Full Court Press by theEvolver (aka Sumner)

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

A teenage witch casts youth spells like mad during the prom.

The hallways of Masterson High School were clogged with Christina Aguilera and Britany Spears look-alikes, all gabbing over their latest boyfriend's new car and what they were planning on wearing tomorrow. All except for one anyway... Jodie was the resident outcast at Masterson High, doomed to live in her own little self-made world. It wasn't that Jodie wasn't attractive, far from it, but her sensibilities had developed differently than her cohorts it seemed. Jodie saw through the fads, the make-up, the false Valley-Girl accents. But, alas, in the land of idiots, the intelligent ones got squashed like bugs in the ground.
That was not to say Jodie was simply a timid bystander though. Though no one knew it, Jodie had her dark side as well. She would often scowl at the most "popular" kids as they walked down the hall, thinking how nice it would be to rob them of their status.
Incidentally, Jodie was also a witch. Or at least that was the rumor floating around school. She lived with her mother and one brother, which afforded her a fairly private life. Her sometimes gothy appearance also served to enhance the rumors.
Scott, Justin, and Brett - the football guys
First hour for Jodie was gym. She didn't dread it, but didn't particularly care either. She kept a healthy indifference toward most superfluous classes, resigning them to the category of "stuff you just have to do." Today was to be football outside for the guys, and aerobics inside for the girls. A typically sexist assumption Jodie thought to herself.
Also in Jodie's gym class were Scott, Justin, and Brett, Masterson's 'trio of tough.'
Scott was Jodie's younger brother (only by one year). Athletic, and muscular, he was quite the ladie's man. Jodie and Scott had always gotten along fairly well, but only because they basically avoided each other's space.
Justin, also considered a prime looker, was taken though. He had dated Jennifer Foster since sophomore year. Justin usually spoke in sentences of 3 words or less, making him the stereotypical football jock.
And finally Brett. Brett was just another on of "the guys" always following their lead. Brett's girlfriend, Madeleine, was in first hour gym as well.
The three boys showed no shame in constantly showing off in front of the girls. Jodie, however, was not impressed with them in the least.
During aerobics, Jodie remembered a certain spell she had run across last night. Not being a full-fledged witch, she only had access to certain powers and spells. But last night, quite accidentily, she found something called the Yamamela Youth Chant; it was a quick spell that could be uttered toward someone in a matter of seconds. It was supposed to reverse time for that specific being, but required that the person come in contact with water, whether by drinking it or getting wet. An interesting stipulation, for sure. Jodie was eager to try it out though; it could be a valuable little spell to know. She had practiced it a few times last night, until she woke her brother up.
"Hey, Jodie, are you coming to the dance tonight?" Madeleine broke Jodie's concentration.
"Well, I wasn't planning on it. I have to babysitt my neighbor's kid, Kimberly."
"Who's that?" Madeleine asked.
"Ah, she's just this annoying little kid next door. All she wants to do is get on my computer and mess with it."
"Aww, that's too bad. Well, I guess not everybody is 'dance material' anyway," Madeleine remarked.
Jodie fumed inside. What does she mean not "dance material"?
Jodie went back to concentrating on the spell. In doing so, she mindlessly repeated it to herself (attempting to memorize it) while she happened to be looking at Alexis Charette (prom queen and all-around high school beauty) across the room.
Just then, the boys started coming back in from football practice, sweaty and grunting as usual. Jodie spied Justin and some new guy named Trent. The wicked light bulb went off in Jodie's head, as she thought to herself I wonder how those two would look as little kids. She chanted the spell at them as they passed her.
"You say something?" asked Farrah.
"Oh, no," Jodie answered, her thoughts returning to how much she hated babysitting that little brat, Kimberly.
The Locker Room
"Whew, I'm beat," Brent heaved.
"Same here, man," Justin replied, opening his locker.
The boys gradually began filing into the shower area, stripping off clothing along the way. Meanwhile, Jodie was hiding behind a row of lockers, anxiously awaiting the fruits of her handiwork.
Steam filled the locker room, as the they guys turned on all the showers. Jodie could hardly see through the thick mist. But she eventually spotted Justin and Trent, as they started washing themselves off.
As is shower etiquette, every guy was keeping to his own business. Wouldn't want to be caught staring at anything, that's for sure. As Justin lathered up, Jodie could see that he wasn't quite as tall as he had been before. And niether was Trent. As Justin raised his arm to wash underneath, Jodie could see that he didn't have any underarm hair! It's working! Jodie mouthed. She was also getting somewhat aroused at the whole site; something about it was stimulating. Straining to get a closer look, Jodie could see that Trent looked significantly younger, maybe even pre-pubescent. Justin was looking the same, with his hair growing shorter every minute; he now looked scrawny and underdeveloped compared to the guys around him. He was also becoming aware that something was wrong...
"Hey Trent," Justin said, quickly noting that his voice was about an octave higher than it had been.
"Yeah....Justin, is that--?" Trent noticed how high his voice was aa well.
They both turned to face each other, dropping their soap in the process.
"Trent! What happened to you, man? You look... like a f*cking 3rd grader!"
"So do you!" Trent echoed.
The other boys began directing their attention toward Justin and Trent, who were now both about 4 feet tall.
"What's going on here???" Scott yelled.
All of them quickly ran out of the showers and back into the locker room, covering themselves up with whatever they could find.
Today is going to be an interesting day Jodie decided.
Ashley and Mel
Ashley and mel were holding hands, walking down the hall as always. Their attraction to one another seemed idyllic; they seemed to be quite the perfect fit. Little did Ashley know that Mel was also dating Farrah on the side.
The news surrounding the event in the boy's locker room that morning had not yet reached around the school. There was more buzz concerning that night's dance, and everyone's prospects on scoring.
Jodie's locker was situated close to Mel's and she couldn't help but listen in:
"Yeah, Ashley's a sweet girl. But I don't know..." Mel sighed, leaning against his locker. His friends sympathized with his plight. "I mean, they're both really great, but I don't know what to do about the dance tonight. They both asked me."
Jodie's eyes lit up. Perhaps going to the dance would be entertaining, Jodie mused. Ashley and Mel were a cute couple. Too cute. And if it was one thing Jodie couldn't stand it was people flaunting their popularity.
The Perfect Jennifer
At the end of the hallway, almost bathed in heavenly light was the one, the only Jennifer Foster. There was not a boy in school who hadn't at one point or another lusted after her. And the worst part was, she knew it. Fabulous smile. Fabulous hair. Fabulous boobs. What else was there? An ego the size of alpha centauri. Of course, when you have a chest that large, it's federal law that you have an attitude about them.
"Do you know what happened to Justin? I haven't seen him all day. I'm worried," Jennifer asked Jodie as she walked by.
"No, I'm afraid I don't know, Jennifer. Maybe he got sick or something."
"Well, he usually lets me know where he's gonna be. Besides, the big dance is tonight, and I have to know if he's ok!" Jennifer whined.
"I'm sure he'll turn up," Jodie said, continuing under her breath, "in a day care center somewhere." After Jodie got a feet feet past her Almighty, she turned around and gazed at Jennifer's backside. "We'll see how many guys that ass attracts when it's in Pampers," Jodie whispered. The words rolled off Jodie's tongue without a second thought. The chant of Youth.
It's Showtime...
Nightfall set in. The decorations and streamers were hung, with the mirror ball casting beads of light on the dancefloor. The dancers had not yet arrived, so the room was strangely empty... except for Jodie. Having decided to continue her fun through the evening, she had shown up about a half hour early to survey the room, and scheme about the evening's events.
A table was already set up, and covered with glasses ready to be dirtied. Jodie smiled an evil, Kubrickian smile as she anticipated the night's festivities. Surely, this would be a party Masterson High School would not soon forget.
About this time, Jennifer was growing increasingly paranoid that her evening was going to be ruined by Justin's forgetfullness. Where could he be?? Jennifer tried to think if Justin had told her he couldn't go, or to wait for him, or... It was no use.
Though, in her mind, the evening was a wash already, Jennifer opted to go ahead and get ready anyway in the hopes that Justin would finally call. Jennifer's bathroom was nothing short of a fun-house full of mirrors and lights. She obviously liked seeing quite a bit of herself. Starting to yank off her school clothes which consisted of a tight mini-skirt and a blue blouse, she turned the water on for the tub. The whoosh of the water echoed around the room, as Jennifer pulled the blouse over her head. Casually glancing in the mirrors, she started looking herself over, wondering if Justin would really dump a body like this. She rammed her breasts togther, causing her cleavage to spill out of the undersized bra like balloons. Nahh, she reasoned, No guy would ever pass this up.
The bathtub was nearly full and Jennifer, feeling the lightness of nudity, removed the final bits of her clothing. Carefully stepping in the water, she felt a tingle run up her leg. More than usual. But she thought nothing of it and proceeded to sit down in the steaming, soothing water. It was extra soothing tonight, she thought.
Students were starting to arrive, some in limos even. Jodie fit in suprisingly well, having chosen her most revealing dress in an attempt to appear "normal". Noticeably absent were Justin and Jennifer. Jodie grinned.
The mirrors were fogged by now, as the steam whirled and curled around Jennifer's face. Jennifer placed her feet at the foot of the tub, and streched out, leaving only her head above water. Funny, she thought, My feet usually reach further than that.
Reaching her hands over her head, she grasped the soap and lathered her hands. She then moved her hands down her chest. Something didn't seem right. She slid her hands down further. Something else didn't feel the same. Her head moved closer to the water.
"What the hell?"
Jennifer frantically felt all over herself. Her pubic hair was gone! Everything was smooth, childlike. Sitting up, she was shocked to see that her breasts were no longer the round C-cups she had grown to love, but rather two nearly unnoticable lumps.
At this point, Jennifer began rapidly regressing toward early childhood. She screamed as puberty left her behind, spinning her biological clock in reverse. In less than a minute, Jennifer was no more than 3 years old in appearance. Her mind ran in circles. How could this happen?? This is impossible she thought. But it was true. Jennifer was now merely a chubby toddler, soaking in a hot tub.
Hordes of well-dressed students crowded one the dancefloor. The music was now in full swing, with couple mixing and mingling. Jodie was gliding though the bouncing mob.
Ashley and Mel were over at the drink table, so Jodie maneuvered herself next to "the cute couple." Ashley was looking especially pretty, as she donned a rather low-cut number. Jodie overheard them discussing their plans for later on that night. Jodie was only sorry she wouldn't be able to be there to see the look on their faces.
Brett and Madeleine were on the other side of the room, and no doubt discussing similar plans for the night. Looks like everybody's getting a room Jodie mumbled. The dancefloor was hypnotic, with raging sounds blasting from the speakers on either side. Bumping into Jodie, Madeleine said:
"Oh, sorry Jodie. Hey, I thought you weren't coming tonight."
"Well, I just changed my mind, that's all," Jodie nodded.
"Who's your date?"
"I...ummm...well, I don't have one," Jodie shyly said.
"Awwwww, that's a shame. Brett and I are going to get a room later on tonight at the Redwood Inn."
Jodie smiled.
"Well, I'll see ya around then. Bye."
As Madeleine turned back into the crowd, Jodie vchanted the Youth Spell at her.
Almost immediately, Farrah ran into Jodie as well.
"Hey Jodie."
"Hey Farrah."
"Have you seen Mel around anywhere? He said we might go somewhere after the dance."
"No, I'm sorry. I haven't..." Jodie smirked.
"Well, ok, if you see him, tell him I'm looking for him, ok?"
"OK, Farrah."
Jodie could just see it right now. Mel was planning to actually meet up with Farrah AND Ashley! That suave bastard actually thinks he can go have sex with both of them! What a worm. As Farrah reentered the mob, Jodie chanted the spell at her as well. What devilish fun she thought.
As the night wore on, students began leaving, probably off to more delightful activities. Jodie stood just outside the door and waited. Finally Brett emerged with Madeleine, and Jodie quickly recited the Yamamela Youth Spell on Brett. She did the same for Mel as he walked out with Ashley. As more and more students exited the building, Jodie started rolling off the Youth Spell rapid fire, as it was now almost second nature to her. Why not have as much fun as possible? Jodie figured.
Ashley and Mel hurriedly found their little bungalow and opened the door. It had that over-air-conditioned smell to it, but the only thing of concern to both of them was the bed. Ashley dropped her bag, and said:
"I want to get freshened up, ok?"
"OK, Ashley," he replied.
Mel could hear the water running in the bathroom, as he leaned his ear against the door. Quickly, he took off his tux and stuck on a sweater that didn't loko like something he would EVER wear. Quietly opening the door, he slid out of the hotel room and ran to the other side of the hotel where Farrah was waiting.
"What took you so long?" Farrah asked, shivering.
"Sorry Farrah, I just had to go over to Brett's for something."
Farrah smiled, "That something would be rubber and in the shape of an O, would it?"
Mel smiled. Farrah looked so beautiful tonight, just wearing a little white nighty. It was too good to be true.
That was when Jodie rounded the bin to see Mel and Farrah.
"Jodie? What are you doin' here?" Mel asked.
"Ohh, nothing. Hey, I got two free bottled waters out of the machine over there. Must be broken. You two take them," Jodie insisted.
"Thanks, Jodie...?..uummm...we should probably get going."
"Hey, and I'll tell ya something else really cool about this water. It's not regular water. It's got some sort of aphrodesiac in it. Go ahead, try it. It's great," Jodie nudged Mel.
"Well, ok, sure..." Mel gave in to Jodie's strange request.
The two unscrewed the tops and Mel took the first long drink. Farrah took a smaller one. Jodie was pleased.
"Well, you two have fun," Jodie said, as she turned back around.
"Weird," Mel said.
Heading toward Mel's "other" room, Jodie made sure she had the number right. 213, yep Jodie slowly peeked throgh a crack in the door. No one seemed to be in the room. What appeared to be Ashley's bag was lying on the floor, and someone was in the bathroom. Jodie tip-toed her way into the quiet, dark room. As she approached the bathroom door, she could hear sounds, but they sounded more like unintelligable gurgling. Jodie cautiously pushed the bathroom door open. In the tub was a little girl who looked about 2 years old, wondering where she was.
Jodie giggled. "It's you! I can't believe that's actually you! Look at you, Ashley! You're practically a baby!"
Little Ashley got on all fours in the soapy water.
Jodie could barely hold in the tears of laughter. "Shave a few years off you and you're not such a sex symbol, are you Ashley? Finally, I can say I have bigger boobs than you. And guess what? You're man isn't gonna fair much better than you either. He's downstairs right now with Farrah. That's right, Farrah. But don't worry. She isn't gonna steal your man. They're both gonna be little kids again just like you!"
At that, tears started streaming down baby Ashley's little puffed out cheeks. Jodie picked Ashley up under her arms and placed the soaking wet toddler on her lap.
"I guess this deflates that massive ego of yours a little, eh? It's tough to get the boys if you're wearing Huggies, Ashley. But look on the bright side, now you're even cuter!"
At Kimberly's House...
Kimberly was sitting on the couch as her parents were eating in the dining, figured Jodie just wasn't going to show up to babysitt apparently. Little Kimberly was bored; she wanted to go play on Jodie's computer.
Kimberly noticed her dress was feelign a bit tight. "Mommy," she yelled to the dining room, "my dwess is tight."
"I just bought it yesterday, honey! It's just your imagination," her mother said.
Still, Kimberly knew something was wrong. She seemed a little taller and all her clothes felt weird. Her feet could almost touch the floor now, hanging off the couch. A gentle tingling passed through her little body, sending chill bumps up her arm. Her dress was ripping now, with two round things growing on her chest. She didn't know what to make of this at all. Her hair was growing very fast as well, and getting a shade darker than it had been. What's happening around here? she thought. Her arms were much much longer now, and her breasts were rapidly growing into a suprisingly impressive rack. She was about 15 years old now, and still getting older. Her hips widened, and her face began looking much more mature.
"Mom, you better come in here!" she screamed.
Redwood Inn antics continue...
Jodie picked up little Ashley and carried her out of the bathroom. Still in the buff, Ashley was even too upset to notice her nakedness. "C'mon, Ashley, we gotta go visit your boyfriend," Jodie chuckled.
On the other end of the motel, Mel and Farrah were going at it, passionately kissing just inside their door. Jodie peered in through the window. Any time now she mused. Surely enough, Mel and Farrah were regressing. It made it much more interesting that Mel and Farrah were making out so intensely that they didn't even notice they were getting younger. Jodie watched in glee as Mel and Farrah became children again, but since Mel had taken a bigger drink of the water, he was growing shorter than Madeleine. This soon became obvious and Madeleine opened her eyes to see a 3 year old Mel staring back at her.
"Mel??? What happened to you?" she screamed out, hearing her own childish voice.
Jodie nearly fell down laughing outside. Ashley was beating her little fists on Jodie's shoulder.
Brett and Madeleine began cozying up. Madeleine had on a purple top, and she had draped some Hawaiian necklaces around them to celebrate their first night together. Brett was so hyped that he didn't say a word and just ran over to Madeleine and starting kissing her. She didn't know what to think at first, but soon she was deep into the kiss as well. Brett started sliding his hands up and down her back.
Much like Mel and Farrah, the couple didn't realize what was happening to them at all. Both Brett and Madeleine had taken a shower when they arrived at the motel... and now it was fun time. The loving twosome slowly decreased in height, getting younger by the second. Brett was so entranced by Madeleine that he didn't notice her breasts had shrunk, and were nearly gone in fact.
This kiss continued until they were both just little kids, locked in a childish looking embrace. Oh, but what a surprise awaited them when they opened their eyes.
The stories about Redwood Inn would be told for years to come...
The Not-So-Clean Escape
That night, when Jodie returned home after her fun at the Redwood Inn, her mother was waiting for her. Jodie immediately sensed that something was wrong the moment she walked through the door.
"Mom?" Jodie sighed.
"I need to talk to you. Sit down, young lady," Mom plainly said.
Jodie's intuition had been right; Mom only called her "young lady" when she was in for a long-winded speech. "Can't this wait until morning?" whined Jodie.
"Absolutely not. You've broken a cardinal rule of witchcraft."
Jodie gave in and sat down on the couch.
"I just got a call from the principal. It seems certain students have been disappearing, and being replaced by little children. I can't believe you would--"
Jodie couldn't help but laugh.
"You think it's funny?" her mom leaned closer to her face.
Her face slowly fading back to seriousness, Jodie said, "No. I just--"
"No buts, young lady. You used the water-triggered youth spell without my consent." With that, Jodie's mom stood up and stuck our her hand. "C'mon, young lady. I'm going to have to punish you for this."
Normally, Mom just gave me a slap on the wrist "Where are we going?" Jodie asked, puzzled, as her mother led down the hallway to the bathroom. Her mother didn't answer.
Once inside, she sat Jodie down on the floor.
Turning to face her young daughter, she began:
"Jodie, I know you and this isn't like you. I can't begin to understand why you would do such a thing. But as witches, we have to stick to our rules. Any witch who would use her powers carelessly with others shall suffer a similar fate."
Jodie's eyes widened.
Her mother continued, "And so, I'm going to make you realise the gravity of your actions. Get undressed."
"You heard me. Remove your clothes, or else I'll have to do it for you."
"Just do as I say, Jodie."
Just then, a babie's cry could be heard from the next room. And suddenly, Jodie realised she had forgotten about Scott!
"But Mom--"
Mom gave her a grimace, and scared, Jodie started slowly peeling off her dress. The sensation was a strange one, undressing in front of her own mother. I haven't had to take my clothes off in front of Mom since I was 4 Jodie thought. Down to her underwear, Jodie stopped and looked up tearfully at her mother.
"All of it," her mother responded.
So, Jodie slid her panties down her legs, and reluctantly unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She had never felt so much shame before.
Then Jodie's mom walked over to the bathtub and started the water running. Jodie could faintly hear her mother chanting to herself. Turning around, her mother then motioned for Jodie to step into the tub. Jodie did so, and could feel a tingling run all over her body.
"Please Mom, I won't do it again! I--" pleaded the daughter.
"No, honey."
Gazing down at her body, Jodie took it in longingly. The two C-cup breasts she had waited so long to get. The legs she had exercised endlessly for. She watched in amazement as the tiny, sharp hairs on her legs retracted into her skin, leaving it smoother than it had been in years. Her body began to itch, as the dreaded tingling increased in intensity. She shivered at the thought of herself going back to being a kid. Her breasts now seemed lighter,and her waist was beginning to thin. There's no way I'm ever going to let anyone see me like this Jodie said to herself.
"Jodie," Mom said,"you should know that this spell, the one you used on your classmates, is, I'm sorry to say, irreversible."
"What?!?" Jodie noticed her voice was cracking.
"There is no reverse spell, Jodie. I'm going to raise you again, only you will have your former memories in tact."
"No, no, no, no! This can't be happening!" Jodie now sounded like a child.
"It's true, Jodie. You won't be going back to Masterson for a while. But you and all the students you regressed will be kindergarteners at the elementary school."
Jodie's tears ran down her cheeks faster and faster. She once again glaced down at her body, this time in horror. Her boobs had dwindled to mere bumps, like they had been in the 6th grade. She was much shorter now, having to look up at her mom. She reached her hand down into the water and felt of her crotch. Just a few red hairs stuck out. Her mind was racing, just like her body. Her hair shortened and became more frizzy, as it had been in her 5th grade school picture. Running her hands over her body, she could feel how smooth and young her skin had become. Her chest was now as flat as a boy's. Nipples flattened, and her stomach jutted out. All Jodie could do was cry.
Jodie's mom left the room, and came back in, carrying her brother Scott and the bag of bathtub toys they used to play with when they were little. She set baby Scott down in the water and put some toys in for him to play with.
"It's not fair! I don't wanna be a kindergartener!!!!" Jodie balled, with all her feminine charm washed away.
"Get used to it, honey. You've got a lot of growing up to do. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I have someone I've hired to babysitt you and Scotty."
Jodie gulped.
"I asked her over, just so you could get to know each other," Jodie's mom said. Jodie didn't like the sound of this. "Come on in, Kimberly..."
Jodie's mind was racing, thinking No no no no no, it can't be her! She's just a little kid too!
A young woman came through the door, and Jodie couldn't believe her eyes.
"Hi Jodie," Kimberly laughed.
Jodie turned to her mom with a why this? expression tattoed on her face.
"I thought it would be convenient to have a babysitter next door, so I used an aging spell on Kimberly. She's 17 now, right around your old age."
In Jodie's mind, this was worse than even being a little kid again.
"You're a pretty cute little kid, Jodie."
Great Jodie thought Kimberly thinks I'm cute.
Oh yeah, and what about Alexis?
She's doing great. Today, she learned how to spell her name!