From Daddy To Diapers

submitted by Skeletor - Sep 15, 2004

16 year old Shelley gets a wish. Too bad she just got grounded by her father.

16-year-old Shelley was bored out of her mind. Her dad, Chris, had grounded her for a week over coming home 25 minutes late, which wasn't her fault. The parents of the girl she was sitting had "car troubles" as they put it, and she couldn't very well leave the child alone. Still, she got chewed out when she got home.

Damn, what's 25 minutes? This is so stupid, she thought. No friends, no going out, no TV. He wouldn't even let her out of the house to earn money babysitting. He had been a total asshole since he and her mother got divorced. Why and how did he get full custody of her?

She sat on the couch reading a magazine while Chris took a nap in his bedroom, when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it to find her closest friend Tina.

"What are you doing here?" Shelley whispered harshly, "You know I can't have company! Especially you! My dad can't stand you to begin with. He thinks you're a flake."

"I have the solution to all your problems, check this out" Tina said, handing Shelley a round copper necklace.

"Uh, okay" Shelley deadpanned, looking at Tina with one eyebrow raised.

"It's magic, it grants one wish to it's possesser. I got it at this store downtown 'Wishes'."

"Ah, naturally. And how much of your 'hard earned' money went into this thing?"

"I'd rather not say." Tina smiled, "but it works. I used it on my sister today. She's no bigger than a Barbie doll."

Shelley continued to stare. Her friend had finally gone bye-bye.

"Oh don't worry about her. I left her locked in the old iguana aquarium. She'll be alright for now. Look, I know it's sounds ridiculous, but just try it. If it doesn't work, I'll leave."

I really don't have time for this, what if he wakes up? "What the hell, if it gets you outta here faster", Shelley muttered. "What do I have to do?"

"Put it around your neck and make any one wish involving someone you know. The wizard told me not to try to bring world peace or get rich or anything like that. You'll just waste the wish." Shelley rolled her eyes and sighed, "The wizard?" Tina tried to stammer out a reply, but just stopped and said "You'll see.", prompting Shelley to once again roll her eyes.

"My dad is wrong. 'Flake' is a little too, how shall we say, 'easy' for you."

"Just do it."

Shelley slipped the talisman around her neck. What to wish for, what to wish for? She paced the living room a couple times, but couldn't think of anything.

"Let's go to my room, maybe I'll have some inspiration. But be quiet. Don't wanna wake the baby."

Shelley stopped and looked at Tina. "Eureka." Tina's eyes got big, then she started giggling. They went to the laundry room to see if Shelley still had baby supplies on hand, and were pleasantly surprised to everything they would need. "What am I thinking? This is nuts" Shelley wondered aloud. "Make your wish, and hurry.", Tina urged her.

"Alright, alright" Shelley closed her eyes and concentrated.

"Let's go see!" Tina screamed, running to Chris's bedroom.

"What are you doing?" hissed Shelley. If he wakes up and sees her, I've had it.

Tina opened the door and peaked inside. "Shelley, come look!" She screamed. I'm dead, thought Shelley. Tina is always finding a way...

Shelley saw inside the door. Laying on the bed where there should have been a 37-year-old man in his Hanes, was a little brown haired baby boy, no more than 6 months, sound asleep and covered in adult underwear which was like a blanket on him. All she could do was stand there in shock and gape.

Tina snapped her out of it. "From now on, you'll be grounding him." Shelley closed her mouth. "But this can't be real."

"It's real, Shelley, it's very real. He's so cute!" Tina leaned over the baby. "Should we wake him up?"

"Better get him," Shelley snickered, then burst out laughing "diapered first." This was the man who used to change her diapers when she was a baby. This was going to be weird, but funny as hell.

The girls laughed together. Tina stood by the bed as Shelley went to get her things. She reached out and touched the now infant Chris on the tummy. Then she gave a light tickle. The baby shifted, then lay back still. "You are just too cute!" Tina said. She wanted to pick him up so much, to see how he reacts to being helpless in the arms of his daughter's 'flaky' friend. He hates my guts, he would probably pitch a fit, and there would be nothing he could do about it. Tina giggled again. I hope we can keep him this way for a while. We're gonna have some fun at your expense, little Chrissy.

Shelley walked into the room carrying a diaper bag. She unfolded a Pamper and lifted Chris' legs up. "You didn't wake him, did you? This would be a lot easier if he was asleep."

"No. But..."

It was at that very moment Chris' eyes opened. Then he saw Shelley, and that psycho-slut friend of hers, Tina, standing over him. 'Shelley knows I sleep in my underwear. What the fuck? I am going to bust someone's ass for this, girl', he tried to shout, but only heard gibberish. He then kicked his daughter in the hand as hard as he could. Then he noticed something. Shelley's hand was over twice the size of his foot. And instead of sending her flying back into the wall as should have happened, she had caught it. "I see we're going to do this the hard way." Shelley said smiling, lifting her baby father under the arms and setting him belly down on her lap. 'Is this a dream?' he worried...

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Three hard swats rained on Chris' bottom, causing tears to well in his eyes and a whine to escape his lips. "I want you to put your thumb in your mouth, right now baby Chris." This was his daughter!

"Baby Chrissy", corrected Tina, enjoying the spectacle. She hoped to get a chance to do the same thing, to repay this former man for his nasty attitude toward her.

Chris fought back the tears and tried to wiggle loose from Shelley's grasp. Big mistake. She took both of his small arms, held them behind his back with one hand, then started spanking with the other. Her grip was like a vise to his reduced form. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He tried to scream but only heard a baby's wail. Shelley continued to pound away at his backside, until he stopped struggling. She then grabbed him under the arms and lifted him to her face level and looked him in the eyes.

"Normally I don't spank children under my care, but for you, I made an exception. I said put that thumb in your mouth, right now baby." Chris worked his thumb up to his mouth slowly, then stuffed it in. "Now, we're going to be a good baby and lay still while Shelley puts your diaper on, aren't we?" Chris nodded his head. "We're gonna be a good little baby for Shelley and Aunt Tina, aren't we?" Tina burst out in laughter at that remark. Again, Chris nodded, wanting no more. Shelley laid him down on his stomach and proceeded to put Vaseline on his buttocks, which was bright red from his spanking. She then flipped him over, lifted his legs, and slid the Pamper underneath him, which made him start crying again. "Aw, there there little one.", cooed Tina. "Id'll be awight. Him's knows his place now", as Shelley folded the diaper over her father's crotch and taped the sides.

"He is just too cute", Tina giggled.

"Watch him. I'm going to fix him a bottle." Shelley smiled, knowing she was leaving her father in the hands of someone he hated. "If he gets out of line, bust his hind-end, then he'll get another one when I get back", she snapped as she went to the kitchen, loud enough for Chris to hear.

"Can I feed him?", asked Tina, hopefully.


Tina scooped Chris up in her arms, cradling him. "Him's looks so cute in him's diaper. Oh yes he does. Yes he does. Oh look, it's Big Bird. And Elmo! Everyone loves Elmo." She taunted, pointing out the print on the diaper. By now Chris' face was red from humiliation and anger. What the hell was happening? Is that it? Had he died and gone to Hell?

Tina laid him down on his back and began tickling him and blowing raspberries on his tummy. Chris was getting madder, especially since he couldn't help but giggle. He considered belting the nutty bitch one, but remembered Shelley's promise. He was absolutely powerless. He couldn't even call for help. All of it came to him at once and he started to squall. Tina cradled him again, patting his diapered bottom. "What da matter, baby? Is hims not happy?"

Shelley came back and handed Tina a pink bottle of formula. "Sorry, daddy, it's the only one I had."

'No! I will not!' He screamed in his mind. When Tina tried to feed him, he shut his mouth and turned his head. That's when Shelley clapped her hands together, hard, in front of him. "You need another one?" She screamed. "Chill out, Shell, maybe he's not ready for the bottle" cooed Tina, stroking her breast teasingly.

At that, Chris grabbed the bottle and drained it in minutes, stopping only to be burped by Tina.


Chris woke up. God, what a fucking nightmare.

He sat up, and heard a rustling noise. No.

He looked down, and saw the diaper. It wasn't a dream.

Oh, fuck. It's, messed.

"I smell poopies" came Shelley's call from the hallway. "It's about time, too. I was beginning to worry", she said, stripping the tapes loose. Chris laid still, there was nothing he could do, as she lifted his legs, wiped him, and slid a new diaper under him. As she folded the diaper over, she got in his face and said "Auntie Tina went to the store and got baby a present". Oh no, what now?

Shelley picked him up, kissed him on the forehead, and carried him into the living room.

Tina had a cute little red dress hanging on the doorknob. And she was fiddling with a camera. This was not good.

"I have more good news. I called Mom and told her what's going on. She's coming over to see you right now." With that, Chris unleashed a startling wail.