A First Hand Study (pt 1) by ferver

submitted by ferver - Sep 3, 2002

When a young college studant who slacked off in her assignments is in danger of failing, Spending a month as a test subject in a funded project sounds like a perfect plan!

She gets to get a passing grade, doesn't have to go to class, and gets payed money on top of it! What could possably go wrong?

This is an AR story, it is a multi-part story that will probably have a chapter added once a week.

Note: This is not a lemon, yep thats right there is no sex or undue grossness involved, if that is what you like in an AR story then go ahead and click "back" on your browser.

This story is rated PG-13

A First Hand Study (pt 1)

Amanda layed quietly in bed, her skin covered in the soft embrace of her bedsheets. She was in that period of perfection, that one place you sometimes reach when you have had a restful night's sleep where the light touch of the sheets and the coolness of the room make it so that you don't even want to breath, lest you break the blissful stillness of the morning. Finally it happened as the yawn tore it's way from her chest, and as simple as that the magic was broken.

She sat up and slowly moved toward the dormitory bathroom, she was lucky that she had a room all to herself as this ment that she always had privacy, something not many college studants can claim. Amanda was twenty years old, she was a major in Drama and hoped to one day be an actress or even maybe a movie star. She looked at her face in the mirror as she went through the motions of getting ready for class, she brushed her blond hair back and pulled it into a tight braid, and applied the make-up needed to accent her brown eyes and high cheek bones.

She stripped off her nightgown and moved to her small closet, her bare feet sinking slightly into the carpeting of her room. "What should I wear today?" she wondered aloud as she rifled through her clothes eventually selecting a common pair of blue jeans and a white shirt that loudly proclaimed "Blonds really DO have more fun." on it's chest. Amanda completed the ensamble with a common pair of white socks and tennis shoes.

Amanda checked her clock, it was almost eleven in the morning. She looked to the books on her nightstand, again she had stayed out too late at the club and once again her work wasn't completed. She sighed as she picked the books up in her arms and headed for the door, "Oh well, why does an actress need good marks in astronomy anyway?" she asked herself with a chuckle as she hurried to class.


Amanda's classes were required by her scholorship, but she really could care less about any of them, as far as she was concerned she only did enough work to meet the requirements so she could continue to study acting. She munched on a Snicker's bar as her professor, Mr. Nash, continued on and on about distances, calculations, and the relativity of celestial bodies. It wasn't that Amanda disliked the teacher, he was nice, and animated, and he talked about planets and stars with a passion that could almost make even her care about astronomy, but she just couldn't see the point of it. What good would knowing this do an actress? What did it have to do with acting? Heck, what did most of her classes have to do with it? An actress didn't need Astronomy, Geometry, or Biology. These were the thoughts that went through her mind as the class was dismissed.

Amanda stood and made her way to the door with the rush of the other students.

"Miss Shine!" Professor Nash called out. She turned and looked at the dark haired, slightly pudgy, professor.

"Uh, yes Professor?" she responded.

"Please come down to the stage for me will you?" he asked.

"Sure." Amanda replied and made her way to his desk. "Is there a problem?" she asked, having been fearing this anyway, she knew that she was failing and she also knew that sooner or later the prof was going to inform her of such.

Nash sat down in his desk and pulled out a large manilla file.

"Actually Miss Shine," he responded, "since you got to the point rather quickly, so too shall I. You are failing, not only my class but several of your other classes as well."

Amanda nodded, "Yeah, I kinda figured that was happening, I just don't see the point in taking all of these extra classes." she confessed, "I'm an actress, I wouldn't even take any of the other courses if my scholarship would let me get away with it."

The teacher thought about her reply, if there was anything he liked about Amanda it was that she was truthful and to the point, she didn't tend to sugar coat things. "Alright then Miss Shine, you know as well as I do that if you fail these classes your scholarship will be terminated, you need these credits." he said.

"Yeah, I know." she replied looking downward to the ground.

He looked at her, and an idea began to form in his head, "What would you be willing to do to keep your scholarship?" he asked her bluntly.


Amanda walked toward the admissions building, the conversation with Professor Nash still replaying it's self in her brain, "Anything." she had replied to the pudgy instructor. He told her that the admission's building had a board up, a board that listed the number of funded projects the university was currently doing, and that if a studant signed up to long term studies that kept one away from the campus for a period of at least three weeks they were given full course credits for that simester. She weighed that in her mind and she agreed with the professor, that it truly was the only way she was going to keep her scholarship.

She studied the various posts on the board closely, there were many studies and projects, but she only found one that was for three or more weeks. "Wanted: People to participate in a long term psychological study," she read, "to take place over constant observation for four weeks off campus, rate of pay $4500.00 given at completion of study, inquire by this number: 555-2229" she could hardly believe it, she could get out of class, get full credit, and be paid over four thousand dollars to boot. She copied down the number and hurriedly ran to the dormatory, she grabbed her phone and dialed the number....

To be continued......
(sorry guys, you know me, I always set up the storyline and don't rush to the AR, the Age Carnage begins next episode, check back here next week!)