The legend of Atlantis

submitted by InnocentGuilt - Oct 10, 2002

This is a story that explains the downfall of Antlantis. Please post your reviews. This is a edited version of the story I posted in the discussion. Enjoy!

Innocent Guilt
Legend of Atlantis

“Children I think it's time that I tell you a story of your past and where you come from.”

Sandria gathered her two kids around the campfire.

“Mommy, what story are you talking about?” Richey asked.

“I'm talking about a great city that cried out in pain and lost everything in one final battle.”

She stared into each of her children’s eyes as she spoke.

“For many years people have searched for the lost city of Atlantis. They claim that some great disaster over took the city and it fell into the sea to be lost forever. The truth of Atlantis has never been told till today. Sure there have been stories made up on ideas based around it but this is the story of the only survivor of Atlantis.“

It all started on the day of the birth of the royal prince. A joyful celebration was held through out the land of Atom. This child was the first born of King Richards and his Queen. The only people who weren't happy were the people of Sago. They had been promised if the baby was a girl then that the child would marry their son who was born a year earlier and the two kingdoms would finally be united as one.

In the eyes of King Phillip who controlled all the land of Sago this was seen as a act of war that threaten the peace of Sago. In the great hall of the castle of Edon, King Phillip ruled the land with full power and control of a king. He believed that a strong man should control all of his people. If there was someone who disagreed with him, then they were dealt with in a way only fit for people who deserve the lowest of punishments. This is why King Phillip was given the nickname known as The Dark Hand.

The castle was decorated with great ruminants of the past. Armors stood up in the entranceway of the castle. Beyond the entrance was the great chamber where King Phillip’s thrown was. In the room were guards and one advisor talking with the King about matters of the child's birth.

The roar of anger echoed through out the royal chambers of Sago.
“Your highness. You cannot blame them for what has happen. The birth of a child is not chosen by the parents. It is given out by the very gods at which we worship.” The royal adviser told King Phillip.”

“Damn the gods and damn this land. How am I suppose to secure a kingdom for my son if the Fates are against me?” King Phillip asked angrily. His concerns for his son were the fact that due to Atlantis only having two kingdoms. Without royalty to marry the kingdom's people would not support the royals.

“Sire, I do not know how to answer you other then the fact that maybe the gods have something else in store for our kingdom. Maybe it is their way of telling us that we are all doomed. Who knows, but don't do anything foolish that would start a war with the people of Atom,” pleaded the advisor.

“Do you dare say that my judgment is wrong? Do you not realize you are speaking to the king?” he asked in a tone that made the bravest knight afraid.

“I dare not bring the wrath of our King upon me. I am but a humble subject who only wishes are to serve you,” the advisor pleaded again, except this time for his own life.

“Your pleads go on death ears. It is to the dungeon with you and tomorrow you shall be hung for your acts against the king. Guards drag him away from my sight,” ordered the King.

“It will be carried out my lord,” the guard replied.
He and one other guard carried the man kicking and screaming. This was to be the last anyone would see of our poor advisor.

“Please, sire you can not do this. I have a wife and kids. They will be lost without me!” screamed the advisor to no avail.

“You know that you were a little to hard on him. I don't think killing another advisor was the solution to any of this,” Queen Elizabeth said while entering the room.
In her hands was a child nursing at a mothers breast. She secretly enjoyed seeing the suffering of others. She just knew that if her black desires were ever known that she would be the one in chains next to the advisor, cast out as a witch. Her wishes were to control everything including the man behind the power that ruled the kingdom. She was indeed an evil sadist.

“If I don't set a example we will have a rebellion on our hands. If that happen then your life, my life, and our son's life would be thrown away. “ King Phillip said while taking the child away from his queen and placing him into his hand. He stared into the eyes of the young prince and tickled his chin, which produced uncontrollable laughter and smiles on the young prince’s face. “Someday you will grow up to be big and strong. When that day comes I hope that you control everything as I have.”
The child giggled while his father tickled his toes.

“You know he does have your eyes and noise. I bet someday he turns out to be just like his father,” Queen Elizabeth stated.

“He may have my eye's but with a mother like you he shall obtain great wisdom,” the king replied. The family shared a loving embrace together.

“The question still remains that without a princess our child shall have no one to marry. I will not be a grandmother and you will not be a grandfather. It will be a total end to our kingdom,” Queen Elizabeth said.

“Now don't you go worrying about matters like that. A lady should never have to see or be part of war.” King Phillip replied.

“I care not for a war. The only thoughts I have are of our son. How can I just abandon my only child who will never grow up to feel the love of a noble woman?” The queen asked.

“My child will be a strong king when the time comes. As far knowing the touch and feel of a woman there are plenty that he may have. Any woman in this kingdom is his for the taking,” the king said cheerfully.

“Have you no shame? No son of mine shall ever marry a common woman. Just think what it would do to our bloodline and honor.”

“Then what do you suggest woman?” the king replied growing tired of his wife.

“I suggest a spell. We will consult the witches and have them steal Abigail's child and change him into a girl so that they can marry.” the queen said.

“Have you gone mad woman? You know that witchcraft is the devil's work. What you suggest just cannot happen. Otherwise we really will be doomed,” the king replied.

“My poor simple minded husband. What you call the devil's work is only a matter of science. The reason why we do not rule the Kingdom of Atom right now is because we live in the dark ages still, where science has been cast out as witchcraft. The Kingdom of Atom already has skies that light themselves, carriages that can fly without a horse, and they have special weapons that can throw bolts of lighting at our armies. Am I mad to ask a witch for help? I think not. It is only a correction that the gods have denied us and that the witches can give us.”

“Your logic does make sense, woman,” he raised his sword up high. “I allow and order that these witches shall due this task or they shall be hung by dawn,” the king order slamming his sword hard onto the floor, which caused the ground to shake.

A horse was drawn and arrangements were made for the queen to ride where the witches live.
“On the hour of the full moon I shall be back. Till then, my king, wait for me,” the queen said giving her husband one last good bye kiss.

The king watched in sadness as the carriage drove off with his wife and son.
“As the heaven's are my witness protect my wife and child or otherwise I shall curse the land and the people that live on that land,” the king said.

In the carriage Queen Elizabeth once again tended to her son. Only this time the image of a beautiful queen did not shine through instead the darkness the hide within the queen was showing it's greed and evilness to do whatever it takes to get her way.

“Soon, my child our plans will be set in motion. I will insure and protect your future for the sake of our bloodline,” the queen laughed insanely.

Little did she know that the witches were already controlling her every desire and will.

The road to the witches cave was as dark and gloomy as the pathway to hell must feel and be. The queen had to go through the forest of all despair to get to the woods of no hope. Very few men or woman ever made it through alive due to the evil aurora that the land cast up to their hearts. The queen was determined however and with her blood already tainted by the evil spell of the witches she knew that she would make it through safely.

“Driver stop here!” she yelled.

“As you order my queen,” responded the driver of the coach.

“Wait right here. This matter shall only take a small amount of time away from us,” Queen Elizabeth ordered and the driver nodded even know common sense told him to get the hell out of there and fast.

As the queen approached the doorway she could hear voices of the witches from inside.
“I see our pawn has returned to us,” spoke the witch known as Chaos.

“I am no pawn. I am royalty and you will respect me or otherwise you shall die a painful death in the dungeons by the hands of my husband,” the queen screamed back.

“You claim that you are not a pawn yet you bring us the child just as we ordered you to do,” The witch known as Confusion protested.

“This child that I bring in my hands is my son. He is the reason that I came for your help so that I may secure and protect my kingdom,” Queen Elizabeth spoke.

“You claim that you want to protect the land yet you ask for the help of evil. Are you willing to give up all that you have to the darkness which you desire?” the witch known as Betrayal spoke.

“If what you call science is evil then yes I do.” Queen Elizabeth said with great confidence.

“Stupid mortal. What you play with is not science but the devils works. Our spells are powerful and can cause good or evil depending on how they are used,” said Chaos

“I dare not mess with the devil or trickery. What I will take is your lives if you don't do it. My husband has declared and he is the king of this land.” Queen Elizabeth boasted about whom she was and the power that she held.

“I say we allow this task,” said Betrayal. “What wrong can it cause to fulfill a request from a queen and dear sisters when we are done we can have our fun, and be gone with this land,” the witch whispered.

“We will do your task. Now bring us the child so that we may work our magic.” Confusion declared with a evil smile on her face knowing that the queen greed blinded her from the fact that she was already being used for a worst act that was soon to come.

“My child shall not be the one that is used and how do you know of what task I ask before I even ask it?” the queen asked starting to realize something was a miss here.

“You underestimate us my child. You sought after the dark witches who could bring you power over the land and now you have found us. However you shall never leave. Your child will be ours and your life will be mine,” stated Betrayal.

The Witch started to chant, and when she did the queen found it hard to move. She was trapped there unable to do anything or escape the fate that the witches had planned for her from the very start.
“Damn you witches. What are you doing to me?”

But the witches did not answer. Ever second that past by for the queen it added another year to her life. Her skin was loosing it young succulent look as she slipped into old age.
“Stop this. My husband is the king and he will have your head for this,” she screamed.
By this time it was to late. Her hair had started to fail out and her skin was slowly drying up as it turned to dust and all that was left was the bones that once belonged to the queen.

“When you play with evil you get burned by evil.” Chaos said.

“So shall it be. The child is now ours and so is the mother.” said Betrayal.

“What shall we do with the baby?” asked Confusion.

“Why we use it as a tool for evil of course,” said Chaos.
They all laughed evilly at how easy it was to trick the poor mortal who thought she could conquer all with by her greediness.

The witch, Confusion, wrote a note signed in the blood of the queen that she gave a messenger.
“With the spell that I placed on him he will carry out my order and the next stage of our plan will be set into motion,” Chaos told her sister witches. “Now all we have to do is wait.”

When the messenger arrived to the Kingdom of Sago. He brought the message up to King Phillip. When the king read what was written he grew very angry.
“Damn them. The people of Atom have destroyed our queen and prince. We shall avenge the death of our fallen queen and destroy them like they have done to us. Now stand up all my loyal nights and rise up to glory so that the queen's honor will be avenged.

Two days later in the Kingdom of Atom the war had started. The skies rained fiery arrows and blood poured on to the earth from slain knights. The site smelled of death as it stalked like a cat prancing at a mouse. This was an act of war and a father’s madness over the lost of his wife and son.
“Richard, you bastard, come out and face me like a man or do you have no honor left in you!” screamed King Phillip.

“You attack my people just because I was given a son and then you insult my honor? How dare you even step on the battle field with me?” screamed King Richards from the distances.

“You stole them! You destroyed my wife because of her plan!” screamed King Phillip back as he slashed his way through Richards’s men. “I shall never forgive you for it, so fight me like a man, or I shall come in and stab you in the back like the coward you are!”

“I am no coward and I will face you,” King Richards said while jumping down from a rafter in the circle square of the castle. In both arms fell two of Phillip’s best-trained knights. The crash to the ground caused it to shake as King Phillip was thrown off balance. Quickly King Richard ran for King Phillip sword in hand. His goal was the heart. King Phillip was quick to block. The blow caused both men to fall backwards.

“I see you are still a traitorous dog going at a man while they are down!” King Phillip said angrily.

“And I see your still rushing into things without even knowing why you’re fighting.” King Richards replied back.

“Damn you, old man. I'm fighting back because you killed my son and wife for planning to change your son with the help of the witches.”

“Have you gone mad? You first ally yourself with witches, and then claim the death of your family on me? I had no part in anything. Think, you pig headed fool. Who has to gain from our fighting?” King Richards replied.

“Nobody! War brings total destruction to everyone.” said King Phillip.

“That’s right. Those damn witches of yours used one of those spells to blind your wife into accepting an offer she couldn't refuse. King Richards explained.

“Bloody hell. How could have been such a fool?” King Phillip asked.

“You always were one from the start. It is in your nature.”

“Don't you mock me now,” said King Phillip.

“Anyway, let’s stop this meaningless war and kill the witches. At least if they are gone no more harm can come to the land.” Suggested King Richards.

With that note the battle was over. The two sides put down arms and started to pick up their wounded. Graves were dug for those who had died.

“On this day many men were killed. These men will never be forgotten, but remind us of what we have lost. Today I was blinded by the act of revenge, but never again shall I create such need for war. As the last of my bloodline, allow me too merge our two kingdoms into one and so forth shall King Richards rule remain.” King Phillip spoke.

Slowly the moon changed from its normal white glow to an orangey red glow. In the center the portrait of the three witches appeared.

“Stupid mortals. You actually think you could destroy us three who have survived for ages,” The witches spoke together. “We were fools to believe that a incompetent like you could ever carry out genocide King Phillip. As your reward for failing to destroy King Richards we give you death.”
ust then a spear from the sky appeared and slammed forward into King Phillip. Blood squirted everywhere. The witches laughed there evil laugh and faded away.

King Richards ran over to the dying King Phillip and held his hand.
”Please get them. Destroy them before they destroy you like they did me.”
And with those final words King Phillip past away.

This was a sad day indeed for King Richards. Even know the two had been at war with each other, they still were great friends from the past. Each went to train under the legendary Kagato, but now those days of childhood memories were all gone.
“All that is evil shall be destroyed by my hands that have seen that evil taint this land,” he swore on that day.

A servant from the palace came screaming out.
“Sire it is the Queen. She's dead,” the servant said.

King Richards quickly ran away from the body of his dead friend. He ran through the massive halls of the castle and up it's enormous stairs. When he finally reached the nursery he was shocked at the site he saw. His wife was lying dead and on her face showed an expression that she died of great fear.

“Damn you, witches. Have you no shame? Quickly where is the prince?” asked King Richards.

“The prince can not be found. We fear the worst has happen to him,” a servant replied.

“Can there be no justice in this world anymore? What have our scientist reported?” the king asked.

“They say that when it comes to magic it is unpredictable. They can not even come to image what would cause such a cruel fate to such a young person,” the servant replied.

“I want all my people to know we will return the prince. Our kingdom is strong and so is our science. It is a must that our scientist will come up with some machine to cause the destruction of this dark magic from the land.” order the king.

Meanwhile back where the witches’ cave is evil was up to no good. Two children of different ages screamed in the background.
”Now for the child at which our spell will be complete,” Chaos said.

“But what will become of the child once our magic has worked it's evil?” asked the Confusion.

“We shall fulfill the wish of the mother. Only instead of giving her a princess to marry her son we shall turn her son into the princess to marry the prince,” laughed Betrayal.

The witches took the child and dropped him in the pot.
“A pinch of spice, a pint of sugar, and add a dead woman’s heart frozen ice cold for a hint of darkness. A princess we shall have a princess we shall make. Now, rise up my Princess. Rise up so the world can taste your cold heart,” the three chanted together.

As the words reacted to the brew so did the prince change. His innocent little face started to produce wicked smile. The hair changed to dark red and sprouted down his head. Just as quickly as the face harden, so too did the body. He grew by the minute and changed into that of a full woman. They then walked the new girl over to the clothes, which they selected for her. Each contained some form of blackness that accented the darkness inside her. Chaos grabbed a rusted old cup that she dipped into liquid that contained the bones and dust of the queen.
“Bones of a mother whose knowledge it keeps shall be passed upon to the child.” She chanted. “Now rise up Princess Helena.” The group said together.

Helena rose up and then walked over to where the witches were she gave each one a kiss.
“You have created me from the soul of a child. However you shall never control me. For upon the kiss I placed to you is poison from the pits of hell. Now die and go to hell knowing that what you created is responsible for your own death.”

With that fire grew all around the witches. Their bodies were consumed by the flames of hell.
”Now my child what shall I do with you. Shall I leave you here to die or take you with me? Nay, I think I'll use you in a plot to destroy your father.” Helena said teasing the child.

Helena created an alter during the night. She placed 3 stones together. Two stones became the legs and the other stone was used to become the table. In the center of these stones she drew a pentagon that was just the right size to place a baby in. Everything was going correctly as she planned and hope it would. When the moon was at its highest peek she would smash the head in of the child to offer it up as a sacrifice to all that was evil. By allowing a sacrifice she would get more evil powers and become Helena, Queen of Darkness.

Mean while just a few miles away from the cursed site was King Richards. He had gathered his troops and planed on fighting the witches. The pulse of revenge flowed through his body. He felt the pain and sorrow of the lost of his wife, but knew unless he rescued his son back that he might be joining her fate very soon.
“Damn those witches. How come they always have to live so deep in these woods?”

“Because they fear the sanity of all that is good. By isolating themselves in the woods they are able to cast away all moral thought,” spoke Seith, the greatest scientist of the kingdom.

“But are you not the same as them with all your potions that you brew?” the king asked.

“Never the same or different. It is true that witches use some form of science to make potions. However, we make chemicals.” Seith proclaimed.

“Chemicals or potions, they are all the same,” replied the king.

“Never, we create things that actually benefit mankind.” Seith chuckled. “It is true that science could destroy us someday. The weapons we create that harness the electricity are all by products of these temptations. However all scientist believe in the benefit of mankind.”
The statement brought back a memory of Seith’s own past that he could not forget. In it he was a young lad studying under the great mage, Trinity.

Seith remembered the words of Trinity, “Soon my pupil all of us shall not be needed. The magic we create will die off the earth and the wisdom lost forever.”

“But why? Are we not the keepers of peace? Do we not have a right to live on and protect our ancient ways?”

“Do not worry. Our ancient ways will gain a new idea and view. The people do not wish to believe in magic anymore so the hide it under a false name. You my son will have the great honor of seeing the creation of this new era of life.”

“I just don't understand, master,” Seith stated frustrated.

“In time you will my child. It is only a matter of time,” replied Trinity.

Seith received a bump on the head that awoke him from his memory. It was one of the tree limbs that had lunged forth for his head.

“If you keep day dreaming like that you will end up on the ground. Now snap out of it we have a prince to save,” King Richards said.

“I understand.” Seith responded with a sigh. ‘Lets just hope the evil I feel isn't true.' Seith thought.
Seith had joined the mission to rescue the prince because he feared a great evil had been released. He dare not tell the king for it might upset him if he knew that the evil had his son right now.

“Look up there, a light.” king Richards screamed.

“I fear that this is very bad, very bad indeed,” Seith replied.
The silent knights were to frighten by what they saw to keep going. The light was red and pure evil lay within. In the middle of the light were souls swirling around till they reached the top of the light and out they came. Everything that the evil spirits seemed to touch turned to dust. Because of this the knights were too afraid to move closer.

“You fools! The prince lays up there and you refuse to go? Do you have no courage at all?” the king asked.

“I have a wife and son of my own that surely would miss me if I were to die. I dare not leave them fatherless,” a lonely knight spoke up.

“Then damn you all! Leave now, or I shall slay everyone of you cowards!” the King replied as he slammed his sword into the ground.
With this action all the knights rode off in different directions. Only one Knight dared to stay behind.
“Did you not hear what I said?” roared King Richards.

“I did and I fear not to dishonor my noble name. You selected me as a knight because we honor and respect our King. Even though you tried to run us off by fear of death, I know that it was only to protect us from the evil which lay ahead,” the brave knight said.

“What name shall I came the by so that I may remember the only true and brave warrior we have left in our land?” asked King Richards.

“My name has been many, but you may call me Sir Baxter. What ever you command, I shall obey as long as it is not to leave thy side.” Sir Baxter stated.

“Then ride with us, and together we all shall be strong!” King Richards replied.

The trio rode off into the direction of the light knowing destruction might find them, but loyalty would be the courage to set them free. As they reached the site they found the source of the trouble.
“I see the father has arrived to late too save his child. What a pity that you will be joining him soon,” Helena laughed evilly.

“How dare you? He was my only son, and who the hell gave you the right to proclaim judgment over another?”

“I once was like this child here till greed took away the natural path of my life. Now I am Helena, Queen of Darkness. You will bow down before me.” Helena pointed at the group and shot out a ray of light that was magically stopped by Seith.

“You who is evil shall be no more. I the great mage, Seith shall now battle you,” Seith started to chant. “From the heavens that shine great lights of hope onto us and then seas that give us divine protection. To the land that provides life. Join together these 3 forces and spilt this evil into two.”
As the chant was finished the skies grew dark and the land began to shake. A great tidal wave rose up from out of the sea and merged with the clouds that darken and blocked out the light. As everything twisted and merged into one a ray shot out of the center that hit Helena dead on.

“Do you think that your simple magic can compare to my darkness?” Helena gathered her strength to defend herself. She chanted. “All that is evil give me strength so that I may defeat these bastards which hope to destroy me.”
With her words all the spirits gathered from the light and slammed into her body.

The battle was tearing the very core of the island. The earth was shaking rapidly and the tidal wave was now causing the water to rise. Atlantis was doomed and so were its people.
“Damn you! Can you not see what you have done? You've destroyed us all!” screamed King Richards.

“Who cares about the pity lives of others?” screamed Helena.

“You’re going to die along with us you evil bitch.” Seith yelled back.

“Both of you have doomed us all with your magic! You called yourself a scientist, yet you turned and used magic! You’re just as responsible as she is!” King Richards yelled at Seith.

This brought great guilt to Seith. In the innocents of his attacks he had not thought about the power of magic that he was using.
He then turned to the king and chanted, “Life of old and respect be young as a babe in a mom's arm.”
Seith’s chanting caused changes upon King Richards.

King Richards quickly grew smaller. His robes and armor grew bigger.
“Damn you, Seith. What have you done to me?”
But the strong voice that had commanded many men was no more. Instead was a voice of a child. He was getting younger and younger by the second now as the spell speed up.

“I'm sorry, your highness. This is the only way that I can save us.”
Then he pointed his fingers at Helena and chanted the same spell again. Her magic was not quick enough to defend against the spells. Helena quickly reduced in age. Her dark hair was changing as well. It grew lighter and blonde. The breast that she had grown shrunk to nothingness. All at the same time she was growing smaller. She stopped at the same age as King Richards had.
Seith then chanted another spell, “My life be no more as the body I am now. Mother of all that is Holy give me a body that may carry these babes to term.”
A flash of lighting struck the ground causing the tress around them to quickly grow. They quickly wrapped around Seith and the two crying babies. As the trees grew and consumed they merged into one full cocoon. After a minute the cocoon spilt open and out stepped a female version of Seith. He was now wearing a large robe that covered his female features. The two infants were no more. Atlantis will die off, but the sprite of its people will carry on with these two. I'm sorry King Richards that I played part in this destruction and that magic was used to change Helena into the evil that she was. This is my atonement for my actions so that I may allow the legend and wisdom to be carried down into the next generation. Seith's final chant was one that caused him to disappear.

“Now that I have told you the legend of your past, do you understand the meaning which it has upon you?' Sandria asked her two children.

“No mommy.” The two 8 year olds both replied.

“My dear Richey you are Richards and my dear Hannah was Helena.” Sandria said.

“But mommy. I'm a good girl.” Hannah whined.

“That you are, but never forget the lesson's of the past my children for what happen to them could happen to us if we aren't careful. Now my dear children, lets go to bed.”

Sandria peacefully watched over the two children that had become hers. These two don't remember that life, and how dangerous it was, but hopefully they will grow up strong and help one another. This is my final gift for my past sins.

The End