Fetish and Fates parts 1 and 2

May 5, 2005

Fetish and Fates
Rewrite of Part one and new part two
This story has adult/sensitive content. You have been warned.

Part One

I had always liked little girls. When I was a teen, I was attracted to girls who were two or three years younger than me. It may have been that younger and less experienced girls were easier to “get” and more enjoyable for me once “gotten”. Eventually, I became more and more infatuated with younger girls—nine and ten year olds especially. It’s an age where they are becoming young women so they are sexy but still with the “little girl” flare.

My marriage is a good one. I have been happily married for many years and am the proud father of two little boys. My guess was that this was God’s way of keeping my children safe from their father’s secret fetish. Of course the wife knew all about this fetish—no secrets in our marriage. She was more accepting in the early years of our marriage but as we came more into our thirties, being parents overshadowed secret bedroom fantasies and my little girl fetish again became taboo…at least until now.

My wife, Mandy, was always the one who enjoyed garage sales. She could spend hours searching for that one special outfit or a unique piece of furniture. Sometimes she came home with things we didn’t really need at all. But on this particular day, Mandy’s frugal garage sale tactics would change everything.

Mandy had just pulled out of Target when she spotted the first sign.


Mandy was pleased with herself. She hadn’t spent much on this shopping expedition to Target--just some groceries and some new underwear for herself. Certainly a pit stop at a garage sale would be fun. A minute later, she found herself turning into a neighborhood. She parked the car and unloaded our boys.

“Now boys, stay close and don’t touch anything,” she instructed.

At first, the garage sale appeared to be ordinary. There were a few smaller toys that our boys quickly gravitated toward. Mandy was pleased because this gave her a chance to explore the racks of clothes, a set of dishes and serving ware, and a table full of cheap jewelry.

“Mom! He just took my toy away” my younger son tattled.

“Boys, stop it!” Mandy scolded. “I’m almost done here. If you two can behave yourselves for another five minutes, we’ll stop for ice cream after this, okay?”

“Alright mom. We’ll behave!”

Bribery conquers all!

One piece of jewelry stood out. It was rather dingy looking medallion on a chain. Although not the most elegant piece of jewelry, it was perhaps the most interesting thing at the sale. On its face was an angel or fairy holding a wand.

“How much for this?” my wife asked the homeowner.

“Forty dollars,” the young woman replied with a smile. “It’s been in our family for years.”

This puzzled my wife. “If it’s been in your family for years, why part with it now?”

Maintaining her warm smile, the young woman replied, “My wi--, uh, er, husband and I felt that it was just time to let it go. It’s served its purpose with us. We’re going to stay like this.”

“Stay like what?” Mandy thought to herself. It was about the strangest reply Mandy had ever heard. Baffled and a bit nervous, she gathered up the medallion and her other finds, paid the young woman, and summoned our boys.

Mandy was still processing the odd reply. Sensing this, the woman moved in to plant another seed to seal the deal. “It has magical powers…”

“Okay boys, into the car…NOW!” she instructed in a concerned tone. Quickly, she opened the car door, strapped our boys into their car seats, and drove away. Off to Baskin-Robbins…

That night, my wife told me all about the strange conversation. It didn’t make much sense to me at time. Crazy ladies at garage sales were a dime a dozen, I thought to myself. (I would have been smacked if I had said this out loud.) My wife headed into the next room to retrieve the medallion.

When she returned, I was in the process of transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer. She dangled the medallion in front of my face just as I was moving a pile of her lingerie from the washer to the dryer.

With the load of wet laundry in my hands, I brushed the medallion to the side. “What a piece of junk,” I thought to myself. It certainly wasn’t worth forty dollars!

“Now, now, honey,” she teased. “It’s magic!”

“Magic…” I played along, focusing my attention on the center of the medallion. “Oh mighty medallion, I wish that my wildest fantasies were fulfilled.”

My wife’s expression suddenly became stern. “Sweetheart, some fantasies will always remain fantasies.”

I sighed, grabbing the medallion from her and setting it atop the dryer. “Ouch!” I exclaimed as the medallion seemed to produce a small electrical charge.

“What, honey? Did the almighty medallion grant you your wish”

“Yeah, sure. My wish is to be electrocuted by cheap jewelry while laundering women’s underpants. Thanks…”

“Well, you have to admit, that’s about as strange as your real fantasies.”

“You’re not funny. No secrets in this marriage. That’s why I told you my deepest, darkest fantasies, okay?”

“That’s fine honey. I love you,” Mandy soothed.

Little spats like this always ended with apologies and the proverbial I love you exchange. I could feel a tingling in my groin. I hoped the boys were asleep because one thing could lead to another in moments like this.

“I love you too” I responded as I motioned to my pants and the erection I could feel was growing down there. Mandy suddenly pulled me onto the couch, kissing me passionately—just as I had hoped. Her hand extended downward to my throbbing hard on.

“What on Earth?” Mandy exclaimed as she came up empty. “Where is it?”

“You’re funny. It’s right there,” I replied as I reached into my underwear. “Wh--, wh--, where’d it go. What’s going on?”

“Pull your underwear down, honey. Let me see.” I did what she said and dropped my drawers.

Mandy took one look at the void between my legs and fainted.

When she came to, I was still staring at the area between my legs. Instead of my friend of thirty-some years, I was looking at a soft mound of flesh that led down between my legs. Delicate folds of skin confirmed it.


Mandy countered, “Not quite, honey. Come over here.” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom mirror. I was relieved to see that my face and the rest of my body were still intact. But again, I gazed down to my crotch. “I’ve got a vagina,” I repeated again. “Is this possible?”

At the same time, we both realized the answer.

“The medallion.”

“It is magic,” Mandy exclaimed.

“It’s really cool,” I replied as I cupped myself between my legs. “Wow, this is nice.”

Mandy was getting hot too. “Sweetheart, would you like to get a room? Come into the bedroom. Suddenly, I seem to have an idea.”

Mandy spent the next thirty minutes showing me what oral sex was supposed to be like. I had multiple orgasms before I finally begged her to stop. It was simply amazing. I fell asleep with the most satisfied look on my face the perhaps the most erotic dreams I ever had.
The alarm went off at 6 AM. Mandy and I worked alternate shifts so that we could raise our boys without the negative influences of daycare. Today was Mandy’s Monday and my Saturday. Alone with my two boys.

I climbed out of bed and headed for the toilet. Regardless of who’s day it was to go to work, my responsibility has always been to run the bathtub. As I stood at the toilet ready to pee, I realized that it wasn’t a dream at all. I still had a vagina. How strange was this?

I started the bathtub and proceeded to the laundry room to find the medallion. It was still on the dryer where I had left it when I got shocked the night before. When my wife left for work, I would start experimenting with it.

Mandy took the normal 30 minutes to get ready for work. She kissed me goodbye and headed out the door. Did she remember last night or did she, like me, think it was all just a dream?

First order of business was to see if I could get my own body parts back. I retraced exactly what had happened. I spoke to the medallion and then it shocked me. That’s when I started feeling all funny down there. That’s when I gained vagina. Okay, this should be easy.

I focused again and very seriously said, “Oh mighty medallion, I would like my penis back.” Nothing happened.

“Please?” I added.


“Daddy, we’re awake!” My boys came out of their room together almost every morning. Even thought they are three years apart, they are wired exactly the same. It’s almost scary.

I fixed them breakfast, all the while trying to figure out how I could replicate the events of the prior evening. It had been nearly 12 hours. Although I was starting to get used to having a vagina, I knew that I really needed to focus my energies on restoring my manhood—at least for now.

After an exhaustive Internet search, I finally felt that I had an understanding of what we actually had in our possession—the fabled Medallion of Zulo. I returned to the laundry room, grabbed a pair of my underwear, and brushed it against the medallion.

“OUCH!” I exclaimed and almost in the same instant, I let out a sign of relief. I began to feel the folds between my legs dissolve into a flatness and my clitoris began extending outward until it resembled my former manhood.

I was beginning to understand the secrets of this medallion. As I thought about what my wife has said the night before and the information I had found during my Google search on the Internet, I began to formulate a plan. My fantasy and deepest fetishes would soon be fulfilled and in the most perfect way ever conceived.

Fetish and Fates
Part Two

Three weeks had passed. Neither my wife nor myself had mentioned the medallion since that delicious night when my manhood had been transformed so erotically. Even when I was at work, it was difficult to stay focused. I continued to find myself daydreaming about my plan to use the medallion to fulfill my wildest dreams and deepest secrets.

The most difficult part of the plan to work out had been what to do with our boys. I was still thinking responsibly when it came to my children’s welfare. So when my parents had offered to watch them for the week while my wife and I took some “away time” it was the perfect solution.

My boys stood on the curb with their grandparents, waving goodbye to their Mommy and Daddy. My wife, Mandy, glanced at the rear-view mirror and smiled. “Well, your parents certainly have their hands full for the weekend, don’t they?”

“Yeah, good luck to them.” I laughed back. “Good luck to them…they’re going to need it.”

Mandy stretched her arms over her head and smiled widely at me. “A whole week without any children! Imagine the fun we’ll have.”

“Yeah…no kids at all…” I agreed half-heartedly.

Mandy leaned over and kissed my cheek. “You’re such a good daddy but they’ll really be fine without us, honey.”

“Yeah, I know.” I replied a little awkwardly. “So, you’ve got the directions to the hotel?” I added to redirect the conversation

“Yeah, it’s only a couple of blocks away from the park. Just get on the I-5 and head North.”

“Perfect,” I replied as I turned onto the freeway onramp. Countdown to Fantasyland—T minus two hours.

We arrived at the hotel around dinnertime and checked in. After grabbing a bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, we returned to our suite.

“I’m beat,” Mandy signed as she turned on the TV and began flipping channels.

In the other room, I was quietly getting things ready. “Ahh, perfect!” I said to myself. A week earlier, I had been the one hunting through garage sales. It had not been easy--that was for certain. I wanted to make sure that the pieces of clothing I collected came from cute little girls with blond hair. So when one of the wives at our church mentioned she was having a garage sale, I knew it was fate.

Samantha was the mother of three delicious little girls. Mary was the youngest at age two. April was five and big sister Katie was nine. Their mother would dress them up every Sunday in little cotton dresses. I would sometimes catch myself drifting from girl to girl, fantasizing about touching their young, undeveloped bodies.

“That’s the one,” I grinned devilishly as I pulled the dress out of the suitcase. Setting the dress aside, I noticed my wife was standing over me.

Mandy looked pale. “I thought it was a dr…Why didn’t you…”

“Sweetheart, let me explain.”

“What! Explain that you brought this stuff along so that you could what? Turn me into a little girl and then have your way with me? How could you? Why would you…” Mandy’s voice trailed off.

“Honey, yes, you’re right. I brought it along so that I could turn you into a little girl. You’ve known that I have always liked little girls. It’s a fetish of mine and one—frankly—that I’ve always been worried about. I don’t want to end up in jail for these desires. I love you and I don’t want to cheat on you. But I fantasize about little girls. When I discovered what the medallion could do for me…for us…I knew we had to do this”

Mandy’s expression softened. “And who, pray tell, were you thinking of turning me into?”

I opened the suitcase to reveal an assortment of clothes that had been previously worn by the three little girls from our church. “Take your pick, honey. You can be Mary, April or Katie,” I announced, “and every 12 hours you can change back to yourself or into another one of the girls.”

“The girls from our church?” Mandy mused. “You are the closet pedo, aren’t you.”

“Stop that!” I quipped.

Mandy browsed the suitcase for a few moments. “I’m still not sure about this. I know that I love you so much so I guess you can have your little fantasy. But there are strings…”

“Nice pun. Okay, I’m listening.”

“First, I get to choose the girl I become.”

“Okay, no problem there.” I thought to myself. All three girls are decadent.

“Second, everything that happens with us sexually can only happen in this hotel room. Everywhere else, I’m your daughter and you act the part, got it?”


“And finally, on our last day here, I get to try something different.”

I smiled, “And what would that be, my dear?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Alright. Agreed.”

“Go find something on TV,” Mandy directed me as she turned her attentions back to the suitcase.

Five minutes later, a little nine year old girl stood in front of me, wearing only a small cotton nightgown. As quick as I could take her little form in, Katie—I mean Mandy hopped up onto the bed and kissed me.

“I feel like a kid again honey! Just look at me.” Mandy started jumping up and down on the bed. As she did, her little cotton panties peeked out from under her nightgown. After several jumps, I caught her in midair and scooped her onto the bed. She began laughing as I just stared in amazement.

My wife was a little girl. I began tracing her body with my hand. Mandy laughed as I touched her more ticklish regions. Her 38D breasts were gone and she was now flat as a board. I rubbed my hands gently across her chest.

“Would you like me to take off my nightgown?” she cooed.

“Yes, please,” I managed breathlessly.

Mandy removed her nightgown to expose her bare chest. It so beautiful I almost climaxed right there. “My God, sweetheart. Don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on. My wife in the body of a 9 year old girl.”

“Yeah,” Mandy agreed. “Could it get any stranger?”

“Or more erotic,” I added.

I continued tracing her now exposed nipples, moving down slowly to her panties. Mandy knew what I was up to. I looked to her sweet face for permission. “Slowly,” she instructed. “I’m a little girl and I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I want inside you so bad...”

“We’ve got all week for that. For now, why don’t you just enjoy looking at my body. I know you’ve fantasized about seeing Katie naked for months now.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Only to your wife honey, only to your wife.”

Mandy removed her little cotton panties to expose her hairless little pussy. I about dropped dead it was so cute. Mandy was right. I had fantasized about seeing Katie naked for months. She was the sexiest little girl. She had blonde hair that reached half-way down her back and an ass that wouldn’t quit.

Mandy thrust her mid-section into the air as she slid her panties down her legs. I laid there drooling over her pussy as she tossed her worn panties at my face. She knew I was loving this. I inhaled deeply at the little girl scent emanating from the cotton crotch.

As Mandy again got comfortable on the bed, I parted her legs and positioned myself with my face an inch or two away from her pussy. So beautiful, so young…my wife.

I came about five minutes later. My tongue left her little clitoris begging for more as I got up and began to clean us both off. Mandy changed back into her nightgown and panties and we fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find my wife had already used the medallion a second time. Now, she was five year old April.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she taunted.

“Good morning!” I replied. “Wow that was amazing. Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby…or at least a little girl,” she replied. “And now you get to be my Daddy and take me into the park…”

I started getting excited again.

“And I’m going to wear…” Mandy began a drum roll as she pulled out a red Minnie Mouse outfit, “…this!”

My head was spinning. I was about to spend the whole day at Disneyland with my wife who was now sporting both the body and the clothes of a precious five year old little girl. How more happy could this day get?

Part 3 coming soon…