The Meaning of Freedom Chapter 4 {Morals and Karma}

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The final chapter. Enjoy!

The Meaning of Freedom Chapter 4 {Morals and Karma}

“Hello, this is 911 what seems to be the problem?” 911 operator.

“My name is John Smith. I don't know how long I can talk or stay on the line, but please listen and believe everything I say. Half the stuff I don't believe myself.” John spoke in a very nervous, and very scared voice. He knew that if Jenny found him calling the police he would suffer the same fate as Kenny and Lilly.

“Sir, if you could please slowly and calmly tell us what the problem is we will listen and believe what we can.” The Operator responded.

“The person I work for has gone insane. Her first victim was a man. She did something to him to make him act like a baby.”

“Sir, a prank call of any type can be punished by state law. Do you understand what I'm saying?” The operator interrupted Kenny.

“Damn it. This is not a prank. She's gone insane I tell you. He was the first and then she got Lilly. Please you have to help me. Anyone of us could be nex....”

The 911 operator contacted her manager. She explained to her manager how a young man had just called the station claiming that his employer had gone crazy. She also explained how at first it had seemed like a prank, but when the phone suddenly was cut she thought she better seek higher power. The manager then made a copy of the call and gave it to the police. When the Police received the print out and voice copy of the call Department Chief Margret Young was called into the case.

Margret was your average woman. She stood about 5ft 6in. She usually wore her police uniforms, but when out on the town she loved to dress sexy. Her outlook of life has always been if you can't keep up with the party, then stay of the train. This motto is what landed Margret in the worst case she could have been in as a teenager. She ended up in a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Luckily she survived the head on collision into the tree. Many year's afterwards the impact of the experience would cause her to join the Police force. Now was her mission in life was to help others as much as possible to repent for her wrong doings.

The information however seemed typical. Just your average person out pulling a prank at the expanse of the tax payers. However all cases like these had to be followed up even if she didn't really believe in it. “I need information on a John Smith. I need all records or information about family, history, and anything else that might help us track down this person.” Margret spoke to her

“One moment please.” Her secretary responded back. After about 3 seconds the computer had come up with it's information.”There are 7 John Smith's in the local area. 5 of the however are under the age of 10.”

That still wasn't enough to get a good lock on where this person is. 'Think girl, think.' She reviewed the phone call once more trying to spot any possible information that may help narrow down where this person was. “Can you get me any information on the name Lilly?”

“One moment.” The secretary then punched into the name. ” I'm faxing you a print out of the information right now.”The computer responded by producing 3 names. However one name was put above the rest. Lilly Warchester. The computer had brought up work records of Lilly that showed the relationship. Both were working under the same woman by the name of Jenny.

'This is it.' Margret thought. She then produced to her police car where she would meet detective Jenkins Marley. Jenkins was taller then average. He stood 6ft 5in. He wore a dark suit. Most of the time Jenkins stayed undercover however when Margret needed one of her own she knew the only person to trust was him.

“So what's the call this time?” Jenkins asked Margret

“We think it might be a prank call however the higher up's think that it might be a co-relationship between another case.”.

“What case might that be?” Jenkins questioned.

“Recently a local soap opera star was kidnapped on the 4th of july. It happen at one of the autograph session. Till now no lead's have been found.” She passed 4 profiles of people. Each one contained the background history, a photo, and finger prints.” John Smith was the one who made the phone call. We believe that if we are to find out any information about what happen to the young man he is the one to look for. The next person is Lilly Warchester. Her relationship to the case is that she was mentioned on the 911 phone call. However we do not know anything other then that, and the following is a Kenny Rogers. The public is unaware of the true nature of the disappearance. “

“If it was a prank why send us in?”Jenkins asked.

“As I said the higher up's think it might be bigger then a prank. Plus if we are able to find him first without the media getting wing of it we might be able to save the man any hard ache's. The person who phoned in claimed that she had turned him into some type of baby.” Margret responded.

“A baby? How the hell do you turn a grown adult into a baby? Come on you should have rejected this case. It's all hog wash.”Jenkins replied.

“It may seem like it, but these are are orders and orders can not be ignored.
Jenkins was beaten.

Back at Jenny's house same time as the 911 phone call

“Hello? Hello? Anyone there?” The phone cut off. John looked around and standing next to the phone jack with the cord in her hand was Jenny. Fear was raising in on John.

“Why did you do it? Didn't I take care of you? Didn't I provide you with enough money to support those that you needed to? Why did you have to go and call the police?” Jenny asked. John was to afraid to answer. he had never felt or been this afraid in his life before. Jenny moved in a little closer.” There, there. It's ok I won't hurt you.” Jenny reached her hand out and placed it on John's shoulder.

However for John his whole world had just been turned upside. He was the perfect picture of a puppy who had just been thrown out in the streets because his own's didn't want him. He stood there trembling. Sweat was dripping down him. Fear started to mix with anger. Finally had the courage to speak up.”Your not the Jenny I know. Something is messed up inside of you casing you to do these crazy things. GO TO Hell you crazy demon spawn.”

“Crazy? You want to know crazy then try having blood squirt out of you twice a month. Try knowing everything you have ever done won't be good enough because a man has already done it. It is not me that is crazy, but the whole world.” With those words she held a needle in her hand. “This little cure should take care of it. With it I shall rid the world of all men. Now remember it will only hurt a little bit.” She laughed evilly while trying to chase after me. However she slipped and tripped over one of the chairs. The needle stuck straight into her. In a few short minutes the effects started to show. However these effects were different from the ones that Kenny and Lilly Experienced.

Jenny wanted a full reversal of DNA. She also wanted it to recombine the DNA into the opposite sex. The cold sweat's were the first sign. “ Noooooooooooooooooo Jenny screamed as her breast slowly disappeared with each breath and sweat molecule escaping her body. At the same time her frame structure was changing. Her hips and arm position changed in relationship to that of the male body. Body hair was starting to grow. The worst part was something long, hairy, and wet was starting to poke out at her panty line. It was the sexual organ of a man. Her hair was slowly rising up into her head till it vanished from full sight.

That was the sign that the second stage of the process was about to happen. The second stage was full reversal of the age.” Why is this happening to me?” She screamed in her new male'ish voice. However as her height dwindled down so to did her voice. It changed from that of a full grown male to a teenage boy, from there she slowly dwindled down into a toddler.

John turned away. He couldn't watch the events anymore. Yes he was saved, but nobody deserved a fate like what Jenny was going through. He went up to her and hugged her tightly. The once strong, argent, and insane Jenny was now reduced to that of a infant. It was all to unbelievable. The new transformed infant cried in horror.