Extreme Reality Game by Libra

submitted by Heidegger - Jul 22, 2003

Dedicated this one to Twilight Zone show; New and old. "When you find reality is a game, be careful how you play that game."

Extreme Reality Game



Bored as ever Jacob Airs was searching over various game sites. Toward the end of this nightly search while prowling around now on the Underground sites he finally found a game that caught his attention.

"X-Reality.zip", he whispered to himself. Thinking it was more of an adult game he did a quick glance at the door. Seeing no one was near his door, he clicked on the file to download.

Now seeing how much time it would take, Jacob had his doubts about letting it finish. Over 6 hours to download due to the fact it was nearly 160 megs. If he shut off monitor now and went to bed it should be finished in the morning. With some luck his mom wouldn’t discover what he was downloading. He was 14-years-old and would be grounded for a month if anyone found out.

His computer system sat on a desk next to his bed. He could clear the screen in the morning before his mother came in to wake him up for school. As extra safety measure he loosened the cord on the back of monitor so the power was completely cut off now.

"Bed Time!" Jacob’s mother shouted from down stairs. This made him jump slightly out of fear. He was still leaning over the computer reaching for the cord when she called.

"OK!", he called back after he finished loosening it just enough. Already dressed for bed, Jacob switched off the light in his room and lay. As he was about to fall to sleep, he kept reminding himself about the game. He’d have to hide the game file in a sub directory tomorrow morning.

That morning Jacob jumped out of bed and went straight to the computer. A "File downloaded" message faded into view after he put the cord back in and pushed the power button. Smiling, he moved the file quickly into another directory. He opened the file and watched as the files expanded. There were not as many files as they appeared in the directory. It looked like nothing then appeared as database files and one executable file.

Jacob hit the Install one and short message popped-up. "Please read all instructions carefully located in the help file before playing. " Was all Jacob read before he hit install button below the message. Time was wasting and sooner he got it installed the less likely he was to get caught.

To his disappointment, it wasn’t the type of game he though it be. As the game was installed, the game screen popped-up. It looked more like a Sims type game than anything else.

What it lacked in graphics it made up for in details. “Answer some questions like number of brothers or sisters?”, he asked himself, “…and name of each family member?” Mom and Dad were left out and automatically put in as Mother and Father.

The game seemed to be more personalized to the player than the normal role playing types.

Then came a general layout of a house. Jacob did his best to make it as close as possible to the upstairs and downstairs.

The word ‘processing’ appeared.

The game ame finally loaded up. Graphics were less then Sims, it looked like a cheap copy. Characters were moving around on their own. To his surprise there was a character of boy like him sitting at a computer. Did this game somehow know what he was doing?

Jacob waved his hand to see if the character did the same. It didn’t.

He stood up. The character boy did the same.

"No way!", Jacob shouted out loud.

To test his theory further, he moved back a few steps. The character on the screen did the same.

Returning to the computer game, he wondered what else it did. He could see the rest of his family in different rooms. Currently blurred by the game was his older sister. She was getting dressed in her. Down stairs in the kitchen, his Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table eating.

He then clicked back on his room.

Clicking on the bed, he clicked the right mouse button, a set of options popped-up:

Color Size Type

"Better start small,” whispered to himself.

Deciding he didn’t like the color red on his sheets anymore, he selected the color green. As soon he selected it, the sheets instantly turned green.

Turning his head quickly to his own bed he saw that his own sheets were green now.

"Cool," he said out loud.

Turning back to the screen, he decided to change the type of bed he had.

Not watching the screen, he turned his head toward his own bed after he selected bunk bed.

He clicked.

His own bed quickly popped into a bunk bed. It was a funny sight to see a bunk bed in the middle of the room.

Unsure if it was real, Jacob got up and touched the new bunk bed. “Feels real solid,” he thought. To make sure he even climbed the ladder and went back down.

“Better return this to normal or surely someone in the family would notice,” Jacob thought as he sat down at the computer.

To his horror he saw the Mom character on the screen coming down the hallway. With not much time left, he selected another bed called ‘single’.

Hitting the Alt key, he then used his mouse to exit the game when a message popped-up:

"Save Y/N"

"Yes" he said as he hit the Y key.

Then game went off and his Windows Explorer was back up.

"Are you ready yet?", his mother asked as she came in, knocking the door lightly as she entered.

"Almost," he replied from his computer seat.

"OK, shut off your computer and finished getting dressed," she said with a note of impatience.

Jacob could guess from her look on her face that she thought he was spending too much time at the computer

"Just look at that bed," she said.

Jacob turned to see the bed he selected wasn’t the right one. This one was bigger then his own. His must of have selected a different type. Scared now that he might have to do some explaining, he sat there as she approached it.

"Haven’t even made your bed yet?" she asked as she stood over and fixed the covers.

She didn’t notice that the bed was too big and the wrong color.

Then it hit him as he sat there. He saved the game.

"Well, don’t sit there just staring at me. Get dressed now.” she said as she tossed his pillow to the headboard and then left the room.

"OK, Mom." Jacob said as soon she was at the doorway.

“As soon I get home I have got to try a few other things…” he thought as he finished getting dressed. Grabbing his book bag, he left for school.

Jacob didn’t bother to pay too much attention in class that day. His mind was too busy thinking up all of the possibilities and what ifs that game could also do. It seemed as if his classes would never end. Jacob’s best friend Tim noticed his odd behavior.

"What’s up?" Tim asked as they sat side by side in study hall. It was the last class of the day. Most students took this time to finish up their assigned homework so they could have more free time at home. Jacob finished his homework in record time and he was sure he answered all the questions right.

"You got to come over and see this new game I got. You will never believe me if I just told you." Jacob whispered back.

"Yeah." Tim said smiling. He started to wonder how good it was or if it might of been an X-rated one. He wondered as he looked at Jacob.

"Tell me more on the way to your house." Tim said then returned to his homework.

As they entered Jacob’s room and set their bags down, Tim was disappointed that it wasn’t an X-rated game. He wasn’t sure if even he even wanted to see this Sim’s type game Jacob had, but there was something Jacob was holding back on him.

After booting his computer back up and loading the game again, Jacob said, "Watch the bed."

Feeling stupid, Tim looked at the bed and right in front of his eyes, the sheets changed color from green to deep purple.

"How did you do that?" he asked, looking at Jacob and his computer.

His jaw dropped, on the screen were characters of two boys. One was sitting at a computer named Jake and other was named ‘Friend 1’.

"Watch again." Jacob said, moving his mouse around again.

Tim jumped slightly as he saw a bunk bed pop into place. The old bed simply vanished.

"Whoa." Tim said then walking around it.

"What else can it do?" Tim said now walking over to Jacob’s computer.

"Don’t know. Lets see" Jacob said as he click on other items and options. They had a blast changing Jacob’s room around. Their options were limited, but they managed to change it into a much better looking room. Before it was done in style for young kids. Jacob was going to ask his parents to change a few things like the kiddy wallpaper and old carpet. It was way too childish for him since he was becoming a teen.

"Better change it back now. Before your mom or dad come home" Tim said as he looked all around the room.

"Don’t have to change it back" Jacob said then saving his changes.

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"The game changes people’s mind." Jacob answered back.

"No one will know, but us?" Tim asked as he saw the save process finish.

"Yup." Jacob said with a smile.

"Can I get a copy?" Tim asked wondering how long it would take to install on his home computer.

"Sure.” Jacob replied as he looked for the zip file the game came from. It was gone and game was too big to burn to disk when it was fully extracted."

"It’s gone." Jacob said then logging on to the Internet.

‘404 error’ displayed on webpage were he saw the game file last night.

"It’s not there anymore." Jacob said to Tim as they waited.

"Dang." Tim said when he saw the error.

"Hey, lets try it on someone. We haven’t see what it does to people yet." Tim stated, moving his hands to the keyboard.

"Hey, no touching my keyboard." Jacob said as he pushed Tim’s hands away.

"Just want to see what it does to people." Tim said now standing back a little out of arm’s reach.

"OK. Lets try it on you." Jacob said as he moved the mouse ‘Friend 1’.

"Wait what are you going to do?" Tim asked, but it was too late. The color of his shirt changed.

"No more." Tim said, walking forward.

Jacob found another option labeled ‘age’. He quickly selected 1 yr. Old and hit the ‘aware’ toggle. Quickly moving his mouse pointer over to OK button, he pressed it.

Instantly, Tim disappeared and a 1-year-old boy wearing only a diaper popped into place.

"Change me back" Tim piped in his toddler voice.

Jacob could only laugh at his friend. He then moved his pointer over the new character on the screen,‘Baby 1’. Selecting the baby’s diaper, he found he could make him wet himself, take the diaper off, or suck his thumb.

Deciding to keep him from shouting he selected ‘suck thumb’ first. Tim was unable to resist as his hand moved up to his mouth as he started to suck his thumb.

"This is too good." Jacob said to the baby. He then selected ‘wet himself’.

"Hey!" Tim said as he took his thumb out, holding his diaper with the other hand.

"I am wetting myself." Tim said with disbelief.

"Change me now. Get this diaper off of me." Tim said with disgust.

"OK." Jacob said then hitting ‘Diaper Off’.

"Noooo." Tim said as he covered himself up. Jacob got a brief view of his nub of a penis before his friend’s hand covered himself.

"Quit laughing and change me back." Tim said loudly.

"OK. OK. Let me put a diaper back on you." Jacob said then selecting ‘Diaper On’ where Diaper off was just before. Instantly a diaper appeared on Tim. Jacob then selected the age option and selected 14-years-old.

"Didn’t mean me." Tim said, now back to his old self.

"Sorry, but it was funny." Jacob said, still laughing a bit.

"Your sister, Armanda. Lets see what we can do to her." Tim said now very close to Jacob, making sure he couldn’t do anything more to him.

Moving their eyes to the bottom of the screen, they saw a room called ‘Sister’s room’. Inside the room was teen girl listening to music and dancing. The teen girl character was repeating the same steps and only music notes came out of the boom box.

"Better hit the ‘unaware’ before you change her age." Tim said as Jacob selected the age option.

"OK." Said Jacob.

The teen character soon became a dancing little girl.

"Hey. Lets go see her." Tim said already at the doorway.

Without a word, Jacob jumped and ran down the hall to his sister’s room by the stairs. Inside the room was a 5-year-old girl dancing somewhat clumsily.

"Hey Mandy." Jacob said from the doorway of her room.

"Jakey, Dance with me." She said when she saw them. This attitude was completely different from her older self.

"Not right now. Tim wants to know if you know how old you are." Jacob said, as that was their reason for being in there.

"Five, silly" She said, as she twirled.

"OK." Tim said then gesturing for Jacob to leave.

"Kinda goofy isn’t she?" Tim asked as they entered Jacob’s room.

"Yeah, but I prefer this sister to the older one." Jacob said, remembering all the mean things his former older sister did to him.

"Going to keep her like that then?" Tim asked as Jacob sat back down at the computer.

"Yup." Jacob said then changing her room around to match a little girls. The little girl character was too busy dancing to see the changes.

Jacob quickly hit save key every time he made a change. So his new little sister wouldn’t notice. Everything in the room now was pink in color.

"Promise you won’t use this on me again without asking?" Tim asked as he watched Jacob change his sister’s room.

"Deal and the same to you." Jacob said, smiling as he finished his last change.

"What now?" Tim asked, wondering if he could have a chance.

"Ourselves." Jacob said with a grin.

"What do you got in mind?" Tim asked a little worried.

"Sleep-over." Jacob said a bigger grin.

"How old?" Tim asked

"Don’t know. Ten sounds good." Jacob stated, wondering if 10-year old boys have sleepovers.

"Little old. How about seven?" Tim said as he thought about an old sleep-over he had once.

"OK. As long we are older then my sister. She used to play with dolls a lot when she was younger. I think if we were too young she might dress us in doll’s clothes." Jacob said as he remember the time his sister forced him into toddler’s PJs when he was a kid.

Making sure he hit the ‘aware’ option, Jacob selected himself and then Tim.

It was funny thing to be eye level with the computer’s monitor then being eye level with keyboard in under a second. His hands were in a different position now.

"Cool." a 7-year-old Timmy said as he watched his friend Jake become the same age in a quick blink of a eye.

"Better save it." Timmy said before Jake jumped down from his seat.

"OK." Jake said in higher pitch voice he wasn’t used too.

"Hey, look at your closet!" Timmy said as he looked around, still getting used to his body.

In the closet were now clothes and toys for 7-years-old boys. Their bags had changed also.

"Game doesn’t have any options for the closet, just a box that says ‘Closet’." Jake said as he looked from the closet to the computer screen.

"Better save it and shut off the computer. You still need to ask your mom." Timmy said, a little worried. Tim was little smaller then he remembered.

"All right." Jake said, saving it and shutting the computer off.

Pressing the lever under his chair it went down slowly till his feet touched the floor again.

They both left the room and went to kitchen to find Jake’s mother. Jake was a little nervous as he went up to his mother. She was a lot bigger in size now. He felt smaller then ever as he spoke.

"Mommy, Can Timmy spend the night?" Jake said trying to sound like a little boy would.

"Sure, if his parents say yes. I give them call." His mother said then going from the stove to the phone.

After a short conversation, she hung up.

"They said yes." she said as she went back to stove.

"Dinner is almost ready. Go wash up." she ordered as she stirred the chicken dumplings.

"Thank you, mommy." Jake said making sure to sound polite.

"Come on,” he said to Timmy, who was waiting for him in the doorway. After a quick wash. which was difficult due to their height, they managed to wash each hands one at a time. Drying them on a nearby towel.

As they left, they passed Jake’s sister, Mandy as she entered the bathroom. To their surprise, she pulled out a plastic step from closet then washed her hands.

Dinner was fast. None of children spoke much as they ate. They only talked to reply to their parent’s questions about school and friends.

Timmy and Jake didn’t eat as much they would have normally. Smaller stomachs and all of the excitement meant they ate smaller portions of their food.

After they ate and put away their dishes in the sink, everyone went into the living to watch TV. They watched a few shows on cable channels. Mostly cartoons for the children to watch.

"Bath Time." Jake‘s mother said after two hours passed.

Looking at all the children, they followed her up the stairs into the bathroom.

"Don’t mind if you take a bath with Jake and Mandy?" Jake’s mother ask Timmy as they enter.

"No." Timmy said not very sure of himself.

"Good. You all can go play sooner, if you all get your bath at the same time." she explained.

"Go ahead get undressed." she said as she started to strip the clothes off Mandy.

Jake was too busy taking off his clothes to notice how slowly Tim was taking his clothes off. Both boys were hesitant to take off their underwear, but did it anyway. Mandy was already sitting the tub and water was halfway up now, providing cover for her lower body.

Jake and Tim got in too, so they get the same cover. They spent the next 30 minutes acting like little boys as they played with Mandy, pretending to play with toy boats Jake’s mother had gotten out of the closet for them.

Jake noticed that Mandy would stare at Tim from time to time with a funny look in her eyes. It dawned on him that she had a crush on Tim. When their hands and feet were wrinkled, Jake’s mother announced that it was time for them to get out.

Mandy got out first as her mother lifted her out with a towel, wrapping it around her body. She then handed a towel to each boy as they got out of the tub. Each of them wrapped the towels around their waists, quickly hiding themselves.

Mother went with Mandy into her room to help her get dressed as the boys went to Jake’s room to get ready for bed. They dressed quickly, not wanting to be embarrassed any further. Timmy borrowed a few clothes from Jake for this Friday’s night sleep-over.

"Come on down stairs when you finish dressing." Jake heard his Mother, just outside the door. She was now the boss and neither boy dare to disobey her. She was so much bigger then stronger then they were.

Both boys obeyed and went down the stairs then into the living room to find two sleeping bags for them on the floor.

"You all can stay up for one more hour before you go to sleep." she said nicely as she went up the stairs.

The boys watched two more cartoon shows that they liked.

"Nearly 10:00 o’clock. We better to the bed." Timmy said just as the credits were ending on their last cartoon.

"Yeah. I don’t want to be spanked." Jake said, looking toward the stairs.

The boys spent another twenty minutes laying the darkness chatting With each other before they drifted off to sleep.

The sun hadn’t risen yet when Mandy woke that Saturday. She quietly walked down the hall and into Jake’s room. She wanted to play with his computer while he was sleeping. She wasn’t allowed to normally, but with her brother and her parents asleep Mandy knew she could get away with it. She was at the top in her class when it came to computers and very good at games they played on the school’s computer.

After turning it on, she moved the mouse over to the start button then clicked it and moved it up slowly. It was on the Documents folder when she saw an icon of a cartoon person and the word Game.

She clicked on it and the game loaded up.

She giggled when she saw a little girl character sitting at a computer like she was. She selected the bed and clicked the 2nd mouse button. Thinking this was kind of doll house game, she clicked on baby crib. Out of the corner eye she saw her brother’s bed disappear and crib replacing it. She turned to look with great amusement. She smiled then as she changed his dresser into baby’s changing table. She giggled loudly as she saw a stack of diapers on it.

She saw a funny shape square with Jake’s name in the largest box. She clicked on it to see two boy characters sleeping on the floor. Little ‘zzzz’s came from their head as they slept. She clicked on her brother and selected ‘age’. Mandy smiled when she saw the word baby by a set of numbers she knew. She liked the number 5. She selected the number 5 next to the word Baby with the ‘aware on’. The boy on the computer changed into baby wearing a diaper.

Mandy swung her legs a bit faster as she saw this, ‘Friend 1’. “That had to be Timmy,” she thought. She then selected the options to make him the same age as her then she hit ‘unaware’ not really sure that would do. The boy on the screen looked the same and only his clothes changed to more of a childlike style. Hearing her mother stir in the room middle of the hall, Mandy found the exit key and clicked on it. She knew the word save very well and hit the Y key and watched game quit.

She turned off the computer since she didn’t know how to shut it down like her brother and parents did. She quietly slipped down the stairs and saw to her delight to find a 5-year-old Timmy sleeping next to her new 5-month old baby brother on the living room floor.

Timmy woke in time to see his friend Mandy giggling at him.

"What’s so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing,” she said then swaying her body from side to side.

"How did your little brother get out of his crib?" Timmy asked when saw the baby sleeping next to him.

She giggled more at this question.

Timmy figured that Mandy somehow helped him out and placed him there as some kind of joke.

"What to watch some cartoons?" Timmy asked as he picked up the remote.

"Yeah." Mandy said, sitting next to Timmy on the sofa. Mandy kept looking down at her brother and wondering when he was going to wake up.

Jake felt a little strange as he woke up. He could feel that this chest was bare and knew there was something wrong when he opened his eyes. Everything in the room was huge and seemed to be a lot taller.

Trying to get up Jake found he couldn’t stand anymore much less walk. He heard the sound of a plastic diaper as he landed on his butt. He looked down at his body to see he was small and pudgy.

Looking at Timmy he saw he lost a year or two.

"Goo GA DA,” Jake said trying to ask what happened. He was making baby babble when he tried to speak. Mandy giggled when she heard him.

Unable to walk to Timmy, Jake crawled over and tugged on his PJ pants to get his attention.

"What does your little brother want Mandy?" Timmy asked looking puzzled as to why the baby was bothering him.

Using the sofa for support, Jake managed to stand by holding one hand against it, then trying to speak.

"Boo DA Goo," Jake said, as if trying to say ‘What’s wrong with you?’

"Awww," Mandy said. "He’s trying to say Daddy. Maybe he wants to play house." Mandy said with a smile.

"Nooo," Jake said then patted to his diaper. Asking with his hand, ‘Why am I in this diaper?’ At least he could say that word right, He thought to himself.

"Oh, I know what’s wrong." Mandy said, sliding off the sofa to Jake’s level.

He needs a new diaper. “Go upstairs and get one please, Timmy." Mandy said in her sweet voice.

"OK," Timmy said, running up the stairs.

"Waaaait!" Jake tried to say before his friend left.

"Don’t worry big brother I change you." Mandy said with a giggle.

Shocked at her words, Jake stared at her for second.

"Gaaa," se said, trying to say ‘you?’.

Mandy giggled more as she heard her brother make such cute sounds. She then took him under the arms and laid him down on his back. She put her fingers on the sides of diaper and unfastened it in seconds. She grabbed both of his legs and lifted him up as she took his diaper off like she practiced on her dolls.

"Your wee-wee looks funny" Mandy giggled as she saw the much smaller part of Jake. She then tickled his belly and sides while holding onto his legs with one hand. This forced Jake to giggle a bit as her small fingers touched his sensitive skin.

Timmy came back and stared in wonder at the small baby. He didn’t have any little brothers so he never saw a pee-pee so much smaller then his own. Jake felt like this was his worst nightmare came to life. His sister and best friend were just staring at him while he was so naked and helpless.

"Diaper?" Mandy asked Timmy.

Handing the diaper to her, Timmy watched as she diapered her little brother. She was quite good. Half her dolls were diapers nearly all the time.

"There. Is my baby all con fee wafee?" Mandy asked Jake as she allowed him to move again.

"Bee ba goo," Jake said trying to asked Mandy to change him back.

"Your welcome." Mandy said with a giggle.

Jake gave up on trying to talk. Maybe if he played along he have a chance. Mandy still knew he wasn’t really a baby. Jake spent all morning in Mandy’s lap as they watched cartoon after cartoon, until his mother came in from upstairs.

"Mandy!, how many times must I tell you not to help your brother out of his crib?" she asked when she found him in her lap.

"Sorwee" Mandy said sweetly.

"It’s OK. Just give him to me." She reaching down and picking up Jake.

"Come on you two breakfast time." She said looking at Mandy and Timmy.

Jake’s mother carried him into the kitchen as she pulled out a old high chair that was once Jacobs’ when he really was a baby. She kept it around just in case one of the little cousins came for a visit. After she buckled him in, she started cooking. The sweet smell of pancakes filled the air.

“Mmmmm,” Jake thought with smile,”Mom’s pancakes were always good.” He could taste one with butter on it right now.

She then set only two plates for Timmy and Mandy both with pancakes and blueberries. Wondering where his was, Jake looked at his mother. He heard a sound of jar being popped as she opened it. It was a jar of banana baby food for him.

Jake was very unhappy when his mother started to spoon feed him. He really wanted anything else than to eat then baby food. Jake ate it anyway till he felt as if his stomach was going to burst. He was now very thirsty.

"Such a good boy you are,” his mother commented when the jar was empty. Jake felt terrible at that point. There was pressure in his belly he couldn’t understand. It was getting more and more unbearable.

Thinking he was going to mess his diapers, Jake started to cry a bit then held his stomach.

"There, there." His mother said as she unbuckled him and started to pat his back side.

A loud burp came out after a few pats on the back.

Jake felt so good he almost laughed. It had felt like he was going to explode.

"Mandy, take your friend and go play." She said while she grabbed a small towel from rack over the sink.

As soon they left it became clear on why she sent them away, she lifted up her shirt and started to breast feed him. Jake was horrified. Unable to fight her as she guided his mouth to her nipple, Jake was glad when she placed the towel over him to hide her body.

Jake only had good memories of that moment as she started to sing. Her voice was soothing and Jake was getting very sleepy now as he suckled away. He didn’t know how long his body went on it’s instinct, but he fell asleep soon after her singing.

It was a dream Jake said to himself as he laid in his warm bed starting to wake up. He had dreamt he got a game that could change the world around him. When Jake opened his eyes he saw the wooden bars of his crib.

"Nooo," he cried to himself. He wasn’t dreaming after all. It was all real after all.

"Hi Jakey." Mandy said as she entered the room.

"Did you have a good nap?" she asked. Mandy looked like she got done with her own nap. Her hair was messed up and her clothes were all wrinkled up.

Jake only nodded his head in reply to say ‘yes’. “Better to play along then to get fussy with her.” he thought.

"Mommy says you too little for me to play with." Mandy said now booting the computer in the room.

"So I am going to make you bigger so we can play." Mandy said as she clicked on the icon in the game.

Jake sat up and clapped his hands to this news. He then made sounds of delight to show he agreed with Mandy.

"When you bigger than me you didn’t want to dance. So I better make you younger then me." Mandy reasoned as she selected the baby character on the screen.

With a sudden jolt of feelings, Jake found he was a lot bigger now. He was still in a diaper but much bigger.

"Two." Mandy said as she saved the game then switched off the computer. She walked over to his crib after computer’s power was off.

Jake supposed that meant he was two years old now. To test his theory he stood up. “Yes,” he thought, “I can stand on my own.”

"Thanks, Mandee." Jake piped in a babyish voice.

"Oldwer." Jake said as he pointed at the computer.

"No. No. I want you to play with me." Mandy said as she stretched out her arms for him to climb down into. Jake easily slipped over the bars and with Mandy’s help, made a soft landing on the carpet with his feet.

"Timmee?" Asked Jake said as soon his feet touched the ground.

"Shhh, He still slweeping." She said as she put her finger to her mouth as she took his hand and led him out to her room.

"Plway what?" Jake asked as they entered the hallway toward her room.

"House silly." Mandy answer back as they enter her room.

"You going to be the baby and Timmy is the daddy when he wakes up." Mandy explained as she shut the door.

With door shut tight, Jake had no choice as Mandy drug a box out of her closet. He was too small to open the door. Jake knew he could reach the handle, but he couldn’t turn the knob.

Mandy proceeded to open the box and pull out her biggest doll clothes. Jake was dressed in a blue button shirt and bonnet before he knew what happen. Mandy had finally found what she was looking for. She then pulled out a baby’s bib for him to wear. Mandy knotted it twice as she tied around his neck.

Feeling like a over dressed doll, Jake sat there while she pretended to spoon feed him.

"Lookee, Daddy is home." She said when Timmy came into the room.

"Playing house?" Timmy asked, already knowing the answer. Mandy would play the same games over and over.

"Yup and you’re the daddy." Mandy said then handing him a hat to wear. She had on a big round pink hat with flowers and matching dress that went down to her feet. Jake thought Timmy was very funny when he put the hat on. It slipped all the down past his ears. The rim of the hat was barely above his eyebrows now.

None of children noticed that Jake and Mandy’s mother peaked in on them. Upon seeing such an adorable site she ran back down the hallway to get her camera. She quietly crept back, leaning her body into view with the camera ready.

"Cookies!" She said. When they all smiled at the word and looked at her, she pushed the button on the camera.

A great white flash hit their eyes and spots of light were still dancing in front of them when she took one more.

"Mom! We trying to play house." Mandy said with a irritated tone of voice.

"Sorry." she said leaning back out of the room and closing the door behind her. Another hour of playing house passed before all three were very bored. They then played nearly ten rounds of Sorry. Mandy was winning nearly every game.

"Lunch!" Jake heard his mother say from somewhere downstairs.

Jake was unable to undo the knots that held his bib. Mandy left it on Jake as they went down the steps. All other clothing was put back in the box before they left the room.

Jake was happy to see it was chicken fingers and there was one for him on a small plate. Jake’s mother lifted him into the high chair. He barely fit now in it. She cut up his chicken into small squares and set them in front of him to eat. He used his fingers to eat while Mandy and Timmy used forks to eat their chicken fingers.

Mandy was a little jealous when her Mom cut up her brother’s chicken and then let him eat with his fingers.

"Why do I use a fork?" Mandy asked when she saw her mother cut up another chicken for Jake.

"Because you’re big girl, honey." She explained.

"Jakey doesn’t have to use a fork." Mandy said to show her point.

"He’s baby, dear. He doesn’t know how yet." her mother said as she put the pieces on Jake’s plate.

"upmfh." Mandy said, pouting as she watched Jake use his fingers again.

This gave Jake an idea.

"Oldwer!" he said, pointing at Mandy.

"That’s right, Jake. Mandy is older then you." his mother congratulated him.

After lunch all the kids were back in the living room. Mandy didn’t play as much with the toys her mother bought them as she normally would have.

"Jake, I am the baby of family. Come with me." Mandy ordered, taking Jake by the hand. She left Timmy alone to play while they climbed the steps.

Their mother was too busy cleaning up to notice two the children left for the nursery slash computer room.

Mandy turned on the computer then selected the baby Jake character in the game. In a blink of eye, Jake found himself back to his 7-year-old self again.

"My tuwn." Mandy said. In another second, where a 5-year-old girl was sitting before, there was a 2-year-old girl with a pink trim ruffled diaper.

She kept the ‘aware’ function on the entire time she made the changes.

"I babee." Mandy said as she looked at her young body and diaper.

"Yup. You are." Jake said with smile as he helped her down off the seat.

"Better change your bed to a crib, Mandy." Jake said as he moved the mouse to her room in the game.

"Okee." Mandy said, looking toward her room.

After a few more changes to his own room, Jake selected the character ‘Friend 1’ and kept his age the same, but put ‘aware on’ before hitting OK button. Jake did a quick save of the game and then waited.

Within a minute a confused looking Timmy came into the room.

"Why was I just playing with toys?" Timmy asked when he came in.

"Mandy." Jacob said as he smiled down at his smaller friend.

"Mandy?" Timmy asked then looking at baby girl.

"What happened?" Timmy ask her.

"I babee now." Mandy answered back.

"I see that." Tim said then looking at Jake for the reason.

"She wants to be the baby of the family for now on." Jake explained as he got up from his seat.

"She did this to us?" Timmy asked looking her girlish diaper.

"Yup. Don’t worry I can change us back now." Jake said as he stood in front of Timmy. He was a nearly a half of foot taller then him now.

Mandy didn’t want to lose her favorite friend as she did a toddler walk up to the computer. Tilting her head back, she saw the screen was left on her brother’s room. She selected the computer in the game and hit the one key her teachers told her never to hit when she used the school’s computer, the ‘Delete’ key.

She had to stand on her tiptoes and stretch her fingers to do all this.

"No!" shouted when Timmy saw Mandy reaching up to the keyboard.

Jake turned around just in time to see his computer disappear in the blink of a eye.

Mandy’s hand now lay on a empty desk, where a full computer system had been only a second before.

Mandy giggled as she saw their faces.

Jake and Timmy could only stare at the empty space on the desk.


Two friends, both were same age before, now different. They stared in disbelief at a empty space on a desk that had held their only hope of returning to their normal lives. Now they must grow all over again in the Twilight Zone.