A Little Trouble in Mexico (Pt. 3, Conclusion) by TimeMinder

submitted by TimeMinder2 - Nov 3, 2003

The next day, Miguel awoke as a 13 year old. 5’0”, 95 lbs. He was a shell of his former self. He decided to make the best of it and spend the day with his son. Carlos, now slightly taller than he, showed sympathy for him and tried to make him feel better.

They spent the day fishing and hung out, sunning themselves on that big rock by the pond. Carlos’ friend (Juan), also 13, joined them later in the day. Soon, they were like the 3 musketeers, running around pretending to shoot at each other.

And the next day it was more of the same. 12 year old Miguel was really shrunk up now and had trouble keep up with his older “brother”.

Almost all of his body hair was now gone. His mustache, the burly chest of thick hair that his recent lover had found so attractive; the ape-like hairy legs, all of the things that distinguished him as a man were missing.

And now, all that was left was this fine patch of light colored pubic hair that adorned his now shrunken private parts. “Why in God’s name did I let them talk me into this?” he murmured in his cracking, higher voice.

Juan decided to stay over that night. Miguel let himself go and joined in the games that they played. And, to tell the truth, he was having fun. His new vulnerability allowed him to open in a way that he never could before. So, he found himself laughing with tears in his eyes as the competition turned to doing what boys do best; making rude noises.

They eventually wore down and piled onto the large bed in the den to watch TV. Carlos was soon fast asleep.

‘Ah, Carlos’, he thought, remembering for a brief moment that he was his dad. Carlos could go into such a deep sleep that not even a nuclear bomb could wake him.

Juan was still awake and lay on the other side of the bed next to Miguel. They were making small talk when Miguel mentioned he had his back hurt while playing that day.

Juan offered to rub it. Miguel thought it an odd thing to offer, but could see no harm in it, so he peeled off his oversized shirt and, leaving his shorts on, laid over onto his stomach.

Juan’s hands felt warm and soothing on his back. He drifted a little and was almost asleep himself when he noticed Juan’s hands were moving lower, down to the small of his back. There, he felt Juan hesitate for the briefest of moments, and then grab Miguel trunks and pull them down to his ankles, exposing Miguel’s now small buttocks.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” he said in outrage. His voice! It cracked, but stayed in the higher pitched range this time and did not return. Miguel knew that he was no longer 12.

“Stop doing that” he squeaked. Juan laughed and tried to sound nonchalant. “Hey, relax kid. “I can’t do your legs right with these damn shorts on. Miguel was going to say something else, but realized that he had been raising his voice and soon the noise might bring his wife into the boy’s room. He certainly would not want her to see him in this position. What would she think? So, he stopped protesting, and let Juan continue. This is not what Miguel had expected would happen, but he didn’t want to chicken out either. Juan continued to rub up and down Miguel’s body. Sometimes, one of his hands would slide over the mounds of his butt, and then withdraw quickly.

Despite himself, Miguel felt a tingle of excitement that ran the length of his spine and to his groin. This was not an unpleasant feeling. Since Miguel was lying on his stomach, there was no way that Juan could know the effect he was having on this “new” boy. But Juan did sense the change in Miguel’s body language.

Juan said “you are not intimidated by my hands on you, are you Miguel”?

“No way” was all he could answer in his new high register.

“Well, okay then” After a while, Juan said “Miguel, turn over. “I want to do your shoulders and chest”.

The boy didn’t answer him. He had a secret that had to be kept a secret, no matter what.

“Miguel?” Juan asked again louder. “No!” Miguel said a bit too forcefully.

Without warning, Juan grabbed Miguel’s shrunken body and flipped him over on his back. He yelped and tried to turn back over, but Juan held him firmly to the bed. The 13 year old felt so strong to Miguel now. He struggled, trying to hold onto the remainder of his dignity, but could not break the other kid’s grasp.

Juan looked down at Miguel’s naked body and discovered his secret. There between his legs, his now shrunken penis was as hard as a rock. Miguel was embarrassed beyond words.

“I – I…..” was all he could get out.

Juan smiled but didn’t let go. “Well, well, little Miguel, I can see that you enjoyed my rubdown a little more than you wanted”

“No!” yelled Miguel and began the struggle all over again.

Juan laid an arm across the smaller boy’s chest and used his heavier weight to pushed down and hold him,. “Shhh, now now, boy. “You don’t want to wake up your wife, do you”? Miguel quieted his struggle just a bit. He was mortified beyond belief, but more afraid that his wife would walk in and catch him in this incredibly awkward situation. Juan continued “if you just lie back and be quiet, I will make it all better”. He put his free hand on Miguel’s stomach.

Miguel flinched and started the struggle anew, but did not shout out this time.

Helpless, he felt Juan’s hand move down his abdomen, tickle the edges of his pubic hair, and suddenly, slide his fingers around Miguel’s small, hard penis.

Despite his will to resist, Miguel felt his dick get even harder at Juan’s touch.

He let out a little gasp. He did not want this, but couldn’t stop this boy. He was so afraid, he wanted to cry.

In a few minutes it was over. Juan had stroked him and beaten him off into a roaring climax. Miguel lay spent on the bed. But, Juan was not through with him yet. He threatened to tell everyone, including Rosa, what happened if Miguel didn’t do the same “favor” for him. So, there he was, this former man who, as an adult, could have any woman any he desired, jacking off his son’s 13 year old friend.

When it was all over, Juan fell asleep. Miguel slipped out of the bed, put his now oversized shorts on and walked back over to the master bedroom. There lay Rosa, the mother of his children, and his one true love. How he missed her. She looked so big to him now. He stood at the edge of the bed, tears streaming down his face, and finally crawled in to snuggle against his wife’s big, warm breasts. She sighed and gathered him in. Together, they drifted off. It was the best night’s sleep he had had in years.

The next morning, his worst fears were realized. Miguel had become a child of 10 years of age. Sadly he looked at his reflection. His manhood was now gone. His privates were smooth, hairless, childlike. Rosa, anticipating this, had laid out some child sized clothes for him. He passed his son in the hallway and had to look up at him. Juanita’s scowl had returned and she was not speaking to him again.

After breakfast, Miguel made his way downtown through the clinic. As he cut through a back alley, a figure stepped out in front of him. It was Sam Jarvis.

There he stood, with that smug look on his face. “Well, well, if it isn’t Miguel, the boss’ muscle. “What happened to you, boy? “How’d you get so puny.

Miguel didn’t know what to say. This full grown man, that he had once handled easily, now towered over him.

He tried to act dumb. “umm, who-who’s Miguel. “I don’t know this Miguel, sir”.

Jarvis’ smile faded. “Cut the crap, Miguel. “ I know it’s you. “I know all about the youth drug injections you have been taking because my cousin works at the clinic. “And I have seen you walk by my store every day. “And every day I watched and waited while you got younger and younger and now here you are, too young to defend yourself”.

“You once told me that, no matter how old you got, I would never be able to beat you. “Well, I’ll bet you never thought you would get too young, did you?”

Miguel knew his situation was precarious. So, he tried to run. Jarvis caught him and dragged him by the collar into the back entrance to the store. “Now, now, Miguel, don’t run. I have a present for you” With that, Jarvis balled his fist and hit Miguel square in the face. The boy’s eyes rolled back in his head, but he didn’t lose consciousness. Then, it was a shot to the stomach. Miguel, struggle desperately, and even tried to hit Sam, but he was no match for the bigger man.

When the beating was done, Sam threw Miguel into the street. He lay there for a long time, bleeding, badly hurt, his clothes torn.

Finally, he gathered up his strength and limped home.

The next morning, it was a 9 year old Miguel who got out of bed. He had avoided his family and they had not seen his bruises. And now, all of the scrapes and bangs were gone. And here he was, the picture of health, when he should have spent the night in a hospital.

The clinic called and threatened to revoke Miguel’s probation if he did not show up today. Miguel laughed into the phone and asked them if they had a “Little Boy Prison”.

But he promised to show up anyway. He was still smart enough to know that he was going to need the clinic’s help if he ever hoped to return to normal.

So, on this day, Miguel tried to get to the clinic by going the long way around. Jarvis’ Grocery store. When he thought he had just about made it unharmed, He turned a corner and bumped smack into Jarvis.

Miguel’s face turned pale. “Why, hello Miguel. “My you are getting to be such a little boy. “Are you ready for your beating?”

The one time “man’s man” backed away from him in abject fear. “S-stay away from me” Jarvis grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him off of the ground. “Oh, this is far from over, Miguel. “You owe me plenty for what you did to my TV’s. I am going to beat my share out of you if I have to come to your house and spank you as an infant.”

With his free hand, Jarvis slapped Miguel twice hard in the face. The boy saw stars. Then Jarvis began shaking him. “You like that, Miguel? “Do you?” he yelled.

Then came the inevitable body blow, and the boy crumpled to the ground. Despite his will to resist it, Miguel began sobbing uncontrollably.

Jarvis was truly enjoying this. “What’s the matter, Miguel. “Am I playing too rough for you”? He laughed at the boy’s misfortune and grabbed for him again.

But someone got in his way. It was Guliana. She stood defiant between Jarvis and Miguel. “Don’t you touch him again” she shouted.

Jarvis was not about to let this teenager come between him and his revenge, but then he noticed a police car out of the corner of his eye.

He backed away and shouted “That kid stoled my wallet. “I have a right to punish him”. Guliana did not believe him for a moment and stood her ground.

Finally, he walked away quickly and went back to his store.

Guliana bent over to the teary eyed child. “Miguel, my God, are you alright? “Did that man hurt you?”

Miguel sniffed, “I – I’m alright.” She helped him to his feet and, taking him by the hand, started walking him towards the clinic.

“Why in the world was that man treating you like that?”

Miguel explained that in his line of work, a man had enemies and now they were taking advantage of him while he was small and helpless.

Guliana looked pensive. “Miguel, I feel really bad for what your sister and I did to you the other day. “We had no right to humiliate you like that.”

“It’s okay,” Miguel replied. He rubbed at his stomach. “I should have told you who I was up front, but you were so pretty and I wanted to be with you so bad that I was afraid to tell you.”

They stopped outside the clinic. “Would you like me to wait and walk you home, Miguel?”

He shook his head. “No, that’s okay. “I’ll be fine.”

The next morning, 8 year old Miguel strolled confidently down the street. Again he was approached by Jarvis.

“Well, well, good morning Miguel. “Are you ready for your beating?”

Miguel looked calm. “I will not let you hurt me today, Mr. Jarvis”

“W-what do you mean?” Sam burst out laughing. “You get littler every day and you are so small now, there's is nothing you can do to harm me”

For the first time, Sam realized that Miguel was carrying something in his hand. It was a whistle. With no further words, Miguel put the whistle to his lips and blew hard. The sound shrill and made Jarvis cover his ears. “Hey, Wha……” was all he could get out.

Two large men entered the alley and came up from behind Jarvis and grabbed him by the arms.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” He yelled.

Miguel almost laughed. “Well, I went and had a talk with the boss, yesterday and he offered to help me out.

Jarvis realized that he was in a heap of trouble. “N-no wait, Migel. “I’m sorry that I hurt you. “Please forgive me.” he pleaded.

“Miguel held his ground “That’s too bad, Sam. “You should have thought of that sooner”, then Miguel turned to the two big men. “Kill him” was all he said..

Jarivs’ mouth flew open wide. “No! “You can’t do this. “I have friends in the police department.” “I’ll give you money”.

Miguel thought for a moment. ‘hmmmm, the police. “I don’t particularly like the idea of the police getting involved.”

Miguel thought for a moment and then said abruptly “Okay, we won’t kill you” A wave of relieve washed over Jarvis, that is, until he heard Miguel say “Break both of his arms, in fact, break both legs as well. I don’t want him able to come back and hurt me when I get too little..

Sam Jarvis let out a scream as the two large men carried him into the doorway of his grocery store.

As for Miguel, he continued to get younger and younger. 7……6….5…..4….

It was a 3 year old Miguel, who was being given a bath by his wife. The boy’s mind had been going the past few days. He brain was firing less and less synapses as he regressed.

As Rosa was drying him, Miguel raised his cherub like face and looked into her eyes and said “Wosa, do you still love me?”

Rosa only smiled. “Of course, I do sweetie. “It was a very brave thing that you did, letting those men inject you just to save our marriage.

Miguel looked sad “But Wosa, how can we stay mawwied when I’m a little boy now.”

Rosa looked at her former, strong handsome man. She was truly sorry now for what she had done to him.

“Well don’t worry, Miguel, someday when you’re a big boy again, we can be together again as husband and wife.”

“Hearing this made Miguel happy. “Yeah” he said “When I’m a big boy again. “I wove you”.

Rosa almost broke into tears, then decided to change the subject. “Come on” she said, “Let’s get you dried off” and she hit him playfully on the rump.

Miguel squealed with delight.

The shrinking continued, and finally Miguel became an infant. He could no longer communicate verbally and seemed oblivious to his adult past.

The bad news is that Miguel never grew up. The drug had a side effect that would keep him young permanently. So, he stayed and infant for the next forty years.

Rosa took care of him until she got older. Her daughter, Juanita, married and started a family, and when she had her first child, she offered to take Miguel for a time. So there she was, breastfeeding her infant father as well as her own child.

Her brother, Carlos, grew up and married Guliana, and when they had kids, little Miguel happily sucked on her nipples.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. Rosa eventually died, as did Miguel’s old boss. And Sam Jarvis could be seen hobbling the streets on his cane for many years before he also died.

You’d think Little Miguel would have lived forever, but he finally died also, as a helpless passenger in a car hit by a drunk driver. The offending driver was none other than Alan Jarvis, grandson of his old nemesis, Sam Jarvis.

The End.