Featured Story: Daycare by Copernicus

submitted by Heidegger - Aug 22, 2003

Years ago when I first started searching for AR stories on the web, I stumbled across a website for the TSA-Talk mailing list. The story on the TSA list that the search engine (Hotbot, I believe) pointed to a story called Daycare.

I was amazed as I read it - it fetured the age regression as a major part of the story and not the "poof - you're a baby" variety. The description of what was going on was detailed and realistic. There was serious adult content but it fit in with the story.

I joined the TSA-Talk mailing list that evening and you could say that that story is directly responsible for the AR Archive.

Read Daycare by Copernicus and let me know what you think of it.

Heidegger proprietor, AR Story Archive