infancy, since both of their lives were essentially over anyway.
The idea was that Aaron was to enter the room and choose one of them and then use his power on that person, this time concentrating intently on controlling the age he regresses them to. Aaron had no idea if this would work or not, but he couldn't argue with the fact that he needed to try to control this power or else face a future of never touching anyone again. Plus he had to agree with Mrs. Wolfe that this old couple were ideal guinea pigs for the test.
"It still doesn't feel right, but what else can I do."
Even harder for him to admit was the truth that he definitely felt a rush both times he used his power before and, like a junkie, he was eager to feel it again.
Finally reaching the front door of the home, he stopped for a moment to collect himself and calmly opened the door and went inside.
Slipping out of Mrs. William's room, Aaron had to admit it had gone way too easily so far. The nurse on duty was a bit cold, but still she let him by with little more than a speech telling him to behave himself, and let him continue to Mrs. Williams' room where he dropped off the book and listened to about 20 minutes of Mrs. Williams talk about herself and Mrs. Wolfe, before Aaron finally told her he needed to go.
Now quietly slipping into the Yohn's room, Aaron shut the door as quietly as possible and faced the two people whose life he was just about to change forever.
They almost looked like mannequins lying there on their beds, only betrayed by their slow, wheezed breathing. Both of them had to be in their 90's if they were a day, lying on top of their covers, both of them clothed in hospital gowns.
Aaron stepped up to Mrs. Yohn and decided he would start with her and then move on to Mr. Yohn.
Slipping off the gloves he was wearing, Aaron said a slight prayer to whatever deity might be listening and then reached out his arm and took Mrs. Yohn by the hand.
As before, Aaron felt the electric shock pass between them and freeze, and then felt the flow go into Mrs. Yohn. Slowly the changes began to take place. First, he watched as her wrinkles began to lessen and most of the liver spots began to disappear from her arms and face. Another few seconds passed, and more wrinkles melted away and her hair turned into a salt-and-pepper mix, finally becoming a rich chocolate brown as she slipped into her 40's.
Her breasts had firmed up somewhat and this continued as she regressed back into her 30's. Other than that, and the loss of more slight wrinkles, the changes were harder to see.
Mrs. Yohn's body continued to firm as she entered her 20's and her breasts, which had been greatly sagging, were now standing at attention, looking pert and full.
"I wish the clothing wasn't blocking me from seeing all the changes," Aaron thought, and suddenly, as if by magic, the hospital gown disappeared, revealing a slim, slightly skinny, firm female body.
"How the hell did I do that?" Aaron wondered. "I wonder what else I can do that I haven't even discovered yet?"
While Aaron was thinking this, Mrs. Yohn entered her teens, a sprite, attractive 19-year-old.
Time kept subtracting away as Mrs. Yohn body continued its downward spiral. Her breasts grew smaller, more pert, and while Mrs. Yohn became a 16-year-old, Aaron finally remembered he was supposed to concentrating and controlling the change.
As this occurred to him, Mrs. Yohn's breasts grew even smaller and the mound of hair surrounding her vagina grew more sparse.
"Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t," Aaron thought. "OK, it's time to stop now. Come on power, stop now. Stop now, please!!!"
But the changes continued as Mrs. Yohn's breasts shrunk down to small mounds, and then flattened out completely leaving only small pink nipples, while her pubic hair disappeared completely, exposing her naked girlish vagina.
"STOP NOW!!!" Aaron's mind screamed, but still Mrs. Yohn continued to get younger.
Her thin body started gaining baby fat and as she exited adolescence, her belly began to develop a roundness to it, similar to the one the Dave had.
"STOP!!!!!!!!!" Aaron thought one last time and then POP, the energy flow stopped.
It took him a second or so to get his bearings, but when he did he looked down at the 1-year-old girl laying on the bed who had managed to pull one of her feet to her mouth and begin sucking on her toes.
"F*ck! I completely screwed this up," Aaron thought, not really sure what it was he needed to do to help bring the power under his control. "Maybe I need to picture the age in my mind before I start. And then not let go of it until I've regressed them to it. Sh*t, I don't know."
Turning his attention to Mr. Yohn, Aaron crossed the room and stood beside the bed, looking down at his next victim.
"OK, CONCENTRATE this time," Aaron repeated to himself. "Concentrate."
He formed a number in his mind, '18' and, stilling himself, reached out and touched Mr. Yohn's hand.
Time began stripping itself from Mr. Yohn, washing away grey hair and wrinkles.
"18, 18, 18, 18," Aaron kept repeating.
Meanwhile, Mr. Yohn hit 40, then 30; with each year his heavyset body slimmed, belly receding and hair reclaiming the top of his head.
Suddenly, like a dam breaking, Aaron could sense control coming to him. He could now see all the age possibilities while looking down at Mr. Yohn and like numbers on a watch, he somehow instinctively knew he could pick any of the ages and stop there.
And so he did. As Mr. Yohn hit 18, he willed the regression to stop, and POP it did.
"WOW! I don't f*cking believe it. I did it!!!" Aaron rejoiced.
"Where am I?" Mr. Yohn muttered. "Who are you?"
"I'm your guardian angel, Mr. Yohn," he said to the slim, attractive young man starting to sit up before him. "What's the last thing you remember?"
"I ... I don't know. I remember my kids coming to visit my wife and me, but that's not possible is it, I mean, look at me, I don't look old enough to have grown kids. What's wrong with me? What have you done?"
But before Aaron could answer, the door swung open and the nurse from the desk was there asking, "What are you doing here? And who are you in the bed? And where did the baby come from? And where are the Yohn's?"
"Wait, I can explain," Aaron said before being interrupted by the nurse.
"We can talk about it outside. Right now I want you out of...." And just then she reached up and grabbed Aaron's hand to pull him out of the room, and then ... CONTACT.
"Sh*t," Aaron thought, his mind not ready for the electric shock again.
Suddenly the nurse began the changes. Going from 35 to 25, 25 to 15 and 15 to 5 before Aaron regained his senses and fought for control.
"No," he thought, "I don't want you that young." And with that, not knowing exactly how, he reversed the flow and years began to add back on to the nurse.
By this point, her skirt and panties had fallen to the ground, not being able to be supported by the toddler body, but she was still covered, barely, by the top part of her uniform. Suddenly time reversed itself and she began growing older again. She hit puberty and her breasts began to swell, growing from small mounds to C cups, and then, just as suddenly as it had began, the POP sounded and time stopped again.
Aaron released the nurse's hand and looked at the 16-year-old girl standing in front of him, the top covering her nakedness although a small patch of brown hair could be seen just under the hem of the blouse.
"What did you do?" she exclaimed, her voice higher than it had been before.
Aaron looked back to Mr. Yohn, and noticed the not so slight bulge in his hospital gown indicating Mr. Yohn liked what he saw.
"Wow," said Mr. Yohn. "You're beautiful. What's your name?"
The nurse blushed and said, "Cindy."
"I'm Michael. It's really nice to meet you, Cindy. And you really are beautiful."
"Thank you," Cindy replied. "You're pretty handsome yourself."
"Oh sh*t," Aaron thought, "teenage hormones in action.
Taking this moment to slip out of the room, Aaron stopped at the door to watch Mr. Yohn reach out and pull Cindy to him and kiss her.
Quickly leaving the room, Aaron nearly ran through the hallways of the old folk's home, finally going out of the front door and into the summer heat.
"Well, that didn't go exactly as planned," Aaron thought, but still he couldn't help but feel a little bit cocky, knowing that he'd learned to control his power.
"Maybe this isn't so bad after all," he thought, smiling to himself as he ran for home.
to be continued