The Wishing Well: By fucil99

Jan 29, 2004

Sam brought the coin to the well and looked down into it, way down in it a glimmer said it still held water; it shimmered in the noon sun that shone straight down into it, it lit the still water below like it was a diamond, or glass, a mirror. He could see his face in it.

Sam dropped the coin...

"The Wishing Well"

© 2002

Sam brought the coin to the well and looked down into it, way down in it a glimmer said it still held water; it shimmered in the noon sun that shone straight down into it, it lit the still water below like it was a diamond, or glass, a mirror. He could see his face in it.

Sam dropped the coin. Its golden edges glowed as tumbled downwards and the with an audible spash of its heavy gold content it rippled the water's surface and dispersed his reflection into tiny ribbons of little waves that crashed against the well's walls.

He made his wish and left. he looked at his watch his golden watch and its ancient mechanism chimed to the noon bells of the town. He had made it there on time, his payment received on time. His reward, according to his grandmother,: was the fulfillment of his wish. His payment the golden coin, a twenty dollar piece worth ten, twenty times that now a days.

His grandmother's last request had been honored, and due respect given the front seat to his actions. Sam smiled, knowing had his grandmother known of the ramifications of his wish she would surely have melted that coin down for its weight value first.

But she was gone now, her wish for the special coin honored and his wish applied to it as it left his hand. It was too late for worry and the world or at least his corner of it, was his oyster; and his pearl now festering in that oyster, irratating its lining, becoming his wish come true.

Sam walked down the path from the well in the center of town and knew he just had to see if wishes truly do come true. His was for power and it was to be everlasting 'til his death and maybe even beyond even that.

The wish was for time to be his so he could control it. It was a wish that would be easily granted according to the book. His grandmother had died; her last wish was for his to come true any wish he had. He could have been rich, famous or even have girls till the day he died.

But he chose TIME! Time's a thing that he could use to do any of the other things he could have had instantly. His first test was running down the street minding his own business, just a normal walk in the town's park taken at the wrong time.

The guy was young handsome and strong, three thingsSam was not yet. He was handsome for a boy, yes, and he was strong as well but as I said, for a boy! He was just fourteen he had just now sensed manhood just that year, his pubes just sprouting, his feeling for his manhood at their very beginnings. Bad timing for a wish maker very bad timing.

His first wish was for this handsome young man and he to trade ages and then take two more for good measure as well. The guy smiled at Sam as Sam made his wish and then waved unknowing of Sam's powers, unknowing of the future, or in his case, his past. Sam watched the shirtless hunk begin his jog and made his wish. A handsome young man with the world at his feet or should I say his feet in the direction of a grand future ran by him, Stalwart covictions drove his pride and reckless indifference ruled his young mind; a drive to succeed ruled his world.

Had Sam not made his wish the handsome young cop, the town's youngest, would surely have been a Sergeant in two years and a captain by 28. But not now, now he would have the memories of being a man and the helplessness of being in stuck in a skinny boy's body to deal with, And 12 years of growing back up to do, just to be the age he was now, only this time, taking his genetic make up away, it would be different for him - he wouldnt be as strong or big as he was - he would be thin and skinny downright scrawny as Sam was now, and two years younger to boot.

Sam watched with anxious anticipation as the shirtless stud ran by, noting all of the handsome features features that would be his soon. His face was that of a man's, yes, but it was still the young face of one, its features all well-defined and yet so young in look, his jawbone a structure that turns on the ladies, strong and with a look of conviction to it, angular and prominent, his nose the cute kind that only the sexiest of men have. It was sloped ever so slightly, and below the nose pouty thick lips, nicely framed with a handsome moustache and goatee, well done in its manicured look, and to the sides of it just today's hint of unkemptness to it - a small but visible shadow of what it would look like if unkempt and let to grow to its full potential existed around it. The body was to die for, years of hard work had sculpted it into a magnificent version of a strong young man with just the right everything. Thick strong legs covered in the finest colored light brown hair gave him a look of an adult, a look of respect that comes with legs so well defined and muscled as his were.

All this was this guy's edge on life, his fortification against all but Sam and his silly but powerful wish. And now despite years and years of hard work it would be before this run was over taken from him. Sam was happy with his choice and would have chosen another's age and build, but the fates screamed for this to be the case and the down fall of Billy Preston. Or Bill as he preferred it to be said. Billy would now fit him better soon.

Bill rounded the bend trying to match an old record maybe even beat it when it started on him, Bill's mighty firm pecs coated with a man's covering of thick brown body hair itched to the point of slowing his stride. He had to stop and scratch it. His record time would have to be made another day as he stopped and scratched at what to him was an incredible burden to endure. His chest and even his legs and his forearms and crotch all itched beyond belief, All of his body felt strange to him. His arms felt like they were getting thinner to him. He watched in awe as the sixteen-inch guns he had worked so hard to achieve began to deflate like some weird cartoon character's arms would - only this was for real - he could actually feel last year's gains disappearing and see it as well! His tight abs that he had just turned from a six-pack to an eight-pack reverted as well to last year's look and then before his very eyes everything he remembered as he used to look like, began to be just that, what it used to be.

He looked down and saw his chest it wasn't what it was yesterday - it was the way it was a year ago. He felt his face because it itched as well, especially his beard. His facial hair felt different. Instead of the feeling it would get when he let it grow out and it itched, it itched because it felt like it was receding, not growing? He panicked and saw the restrooms built for the park the year before and ran for them - he had to see what was happening to him, to stop it if he could. His life, his future, depended on it.

He ran in and there stairing back at him in the mirror was a memory image, one of more then a year ago one that although still handsome, still strong-looking, was him as a late teen and not him as the man he saw looking back that morning! Instead it was him years ago, the way he hated that he looked, he hated being young, almost kid-like in his appearance, everything he done the past year to add a visible sense of maturity to his look seemed to be gone. All of it - his goatee, his muscles added through hard work and devoted diligence were gone from his body. What looked back would take years to be what it was that morning. What was happening to him? And WHY!!!

He was so young looking! All he was was fading away, disappearing with his age; it was wrong! All the work, all the years in a gym, all the time, yeah the time - time - that was it! It was disappearing from him, he wasn't sick! He was regressing, and fast years vanished in front of his eyes: his chest hair, the hair that said 'yeah I'm an adult! I'm not a kid!' was disappearing; he grabbed at it with both his hands to try in a desperate attempt to make it stay and it defied him and drew back with the years into his chest, it slipped through fingers that also slipped back through time back to when he was but a boy, back into a chest now half its old size, skinnier then it was at even half its old age.

What stared back at Bill now was the Billy Preston of old days that he had so painfully overcome. But it was not the young Bill as he was way back then, he was thinner then he had ever been back then, he had at least the confidence of a decent-sized body then. But now he was a skinny young version of his younger self; this one was truly helpless. He looked so frail, his jogging pants that had hugged well-muscled legs hung only with his help from his waist. They were meant for a grown-up and not this abomination that showed its little tiny childlike body to him as his reflection! This was all wrong, all of it. "What if this is real? Where do I go? Who do I see for help?? Make this go away," he said and closed his young, very young eyes tightly in a vain attempt to make this pathetic version of him as a boy that looked back at him back at from mirror go away, and return him back into the strapping young man he knew he was. Billy opened his eyes, though no Bill! Bill was gone forever now! Years away in the future, and genetically impossible for this scrawny boy to ever be that brave strong grown up man he was ever again.

Sam had no idea of what he had really done, he just knew his own clothes were becoming to tight for him - he too would need the privacy of the bathroom. He watched a frightened young cop run into sight. That sight, the young man regressing back in time from his viewpoint, was now, thanks to Bill's manly hormones, a distinct turn-on and he sprouted for the first time in his life a hard-on with pubic hair around it; soft new pubic hair but hair nonetheless. He made it in time to get undressed down to just his briefs and watched from behind as Bill Preston - the strong brave cop - became Billy Preston the weak ,frightened little boy. It was amazing to see it, this strapping young guy, his muscles so big when he first saw him run by and then to watch as they faded from him as he ran, and then ran in here and then to watch him fade back into time and watch himself and his size fade away his still broad back disappearing in stature and size back to this bony-backed version of itself.

All of this had the new stronger, older Sam's new package rock hard and tenting out the front of underwear, totally unsuited for a man his new size, the back of them now taught and stretched to a fine line running in between an ass Bill had worked into a jock's tight firm ass; it felt the way a thong would feel on him now.

Sam walked forward as he pulled down the underwear. now hopelessly far too stretched for this boy who was a man to wear. He knew he would need Bill's shorts and underwear to leave this place and despite the obvious size difference his old clothes, although now way to big for him, would have to be what Billy would wear out of there. "I need those shorts your holding up boy!" Sam said in a tone so deep Bill almost leaped out of his skin. Sam was impressed by its sound as well and the fact he was now the controling factor here, "Mine are over there, they will have to do, now give me those right now!" Sam said as he walked up to and towered over the now very skinny, very young cop.

Billy turned and looked into the mirror again as he dropped the shorts. Their size and weight carried them to the top of his shoes, shoes his feet now swam in, he could feel his now little feet had more then just extra room to move in them. His cock hung limply from his now hairless crotch, it was thin, small and pathetic, the monster that had landed him his up and coming marriage, the confidence of proud arrogance, and the stature as a male dog in the world of sex, was but that of a child, It would'nt work any magic now for a long time to come. Bill's eyes teared and soon was so easily lifted by this giant that was now his old size and pulled his right out of his shoes, his socks dangling long from his feet, and he bawled like the scared, helpless boy he now was.

Sam placed the frail boy on the sink's counter and took off the oversized socks that were dangling from hiis feet and pointed a finger at Billy as he sat there and cried, and got dressed, and then picked the confused has-been tough guy up, set him on his feet, slapped his now tiny behind and pointed to his old clothes, Billy's mind was but butter now and he reluctantly went to the pile and as Sam threw his tiny stretched-out underwear at him he conceded to his fate and dressed in boy-sized clothes. And even Sam's clothes were too big for him now. Sam loved this the power over time and this guy, it was amazing and this guy was just the first to feel it.