The Touch Part2 of 6 by Shortysboy

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

part 2
by shortysboy
Aaron was still trying to recover from the terror of what he just witnessed when he reached the front door of his house.
"Please let Dave be passed out on the couch. I can't deal with him right now."
Quietly opening the door, he peeked through and, "Thank God," there was Dave, out cold sleeping on the couch, clothed only in the ratty pair of underwear he always seemed to be wearing.
Aaron shut the door as quietly as he had opened it, knowing that Dave probably wouldn't hear it anyway, as drunk as he was, but still not wanting to take the chance.
As he turned back and looked at his stepdad, he was repulsed by what he saw.
"God, why the hell can't he put on some clothes," Aaron thought.
The underwear that Dave wore looked as if they had seen better days and the huge beer gut busting over them didn't help.
"At least he could put on an undershirt to hide all the damn body hair. Thank God, he's not my real dad so that I hopefully won't have a rug on my back!"
Sick of looking at his stepdad, he left the foyer and went into his bedroom, leaving the door open so as not to piss off Dave when he woke up.
Lying on his bed, he contemplated all that had just happened in the alley, not really able to believe everything his eyes had seen.
"There has got to be an explanation," he thought, "he couldn't have grown younger."
And yet, he couldn't come up with a better explanation. Somehow he had made that old man become a little boy. It had happened when the old man had touched his arm. That was when the electric shock had occurred. And once the bum had been changed that's when the weird headache and the tingling he had been feeling for the past few days had stopped.
"Too f*cking weird. It's like out of a comic book or something."
But now that the tingling had stopped, did that mean the power was gone? What if he could never touch anyone again?
"Oh sh*t, it's just like Rogue from the X-Men, except instead of robbing life-force, I make people younger. It's a cool power, if I could control it. But what if I can't? What if I have to always cover myself so that I don't accidentally regress someone? God, wasn't my life complicated enough? Why this, God, why now? There's got to be another explanation. Maybe I hit my head when I fell to the ground and just imagined it. Maybe that's why the headache went away. Yeah, maybe that's it."
But even as he thought it, he knew it didn't make sense. Thoughts were still running through his mind as his exhausted body finally gave in to sleep.
He was awakened an hour later when he heard Dave yelling at him from the other room.
"Hey boy, get your ass in here."
Rubbing his eyes to try to brush away the sleepiness, Aaron slowly rose from his bed and walked into the living room where his stepdad was still lying on the couch.
"What time'd you get home tonight," Dave slurred.
"Five," Aaron responded.
"Good boy. Why don't you go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich?"
"Why don't you get up off your lazy ass and get it yourself," Aaron thought, but instead said, "Yes, sir."
Walking to the kitchen, Aaron grabbed a plate from the cabinet, laying it on the table and then opened another cabinet to grab the welfare peanut butter and then the fridge to get the jar of strawberry jelly.
Quickly making the sandwich, Aaron rushed back into the living room and gave Dave the plate, carefully avoiding making any physical contact.
"Be a good boy, and go get me a beer from the fridge."
"Yes, sir," Aaron replied.
Going back into the kitchen Aaron grabbed a beer from the fridge and went back in the living room and sat the beer down on the coffee table to avoid accidentally touching Dave.
"Thanks," said Dave.
"Do you have any homework to do tonight?" he added.
"Yes, sir"
"Then make yourself something to eat and then get your ass to your room and do it."
"Yes, sir"
Going back into the kitchen, Aaron made himself a sandwich, poured himself a glass of milk, and went to his room.
A couple of hours later, homework all done, Aaron left his bedroom and went to put his plate and glass in the sink. Stopping in the living room, where Dave was passed out again, he grabbed Dave's plate and went towards the kitchen. Right as he entered the doorway, he tripped over the rip in the rug that Dave was supposed to do something about, and toppled over, watching as the plates and the glass smashed against the floor.
"What the hell," Dave exclaimed. "What the f*ck have you done now."
Moving his lard-ass off the couch, Dave moved towards the kitchen, watching as Aaron scurried to clean up the mess.
"Do you think we have money to buy more plates, boy? Is that what you think? How the f*ck am I gonna afford that?" Dave said, getting angrier and angrier the closer he came to Aaron.
Aaron stood up, knowing what was coming next and deciding that he should at least be standing to take the blow.
As soon as he was standing next to Aaron, Dave slapped him across the face, knocking him back against the counter.
As Dave prepared another blow, Aaron brought his hand up to try and lessen the impact, and then ...CONTACT ....
As soon as Aaron grabbed Dave's arm, the electric shock rammed through them both, freezing them in place.
Again, the shock shifted and Aaron could feel the power begin to flow into Dave.
And once again, Aaron could only stand and watch as the changes began to come.
Aaron watched as Dave went from 58 to 48, most of the wrinkles and grey hair going with the change. As Dave went from 48 to 38, all of the grey left his hair and his stepdad lost some of the beergut he had gained over the years.
As Dave became 28, his body began to firm up and as it did, the ratty underwear slid from his hips onto the floor.
Even though this wasn't the first time he'd seen Dave's penis (let's face it, that ratty underwear left little to the imagination, and none of it was pretty) still, he had to admit that at this age Dave was a hottie.
"Sh*t, I can't believe I'm even thinking this. He's my stepdad for God's sake. But, damn, he has a huge dick."
Dave's back hair completely disappeared during this time, although he still had the dark chest hair that covered his entire torso. But even this hair started to lessen as Dave drifted to 18. As he regressed to 16 the hair pulled back even further, 'til there was just a small patch in the middle of his chest and the 'happy trail' that went from his navel to his pubic hair.
Still transfixed, Aaron watched as the rest of Dave's chest hair withdrew into his body and the hair around Dave's cock lightened as Dave's penis lost 3 inches.
Fourteen-year-old Dave became 12-year-old Dave and now only a few coarse curly hairs loomed around his crotch area and his cock became about 3 inches long.
It was then that Aaron realized that he was actually looking down at his stepdad, who only stood up to about his own chest level now.
Two more years stripped away and Dave completely withdrew from puberty, his testicles pulling up into his body and his 1-inch dick was now completely bald.
The regression continued until Dave was no more than a 3-year-old boy, standing only about as tall as Aaron's thighs, when the energy passing between then stopped and Aaron heard the sharp popping sound.
Dave began to cry while Aaron just stared down as his now-toddler stepfather thinking, "What the hell do I do now?"
to be continued