Welcome to the Machine by Louder

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A widow and her daughters clean up his basement laboratory.

Welcome Visitors

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Welcome Vistors. Its me timmy writing to tell you some exciting news. Coming very soon will be a browse by Author Page (similar to the classic archive), following that will be a browse by Story Page that will list all stories, followed with an Image Gallery. But please be patient, we are testing the design layout of the new site as we speak, so look forward to the new layout soon. BTW, to contact me you can email me at: timmy@ararchive.com or email Heidegger (the owner) at heidegger@ararchive.com. Thanks, timmy

What Friends are For by ARthur

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What If by Sgt. Vincennes

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What If…
by SgtVincennes

Lisa Myers sat at her desk in her 3rd grade classroom at Wilson Elementary School. She taught 25 students every day and she was getting tired as the day went on. She had a slight headache and just wanted to go home. But it was Friday and every Friday, she let a student “ teach” for the afternoon. They all seemed to like it. They got to pick what subject to teach and they got to pick a game to play as well. Today was Emily Gleason’s day to be teacher. Emily was the smartest student in Lisa’s class. She was very bright and got good grades, but since school seemed to come so easily to her, she tended to get into trouble. Not real trouble, she was just mischevious and curious, like all 9-year olds really.
The bell for lunch and recess rang and all the kids jumped up. “ Have a nice lunch and when you get back, Emily’s in charge for the afternoon, “ Lisa said as they ran out not listening anymore. Lisa smiled weakly and sat back in her chair in a slouch for a minute. She had a habit of kicking off her shoes during the day when she was at her desk. She streached her legs out under the desk. She was small, she only stood 5’2”. Luckily for her she taught 3rd grade, anymore with how fast these kids grew up if she taught a later grade, students would start getting taller than her. She felt around with her feet to find her shoes. She found the size 6 black pumps and slipped her petite feet into them. She mindlessly tugged at her pantyhose around her left knee. She stood up and smoothed out her black knee-length skirt and smoothed her white blouse and made sure it was tucked in. She pulled out her mirror from her desk drawer. She checked her hair first. It has thick, black and wavy and stopped at her collar. But it was very full and wavy as she swept a few stray strands from her forehead. She looked into her eyes. While her makeup was fine, her blue eyes were a bit bloodshot and tired looking. Way to show your 32 years there Lis’ she thought to herself. She checked her lipstick, just a light coat did for her in a neutral shade. She was a very attractive lady. She got up and headed for the restroom and after that she went into the teacher’s lounge and streached out on the couch. She again kicked off her shoes, streached her legs and flexed her fingers. She closed her eyes but didn’t sleep.
The break went by way to fast. She flet like she had just sat down when the bell rang sounding the end of recess. Lisa wearily sat up and slid her shoes back on.and headed back for her room. Kids ran and squirted past her as she walked. All coming from waist to shoulder high on her, she dodged them as she reached her room. She had no idea what was about to happen that afternoon. The kids all filed back into the room and took their seats. Lisa stood at the front of the board she noticed the wide smile on Emily’s face. She smiled back at her and nodded, then said “ Well Emily, what do have in store for us this Friday the 13th? “
“ I’m going to teach writing since it’s my favorite subject and I thought we’d play a game called What If.” Emily said still smiling.
“ What If?, I don’t know that game. You’ll have to teach me “ Lisa said to her student. “ I will Miss Myers. It’s really easy for you. You just have to stand there. “
“ Okay, sounds easy enough for me” Lisa replied as Emily walked up to the front of the room. Emily Gleason was 9 years old and fairly tall for her age. Lisa could tell she would develop before most of the other girls. She already stood about 4’8”. Her legs were long for her body, thin, like girls her age but she would be tall. That wouldn’t do her good for her interests were gymnastics and ballet. She was wearing white tennis shoes, low riding jeans, such was the style and a blue and white stripped long sleeve shirt. She had long, strawberry blond hair. She was fair skinned and had blue eyes. Freckles dotted her cheeks and she was missing a tooth on the bottom. She had a habit of chewing her fingernails and they were ragged but she was a very pretty girl. “ First of all, I have to warn you, that this is going to seem weird to you, but you won’t mind when it’s all over.” Emily said. “ So you have to promise that you’ll just stand there and you won’t say anything no matter what happens. “
“ I don’t know what you’re talking about Emily, but it’s starting to sound dangerous “ Lisa said with trepidation in her voice.
“ No, it’s not dangerous, it’s fun, but it’s also magic “ Emily said. “ Magic Huh, “ Lisa said shaking her head. “ Okay…you’ve had your fun Emily…” She would have said more but Emily interrupted. “ No Miss Myers it is magic and I can prove it to you.” She looked at Lisa and said “ What if I was wearing your shirt and you were wearing mine “ With a faint popping noise, suddenly Lisa’s white blouse appeared on Emily’s body and Lisa was wearing Emily’s shirt. Lisa looked down in shock, her mouth opened wide. The sleeves of the shirt came halfway up her forearms. She raised her arms up in amazement. The shirt was very tight on her, but it didn’t rip. Her stomach shone through and her belly button was on display for the class. Her breasts strained and pushed out on the shirt. She felt her breathing constricted in the shirt and her breasts heaved visibly under the combination of her emotion and tight shirt. “ But, what, but, but, how did you…” Lisa managed.
“ I told you Miss Myers, it’s magic. My Grandma taught this game to me” But don’t worry it only lasts a little bit, then everything changes back like nothing happpened.”
“ But it’s impossible! “ Lisa said with rising panic in her voice.
“ It’s not impossible. It’s fun. And if I’m going to be the teacher I’m going to look like the Teacher. “ Emily said with all the stregnth she had in her soul. “ I told you, it would sound weird but it would be fine in the end “ She looked at Lisa in the eyes and somehow this calmed the Teacher. She looked into her eyes and said very slowly “ It will be fine Miss Myers, you’ll be fine “ And that was the real magic of the day. Lisa seemed fine with it at that point. She was calm suddenly, even excited about what was happening .
“ Now, what if I had your skirt” Emily said and Lisa’s skirt popped onto her legs. It hung below her knees and was very loose at her waist and hips. Lisa though was now standing there in a small shirt, skirt and her pantyhose and heels. “ Oh “ Emily said. “ What if I had your panyhose and you had my underwear and jeans. “ And with the words, Emily’s legs got darker as the panyhose appeared on her legs. They were loose and bunched up in a lot of places.
Lisa was now feeling the pain of wearing tight panties and jeans. It was a good thing they were low ride jeans so her waist escaped, but her hips were way too wide and the pants rose close and tight. The cuffs came up well on her shins. The jeans strained all over. She still wore her black pumps, but her feet were now bare without her hose. Even though she was calm about the changes, her eyes still went up and down her new clothes. What will it feel like when these clothes fit me, she thought. And I hope its soon, because these clothes are too tight to stand.
Emily looked down at her skirt and panyhose but realized they looked silly with her feet in Reebok Tennis shoes. “ What if we switched shoes.” And they switched. Lisa dropped down to her real height of 5’2” as her pumps disappered and were replaced with Emily’s white sneakers. Lisa looked down and wiggled her toes in the tight shoes. They weren’t as tight as she’d expected; maybe only a size or two smaller than her own shoes. She’d always had small feet. She lifted up her right foot slightly and moved it back and forth, mesmerized by the swishing white blur.
Emily raised up as her sneakers were replaced with high heels. She wobbled slightly as her feet slid forward in the shoes. Her toes hit the end and there was plenty of room. Her Mom had always bought her shoes too big so she could grow into them so she was used to big shoes. She looked over her new clothes and decided what to change next.
She saw that her teacher was quite uncomfortable in her clothes, so she said “ What if Miss Myers, was as small as me” And with those words, Lisa began to shrink. Inch after inch ticked off her height. 5’1’, 5’, 4”11, her shirt was moving down her sleeves and back over her stomach: her pants slid down her legs closer to her ankles. 4’10”, 4’9”, 4’8”, she stopped as she reached Emily’s height. Her shirt now fit her in the arms and came down to her waist, but since she still had all her curves, it still pulled across her 34B breasts. She still had her curvacous legs, she had only lost height, not her body so while the pant legs now came down to her shoes, they still strained too. Her feet had not changed and the shoes still pinched her toes. Lisa looked up slightly at Emily, her heels giving her the height advantage already.
Emily smiled down at Lisa “ What if I was as tall as Miss Myers was” and she began to grow. She continued to look down into Lisa’s eyes as she moved further away. Lisa just stared up as Emily grew 6 inches before her. Her mouth opened in wonder as she looked up at her smiling student. Emily reached her full height. She loved the fact that Miss Myers now only came up to her shoulders. She giggled slightly at her excitement.
Emily slowly looked Lisa up and down, trying to make up her mind where to start. She could take and give equally, or she could take and give at will, but the game wasn’t over until all parts had exchanged. As long as something remained in the original place, no matter how small, inside or out, then it wasn’t permanent. Emily just wanted to see what it was like to be an adult for awhile. She wasn’t interested in changing permanently. She was smart enough to know that going from 9 to 32 was a raw deal in the long run. But she could have a lot of fun though. She was looking at Lisa when she realized she could see her toes scrinched up in the ends of her tennis shoes, so Emily smiled “ What if Lisa” she called her Lisa for the first time, not Miss Myers, but she didn’t notice. “ What if Lisa had my feet “ and Lisa’s feet bagen to get smaller. The pinching stopped as her toes moved inside the shoes. Her feet got 2 sizes smaller and felt better immediately. Lisa smiled with the loss of pain in her feet.
Emily fixed in on what she wanted. “ What if I had Miss Myers boobies” she smiled as her chest started to grow. It felt so good. It started as her nipples got larger and they doubled in size. Then they began to push outward. Small bumps like puffiness formed then they grew conical in shape and pointed out. They started to round out and grow fuller and fuller until they reached Lisa’s size. They rubbed on the soft fabric of the white blouse. Emily looked down in wonder and excitement. She hopped up in excitement, but landing in pumps was harder on her feet than tennis shoes and she made a mental note of her shoes. Then she realized she forgot something. “ What if I was wearing Miss Myers’s bra” and the bra appeared giving her support. She still looked down at her breasts and brought her hands up to them again. She pushed them and rolled her fingers along them. Lisa just looked ahead as Emily’s chest grew with her breasts, even though she still had them. She wished she didn’t. They weren’t worth it in this shirt she thought. As if she had heard the thought, Emily looked at Lisa, her breasts now hanging looser but still well maintained in her shirt, and Emily said “ Boobs on a little girl look really out of place, so what if I gave you my chest in return. “
Lisa looked down and watched her breasts retreat into her chest. The shirt was flatter against her chest as her breasts got smaller and smaller, until her chest was flat like a 9-year old. Lisa was actually happy to see them go as now she felt she could take a deep breath.
Emily then said “ What if I had Miss Myers hair and she had my hair “ Her hair began to rise up her back, until it reached her collar. Her hair was very thin and it got thicker as it turned into Lisa’s. As Emily’s hair rose, Lisa’s grew. It grew long and straight to half way doen her back. It got lighter and turned blond. It pulled away from her face and instantly took on Emily’s style. Emily was running her fingers through her now thick balck hair. It had taken on Lisa’s style naturally. “ What if I had Lisa’s eyes” she said quickly and her blue eyes got a shde lighter but were still blue. “And what if I had her nose” and her nose grew bigger, but it fit her face better on her taller frame. “ And what if I had her mouth and her teeth” she said with growing excitement. Her lips filled in and got darker from her usual pink to Lisa’s darker neutral tan coloring. And behind those full lips were Lisa’s straight white teeth, replacing her mixture of baby teeth and still shifting permanant teeth. “ Oh, what if I had Miss Myers whole face “ she said summing it all up and her chin and cheeks filled in, turning her into a facial ringer for Lisa Myers.
She looked at Lisa and saw the wonder in her eyes. She wasn’t ready to see her own face appear on her student, her taller student. To give something to occupy her time, “ What if Miss Myers had my whole face. My eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheeks, and chin” and it happened in an instant. Her eyes brightened in youth, her nose shrunk smaller and became more child-like. Her lips thinned and turned pink; and her teeth shifted into the 9-year old’s haphazard pattern, her tongue moved instantly into the empty slot in the bottom.
As Lisa was still adjusting to her face and playing with her tongue, she heard Emily “ Oh, I forgot her ears! What if I had Miss Myers ears…and her earings” she added at the end. Her ears grew longer and became pierced just in time as the diamond studs appeared in her ears. Her hands shot up to them. “ And what if she had my ears in return” This time Lisa thought she heard them changing, a slight sound like pulling on spandex fabric as her ears shrank and the earings disappeared. “ What if I had Miss Myers neck and her shoulders and she had mine” And Lisa’s neck got thinner and shorter while Emily’s grew longer. Then Emily’s shoulders broadened and her shirt fit better as Lisa’s shoulders narrowed and rounded off. “ And what if we switched arms” Lisa felt a sudden pull when this change happened and she felt weaker as her arms thinned into those of the 9-year old, losing her adult strength. Emily meanwhile lifted her arms slightly and flexed as she felt stonger physically than she had ever felt before.
As Emily was moving in fairly linear motion down both of their bodies she strarted to move to their hands, “ What if I had Miss Myers ha…” she stopped in mid-word. She cocked her head to the right, a gesture that Lisa made all the time when she suddenly thought of something, but Emily had done it involuntarily. “ You know what? Now that I have your face and you have mine, and our bodies are rapidly changing too, this little kid voice sounds stupid coming from my new, adult mouth” She coughed slightly “ What if I had Miss Myers voice” came triumphamtly from her tiny voice. She had a tickle in her throat and when she completed her her orginal thought “ What if I had Miss Myers hands, especially her nails” it came forth in Lisa’s tenor. Deeper of course from what she was used to. As she first smiled about her new deep voice, her smile widened as she looked at her hands. They were growing. She palms grew in size and her fingers lengthened into womanly hands. Her nails, ragged and uneven, first grew thicker, then grew out evenly, not long, but clean and neat. She turned her hands over and over looking at them. She had been embarrassed with her habit and the way her chewed up fingers looked. Now, they were just fine.
Lisa was still calm and she didn’t know why. What was happening to her was completely incomprehensible. Maybe that’s why she didn’t put up a fuss. She had been scared when her shirt suddenly disappeared only to be replaced instantly with Emily’s. Then furious at the dawning realization of what was going to happen to her, she was going to be turned in to a kid. But then, Emily had talked to her and everything was fine. Her mind was fighting as much as it could, but she couldn’t find any words until then “ Stop “ came her still deep voice. “ I don’t want to change anymore”
“ But we’re so far along, you’ll look really silly if I stopped with you now” Emily said calmly. “Oh. Okay” was her only reply. Her mind was reeling, what was she doing? Why wasn’t she putting up a fight for her body? Did she want to become a kid? Did she want to become Emily?
Lisa was still thinking about this when Emily intoned over her “ That voice will never do in your new body. What if Miss Myers, Lisa, had my voice instead of her own. Go ahead, say something” “ What do you want me to say? “ was Lisa’s suddenly high reply. Lisa was so shocked to hear her new voice; it was so high. She’d forgotten what it was like to have such a high voice. No one would take her seriously with that voice, she’d definitely be treated as a kid with that high pitched tone. “ Oh, and you should have my hands too. What if you did have my hands…and my desire to chew on my nails” Emily added with a smile. She watched closely as Lisa’s hands got smaller. When they had reached their new size, the nails became chewed upon and ragged. Lisa involuntarily brought her left hand to her mouth and absent-mindedly chewed on her left index fingernail. Emily smiled at her old attribute and inside, Lisa didn’t know why she was chewing her nail, it just seemed right. “ Now that we’re caught back up to each other, What if we switched butts” She almost giggled at the word but it didn’t feel right since she was becoming a mature woman. Her rear now felt much heavier. She didn’t think Miss Myers was fat back there, but she could definitely feel her weight distribute to her rear. Meanwhile, Lisa lost even more of her womanly curves as her butt slimmed down and got a bit bony in feeling to her.
Emily thought that if they chaged the rest of their midsections, it would offset the weird feeling of her new center of gravity. “ What if had each other’s mid-sections. Hips, waist, stomachs, the whole deal. Her waist immediately thinned in comparison to her flaring hips. Her stomach was flat but felt more defined than it had before. It was when the changes reached her sexual organ, that she felt a sensation like nothing before. She suddenly became very alive. Sensations burst through her body and it took all her self-control to not scream out in ectasy. Becoming a woman all at once had a definate effect.
Lisa watched her own changes to her middle. Her stomach was flat, but somehow looser, less muscular than before. Her waist and hips came into line as she lost more currves and definition. While she didn’t feel anything palpable, she did feel a loss somehow when the changes reached her sexual organs. More than that, she felt a certain electricity pass from her to Emily. Any thoughts she had of sex and sexuality seemed to be dimming in her mind and even trying to think of it made her more confused. Somehow she knew that Emily was now a woman and she was more a kid than she had been just seconds before. With the loss of her sexual desire, coupled with the loss of her breasts and her high voice, there was very little evidence that Lisa Myers had ever gone through puberty. Her legs were still womanly, but she knew that was about to change. Since her feet had already been switched, her legs were her last physical attribute left of her orginal body.
Sure enough after the tingling had stopped running up and down Emily, she gathered her senses about her and said “ What if Lisa had my legs and looked like me from head to toe” she sounded very satisfied.
Emily’ s jeans still fit poorly on Lisa’s legs, but her problems with ill-fitting clothes were about to end. Her legs were quickly thinning. They were losing their curves and definition that Lisa had been very proud of, when they had been hers. The jeans finally sat correctly on her hips. They did ride low and were there had been pinching and fear of ripping, now there was only room and comfort in the jeans. They fit like they had been made for her.
Lisa now looked like Emily Gleason from head to toe. Her strawberry blond hair sat back from her forehead and was tucked neatly behind her ears. Her blue eyes stood out over her freckled cheeks and small nose. Her thin pink lips revealed a mismatch of baby teeth and permanent teeth with a clear hole in the bottom row. Her blue and white-stripped shirt lay flat against her 9-year old chest and she fidgeted with her hands trying to resist the urge to bite her nails. She wore low riding jeans that were in style yet didn’t reveal any curves in her hips or butt. Her thin legs were encompased in the wide jeans. Her small feet were encased in white Reebok Tennis shoes and she shifted her weight back and forth from one leg to the other, truly showing off the physical attributes of most 9-year olds. She was for all intents and purposes Emily Gleason, 3rd grader. Lisa had accepted this drastic change with the calmness of a dream, but it wasn’t a dream.

Which Wish, Witch? by Louder

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A witch grants a teenager a special power on Halloween.

Who Wears the Pants - part 1 by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

This is a novel length work (about 900 k) set in the not so distant future.

Who Wears the Pants - part 2 by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

Who Wears the Pants - part 3 by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

Who You Gonna Call by ARthur

submitted by Timmy - Apr 3, 2002

Wicked Science

submitted by ricky - Jan 4, 2005

Wicked Science

Episode 20

Toby repairs the MFE machine and uses it to test the strange rock, concluding that they could both be mysteriously linked to the genius transformation. Toby hpyerfunctions and creates a wormhole generator, thinking he can go back in time and discover the missing piece to the puzzle.
Toby’s Nanna, visiting for her eightieth birthday, gets sucked into the wormhole. She is transported back to 1931 while her younger self, Amelia, is transported to the present—smashing the wormhole generator. Toby and Russ are forced to take Amelia to school where she is caught by Tesslar and tells him the whole, fanciful story. Toby manages to get Amelia home and swap her back with the old Nanna just in time for her birthday party.


Wish Ring

Aug 17, 2002

Wishes by Zappy

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

Wishes - a spray that can restore the body of your youth, but don't use it more than once a week. Co-written by Heidegger

Wishing well 2 by Fucil

submitted by fucil2004 - Feb 24, 2004

The Wishing Well , Part two Testing Time. , three , two, one!

Wooden Masks by Jennifer Loraine

submitted by admin - Jun 5, 2002

The fruit of a tropical country has an unusual effect. (Rewritten from another author's story.)

Working World by Copernicus

submitted by admin - Apr 6, 2002

A young woman takes her first post-college job.

You Belong To Me by Douglas Greene

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

You Rang? by PixChick

submitted by Timmy - Apr 8, 2002

You Wanna Be What? (Pt. 1) by Iehardia

submitted by Iehardia - Nov 6, 2003

Ron had been a member of the LAPD for over 15 years. He and Sheila were quite happily married with two children. That was all about to change. (short beginning, much more to follow) Let me know what you think.

You'll Learn by J Adams

submitted by admin - Jun 4, 2002

A man wants to escape from the pressures of his marriage, finances and job, and a woman he meets has the solution.

Youth Time by OmicronY

submitted by omicrony - May 15, 2002

Here we go, my second story(hopefully the formatting will be better this time). This one is a pretty early for the subject matter, but I can't resist holding it off for so long. It's a Halloween tale. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Youthful Bloom by AP Scout

submitted by Timmy - Jun 25, 2002