A First Hand Study pt 2

submitted by ferver - Sep 3, 2002

Well since some people were miffed that part 1 didn't have any transformations in it I descided to do a quick addition to get some out there and keep my fan base happy. In this installment Amanda Shine gets an idea of whats going on and what she'll be expected to do!



Amanda had listened intently on the phone as the woman on the other end explained the nature of the study, she recalled the conversation as she walked to the psychology room across campus. "What we want to study," the assistant on the phone had said, "Is the effects of long term exposure to childhood stimuli on a young adult." Amanda was puzzeled, "Uhm, ok. What does that mean exactly?" she asked. "I'm sorry Miss Shine," the woman replied, "I cannot give out that information unless you come down to the Psychology department and sign a non-disclosure agreement."

Along the way she considered the fact of what she was about to do, part of it felt like she was cheating, but she told herself firmly that she was only skipping out on classes that she wouldn't need as an actress. Amanda rounded a corner and began reading the numbers of the rooms until she found the one that she was looking for. She reached her hand back and knocked on the door, then waited for it to open.

The door was opened by an asian woman, she looked to be in her mid to maybe late 20's, she had short straight black hair and brown eyes, cradled in one arm was a clip board and a white lab coat covered her slight form, she spoke and Amanda realized that she was the woman whom she had spoken to on the phone. "Yes? Can I help you?" she asked Amanda, "Oh yeah, I um, I'm the one who called you like a little while ago, Amanda, Amanda Shine." The asian woman smiled and nodded, "Ahh yes, please come in. I am Miko Kawamura, Dr. Anderson's assistant." she said as she beckoned Amanda to enter the room, "I can give you more information on the project after you sign one of our NDAs."

It only took Amanda a few minutes to fill out the NDA forms, and a few more for Miko to verify that she was who she said she was. Shortly after that Dr. Anderson walked into the room. Dr. Anderson was an older lady in her late 30's to her early 40's she had brown hair held up in a bun that was streaked with a dignified grey, her blue eyes were framed by angular black rimmed glasses. "You must be Miss Shine," she stated matter-of-factly, "Miss Kawamura told me that you were interested in the study?" Amanda swallowed, Dr. Anderson's presence was overpowering, she had that aura of command that few people possessed, you had the feeling that she could crush you with her words alone if she felt the need to, she was intimidated and it took her a moment to find her voice again, "Y-yes Dr. Anderson, I-I'm interested."

After a few minutes, in which Miko and Dr. Anderson went over Amanda's paperwork Dr. Anderson looked up and began to explain to Amanda the nature of the study, "Basically, you, as the subject," she pointed a finger at Amanda, "Will for a period of one month, if you accept, be treated and be expected to live by the rules of an average small child, under the care of my assisstant, after that time we will ask you a series of questions and guage your responces," she continued, "then you will recieve your payment as well as credit to your classes due to the time spent working with us on the assignment." Amanda blinked still intimidated, she did not want to make this woman angry, "Uhm, O-okay." Danielle Anderson nodded, "Good. Now, if you are interested please sign this form, if you are not interested please leave immedeatly, we are only taking one subject for the tests and we have two more people to interview if you refuse."

Time blurred for Amanda, she seemed to be a little lost, she had signed the papers and the next thing that she knew she was riding with Miko in her van to a large house that had been rented specifically for the purposes of this experiment. "Well Miss Shine, or shall I say Amanda," Miko said as she pulled into the garage, "welcome to your new home for the next four weeks." Amanda nodded numbly, away from Danielle she was regaining her nerve though and she finally asked, "So, what exactly am I supposed to do?" Miko thought about this for a moment as she closed the door after her, "Basically," she said, "for the next four weeks I am to consider you a child, and you are to mind me as though I was your mother, failure to do this will result in loss of your credits, as well as loss of payment." Amanda nodded, "I see," she shrugged, "Okay, what do I do first... Mom?" she added with a wink.

"Well first, you are to give me your car keys as well as your wallet and your purse." Miko said, and Amanda complied without hesitation, "Second, you are to address me as Mamma, or Mommy, but not "Mom" understood?" she asked. Amanda replied dutifully, "Yes mamma." Miko nodded approvingly, "Good now lets get you out of those clothes, you'll find suitable clothes in that bedroom, which will be yours while you are here," she pointed towards a door, "this will be the only time you are allowed to dress yourself without assistance for the duration of the study." She walked alone into the room and glanced around, the room was wall papered with cute cartoon characters and toys littered the floor, the bed was like a child's but larger with guard rails in case the occupant fell out in the night, she began looking around for a chest of drawers and found one, she pulled out a simple white shirt and a pair of pink overalls, they were juvenile looking but were large enough to fit her, and so she slipped into them before coming back out to show her look off to Miko.

Miko Kawamura was setting the table as Amanda walked out, Amanda could see an adult sized child's spill proof cup and could see that the meal, chicken fingers (which were cut up already for her) and mashed potatos with some kind of red seasoning on it was already layed out for her. "How do you like my outfit?" she asked Miko, who mearly nodded in approval, "Good 'Manda, now come and sit down and eat your supper." Amanda laughed and sat down to enjoy the meal, the chicken strips were good and the potatos with the seasoning was even better, she did however find herself very tired, and very stuffed after the meal. Amanda yawned and Miko looked over, "It looks like my little girl is tired," she said, "come on, I'll tuck you in." Amanda nodded and stood up, nearly falling over, she felt exhausted and she did not even try to protest that the sun wasn't even finished setting yet.

That night, as Amanda slept a change began to overtake her. Her body began to grow smaller as the clothes she wore began to get looser and looser, her face became more child-like and she began to get slight patches of pudgyness, her hair grew finer and her thumb found her mouth as the night crawled forward, she rolled over as a child's moan escaped her lips. Miko watched this in facination, the red powder was a secred herb that had temporary age reversing abilities. By morning, Miko knew, this study could begin in earnest.

(to be continued...)