A Change For The Weekend

Apr 19, 2004

Some people look for a change on the weekend. A little more spice in their otherwise mundane life.

Some people find it!

When you use crystals to become younger, pay attention to those colors! Something our lead character will soon find out.....

A Change For The Weekend

Another boring weekend. What did I expect? I hadn't been out on a weekend in ages. Even when I did do something it was at a boring quiet place and not a happening club. I guess I figured I'd grown too old for that stuff. Crowds. Noise. Lights. Who needs it?

Well, maybe I do is what slowly dawned on me. Sitting at home was causing me to lose touch with anyone or anything not associated with work... or the grocery store! What a boring existence. So I decided to do something about. I wasn't going to sit at home but instead would find the most happening club in town and get back in the groove.

It sounded like such a good idea. It really did. But then there I was sitting in a bar full of kids gyrating and whooping at each other and a band that played not one song I recognized. The lights flashed in my eyes. The band was loud. The beer wasn't very cold either.

One thing was nice. The scenery. Where were the girls that looked and dressed like that when I was their age? I caught myself thinking that and realized I'd heard our dad's say the same thing back when I was that age. Oh well, I am getting old I figured. If any of these girls even looked my way I was sure it was pity or wondering who the old guy was. But then something odd happened. Very odd. One of the girls bumped into me by accident. She was obviously having a good time and probably had a little more to drink than she should've.

"Ooooops!" she giggled "I'm sorry!"

She turned around to face me and I saw her expression change.

"Amy?" I said and then realized Amy was my age and this girl was barely old enough to be in the club.

She didn't answer right away. It was as if she was thinking carefully about her answer. "Ummmm ...Amy. Is that what you said?" she finally asked with a devilish look in her eye.

"I'm sorry... you look just like a friend's wife... Well, like she did 20 years ago anyway. You HAVE to be related!"

She looked around making sure no one was listening. "Follow me" she said.

No problem I thought! She led me outside and into the parking lot. This was getting interesting. I couldn't believe my luck. I was being hit on by a college hottie! Then I had another thought... she probably had some boyfriend ready to take my wallet or something. What could this girl see in me? Look at those legs and that short skirt. Look at that firm waist and her unlined tanned skin. This couldn't be what it seemed. Something had to be up. She stopped at a car that seemed familiar. "In here" she said as she unlocked the door.

She took the driver's seat and I slid into the passenger seat.

"OK, promise you won't say anything to Bob!" she said suddenly seeming more serious than before in the club.


"You know... Bob! Bob is my husband. Your friend. You were right... I AM Amy!"

"Right... Ok... My compliments to your plastic surgeon" I said sarcastically. This girl couldn't be Amy. She had to be a niece or something. That is how she knew Bob's name and that is why she looks so much like Amy. I was proud of my deductive reasoning. I was sure I had it all figured out.

"You don't believe me?"

"Sure... sure.... people grow younger all the time" I deadpanned.

"I'm serious!!!!" she whined in a voice only a 20 year old girl could manage.

"Of course" I answered not wanting to play this game any longer and cutting my replies short.

"I'll prove it! My grandmother was a ..... you'd probably call her a witch. Anyway, she left me these crystals and they let me do this whenever I want"

"Crystals? I figured you were going to tell me that the Fountain of Youth was in your backyard"

"C'mon! I shouldn't tell you this but I thought I could trust you! Bob and I haven't been getting along well recently. He's boring and fat! I decided to use grandmother's crystals. Nobody our age ever gets out to the cool places so I didn't think I'd ever get spotted. I have new young friends and everything. I have, like an alternate life! Bob doesn't know and I don't want him to know. I leave, use the crystals, have a good time with my friends and then return to my normal old self before I go home"

"Ok... that's good"

She rolled her pretty bright eyes "I'll prove it!!!!"

She grabbed a bag of crystals from the console and sat a magazine in her lap. The next thing I knew she was placing them in a circle on the magazine. She handed me the bag and I shuffled through it to see that there were other crystals still in it. All different colors. As I examined one closer I heard this girl mumble some unrecognizable syllables. Some kind of chant... or incantation.

I turned to watch her as she was finishing her strange chant. Unthinking, I put the crystal I was holding onto the magazine with the other crystals she was using. I don't know why I didn't put it back in the bag. I guess I wasn't thinking and I surely didn't think it would matter.

"What'd you do that for???" she exclaimed.

"Do what?"

"That crystal... it... causes the spell to regress emotions... and intellect... and well.. like... behavior.... and I said a spell to make myself 16 to prove to you that this, like, worked. I'm gonna be.... a real teenager!"

What silliness. But... uhhhh.... Did this girl really look younger? Was she changing or was it the dim light playing tricks on me sitting in this car? I was stunned. She did look to be growing younger.

"Oh wow.... you better not, like, let me get in trouble. I don't use that crystal. It freaks me out, you know? I was always kinda afraid of it"

I couldn't speak. She really looked like she was getting younger! Her voice was getting higher too.

"I wonder, like, if that crystal really makes a difference? I mean it's not like I was some airhead at 16. I was a pretty cool chick... not some kinda geek like SOME people"

"I don't know how this is possible but I believe you now. You're really younger!" What else could I say? It was happening right before my eyes. She was getting younger. Her clothing was obviously big on her now.

"Like I was lying? As if!"

She stared at me for a bit before speaking "Wow.... you really look.... OLD!"


"Like, ancient city!" she told me as she crinkled her young nose "You wanna, like, try my spell too?"

"Try it? Me? Uhhh I don't know...." This was scaring me and exciting me at the same time.

"That one crystal didn't like make much difference did it? And I was, like, all worried when you put that on there just as the spell was finishing! Wow, being 16 is like soooooooooooo cool!"

I wasn't so sure that the crystal hadn't made a difference. The girl who I had followed to the car seemed to have some adult sensitivities about her. They seemed gone now replaced with the excited utterances of teenager. A chatty teenager.

"So, are you gonna like go for it?" she asked.

"Go for what?"

"The spell!!!! Geeeez! C'mon Are you some kinda horndog or something? What'dya think I meant?"

"I don't know. I better not" I replied figuring that was the safe answer. Amy looked disappointed.

"Well, suit yourself but what are you gonna, like, say when people see us together?" she said as she slid next to me in the car.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm gettin you to, like, try the spell... or explain to people why you're with a 16 year old girl on a Saturday night!" She took my hand and snuggled closer.

I tried to pull back.

She kissed me on the cheek and giggled "What's that word... uhhh... jailbait!! That's it... I'm, like, jailbait, huh? You better try that spell before I get you in trouble! C'mon... what's it gonna hurt?"

"Uhhhhh" I could only stammer.

"Is someone coming?" she said and then kissed me on the lips and giggled some more as she gave me a devious smile as if she was just playing a trick on me. Then someone really walked by the car. "You better do it... next time it might be a cop or something!"

"What do I have to do?" I asked. My curiosity was getting the best of me.

"Oooooh cool.... you're gonna, like, do it!"

She put the magazine in my lap and laid out the crystals. The same crystals that she had used. A clear, an aqua, an amber, a pink one.... All except the one that she said controlled emotions and behavior. "OK... hold my hand and put this around your neck". She handed me a crystal on a string. "This'll let my powers, like, work thru you"

She started the same strange chant and I felt a tingle. Something felt strange. Then she set the emotion and behavior crystal in the circle too.

"HEY!" I exclaimed.

She was laughing "You did it to me, too! I'm just being fair!"

A fog fell over my mind as the tingles continued. I knew I should be worried about this development but the crystal seemed to have other plans. At first I thought it was hard to concentrate but then I just wasn't sure. My mind just didn't seem to be wired the same anymore. Amy was giggling as the changes surged thru me. Then she put another crystal on the magazine. That one is for memory she said.

"Huh?" I literally forgot what she'd just said!

"Nothing" she replied.

The dash of the car seemed to be growing. My shirt was swallowing me. The only problem was that I couldn't remember what was happening now. My pantlegs were pooling at my feet. I closed my eyes. It didn't seem long but Amy told me I had fallen asleep.

"Wh... wh... I happened" I squeaked in a voice that only sounded vaguely familiar.

"You used my grandmother's crystals" Amy explained "You used them for a spell"

"A spell?"

"Yes, you tried to turn yourself into a guy!"

"What.... I tried what?"

"Look at how you are dressed... you got all dressed up like a guy and tried the spell. I told you that it might mess with your memories"

"You did?" I just couldn't think of anything. What had I done? I looked in the mirror and saw a 16 year old girl staring back. I didn't even remember my own reflection! I'm just glad Amy was here to help me thru this. Here I was wearing an oversized outfit like some guy would wear. I wondered if it was my dad's or brother's or just where I'd gotten this stuff? I couldn't even remember if I HAD a family!

Amy took the crystals back from me. "You know, this pink crystal is, like, for girls... maybe if you wanted to be a boy you shoulda, like, used the blue crystal?" Amy smiled wickedly when she said that. As if she knew something. I just knew it had to be my imagination taking over tho.

"Now what?" I asked as I adjusted these unfamiliar oversized clothes. My feet slid back and forth in the basketball shoes I wore. They were huge. My pants could've held two of me. "How do I get my memories back?" I was starting to panic.

"They'll come back in time. So, where are your own clothes? What did you do with them?" Amy asked. She was still smiling as if she was one step ahead of me.

"I...I... like... have no idea!! I can't rememeber anything!"

"Don't worry... it'll all come back" Amy said as she got out and retrieved a sack from the rear. "Here's some new stuff I, like, just bought. You can wear these"

She held up a cute little mini-skirt and a short tank top. She grabbed a pair of flip flops from the back seat. "You can use these too".

I slipped out of the huge shoes and socks and was so glad to get those heavy things off of me. I pulled my jeans down to see I was even wearing men's underwear! What was I thinking?? Amy had a new pair of underwear she loaned me. They felt much better against my smooth hairless skin. I pulled on the skirt and then tank top and tugged on it when I noticed it didn't cover my belly button. For some reason that seemed odd but Amy just laughed at me. "It's supposed to be that way" she said.

Well, of course it is. I've seen plenty tops like this and must've worn my share. What was wrong with me? I rubbed my legs together and even that felt strange. So smooth and soft. ...And bare... my legs felt so bare being only slightly covered by this short little skirt. It struck me I should cross my legs or something. I was sitting like a guy! I just couldn't believe how smooth my legs felt as they rubbed together. I then reached down and slipped the flip flops on and even they felt strange. How could flip flops feel strange? Girls wear them all the time. Surely I'd worn them before. This stupid spell had really done a number on my memory. Amy assured me it was only temporary. That was good to hear. I hope she is right.

Amy began brushing my hair out. "You make a pretty girl" she said.

"Thanks" I answered thinking that she had phrased that oddly. I was glad Amy was here for me and wondered why I'd ever done such a stupid thing as try a spell. Especially one like this. One thing about Amy though, she was slowly making me feel a little awkward with the way she kept staring... and laughing. It was like there was a joke and she was the only one who knew it. I chalked it up to nerves and imagination. I still had some worries about my loss of memory but Amy absolutely assured me it was no big deal and that it only seemed that way. She told me we would laugh about it later.

"So, like, tell me.. what was I thinking? Why did I want to be a scruffy guy?"

Amy shrugged but her eyes made it appear as if she had more to say.

"Maybe we should do something while we wait for your memory to come back?" she suggested.

"Yeah... cool idea! Sitting here is creeping me out thinking about this stuff"

We both stepped out of the car and I immediately felt odd. The evening air rushing up my legs felt wrong... or maybe 'different' is a better word. I again tugged on my top. Standing up, it was even shorter than I had realized. A car drove by and a group of guys yelled at us. "Are they all like that?" I asked "Why would I even want to be like that?"

Amy shrugged again only this time I could see her fighting a laugh. She finally burst out laughing as we continued walking past the city nightlife. All the guys were staring at us and the women seemed to turn up their noses at us. Especially the older ones.... the ones closer to 30 years old rather than 20.

"Ok, I like... uhhhh.... gotta tell you something" she finally said as she saw me checking out some guys across the street "Promise you won't be mad?"

What now I wondered. I was about to promise when I heard a bellowing voice behind us "You two wouldn't happen to have any ID would you? You look a little young to be hanging out around here at this time of night. You've heard of the curfew haven't you?"

It was a policeman! Amy and I looked at each other. Not only did I not know where my ID was but I wasn't even sure what my name was! Amy squeezed my hand to signal she would handle this. That was good. I only hoped she could think on her feet.

"We were just looking around for my aunt's car. She had too much to drink and took a taxi home. She sent us back to find it and bring it home. We're going right back home"

Wow... she's good I thought! That was quick and believable!

"I see" the policeman said "Well, I think I should walk you to the car. A couple of pretty young ladies don't need to be around all these drunks. Where is it?"

Amy looked around "She didn't tell us exactly. That's why we are, like, wandering around. It's gotta be around here somewhere"

"Listen, when you get home you tell your mother not to be sending you or your friend out after curfew. That car could've waited until morning. I'm glad your mother took a taxi home after drinking but she still needs to use better judgement about the peril she could be putting you in. There are bad people out here. As a matter fact, some policeman would already have you hauled down to the station. They don't care how pretty you are. They like the power trip and tell you it is for you own good. Now, I'm not like that...." he said as he stole a glance at our chests. Then he gave me a pat on the butt. Ewwwww

"There it is!" Amy exclaimed pretending to see the car for the first time. She sensed it was a good time to get away from this policeman. He followed to the car and told us to go straight home.

We got back in the car as soon as he turned to leave and I finally was able to take a deep breath. That was close. Amy backed the car out of the lot and onto the street.

"So, like, what was it?" I asked.

"What was what?"

"You said you had something to tell me?"

Amy smiled that devilish smile again "We're not really teenagers."


"We used the crystals to make ourselves younger and stuff"

"I don't remember that!" I shot back.

"Well...DUH! You don't remember anything!"

Could this night get any weirder? "You're kidding me?"

"Not exactly... But, like, I gotta be getting home to my husband"

"Husband???? You're married? Uh.... Am -I- married???"

"Nope... you were the smart one...." Amy said as she pulled into a dark sidestreet and stopped. "We better change back now"

"What if I don't want to change -back-?" I said not sure what would happen.

"Ohhhhh Believe me, you do. Like, you want your memories back don't ya?"

" Yeah... that would be cool...." I replied as Amy selected some crystals from her bag.

"OK, you first... But don't be mad!" she said as she put a magazine in my lap and laid out the crystals but then she stopped. "Maybe, we could wait until tomorrow for you? You could, like, stay at my place. I'll just kinda use the crystals on myself right now" she declared.

I didn't have a chance to question her decision. She took the crystals and exchanged a blue one for a pink one and seemed satisified.

She then said her chant and the changes began. Older she grew. From teen to young adult. Her body went from young and sexy to saggy. Soon, teenaged Amy was a middleaged woman dressed like a fool. Her clothing was ridiculously tight and revealing on her middleaged body. It didn't give me a good feeling about becoming older. I rather liked my teenaged body. My tanned legs and shiny hair. My flat stomach.

She then looked me over again and laughed "I'd say using that crystal that regressed my personality had a bigger effect than I thought it did. Looks like I got a little carried away!"

I had to admit I wasn't keen to turn into something like Amy had just yet. Not even if it did mean getting my memories back."Yeah, you did make us kinda, like, young... " I replied assuming that was what she had meant "Hey, uhhh... What about your husband? What will he say if he wakes up and, like, sees a teenaged girl in the house?".

"Bob? When he wakes up? He's been sleeping like a baby these past few nights" Amy answered with that wicked grin of her's.

The end