Funhouse: House of a Thousand Faces (part I of III) by DarthSpielberg

submitted by DarthSpielberg - May 8, 2003

Two boys stumble apon a new attraction at the local fun-park. They might end up regretting their idea to snoop around.


FUNHOUSE: HOUSE OF A THOUSAND FACES is loosley based on the Pinball game from Midway Games. It will have some TG elements as well as AR. Enjoy. . .



Don and Alec were walking through their neighborhood one hot summer day when they saw the old rundown amusment park. It was usually abandoned and full of garbage but today it was full of people. Most of them were ignoring the old rides as most always did but now there was a new attraction. a giant building with a flashing sign that said "FUNHOUSE". It looked really creepy to the two boys. Don who was 16 and Alec was 17 and even they were freaked out by the almost overnight appearance of this building.

"What the hell is this" said Alec as they entered the gates of the park.

"Step right up and see the Amazing Rudy." said the barker. He pointed to a poster that said"RUDY: the first living puppet since Pinocchio."

Suddenly a small boy sized trunk was wheeled out onto the stage. He opened it up and there lay a little puppet. "Three days and he will awaken for all to see!"

The crowd started to pool out of the park but Don and Alec stayed behind. The barker looked at the boys with his creepy eyes and said "You want a special peek, eh?"

"Sure!" said Don "Well come with me then, boys." Not sure if he should follow, Alec looked kind of off base. "Come on man, it will be fun." begged Don.

"Alright, man" said Alex and they followed the barker into the building.

"Welcome to FunHouse! I am Rudolph Morau, owner of this fine establishment. I saw how interested you two were and thought I would give you a special look at the facilities."

He led them down a dark hall and into the foyer of the house. "Looks like a themed hotel more than a funhouse." mumbled Alec.

"That is what I intended when I built the place. I tried to give it a homey touch. Can I offer you a soda." he reaches into his pocket an pulls a coin (if they had looked close enough they would have seen that unlike a real quarter the coin had a baby on it.)

"Sure" said Don. Alec was not as thirsty and was 10 times more suspicious than Don.

"No, thanks" he said.

"Alright, here is your soda" the man said.

Don opened the pink can and swallowed all the contents very fast. Alec was surprised at the speed.

'Don can't even chug Mountain Dew' he thought.

"That was really good. like, so totally good." screamed Don.

"Don, what happened to your voice?"

"I have, like, no idea!" Suddenly he began to shrink befor Alec's eyes.

"What is happening to me????" he screamed in an ever-more feminine voice. His hair grew longer as his body shrunk. His arms and legs pulled in and became sort of chubby and then his face became that of a 5 year old girl and soon the rest of the body came with it.

"AHHHH!!!" Screamed Alec!

"I think I will find a nice home for Donnie and now for you!" yelled the barker.

Alec ran for the door's. He had to get help. He just had to. Suddenly something had his legs. he looked down and it was that puppet from the box.

"GET HIM RUDY!" Screamed the Barker.

The puppet pulled even after the kicking fit Alec gave. He stopped fighting after a while and just gave up. He would wait to escape and get help. The barker came up to him and kneeled beside him

"Now for you, i will show you what happens when you dont want to have any fun!" His hideous laugh filled the darkening skies.
~To Be Continued~