A Change For the Weekend -Sequel- A Weekend of Change

Aug 27, 2004

A followup to "A Change For the Weekend". This is the sequel "A Weekend of Change". It follows the characters from the first story as they go through another day of change.

Reading the first story is recommended to understand the background.

A Weekend of Change
A continuation of A Change for the Weekend

I awoke in a strange bedroom and it took a few moments to gather my thoughts. I had slept at Amy's house. I looked in the mirror and saw the same teenaged girl's reflection that I had seen the night before. Unfortunately, my memories still hadn't returned. Things still seemed odd. It was as if I just could not get comfortable in my own skin. I shrugged it off to the effects of the spell and the temporary memory loss that I'd suffered. At least I hoped Amy was correct and that it was temporary.

The bedroom door sprung open and there was Amy. She was a teenager again!

"So, like, are you gonna sleep all day?" she asked in a perky voice that I wasn't quite ready for.

She was holding a baby.

"This is baby Bob!" she said and giggled "I told you Bob has been sleeping like a baby!"

"You used the crystals again?" I asked and then realized the answer was obvious.

"Well... DUH! I thought maybe we could have some more fun before you ummmm get older... I used that behavior and emotion crystal too. I don't know why I was so afraid of it before. It makes the whole experience, like, sooooo much cooler!"

All I knew about my life was what Amy had told me last night. I knew I used to be older. She told me I botched a spell and it caused a temporary memory loss and it would take time for it to return. Funny thing is, she acts like there's more to the story but she won't tell me. Like it is an inside joke just for her.

""Maybe getting out wil help you get your memories back faster. So whatcha say we, like, hit the beach today?" she asked

What could it hurt? I had to admit that sounded like a good idea. My legs could use a little more color and the sun was looking beautiful outside the window. A great day to be outside. "What about a suit?" I asked.

"Oh, I have just the thing!" Amy replied as she opened a drawer and pulled out a skimpy two piece swimsuit. "This will be soooo perfect. You get ready and I'll see what's taking Bob's sitter so long"

I showered and toweled my long hair. Amy helped me paint my nails. For some reason I was having trouble with it. Amy blamed it on my memory loss but once again she giggled and her eyes seemed to say that there was something she wasn't telling me. I had to wonder if this was some kind of paranoia brought on by the memory loss and my worries about it. Amy assured me it was only temporary. I hoped she was right. Everything still felt odd. It felt odd to be wearing a toe ring. My soft smooth skin felt odd. My balance felt wrong. It felt odd to be dressed so skimpily yet there was nothing unusual about this bikini. And I filled it well!

I shrugged off those nagging thoughts and pulled on a pair of cutoffs and grabbed some flip flops. It was time to meet the day! The sitter arrived and Amy was calling for me.

"This is my friend Sara" Amy said as she introduced me to the babysitter.

"Hi" I replied as the sitter gave me the once over. The sitter was about our age... or at least the age we appeared to be. I liked her hair but she was a little chunky for her short little top. I'm not sure why I felt the need to size her up. A few obligatory words and we were out the door.


Amy parked the car at the beach and we gathered our things to find us a spot on the sand. I left my sandals in the car and walked barefoot across the hot asphalt and onto the soft sand. I could see several guys checking us out and this seemed to repulse me and flatter me in equal amounts. It's was as if superficially I wanted the attention but then some part of me deep inside was turned off by it. Odd. I sensed Amy wasn't having these same feelings although she seemed to be taking an interest in how I was reacting to the stares.

We spread out our beach towels and fell into them.

The sun felt good as we soaked in the tanning rays. We both chatted about nothing for the better part of the morning. It seemed like neither of us could stop talking. Amy seemed curious to learn my thoughts on many different subjects but sometimes she acted as if she knew more than I could tell her. Like I was giving her a 'wrong' answer. I had to shrug it off to the memory loss and the growing paranoia that I couldn't shake. I only hoped that my memories would soon return. These moments of just being a couple of girls at the beach were helping though.

"Wanna have some fun?" Amy asked.

"Sure... " I answered as Amy motioned for me to follow.

We ran across the sand and back to the car. We got inside and she reached into the glovebox. She had the crystals!

"Let's get younger!" she said.

"Oh... I dunno...."

"C'mon! It'll be, like, cool"

How could I argue with Amy? She had her mind set on this. It did sound fun. "Just a little" I said.

"Ok... let's go for 13!" she exclaimed.

She laid out the crystals, including the behavior and emotion crystal, and began her chant. I felt a surge inside me and then saw the dash rise... or more accurately... my eyes lowered. I looked over at Amy just as she turned to look at me. We both burst out in a fit of giggling. We both looked so gawky and scrawny. Especially, Amy. She was totally flat. Obviously a late bloomer.

"Wow" she said as she looked at my chest. I think she was going to say more but she couldn't when she heard her girlish voice. Her hands went to her mouth and there was more giggling.

"We're Jr High now" I said and heard my girlish voice for the first time. Again, more laughing and giggling.

"So, like, now what?" Amy asked.

"I don't know. But, like, I don't think we should still be wearing these bikinis!" I answered.

"Well, I kinda already had some more stuff for us to wear but I was figuring we'd be a little younger" Amy said.

"Even younger?"

"Yeah.... I thought it would be cool to be kids for a while."

Well, in our regressed state, getting even more younger sounded like it could be fun. "OK" I said.

Amy arranged the crystals and said her chant. I felt the same surge and then again saw my perspective change. This time the difference was even more noticable as I peered out over the dash. I was getting smaller. My feet lifted from the floor and my toe ring fell off as my body continued to shrink. We looked at each other and squealed. We were 10 year old girls!

"C'mon! Let's get changed and go play!" Amy said as she pulled a couple of swimsuits from a bag. It was obvious that she'd planned this already.

We threw a frisbee back and forth and ran more than I would've ever imagined possible. Our energy was seemingly endless. We both had our hair in pigtails and it bounced as we ran and jumped. This went on for a good while. We even found some other children to play with. I was content to stay this way all afternoon but Amy had other plans. After a while she rushed us back to the car. "Let's get even younger!" she said breathlessly.

"More?" I replied "I'm not sure..."

"Big baby!" she said "Fraidy cat!"

"I'm not scared... I just don't know if we should...."

"Well, I'm gonna do it and if you don't then you are a spoil sport!" Amy said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

I hopped in the car. No way was she going to call me a spoil sport! My feet barely touched the floor. I didn't want to do this but Amy was daring me now. I had to go for it if she was. The crystals were ready and Amy said the magic words. I braced myself for the surge and watched the dash grow. I felt differently this time. I was not as comfortable with this change. In fact, I was a little scared. I felt myself getting smaller and weaker. My legs now only dangled over the car seat. I looked at Amy and she didn't look as confident this time either. We were both 5 year old girls.

"Ummm Maybe this was a mistake?" I said with a lisp "I'm scared"

"We're just littler and everything's so big is all" little Amy replied trying to gather some confidence "We'll be alright. Let's just play, OK?"

"OK.. but you gotta 'member to not tell nobody 'bout the magic rocks, K?"

"I won't... I promise" little Amy answered.

She had smaller shorts and T shirts for us already. She'd planned this well.

I stepped out of the car slowly. The asphalt felt even hotter than before on my bare feet. I guess it was the same for her. We both scurried to get to the sand. Things were certainly different this time. We were both a bit shy. People looked so big and some looked scary. We slowly starting playing amongst ourselves and kept an eye on the strangers around us. We were finally joined by another little girl. She and Amy hit it off immediately. I thought the girl was bossy and didn't like sharing our time with her. The girl's name was Marci.

"Where's your mommies?" Marci asked.

Amy held her finger to her mouth "Shhhhhhhh" she said "We don't got no mommies here 'cuz we're really big girls!"

"Nuh uh!" Marci said.

"Hey!!!!" I said trying to silence Amy.

"It's OK... Marci is our friend!" Amy answered.

"You promised not to tell!!!" I whined.

"I got magic rocks that can make us bigger or littler and stuff" Amy explained.

"Show me!" Marci said.

I knew that was coming.

"Amyyyyyyyyy... nooooo....." I whined but it made no difference. Soon we were sitting in the car and Amy was showing off the crystals.

"They're just dumb ol' rocks" Marci said.

"Nope... they're magic!" I said and then realized I should've stayed quiet.

"Show me how they work. Make yourself get littler!" Marci demanded.

"No..." I said but Amy was already arranging the stones. She began the chant and I closed my eyes bracing for the change. I don't know why I didn't try to stop her. I opened my eyes to see the dashboard again appear to grow. Things felt even more odd. My thoughts seemed to simplify. I put my thumb in my mouth and thought nothing of it. I wondered how young we were and could only think to say one thing:

"I want my mommy"

I looked at Amy and saw a toddler sitting in her place swallowed by a now large T-shirt made for a 5 year old. She seemed fascinated with the pretty stones.

"Coool! They really are magic!" Marci said.

"Told ya" I said without taking my thumb from my mouth.

"Pwetty rocks" Amy said still fascinated by the crystals.

"You guys are both babies NOW!" Marci said mockingly.

"We big girls" Amy protested.

"You don't look like big girls to me. You look like babies and babies shouldn't play with these!" Marci said as she swooped up the crystals.

"HEY!!! Nooooo" little Amy whined.

It was too late. Marci had the crystals and was out the door. She was off to find her mother she said as she skipped away.

"I made a boo boo" Amy sniffed.

"I want my mommy!" I said and broke into tears. I was soon joined in a chorus of sobs by Amy.

We were both too young to know what to do next. Crying is what made the most sense.


"Is this the car?" I heard a voice say.

"Yes" a little girl replied and sniffed.

"What do you say?" the older voice said.

"I'm sorry" the little girl answered.

It was Marci and someone I assumed to be her mother standing at our car.

"It looks like you two might've overdone things a bit, huh?" the woman said.

Amy and I looked at each other as our tears stopped.

"Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I awoke and recognized the crystals before Marci could figure out the incantation that she was trying to use on me. She almost had it right too. You could've had a little friend to join you... Me!" the woman said as she gave Marci an angry gaze. "My grandmother was also a practicioner of the ancient arts. Not something that Marci is ready for though. ...And so I think these are your's"

The woman handed Amy the crystals!

"You have to be careful when you make yourself so young. Especially with the bahaviour and emotion crystal as part of the spell. But I guess you know that now!" the woman explained.

"Rocks pwetty!" Amy exclaimed as she looked at all of the crystals "Thanks"

The woman shook her head. She could see that little Amy had the attention span of a typical toddler and was fascinated by shiny things. "Shouldn't you make yourself a little older?"

"'K" Amy answered and began arranging the crystals. Although she had trouble with some of the bigger words in the spell, we were soon growing into 16 year old girls again. ....16 year old girls struggling to cover up our now more mature bodies!

I realized we'd dodged a bullet. We were almost stuck as toddlers and who knows what could have happened if Marci's mother hadn't stopped her!

"Now, I have a favor to ask" Marci's mother said as she joined us in the car and whispered to Amy. Amy's eyes widened

"OK" Amy answered and looked out at Marci who was wondering what her punishment was going to be.

Amy laid out the crystals and recited the spell. Marci's mother began to change. She was youthening. From her late 20's to her mid 20's. From 25 to 23.... to 21... to 20... and then to her teen years. 19...16... 13.... and back to childhood. 11...10... 9... 8....

I was amazed. I looked to Amy for an explanation.

"She said if Marci wanted to turn her into a child then Marci should be careful what she wishes for"


"We're, like, supposed to change her back before we leave but she wants Marci to have to take care of her for a while"

Now for the next few hours Marci would have a 2 year old 'mother'.

"No fair!" Marci whined.

"I gotta potty" her little mother wimpered and looked at us for help.


Amy laughed as she saw the very unhappy Marci leading her toddler mother to the restroom. "Serves her right. She tried to trick us!"

"Well, if you'd just, like, kept a secret then you know none if that stuff would've happened" I replied still a little miffed.

"Yeah... wouldn't want you getting changed into something you're not!" Amy replied laughing with a mischievious glint in her eyes.

I shook my head. What was she hiding? Oh well, no time to worry about it now. We were wasting the afternoon instead of working on our tans!