The Wish Touch

Apr 27, 2005

Alex entered his room and slammed the door furoiusly. He had just broke up with his girlfriend, Sandra. He felt more angry when he remembered the childish way Sandra often acted.

Outside his room he could hear his twelve year old sister, Molly, running around screaming something about her anklets. Alex remembered her saying something about a dance competetion this evening. Alex's family had been living in India for about ten years and Molly took these Indian dance lessons where she had to wear a set of anklets with jingling bells on them on her ankles. Thoughts on this subject stayed in Alex's mind for only a moment and then was again replaced by the annoying memory of the break up. He got up in frustration and decided to go somewhere else to cool his head off. He wished that he could get hold of Sandra and spank her like a little girl in front of all her friends.

Just then he heard this loud bumping sound on the door and her sister's voice. This made half of his fury turn towards his sister. He spotted the anklets lying on the side of his bed. What the hell was she doing in his room! He picked up the jigling things and opened the door. His sister rushed in and looked around for the anklets. Alex held them up and shouted, "How did these get into my room?"

Molly stared at the anklets held by her 16 year old brother and said softly, "I left them here by mistake, may I have them back?"

"No" Alex answered coldly.

"Please Alex, I have to wear them for the dance competetion."

"Some dance you will do with that fat body of yours. The judges won't even look at you."

"I'm not fat." Molly said as her face was slowly turning red. Her brother had been teasing her about being fat from as far as she can remember. She was fat when she was six years old, but now she has become a lot thinner thanks to all the dancing and diet, but her brother still refused to admit it. Only her cheeks were still a lot chubby than an average twelve year old girl.

Alex found the look on Molly's face very amusing. He always does. Molly reached for the anklets, but being five inches taller than her, Alex could keep it out of her reach. He said, "You won't have them and no use calling for Mom or Dad. They are not home." and grabbing and pressing Molly's left cheek with his right hand he threw the jingling pair of anklets on his left hand into the bin. Molly screamed both because of the anklets and the pain on her left cheek. She ran to the bin as Alex let her go only to find the anklets covered by sticky left over food. She looked like she was about to cry. They were her favourite and lucky set of anklets.

Alex saw Molly's face take even a darker shade of red and laughed. Molly screamed, "Why did you do that? How am I going to go to the dance? I am going to tell..."

She stopped her face became more red as Alex laughed out loud and said, "Little girl is going to tell her mommy that her big brother did not let her play with her little jingling toy?"

Molly could feel tears forming at the corner of her eye. But she somehow resisted and said, "Now I have to buy a new one by evening and Mom will know about this anyway when I ask for the money."

"No you're not going to tell her this"

"Yes I am", said Molly as she saw her brother's smile fade a little.

Alex's smile soon reappeared and Molly did not like the look of that smile. He said, "You are going to tell her that you lost them or I will make you dance the way you are best at."

It took a moment for Molly to understand what Alex meant and when she did she screamed out and tried to run away but was cornered. She cried out, "Alex, I am not a child anymore. Don't you dare do that."

"Are you daring me?" Alex said as he grabbed Molly by her arms and pushed her onto the bed.

"No, don't!" Molly screamed as Alex started tickling her. Molly screamed louder than ever. She was the most ticklish among the people Alex knew and he used to always use this to make her do things he wanted to be done. He began to forget about today's incident with Sandra as he tortured the chubby faced girl. Molly was lying on her back and laughing and screaming at the same time. Her legs were moving up and down like the legs of a swimmer, only it was much faster than a swimmer. She tried to push Alex with her hands but her arms recoiled everytime as she was tickled in the armpits. Occasionally her hand moved to her neck and also her stomach when Alex tickled her at those parts. Molly tried to speak between laughters "Ha Ha Ha Ha... Stop... Ha Ha... Sto ho ho ho op... Ale hehex... Aaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Aaa... Plea... Ha Ha Ha... Plea Hee Hee ese... Ha Ha."

Alex said slowly in a calm voice "If only you promise to say that you lost them."

Molly could not take it any more. She felt she would explode if more of this goes on. She hated her brother more than anything. "Ha Ha Ha... OK... OK.... Ha Ha.... I pro ho ho ho mise... Aaaa Ha Ha... Sto ho hop... Ha Ha."

Alex let her go. Molly's hair was in a mess. Her cheeks were red and covered with sweat. Her shoes have come off. But she did not seem to notice any of these. She was gasping for breath. In about half a minute she got up and put on her shoes. Then she said, "I will tell about this." and punched Alex hard in the face and ran out laughing. Alex was shocked for a moment. He expected her to run but he never expected the punch. He felt his anger return and he ran after her. He saw her rushing towards her room and grabbed her arm just before she entered it. Molly did not know he would catch her again so easily and she retained the shocked look on her face as she was dragged to Alex's bedroom.

Alex clenched his teeth and said, "I know just how to cure brats like you!" He sat on the side of his bed and placed Molly's butt on his lap. Molly was shocked to find the position she was in and cried out, "Alex what the hell are you doing?"

Alex just pulled down Molly's skirt and panty quickly and started spanking with all his strength. Before Molly could say anything else she started screaming more out of humiliation than the pain although the pain was more than any pain she ever imagined. When the initial shock passed, Molly tried to put words into the screams between the slaps of Alex's strong hand on her soft butt.


"Alex Stooop!"


"Stop it! Stop it!"


"Alex I'm not a Child!"




"No ho ho ho!"


Molly started crying out of humiliation and pain. Suddenly she screamed out, "I wish you were my little six year old sister instead of this big bully." She suddenly felt the spanking stop and Alex letting her go. She fell onto the cold floor on her bare butt and lay there for a few seconds trying to figure out what happened. When she got up she saw a teenage girl sitting on the bed instead of her brother.

Both of them stared at each other for a few seconds before they realised that the girl was shrinking. Neither of them said a word. The situation was too shocking. Molly was feeling a strange warmth all over her body. The feeling seemed familiar somehow. Suddenly she remembered the incident that happened in the afternoon when she was returning home from school with her friend, Amy. They saw a crowd gathered around an Indian magicians. This was not a proffessional magician who performed on stage, but someone who claimed to possess a lot of powers and performed tricks in the open spaces in the busy parts of the city where he could attract a lot of people. Molly and Amy got into the crowd and watched as the magician put a kitten into a box, closed it, muttered something and pulled out a puppy. They were thrilled by it. He was at the end of his show when they arrived and as he was collecting money from the crowd, something dropped from his bag infront of Molly and Amy. They picked it up. It was a shining stone which felt warm. They examined it for a time and then returned it. The magician gave a strange look when they returned - a look filled with both relief and fear. Later, they realised that both of them felt strangely warm when they touched that stone. It was clear now what had happened. The stone gave her some type of power with which she was able to change her brother into a girl.

She watched as her former brother got smaller. She now could see that Alex was actually getting younger rather than smaller in size only. Alex did not understand what was happening. She just saw everything get bigger. She felt strange on her chest and between her legs. Her hands and legs looked strange. And she was having a tingling feeling all through the process. When the shrinking stopped Molly saw that Alex had become a six year old girl wearing clothes which were too big for her. Molly wiped the tears and sweat from her face and a grin spread accross her lips. Alex finally spoke in a high pitched voice, "What happened?"

Shocked by his own voice Alex stared at Molly who laughed and said, "Dear brother, can't you understand what happened?" and picked up Alex by her armpits and carried her to a mirror. "You have become my six year old sister." Molly said as Alex could not believe her own eyes as she looked at the image of a little girl with black hair and brown eyes. She looked a bit like Molly and a bit like her mother. Molly giggled at the look on Alex's new face and thinking about all the things she can now do to her, but before that she decided to test whether the power is still there. She had also thought of a new name for Alex. It's Alexandra. Molly carried Alexandra to the bed and made her sit on the side of it while she informed her of her new name. Then she pointed at Alexandra and said, "I wish Alexandra had long hair!"

Nothing happened. Molly's expression became serious. Has she lost the power. Then she thought for a while. Alexandra saw that Molly seemed to suddenly figure something out and watched as she grabbed her arm. Grabbing Alexandra's arm Molly shouted, "I wish Alexandra had long hair!"

With that Molly felt warm again and as she let go of Alexandra's arm she saw her hair grow long and almost touch the bed. Alexandra picked up her own hair and looked at it in astonishment. Getting excited Molly grabbed Alexandra's arm once more and shouted, "I wish Alexandra had short hair with a pony tail." As soon as she said that, she saw Alexandra's long hair quickly shorten and a small pony tail appeared at the back of her head tied with a rubber band.

Alexandra said in a quiverring voice, "Molly, wha-what is going on?"

Molly said, "My dear little sister, this is called justice. You are about to pay for all the things you did to me." and then she explained how she got the power from the stone. She finished by saying "and now I am going to test the power on you, my little sister."

Alexandra looked at Molly sternly and said, "Molly change me back to my old self right now."

Molly snapped, "Watch it Alexandra. You are in no position to command me around."

Alexandra's face became pale hearing the tone of Molly's voice. And it became even more pale when she saw a wicked smile come accross her sister's face. Molly grabbed Alexandra and said, "Why are you still wearing boy's clothes? I can help you take them off." and she started taking those large clothes off the six year old girl.

Alexandra screamed, and she could not believe she was screaming. She also kicked and fought with Molly, but the girl whom she spanked and tickled a few minutes ago was now too strong for her. In few seconds Alexandra became a screaming, naked little girl with both her arms being held by just one hand of her sister. Laughing, Molly pointed at the slit between Alexandra's legs and said, "Look Alexandra, what happened to your penis." Alexandra tried to get her arms free so that she could cover the slit, but she could only scream and kick into the air while her sister held her arms from the back and laughed at her. Molly watched Alexandra's face become red with humiliation. Alexandra felt tears coming to her eyes. She tried to hold them back, but Molly did not miss them. She laughed more. After few minutes Molly got down from the bed leaving the sobbing six year old on the bed.

Molly then tested the limit of her power for half and hour. She discovered that she could not make things appear from thin air, but could change one thing into another while touching it. She also could make Alexandra wear anything she wished while touching her. The clothes would just appear on her body. She also found out that she could make Alexandra forget and remember things as she wishe. She was also glad to find that she could affect the memory even when she was not touching Alexandra. She made Alexandra forget her alphabets and then remember them again after a while.

"This is great", Molly said excitedly. "I can make everyone forget that Alex ever existed, so that you can be my little sister forever."

Alexandra was now wearing a pink frock, white socks and pink shoes and a pink ribbon was used to tie her hair into a pony tail. She said in a terrified voice, "Molly, please don't do that. If you do I'll... I'll..."

"You'll what? You'll tell mommy about it?" Molly said teasingly.

Alexandra blushed as she was actually thinking of telling mommy about it. Molly enjoyed it as much as Alex did an hour ago.

Molly smiled and said, "What if mommy does not remember who little Alexandra is? What would little Alexandra do?"

Alexandra did not say anything. The thought of being alone in the world terrified her.

Molly said, "Is little Alexandra scared. Well you did not listen to me when I was scared. Maybe I should make you tell mommy what your big sister did. Or maybe... You know what...." Molly was grinning. "I think you should know what you made me go through..." With that she paused and then held Alexandra's hand and shouted, "I wish you were more chubby than I was when I was six years old!"

Molly felt warm again and Alexandra felt as if she was expanding. Alexandra watched her hands and legs become fatter and stared at her belly as it expanded. She screamed, "Please, don't!"

Molly shouted again, "I wish Alexandra was not wearing any clothes!"

Alexandra's clothes disappeared and Molly saw Alexandra's body which was now covered in layers of fat. She did not seem satisfied though.

"I wish Alexandra's face was more chubby than mine was!"

Alexandra felt her face expand like a balloon. She touched her face with her hands and felt her cheeks fill up her hands. Molly seemed satisfied and she dragged Alexandra to the mirror. Alexandra looked at the chubby little girl in the mirror whose cheeks turned red and looked as if she was about to cry. Molly grabbed her cheek tightly and pulled her towards the bed.

"AAAAAhhh that hurts!"

Molly only laughed.

"Please. Please let go."

Molly pushed the fat, naked girl onto the bed. "Does it hurt, little Alexandra?"

"Don't do that again."

"What did you say, little Alexandra?" Molly said grabbing her cheek again.

"Ouch! Stop it!"

"Aw, little Alexandra got hurt." Molly said releasing her.

"Stop calling me 'little' !"

Molly laughed and said, "Little Alexandra! Little Alexandra! Chubby Alexadra! Fat little Alexandra!"

"Stop It!" Alexandra felt her cheeks go red and tears flow from her eyes.

"Little Alexandra is crying. Don't cry." Molly paused. "I know how to make you laugh..."

Alexandra stopped crying as she saw Molly approach with her fingers wiggling. She backed away trying to get away from Molly, but it was no use. Soon Molly was holding her on the bed and tickling her. Alexandra's laughter send ripples through her fat filled body as Molly tickled her armpits, neck and belly. Her legs were moving up and down and kicking into the air. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha... Sto... Ha Ha Ha Ha... Sto... Aaaaaa Ha Ha.... Ha Ha Ha Ha." She could not even speak a word between her laughters.

When Molly was satisfied, she got up and watched Alexandra gasp for breath. She said, "Does little Alexandra want more?"

"Noooo", Alexandra started crying. She said between sobs. "I am sorry. Please don't tickle me anymore."

"Are you sorry for what you did to me?"

"Yes, I am very sorry." she paused and said, "I broke up with Sandra and I was angry. I could not control myself. I am sorry..."

But Molly was not listening anymore. She had a new idea.

In about fifteen minutes, Molly had called Amy and told her about the power. She assumed Amy had it too but did not know about it. Amy was thrilled, but she would not believe it at first. She tried it out herself by changing a glass into a bottle and was excited beyond words. Molly did not tell her about Alex, but said she would give her a surprise when she reaches her house. By that time Alexandra had put on her old clothes which were too large for her and was sitting in an awkward way on the bed. Putting the phone down Molly walked over to Alexandra and said, "Well my little sister, we're going to visit my friend Amy this afternoon."

Molly watched as Alexandra's face take up a terrified expression. She said in a quivering voice, "Molly, is'nt Amy Sandra's sister?"

"Yes" Molly said smiling.

"Please Molly, I don't want Sandra to see me like this."

Molly watched Alexandra's face for a while enjoying her anxious look all the way. Then said, "Sandra is'nt home. She won't see you."

"Please Molly, I'll do anything you say. Just don't take me there."

"Of course you'll do anything I say. You don't have much choice." Molly said will an evil laugh. "And right now I'm telling you to come with me to Amy's house.

"No I'm not going!" screamed Alexandra and afraid of being tickled again, she ran for the door. But she was not very fast with the fat body of hers. Molly was ready for this and caught her by the arm as soon as she got out of the bed. She screamed, "Don't tickle me." as she was dragged towards the bed again.

Molly grinned, "No little brat, I've something better planned for you."

Before Alexandra could understand what she meant, she found herself laying accross Molly's lap. She felt her old pant and underwear taken off her bottom in a second and before she could express the horror she felt with a scream, Molly's cold hand had hit her fat bottom. Alexandra at first shrieked with pure humiliation. She never imagined that she would be spanked by her twelve year old sister. But as Molly's cold hand came down again and again onto her bottom which was becoming red, Alexandra screamed with both pain and humiliation, kicking the air with her legs and trying helplessly to reach for something with her short arms. But the spanking did not stop. When Alex spanked Molly, she could still utter sentences between the slaps, but Alexandra could only scream out one or two words between the slaps and even those words were mixed with sobs at a later stage.







Whap! Whap!




Whap! Whap!


Whap! Whap!


Whap! Whap!


Whap! Whap! Whap!

Molly was feeling the hot sweetness of revenge as Alexandra broke into a childlike cry. She kept on spanking her until her bottom was as red as her cheeks. She put the crying child onto the floor. The floor felt very cold on Alexandra's bottom. She was still crying. Her face was red and wet with both sweat and tears. Her eyes seem to have swelled a bit due to all the crying. Molly said coldly, "Now, are you going to go to Amy's house with me?"

Alexandra could not stop crying to say anything. She only nodded.

"Good. And if you disobey me again, I'll spank you so hard you won't be able to stop crying for three days. You understand that?"

Alexandra nodded again.

"Good." Molly was enjoying this very much. "Now let's get you dressed up."

In a few minutes, Molly was holding Alexandra's hand and walking towards Amy's house which was not that far away. Alexandra was dressed in a pink frock with a picture of a small rabbit on the chest. Her hair was tied into a ponytail with a pink ribbon. She was wearing white socks and pink shoes that matched her dress. All the sweat and tears were wiped off her face before they came out of the house and Molly had made sure that Alexandra's clothing made her look as much childish as possible. All the way Alexandra was dreading whether they would come accross any of Alex's friends and whether they would recognise her or not. She could not imagine what they would do if they found out that Alex was now a six year old girl.

All the time Alexandra felt like hiding everytime someone on the street looked at her. Being a foreigner they were getting more stares from the Indian people. They did not see any white person on their way. All the Indian girls who passed them looked at Alexandra as if she was the cutest thing in the world. She was blushing everytime this happened. Alex had always wanted girls to look at him, but this is not what he wanted. The girls who saw her blush would mutter something like, "Awww, so cute." in Indian language which both Molly and Alexandra could understand, since they have lived here for so long. Molly just smiled looking at her little sister's embarrasment.

When Molly had rang the doorbell, Alexandra's little heart was shaking with fear. She did not want to think of what was coming to her. The door was opened by Amy. Amy, unlike Molly, did not have chubby cheeks. She was quite skinny and dark. As her father had married an Indian woman, Amy's skin was dark like any other Indian, but as her sister Sandra was white, she was always teased about her skin colour. They walked into the livingroom. As Amy closed the door she asked, "So what's the surprise?"

Alexandra was hiding behind her sister all this time. Now Molly brought her forward so that Amy could see her properly. Amy looked at the six year old girl and was stunned by the way she ressembled Molly. She cried out, "Molly, who is she? You never told me you had a little sister?"

Molly smiled and said, "That's because I did'nt until today."

"What?" said Amy. "Did you wish for her or something?"

"Sort of." Molly paused and then laughed. "This is Alex. I now call her Alexandra."

Alexandra turned as red as an apple when the two older girls pointed at her and laughed. She stood frozen with shame in the middle of the room with her hands close to her chest infront of the picture of the small rabbit. She became more stiff as Amy touched her chubby face with her hands and said, "She is such a cute little girl."

"Let's take her to your room." Molly said and they held Alexandra's hands and took her upstairs to Amy's room. Alexandra did not even try to protest, afraid of making them angry. She hoped that if she listened to them they may turn her back the way she was before. Once they were in Amy's room, Molly closed the door and Alexandra was made to sit on Amy's lap while Molly told her how she punished Alexandra for her crimes.

When she finished Amy grabbed Alexandra's cheek and said, "So Alexandra, how does it feel to be a little girl?"

Alexandra did not answer. She only stared at the floor.

Giggling at her look, Amy asked again, "How does it feel to be punished by your sister? Are you sorry for what you did?"

As no replies came, Molly glared at Alexandra. It worked like magic. Alexandra quickly looked at Amy and said, "I... I am very sorry."

Hearing her voice for the first time Amy laughed out loud. "So are you going to make your sister angry again?"

"No I won't." came the reply.

"Good girl. Now get your fat body off me or my legs will get crushed in a few minutes."

They both laughed as Alexandra got off.

"This is great Molly, I can't wait to do something like this to Sandra."

Molly's face suddenly brightened as she just thought of something. Alexandra saw them whispering and wondered with great fear what they were planning to do. They told her to wait and left the room. Alexandra did not move from her place. She could understand that runnig away won't help her at all as only her sister and Amy could change her back.

She waited for about ten minutes after which the door opened and her sister walked in. She was followed by Amy and then Sandra. All the colour from Alexandra's face faded when Sandra walked in. She looked at Molly with a desperate look in her eyes which made her burst into laughter. Alexandra said in a quivering voice, "Molly, you said..."

"I lied." was Molly's response when she stopped laughing. Alexandra looked at Sandra. She looked as if she was ten years old, but Alexandra still recognised her. Sandra walked to the middle of the room while Molly said, "You see Alexandra, we showed Sandra our powers and promised to turn her into a sexy twenty year old if she helped us."

Sandra looked a bit confused and impatient. She said, "So what do I have to do? And who is this girl?"

Molly said in a voice filled with mocking surprise, "Why Sandra! Can't you recognise your ex-boyfriend Alex?"

Sandra stood stunned for a moment and then burst out laughing with the other girls. "Alex or should I say Alexandra. Who is acting like a child now?"

Molly said, "You want to see her properly?" and walked over to Alexandra and wished, "I wish that Alexandra was wearing no clothes."

Alexandra screamed as she became naked infront of Sandra. What would happen when Sandra would tell Alex's friends about this? It would be no use turning back into a boy if everyone knew about this. Alexandra started crying as the three girls looked at her fat body and laughed.

Amy said, "Awww the little girl is crying. Let's cheer her up."

Molly grabbed Alexandra's hand and said, "I wish that Alexandra was more ticklish than I was."

Alexandra backed away in horror as she felt a tingle all over her body. Molly pulled the screaming Alexandra onto the bed and held her arms fixed onto the bed with her knees. Alexandra could not move her arms, but moved her head from side to side and kicked the air with her legs. Amy came up to the bed and pressed the kicking legs onto the bed with her knees. So that only the head, feet and hands were moving. Sandra came up from Alexandra's left wearing an evil grin on her lips. Molly held Alexandra's head firmly with one of her hand.

Alexandra looked at the three faces in terror as she felt that she only could wiggle her hands and feet. The res of her body was totally exposed and in the mercy of these three girls. She never imagined she would be in such a situation. She cried out, "Please, don't tickle me. Sandra, please don't listen to these girls. I am sorry for what I did to you today. Please don't tickle me. Nooooaaaah Ha Ha Ha"

Ignoring her pleas they started tickling her all at once. Amy tickled her belly. Sandra tickled her armpits. Molly tickled her neck. Alexandra never felt so tortured in her life. She could not say anything between her laughters which went on incessantly. She tried to say "Please Stop" often which came bursting out as laughters. She could not even move her head. She could only wiggle her small hands and small feet with their pink painted toenails. But it did not help at all. The three girls were also making noises like "Cuchie Cuchie Cooo" while they tickled her. Alexandra's laughter got mixed with cries at a later stage.


Alexandra's face has started to sweat. It always happens, probably due to all the fat stored in the cheeks. By the time they were finished, Alexandra's face was red like a strawberry and shining with sweat. They watched as Alexandra gasped for breath and sobbed with her hands closed to her cheeks. She got up and sat in a way as if even the air was tickling her. While her sob slowly decreased the girls talked amongst themselves about what should be done to Alexandra next.

After sometime Sandra walked over to Alexandra and asked in a serious tone, "So, little girl, can you remind me you broke up with me?"

Inspite of her present situation, Alexandra remembered what happened in the morning. She did not say anything.

"Answer my question."

Alexandra did not want to be tickled again. She said, "Because you were acting like a child."

Sandra did not expect the answer to come so easily. She shouted, "You are as stupid as you look. Don't you now understand that it was you who was acting like a child?"

Alexandra did not say anything.

"Alright, you need to learn more."

Before Alexandra could respond, she was put accross Sandra's lap and she started spanking her. Alexandra started crying immediately this time. Being spanked by a former girlfriend was the most humiliating situation she could think of. Alexandra just screamed out between the slaps, "I'm sorry. I was acting like a child, not you. I am just a little girl. Please stop."

Sandra stopped and let the naked child sit on the bed. Then she started telling her of her plans for her. "Little Alexandra, how would you feel when everyone at school hears about you or even sees you like this?"

The only response she got was a child's crying.

She continued, "I would take you to school myself and show you to everyone. Imagine what it would be like when the 14 year old girls who had crushes on you would come up to you and squeeze your chubby cheeks and say that you are sooo cute."

Amy interrupted, "Sandra, let's leave her now. She had enough."

"Don't interrupt." snapped Sandra.

"Dont' talk to me like that." Amy glared.

"What? Do you think you can do something to me and get away with it? Mom and Dad will definitely find out if you do something to me."

Molly and Amy smiled. They have not told Sandra that they can affect people's memories. Amy said, "I was about to change your age like we promised, but since you are not interested..."

Sandra got up quickly. "OK, OK, get on with it." And she put her hand forward.

Amy grabbed it and said, "I wish that Sandra was two years old."

Sandra pulled her hand back with a look of horror and astonishment. "What are you doing?" But it was too late.

Amy smiled and said, "We forgot to mention that we can affect people's memories. We can make it so that everyone would forget that I ever had an older sister.

As Sandra began to shrink she screamed, "Noooo stop!"

Molly wished Sandra was naked. And they both watched as Sandra's developing breasts became totally flat. Sandra quickly covered her pussy with her hands. She screamed and could hear her voice changing. "Amy, why did you do this. Pwease stop it."

Amy and Molly just smiled. Amy said, "Having an older sister is a pain. You will understand how painful it is soon. They both laughed.

Alexandra had stopped crying and was now watching Sandra turn into a baby. She was being filled with baby fat. Her hands and feet became more pudgy. At one point in the process Sandra suddenly sat down on the floor on her bottom and with the sides of her knees touching the floor. Her ankles were almost touching each other. Sandra was looking up at all three of them. Her face looked as if she was about to cry. But she was screaming at the top of her voice at Amy. "Amy you bitch, turn mwe back this instant."

"Shut up Sandra. You shouldn't talk to you older sister like that." said Amy as she picked up the little two year old girl. Sandra was scared seeing how helpless she was. She could not speak for a few minutes. Amy wished, "I wish that Sandra looked like an Indian baby girl."

Immediately, Sandra's skin became brown. Darker than Amy's. Then they took her to the mirror above the sink in the bathroom and Alexandra heard Sandra scream. Alexandra's pain in her bottom was less now and she started to feel amused by Sandra's situation. She felt Sandra got what she deserved. When they returned there were tears in Sandra's eyes. Alexandra asked, "May I have her for a minute?"

The girls gladly handed Sandra over to Alexandra. Sandra was shocked to see that she was in huge arms of the little girl she just spanked. She did not want to imagine what was to be done to her. Alexandra giggled and said, "Look at you Sandra, you are just a little baby. How are you going to take me to school now?" All three of them laughed as Sandra turned red.

Alexandra continued, "I think now I'll show you to all of your ex-boyfriends. They will see what an ugly little baby they have been dating. And who is going to like you now that you don't have any breasts or an useful pussy. You'll now use your pussy only for peeing in your diapers." Alexandra felt a lot better when Sandra started crying.

Then to feel better still, Alexandra started spanking the little baby. Sandra cried and tried to get away, but she could do nothing. She helplessly lay on Alexandra's bare legs while her butt slowly turned re. She only begged Alexandra to stop.








"I'm sowwyyyyyyyyyy."



Whap! Whap!


Hearing her call out for her mommy made all three of them laugh out loud. The spanking continued until Sandra could not talk anymore due to the crying. Alexandra put her down on the floor and she peed all over the floor, crying louder than ever. Amy said, "Awwww did little baby just pee in her pants?"

Amy wished the tableclock into a diaper and put Sandra in it. Then she told her, "Do you know what I'm going to do to you little baby? I'm going to erase your memory and leave you at an orphanage. I'll also make Mom and Dad forget about you. You'll grow up with poor Indian children."

Alexandra laughed along with the other two girls. Molly then said, "Alexandra don't be so happy. I haven't yet told you what would happen to you."

All the traces of laughter faded from Alexandra's face as he said this.

"I would let you live as my little sister, torturing you like you tortured my all throughout your life. And I'll let you start at the age of one." said Molly as Amy put the sobbing Sandra on the bed.

"Molly, please. I promise I won't do anything to you anymore. Please turn me back the way I was."

"That's what I'm going to do Alexandra. I'm going to turn you back the way you were 15 years ago. The only difference is you'll be a girl instead of a boy." Both Molly and Amy laughed.

Alexandra said nothing. She knew she couldn't do anything against them.

Amy whispered something in Molly's ear and Molly's face seemed to brighten up.

She said to Alexandra, "I'll do this in a bit fancy way."

She held her hand and said, "I wish that Alexandra would get younger the more she laughed until she was one year old."

Alexandra felt the tingle as usual. Then Amy and Molly started tickling her. She quit struggling and just laughed. She heard her voice change. Her body seemed to get fatter. Her limbs started getting smaller. She felt her face become more chubby. The hands that were tickling her seemed to get bigger. Molly and Amy saw Alexandra's hands become more pudgy. Soon they closed into a fist and remained like that. Her face became more like a baby. They soon saw that all her teeth have disappeared and saliva was coming out of her mouth as she was laughing. When she did not seemed to be changing anymore they stopped.

Alexandra felt very small. She found that she could not get up. She did not even have any control over her limbs. They were moving by themselves. Molly and Amy looked at Alexandra and laughed. She was looking like a blob of pink flesh with a head and limbs. Hearing the laughs, Alexandra felt as if she was about to cry. She hated this feeling. But she was only a baby now, she could not do anything about it. She pleaded as hearing her ridiculus babyish voice, the girls laughed even louder, "Pleath Mowwy, I don'th wanth thoo be a baby."

Sandra had stopped crying by then. Staring at the baby which was smaller than her, she felt the urge for revenge. She crawled upto Alexandra while she lay helpless on the bed. As Alexandra saw Sandra approach, she tired to move away resulting in her arms and legs moving more vigorously. But it was no use. Sandra had more control over her own body than Alexandra did. Alexandra only managed to scream out, "Geth away fwom meee!" before Sandra started to pinch and tickle the chubby, helpless little baby.

Alexandra did not even try to prevent herself from crying this time. "Sthooop. Ith hurths. Mowwy, hewp meeeeeaaaaaaaaa. Waaaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!"

Molly told Amy, "These two like to torture each other all the time. I think they should be made to learn to be friends, don't you think?"

"Yeah." said the giggling Amy.

Amy picked up little Sandra and wished for her to turn into an one year old. She cried as she lost total control over her arms and legs. She was made to lie beside Alexandra once the change was complete. they were so close that their bodies were touching each other and their closed fists were moving over each others round faces occsionally, but they could not do anything to each other as they had no control over their limbs. By that time Alexandra had peed on the bed was helplessly looking at Molly. Molly picked her up and put her in a diaper. She felt humiliated being dressed in a diaper, but she could not do anything about it. She was put in bed beside Sandra.

"Awwwww, they look so cute together." said Molly.

Amy and Molly carried them to the bathroom and held them infront of the mirror. They looked at their reflections and sank their little faces on their sisters shoulders. When they were put back on the bed, they started begging.

Alexandra said, "Mowwy, pweath thurn me back."

Sandra said, "Awy, I won'th thease you ewer again. Pweath thurn me back."

"I wiww weth you come thoo my woom any thime you wanth.", said Alexandra.

"Weth me sthay bwacker than you, buth pweath thurn me back."

The two girls giggled at the desperate cries of the two little babies. As they continued to beg, Molly told Amy, "Don't you think they talk too much for babies."

"Yes, babies cannot talk at this age."


Amy held Sandra's hand and said, "I wish Sandra gurgled like a baby instead of speaking all the time."

Sandra started pleading even before Amy started wishing. "Pweath Awy, I won'th thalk. Pweath don'th make me woose my splllltthhhhh aggggggllll gaaa gooo." Sandra started gurgling like a baby with saliva messing up her face.

Amy said, "Awwww, how cute."

Alexandra felt tears again forming in her eyes as Molly approached her. Molly grabbed Alexandra's pudgy hand and squeezed it as she made the same wish.

"Nooo Mowwy, pweath donth doaabbthh gllllaaaaaalll aggooo gaaa." She also lost her speech. They lay on the bed and tried very hard to talk, but the only thing that came out of their mouths were gurgles and saliva. Amy and Molly then changed Sandra's bed into a crib and put the two babies there. Then they changed their own dresses with the wish. Before they left for shopping they put each of the baby's thumb into their mouths and the babies started sucking them. Molly cooed to them, "You two babies stay here while you older sisters go to buy some stuff. We will feed you and change your diapers when we come back."

The babies helplessly lay there sucking their thumbs. At one point they fell asleep.

Alexandra was having a nightmare. She saw that she was Alex again, but was small in size and was being chased by giant girls. Then she woke up with a start. First she was relieved thinking it was only a dream and then suddenly remembered the situation she was actually in and started crying. She has wet her diapers and felt very uncomfortable. Her crying woke Sandra up and she also started crying. After a few minutes, which seemed like hours to the babies, their sisters entered the room carrying large bags.

"Awww have the babies messed their diapers again?" they said as they changed their diapers. Amy and Molly have bought the cheapes stuff they could find and now started changing those things into what they wanted. Soon the junk became expensive dresses and cosmetics. The babies lay helplessly gurgling while they tried on everything. By the time they finished, it was almost evening. They came upto the crib and Molly said, "Hello babies, we have thought about what to do with you for tonight. Do you want to know what it is?"

The babies only stared at her with alarmed looks.

"Since Alexandra threw away my anklets, and I have to go to the dance competition, where I will win of course, I've decided to make you two my living sets of anklets."

The babies stared at her in disbelief and terror and started crying when they picked them up from the crib. First Molly made her wish on Alexandra.

Alexandra felt a tingle right after the wish and felt her arms and legs moving towards each other. Her left leg seem to merge with her left arm and similar change seemed to be happening on her right side. While this happeded her head seemed to go into her body. Her crying stopped. She could not see for a few seconds. All the other three, saw that she looked like a blob of flesh squirming on the floor. Then Alexandra felt like she was being stretched. She started seeing and hearing after a while and the whole world seemed bigger than she ever imagined it could be. She found that she could not move but she could roll her head to look up or down as if she was lying on the ground rolling. She saw something huge land infront of her and realised it was her sisters foot. She was picked up by her sisters hands and she felt it very intesely. Her skin has become very sensetive. Molly looked closely at the jingling bell at the centre of the anklet and saw a small face on it look at her in horror. She showed it to Amy. Then she said, "I wish that Alexandra would always feel aroused and would feel extreme orgasms with every movement and touch of human skin on her body."

Suddenly Alexandra felt turned on and her whole body felt as sensetive as the tip of a penis. She started to feel orgasms with the mere touch of her sister's fingers. Molly saw the face on the bell twitch and express a very painful pleasure. Then Alexandra felt herself being lowered. Her whole body seemed to orgasm as Molly took her shoes and socks off and put Alexandra around her bare ankle. Alexandra could not bear the orgasm. She could not scream as she did not have any mouth. She was ready to give up anything to relieve her of this amount of pleasure, but she could only lie wrapped around her sister's ankle. Then it was Sandra's turn. She also underwent the same process and was wrapped around Molly's other ankle in a few minutes. Molly giggled as she walked around making the bells jingle. Sandra felt as if her whole body was her pussy and something was being constantly shoved into and out of it. And the orgasms were making both of them wish they were dead. They screamed, "Nooo, stop it! I can't take it anymore!" but no sound came out of them except the jingles of bells. They found they could hear each other speak but they could produce no sound.

Molly wore them to the dance competition. They were not given a moment of relief as Molly was wearing them all the time. Molly and Amy have made everyone forget that Alexa and Sandra ever existed. When Molly started dancing they were screaming mentally as the world swung around them. Each time Molly's foot came down onto the floor, they felt they were being torn apart with pleasure. They wanted to cry but couldn't. They wished they were back as babies. It was a lot better than this. The orgasms became worse when Molly's bare feet started sweating in the middle of the dance. As her foot came down the anklets slipped a bit lower than usual because of the sweat and it was making them feel like they are going to be mad in a few seconds. But they could not do anything. They only wished that they would be turned back in a few days.

Molly got the first prize as she wished herself to be the best dancer of them all. Before she went to sleep that night she put the anklets in the drawyer and told them that they would be turned back in the morning. They were arouse the whole night. They could not sleep. The only thing they wished at that time was an orgasm to relieve them from the arousal.

In the morning, when the drawyer was opened, Alexandra and Sandra were overjoyed. Their ectasy was soon turned to horror as Molly said, "Sorry babies looks like I lost my powers. I can't change you back. But I'll keep you two to myself always. You won't have a bad time with all the orgasm. I promise to wear you as much as possible."

They tried to scream, "Nooooooooo, destroy us. Destroy us completely. We can't bear the orgasm!" but no sound came out.

They started to feel the orgasms again as Molly wore them. She said, "I will be a great dancer. I will always wear you two at every dance. You don't have to worry."

Alexandra and Sandra finally agreed on one thing. They would have to bear this torturing pleasure. Molly would be wearing them to every dance. They would always feel orgasms or constant arousal. They can never make anyone hear their pleas. They would just dangle at Molly's sweaty feet making jingling noises and feeling pleasure that would tear their mind apart when Molly danced. And unless they are melted down at metal works, they would have to live this life for eternity. They could not concentrate on anymore thinking because they started feeling orgasms as Molly got down from the bed and started walking.

The End

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