Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters Part 3 (2 of 3)

submitted by Ef-master - May 10, 2005

Continuation of Fate Orb: The Witch Sisters Part 3 (2 of 3)
By The Ef-Master

Brenda jumped up when the earthquake hit the orphanage. She heard some noise in the kitchen and a few things got knocked over all throughout the house. She was startled at first, but soon became irritated due to the disturbance. The baby started crying. She heard some of the children scream because of the quake and most of her anger became targeted towards them.

She came out of her room and entered the kitchen. She found Miranda hastily trying to fix the mess in the kitchen. She didn’t say anything. It was the second earthquake that had taken place recently and she did not find it very odd. Some wizards have been investigating something nearby and Brenda assumed they caused the earthquake. The baby was still crying. Brenda shouted at Miranda and told her to go silence the baby. There was still some sound coming from the children’s room. Brenda walked in that direction.

The children gasped once and then became dead silent when they saw Brenda. Nina saw Brenda for the first time after becoming a child. She had never seen Brenda’s anger before and she felt very intimidated by it. Brenda shouted at them, “Didn’t I say that I don’t want to hear ANY noise today?” The kids trembled a bit and stared at her with fear in their eyes. All of them were dreading the thought of being put in the box. Brenda looked around and spotted Nina. Nina found herself to be too scared to look at Brenda directly. She was wondering whether coming here like this was a good idea or not.

“Who’s this?” Brenda asked with the same annoyance in her voice.

Nina didn’t say anything. Marcy answered, “Um… she’s Meena. She was brought in this morning.”

“Another cursed stomach to feed!” Brenda growled. Nina had underestimated Brenda. She was having trouble deciding on what to do. She wanted to run off to Luc. She just managed to stay still while Brenda approached her. “Did she have anything on her?”

Marcy stuttered, “N-No she didn’t. W-we didn’t see her being brought in and…”

Brenda didn’t listen to her anymore. She picked up Nina and made her stand on the bed. Nina started sobbing. Brenda searched Nina’s clothes and found a small vial filled with a clear liquid. Nina realized in horror that it was the emergency antidote she had brought with her. She completely forgot about it till now. All she needed to do was to drink it and she would come back to her normal age again, but she could not make herself take it from Brenda. Brenda let go of Nina, and grumbling to herself walked away with the vial.

After Brenda left, Marcy came near Nina to check whether she was alright or not. Nina looked scared and confused. Marcy hugged her again to calm her down. After a while, Nina started to think clearly again. She came up with a plan. She had to get that vial away from Brenda and use it to restore her age. After that there would not be anything to worry about. However, she would not be able to do it alone. She would have to convince Miranda to help her.

By noon, Brenda’s mood improved and the children came out of their room. Brenda was walking around ignoring them completely. Nina kept watching her to find out where she had kept her vial. She figured that it would either be at the front desk, or inside Brenda’s room, but she did not manage to confirm it. The perfect opportunity arrived when Brenda decided to go into the kitchen to help with the cooking. She seemed to be very concerned to get it done properly. Nina heard from the kids that Brenda always made sure that the food was good enough for her taste and so she spent sometime in the kitchen before every meal. Nina could not take Miranda’s help, because she was with Brenda in the kitchen. So Nina decided to take Marcy’s help instead, as she was the eldest among the children. Nina took Marcy back to the bedroom and made sure that no one else was there. Marcy did not understand why the new girl was acting this way, but she went along.

Nina had trouble figuring out how to start. Finally, she started by surprising Marcy by mentioning about what her adult form had told Marcy in the morning. As Marcy got reminded it, she was not only shocked because the little girl knew about it, but also she was surprised that she had blue eyes resembling Nina’s. The questions that arose in her mind prepared her to some extent for the next surprise. As Nina slowly explained who she really was, how she did this and why she needs her help, Marcy’s initial shock died down.

After Marcy realized what was really going on, she was overjoyed. Someone had finally come to save them from Brenda. She had always wished that Nina would find the truth about Brenda, but never managed to tell her out of fear. Now that Nina knew about it and was trying to help them, she was completely sure that they would be saved. She agreed with Nina that it was the perfect chance to go into Brenda’s room, if that had to be done. She also began to tell Nina about all the places where Brenda hides her original papers to conceal the money she had been spending on herself. At the same time, Marcy pointed out that the vial might be hidden at one of those spots.

Without letting anyone know, Marcy and Nina, sneaked into Brenda’s room. They thought that involving more of the children into this would make it look suspicious. They just wanted to find the vial, keeping their actions as less conspicuous as possible. . They removed their shoes and tiptoed into the room. They went directly for Brenda’s main hiding spots. Nina found a lot of papers there, which were hard evidences supporting all of Brenda’s thefts. Nina was shocked to find the papers, but was glad at the same time because she would be able to use them as evidence now.

They searched for ten minutes, but could not find it. They were getting very anxious. They knew they would not be able to stay in that room for long, but Nina kept insisting that they continue, because without that vial, she would not be able to do anything. When Nina was trying to convince Marcy to keep looking, the door opened suddenly. Brenda was standing in the doorway with the vial in her hand. She had a look of astonishment in her eyes, which seemed to change into anger as she looked around the room. The girls stared at her with fear and were unable to move from their spots. Anger took control of Brenda, and she put the vial onto the table and walked towards the two children. She grabbed each one of them around their necks and dragged them out of the room.

Marcy started whimpering, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Nina tried reaching out for the vial, but she was taken out of the room too quickly. Brenda did not even notice her futile effort. They were brought into the front room and Brenda expressed her anger on Marcy first. “What were you doing in my room?”

Marcy shook with fear and stuttered, “N-N-Nothing. I – I am sorry.”

“How many times have I told all of you not to go into my room?” Brenda shouted. All the children were scared speechless.

“Please don’t put me in the box.” Marcy begged.

“No, you’re too big for the box. I’ll give you another lesson which you won’t forget in a lifetime.” Brenda quickly sat down on a chair and with a sudden motion put Marcy on her lap, face down. Before Marcy could scream, Brenda tore part of her clothes to expose her butt. Marcy screamed and the scream turned into a cry of humiliation. Before Marcy could finish her first cry, Brenda started spanking her exposed bottom. It hurt a lot. Marcy felt humiliated to be spanked in front of so many children who were younger than her. She squirmed and kicked and cried, but that did not help. Each slap landed exactly where Brenda wanted it to land and Marcy could do nothing to change that.

Recovering from the initial shock of seeing all this sudden events, Nina walked towards Brenda. She had to find a way to stop this without the vial. She screamed at Brenda, “Stop this right now.”

The intense astonishment Brenda got from seeing the seven-year-old girl’s actions stopped her from spanking Marcy. She stared at Nina for several seconds, unable to make herself realize that this small girl just dared to shout at her. Nina tried to appear fearless. “You’re surprised? Can’t you guess who I am?”

Brenda didn’t hear properly what Nina said. She just stared at her.

“Brenda, its me. Nina. I regressed myself so that I can see your true nature. Now I have caught you red-handed. Let Marcy go right now.”

Miranda was looking from near the door. Looks of confusion were filling up all the faces of the children in the room so far. They slowly began to change into happiness as they realized what was happening. Lulu whispered, “See? Didn’t I say that she knows magic?”

Brenda took a few seconds to recover from the surprise. She let Marcy go, but she wasn’t giving up. She knew logically that she was defeated and that she won’t be able to do anything at the end. But her mind could not accept the fact that a child had just shouted at her and was actually threatening her. Overcome by that emotion, she decided that she’s not going to take this attitude from a child no matter who that was. She got up from the chair and walked over to Nina. She looked more intimidating when she was standing right in front of Nina. Nina was getting scared again and Brenda noticed it. Nina felt that she was in big trouble. “B-Brenda, just s-s-sit down on the chair.”

Brenda did not move. Nina ran towards the window. She only had to send a signal to Luc. Brenda ran after her. Nina could feel the giant chasing her. She desperately increased her running speed. It was not enough. Just before Nina could reach the window, she felt a giant arm grab her around her chest and lift her off the ground. She screamed and reached out towards the window. Brenda just swung her around and closed the window with her other arm. Nina saw the window close and screamed louder. The next moment an enormous hand slapped tight on her lips. She felt like a doll being carried away from the only chance she had of escaping.

Brenda muttered, “Now there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You made a mistake coming here in this form. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” Nina tried screaming, but it wasn’t loud enough anymore. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She could not believe she was being defeated, but she could not fight anymore. She did not have the body or the attitude to fight against a gigantic woman. She just kicked and cried while Brenda carried her over to the back of the orphanage and put her in a box. Before Nina realized what was happening, Brenda closed the lid shut. Nina found herself in darkness. She screamed and hit the box lid with her hands, but it did not budge. She started crying loudly. The last thing she heard was Brenda telling her that she would be kept locked in this for a long time. After that the only sound she heard was her own screams and cries.

Brenda went back to the front room and shouted at the children, “Because of hiding that girl and planning against me, none of you brats are going to have any food today. Some of them started weeping. Brenda looked at Marcy. She was standing at the corner of the room rubbing her backside. She did not look at Brenda. Satisfied for the moment, Brenda went back to the kitchen.

Brenda shouted at Miranda to serve lunch. Miranda hastily started getting the food to Brenda. Brenda went over to the pitcher and got a glass of water. She was exhausted from all commotion. As she drank her water, she noticed that Miranda had not fixed the spot around the pitcher after the earthquake. She scolded her for it and Miranda started working on it after Brenda started eating. She had not noticed this part so far because she was too busy with the food. She saw several bottles knocked over with their contents spilled. One particular bottle has spilled its contents into the pitcher. A little bit was left inside the bottle. Miranda tried smelling it, but did not get any smells. She tasted it and it tasted like water, so she ignored the whole thing and put the bottles in order. She was relieved that it was just water and Brenda did not complain about it. She was looking for a chance to go to the back of the orphanage to see how Nina was. She felt very guilty about it. If she only had been a little courageous in the morning, Nina would not have got into this. She never thought that Nina would go this far to catch Brenda. She wished she had this much courage to face Brenda, but she got the feeling that the wish would never come true, no matter how much she tried.

Seeing that Brenda was paying all her attention to food, Miranda sneaked into the backroom. She approached the box and whispered, “Miss Nina, are you alright?”

Nina cried, “Miranda, please get me out of here. I’m scared.”

“Don’t worry, as soon as Brenda calms down a little, she will let you go.”

“Miranda, please. You have to stop being scared of her. No one can help us but you right now. Open the box.”

Miranda hesitated for a while, trying to figure out whether Brenda will hear her opening the box from the kitchen or not. Then she slowly opened the box. The trembling Nina got out of the box and hugged Miranda. Miranda tried to calm her down. “Its ok now. Don’t worry.”

After a few seconds, Nina said, “Miranda, you have to get me that vial Brenda is carrying. It’s the only thing that will restore me. You have to do this.” She was having trouble talking properly, because her throat was dry from fear and screaming.

Miranda hesitated. She looked confused and a little scared. “I will try to get it later. She’s too angry right now.”

Nina coughed a bit and said, “Please Miranda, you have to have a little bit more courage. Think of all the children. Think of me.” She coughed again.

Miranda said, “Wait here, I’ll get you some water. And I’ll try to get the vial at night when Brenda goes to sleep.”

Nina was losing all hope in Miranda, but she did not say anything else. Miranda left the room and Nina quietly sat on the box. She had decided to make a run for the door after she managed to calm herself down a bit. Miranda came back after a while with a glass of water. Nina took the glass from her and did not say anything. Miranda looked like she wanted to say something, but could not decide what it was.

Miranda watched Nina slowly drink the water. She felt at the back of her mind that she should be helping, but was too scared to do anything against Brenda. She remembered Brenda spanking her even when she was a teenager. After she saw Marcy getting spanked, her old memories were making her even more scared of Brenda.

She came out of her thoughts when she noticed Nina looking at her in a strange way. She asked, “What’s wrong, Miss Nina?”

“Miranda, you look different.”

Miranda reached for her face and tried to understand what Nina meant. Her face did feel a little different, but she could not tell why. Nina was staring at her with a confused look as well. Miranda got up. She felt that her clothes were a little loose and there was an odd sensation in her body. She went out of the room to find a mirror. As she passed through the kitchen, Brenda called her.

“What were you doing in that room?”

“I – um – nothing.”

“What happened to you? Are those your clothes?”

“Y – Yes, they are. I don’t know what happened. I think I have a fever or…”

“No! You’re not getting any time off. Not at a time like this.” Brenda growled.

“No – No, I don’t want time off. I don’t know what’s…” Her voice trailed off as she noticed the room getting bigger. Brenda noticed the changes Miranda was going through and it drove her attention away from the food. Miranda felt her clothes getting even looser. Soon she realized that she was shrinking. She got scared and desperately looked around in vain for the cause. Her breathing increased as she started panicking. Brenda left the table and came near her to understand what was going on. Her much larger figure reminded Miranda of her terrifying childhood and she got even more scared. Then she made another horrifying discovery. Her breasts were becoming flat. Her fear reached a peak when she finally realized that she was not shrinking but getting younger. She was becoming the child Brenda had spanked and punished for long periods of time. Looking at Brenda’s gigantic form, Miranda started crying, “What’s happening to me?”

Brenda looked a bit alarmed, “Magic! How can it be? Could it be her?” She asked Miranda, “Did you release that brat from the box?”

Miranda was not thinking about what she was saying, “Yes, I did, but…”

Brenda did not wait to hear anything else. She left the sobbing Miranda, ignored the children who were peeping through the door and went to the back room where Nina was. Nina shook and almost dropped the glass when Brenda stormed into the room. Brenda glared at her and approached her. Nina shook with every step Brenda took. Brenda picked Nina up from the box. The sudden movement made Nina drop the glass. Brenda shook her vigorously. “What did you do to Miranda?”

Nina trembled, “I – I didn’t d – do anything.”

“You lying brat!” Brenda shouted as she carried Nina to the kitchen. “Tell me the truth. What is happening to her?”

Nina looked at the crying Miranda. She looked as young as Marcy. Nina was shocked. She had no idea how it happened. She looked at Brenda, who still did not seem to believe her.

“Don’t give me that look. I know you are behind this. You are the only magic-user here.”

“Brenda, I don’t know how… AAAAAH!”

Brenda turned Nina upside down and hit her backside with her right hand. “Make it stop right now, or else I’ll keep spanking you.”

Nina cried, “I’m not doing it!”

“Liar! (slap) Liar! (slap)”

“Waaaah” Nina started bawling. She felt helpless. The hope she had of escaping a few minutes ago evaporated. She could see the other kids staring at Brenda with cowering eyes through the doorway. Miranda was the one who looked most scared. She was so scared that she had stopped crying and was staring with horror at Brenda.

Brenda was full of rage. She was breathing heavily and sweating at the same time. She did not consider the fact that Nina had no reason to do this to Miranda. She did not want to consider it. Her mind only wanted an excuse to punish Nina for interfering with her luxury.

The spanking continued and Nina struggled to get free. She felt that she was slipping from Brenda’s grip, but the spanking was not stopping. She suddenly noticed that the expressions on the children’s faces including Miranda’s were changing, but Nina did not care to try and find out why. Nina saw the floor approaching her. She felt that if she slipped a bit more, she would fall to the floor and may have a chance to run for the door. She squirmed with all her might.

Brenda, on the other hand, was finding it difficult to hold on to Nina. She did not know why it was getting harder. She was concentrating on spanking her as much as possible before she can slip away. Soon the arm she used for holding Nina got tired. Her grip loosened. Nina squirmed out of her grip and fell to the floor. Sobbing, Nina quickly backed away from Brenda. Nina cursed herself for it the next moment. She wanted to run towards the door, but while backing away she just managed to go towards the back wall of the kitchen, making her escape route even harder than it should have been. Then she noticed what the children were staring at all this while – Brenda had shrunk to half her original size.

Brenda finally noticed that the room had grown bigger. Her clothes felt loose. She realized at once what was happening. She was now even more certain that Nina had something to do with it. She decided to grab the child and put her in the box. The younger Brenda still looked very scary. Nina tried to control her sobs and quickly got to her feet. As she saw Brenda rush towards her, she dashed towards the doorway. Brenda grabbed her arm, but the grip wasn’t strong enough. She struggled free within a second and rushed past the children standing near the doorway. Brenda ran after her, struggling with her oversized clothes.

Nina reached the front door. She was shocked to find the doorknob higher than she remembered. Without thinking about it, she reached up and tried turning it. It did not budge. She heard the gigantic Brenda coming up from behind her and she dashed away from the door seconds before Brenda reached it. She looked almost the same age as Marcy now, but still quite threatening. She was a chubby 10-year-old girl – a typical bully from grade school. She was struggling a lot with her oversized clothes. Her shoes have come off and were lying scattered on the floor of the front room. Brenda took a few seconds to regain her composure. Then she rushed towards Nina again. The children watched a regressed Brenda chasing Nina around the room. If they were not so scared of Brenda, they would have been laughing right now.

As Nina ran she felt her clothes become loose as well. A new fear crept into her mind as she thought that she might be regressing as well. She could not understand why it was happening. She wished it were just her imagination. Suddenly she heard a sound from behind her – a sound of something huge falling onto the floor. She turned around to find a seven-year-old Brenda lying face down on the ground, entangled in a huge heap of her clothes. As Brenda struggled and screamed with anger, a shiny object came out of her clothes and rolled towards the kitchen door. It was Nina’s vial.

Miranda was standing in the doorway with her clothes wrapped around her like a blanket and dried tears on her cheeks. The vial rolled towards her. Miranda picked it up. Nina shouted, “Miranda, give it to me!” Nina ran towards the kitchen.

Brenda screamed in her new high pitch voice, “No, you’re not getting it!” She reached out with her arm and grabbed Nina’s leg. Nina tripped and fell. Brenda crawled towards her.

Nina saw her approach and screamed, “Miranda, drink it!”

Brenda screamed, “Miranda, don’t you dare!” and got on Nina’s back. Nina struggled to free herself.

“Miranda, please! Drink it. You’ll be older again and we can stop Brenda. Its the only chance we have.” Nina shouted. Then she felt the fat hand of Brenda slap her lips shut. She struggled to free herself from Brenda while looking pleadingly at Miranda. Miranda looked at the two children struggling and gathered all the will and courage she had inside her. She opened the vial and gulped down half of the contents.

Seeing this, Brenda jumped up and ran towards Miranda with a savage look on her face. Miranda froze at her spot. The next second, Brenda tripped on her clothes again and fell face down onto the floor. This time some of the children almost laughed. Brenda did not look all that scary anymore. Nina found her chance. She ran up to Brenda and sat on her back. Brenda screamed, “Get off me you brat!” Nina ignored her and grabbed her arms. She used all the strength she had to lock those chubby arms together. Brenda screamed, “Let me go. You’ll pay for this!” Nina fought her fears and struggled with Brenda with all her might. She had to give Miranda time to grow into an adult again.

Nina screamed out, “Marcy, Lulu, help me. We can do it together. We can defeat her.”

The children hesitated for a moment and then ran to help her. The first to approach were Lulu and Max. They helped Nina hold Brenda’s arms together. Brenda was trying to sound as threatening as possible with her squeaky voice, but it did not scare the children. Her legs were kicking while she struggled and shouted. Marcy was the third to gather enough courage. She took sometime because she was the last to be spanked by Brenda. After overcoming her fear, she quickly approached the kicking legs and pinned them to the floor. Now Brenda was calling out the names of the children who were holding her down. She threatened them one at a time, but Nina kept telling them to ignore her. Brenda resumed screaming when the threats didn’t work. She was getting tired from all the struggling and Nina felt that the three children would be able to hold her down by themselves. But just for safety, she made Tommy sit on Brenda when she got up.

Miranda had grown into a teenager by then. Nina took the vial from her. It still had some potion left in it. Nina gulped it all down. Brenda screamed harder when she saw it. “Noooo. Don’t do that. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to spank you so hard, you’ll never be able to sit. You can’t grow into an adult now. Its not fair!”

Nina smiled at Brenda realizing how childish she sounded. She kept watching Brenda struggle under the three children, while the room seemed to get smaller. She looked at Miranda and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yes.” Miranda said. “Miss Nina, can you get yours and my ages back to the way it was?”

“Yes, don’t worry about that. It’ll be alright.” Nina assured her.

Miranda lowered her eyes a bit. “I’m sorry I have been such a coward Miss Nina.”

Nina smiled. “That’s ok. I know you have overcome your fears now. That’s all that matters.”

Miranda smiled at Brenda. “I will not let that brat scare me again.”

Brenda screamed, “Who’re you calling a brat? I’m… I’m going to…” Brenda could not finish her sentence. The anger and astonishment was overwhelming her.

Soon Nina had the body of a 17 year old. Her dress felt very tight. The cloth was farther torn to accommodate Nina’s growing body. It ended up exposing a lot of her legs. Miranda had become a girl of 18 by then, and her clothes fit her loosely. Seemed like she had not grown much bigger after that age. Brenda’s screams were loosing their power as she stared at the two older girls in front of her. She was beginning to get scared, but tried her best not to show it.

Nina gestured the children to get off Brenda. They hesitated for a moment and slowly got off. Finding freedom Brenda jumped up, leaving most of her clothes on the floor. She was now a six-year-old girl wearing oversized panties and bra. She was about to charge at Nina and Miranda, when she suddenly noticed how big they are compared to her. Nina laughed when she saw Brenda’s expression. Some of the children giggled from behind Brenda. Brenda instantly turned around to threaten them. No words came out of her gaping mouth when she noticed that all the children were either of her height or taller. The giggling children were starting to laugh. Brenda screwed up her face and said, “Stop laughing.”

It increased the laughter. “Stop. Stop. Stop!” Brenda kept saying. Looking at all the big children around her she was hesitant to approach any of them. Instead, she stood at her spot and flung her chubby arms towards them one at a time while screaming. “Stop! Don’t laugh! I’m going to put you in the box!”

Nina approached Brenda from the back and grabbed her arms. Brenda struggled with Nina and tried hitting her with her fists. “Don’t you dare touch me, or else I’ll…”

“Or else you’ll what?” Nina asked in a stern voice. Looking at Nina’s eyes, Brenda could not say anything. Nina smirked. The laughter increased. Brenda weakly struggled to free her arms.

Lulu said, “Let’s put her in the box.” Some of the children shouted with joy.

Marcy said, “No let’s spank her.” Her face was full of anger.

Max said with enthusiasm, “No, let’s make her younger.”

Brenda stared at them. They did not look like helpless children anymore. They looked more like an angry mob. She was seeing anger and happiness in their faces for the first time and she felt scared by it. She had even stopped struggling.

Nina spoke after the children became silent. “No, children. We are not as mean as Brenda. We are not going to put her in the box. Instead we will give her a normal punishment.”

Brenda felt relieved for a second and then started wondering what Nina had meant by normal punishment. Nina let go of Brenda’s arms and grabbed her ear. Brenda screamed with pain. The children laughed. Nina pulled Brenda with her ears and dragged her towards a chair near the wall. Brenda was trying in vain to loosen Nina’s grip, but also found herself walking along with Nina like an obedient girl. “Aaaaah, that hurts. Let go. Let go. Aaaah!”

Nina pushed Brenda across her lap with her legs on the left and her head on the right. Brenda was shocked for a few seconds. Then she sprang from that position and tried to escape. Nina held her down and struggled with the fat six year old. Her weight was making it harder to hold her down. Brenda focused all her strength on this. She was never going to let Nina spank her. She screamed and struggled with all her might. Nina called out to Miranda, “Miranda could you help me with this?”

“Gladly” came the answer. Brenda had almost forgotten about Miranda, because she was quiet all this time. Brenda screamed at her to stay away while she approached them. Miranda pulled up another chair to the right of Nina and put Brenda’s struggling upper body on to her lap. She easily overpowered the child and held her arms together firmly. Nina took off Brenda’s panties. As her bottom was exposed Brenda screamed with humiliation while the children laughed. Nina held Brenda’s thighs with her left arm and placed her right hand on Brenda’s butt so that she could feel where the slaps are going to land on. All of Brenda’s strength was useless now. She felt helpless.

Nina said, “Brenda, this is what really happens to naughty girls like you.”

Nina hit Brenda’s butt with her right hand. Brenda screamed and the room echoed with the children’s laughter. Nina kept spanking her.

Brenda kept screaming. All her strength was useless. She was kicking and squirming, but Nina was not missing her target. She suddenly heard Marcy’s voice. “Can I do it?”

Nina laughed. “Sure Marcy.”

Brenda felt a different smaller hand slap her bottom. Realizing that one of the children was spanking her, Brenda burst into tears with humiliation. The girl, who she spanked a while ago, was now spanking her. It was too much for Brenda to handle. “Noooo… (spank)….don’t do…. (spank)… aaaaaahh…. (spank)… waaaahaahaa…(spank)… nooohoohoo.”

It got even worse when the other kids started joining in. They started taking turns at spanking Brenda. Brenda felt a different hand at every five or six slaps. Soon, children as young as Tommy joined in. Brenda’s bottom was as red as an apple by then. She lay there helplessly crying while the children spanked her.

Brenda finally started pleading. “Pleeheeheese… (spank)…. Pleeeheeheese… (spank)…. No mohohoooore… (spank)… I’m sooorryy….(spank)…. Waaaaaahaaahaa…. (spank)… pleeeheeheese…(spank)… I beg of you aaaaaaaaahaahaa…. (spank)”

It went on for another minute. At that point, Nina decided that Brenda had enough for now. She waved the children to stop. “Alright everyone, I think that’s enough punishment.” Brenda felt relieved. The children stopped. Some of them looked a little disappointed. Nina added, “for now.” Some of the children giggled at this while Brenda whimpered. Nina let the child stand up. She was still six years old. Brenda was sobbing and wincing while she pulled her panties up and rubbed her backside. The children were still giggling at her.

Suddenly they all heard a baby’s cry from the next room. Miranda said, “Oh, I almost forgot to feed the baby.” She went out of the room quickly.

Nina got up from the chair and said to Brenda in a stern voice, “I hope you have learnt your lesson. You are not in charge of the orphanage anymore. I’m going to collect all your papers now. I’ll decide later what to do with you. It would depend on how you behave now. Understand? Behave!”

Brenda just nodded at the teenager. She did not think that she could take any more spankings. Nina went off to Brenda’s room to gather the forged papers. Brenda walked over to her now oversized clothes, which were lying on the ground and covered herself with them. The children were giggling and circling around her watching her every movement. Her face was burning with humiliation, but she did not say anything to the kids. She sat down on the floor trying to hide herself in her clothes and thinking that the children would go away. Miranda appeared at the doorway leading to the kitchen. She was holding the baby, which was admitted in the morning. The baby was staring at Brenda, as if she understood who she really was. Miranda was finding it amusing. She was also very thirsty from all the excitement. She was drinking water.

Nina was going through the papers. She was also very thirsty and was drinking water, which she picked up from the kitchen.

After a while, Miranda noticed that Brenda was silently crying while the children were making fun of her. She finally felt sorry for her. She got reminded of how lonely she felt during her childhood after Brenda’s punishments. Even if the six year old was once the person who she had hated most, she was feeling pity for the younger version of Brenda. Miranda announced, “Alright, that’s enough fun for today. All of you come into the kitchen. Its time for lunch.”

One by one, the children entered the kitchen and gathered around the table. Miranda noticed that Brenda looked a little relieved. She walked over to her. Brenda stared at her as she approached. Brenda looked exhausted with dried tears on her cheek. Miranda offered her the glass of water. Brenda took it immediately and drank the whole thing. Miranda extended her hand towards Brenda and helped her up. For a moment Brenda felt a warm feeling flood her heart. But the next moment, she shrugged it off and let go of Miranda’s hand. Her face took on a cold expression and she walked towards the kitchen.

Miranda put away the meal Brenda was having and brought out the usual meal for the children. Brenda did not say anything. She quietly climbed up onto her own seat that seemed very big to her now. Miranda and Marcy put the food in each of the children’s bowls. Brenda stared at the mixture that had been provided to her and felt disgusted, but did not dare complain. She was also feeling something she had not felt for a long time – guilt. She was feeling sorry for making the children eat this all the time. The tears started flowing again for a whole different reason. Miranda ignored it for a while. Then she walked up to Brenda and wiped the tears off her cheeks. Brenda felt the warm feeling again, this time it was more intense than before. She felt like putting her arms around Miranda and crying loudly. However, she forced the feeling out of her mind again and brushed Miranda’s hand away. She vigorously started gulping down the food, ignoring the taste.

To be continued…