The Uniform

submitted by xtremepyro - Feb 20, 2004

A senior girl gets a surprise from her mother and high school.

Sarah Mathews was a pure Goth, full black clothing along with the black make-up, she even colored her natural red hair black. Her mother (Diane) absolutely despised it, she kept trying to convince her to wear more colorful clothing, but it never worked. Diane remembered a time when Sarah never even thought of dressing in black, that was about four years ago before he father had been in that fatal car accident. She was fed up with all of this back talk and black everything, so Diane decided to move, she had found a way to make give up her black clothing and make her obey instead of back talk. They were going to move to Auburn, Washington. Diane packed everything they had, with little help and much protest from Sarah, and started the trip.

Part 1- School Schedules and Uniforms.

Sarah was really pissed at her mother, first for caring so much about how she dressed and second for this sudden move .The trip was a mix of loud fights and silent treatments, but they eventually got there. They got out of their car to examine their new house, white with blue trim and about 1⁄4 acre of yard.

“Not bad, huh Sarah?” said Diane

“Well yah, I guess so if you like living in this hic town” exclaimed Sarah snippily

Sarah took her boxes to her room and left everything else to be unpacked by her mother.

The next day…

Sarah went into the living room at about noon, after falling asleep unpacking last night. Diane was in their waiting for here.

"Look what came, they just arrived. Your school uniform and class schedule," exclamed Diane.

Sarah caught one look at her uniform and thought,

"Damn it looks like a cross between a little girls dress( the frilly, lacy kind ) and one of those japanese school girl uniforms."

"Do all girls have to wear this, this peice of s**t?" asked Sarah

"Yes" replied her mother "Acording to the school by laws if you dont then u cant attend the school any more"

"I hope my schedule is better than this" thought Sarah

It wasn't, it read as follows. Classes Rooms
Per 1. Oreintation 001
Per 2. Second Lang 002
Per 3. Accel. Read 003
Per 4. Basic Math 004
Per 5. Child Theater 005
Per 6. Intro to Pe 006

"What the f**k, not one class I signed up for." exclamed Sarah.

Sarah called the school to ask them about her schedule but she got a recording...

"Hi, you have reached Auburn Riverside High School automated atendance machine, all classes are full at the moment please leave a message regarding schedule changes.

End Part 1

Part 2- First and last day at ARHS

Sarah sighed as she go out of bed, totally forgeting to put on her uniform and dawned he usual black clothing and headed down stairs to only be stoped by her mother, who apon seeing Sarah was not dressed in the uniform made her go upstairs and change. Sarah started to swear up a storm, but soon shook it off and decided to do what she was force up there do. However she packed her black clothing in the bottem of her backpack under her usual black binder and other items.

“For a quick change at school and then ill change right before i get home.” thought Sarah

After what she thought was a very embaressing bus ride to her new school, she noticed that she was the only one in the uniform. Sarah remebered her spare clothing in the bottem of her backpack. Dashing to the nearest girls room, she took off her uniform not noticeing that with each peice removed she was physicaly regressed. Finally she had the uniform compleatly off and started to don her black atire and apon noticeing that her clothing was to big, she ran out of the stall and looked at her self in one of the mirrors the reflection she saw was not that of a 17 year old girl, but that of herself at the age of 5. She quickly found the cause of all this the uniform and read the tag

ARHS uniform, warning will only wotk inside Auburn Riverside High School. Dry clean only

“Oh no, im at a new school, I know no one and im stuck as my 5 year old self.“ exclamed Sarah in panic.

Reallizing that the uniform not only regressed her, but shrunk to fit her exact size. Putting it on she made her way to the main office, trying to explain why a 5 year old girl is in a high school. The school staff took it for nonsence and called the elementary school that was right down the street and sure enough they were missing a Sarah Mathews. When she arrived at the elementary school her mother was crying franticly. When Diane sees the small Sarah, she runs and hugs her tightly and wispered into Sarahs ear

“Im going to raise you right this time”

Sarah eventually lost all memory of ever being older and of the uniform. Diane raised Sarah right this time and if im not mistaken she is captain of the cheerleading squad.