A Little Bit of Fun2: I am God by Chrono Eclipse

submitted by Timmy - Jul 28, 2002

"A Little Bit Of Fun 2: I Am God"
by Chrono Eclipse
One year ago I was struck by lightning. Most people who get struck by lightning end up paralyzed, or dead, or at the very least with a nasty burn. Not me though, lucky I guess. Instead I gained powers over time and the face of reality. I had become a god.
My name is Ben. When I was struck by lightning I was a fifteen-year-old who had just been dumped by my girlfriend. It wasn’t until the night before that I realized I had the powers I did. My first use of them was a complete accident. I had turned one of the three year olds I was baby sitting into a twenty two-year-old beauty. Then a bit later I turned her friend into an adult for my friend Mike. The rest is history.
Its amazing have this vast ability over anyone. I can turn any giving person to any given age I want them to be. I can even change there minds to think a certain age with out changing their body. And the best part is I can make the whole world believe its normal. I can change tiny itsy bitsy facts about people, replace identities. For instance I could come to your house and turn your mother into a five year old, then I could mess with everyone reality so that you think that your mother is your daughter and that she has been your daughter her whole life. Any records saying other wise completely disappear, caput. At least that is what I assume, honestly I’ve never checked for sure. But I haven’t had any troubles yet. And like I said, I’ve been doing this for a year.
I made Mike and his girl Laurie (formerly the three year old) into a young married couple and gave them a rich uncle who mysteriously passed of old age and left all his 'worldly belongings' to Mike and his new wife. They were sitting pretty some where in New England. Me and Karen live with each other in New York. She does commercials and I keep myself busy. My parents: infants put up for adoption. Her parents: middle aged couple who, because of their lack of children decided to adopt my parents.
Now I’m sure by now your thinking 'Ben if you have all these amazing powers, why not just make yourself king of the world or the president or something?' To that question I laugh. Those jobs require work, they require patients and dealing with people day after day. Not my style. Its only fun being god if no one knows your god. This way I can mess with and play with individual people with out the hassles of making public appearances, hearing what moral problems people may have with my use of powers. I try as much as I can to lead a semi-normal life.
'What are you up to today hun?' Karen’s question disturbs my train of thought. 'well I was going to watch some television, read the paper. I’m looking for something really extraordinary to use my powers on.' Karen’s smile turns into a frown, she struggles to think of how to say what she’s about to. 'Ben, dear……..What if you only used your powers when….you really need to. I mean you’ve use then so much on so many less than willing people..' She tried to reason. 'NOOO!' I scream and watched the terror in her eyes. She was frozen for a moment as I piled years on her, then snatched them away. I was having a tantrum.
Karen was an amazingly beautiful young woman. But when I was mad I aged her until she was well into her nineties then regressed her to an infant. It was like a roller coaster ride for her. Wrinkles would pop up and her hair would gray rapidly then in seconds her wrinkles would be replaced by pimples and her hair would go from gray to brown to the wispy bald head of a baby. She was crying. I aged her back to her early twenties and looked at her for a moment. Her cheeks were red with tears. I got up from my chair and consoled her. 'I’m so sorry I did that. I didn’t mean to hun, it’s just…….you know how much my powers mean to me. They’re almost as important as you. And I don’t think its your place to tell me when I should use them.' I kissed her cheek and held onto her tightly until she calmed down.
' The people in this world, they’re puppets. They’ve done nothing for us. It’s only fair that we have some fun with them. You enjoy the tapes I bring home. The snobby models becoming pimple faced girls and the Dallas cowboys cheerleading team becoming senior citizens. You loved the time I made your agent think she was a baby and she wet herself in her business suit. See my powers are a lot of fun. And I really wish you would come with me sometime to use them on unsuspecting victims.' I let go of her. She walked over and got a tissue to wipe off her face and forced a smile for me. 'I have a shoot today. I’ll see you tonight.' We hugged and kissed and she left. Karen hated my powers. In the beginning things had been fine, but after a while she began claiming I was abusing my powers. That I took advantage of innocent people. Of course she jealous. But I love her. She’s far to scared of what I may do if she makes a stand against me to be any threat anyway.
I needed to do some playing fast. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. There was a children’s theatre down the street I use to be part of, in the days when my mother would make me do these ridiculous plays. I regressed myself to the age of thirteen and walked inside. Everyone their would assume I was part of the group. I waited and watched for my subject. It was almost agony sitting through a children’s theatre version of Snow White. But soon the girl playing wicked step-mother took the stage. Bingo. Cynthia, she was thirteen and had been doing this theatre crap since she was a toddler. I had known her from when we did theatre together, she was a pre-teen with the voice of a sex phone operator. And she was more seductive and aggressive than most girls I had gone to high school with. She tried to flirt with the director much to disapproval. He was a serious down to earth man in his early thirties and didn’t need a early blooming seventh grader trying to hit on him. That would change. All the young thespians pile out of the theater except for her. I knew she would stay behind to talk to the director. 'How was I today?' she asked him as I ducked into a dark corner so they wouldn’t see me.
She began to grow. Her petite pre-teen body began to mature. Her height increased, a slight ripping sound began to emanate from her as her clothes were stretched. Her small insignificant budding breast started to sprout. They inflated a little bit each second as her legs and arms lengthened. Her T-shirt now had a noticeable rip in it. Her face was losing more and more of the innocent look she had. She was now in her mid to late teens. Her skirt barely covered her now adult rounded ass. Her shirt rose above her now flat toned belly and ripped from the top showing much of her impressive cleavage. She was now a good ten years older. The thin scrawny thirteen-year-old was replaced by a gorgeous dark hair woman in her early twenties. Her skirt was hugging her upper thigh and pelvic area showing how long and toned her legs had become. Her shirt was tearing thread by thread. Soon she’d be standing topless. 3, 2, 1, SNAP! Her shirt fell to the floor revealing her massive breasts.
Her beautiful piercing eyes starred at the director who now seemed to show her much more attention. Her put his arms around her waist, she grabbed his head and they began to kiss. I wasn’t going to let her go that easy. I decided to make him a little younger. He lost some inches and the stubble around his face. The slight gray in his temples went back to brown. The muscles on his body disappeared. I had cut his age in half.
Then I turned my attention back to her. For a moment she looked essentially the same. But then as she entered her thirties her dark hair looked duller. Small lines appeared around her eyes and mouth. Her breasts drooped a tiny bit but then kept drooping as the years piled onto her. Her dark hair had some streaks of gray in it. Her formerly toned legs and stomach became less firm and more flabby. Bags formed under her gorgeous eyes. She was approaching her forties. The crows feet and lines on her face deepened. Veins and blemishes appeared on her body marring her once sexy legs. Her thighs were heavier. Her breast sagged a bit, her cheeks drooped a little. I stopped her at forty seven. She was fifteen years older than the directors real age.
She paused from kissing him and looked down at the teen boy. The boy looked embarrassed to be making out with this middle aged topless woman. 'I just love our times together. Maybe you can show me my motivation Go on direct me, little director.' She said with a sly smile. Her seductive voice had dropped a few octaves and became raspier. A smiled and slipped out the exit. 'Where to next?' I wondered.
A magazine at a near by stand told me what my next location would be. 'Worlds oldest woman!' the cover read. A woman in Wisconsin had just turned 118 years young. This was too good. I quickly made my way to the airport. Who needs to pay for plain tickets when you can just take someone else’s? Soon someone would find the small baby boy crawling under the business suit and brown trench coat left in the bathroom stall. I put on the former mans hat and headed onto the plane.
An infant crying at the back of the plane caused much complaining through the flight, however with some help from my powers less people cared as the flight continued. The stewardess had to care for more and more children each passing moment. Till I had turned the entire cabin into children aged 5-10. I turned first class a little young, they were all toddlers and were less interested in their wine and comfy chairs and wanted to go back to coach and play with the big kids.
The stewardesses were getting overwhelmed for a while, so I decided to help them out also. Honestly, I had wanted to change these two woman since the minute I came on the plane and now was the time. I called one over to me as the other was dealing with the scores of children in the back. I changed the Simultaneously. I watched the woman by me, she had long read hair and very large firm breasts. I guessed her to be in her late twenties. But because of my powers she was now back to college age, her face was gaining a more innocent look. Some freckles popped up around her nose. Her large boobs were receding. By the time she crossed from her twenties back into teendom I figured they were around C cups. Her skirt was dipping down passed her knees and she had to hold up on side with her hands.
Now she looked no older than a high school sophomore. Her curvaceous figure was looking more flat and thin each passing second. Her breasts were no more than A cups as she turned back to thirteen. Her blouse caved inward from lack of body to hold it out. Her jacket sleeves were now well passed the tips of her fingers. She had both hands grasping the sides of her skirt which now reached down to her ankles. Her breasts were fond memory now as she took the dip into childhood. Her face was more round now with a button nose and a gap in her teeth. Her cut in her blouse showed half her flat chest and her jacket came well passed her thighs. Even her hat was too big for her now and dropped down to cover one eye.
'How can I help you miwsta?' She asked as she reached six and I stopped her transformation and the regression of her colleague who was now playing patty cake with one of the other children rather than trying to herd them back into seats. I turn to the now child stewardess 'I’m sorry, I forget why I called you over.' She smiled and turned to walk away. I saw her wobbling on her high heels and began to tip forward. I grabbed the back of her jacket to keep her from falling and scrapping her knees. 'Oop, watch it there.' I said as I lifted her onto my lap so she could kick off her too large shoes. I helped her get her jacket off as well then let the red headed girl run off to play with the other children.
The idea of using my powers on the pilots crossed my mind for a moment, but I contained myself. 'Mustn’t be foolish.' I thought. The flight landed and we all departed. The gate looked more like the end of the day at a daycare than the pick up at an airport.
I caught a cab to the home were the ‘oldest woman’ lived. Showing up at the country home over looking a bus stop, I rang the door bell. A man, who appeared to be a live in nurse answered. 'Hello?' He asked. I nodded. 'Are you another reporter?' I nodded again. 'Yes, yes I am.' I finally responded. 'Well I don’t know, Miss Dolan is very tired right now. Maybe it would be better to come back another time…' He said beginning to shut the door. I stopped it with my foot and said 'Believe me, she will feel a lot better after I see her.' I smiled, he began to open the door slowly. 'All right, but please make your interview brief. Miss Dolan can not take all this excitement at her age.' I nodded at the man. He was a blond hared man in his late forties. I took note of that for later.
Slowly walking up the stairs to miss Dolan’s room I could hear wheezing coming from a bed room. I opened the door a crack. 'Hello, miss Dolan?' I asked. No answer. I asked again. 'Miss Dolan? Are you awake?' Still no response. I walked in. The old woman was lying on her bed asleep. God she looked so old. She was practically mummified. What was left of her white hair hung around her head in wisps. Her face was just wrinkle after wrinkle. Her arms and legs were bony and thin. Her hands and feet were shriveled up. Her back was crooked. Loose age spotted skin hung all over her body. This would not do. I decided to begin working while she was asleep. I slipped the blanket off her because I like to observe changes in my subjects. For a few moments there were no obvious changes.
When someone as old as miss Dolan begins to regress usually there is very little difference in appearance until she twenty or thirty years younger. After a bit I could see she was getting more white hair on the top of her head and she looked more life like. Maybe even fewer wrinkles on her face. She had fallen under the hundred mark and was sliding from her nineties into her eighties. The money shots were still about fifty years away. through her 80’s and 70’s I saw wrinkle after wrinkle vanish. Her hair even turned grayish in some areas. Her withered hands and feet started to un-shrivel. As she passed from her seventies into her sixties even some color returned to her pale skin.
By sixty five she actually looked very youthful compared to the woman almost double that age, who she had been moments before. The age spots vanished from her body. Some muscles and fat formed in her skeletal legs and arms. Her back slowly straightened. All the mass of wrinkles her face once was, now looked more like a older woman’s face. Her breast, which until this point had been emptied sacks lying flat against her chest now rose upward. The rising of her boobs made me feel like I was doing some sort of cheep magic trick. As she passed into her fifties a dark brown color became to speckle her gray hair. Her sagging waddle turned into a double chin, which in turn faded into nothing.
She actually began to look quite beautiful as she entered her forties. Her dark hair fell around her ivory skin. Her legs began to gain tone. The veins on her hands and feet became to disappear as her skin was less transparent. She was in her early forties. The only wrinkles on her face were crows feet and laugh lines. Her wheezing and snoring had turned into the hushed sound of a woman sleeping. I decided to wake her.
I reached my hand out to touch her arm. She stirred and creeped her eyes open. She saw me and stopped. Sitting up on her bed startled she asked 'Who are you?' then froze. Reaching her hand up to her throat she starred in puzzlement at the other hand. It was obvious that she had no idea what to make of her so far 75 year rejuvenation. ‘its all right miss Dolan.' I tried to calm her. 'H, how do you know my name? How….Why am I so young?' she asked not quite taking her eyes off her hand. 'I did this.' I told her. 'You did this? How? Are you an angel?' She asked with a look of happiness and wonderment on her now middle aged face. A smile reached from one end of my face to the other. 'Yes I am.'
She began to laugh and jumped and gave me a hug. All of the excitement stirred the nurse down stairs. I heard him charging up the stair. I didn’t want him to come in just yet. With a plop I was certain he wouldn’t be bothering us until I was ready. I turned back at the sound of Miss Dolan’s mid western accent 'A real angel. All my life I knew I would see one of you and hear you are! And you made me young again.' I nodded 'I plan to make you younger.' She tilted her head at me, the smile not leaving her face. 'Younger? How much younger?' she asked. 'Oh I was thinking of taking off another twenty five years.' I said in my calm cool voice. 'twenty five years? why then I’d be a young girl!' She said with a laugh. 'You would be eighteen. Would you like that?' She grinned harder. 'Eighteen! I was a real beauty at eighteen.' I nodded. 'I don’t doubt that, your a real beauty now.' I stated. 'My your quite a flatterer for an angel.' I shrugged and looked at her to gain the answer to my previous question. 'Yes! You can do it! I want to see what magic you angels have.'
We walked over to the wall mirror on the other side of the bed and I began to do my thing. She passes into her thirties and lost her laugh lines. Her body was looking more toned and hour glass shaped each minute. Her dull brown hair was now very shiny and wavy as it came down to her shoulders. She lifted the bottom of her night gown and looked at her now young sexy legs. She was in her early twenties and her breast were now very firm and perky. Her skin was completely smooth and her face was beautiful. Her nose upturned a little to girl her the fresh faced look of a girl just out of high school.
She looked at her self wide eyed. 'I’m eighteen! I’m eighteen!' I watched the beautiful girl dance around in celebration. A one hundred year regression, that was something to take pride in. That’s what those magazines should write there articles about. She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 'How can I ever thank you?' she asked. 'No need to thank me miss Dolan…' She cut me off 'Please, call me Sarah.' I nodded 'Sarah, I’m just doing my heavenly duty.' I said with a grin. 'But if you took away those nasty years from me, where did they go?' She asked as I turned to open the door. The smile on my face looked more like a devil than an angel. I turned and innocently said 'Why I’ll show you.'
We walked to the window where I pointed across the street to the bus stop. There was a young mother sitting on the bench breast feeding her twin baby girls. Sarah looked puzzled but watched without saying a word. I centered on the baby girl at the right breast, she had a green frilly dress on. With in seconds it began to rip as the baby rapidly grew. In a matter of two minutes she had aged a year and a half and her infant sized dress burst her shoes pooped off her growing feet and her socks shredded. Her diaper popped off as she passed three. Soon the woman was holding up a naked toddler. She grew more, her chubby arms and legs were thinning out as she grew.
She got bigger and bigger. She had a full head of long blond curls in contradiction to her twin sister who still had a relatively bald head. The girl was six then seven then eight. She was almost too big for her mothers lap. The mother didn’t appear to notice. The girl continued to feed into adolescence. Her body looked scrawny and thin but then began to take form. Tiny bumps appeared on her chest and her face looked more mature. She looked old enough for jr. High school. Her legs looked more rounded as did her ass as she passed into her high school years. She took the march through her teens.
The bumps on her chest formed into mounds which pushed outward until she had breasts of her own. Her hips flared out and her face looked like that of a young woman. She looked around the same age as Sarah presently. She was close to the same height as her mother and remained sitting on one half of her mothers lap. The naked blond hared woman entered her twenties and her breasts grew more. I could see a patch on blond hair between her thighs also. 22, 23, 24, '25 years done.' I said.
I turned to the other daughter. One again it only took a matter of seconds before this baby girls pink dress burst and her whole outfit crumbled. She also grew in height, much like her sister did. I turned to look at Sarah. Her face was that of puzzlement. I half expected her to be disgusted by my indulgence but she just watched in awe like I was turning water into wine. I turned and saw that the other baby was well into her teen years. I guessed sixteen. Her breasts were about the same size as her sisters, same hair color. Not too exciting changing twins.
I decided to do something about Sarah’s Granny gown. I ripped off a lining from her pillow case and brought it over to her. I ripped and mended her outfit while she gazed at the growing girl across the street. When I was done Sarah had a short skirt and a sleeveless shirt tied at the bottom to show her sexy belly. 'It’s the style.' I said. I don’ think she heard me. I looked back across the street.
The second transformation was done. Now the mother had two 25-year-old woman sucking on either breast. I guessed the mother to be around the same age as her two babies now. They almost looked like triplets. 'So that’s twenty five and twenty five. That makes fifty right? Are you keeping track of this?' I joked. Sarah was still awe struck by the spectacle. 'Well we have fifty years left.' I turned to the mother and discarded the imaginary remaining years. She aged passed her twenties and into her thirties. Crows feet and lines around her mouth surfaced. Her blond hair was gradually lost its luster. She passed into her forties. Her breast drooped slightly, in fact as she reached her late forties the baby/woman on the right had lost her place and began to cry. But the now middle aged mother calmly guided her head back to the nipple.
The woman now turned fifty she had a few strands of gray hair and her body was less firm and smooth. All three now were twenty five years older. But I continued to age the mother. Her blonde hair took the slow turn to gray and on her face appeared a few more wrinkles. In her sixties age spots were appearing on the top of her ever sagging boobs. Her cheeks began to droop. Her forehead was lined and her hair fell lifeless around her slumped shoulders. She now looked like an old, worn mother or midwife. Her thighs had swelled as did her fore arms. But by her late sixties she began thinning again. She had jowls and wrinkled lips. Her hair was all gray and white. Into her seventies her back hunched a bit.
She moved her two daughters to either side of her, no longer able to support them on her bony wrinkled legs. She turned seventy five. It was quite amusing watching the old woman with both her arms around naked adult woman who had their mouths around her sagging shriveled breast which now lied flat onto her belly. They now were noticing that the boobs had run dry. They began to cry. The old woman tried to calm them as she buttoned up her blouse.
I turned to Sarah and smiled. She looked at me. 'But was that fair giving all my years to that young mother and her two baby girls?' she asked. I chuckled 'Sarah, my dear, You said it yourself - I’m an agent of God. God is obviously giving them a lesson. They will turn back……eventually. For now worry not. You have your youth back.' She hugged me once again. I heard banging in the hallway. I didn’t want Sarah to see the middle aged man outside crawling on all fours. 'Please wait in here for a moment. I have just one more gift for you.' She smile and sat on her bed.
I slipped out the door and gave back the nurse some mental capacity. He stood and looked at me. Then I concentrated on his appearance. His hair returned to his head. In moments he had a full head of brown hair. Then he lost his gut as his chest looked more muscular. The lines on his face disappeared. He regained the appearance of a young man. His facial hair receded slightly. He lost a few inches. I stopped him at nineteen. I looked at the tall young man in front of me. 'Yes you’ll do nicely for Sarah.' I mentally made him nineteen and led him into the room.
I gave him the thoughts that he had been steadily dating Sarah for several years now. I had a feeling I didn’t have to do that because he would have wanted to anyway if he saw her. But it couldn’t hurt. As we stepped into the room she stood up and the nurse stepped forward 'Sarah…' he said with a smile and ran up and passionately kissed her. While they were kissing she looked over his shoulder at me and winked. She hugged him and mouthed 'thank you for everything' to me. I nodded. I thought it was time to take a trip back to where I grew up.
As I walked down the street I was raised on I heard giggling coming from the back yard of one of the houses. I decided to unlatch the gate of the house next to it. As I walked into the yard I saw two little girls playing in a kiddy pool. I laid down in a lawn chair and put on a pair of sun glasses. There were only a few bushes marking the line between the yard I was in and the yard where the girls played. Plenty of room to watch whatever I decided to do. 'Well I already transformed toddlers into young women' I thought. So I decided to take it further. I watched as the two girls splashed and played in and around the pool.
I figured they were around six or seven. They grew older. Their one piece bathing suits started to stretch. The continued playing but I could hear them asking why their suits felt so tight. They were around ten when I began to hear ripping coming from their clothes. They stopped playing a tried to slip out of their constraining one pieces. They were both naked pre-teen girls standing in the back yard. I pretended to be asleep and no one else was around. The looked embarrassed none the less. I made them think it wasn’t a good idea to go inside, so instead the two red faced fourteen year olds slipped into the kiddy pool and sat down.
Their breasts began to form and their bodies matured as they began to discuss what celebrity guys were the cutest. One girl had very curly brown hair while the other had more straight blond hair. They were high school age. Their legs were too long for the pool made for six year olds and their barefeet hung over onto the grass. They were quite sexy teenage girls and I could hear them discussing secretly how attractive they found me as they whispered and giggled to each other in the pool.
I decided to make them less concerned about their nudity. Soon the blonde was up stretching and doing jumping jacks to stay in shape as they entered their twenties. 'I need to get a job soon Ariel' she said to the brunette who was lying in a chair much like myself, probably hoping to get a tan. 'Don’t worry too much Lauren, we just finished college. We still have plenty of time to settle down with a career. I’m more worried about finding a serious boyfriend.' Ariel said. 'Yeah a guy that’s not a total jerk.' Lauren added. I watched them enter their thirties. I was glad a changed their mental age along with their physical age, it was very entertaining.
Their bodies lost a little tone and luster as they passed through their thirties. 'I need a man with a lot of money. And he has to respect my career choice.' Ariel was saying as laugh lines appeared on her face and her breasts began to sag a bit. 'What about children? I mean we’re at our sexual peek. I want to have children before I’m too old too.' Lauren said. 'So much for that' I thought. She wasn’t having as much luck doing her work out now as she entered her forties. 'So much for that' I thought. They continued aging. Now Ariel’s hair was speckled with gray and Lauren gained some weight. She was beginning to look like a frumpy middle aged woman rather than a sexy young adult. 'We need to get some husbands Ariel. Menopause is around the corner.' Lauren put her hand on her back and caught her back from stretching. Ariel agreed 'I know what your saying.' A cold gust of wind cause her to shudder. Menopause had come.
They passed through their fifties. Now both of them had half a head of gray hair. Their breast sagged further on their bodies. Lauren staggered over to the lawn chair Ariel was lying in. 'I don’t know what to do at are age. My back hurts, my feet ache, everything aches.' She sat down next to her friend. 'We can retire soon, then maybe me and you can travel the world.' Ariel said as she turned sixty. Her brown hair was now all gray. Her cheeks were jowls. Her feet were wrinkled and liver spotted as were her hands and legs. Lauren put a smile on her wrinkled face 'That would be nice.' Ariel slowly got up as they passed into their seventies. Her back was bent. Her breasts were hanging downward shriveled lumps. Her legs were bony and covered in veins and age spots. Even her ass sagged down to her thighs. 'It would have been nice to find a husband when we were younger.' She quavered. She helped up the elderly Lauren who’s long blond hair was now long, white and ratty.
I stopped them both at eighty. Leaving two little old ladies. 'Lauren, we should head inside. It’s not healthy to be out in the cold too long at our age. Lauren put her wrinkled hand to her ear 'What?' Ariel didn’t bother to repeat herself. She took Lauren’s arm in her shaking hand and lead her inside. They hobbled over a pair of girls bathing suits as they headed into the house. 'I get you a glass of prune juice when we get inside.' Ariel told her friend once they reached the door. I knew once they entered their parents would freak out. So I made everyone think that Ariel and Lauren were the great aunts of Lauren’s mother who now lived with them in their old age.
Walking back onto the street I spied a perfect target. Julie, a girl who I had a huge crush on when I was twelve and thirteen. But because she was twelve years older than me she said she only wanted to be my friend. It didn’t help matters that she use to baby sit me when I was little. Lets see. If she’s twelve years older than me, that would make her….. twenty eight. Perfect! I aged myself slightly to look thirtyish.
'Julie!' I called to her and waved. She looked startled and came over. She smiled politely and asked 'I’m sorry do we know each other?' I grinned. 'Its me B…Kyle! Kyle Anderson! We went to high school together. wow you haven’t changed a bit. Your as beautiful as ever..' I had made my identity up. I hoped that if she found me attractive enough it wouldn’t matter if she remembered me or not. 'Wow, Kyle! Oh my god! Its been ages. How have you been?' she asked. Score! 'I’ve been doing well…..hey are you busy? There’s an ice cream stand around the corner. I’d love to treat you, we could catch up on old times.' I offered. She flashed another smile. 'Sure! That would be really nice.'
I took her arm like a gentlemen and led her down the street. Lying all the way about how I designed web pages and made Internet films. She turned out to be a social worker. Oh this should be most fun indeed. We sat at a secluded picnic bench behind the ice cream stand. I watched Julie as we talked and ate our ice cream.
She was a tall busty beauty with brown hair. We chatted about our lives, her real life and the completely fabricated life of the man I was pretending to be. I was getting board with our conversation and decided to make my move. 'Do you remember a boy named Ben Wallace?' I asked with a straight face. She paused and thought for a moment. 'You know, I think I use to baby sit him when he was very little……..in fact you know what? He asked me out once when he was in seventh grade! I thought it was the cutest thing. Of course I had to turn him down you know.' She smiled at me. 'No, I don’t think I do know Julie. Why don’t you tell me.' She laughed slightly but looked offended. 'Well, I mean he was a little young for me…' She explained as if I were crazy for asking. 'Well Julie. I would love to go out with you, but I think your a little young for me…' I stated darkly. 'I’m sorry? You can’t be more than a year older than….' She stopped cold.
She had already lost a few years. she was now back to her early twenties. Her breasts dwindled slightly and her face regained a more innocent look. She appeared to be at the cusp of woman hood. Her age spiraled downward. Through her teen years, freckles accented her face. She lost some inches in height and her hour glass figure straightened and flattened as her body began thinner and scrawnier. Her shirt was starting to slip passed one shoulder I could see a corner of her now useless bra. She continued to lick her ice cream as she turned into a child. I stood up and could see her smaller legs kicking back and forth. She was now bare foot because her large slip on shoes had fallen off her tiny child feet.
The make up on her face look ridiculous on an eight year old. I made her younger still. Baby fat appeared on her body. Her cheeks became chubby and her light brown hair was curled around it. She had to use two hands to hold her ice cream now, which was getting all over her face. As she went passed three she had to stand on the bench to reach above the table. But she got under until she tumbled back onto her behind and the ice cream cone fell to the ground. Her wispy hair was now nothing but peach fuzz and her once long gorgeous arms and legs were the chubby jelly roles of an infant. She was swimming in her T-shirt, bra and shorts.
I pulled the baby girl out of the adult clothing and rocked her for a few moments to stop the crying. 'there, there baby Julie. Looks like your not all grown up after all. Uh-Oh, looks like our first date didn’t go the way you hoped huh? Looks like I’m going to be baby sitting you.' Julie gurgled and played with a button on my shirt. My watch started beeping. I needed to head back to my house soon to meet Karen when she gets home.
I was at the park about a block from my house when I got another great idea to maybe rap up the evening. An old woman was sitting at a bench near the area where pre-teen and teenage boys usually skate. The boys all loved to show off and flirt with any young girls that would come by. A perfect situation for fun. I simply mentally regressed the old woman to the age of fourteen. Around the age of a high school freshmen. Immediately she got up from resting and hobbled over to watch the boys skate. Then I picked out one of the cockiest sixteen or seventeen-year-old boys there and changed his perspective to see the old woman as she looked at age fourteen.
Sure enough the boy I picked out, Justin, stopped skating after a moment and went over to who he thought was a young girl he could potentially 'get with'. I could see them flirting casually. None of the other boys had any idea what Justin was doing 'Hey man, is that your granma or something?' one of his friends asked. He waved his hand as if to tell his friend to leave him alone. He then turned to the old woman and whispered something to make her blush. She turned and kissed the boy on the check. He grabbed her for a second and kissed her on her wrinkled lips. There were some disgusted sounds coming from the skate court and the old woman began to giggle and blush profusely. Justin smiled and turned back to skate. They should make a cute couple. 'Don’t you think that’s funny Julie?' I asked the infant under my arm. Not much of a response.
Baby Julie was getting cranky and I needed to head home. As soon as I reached the park entrance it began to rain. And when I say rain I mean pour. I was about to exit and rush home when a man stopped me. flinging a pamphlet in my face he asked 'Do you know how to get to heaven?' I was not in the mood for this. I try concentrated on the man hoping to make him told old to bug me. I waited for the changes to begin to occur. And waited, and waited. For some reason he wasn’t beginning to age. I tried again. After a moment I began to panic. I tried to regress him to an infant. I thought I began to see him shrinking. I even closed my eyes to see if I could notice a definite change. Nothing. I didn’t know what to do. That had never happened before. I freaked and shoved the man aside. Running towards my house I concentrated on aging Julie back to an adult. Every time I looked over all I saw was a naked infant.
I ran down to my house as fast as I could. I have to get inside. I have to fix my powers. I need my powers. I am god. What is god with out his power. The people are my puppets. I will lose all control. I will be helpless. I will CRASH. I was knocked to the ground. I must have been hit by something. I slowly opened my eyes and I was in a room. I was in my living room. I could make out someone walking towards me and saying something. I focused my eyes better. It was Karen! I was home, safe. 'Karen I…' words didn’t come out of my mouth. Only sounds. 'There you are Benny! Your awake. You had a scared for a bit there.' She said as she reached towards me…..and lifted me up? I looked at my hands. They were tiny! I had the hands of….a two year old. I felt my head. I had a head of curly hair and my face, my face was round and pudgy like a toddlers.
My mouth was open in shock. 'There’s mommy’s cute little boy.' I shook my head at Karen. I thought about turning my self back to an adult. I thought harder. I really tried to concentrate on nothing else. It wasn’t working. I was two, and there was nothing I could do about it. 'Now Benny, You had an accident. Do you know what accident means? It means your a little baby boy. And I, Karen am your new mommy. Isn’t that great?' Tears rolled down my eyes. I stared to scream and wail. I was having a tantrum.
Karen grabbed my wrist hard 'Now now, you be a good boy for mommy.' She rocked me back and forth smothering me into her breasts. 'Now mommys a working girl so I have some one special who’s going to be watching you every day until mommy comes home in the evenings.' I stopped crying almost instantly and looked in shock at the teenage girl who entered my living room. 'Wave hi at your new baby sitter Julie.' Karen said in her patronizing motherly voice. 'Benny can be a little shy. But all he really wants is to have a little bit of fun.' Karen explained to the girl. 'Oh I know. I know.' Julie smiled as she took me gently from Karen’s arms. 'remember me Benny? We’re going to have lots of fun together aren’t we?' Julie giggled as she held him above the ground. I had a lot of things. I made magic. I was a god. Now I’m nothing but a baby boy.