Knowing Me And Knowing You

Dec 15, 2003

Well here it is. I posted it on the ararchive boards and it seemed to be well liked so i've submitted it. Sorry about the spacing but you'll notice it gets better as it goes along. Thats simply because im a new writer and i learnt more about spacing and got better at it as i was writing it. Theres more stories to come in the future so hang tight.

‘Awwwww does little Danny need a pee-pee’ Nicky teased, ‘please, please don’t Nicky, you don’t understand’ Danny pleaded, ‘jeez Danny I was only joking’ Nicola said, while this was going on Ryan continued to watch the film. ‘What’s with you anyway Dan? You’ve been like this before, I mean when I’ve said babyish stuff’ Nicky questioned, ‘it…it doesn’t matter’ Danny replied, ‘it doesn’t matter, okay then you wont mind if I say does baby Dan-Dan want to go potty then, will you?’ she cooed, ‘quiet in the back’ someone whispered from the row in front, Nicola turned and said ‘sorry, it just my younger brother, he needs to use the toilet’, once hearing this Ryan let out a little chuckle, Danny shot her a look of disgust and said ‘I’m not you’re younger brother, stop doing this.’ For a moment just for a moment as the light from the big screen caught his face, Nicola thought Danny looked a tad younger than when he came in, ‘jeez Danny, she’s only playing with you, why do you have to take it so seriously, just play along’ Ryan said, ‘yeh little bro’ Nicola agreed, Danny turned red with embarrassment, they didn’t understand what would happen, only he knew what would happen, and I cant tell them he thought, not that I cant trust them but I cant risk getting found out he thought to himself.

He could feel it happening, his clothes were feeling looser and he seemed to sink a little lower into his seat, maybe if it doesn’t happen any more they wont notice Danny thought. He was wrong, ‘Wow, I never noticed but you’re clothes are a little too big on you Dan’ Nicola said to him, damn it was becoming noticeable, and he was still regressing, he had to stop it, Danny tried to focus his mind and forget about the embarrassment of the last five minutes. ‘Danny are you alright you look, Jesus Dan I think, Ryan, Ry there’s something wrong with Danny’ Nicola said, she was panicking, ‘No Nicola don’t, don’t say anything, calm down I’m alright’ I pleaded in a higher voice, ‘you’re alright, no Danny you look like you’re about nine’ Nicola said, obviously shaken, nine had it happened that fast Danny thought to himself, both Ryan and Nicky now watched him startled, ‘no listen guys I’m fine, please don’t panic, please don’t panic, its just, you know when you say those things about me, well when I feel vulnerable like that I get…I get younger’ Danny said calmly, he voice sounding even more childish by the minute, ‘how though, how?’ Nicola said, ‘its alright guy’s just calm down, get me out of here and I’ll tell you about it, but I cant stay here’ Danny said.

Well it had to happen some day Danny thought, no matter how long he tried to avoid it sooner or later he was going to have to come face to face with what he feared, the curse taking affect on him in public, and even more worrying, in front of his friends. Now he was even more embarrassed, and no matter how hard he tried to control it he just kept getting younger. Danny stood up and his clothes practically fell off of him, ‘we’ll we cant get you out of here naked’ said Nicola, ‘if I carried him I might be able to keep his clothes from falling off, that way it wouldn’t look so suspicious’ Ryan said, ‘great thinking Ryan’ Nicola replied, ‘wait a minute guys what about my say, I don’t really want you carrying me’ Danny said, ‘well looks like you’ve got no choice if you want to get out of here’ Ryan said, realizing the urgency of the situation Danny reluctantly agreed.

Ryan took Danny under his armpits and lifted him up onto his hip, Danny hadn’t realized how small he’d been getting and Ryan who was once shorter than him now seemed gigantic, and easily lifted Danny onto his hip, which was now a fair way off of the floor. Nicola and Ryan, carrying Danny, quickly left the Cinema area and went into the back where the popcorn was sold and toilets were. For Danny, being carried on his best friends hip with his best friends girlfriend with him stood amongst a crowd of strangers was downright humiliating. He looked around him to and saw casually just walking past, taking next to the small boy being carried on a teenagers hip with his clothes dangling off of him, he got one or two strange stares, and an odd look from the guy who checked the tickets who was sure that three teenagers walked in the cinema, but that was the worst: -for now.

‘Phew, nobody seems to notice’ Nicola said. Danny clung to Ryan and tried to block out what was happening, he tried to focus on Ryan’s half-arsed attempt at making his hair look good, but when that failed simply buried his head into his best friends shoulder, his regressing had halted for now, but what if he felt embarrassed and vulnerable again, if a stranger saw him regressing what would they do, call an ambulance? The police? Would some secret government agency intervene to find out why he was regressing? Danny didn’t want to think about what might happen. He lifted is head up to get a view of what was going on, they were still stood at the entrance to the screening of the film. Just as Ryan and Nicola were arguing about what they were going to do, a mother passed with her child who could be no more than ten years old, she was holding his hand and walking towards the entrance to the showing of one of the children’s films. He looked at Danny, tugged on his mum’s shirt and exclaimed ‘hey mommy, if that little boys aloud to go watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre then why cant I.’ At that moment Nicola, Ryan and Danny all froze, realizing what had happened, there they were stood at the entrance to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Ryan, holding a child who could be no more than four years of age in his arms, the mother frowned at them and turned to tell the Ticket attendant. However they had another problem, Danny once again turned red in embarrassment, and as he did let out a childish cry of ‘oh no’ as he began to get smaller. ‘What now?’ Ryan asked, Nicola saw the toilets, and the baby changing sign on one of the doors, looked at the slowly regressing Danny and said ‘follow me, I have a plan’

Nicola quickly rushed into the Baby changing room, and Ryan followed,

‘Hey Nicky, can you let me in on what you’re planning, I mean I’m just getting a little shaky since walked into a baby changing room’ Danny questioned,

‘It can be reversed Dan, Can’t it?’ Ryan asked,

‘yeah, once I stop being embarrassed depending on how young I’ve got I’ll get back to my normal age in about half a day’ Danny squeaked an answer. ‘Jeez Danny, really, I cant believe this is happening, its just, it shouldn’t why?’ Ryan begin asking, it was now Ryan who began acting up, Nicola however had overcame the initial shock and now seemed to be thinking clearly.

‘Well its good to know you’ll turn back, but how young can you get?’ Nicola asked, Danny thought for a minute

‘I don… wait a minute, why?’ Danny asked, ‘

I’ve got a plan that will get us out of here’ said Nicola, as she said it she looked over towards the diaper disposing bin next to the changing table, suddenly it clicked and Nicola’s plan hit Ryan and Danny at the same time.

‘Oh please Nicky no’ Danny protested,

She just continued looking at the diaper-disposing bin,

‘Danny this is the only way I think we can get you out of here, its not like you have much choice, if you don’t want to be found out that is’ Nicky replied.

Ryan carried Danny over to the changing table and sat him down on it, and pulled the dangling garments off of the now infant Danny, all Danny could think was how weird it felt to be sat completely naked on a baby changing table in front of his friends.

Meanwhile, Nicola routed through the bin,

‘ewwww this is disgusting’ she winced holding her nose, eventually she managed to pull out a used, wet diaper, Danny felt too repulsed at the idea of wearing a diaper that an infant had already used to even be embarrassed. Nicky walked over to the changing table and began to size the diaper up on Danny, who just sat their with a nauseous look on his face, watching Nicky lay the diaper out on the table comparing its size to that of him.

‘You’re going to have to get a little younger to be able to fit into this, it’s the only one I could find’, Danny just nodded, now fully understanding that this was the only way he was going to be able to get out of the cinema without being found out, ‘are you sure there’s a limit on how young you can get’ Ryan said with a tone of concern in his voice,

‘pwetty shuwer’ Danny replied, now noticing that he had an infants lisp, he’d been regressing while they had been talking, and Ryan and Nicola realized that he could have been now no more than three years of age. ‘Come’on, lay down little man and let me get this diaper on you’ Nicola cooed, her tone took Danny by surprise who blushed at her comment, but then again that was what they wanted, ‘we’re going to have to time this pretty well Dan-Dan’ Nicola said, Danny started to regress before their eyes, at first very slowly, week by week, then month, by month, but little by little he got smaller and smaller in front of their eyes,

‘awwwww look at baby Dan-Dan’s tiny pee-pee’, Nicola continued her volley of humiliating comments until after about five minutes he reached the age of approximately one.

He felt so tiny and helpless; Nicola and Ryan were now giants towering above him, as Nicola began putting the diaper on him, Danny began to experiment with his new body, he had never gotten this young before and was curious and more than a little frightened about his new body. He began by trying to wave his hand in front of his face but soon realized that his motor control had regressed to that of a baby, he struggled to control his chubby arms and fingers as he maneuvered them about and played with them.

Nicola lifted his legs up and slid the diaper under his butt, he could feel the soft padded plastic feel of the disposable diaper underneath him and kept thinking how different it felt to underwear. Once again Danny tried to focus to stop himself from becoming more humiliated, however it became hard when Nicola pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it up. The thick padding felt soggy and wet as it rubbed up against is genitals, Danny moved wriggled his legs about in an effort to get more comfy in the diaper and realized just how thick it was, the diaper pushed his legs apart, and as he tried to push his knees together it made a squelching rustling sound, which Nicola immediately noticed as she was still leaning over him perfecting the tapes on the nappy to make sure it didn’t slide off of him.

Ryan just continued to watch on in amazement at what he was seeing, how had Nicola managed to take all this in so well, he for one was beginning to freak out.

‘There we go all snug and comfy’ Nicola said, normally Danny would have been embarrassed at this comment, but after all the humiliation he had gone through today, he barely even noticed the comment, but instead tried to say

‘you can stop the teasing for now’, however Danny was surprised to find all that came out was ‘goo bah gunah bah wah’, he began to panic, but then realized that baby’s his age weren’t supposed to be able to talk. Nicola however got the general idea of what he was trying to say and said ‘sorry Danny, I couldn’t resist.’ Baby’s my age, I never thought It’d come to this, I knew today was a bad day to go to the movie’s Danny thought.

‘Okay here’s the plan, Ryan you pick Danny up and we’ll just walk out norm’ Nicola began to say, but was quickly interrupted by Ryan,

‘I’m not carrying him’

‘why not?’ Nicola replied,

‘I… I’m scared I might drop him, I mean Nicky anything could happen, you’re not taking this seriously enough, I think we should let someone else handle this, this is out of our depth Nicky’ Ryan replied with a tone of panic in his voice,

‘what, what do you want to do, tell those lot out there exactly what happened, betray you’re friend’ Nicola replied,

‘no, not betray him, I think someone else can handle this better than us though, maybe help him, I’m sure if Danny…’ this time Nicola cut Ryan off,

‘sure if Danny what, Danny’s here Ryan he’s sat right there on that changing table and he told us we’re to get him out of here, and that’s what we’re going to do, get a grip Ryan’ Nicola blasted.

Ryan stood there dazed for a short time, glancing between Danny and Nicola as he had not quite expected the blasting,

‘you’re right, I’m sorry, it’s just…something like this doesn’t happen every day’ Ryan said,

‘I know it doesn’t, but we’ve got do deal wit hit, we’ve got to help Danny’ Nicola replied,

‘I’ll carry him, we’ll head back to my house, its only about a mile away from the cinema and my mum wont be back till tomorrow morning, giving Danny time to go back to normal’ Nicola said.

Ryan didn’t say a word but just nodded quietly in agreement. Now feeling a quite a bit calmer, they left the baby changing room and made their break for the exit.

Nicola carried Danny on her hip down the corridor heading towards the exits, with Ryan keeping an eye out for the lady or the ticket attendant who had seen them earlier.

It felt like a new experience for Danny, he hadn’t been carried on anyone’s hip like this in his living memory, the distance from the floor was quite intimidating so he tried to keep his mind focused on the advertisements and people around him, the embarrassment was becoming less of a problem as he was beginning to adjust to it.

They had all nearly reached the exit leading out into the car park, this was it Danny thought, they were in the clear. However they weren’t completely out of the woods yet, as they neared the exit one the of the security officers stopped them In their tracks, Ryan let out a ‘Fuck’ under his breath as a middle aged security guard ushered them to one side. Danny was beginning to feel uncomfortable in Nicola’s arms, he couldn’t figure out what it was but he was beginning to fidget, and his stomach began to hurt.

‘I have a report of a two teenaged white youths with a toddler acting suspiciously, I’m sorry I’m going to have to call the manager and find out what’s going on here’ the man said.

Danny’s stomach was giving him even more grief as he fidgeted on Nicolas hip in nothing but a disposable diaper; what’s more Nicola was stuck for words

‘errmm, we haven’t heard anything about that, I’m sorry but we have to go, we’re really late for an important…errmmm’ ‘meeting’ Ryan chimed in.

Important meeting, what were they thinking of Danny thought, just then he felt a huge ripple moving through his bowels and a sharp pain followed by a relief of pressure, he could feel something warm sliding its way out of his back side, at first Danny was in shock and didn’t realize what had happened, but as the warm slimy ooze spread across the seat of his diaper and down into the crotch area combining with the pee he new fully what he had done, but was too much in shock to do anything about it,

‘damn, I’ve just crapped myself, what will Ryan and Nicola think.’ Danny began to go red with embarrassment, as the putrid odor coming from his backside would surely soon reach Nicola who was now In conversation wit the security man, Danny could only just bare to look at Nicola and the reaction on her face when she would eventually smell the poop. Suddenly in the middle of the conversation the smell hit Nicola, she screwed up her nose at the disgusting smell, and out if nowhere she came up with a plan to dupe the security officer.

‘look mister, does little Dan-Dan here look like a toddler, he’s barely over one let alone two upwards’ Nicola said,

‘well, no madam he does not’ the Security officer replied,

‘and besides if he was two me and Ryan here would have had to have had a sexual intercourse at an illegal age, are you making us out to be some sort of monsters’ Nicola barked,

‘well no but’ the security officer was interrupted

‘but that’s what you we’re implying, listen I need to get Danny home to change him because by the way he smells he must be totally plastered In the stuff, do you want to give my baby diaper rash? Well?’ Nicola blasted, the security officer was dumbfounded, here he was a middle aged man been told off by a girl who looked about seventeen,

‘look…, well I guess he isn’t a toddler so…I haven’t the time for this just get out of here’ he said. Nicola tried to preserve the illusion that she was cross with the security man while walking out of the cinema in a huff, she new she had to get Danny out of there and quick, going by what she had said she new that he must have been totally humiliated, and she knew what that meant.

Danny was still blushing about what had happened In the cinema and had started regressing, here he was being carried by his best friends girlfriend in nothing but a filthy wet diaper, he was humiliated and any dignity he had left in him was broken and he remained silent as they carried him through the car park.

He did however feel grateful towards Nicola’s original thinking that got them out of trouble. ‘Hey boy do I feel sorry for you now Danny, I knew the diaper was wet but I didn’t know it was a messy one as well’ Ryan said,

‘it wasn’t’ Nicola added,

‘what do you mean it wa…oh’ Ryan replied.

‘Here Ryan, help me wrap Danny up in you’re coat, it’s too cold for a baby like him to be wearing nothing but a diaper out here’ Nicola ordered. While Ryan took his coat off, Nicola switched Danny from his position on her hip and instead held him so that Ryan could rap the coat around him,

what’s she doing Danny thought, this is a nightmare, I’ve got my best friends girlfriend wrapping me in a coat for no reason and I cant stop her, what gives her the right to carry on humiliating me even when we have left the cinema, she said she’s quit this baby crap as soon as we got out of the cinema Danny thought. After wrapping him in Ryan’s coat she cooed

‘there we go, Danny’s all nice and warm now, we’ll get you changed out of you’re wet messy dydee when we get home’, Danny felt demeaned and let down, how could she treat himself like this, they were out of danger.

‘What are you doing Nicky, are you trying to make him younger? Look at him it’s knocked months off of him already who knows if it will stop, you said…’ Ryan was interrupted,

‘I said I’d take him home and look after him until he gets back to normal, think about it Ryan young baby’s sleep a lot, if I can get him to sleep through it will make getting back to normal for him a lot easier and less humiliating’ Ryan paused a minute thinking, and realized she was right, ‘I’d still prefer it if you’d have asked Danny first though’ he said.

Danny sat up confused, as he had awoken in unfamiliar surroundings, it took him a minute to fully wake up and remember the events of the past day, and that Nicola had said she was taking him to her house. He sat on a child’s bed that had Pokemon bedcovers, around him were brightly colored walls filled with posters of characters out of children’s series, wait a minute, this must be Nicola’s younger brothers room Danny thought.

Danny hopped down off of the bed and walked over to mirror on the opposite wall, looking back it him was a child of roughly five years of age. Danny realized at he was also wearing a children’s clothes, a shortall with a children’s t-shirt underneath, he figured that they also must be Nicola’s younger brothers clothes.

As he was looking into the mirror Nicola walked in and greeted him with a smile,

‘Hi Danny, how you feeling’ she asked,

‘I’m fine but why did you do that?’ Danny asked,

‘I take it you mean wrapping you in Ryan’s coat and making you younger’ Nicola answered,

‘Yeah, I thought you agreed to stop the babying as soon as we were in the clear’ Danny whined, it was only then that he realized that he sounded just like the five year old he currently was.

‘I’m sorry I just thought it would be easier for you if you slept through the transformation’ Nicola replied, ‘yeah I guess’ Danny agreed.

‘So how olds you’re brother’ Danny asked looking down at his outfit, ‘oh I have two, ones nine and the ones clothes you’re wearing is four, I didn’t think they’d fit you now but you’re a small kid’ Nicola answered,

‘So how long have I been asleep’ Danny pondered, ‘four hours, at the rate you’re ageing it’ll probably take till sometime later on tonight for you to get back to normal’,

Nicola sat down on the bed and motioned for Danny to sit beside her, Danny shuffled on to the bed, refusing assistance from Nicola.

‘So tell me’ she said, ‘why did this happen?’.

‘Well, it all started about a year ago when my mom and ad we’re arguing a lot, he was always shouting and arguing and didn’t treat me with enough respect, so that when I started about leaving home, I was old enough since I’d just turned sixteen, and I thought I was ready’ Danny said, Nicola stopped for a second, staring in wonder at this five year old Danny sat on her bed talking about when he turned sixteen, It was quite amusing when she thought about it

‘Go on’ Nicola motioned for him to continue.

‘Well, at this stage I was desperate to get away from home, I just didn’t think my parents were accepting that I was an adult now, anyway I went out for a game of pool and got talking to this girl at the bar, I thought that by talking to someone about it might help, realizing my plight she wanted to help me, although she thought I was trying to grow up too fast, I told her I didn’t think there was anyway in which she could help, but she insisted. We talked some more and well…ended up kissing. She brought me another drink and said something strange, she said that if a man came to her with nothing, what should she advise him to do, I told her that I naturally presumed she was talking about me but didn’t know the answer to her question, to which she replied, I’d tell him to throw it away, and the next time I felt like I was loosing control, the problem would solve itself, and well…that’s it’ Danny said.

Nicola just sat there in disbelief, quietly taking in what Danny had just told her,

‘Have you tried to track her down’ Nicola asked,

‘Yeah but, its like every time I think about her and what happened I feel like I’ve been violated, I feel vulnerable, so then I get younger and cant hope to track her down’ came the reply.

‘Danny why did you never tell me and Ryan about this before’ Nicola asked,

‘Well…because, I was afraid, I mean knowing you’ Danny replied,

‘Knowing me what?’ Nicola asked frowning,

‘Well…knowing you I thought you’d take advantage of it, and knowing me I’d lose control and wouldn’t be able to handle it’ he said, Danny was no longer had his head down looking towards the floor, but instead he and Nicola looked each other in the face.

‘Take advantage? Don’t you mean knowing you that you’d take anything I said far too seriously’ Nicola objected, Danny paused as they both just looked at each other, he was struggling for an answer, but new that it was best to compromise, ‘well, knowing me and knowing you…I thought it was best I kept it a secret’ came the reply.

Nicola now felt true sympathy for him, and at that instant, just for a moment they seemed to have a complete understanding of each other,

Two seventeen year olds in mind just, one in body, and one who was five just sat their in silence, lost for words until finally Nicola said

‘I understand, you can trust me and Ryan though’,

‘I know’ Danny replied, for those minutes when they sat talking, Danny realized that the embarrassment had gone, there was no more humiliation, just two people talking, and after all that, he did feel better that Nicola now knew why, and in a way, was glad that today had happened.

‘Do you want to get up or sleep the rest of it through?’ Nicola asked, ‘I think I’ll give getting up a miss, I’d prefer to go back to bed’ Danny replied,

‘Well I think you’d better get changed, you’ll have grown out of these in a while’ Nicola said, Danny agreed and asked for assistance in removing the his clothes.

Danny once again hopped off of the bed and stood there while Nicola crouched in front of him and began removing the shortall. She pulled him close and his head almost rested on her breasts while she undid the shortall. Danny simply complied, enjoying the company and the sweet scented perfume of Nicola, the humiliation was now gone, replaced by a feeling of comfort and security. As she knelt down beside him she lowered the shortalls and told him to step out of it. Danny noticed his legs still looked small and slightly chubby as he stepped out of the shortall and into the cold air. ‘Lift you’re arms up Danny’ Nicola commanded, he obeyed and held his arms high up in the air as she slipped the t-shirt off of him. Danny was now left standing in only a t-shirt and his cartoon decorated underwear. Nicola still towered over him but it didn’t seem to matter to Danny anymore, as long as it was in Nicola’s company he felt secure.

‘Come’on lets get you’re underwear of you little man’ she said teasingly,

‘Nicola, I cwan take it owff mwyself’ came the childish reply.

‘Fair enough’ she said ruffling his hair. Danny pulled down his underwear and threw it into the pile of clothes next to him, he was now completely naked in front of Nicola, and made a small attempt at covering his genintalia, ‘oh I’m sorry’ she said remembering he didn’t want to be treated like a child,

‘I guess it’s alright’ came the reply. She helped him hop back into bed and get under the covers.

Danny rested his sleepy head on the pillow, and began to close his eyes; a comfy bed with warm covers was a welcome sight after what had happened today, he didn’t even care if it had Pokemon pictures on it.

‘I guess you want me to leave now’ Nicola said,

‘No…I’d kind of like you to stay’ Danny replied, Nicola simply smiled and nodded her head, sitting down on the edge of the bed, stroking Danny’s forehead with her finger as he nodded off into dream land.

The End