A Day In Their Lives by Michael

submitted by Michael - Jan 14, 2003

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A Day In Their Lives
By Michael

Magic is the word human beings use to explain the unexplainable. Things such as age regression, shrinking, and the bending of reality are often explained by objects or people having magical properties. I myself know very little of magic and have no power over such forces. Fortunately I have been gifted with three friends who do…

Regent had been alone all day. Aaron’s and I were working, or rather we were reading newspapers while standing in our bookstore. So as usual she was bored. With nothing to do she found herself wishing that Megan, whom she hated with every fiber of her being, had stayed home instead of going to school. Normally it was a chore getting Megan to go to school but on this particular day she had flown out the door as if she was going to be given money for attending. Regent had nothing to do but watch television and eat leftover Chinese Food.

You’d think that a creature like a fairy could find something to amuse herself with. She had tried making plants talk but they had nothing interesting to say. She had started reading a book but quickly realized that she had already seen the movie version of Where the Red Fern Grows. Even though she hated computers she tossed aside her resolve and tried to use the computer. She lasted a whole five minutes in a game of solitary. The second the computer-generated deck ran out of cards she got frustrated and smacked the computer. It froze immediately and she left the device alone.

Regent just had nothing to do. There was, of course, an entire world outside for her to explore but with little money and no transportation her options were limited. She decided that she could go for something chocolate, her favorite flavor of just about everything. She headed into Aaron’s room to grab some cash from his sock drawer so she could trek down to the park to get some ice cream. She grabbed a Green Lantern tee shirt and a pair of pants from Aaron’s closet since the only female clothes in the apartment belonged to Megan and were either to slutty for Regents tastes or made for a child. She shrunk them both until they fit her 4’3” frame and combed her short red hair.

Within a few minutes she was standing a few feet from the playground in Central Park waiting for the Ice Cream Man to make his pass through the area. She noticed that there weren’t any children playing and pondered the situation. “With school in session there isn’t any activity here. Just a bunch of adults on their lunch hours.” she said to herself as she watched the constant flow of hungry workers in and out of the park.

“Avilonus (her name for Aaron) and Michael don’t even have class today so they should be here, but no, they have to work. Darn without kids the ice cream cart might not even come!” she realized while starring at a young man in a business suit. “No kids, no ice cream. No ice cream, no chocolate!”

Looking around the park she realized, while in a fit of chocolate withdrawal, that the solution to her problem was right in front of her. There were plenty of kids around to attract the Ice Cream Man. They were just too big and some were a little overdressed. At least one of those problems she could fix. There were only six adults in that area of the park but for Regent’s purposes that was more then enough.

“OK. Who goes first?” she asked herself as she looked over her prospective victims. There were two women and four men sitting in the park. Regent, ever so patient, decided that all at once was the best approach. Each adult was apparently enjoying his or her lunch so Regent set her mind to manipulating the already existing situation.

With a gleam in her eye and a smile on her lips the restless fairy began her work. She spun her web of magic not upon the group, but upon their drinks. She knew of stories of a Fountain of Youth that restored vitality to those who drank from it. So often had she heard of mortals that sought such a thing that she laughed to herself as she realized that something so marvelous could be found in something as simple as a can of soda when she was around.

A young couple on the far end of the park had been happily immersed in a conversation concerning their upcoming wedding. Regent smiled as she noticed the rather attractive blonde male taking a sip from his soda can just as his fiancée finished hers. Within seconds their features began to soften and their cheerful laughter turned to childish giggles. The woman’s brown hair grew short and into curls. Her body quickly passed back through puberty leaving behind its womanly curves for the round tummy and flat chest of childhood. Her counterpart had also regained his lost youth and now instead of looking like a young stud he looked more like a little girl. His hair had also reverted to curls and his cheeks were as red as roses. “Awww.” Regent thought to herself, “they make such a cute couple.” It seemed that their picnic would have to wait as their attention quickly turned to the play equipment in the center of the area. The couple ran off hand in hand to play on the jungle gym, neither caring that the other was clothed in only an oversized tee shirt.

“In all the excitement I forgot to make their clothes smaller.” Regent said to herself as she took of after her first two victims. “The last thing I need is to have two toddlers going down a slide and finding out what makes girls different from boys. Or worse.” She quickly collected their discarded clothing and hurried after the two children as fast as her legs would carry her.

She ran by three adults who were sitting together having coffee and discussing their work day. They were to engulfed by their conversation to notice what had occurred just moments ago. All they noticed as Regent went by was her saying “shrink to fit”. They didn’t pay her much attention and the spell on their coffees kept them from noticing that the once 6’4” black male in their group had dwindled down to less then 5’. His friends as well were now around 4’7”s and quickly loosing interest in talking about business. Sports became the next topic and then the conversation quickly moved on to cartoons. Their clothing clung to their bodies, shrinking as they did. Even though the styles were way off for their new ages it was a vast improvement over Regents earlier mishap. The coffee they were drinking quickly became too hot for them but they were still thirsty. Where three men once stood drinking coffee, three boys now stood longing for chocolate milk.

A young woman dressed in a gray business suit was sitting by herself, far removed from anyone else. She had not yet taken a drink of her tea and honestly questioned whether or not she should. She had just watched three men in their early thirties change into five-year-olds. “I must be dreaming.” she told herself. As she cleaned the lenses of her glasses she reasoned with herself over several possibilities and came to the conclusion that this was just some bizarre dream. After all, adults don’t just turn into little kids wearing business clothes. “Yes. It has to be a dream.”

The woman stood up, gathered her things, and turned to leave the park. Her sudden departure was brought to an end as she came face to face (or rather chest to face) with Regent. She looked down at the diminutive red head blocking her path and smiled. “Excuse me.” she said as she stepped to the side. Regent quickly stepped to the side to block her path once more.

“Excuse me.” the woman said again as she tried to move around Regent.

“Where are you going err…what’s your name?” asked Regent as she again blocked the woman’s path.

“My name is Erica and I’m going back to my job. Now if you would excuse me?”

Before she could move again Regent posed another question. “Erica, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a little girl again?”

Erica was stunned. She looked back at the playground and then her gazed quickly shot back to Regent. “Waa…What did…”

“Wouldn’t it be fun?” Regent was never one to pass up an opportunity to catch someone off guard. She took the thermos from Erica’s hands and held it up to her own mouth. “Oh, it would feel so good to sip from the fountain of youth and be a little girl again. No job, no responsibilities, and nothing to do but play with your friends all day long. Come on Erica, just say the word and I will make you young again.”

Erica was frantic. Just what was wrong with her today? First she sees three guys turn into little boys and now there is a woman here offering to turn her into a little girl. She decided that she would never eat vanilla pudding before bed again,

“Is it really so strange?” Regent asked. “After all it’s just a dream, right? But first we have to do something about those clothes. Gray just isn’t going to look good on a five-year-old. Pick a color, any color!”

“Five? No, no I don’t want to be as old as them!” Erica said frantically as she looked back at the playground. She now noticed that there were five children playing instead of three. She quickly turned back to Regent and found they were equal in height. “Wait…you…you were shorter a moment ago.”

“No I wasn’t. You were older. Now be a good girl and pick a color.” Amused by Erica’s nervousness Regent found herself wanting to drag out Erica’s frustration for as long as possible.

“Red! How did…”

“Red it is!” Regent waved her hand across Erica’s suit and they both watched as it brightened into a vibrant red. So did Erica’s face as she felt her breasts revert to a boyish chest. She now had to look up at Regent. When their conversation started she was a full head taller then the red head but now she just barely passed Regents knee. “My, my, aren’t you cute with your hair up in a bun and still wearing your glasses? Are you going to be a business woman when you grow up?” Regent asked mockingly.

“How did you do this?” Erica asked in her still adult voice. “I said I didn’t wanna to be a little girl!”

“No, you said you didn’t want to “be as old as them”. So I made you younger then them. Three to be exact.”

“Three! But why?” Erica demanded to know. This was too mush for her to handle.

“Did you want to be younger?” Regent taunted.


“If you want to wear diapers, I won’t stop you.”

“No, no! I just want to be a grown up again.” Erica smiled brightly and placed her hands together as though she were begging. “Please make me a grownup again?”

“Sure. I can do that.”

“Really? Thank you! Thank you so very much!”

Regent placed the thermos under her left arm and held her hands out with her palms up. She quickly started moving her fingers back and forth as though she was counting. “All you have to do is wait about 15, maybe 20 years. By then you should be all grown up again.”

“WHAT? I thought you said you were going to make me big again?” Erica screamed as she started jumping up and down.

“No. You asked me to make you a grownup so I changed the spell. Now instead of you staying a child forever like I had planned, you will grow up just like you did before. Don’t worry though this is just a dream. Remember?”

“A dream? That’s right, it is just a dream. I mean, I still sound like an adult and this couldn’t really happen…could it?”

“You tell me?” Regent bent down and gently turned Erica around. “All I know is that you’re a little girl and there is a jungle gym over there filled with kids for you to play with.”

“But I’m supposed to e back at the office.”

Regent was a bit annoyed now. Most people would jump at a chance to have fun in a dream but Erica was just too centered on her work. It was then that Regent remembered the thermos. She turned Erica around and held it out to her. “Why don’t you have a quick drink and then you can decide.”

“Sure. Something to drink might clear my head.” Erica reached for the thermos.

“Hold on.” Regent pulled the container away and looked at it for a moment. “This is much to big for you. You’ll spill.”

“Spill? Please, I am a grown woman. I know how to drink without spilling tea on myself.” Erica held out her hand so that Regent would give her the thermos. When Regent hesitated, Erica started tapping her foot on the ground. “Well hand it over.” The sight was hilarious. A three-year-old in a red business suit wearing stockings and red pumps stamping her foot and giving orders to a grownup.

“But what if you did and got it all over your suit? What would your boss think?” Erica shrunk back at this thought and Regent took the opportunity to change the spell in on the tea. “Let’s try this.” She held the metal container vertically in her right hand and then placed her left hand in front of it. She held it out to Erica and ran her left hand down until it met her right.

“Where is it?” Erica asked as she guessed that the large container had disappeared.

Regent moved her left hand and revealed that instead of a thermos she had a sippy cup sitting in her palm. “There you go. No spills.”

Erica took the cup, reluctantly. “Here’s to dreaming.” She took the spout in her mouth and began to empty the cup. Regent giggled to herself in anticipation but Erica paid her no attention. To her Regent was nothing more then a character in a very elaborate dream.

“Well? Do you want to play or go back to work?” Regent asked as Erica finished her tea.

“I’m wanna go pway!” she yelled in her still adult voice. “What’s wrong wit my mouwth. I sound wike a wittle kid?”

“Well you are a little kid but you sound like an adult with bad diction. Why don’t you run along and play before you wake up.“

Erica said good-bye to Regent and turned to go to the playground. Regent laughed at herself once more. She had twisted the spell on the tea so that when Erica drank it she would forget all about work. She remembered that she was an adult but being a child seemed more important. This was a dream to Erica so she should have been able to have fun with it. She was quite fortunate that Regent had no intent of leaving her or any of the other park patrons that way. All she wanted was to get some ice cream.

Regent went back to the park bench that she had been sitting on and resumed her watch. “Now all I have to do is wait for the Ice Cream Man.”, she thought as she laid her head back and crossed her legs. She had planned on letting the laughter of the children draw the Ice Cream Man to her, but as time passed all it did was annoy her. After about three minutes of listening to them playing she looked up angrily.

Regent loved to see humans suffer. That’s why she lived in this realm, to torture people. Of course she had friends who were human and she did at times enjoy those that weren’t but this was too much. Her victims were supposed to suffer but today she needed them to be happy. She needed this laughter that was so strange to her. The nearest store was two miles away and she refused to walk all that way just for ice cream. She would just have to put up with it.

As she tried to ignore the laughter she found herself stealing glances at the activity on the playground. The playing children were slowly wearing on her. She completely forgot about ice cream for a while and watched them play.

The rejuvenated couple had started playing house inside of a large tube. Regent thought it was strange that a little boy would be so willing to play house but still laughed at their game. The little girl would pretend to make dinner and the little boy would pretend to come home from work. Even though their minds were those of children Regent watched to make sure they didn’t pretend to go to the bedroom. She knew that nothing was perfect, including spells. Their adult memories could resurface and then she would have problems.

She turned her attention to two of the others and saw that they were chasing each other around the park. She looked over at a sign that read “no running on the playground”. “That’s just stupid.” she said to herself. “But rules are rules.” She waved her hand at the two boys and they slowly regressed to just under two years old. Their bodies slowed to a crawl as the continued to toddle after one another and Regent smiled to herself.

Suddenly amongst the laughter she heard crying. Scanning the area she noticed that Erica was alone with one of the little boys and that he was pulling her hair. She watched for a moment, kind of enjoying her whining.

“Stop it! Quit picking on me!” Erica screamed as the young boy, Marshal, poked and pushed her. He pulled her hair again and smiled as he did it. Erica started to cry. Even though she was the only one with her adult mind she had lost her composure. In body and emotion she was a child and Marshal’s teasing was getting the better of her emotions.

“You’re such a cry baby! Go on little baby, cry! Cry little baby! Waaa, waaa, waaa!” he taunted. Erica tried to run away but the older boy cut her off and pushed her to the ground. He laughed at her as she tried to get away. She would run and he would catch her and push her to the ground.

Marshal continued this for several minutes. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his ear and was pulled backwards. He yelled and struggled but found no escape from his captor. He finally managed to maneuver his head so that he could see the person holding him.

Regent looked upon him with a mischievous smile. “Honesty!” was all that she said.

“Let me go, le’me go!” cried Marshal. He hated when adults pulled his ear, it always meant that he was in trouble and this time was no different. “You’re not my mommy! Le’me go!”

Regent asked, “My, my aren’t you a little cry baby?”

“Yes.” Marshal replied honestly. “You ain’t my mommy so let go!”

“No I’m not your mommy. I’m far worse then any mommy. I like to punish kids and I love to punish naughty kids.” She didn’t unless they had been adults before, and she jumped at the opportunity when it presented itself. “Now why were you picking on my little friend?”

“Because she’s littler then me.” Marshal answered. Normally he would have said that he didn’t know but Regents spell forced the truth from him.

“Oh really? Well I’m bigger then you. How about I pick on you?” With that she bent down and pulled him across her knee. She whipped off his pants and underwear and held him in position with her left hand. Marshal struggled but there was no way to escape. She was simply much bigger and stronger then he was.

A quick swat across his bare butt started the tears to flow from his eyes and another caused him to scream much louder then he had made Erica scream. Regent continued to spank the child until he was bawling like a baby. She finally stood him up and pulled his pants up.

“Stop crying! Since you can’t play nicely I think you should be put into a position where you cant hurt people.” Regent waved her hand and Marshal began to shrink until he was the only a year old. She then picked him up and cradled him in left her arm. Her free hand made pass over his crotch and his pant legs receded unto his blue pants looked more like a diaper cover. That’s exactly what they had become after the bulge of a diaper appeared beneath them.

She carried the crying child over to the sandbox and set him down. “I said stop crying!” She yelled at him a third time but he only cried harder. “I hate to take a page from Avilonus’ book but I am not going to listen to you!”

She searched in her pockets for a moment and pulled out a small green pacifier. She shoved it in Marshal’s mouth and said the magic word, “Suck.” He continued to cry but his screams were muffled as he sucked uncontrollably on his new pacifier. “That’s better. Now be a good little man and I might make you old enough to walk or at least give you someone your age to play with.”

Regent walked back over to Erica and patted her on the head. “Go back to enjoying your dream sweetie.”

“How? I don’t wike this dweam! I don’t have any fwiends and people awe mean to me! I wanna wake up!” Erica then fell to the ground and she began to through a tantrum.

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” thought Regent. She shook her head as her body contracted and her clothes shrunk even more. Her breasts disappeared and ribbons appeared in her hair separating it into pigtails. “Would you feel better if you had a playmate?”

Erica looked up and saw the little red head smiling at her. She slowly calmed down and got back to her feet. She wiped her eyes and nodded. “Can we pway on the swings.” Regent forced a smile across her gap-toothed mouth and nodded back. Erica grabbed her hand and off they went to enjoy the day.

When the Ice Cream Man finally came he thought it strange that seven kids would be alone in a park. He asked a little girl with red hair where her mommy was when she came over to him. She replied, “Would you like to play with Marshal?”

To be continued...