Overzealous by dioscuri

submitted by dioscuri - Dec 1, 2002

This is it... my first complete AR story. An impulsive 18-year-old is given a lesson in respect by his irritated girlfriend. It's short, but it should give you an example of my style. Feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

James shifted uncomfortably. He knew he was lying down on a soft surface, but the world had not yet come into focus. As the 18-year-old high school senior brought his hands to his eyes and rubbed the sleep from them, a few rays of sunlight pierced his corneas and shrunk his pupils to mere pinholes. A slight feeling of panic permeated his subconscious as he realized he had no recollection whatsoever of the previous night.

I don’t feel hungover…

Gradually, James’ eyes adjusted to the daylight. The details of his surroundings entered his mind with a sequential order. He found he was in a room, a room he didn’t recognize, but it was warm and comfortable just the same. The only sound he heard was the insistent rattle of a small heating vent.

The sunlight cascading through a nearby window cast strange striped shadows upon James’ face. He immediately dismissed imprisonment as a possibility, as the warmth of the room was slowly but surely quelling his discomfort and providing with a sense of well-being ill-befitting the nature of a jail cell. Rather, a second cursory glance revealed to James that he was in what appeared to be an oversized wooden crib, with an additional set of bars preventing exit from the structure’s top.

James’ observation of his surroundings then focused to a more immediate plane. He scratched the stubble of his chin curiously as he realized his head rested comfortably on a soft, downy pillow. The entirety of his tall, slender body was covered in a warm blanket, pulled up to his chin and tucked expertly around his torso. The unspeakably discomfort James had experienced upon awakening immediately gave way to an incredible aura of unparalleled serenity, although he was still somewhat disturbed by the acknowledgement that he had no clue regarding how he could have possibly ended up in this position.

Overcome with curiosity, James disentangled himself from the blanket and pulled it down to his waist. Every motion caused the unmistakable sound of a crinkling plastic sheet to spill into his ears. James was relieved to find that he was wearing one of his favorite t-shirts… one he distinctly remembered clothing himself in. At long last, his memory was returning.

The 18-year-old shuddered, however, when he subsequently took note of the feelings transpiring beneath his waist. The sensation of the soft blanket brushing against James’ bare legs revealed to the teenager that his pants were missing. He did, however, feel as if his crotch and ass were clothed – just not in the loose-fitting boxer shorts he was so accustomed to wearing.

Swallowing the nervous lump in his throat, James thrust the blanket entirely off of his body, and was greeted by the very sight he had feared seeing.

Covering his manhood and separating his legs with inches of thick material was a plain, white, disposable diaper.

What the hell…

Dumbfounded, James slid his hands down to his virgin white diaper and touched the soft plastic covering in confusion. Who had done this to him? Who had the balls to treat a varsity football player like a common infant?

James shifted his position slightly, causing his ass to slide across the humiliating fabric of the diaper. He sighed dejectedly as he realized that – given the mysterious nature of his circumstances – he would prefer to wear the babyish diaper rather than expose his naked self to the world and whoever elected to walk in on him.

Resigned to his fate, James laid back, returned the blanket to its position, and tried to piece together whatever memories he still had at his disposal.

-- -- -- -- --

Shortly after James rang the doorbell, he realized he had forgotten to bring Liz anything. Thinking quickly, he bent over and plucked a small flower from the nearby garden, bringing it to his chest just in time for Liz to open the door.

“Hey babe,” James offered sheepishly.

“Hello James,” replied Liz. “Aww, you got me a flower! How sweet!” Liz gently took the flower from James’ hand and brought it to her nose, inhaling the scent of the flowery petals while James smiled softly.

James sat on the couch and stared at his girlfriend as she prepared their drinks. He unconsciously licked his lips as he gazed at her tight ass, which extruded suggestively from her jeans every time she bent over to recover an additional potable ingredient.

“Hard to believe,” Liz said, interrupting James’ thoughts, “we’ve been going out for exactly a month now. Seems like only yesterday you had finally mustered up the courage to ask me to that dance.”

James blushed as he accepted his drink. He had the reputation of being very smooth and experienced with the ladies, but for some reason, Liz was different – he actually had reservations about asking her out. She seemed inexplicably out of his league, and he never thought he’d be able to land her, despite his popularity. The day he finally decided to ask her to the dance, he felt as if he was once again a shy, insecure 13-year-old asking a secret crush out for the very first time. But she had said yes, and the rest was history.

James sipped from his drink. It was delicious. “I love you, Liz,” he said, once again exhibiting a sheepish, insecure smile.

“I love you too, hon,” she replied. “Now drink your drink like a good little boy.”

James felt especially nervous. His secret hope was that Liz would acknowledge the arbitrary importance of a one-month dating anniversary and finally give in to his sexual desires. The lust he had for her was almost indescribable. Every night, he would stretch out in his bed and attempt to fall asleep… a consistently failing attempt, that is, until he determinedly masturbated himself to orgasm, all the while thinking of Liz’s perfect figure. His original intention was to nurture the relationship, take it slow, simply because of the degree to which he valued it. But his lust was reaching a breaking point, and he had no clue how much longer he would last without sharing a long, hot night of passion with Liz.

Absorbed in his nervous thoughts, James failed to realize that he had downed the entirety of his drink in less than a minute.

Liz slid up closer to James and rested her head on his shoulder. Almost by reflex, he put his arm around her. He was suddenly overcome with a strange feeling of exhaustion… the alcohol was affecting him even faster than usual. He wondered silently how much booze Liz had mixed into his drink.

Liz leaned her head upwards and pressed her lips softly to James’. They began to kiss passionately, James slipping his tongue into Liz’s mouth and wrapping his quickly-tiring arms around her. As they explored each other’s mouths with their tongue, James felt himself begin to lose consciousness and mentally kicked himself for not getting nearly enough sleep the previous night. Fewer than thirty seconds later, James was lying on top of Liz, both of them sensuously sprawled out on the couch, still fully clothed, still kissing with unbridled passion.

The last thing James heard before he passed out was the soft, loving voice of his girlfriend, whispering in his ear… “Happy anniversary, my sweet little baby.”

-- -- -- -- --

That bitch.

The diapered and very confused James reflexively snuggled deeper into his blanket as he finally recalled each and every one of the events leading to his current condition.

What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Soon, his confusion was replaced by anger. Resentment. And then, to his horror, James’ anger was subsequently replaced by another, more urgent feeling. He needed to piss. Really, really badly.

An overwhelming feeling of dread swept over James as he realized he barely had enough strength to sit up. Every motion he made caused his diaper to crinkle audibly, reminding him of his humiliating condition. His remaining strength only allowed him to raise the crib’s top set of bars a couple of inches before they came clattering down into their original position. Escape was denied him.

“Liz,” he called quietly, half-heartedly, shamefully. As hard as it was for James to accept, his girlfriend was his only ticket out of the crib. Pulling together every last modicum of his courage, he called her name a few more times, louder with each attempt, and soon enough, she was in the room.

“Aww,” Liz said condescendingly as she entered the room. “How’s my little baby Jamie doing this morning?”

“Liz, I don’t know what you’ve done to me, or why, but the joke is over. You have to let me out of this crib. Right now.”

“And why is that, Jamie?”

“Listen,” James said, blushing. “I have to take a piss. Let me out.”

Liz paced towards the crib nonchalantly. “I don’t know if you realize this, Jamie, but you are wearing a diaper.”

James seethed. “I realize that, Liz. This isn’t funny anymore. Let me out!”

Liz chuckled. “Not funny anymore? I think it’s hilarious. And very, very cute. Now wet your diaper like a good little baby.”

James’ stomach twisted into knots. The idea of using his diaper for its intended purpose disturbed and humiliated the teenager. He couldn’t pee in his diaper. He wouldn’t.

“Let me out of this crib, you fucking bitch.”

Liz’s smile decayed instantaneously. “Such words,” she chastised. “Such naughty words to come from such a naughty baby.”

James could barely control his rage. “Listen, Liz. I am 18 years old, and I—”

“No, you listen, Jamie,” Liz interrupted. “Listen very, very carefully. The drug I slipped into your drink last night, the one that caused you to pass out, also weakened your muscles considerably. Quite frankly, I’m amazed you’ve been able to hold your bladder for as long as you have.”

Liz opened the top of the crib, and despite his best attempts, James lacked the energy to make his escape. He simply lay there impotently, swaddled in his blanket, fearing the worst. Liz deftly snatched the blanket away from James and tossed it across the room, leaving the deeply-ashamed teenager lying in the crib wearing only his t-shirt and diaper. He felt more naked than he ever had in his life.

Not missing a beat, Liz grabbed James’ ankles and held one in each hand, quickly guiding them to each side of the crib, opening his diapered crotch to nearly a right angle. The sudden movement caused James’ bladder to shudder, and he reflexively clutched his hands to the front of his diaper, squeezing the thick, soft cloth against his flaccid penis and silently hoping he was applying enough pressure to avert disaster.

Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. “Jamie, don’t make me tie your wrists to the sides of the crib.”

Horrified by this idea, James let go of his diaper and held his hands to his sides, closing his eyes tightly in a feeble attempt to alleviate his mounting pain.

“Now, Jamie, let go. Just let go. Wet your diaper like a good little baby.”

A look of sadness tempered with fear crossed James’ face. “Please don’t make me pee my diaper, Liz. Whatever I did, I’m sorry. Please don’t make me pee my diaper.”

Liz held James’ ankles fast to the sides of the crib. “Looks like it’s a little late for that,” Liz replied, chuckling again.

She was right. James sobbed in defeat as he felt the first few spurts of urine leave his penis and quickly absorb into the thirsty fabric of the babyish white diaper. Liz nodded approvingly as the front of James’ diaper slowly began to tint yellow in a small, slowly-growing circle.

James made one final attempt to hold back, but the dam had already broken. He was pissing full-force into his diaper now, as if his bladder was struggling to empty itself as fast as possible. The unmistakable hiss of urine hammering uncontrollably into the confines of James’ diaper punctured the air as the teenager whined dejectedly.

James writhed pitifully in shame, his legs still being held wide apart, as he felt his hot urine cascade over his wrapped testicles and settle in the seat of his sopping-wet diaper. He could feel the diaper absorb some of his pee, but because he was emptying his bladder so fast, most of his urine pooled in the seat of his diaper and caused his ass to become soaking wet. Three contractions sent a final few spurts of urine into James’ diaper, and then it was over.

“That’s better,” said Liz, staring at the beet-read form of her once virile boyfriend. Where once there would be a pair of loose-fitting boxer shorts, where once a proud, seven-inch cock would be reaching into the air, desperate for satisfaction, there was now an emasculating, infantile diaper, yellow and soaking wet, clinging to the 18-year-old’s loins like a waterlogged rag. He looked just as a toddler would have in a similar situation.

James began to cry.

“Oh, please,” said Liz, once again rolling her eyes. “You really are a baby!”

Liz reached into her jeans pocket and removed a small white pacifier, decorated with a teddy bear driving a speedboat, and a baby-blue ribbon securely attached to it. She gently tied the ribbon around her boyfriend’s head and fitted the nipple of the pacifier into his waiting mouth. Dignity prevented James from sucking on the nipple, but he was too tired to struggle. He merely let the pacifier rest in his closed mouth as Liz replaced the top of the crib.

“So,” Liz said, sighing. “I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’ve done this to you.” Liz retrieved a small book from a desk elsewhere in the room and held it up into James’ line of sight. The boy stared in horror at what he saw.

“That’s right, Jamie. It’s your private journal. Your mother found it while she was going through your room and felt that I deserved to see what you had to say. Believe me, it made for some incredibly interesting reading. Let me share one particular passage with you.”

Liz shuffled through a few pages and began to read. “Our one-month anniversary is next week. I hope Liz finally puts out this time. I’ve been trying so hard, and I’m starting to go insane. I know a hundred girls who would give anything to fuck me. I don’t know why Liz is being so difficult about it.”

Liz threw the journal to the floor in disgust. “Well, Jamie,” she said, “I was being difficult about it because I respected us. I respected you. And most importantly, I respected myself.

“But you have proven to me that you’re nothing more than an oversexed adolescent. You were overzealous, little Jamie. You think with your dick instead of your brain. Which is why I felt justified in wrapping it in a diaper. Maybe then you’d have a chance to ignore it for a while and think about me for once.”

James was scared. She had him exactly where she wanted him. Fear washed into the teenager’s mind. He began to unconsciously suck on the pacifier.

Liz once again approached the crib. “What I slipped into your drink was more than just a muscle relaxant. It was a new drug my father has been working to perfection for the past decade. Basically, it reinvigorates your body, essentially replacing old and worn cells with flawless new ones. It will revolutionize the world of medicine. Unfortunately, it has one bizarre side-effect… since it systematically replaces the cells in the recipient’s body, the subject begins to regress in age. Their mind, however, remains completely intact.

“The regression has been documented to begin approximately 12 hours after ingestion of the drug.” Liz glanced at her watch. “And it looks like it’s about that time, little Jamie.”

Jamie shuddered in fear. He heard Liz’s father worked in the pharmaceutical industry, but he never expressed enough interest to ask Liz what sort of projects the man worked on. James believed every word his girlfriend was telling him. Overcome with trepidation, the 18-year-old established a very rhythmic sucking motion with his pacifier… one he was inexplicably growing an attachment to with every passing second.

Liz removed a small vial from her pocket. “This is the antidote. When the required amount of cells in the subject’s body have been rejuvenated, the antidote is administered to cease the regression. The subject’s only option, then, is to regain his or her age the old-fashioned way… time. But some people are willing to give so much up for a cure. My father has theorized that some individuals would be willing to regress to an age as early as 11 or 12 if it meant eliminating their terminal illness. The target age – and, ergo, the amount of healing the subject receives – is a decision left exclusively to the patient.

“But not this time,” Liz said, returning the vial of antidote to her pocket. “I think I’ll be making that decision for you.”

James adjusted his position and winced with discomfort. His wet diaper was beginning to grow cold, and it felt slimy and unwelcome clinging to his crotch. He sucked his pacifier with increasing fervor as he tried to take his mind off the soaked diaper.

“The process has already begun,” said Liz, smiling approvingly. “Go ahead, touch your face.”

Shaking uncontrollably, James brought his hand to his face. The stubble that had covered his chin and cheeks no more than a half hour ago was gone.

“You look like you’re about 16 now, Jamie,” Liz said, once again removing the antidote from her pocket. “I was originally going to give you the antidote at this point – you know, make you repeat the past couple of years, give you some more experience with the opposite sex so you could learn to respect us a little more. But then I realized things would go much more smoothly if you had to go through puberty all over again.”

Horrified, James stared down at his quickly-shrinking body. It looked just as it did when he had just turned 12 years old. His shoulders had slumped and virtually all traces of his muscularity had disappeared, leaving him a skinny, awkward-looking young man just on the verge of puberty. His t-shirt, which seemed noticeably larger, dangled slackly at his sides, spilling out haphazardly onto the crib mattress, and his cold, soaking diaper hung loosely from his hips as his legs retracted into the leg bands.

Liz smiled down victoriously at her shrinking, fear-wracked boyfriend. “As cute as you look as a 12-year-old, I still just wasn’t satisfied with that idea. I figured the more time you have to correct your attitude, the more you’ll be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of being a fine, upstanding young man.”

The terrified 8-year-old in the crib realized Liz had no intention of giving him the antidote at any point in the immediate future. He clutched on to his last few memories as a virile, sexually-charged teenager as he regressed further, causing his t-shirt to cover his torso and the top half of his legs as if it were a blanket. James realized with great distress that he would be doomed to relive these memories – to acknowledge what he was and what he had become – until he grew old enough to finally act upon them once again.

“Hmm,” said Liz, observing the changes James was experiencing. “8 years old, 7 years old, 6 years old… this is working far better than I expected.”

She chuckled as James tried to grab onto something – anything – but it was too late. His body had already lapsed into the later stages of toddlerhood, and he furiously crawled out of his oversized t-shirt and diaper so that he could get some fresh air. The naked young 4-year-old sat in the corner of the crib, pulling his knees up to his chin as he attempted to hide his dwindling one-inch penis from his laughing girlfriend.

Liz approached the crib, lifted the top, and opened the vial of antidote. As soon as she saw James had regressed to an age which appeared to be a late 2 or early 3, she gently forced his mouth open and poured the antidote in, which James eagerly swallowed. He was unspeakably anxious to put his terrifying nightmare to an end.

The antidote worked nearly instantaneously, and James’ regression slowed to a stop. In the place of a well-defined 18-year-old with an attractive and maintained head of dark blond hair sat a small, confused 2-year-old with only a fine layer of baby-blond hair topping his saddened face.

Silently, James dropped his gaze and stared at his new body. His muscular arms and legs had decayed into small, chubby appendages, ending in pudgy hands and feet. Little rolls of baby fat bedecked his 2-year-old body. And his massive teenage cock – his pride and joy – had become a slack, pitiful one-inch pee-pee, lying flaccidly on a hairless sack of two marble-sized testicles.

James’ pacifier fell out of his mouth. He screwed up his face and began to cry. But it wasn’t the despaired sobs of a teenager whose girlfriend had just betrayed him… it was the piercing, impotent wail of a baby who had lost his paci.

Liz picked up the infant and held him to her chest. “Aww, what’s wrong, little Jamie?”

James sniffed, struggling to regain control of his composure. “Pwease… pwease turn me back into a big boy, Wiz…” He winced at his babyish voice and infantile speech patterns.

“You know I can’t do that, Jamie,” Liz said, stroking her boyfriend’s soft, baby-fine hair. “Only time can return you to your original self. Nothing else. Don’t worry… everything will be back to normal in about 16 years.”

James kicked his weak little legs in frustration. He felt another wail of impotent despair coming on.

“Unless, of course, I don’t see any noticeable improvement in your attitude in a few years. Then you’ll just go back to being a little baby again.”

The baby in Liz’s arms broke out into another ear-piercing wail. James knew he was her prisoner. He knew he would be her little baby, her subservient little child, for as long as she wanted.

She may very well never let me grow up.

“Goodness,” Liz said in mock surprise. “I almost forgot. We need to get you back into diapers before you make a terrible mess all over everything.”

If James could have cried any louder, he would have. But he was tiring himself out as it was. Voicing the degree of his frustration was physiologically impossible.

Liz brought James over to the changing table and set his crying form down on a warm towel. She retrieved a duffel bag from the corner of the room and brought it to the table, proceeding to unzip it and shuffle through the supplies inside. From the bag, she extracted a small white Huggies diaper, a bottle of lotion, and some baby powder.

James showed no sign of calming down, but his girlfriend was not without ideas. She gently grasped James’ tiny left hand, clenched it into a fist, and brought his thumb towards his mouth. The boy was able to subconsciously acknowledge how much serenity sucking on the pacifier had brought to him, so he elected not to resist, choosing instead to bring his thumb into his mouth and suck on it determinedly. His crying was silenced instantly.

I can’t believe this, he thought. This can’t be happening.

As little James sucked his thumb, Liz squirted a bit of lotion onto her hand and lifted her boyfriend’s legs by the ankles. She rubbed the lotion into the soft skin of his behind and between his legs. James took little note of this humiliating ordeal as he sucked his thumb, his eyes closed tight as if he could make himself disappear by bathing his world in darkness.

Liz rubbed the lotion in between both of her hands and began to apply it to James’ crotch. The infant giggled despite himself as he felt his girlfriend’s warm hands caress his genitals.

Oh God, thought James.

Liz was moderately surprised when she found James’ flaccid penis had become a straining, one-inch erection. She deliberately began to tease him, rubbing the lotion into his bare scrotum and along the shaft of his tiny member, causing him to writhe in infantile ecstasy. James alternated between sighing and whining with pleasure as she teased him, sucking his thumb with increasing urgency. The entire process felt incredibly erotic to the boy.

He barely noticed when Liz once again lifted his legs, slid the soft diaper under his bottom, and began spreading powder over his diaper area. In a few seconds, the diaper was pulled up between James’ pudgy legs and fastened securely together. Liz tucked in the leg bands of the Huggies and pronounced her boyfriend diapered.

James was still sucking his thumb as Liz lifted him up and carried him out of the room, finally arriving in her own bedroom. She sat in her favorite chair and spread the infant out on her lap. Soon enough, James’ eyes were open.

Where am I? he thought. Where am… well, that doesn’t matter. I’m in Liz’s lap. That’s good enough for me.

James pulled his thumb out of his mouth and giggled.

Liz smiled in response. “Little Jamie is beginning to enjoy his new baby life, isn’t he?”

NO! he wanted to scream. No, damnit!

“You mean to Jamie,” he said, again wincing at his infantile talk. “You turn Jamie into widdle baby an’ put him inna dypuh. Me no wike dis.”

Liz was just about ready to melt from her boyfriend’s cuteness. “Aww, hon, it’s what’s best. Trust me. You’ll grow to enjoy your second infancy… you’ll just have to trust me.”

She just drugged me and turned me into a babbling 2-year-old. Trusting her again will be a serious task on my part.

“Me twy, Wiz. Me twy.”

Liz smiled reassuringly and held her infant boyfriend close to her chest. “Would you like to hear about my plans for your new life, Jamie?”

James pushed his thumb back into his mouth. “Yeth pwease.”

“Well, Jamie,” Liz began, “I think you’ll be very, very happy. Your mother agreed yesterday that this would be the proper course of action, and she has decided to raise you all over again. She has always wanted to nurture another child to adulthood, but she knew a second baby would never compare to the enjoyment she derived from raising you. She told me you were a very angelic little tot. She agreed that your attitude towards women is unfortunate, and she believes she can atone for her shortcomings in raising you by giving it another shot. It was the least I could do for her.

“I’m sure it will be embarrassing for you in the beginning, but just think… you won’t have to do anything. Your difficult, complicated 18-year-old life is nothing more than an unfortunate memory. Your mother will strip you bare, bathe you gently, and diaper you in Huggies every morning. She will provide baby bottles for you to drink your formula from, and she will secure you into a high chair and spoon baby food into your mouth. She will rock you in your lap and hum softly to you as you suck your thumb. When you wet or mess your diaper, she will expect you to let her know, either by telling her in your sweet little voice or crying dejectedly from your crib. And she’ll carry you to the changing table and remove your dirty diaper, cleaning you all up and powdering your cute little pee-pee before thickly rediapering you for the night. She might even read you a story as you lie in your crib, hugging your teddy bear and sucking your thumb without a care in the world.

“And I promise not to abandon you, either. I could never leave a baby as sweet as you. I will still play a very big part in your life, but not as your girlfriend… after all, you’re incapable of pleasing me romantically and sexually at this point. It’s time for me to move on in that regard. I will, however, function in a babysitter capacity… a loving, caring female figure for when your mother is just too busy to handle her new baby Jamie. After all, how could your mother do something as cold and heartless as to place you in an impersonal, neglective day care center? No, no… that wouldn’t do at all. I’ll be your baby sitter, and I will take care of you and provide you with the most unconditional love on this Earth.”

James was speechless, but his mind was racing. So many new and frightening ideas had just been dumped into his head, and he was struggling fiercely to sort them out.

My mother will be taking care of me. She will be feeding me, bathing me, and changing my diapers. And that’s pretty much all I’ll have. The most enjoyable parts of my day will no longer be playing football with my friends or masturbating to thoughts of Liz… they will be reduced to the infantile joy I am given whenever I pee or poop in my diapers. And I’ll giggle, suck my thumb, and wallow happily in my own poop until I become cold and uncomfortable and wail out for my mommy to change me. Not my mother anymore. My mommy! My mommy! I want my mommy!

James pulled his thumb from his mouth and began to cry uncontrollably again. His adulthood insecurities had finally come to the surface. All he ever wanted was attention. All he ever wanted was love. All he ever wanted was a caring female to take care of him… and now he had two. And that reassurance was enough to calm him down.

Liz stroked James’ hair as he calmed down, reducing his cacophony to a few random sobs. “All things considered,” she said, “you’ve been a very, very good baby. And because of that, Lizzie has a nice treat for you.”

James immediately stopped sobbing. “Supwise!” he shouted, clapping his hands together excitedly.

Liz grinned and lifted her t-shirt, exposing her bra-clad breasts to her ex-boyfriend. His eyes grew wide as he quickly pieced together what was coming. But, to his surprise, his excitement did not stem from sexual desire… but rather an infantile urge to be loved and cared for.

Liz undid her bra and set it on the floor, proceeding to move James’ waiting mouth to the nipple of her right breast. He clutched his weak infant hand around the girth of Liz’s breast and quickly slid his mouth over the nipple.

Me no wanna be 18 yeaws owd.

James began sucking on Liz’s breast. No milk greeted his waiting tongue, but he felt happy and secure, locked in this incredibly loving transfer of feeling. Liz laid back in her chair and moaned in weak pleasure as James’ tongue caressed her stiff nipple. Soon, James’ eyes had fallen shut and he was in his own little world, sucking idly on his babysitter’s breast and feeling indescribably serene.

Me wanna be 2 yeaws owd. Me happy now.

James giggled mischievously around Liz’s nipple as he felt himself uncontrollably wet his diaper again, his hot pee spilling comfortably over his tiny genitals and into the absorbent material of the Huggies. But it didn’t feel humiliating or disgusting this time… it felt warm and comfortable.

Widdle Jamie wet his dypuh! Widdle Jamie wet his dypuh!

Liz glanced down at James and realized she had never felt as happy or as satisfied as she did at that point. And she was willing to bet anything that little Jamie felt the exact same way.

While James sucked on Liz’s breast, an urgent feeling arose deep within his bowels, and he began to uncontrollably mess his diaper. As the poop left his bottom and caused the seat of his Huggies to expand in Liz’s lap, it was all he could do to keep from laughing a cheerful infant’s laugh.

Baby Jamie go poopie in his dypuh. Me vewy messy. Feew good.

James shifted around, spreading the warm mess around his bottom. He smiled. He felt especially naughty… and especially fulfilled as he realized that his life wasn’t over, but rather, it was just beginning.