Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters - Part 1 by Ef-master

submitted by timmy - Jan 23, 2003

This is the first part of what is expected to be quite a long series. The other parts may contain other transformations as well as AR. If anyone wants to read them please let me know.

Background: During a time of war and chaos in an age of knights and wizards, a group of priests used all their powers to create an object which would control the chaos and create a balance between the good and evil in the world. It was called the Fate Orb. Its purpose was to control the fates of all the people in the world and make sure that no doer of goods deed goes unrewarded and no evil actions are left unpunished. But due to some unknown reasons, the methods of punishment and reward became a little peculiar. As the priests perished soon after its creation was complete, no one knew how it was created, where it is located or how to destroy it. The world was not the same after that.

Time: Midnight, 200 years after the creation of the Fate Orb.

Location: A hidden house in the middle of the Great Forest in the Eastern Continent.

The small house stood still and silent in the middle of the Great Forest. If a passerby was not informed in advance of its presence, he would hardly notice it. Although, most of the time the passerby would not have enough time locate the house on his own. He would be captured by the inmates of the house even before it came within his view.

When the lights in all the rooms were on, the house looked like the face of a giant in distress buried on the ground upto the neck. Now it was totally black and seemed invisible against the dark forest. However, this did not mean that the inmates were sleeping. The house had two floors underground which were accessible only from the inside. Most of them comprised the dungeon, the laboratory and the library. These rooms were the reasons behind the rumour that nobody who went too deep into the Great Forest was ever seen outside again.

The Mistress of the house was the one of the most powerful witches in the world. Her name was Vynira. She was at that time in the underground library going through her greatest and most precious accomplishment. She had maintained her age at around 25 for the last fifty years. At every ten years interval she drank the youth potion prepared from the stolen youths of her victims to reduce her age to 20. She also robbed her victims of their beauty and added them to her looks. Of course there were other methods for controlling beauty and youth, but she preferred these ways since they caused sufferring to her victims. She intended to be most evil and powerful witch in the world and to bring back the age of chaos. The only possible obstacles were the Fate Orb and the other witches and wizards. The latter can be taken care of if the Fate Orb was out of the way. That was what her greatest accomplishment was about.

Vynira had worked for a long time to find the location of the Fate Orb. While the priests created the Orb, they had a written account of it. The account was thought to be lost when the priests died. After their death, a new religion, called the Order of Fate, emerged which was devoted to the Fate Orb. After a lot of enquiries, Vynira had acquired the knowledge that the account still existed in the greatest temple of the Order of Fate in the West Continent. She had kidnapped the High priestess and some of her Acolytes to obtain the account. They were sexually tortured and harassed and underwent many transformations until their will was broken. The Fate Orb carried out its action indirectly. The people would be punished or rewarded by other people of the world. Vynira knew of this and so made sure no one could ever reach her at her house. She lived in the middle of the forest with her four daughters and anyone who came near her house became the target for her spells. This was how she avoided the punishment of the Fate Orb all these years although she never stopped her evil actions. When the High Priestess realised this, she had no choice but to give up the location of the account.

After obtaining the account, Vynira caused the accolytes intense sexual arousal and at the peak of their arousal changed them into marble statues in erotic position as a mockery of their profession. The statues continued to feel intensely aroused but could not relieve themselves or even move. The statues were placed as decorations in a brothel. After playing some more with the High Priestess, Vynira destroyed most of her intelligence and changed her into a one year old baby with no knowlege of what she had learned during her life as a priestess. She only remembered who she was and what Vynira had done to her. Then Vynira left the naked crying baby at a doorstep of the same brothel where the statues were being kept.

Vynira laughed as she rememberd the look on the baby's face before she started crying. She must had never imagined that she would ever be in that situation. Vyrina wanted to watch how the baby was taken care of, but she now had more important things to think about. She had went through the whole account twice and had learned all there is to learn about the Fate Orb. It won't be very easy to destroy it, but she had already planned out everything and knew exactly what needed to be done. Tomorrow would be her 80th birthday and she would drink the youth potion in the morning and change her age to 20 again. Then she would set out to carry out her plan for world domination.

As she went to sleep, Vynira thought of how evil she had been all her life. When she came to the age of magical maturity (18 years of age), she quickly learned all the spells she could find. She used them first against her older sister as a revenge for all the teasing she had to endure. Then she used them to get rid of her weak mother who thought that magic should be used to help humans. Then within two years she had learned to use all the common magic spells. Then she started paying attention to those powerful spells which were known only by few. After few years she moved to the house in the forest. With all the beauty she stole, it was not difficult to find a husband. When she had obtained four daughters from him, she got rid of him in ways which were very amusing to her. She had even been cruel to her daughters. She made sure that they were so scared of her that they would never stand up to her. She had also made the magic power of her three magically matured daughters ineffective against her. She had been most cruel to her youngest daughter, Gyrina, and she expected that she would never dare to even speak against her mother. Once she had destroyed the orb, she would train them to fight for her to conquer everything that exists. She knew they had the potential to be as powerful as she was, but they lacked the courage to go against her. She decided that she would start controlling the wills of her four daughters from tomorrow onwards, so that even if they ever wanted to oppose her, they would be unable to even try. She fell asleep with a smile of satisfaction on her lips.

The next day, Vynira woke up with more energy than usual. She forced all her daughters out of their beds and started preparing the potions. The first one, the Youth Potion was already half prepared. The second one was the potion for breaking the will of a person permanently. While her four daughters, Katria, Drusina, Lygine and Gyrina, waited patiently to receive her instruction like always, Vynira smirked at them and showed them the two potions. As she explained the purpose of the potion of breaking will, fear showed up on all the four girls' faces. There were whinings and pleas coming out of there mouths which were barely audible. They would not even beg loudly in case it angered their mother. Vynira smiled thinking that she may not even need to use the potion of breaking will.

The next step involved in aquiring youth again was to obtain a fresh ingredient which was required for the youth potion. Vynira always used the help of her three older daughters to obtain it since they had reached magical maturity. Gyrina was resposible for putting the youth potion in the proper apparatus while the four of them went to bring the last ingredient. The plan was carried out as usual. Katria, Drusina and Lygine went down to the dungeon. Vynira warned Gyrina, "Don't make any mistakes this time or you will be going through your fourth childhood. And remember that the fourth one will never end and you'll never reach magical maturity like your sister." Vynira watched Gyrina's face take up a painful expression as she remembered the tortures she endured during her third childhood. With a grin Vynira decended to the dungeon.

When they retured with the glowing blue ingredient, they saw that Gyrina had prepared the potion without any mistakes. Vynira looked a bit disappointed as she prepared the potion of Youth. Once prepared completely, the potion took up a glowing light blue colour. Then she gulped down the required amount of potion and shivered as she felt a tingling sensation. She watched as her daughters seemed to grow taller. Actually she was getting shorter. Her magical clothes were changing shape to match her changing figure. As her age decreased she noticed that a lot of the youth potion was still left like usual. She wondered aloud, "Hmm, should I use the remaining potion to reduce my three older daughters or should I use it to change my baby daughter back to a baby again?"

Vynira watched the faces of her daughters as she said this. Strangely, none of them seemed to be as scared as she thought they would be. Actually, smiles started to appear on their faces. Then suddenly she realized that the tingling sensation has not worn off yet. She was still regressing and had gone past her magical maturity. She now had the body of a fourteen year old and was still regressing.

"What's happening?" Vynira noticed that her voice had taken a higher pitch as she said this. The smiles of her daughters suddenly changed to laughters which she shockingly found to be very intimidating. But she still maintained a strict tone and said, "Stop the laughter and answer me."

"Or else what?" came the response of Katria.

"You are going to put a spell on us?" Drusina said.

"Eight year olds cannot cast any spells, `MOTHER'." taunted Lygine.

"Whose the baby now?" Gyrina asked with a grin.

Vynira ran to a mirror and was struck by fear as she saw a seven year old staring back at her. She now had the skinny body of a little girl. On top of that, all the beauty she stole all these years were lost and she now had the face she was born with. She felt tears forming in her eyes. All the plans she had made was falling apart. She cried out, "Nooooo! This can't be happening to me. I was going to be the most powerful witch in the world. Katria, Drusina, Lygine stop this. Stop this right now!"

Lygine pinched her mother's little cheek and said, "No Vynira, you are just a little six year old. Oops, five year old." All the girls laughed as Vynira shrank to a five year old girl.

"Nooo-aaaaahh!" litte Vynira cried out. Her dress had changed into a pink frock suitable for a child. She started hitting Lygine in vain with her little fists. The girls just giggled.

Katria said in a threatening tone, "Vynira, don't you want to know how we did this?"

Vynira stopped hitting, tried to control her tears and looked at Katria surprised. "You did this to me?"

"Why, did you think it happened by accident?" Katria said as the others laughed. Vynira was too shocked to respond.

Katria continued. "Yes, we planned the whole thing. When Gyrina became 17 last month, we gave her a pinch of aging potion so that she reaches magical maturity. Then within the month she proacticed making the effects of potions stronger and used it on your youth potion when we were in the dungeon. You were too involved with yourself to notice anything. We knew that our magics won't have any effect, so we had to use Gyrina's. You were so sure that we were under your control that you never expected this. But now, you are totally under our control. Take a good look at your new mistresses."

Vynira looked at her daughters. All of them were tall, beautiful, with dark hair and eyes. Three of them were 20 and one 18. And all of them were more than twice as tall as her and probably five times stronger. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had stopped at five years of age. A slightly chubby five year old girl in a pink frock stared back. She remembered that her baby features took a longer time to disappear than other children and this was one of the reasons her sister teased her so much. Now she felt like she used to feel back then. Small and helpless.

She tried to convince her daughters to let her be 20 again. She pouted and said, "Please girls, I learned my lessons. I'll never be mean to you again."

Gyrina laughed and picked her up. "Don't worry BABY. We won't be mean to you either. We will treat you just as nicely as you treated us. I'll personally let you know how it feels to be a baby again."

"No, please Gyrina. I'm very sorry." Vynira started crying.

The three girls giggled.

"Awww, don't cry baby, were going to take care of you." Gyrina said with a grin. Vynira started hitting Gyrina with her short chubby arms.

Gyrina just giggled and said, "First lets give you a more suitable name. How about Vynnie. Isn't that what your sister called you?"

Vynira stared in shock as her childhood memory hit her. She screamed out, "Noo, don't call me that."

"Why not? That is your name."

"Noo, I am Vynira!"



"No, its Vynnie. Say it. Say that your name is Vynnie."

Vynira screamed and kicked. "No I won't."

At this point, Katria walked over to Vynira and grabbed her little legs. She swung them upwards, so that Vynira was hanging upside down. Vynira screamed and tried to fling her limbs in all directions. But that only earned her laughters from the older girls as she dangled helplessly with her short arms swinging about one foot above the floor. "Katria, put me down at once!"

Katria snapped at her, "So, you still think you can order us around, don't you little Vynnie?"

"I am Vynira." was the stubborn reply.

"Very well, girls show her that we are in charge. Maybe then she will realise her true position."

Vynira's frock was covering her legs from her view. She did not realise at that moment that her small underwear was also being exposed. Before she even realised what the girls were upto, Lygine had pulled it off her bottom and Drusina had slapped it very hard. Vynira's face turned red from humiliation more than her bottom did from taking the slap. She was so shocked that could not even scream for a while during which she received four more slaps from Drusina, Lygine and Gyrina. Then she started screaming at the top of her voice. The girls were taking turns in giving her one hard slap at a time. Tears of shame were gushing out of Vynira's eyes and flooding the floor.

Katria said, "This will all stop if you tell us that your name is Vynnie."

"Nohohoho!" cried Vynira.

"Alright then, we'll increase the punishment."

Vynira could not think of anything worse than this, until the punishment was applied on her. Drusina and Lygine started tickling her feet and belly, while Gyrina continued to spank her now red bottom. Vynira screamed with both laughter and cries. There was nothing she could do to stop the torture. She felt that the three pairs of hands would never stop. She felt like she could not breathe. Her will was breaking. Finally, she used the last remaining breath she had to scream out the words, "I AM VYNNIE!"

The girls stopped and giggled. Little Vynnie took a deep breath and started sobbing. Katria said, "Now tell us what you are."

"I am a witch." was the reply in a barely audible voice.

"Wrong answer, little Vynnie." Gyrina said as she started spanking her again.

Vynnie screamed out, "No wait! I am a helpless little girl at your mercy!"

"That's right." Gyrina said giving Vynnie one last slap.

Katria finally held Vynnie the right way up and brought her face closer to hers. She said teasingly to the sobbing child, "Now that was not so hard was it, little Vynnie?"

Vynnie shook her head from side to side.

"Now will you be a good little girl?"

Vynnie nodded "Yes."

She was then transferred to Lygine's lap. Drusina then pressed her cheeks so that her lips parted. Then Drusina put two drops of a liquid into her mouth. Vynnie did not dare to protest or spit it out. A tingling sensation formed. Her clothes changed also. When the changes stopped, Vynnie looked at herself in the nearby mirror to find a chubby three years old wearing only a diaper. Gyrina said, "Awww, she's so cute."

The girls cooed at the baby for the next few minutes, while she tried to control her sobbing. At the end, she pleaded, "Pwease, tuwn me back. Me no wanna be baby. I be good. I pwomise."

"Why do you want to change from a cute little baby to a naughty adult again, little Vynnie?" Gyrina teased.

"Pwease, pwease. I be good."

"We will never turn you back baby. You will have to be good at the end, but you will have to spend your childhood through punishments. Just like I had to. And you will be punished for wanting to be an adult again."

Katria added, "And since you already made that request, you will be punished for that."

Vynnie started crying again but did not say anything. She was put on the floor and the girls positioned themselves at four corners of the room. Katria instructed, "Although, you will be punished, you will get to choose who you will receive it from. Within ten seconds you have to crawl to the one you want it from. If you don't then all four of us will spank you. Your time starts now."

Vynnie felt utterly confused. Without looking at anyone she started crawiling towards a corner. When she was picked up she realised that it was Gyrina. Soon she was placed across Gyrina's knees and was being spanked. Gyrina said while carrying out the punishment, "I'll make your bottom so red, that people will mistake it for a pair of tomatoes." She almost kept her promise. Vynnie's bottom became as red as ever. After the spanking she was bawling and was wetting her magical diaper. Her will was completely broken.

At night, Vynnie lay face down on her bed as her diapered bottom was too sore. She was now wearing a normal diaper. She could not get down from bed as it was modified by putting bars all along its edges. Vynnie stared at the account of the Fate Orb as it lay on the table beyond her reach. Suddenly a blue owl flew into the room and changed into the High Priestess. She said to the shocked Vynnie, "Well well, looks like someone underwent some changes. When all your spells started breaking I was quite surprised. Now I can see why they broke. Well, enjoy your fate."

Then the Priestess changed into the blue owl and flew out carrying the Fate Orb's account with her. Vynnie then heard a mystical voice in her head. "No one can escape the judgement of the Fate Orb." The voice produced fear in her mind. As she realised how the Fate Orb had finally punished her, she started crying and wetting herself again, which were the two things she would be doing very often from now on.

End of Part 1 - to be continued