A Day In Their Lives part 2

submitted by Michael - Jan 29, 2003

This is the start of Megan's day. I warn anyone that doesn't like to see children (or rather regressed adults) in sexual situations not to read this or the next part that I post.

In fact, let me apologize now. This involves a lot of swearing and back-story but I had to get it out of the way to continue. Hopefully Megan won't scare readers away.

For those that choose to read this part, Enjoy. For those that don't, it will still be here later.

Earlier that morning, at about 5 a.m., Aaron’s alarm clock went off. Normally he would have hit the snooze button and slept until noon but on this particular day Megan wouldn’t hear of it. She reached over from her side of the bed and turned it off. She then pushed Aaron until he started to groan. He and I had been up until 3 a.m. playing video games and he had no intention of waking up. Megan on the other hand had every intention of getting him up.

She placed her right hand on his shoulder and leaned over him so that her black and purple hair draped across him. She placed her mouth to his ear and asked the same question that she always did when she thought they were alone, “How would you like to loose your virginity?”

“I wouldn’t.” he replied.

“Tell me your fantasies and I will become them.” she said seductively.

Aaron turned over and looked up at her. “You know them. They all have something to do with world conquest and that just doesn’t involve having sex.”

Everyone has their priorities and a person should stick by them. Aaron, whom has been my best friend since kindergarten, has always stuck by his. If a normal guy woke up with a 5’7” vixen with full lips and C cup breasts stretched out naked on his bed he wouldn’t have a problem with it. Aaron on the other hand is as strange as they come, but you will find out about him later.

“Why are you in hear?” Sadly that is exactly what he said.

Megan smiled at him and whipped her hair behind her head. “I just thought you might want to play with me.”

Aaron jumped out of bed and inspected his body. Normally a word like “play” would mean to have sex, but in our apartment it usually meant that someone had been turned into a kid or an animal. Anything that someone might play with. Megan once “played” with the Landlord for three days by turning him into a hamster.

After realizing that nothing was wrong with him Aaron turned his attention back to his girlfriend. “Do you realize what that necklace means? Regent will always have control over you if you don’t stop acting like this!”

“This has nothing to do with the necklace or that damn ***** of a fairy!” she screamed as she stood on her knees. “This is about you and me. We have been dating for a year now and you still won’t get naked in front of me. Do you know how ***** long it’s been since I had an orgasm?”

“Maybe you should calm down and remember just what would happen to you if we had sex. I don’t think you starting your life over would be fun for either of us. If you have sex while you have that necklace on then you will turn back into a baby in both mind and body.” he retorted.

Have you ever lost a bet with a person? Did that bet ever cause you to loose something important to you or cause a major change in your life? Megan once made a bet with Regent that she could handle mingling among normal teenagers without getting carried away with her powers. Since Megan is somewhat of a witch she too has “magical” powers and loves to toy with people just as much as Regent. Megan lost the bet and her punishment for doing so was to relinquish control of her life to Regent. This didn’t mean that she was a slave or anything that horrible. The easiest way to explain it is that Regent became the mother and Megan became the daughter.

Regent could have controlled every aspect of Megan’s life and Megan would have had no choice but to cooperate. Regent gave Megan her freedom to some extent, though not out of good faith or kindness. Aaron begged her. He literally got down on his hands and knees and begged Regent to let his girlfriend out of their deal. She did… sort of. She cursed Megan by making her put on a magical necklace with an onyx prism that punished her when she was caught doing anything that would be wrong for a child to do. She was risking a lot by swearing and being naked in Aaron’s room. If Regent caught her or if Aaron decided she needed to learn a lesson she would spend the next week burdened with some form of embarrassing incantation. Just last week she was caught smoking and lost the ability to control her bladder. I thought I had it bad being the only one without cool powers.

Megan bowed her head and remained silent. Aaron walked over to her and hugged her tightly. “Its OK. I promise that as soon as Regent takes the necklace off we will celebrate any way you want.”

“You could take it off.” she said harshly.

“Regent has been with me since before I can remember. You don’t ***** with the person that taught you how to control your powers. Not to mention that I like being able to punish you.”

Megan smiled at him. “Now is that Aaron or Avilonus talking. Do you even know if you are your own person or just who Regent wants you to be?”

Aaron laid her upon the bed and crawled in beside her. “I am who I am. You are who you are. Like you said this isn’t about Regent, it’s about us. Personally I would rather have a girlfriend then a baby sister.”

“I think I look cute in diapers?”

“You do, but not when you’re messing them.”

They pulled the covers up and sleep quickly overtook Megan. Avilonus had caused her to sleep. He had his priorities. He knew that Megan’s necklace was a test. Regent always said that he was too soft and that necklace would remain on her until he learned to be merciless with his powers. Megan was not the one being punished, he was. He could have her but it would cost her life in a way. The price for power is always high.

Megan woke up a couple of hours later and realized that she had wet the bed. Regent had regressed her and she was now eight-years-old. Since Aaron had already gotten up and gone on his morning run (since he couldn’t sleep) she crept back into her room, washed up, and got dressed for school. She put on her black skirt, white button up shirt, stocking-socks, and Mary Jane’s. Megan but her hair up into pigtails and walked off to the kitchen to get breakfast. When she reached the refrigerator she found a note with her name on it.

It said:


You want to “play”, then we will play. If you do something bad today you won’t be punished. Instead I promise you that you will get that orgasm you wanted. Just please no smoking in school.


P.S.- You don’t have to stay a little girl today either, if you know what I mean.”

Megan completely forgot about breakfast, ran to the living room to grab her Barbie Backpack, and shot out of the door. Regent hardly recognized her as she ran by with a smile on her face. She ran all the way to her bus stop and wouldn’t stop fidgeting until it came.

Megan was relishing every moment in her class. She had gone to school this morning with the intent of doing everything she could to piss her teacher off. Megan hated school. She hated being around stupid teachers and she really hated stupid little kids. Even worse was that she hated being one!

Megan was 18-years-old and trapped in the body of an eight-year-old for as long as Regent wanted. Every morning Regent would clap her hands and Megan would regress into a child and get shipped off to school where she was supposed to be learning to cope with other people, just as Aaron had done. That was usually the case but today was going to be different.

“No using your powers in school. Learn to respect others. Be inconspicuous.” was what Regent had always told her since this nightmare of a second childhood had begun. She usually had to try, but not today. She had permission to terrorize anyone she wanted and there was no way in hell that she was going to pass it up.

She had been sucking on her pacifier all morning. It was a birthday gift from Aaron; it tasted just like a cigarette. The perfect gift for a smoker in a child’s body. She was just waiting for her teacher, Mrs. Anderson, to catch her. That’s all she needed to start her day perfectly.

“Megan!” her teacher finally noticed. An eight-year-old sucking a pacifier would have to get her attention sooner or later. “Is that a dummy in your mouth.”

Megan took the soother by its ring and pulled it from her mouth with an audible pop. “No, it’s a pacifier. The only dummy in the room is you.”

Mrs. Anderson was shocked. Megan had been a problem child from the beginning but this kind of disrespect was unheard of. She walked over to Megan and snatched the pacifier from her hand. “Young lady, you just bought yourself a ticket to the principals office. March your fanny over to my desk right now.”

Megan looked at her angrily. She knew she had to wait, she needed to go to the principle’s office. She would have to settle for a verbal jab instead of turning her decrepit teacher into a toddler. “My, my did someone piss her Depends today?”

“That horrid, filthy mouth of yours has really done it this time!” Mrs. Anderson grabbed Megan by the arm and took her up to her desk. The entire class was making the “ooohhh” sound and Megan was loving it. Mrs. Anderson started scribbling on a hall-pass and when she finished she handed it to Megan. “You are lucky that they don’t allow spankings in schools anymore. Now go straight to the principal’s office young lady.”

“You do know this isn’t over?” Megan smiled.

Mrs. Anderson was dumbfounded by the audacity of Megan. Her was a second grader talking to her as though she were a grown woman. “This is over as far as you are concerned. Your parents and I however will be talking about it very, very soon.” She pointed towards the door and Megan left.

A few minutes later Megan was sitting in the main office awaiting her turn in the principal’s office. The principal’s secretary, Mrs. Meredith, handed her a lollypop that she gladly put into her pocket. Mrs. Meredith was a kindly old woman and she loved children. To her children could do no wrong and Megan was her favorite child in the whole school.

Mrs. Meredith looked up from her desk and smiled at Megan as she kicked her legs up and down since her feet didn’t quite reach the floor. “Young Ladies don’t do that Megan.” Megan stopped and smiled at her. Mrs. Meredith always reminded her that she was a lady.

“I’m not a lady Mrs. Meredith.” Megan always disputed that she was a “lady”. Even when Aaron called her one she looked at him with an angry glare. She did however like Mrs. Meredith enough to smile when she called her a lady.

Principal Edwards took that moment to open his door. “No you aren’t Ms. Alexander, but hopefully we will correct that soon.” He motioned for her to enter his office and she walked in. She sat down in a chair in front of his desk and he sat down to begin another session of trying to understand her. Megan visited his office at least once a week.

“Megan Lateshia Alexander.” he said as he picked her file up from his desk. “You have a very bad habit of disrespecting others, but of course you know that. Every time I see you you’re doing something bad. Just last week you were caught smoking. Smoking, at eight-years-old. Before that you were sent here for sticking your middle finger up at Mr. Cunninghem.”

“I flipped him off.” Megan corrected.

“Excuse me?!” Principal Edwards was stunned.

“I flipped him off. That’s what it’s called.”

“Little girl you should not be using such language.”


“Because you are a child.”

“Is that what you think of me?” her adult voice had returned.

“What did you just say?”

“I want to know what you really think of me…go on and speak like a good little dog.”

“Listen here you little slut, you do not talk to your elders like that. I am the adult here not you!” he said angrily. Edwards had no idea why he had spoken so openly but he felt as though he had to.

“Is that the reason? Because you’re the adult and I am the child? Well let’s change that.” Megan stood up and began to grow right before her principal’s eyes. Her body gained form and definition as she grew. Her legs became long and muscular and her lips became full beneath her light purple lipstick. Her breasts developed to their full glory and soon her hair extended to her shoulders. She had taken off her shoes and her clothes were now too small for her. Her skirt was so high that it exposed her stretched out My Little Pony panties and she had opened the buttons on her shirt since her chest was already popping out of it exposing the tops of her breasts.

Principal Edwards jumped up. “What the hell is…” he stopped when Megan pushed him back down into his chair. Soon the world around him started to grow (from his perspective). His body began to revert from his early thirties into his teen-age years and his navy blue suit became far too big for him. He looked up at Megan as though he knew something was wrong, but for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what.

“Well Principal Edwards, do you still think I’m a little girl?”

“I don’t know what the hell just happened but this only goes to prove that you are some sort of demon child, just like Mrs. Anderson always says you are!” he yelled with a voice that was all of 13-years-old.

“I’m not the child here and you aren’t the adult, not any more.” Megan said as she towered over him.

“What do you mean? I’m a grown man!” Though things looked so much bigger to him he still thought of himself as an adult. He had to; it was part of the spell.

“Why am I a slut?” Megan wanted that question answered. She never thought of herself as a slut and no one but Regent had ever called her one.

“You’re an eight-year-old who wears makeup and you have dyed your hair purple! You smoke and you swear! What the hell would you call yourself?” he argued.

“Oh! So I’m a slut? Well I think you are a pervert.”

“Young lady, I am no pervert!”

Megan took the lollypop out of her pocket and unwrapped it. She ran it across her lips and started to lick it seductively. The younger Principal just watched as she placed her right hand on the desk and leaned over giving him a clear view of her breasts. She continued to move the lollypop around in her mouth and smiled as she did it.

The Principal started to squirm in his chair. He loosened his red tie and started to breathe spastically. “Wha…wha…what…” he stuttered.

“I’m proving both my points…little fella.” she whispered. “By the way, what’s your first name?” Megan started wrapping her tongue around her lollypop. All the while moving closer to her principle. She kept getting closer until she was practically in his lap. She sat on her knees and started to play with her breasts right in front of him.

“It’s Ma…Marcus. But that is none of your…uh…uhhhh…” He started to blush. He couldn’t help what had happened but he knew it was wrong. All Marcus could do was look down at the stain on his pants.

Megan smiled. She stopped flirting with her lollypop and looked down at her principle’s pants. “Marcus? What did you do?”

Marcus’ head shot up in defense. “I…I…I didn’t do anything! I just…”

“You shot your lode, didn’t you?”


“And judging by that size of that stain you’ve been saving that one for a while. What’s the matter little man? Don’t you have a woman at home to unload on or do you just prefer doing it in front of a elementary school girls?”

“What? How dare you! Your just a little slut!”

“And you’re just a little pervert that shot his little load in front of one of his students!”

“No, no! It isn’t like that!” He searched for an alternative. There had to be another reason.

“Or maybe you just can’t hold your water?”

Marcus looked up at her. A look of both fear and disgust over took his face. He honestly couldn’t decide which was worse. Ejaculating by accident or peeing on himself? Either was a reality he didn’t want to face.

“Is that it?” she whispered to him. “Did wittle Marcus wet himself?”

“What did you say?”

“I want to know if you came like a pervert or if you wet your pants?” she said as she stood up in front of him on his side of the desk. “So which is it? Are you a perv or an overgrown baby?”

“I am not a baby!” His mind was clouded. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He knew he wasn’t a baby but he didn’t fell like an adult anymore.

“Oh, so you’re a pervert just like I said.”


“I was right, you are a pervert!”

Marcus leapt out of his chair and shoved Megan so hard that she fell onto the desk. “No you ***** little *****! I did not ***** in my pants! I did not wet myself! Get the ***** out of my office you little slut!”

Megan looked up at him with a look of anger across her face. She was having so much fun that she had lost control of the spell. He wasn’t supposed to be able to fight back like this. But since he did, she felt that she had to take him down a few pegs. “So the big bad principal can’t hold his water. You don’t have a wife do you? Not with that temper.”

“I told you to get out!”

Megan stood up. She toward over the 13-year-old administrator and looked upon him with a sadistic smile. She grabbed the back of his head and leaned over while pulling his face to hers. Their lips met and he began to struggle. His eyes were wide open, he understood what was happening. He knew that she was a witch, that she had made him younger, that she had made him ***** in his pants, and that everything was going to get worse for him. She pulled away and his epiphany faded as the stain on his pants grew. A little knowledge goes a long way and the bit that she gave him went far enough to literally scare the piss out of him.

Megan finally pulled away and as she did a pink mist extended between their mouths. She inhaled deeply and sucked the mist into her mouth, absorbing it within her being. Marcus tried to speak but found it hard as the world around him grew once more. It was as if he were in a falling elevator. He fell straight to the ground and everything went dark. “What happened? I can’t see?”

A bright light pierced his eyes as he was pulled him from beneath his clothes. Marcus looked around at the huge office he was in, his suit piled on the floor, and the giant hands beneath both of his arms. He traced the appendages back to a body and then to a face. Megan was smiling at him in a superior manor. He wanted to call out at her, swear at her, and to call for help as well. He opened his mouth but all that came out was the wail of a baby.

“That’s right you little pervert, cry. Yell and scream all you want. No one will hear you unless I want them to.” Megan cradled him in her left arm and picked his under shirt up with her right. “Now lets get you dressed. Can’t have you flashing the teachers.” She flicked his shirt like a whip and when it snapped it transformed into a diaper. She laid him on the desk and proceeded to clean him with some tissues she had found. To add insult to injury she verbally taunted him as he cried uncontrollably.

“Are you use to crying yet? You should hope you do get use to it soon because it will happen every time a woman touches you from now on. No matter if its is sexually or just a hug you will cry. Yes you will, yes you will.” she taunted as she wiggled his feet back and forth. “And who is going to want a man like that? Certainly not me and I know you wanted me since you creamed your big boy pants after taking one look.”

She lifted his legs and slid the diaper under him. She reached down, grabbed his penis, and started playing with it. “You can stop crying now. I want you to fully comprehend this.” His crying stopped and he looked at her. “An adult is nothing more then a baby that has been tainted by the world around it. That’s why babies grow up; so they have a way to store all the bad that has joined with them. That’s why your little wee-wee had hair and wrinkles around it before. I sucked the years from your body leaving only what was pure and innocent. You are still an adult but your body is free from all the evil and malice of the world. Does that make you feel better?”

He smiled. He hadn’t had time to think about what had happened to him. He thought this was a punishment of some sorts but as she tickled his “wee-wee” he felt as though she was comforting him. He did want her to continue like this; not playing with him but talking to him. He felt safe, happy, and free just as she had told him he was.

She continued, “Do you like being free of evil and malice? That bad old stuff is gone so you are a little baby again. You don’t feel bad now because I decided that making you cry all the time would be wrong. I want you to understand what your freedom from all of that means.” She stopped playing with his penis and taped the diaper closed. She picked him up and cradled him as she sat down in his chair. “Would you like to know something? You can talk if you like. Would Marcey like to know a secret?” she asked as she unbuttoned her shirt completely. She held her left breast out to him.

“Waa you doin? Why you nice?” he talked like the one-year-old that he was. Just able to form words, his thoughts were adult but his speech was infantile.

“You wanted these right? They made you ***** earlier.” He smiled at Megan. “Go ahead and have it while I tell you a little secret about babies.” He took the nipple in his mouth and happily began to suck on it. No milk came out but he was fine just having the nipple to explore while his hands kneaded the breast. “You see, I made you a baby to amuse myself. I’m going to do something just as bad to every adult in this school all because I can. Adults are boring to torture. But babies are weak and helpless! That means that they can’t fight back and I can do stuff like this…”

Marcey opened his eyes and started screaming. He couldn’t remove his hands or mouth from the breast and his penis was burning. It was as though he was about to ***** and couldn’t. He twisted and turned his body trying to find release but couldn’t. All he could find was Megan laughing.

“HAHAHAHAH!!! Did you really think I was going to let you off that easy? Little perverts like you are so fun to torture. Does him have a wittle hard on? What’s da matter? Can’t you get it off? Why don’t you just reach down and play with it?”

His muffled screams were music to her ears and she couldn’t have been happier. Her pendant started to glow and her eyes popped open. “WHA…UUUUHHHH!!!” She rolled out of the chair and onto the floor. She pried Marcus from her breast and pushed him away. He immediately grabbed his padded crotch. “OH GOD!” Megan exclaimed as she grabbed her own crotch. Her body began to spasm and she started to pant loudly. She soon calmed down and began to breathe deeply as though she needed to catch her breath. “Seven Hells that felt good! I have never had an orgasm like that. How the hell did it…the letter!” Megan struggled to take the letter from her pocket and read it to herself. “Aaron you wonderful twisted bastard. I hate you for not doing this sooner.”

She climbed back into the chair and patted her pocket. “Where is it. I need it. Where did I put it?” she asked herself while searching for her pacifier. She needed a cigarette, and since she didn’t have hers, her pacifier would have to suffice. “Oh *****. That ***** still has it.” she exclaimed as she recalled the events that lead her long awaited release. “She’s next, but first things first.”

Marcus was crying uncontrollably. He couldn’t get through his diaper so there was no way for him to force himself to come. He could barely move as it was and his new found sexual frustration kept him right next to Megan’s foot. “Make it top! Pwease make it stop!”

“Do you smoke? Tell me if you have some cigarettes and I will make it all go away.”

“In da top dwaw, pwease make it top!” Megan had tortured him for sheer fun, gotten an orgasm as a reward from her boyfriend, and now was going to enjoy a smoke. Nothing could have brought her down so she reached down and tapped his crotch. Marcus calmed down as his body released and smiled a sigh of relief. Megan found his cigarettes and lighter.

“Now lets see. If I’m right, I should get another as soon as I screw with another staff member… or anyone for that matter.” she thought. “So just how many teachers can I go through before the end of the day?”

To be continued…