The Tradition - part 2

submitted by -sumner- - Jun 2, 2005

The highly anticipated follow-up to my mega-hit "The Tradition"...

Part II

At this point in the game, pledges usually began to reach the breaking point. Tongue kissing eachother was one thing; watching their waistlines and breasts expand and contract was another. By now, three of the five girls had been driven to tears, with one on the brink of collapse. But each seemed to be holding it together somehow. Anna stayed contemplative and quiet while Natalie and Amanda could be seen closing their eyes, no doubt hoping they might wake up from the bad dream unfolding before them.

”Spin.” The instruction came once more.

The bottle’s choice: Meredith.

Stacy eyed the mousy brunette carefully before she settled on a prescription.

“Those whom the tradition has chosen will become flatchested and go au natural.”

While Meredith had to think a moment before recalling exactly what au natural meant, “flatchested” required no explanation. She’d always detested anything remotely “hippy” and now her prejudices were coming back to haunt her. She remembered taunting the flat, bookish girls who wore Birkenstocks and black make-up in high school.

”Oh man, that’s classic!” Angela said, laughing so hard she snorted. As Meredith’s healthy, plump boobs shriveled into the buds of young adolescent, patches of curly auburn hair began growing in her armpits. Down her legs tiny prickly hairs started to form, gradually becoming thicker and thicker.

”This isn’t fair! You can’t—“ Meredith whined, trying in vain to cover her shrinking chest and hairy legs simultaneously. Thankfully Meredith had managed to hold onto her panties throughout the game, but even that small concession was not providing as much coverage as it had earlier. During her transformation bushy pubic hair sprouted at such a pace that it began to appear above the elastic and along the inside of her thighs.

”Ewwww, that’s so grody,” Angela declared. “Looks like a fucking jungle down there. Better get Jacques Cousteau to come explore it.”

”Cousteau explored the ocean, you dumbass,” Natalie said.

In less than sixty seconds Meredith found herself with barely noticeable breasts and a forest of pubic hair. She reached to scratch an itch underneath her arm and was instantly grossed out. ”Oh god, there too?!” She didn’t dare peer into her underwear. The thicket of new pussy hair was evident enough from the outside.

”It’s not funny, Angela! Stop laughing!” Meredith implored. “Just wait until your turn comes!”

”I’m sorry,” Angela said, failing to curb her hysterics. “I can’t help it! Your little tits… and that hair…”

”Hey, don’t tease her like that,” Amanda interrupted.

Angela was taken aback that someone might dispute her sense of humor. ”OK, fatso. I wasn’t talking to you, all right? Maybe next time she’ll go ahead and just turn you into a cow,” she snorted. “You’re already halfway there with those udders of yours.”

”Hey, shut up, Angela! Don’t talk to her like that. Just because you’re still normal doesn’t mean—“ Natalie blasted the arrogant teen.

”Spin,” Stacy said calmly amid the chaos.

Natalie immediately reached for the bottle and gave it a brisk spin. Moments later it settled to a stop, facing Angela.

”... doesn't mean you won’t get yours,” Natalie finished her sentence. “Just like that. Now how do you feel, huh? You looking forward to it?”

”I’m not afraid,” Angela dismissed the suggestion as if there were no reason to be worried, though her expression belied her coolness. “You guys are such babies.”

”Easy for you to say,” Anna said. “You’ve still got your boobs and everything. You still look like you did when you came in!”

That last comment from Angela turned out to be all the ammunition Stacy needed. No one in the circle doubted who deserved the worst punishment, but now her fate was sealed.

”Those whom the tradition has chosen…”

Hands clinched, Angela held her breath.

”… will grow sixteen years younger and be diapered by the rest of group.”

The uneasy smile on Angela’s face melted into a look of pure horror. Every trace of self-assurance drained from her posture. She could sense the eyes of the rest of the group drilling into her, into the frantic emotional storm that already brewed inside. She could already hear them laughing, though no one had uttered a peep yet. Her stomach felt like an anvil. But she had to be strong. Angela Brown was a winner. Not even a trip back to toddlerhood would diminish her resolve.

”There. How’s that feel?” Natalie snapped.

”I can handle it,” Angela said, sniffling slightly. “I can! You guys are going down.”

”No, I’d say you are,” Meredith said.

Indeed Angela had already seen a reduction in height and weight. The adultness of her face had also lessened, leaving behind a more rosy, sixteen-year-old exterior. Her bouncy hooters ceased to hang as they had before; though both still exploded from her chest, they no longer touched in the middle. Her pubic hair thinned as her childbearing hips narrowed.

Natalie took the first shot. ”Uh oh, looks like your best friends stopped blossoming.”

”Yeah, well at least not some dried out old hag!” Angela replied, clutching the dwindling remainders of her womanhood.

”A dried out old hag who’s going to be diapering your little tush in a couple minutes.”

”Fuck you, Natalie,” Angela said, detecting a shift in her voice. She tried again. “Fuck—“ This time it came out like the high-pitched voice of a fifth-grader.

Natalie chuckled, enjoying the show. Anyone in the circle who said they didn’t want to watch Angela Brown lose her bragging rights and become a bawling toddler again would be lying. For many, the joy of seeing her maturity drastically reduced was worth the last three days of hazing. All week they had been party to her unending stream of arrogance and malicious gossiping, not to mention the sight of her picture-perfect body. Every day she had invited any chance to engage in activities involving running or jumping. The sight of her epic boobs springing up and down and up and down had been the theme of the week.

Now those luscious loads that once graced her frontside were fast becoming miniaturized versions of themselves. In less than forty-five seconds, they were already petite parodies of their past glory, poking out like two spiky bumps. Soon her nipples would find a new home on her blank, girlish chest.

Natalie continued her verbal assault. “You look so adorable without those big jugs weighing you down.”

”Hey, no problem! I’m gonna win this game and you losers are going to be hanging out with the nerds at Epsilon house!” Angela remained defiant despite her much younger appearance.

”Oops,” Natalie gasped, “your pussy is showing.”

Angela grabbed her crotch, as if cupping her hand over it might keep the hair from falling out, or what little hair was left. The years were fading rapidly: eleven, ten, nine… Inside her mouth Angela felt a hole where one of her front teeth used to be. The arrangement of her eyes, nose, and mouth seemed to change, preparing the way for the chubbier face of her youth. Cheeks inflating and baby teeth returning, Angela appeared far sweeter than the teenager she had turned out to be.

As she reached kindergarten age the regression slowed, snatching her maturity in a much less perceptible fashion. Gradually her body shape transformed: arms became stick-like, legs shortened and became populated with baby fat, and her belly pushed forward until she looked like any normal two-year-old toddler.

Falling to her butt, Angela fought back tears.

Stacy handed the diaper to Anna. “Here you go,” she said, unceremoniously.

”No, noooooo! I don’t wanna—“ Angela finally cried out, realizing she was now at least seven years younger than the youngest girl in the group.

”What’s that?” Stacy said. “Are you giving up, Angela?”

”I’m NOT a baby! I have a boyfwiend and… and…”

”Well, that’s strange,” Natalie said. “Those cute little dimples certainly make you look like a baby.”

”Yes, they do,” Amanda added, nodding.

”And those teeny pink dots on your chest certainly don’t look like a big girl’s.” Natalie reached over, pulled Angela’s legs up and spread them apart. “And nope. No hair down there either. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were one and a half, maybe two at best.”

”Stop! Stop it!” Angela launched into a crying fit, as all the girls leaned in to get a good look at her hairless, puffy vagina. “Stop wooking at me!”

”Now don’t fuss, Angie. There’s nothing to see down there. Remember babies aren’t shy about being naked and neither should you be.”

With a great deal of pleasure, Natalie hoisted the little girl’s butt into the air and shoved the white plastic underneath. Her rear looked like two small peach-colored melons – ripe and immanently spankable. Anna wondered just how such a lovable little baby could have grown into such an insufferable bitch.

Natalie had just finished diapering Angie when Stacy spoke again.


”Again?” Anna whispered. Hadn’t Stacy done enough?

”Spin, ladies.”

Meredith did the honors. By the time its momentum ran out, the bottle pointed directly at Amanda, who immediately assumed she would be the next to grow younger. Only worse – she would be the fat little girl.

”Those whom the tradition has chosen will breastfeed Angela.”

”Oh my god!” Amanda shouted. “You can’t be serious.”

Wasting no time, Angie rocked herself up to sitting position and then commenced trying to crawl away. But Natalie caught the red-faced toddler before she even made it a few steps. Holding baby Angela in her arms, Natalie turned to her cousin.

”Do you want to do this?” she asked earnestly.

”I don’t know, I—“ Amanda stuttered. Never in a million lifetimes would she have thought she would be placed in this position. But there she was, seventy-five pounds heavier and sitting mostly naked in front her fellow sorority pledges. She had come this far, she decided…

Disbelievingly, Amanda took Angie from her cousin and tried her best to calm the toddler before attempting to feed her. Somewhere down inside that baby’s body Angela still had the drive to win too. Amanda even thought she saw a glimpse of determination flash in the infant’s eyes. Not surprisingly Amanda found herself lactating as well, a strange experience considering she had never been a mother. Regrettably, the process made her breasts grow even larger than they had been.

Everyone’s eyes locked on the two pledges. It doesn’t get any stranger than this, Anna decided.

Then it happened. Little Angela reached toward Amanda’s breast, opened her mouth, and began to suck on her nipple. Of all the charges one could level against Angela, lack of ambition would not be one of them. Her view was now that of a giant boob with Amanda’s face hovering over it. For both the sensation was unlike anything they had ever experienced – for one the feeling of a small child nursing at her large flabby breast, for the other the impression of an infant suckling the teat of a towering woman.

Stacy leaned back in her chair. This year’s crop was proving more tenacious than last year’s bunch. Still, the interactions of the group always told the tale: who broke under pressure, who locked up, who took a little too much pleasure in revenge. As always, the final decision would be based not only on that night’s game but on the last three days as well, and Stacy thought she had a sufficient bead on who was Kappa Delta material and who wasn’t.

”Awwww, wook at widdle baby!” Natalie sneered, tickling Angie’s bare bottom.

Amanda refrained from mocking the child and instead focused on the completely foreign being wrapping its lips around her nipple. ”This feels really wrong.”

”What do you mean? Everything is wrong,” Anna clarified. “Natalie’s post-menopausal, Meredith looks like a man, and I’m in the third-grade!”

”OK, ladies,” Stacy said. “Cool down.”

Everyone in the circle craned their heads.

”I’ve come to a decision. As per the rules I can only accept three of you from this group. And while you’ve all shown considerable courage in allowing the game to go this far, I have been observing you all week and I now know what each of you is capable of. As you’ve probably surmised, we are no ordinary sorority. Some might call us witches, but we prefer to be called supernaturalists. And those of you who go home rejected tonight must remember this if you remember nothing else. Kappa Delta’s secret will remain a secret. If any of you so much as suggest or imply that anything supernatural occurs in this house, you will live to regret it. We retain this power over you and can we exercise it at any time and place of our choosing. Let one tiny clue escape your lips and rest assured your punishment will come – maybe not that day or the next. You might make it to your wedding day and just as the groom moves to kiss you, time will race backward and you will find yourself buried in the folds of your lovely dress. Be forewarned that, in certain circumstances, this curse extends even farther. Cross us a second time and it’s diapers for you and your friends. Capiche?”

The bewildered group nodded their heads almost in sync.

"Wonderful. Now, the tradition commands that you return to normal.”

Like a flash the girls began to age, de-age, slim down, grow breasts, and return to their everyday shaved selves. The most comical pose, of course, belonged to Angela, who was still lying in Amanda’s lap like a hungry child. Only now her boobs were mashed up against Amanda’s like nerf balls.

”Meredith. Amanda. Anna. You are now officially members of the Kappa Delta Supernaturalist sorority. Congratulations.”

Angela’s face grew indignant and stern. “What the fuck is this?!” she yelled. “You turned me into a baby and forced me to slurp down milk from the fatso’s humungous tits over here and I’m not in? This is bullshit! What did they do that was so great? I had everyone staring at my cunt like it was a winning lottery ticket!”

”I told you, tonight was only part of the test. And the past three days have shown me that your volatility and moodiness far outweigh your ability to make rational decisions and cooperate with the sisters. You are simply not suited for supernatural blessing. Plus you’re a gold-plated bitch, if you don’t mind me saying,” Stacy defended her decision in a relaxed fashion, not even raising her voice in the slightest. This angered Angela even more.

”Well I don’t care how all-fucking-powerful you are! I’m gonna go tell the world what goes on here – how you perverts get your jollies watching girls get naked and lose their tits,” Angela fumed. Her forehead slick with angry sweat, the righteous eighteen-year-old stood up, collected her clothes, and marched toward the exit like a soldier defying orders.

”Ah, ah, ah,” Stacy said in a sing-songy voice.

By the time Angela had walked ten feet she noticed a bizarre prickling sensation developing in her groin, not unlike an extreme case of pins and needles. And her breasts had once again retreated into her chest. Glancing down, Angela was stunned beyond words. Flopping between her thighs was a four-inch penis!

Horror-struck, the teen quickly ran her hands over her face and found that her features had shifted dramatically. She did an about face and found herself eye-to-eye with Stacy.

”What—“ she started to speak, only to stop the instant she heard her baritone voice. “My voice.”

”What did I say, Angie?” Stacy coolly reminded the panicked teen. “This is not playtime. We have rules and you will follow them.”

”Oh my lord!” Meredith screamed. “She’s got a—she’s got a—“


Stacy stared into Angela’s eyes like a drill sergeant. ”Now how many people are going to believe some guy’s story about Kappa Delta, huh? You think you’ve got such big balls telling us what to do? Well problem solved, girlfriend. Or should I say boyfriend?”

”No, change me back! I promise I won’t tell anyone. I—I was just joking,” the petrified pledge whimpered. All this time she had wanted so badly to shield her male genitalia from view, but the mere thought of touching the alien muscle hanging between her legs made her cringe. Instead Angela’s new addition waved in the wind for all to see, and as the episode wore on, the rest of the girls noticed yet another change.

”Well, well, Angie,” Stacy said, with a sinister grin. “I see you’re scared stiff, honey.”

”God no! Oh my god, that’s sick,” Meredith repeated.

Finally Angela registered the double-entendre. Peering down once more she was greeted with a sight that made her want to vomit. Her newly formed member stood fully erect, as if it had been called to attention by some magic word from Stacy’s mouth. The image was enough to scar any girl for life.

”Have I made myself clear?”

”Yes, yes! Please, just change me back! I’ll do anything. Just don’t make me a boy! Please!”

”I don’t know, Angie. You make a pretty hot guy too, you know that? That six-pack and your face. You could model underwear. Seriously. But what did you say just now… you don’t want to be a boy?” Stacy said curiously, scratching her chin as she stared intently at Angela’s impressive manhood. “I’m not sure if I believe you. You’re an awfully tough nut to crack… no pun intended.”

As Stacy talked down to Angela, it turned out she was doing just that. Without warning Angie’s body had started to shrink, becoming more scrawny and undefined by the second. It took Angie a minute to even catalog the subtle changes.

”I’m betting you would be even cuter as a little boy. What do you say, maybe twelve or thirteen?” Stacy paused. “No, that’s too old—zits and what not. How about ten? That’s a good solid age.”

”No, quit it! I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone!” Angela shouted, the pitch of her voice suddenly shooting up in an adolescent arpeggio. By this time her toned abs had turned into the plain, untrained torso of a fourteen-year-old. As puberty slammed into her in reverse, the once thick penis below dwindled into a puny two-inch affair, then finally into an unimposing little nub. Right on cue her pubic hair disintegrated as well, leaving Angie with the unadorned privates of a young boy.

”Yes, I do think I was right. You are one adorable little boy.” Stacy leaned over and pinched the fourth-grader’s cheek. “And hey, look on the bright side. Your voice isn’t so low anymore.”

Angie’s face was soaked in salty tears. Every time the evening seemed to have reached a climax things managed to become exponentially worse in a matter of seconds. Now was the time to throw in the towel. She had lost. Not only would she never become a Kappa Delta sister, but she would live under a constant cloud of uncertainty. Every time she slipped into a sexy bathing suit, or flirted with some hot guy at a club, or had sex. At any moment Stacy could snap her fingers and send Angela’s world into a tailspin.

”I give up… I give up!” she sniffled. “Is that what you want from me? I give up! You win, OK?!”

”OK,” Stacy answered. “If I have your word.”


”Say it.”

”You have my word.”


The scene Friday night was enough to impress upon both the new Kappa Delta members and the uninvited pledges just how unyielding the sisters could be, not to mention the severity of their methods. None of the rejected pledges dared utter a peep about “The Tradition,” not even Angela, who, since undergoing the initiation rites, had considered professional counciling. In the days following the ritual new members were christened with a number of different substances, liquids and lotions, all intended to imbue them with the sisters’ trademark supernatural abilities.

The freshmen were introduced to the entire Kappa Delta family. Stacy Swinson had been with the sisterhood the longest. Next in line was Karyn Sadarsky, a sprightly five-foot tall swimmer who had won several state diving competitions. Her best friend, Heather Givens, also swam and ran track. All in all, the group seemed disconcertingly normal – except for the small matter of being able to alter the physical properties of objects.

Saturday night, Karyn gathered the newcomers in the living room for the customary introduction of what the girls had dubbed the “Newbie Talk.”

Wearing a cute lime green halter top and smile, Karyn began: “Girls, please. Quiet down. It’s very important that everyone can hear what we’re about to tell you.”

The chatter promptly died away.

”At this stage, all of you are still getting used to your new talents. This is understandable. We all went through it just like you. But before we begin to train each of you in the art of supernaturalism, you’ve got to understand a few things about who we are and how our powers are to be used.

”While the process may seem like fun and games in the beginning, trust me, that’s not the whole story. The truth is that there are other groups just like ours. Other sororities and fraternities that act as training grounds for supernaturalists. Each has a specialty, an area of expertise that they concentrate on perfecting.”

”What’s our area of expertise then?” Amanda asked.

”As you saw during your initiation, our specialty is age manipulation. The induction waters we sprinkled on your heads today along with the unique spells we teach will enable you to influence the cellular structure of living things. Of course we’re not that only sorority that can do this, but we like to think we’re the best.”

A buzz traveled around the room.

”The other thing is this: not all supernaturalists agree to follow the rules.”

”What rules?” one girl called out.

”That we do not use magic as a weapon. We coexist peacefully with other supernaturalists. That’s the way it’s been since the formation. And, as I was saying, not all of us want the same thing. There are those who would not hesitate to use our own magic against us.”

”How do we know who those people are?”

”Well, that’s the catch. We don’t.”