Til Death Do Us Part? by Louder

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A man brings home a youth potion for his wife to try.

Time Again by Louder

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A woman wonders why her friend of many years still looks so young.

Time for a Change by Posti

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A young man gets a surprise while babysitting a two-year-old neighbor.

Time Shift by Bobby and Merlin

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Times are a Changin by Louder

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A boy tries out the time machine he invented.

Tiny Pet by Douglas Greene

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Tiny Toons Adventures

Mar 30, 2002

There are numerous scenes where the characters would turn into babies. Like the psychic duck girl - one episode she was talking to a really smart guy and she turns into a baby since she has no idea what he is talking about. Plucky turns into a baby the most times.

To Cry Is To Weep by WiNC

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A picky woman visits an art gallery.

To Hurt Is To Become by InnocentGuilt

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This is the second chapter of this story. It's chalked full of morphs, ar, and body changes. Give it a chance and enjoy.

To Hurt is to Become Final chapter[InnocentGuilt]

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This is the last chapter to this series. I hope it gives closure to everyone. Not to mention please when your finished tell write down what you liked and didn't like about the 5 chapter series. It's the only way for us authors to improve. Plus special thanks to Spectrum Analyzer for pushing me on the last chapter. Not to mention he helped proof read chapters 3-6 so that I could get a good series out to you.

To Hurt Is to Become [InnocentGuilt]

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This is the third Chapter of my story. The plot and characters have been developed so lets see what new adventures have been cooked up for the Edwards family today.

To Hurt Is to Become [InnocentGuilt]

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The climax has now been set. Christina is awake and confused. Now find out who is who in the next thrilling chapter of To Hurt is to Become!

To Hurt is to Become[InnocentGuilt]

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This is going to be one of my longest AR stories. This is only the first chapter. Give it a chance, Find out what happens to Bill, Sandy, and

Tobbie's Toy

Feb 3, 2004

A boy and his friend play with his father's invention.

Tom's Journal (Part One) by firefly

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Journal Entry 2/9/04
It'd been years since I'd been in an elementary school, but the odor of strong disinfectants and tempura paint brought me right back, as I walked through the back door of Twin Pines Elementary. The school was a basic K-5 for the local surrounding suburban neighborhoods. I was only here because my new job, teaching after-school programs for kids, brought me around twice a week. I'd been having an alright time of it, although teaching kids really isn't my bag. But a paycheck's a paycheck and so here I was, third week on the job, still with those nervous jitters you get when you know you don't really know what you're doing...

Tracy by Bobby

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Trading Up Trading Down by Sgt. Vincennes

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Trading Up…Trading down
by SgtVincennes

" MOM!, Jessica pushed me down and called me a name " 7 year old Melissa cryed while running down the hallway.
Carol Easton had heard that familiar cry so many times she was about to scream too. " Jessie! Get in here this instant! " Carol screamed at her older daughter. " It’s alright, don’t cry Missy" she said to her younger daughter and stroked her hair. Carol could hear Jessica stomping down the hall..
" What? " Jessica said with all the attitide a seventeen year old has on a constant basis. " What did you do to your little sister? " Carol demanded to her with a stern look in her eye. " Nothing" Jessica snarled back. " The stupid little brat was in my room again…I just told the little shrimp to get out…now she has to cry to Mommy, the poor little baby"
" Shut up bubble butt" Melissa yelled at Jessica. " I was just goin past your room and you called me a baby and pushed me down"
" I did not, you little liar !" Jessica fired back.
" Enough" Carol yelled at both of her daughters. " You" she pointed at Jessica. " You are to leave your little sister alone and you are not going out tonight"
" AH! " Jessica yelped. " You can’t do that, that is sooo unfair…Missy gets to run around here getting into my stuff and I’m the one in trouble, this sucks"
" What young lady" Carol said aback at her daughter. " I can do whatever I want around here including grounding your little butt. And I don’t want to hear another word about it." " Uh…whatever" Jessica said and continued to mumble as she went back down the hall steaming mad. " I heard that and don’t you dare use that language around me" Carol yelled after Jessica. " And Missy, leave your sister alone "she pleaded. " You know that she’s bigger than you so just stay away from her "
" But I wasn’t doin’ nothin’ Mommy " Missy said
" I know you probably weren’t but just stay away from her and you won’t have to worry about it. " When Melissa went outside to play, Carol slumped into her chair. All she could think about was that she wished that her two daughters would quit fighting with each other. It was natural she knew, but with a 10 year age difference between them, it was such a mismatch. Jessica was like any Seventeen year old. She knew everything and everyone was was wrong and in her way. Melissa was like every 7 year old, curious about what it was like to be older. A dangerous mix. Still she wished she could do something about it. Make Melissa know what it was like to be older so she’d stop watching her older sister, or teach Jessica a lesson.
Jessie was quite spoiled by being the oldest. She never knew what it was like being around a big sister. Someone who could push her around. Carol just didn’t know what to do with them.
The next day, Carol took both of her daughters out shopping. Melissa wanted to go, but Jessica didn’t want to be seen with them. But since she was grounded Carol made her come along. They ended up in a rare book store since Carol was quite the reader. Carol came across a very old book claiming to have spells in it. Since it was only one dollar, she picked it up since it would be good for a laugh. It was only later when she was flipping through it that some of the spells made sense to her. One particular spell was listed age adjustment. It staed that one could transfer years from one person to another. For every year given though a year had to be taken away from someone else. An idea formed in Carol’s mind.
She was still thinking about it when she heard Jessica and Mellisa going at it again. But when she heard what Missy yelled, she decided to teach her older daughter a lesson. Jessica was grounded for 2 weeks anyway, why not make it interesting for her.
Melissa had been in the middle of her tantrum when she had yelled " I wish I was the big sister and you were the little one! Then you wouldn’t be so mean would you?"
" Yeah right, munchkin " had been Jessica’s reply " Like that could ever happen. Face it. I’m bigger and older than you and I always will be. Only babies make dumb wishes like that, brat " But neither of them knew what was about to happen to them.
Jessica was a very pretty young lady. She stood 5’9", quite tall and had long brown hair that she had tied back in a poneytail today. She had blue eyes and a nose and mouth exactly proportional for her face. Her ears were pierced several times in both ears. She was also very proud of her body, it drove the boys in school crazy. She was going into her senior year and was never short of dates. She had a 36C bust, a flat stomach, and long muscular legs from her years of playing soccer. This day she was wearing tight blue jeans, always in style, and a blue tank top that showed off her breasts nicely. Even though no one was going to see her, she still was ready. She didn’t wear any socks or shoes and her red toenails were freshly painted.
Melissa was a typical 7 year old. She stood just a few inches over 4 feet tall. She had long blonde hair that was very thin and she never did much with it. She had green eyes and was missing two teeth in the front right now and she wasn’t allowed to have her ears pierced. She was wearing a pair of green shorts and a white T-Shirt.
That was when Carol walked in on them and annouced " This fighting stops NOW!" I’ can’t stand another second of it. " Your attitude will change young lady" She said will pointing at Jessica. " What are you going to do" You’ve already grounded me for the last 2 weeks of summer vacation, you can’t do anything else" Jessica replied with all the sarcasm she could.
"Oh, I’ve got a puishment in store for you YOUNG LADY " Carol said with a bit a mischief in her voice.
"Oh, like, I’m soooo scared"
" Fine" Carol said with authority. She looked at Jessica in her eyes and said " I as the mother of both Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 17 years and Melissa Ellen Easton, aged 7 years demand them to exchange 2 years from one to the other. Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 15 years and Melissa Ellen Easton now being aged 9 years " She had quoted the spell and the effects began immediately.
Jessica just stared at her mother thinking she had finally lost it. Then she felt a chill run up from her toes to the top of her head. Something was wrong. She was 3 inches taller than her mother yet she was now looking at her directly in the eye. She has to be wearing big shoes, Jessica thought and looked down, but saw that her mother was just wearing socks. As she was looking down, she thought her top looked a little loose. Like her breasts no longer filled her tank top. Her pants were a little loose and the cuffs were now on the ground. But then she caught a glimpse of her little sister.
Melissa was no longer as little as she had been just a minute earlier. She was growing taller by the second. She wasn’t gaining much weight, but she had grown a good 6 inches. Her teeth filled in and her face filled out a bit. Her hair got a shade darker and grew longer down her back. " Mommy! What’s happening to me!" Missy said with fear in her voice.
" Don’t worry Melissa, I know it sounds crazy but in order to teach Jessie a lesson, I have to make you bigger. Don’t worry though, you’re going to have a lot of fun.
"But, my clothes are pinching me" Melissa said whhile squirming a bit.
" Oh…oh, here, take off those clothes and put these on, they’re big now, but if Jessie doesn’t learn her lesson, they’ll fit you just fine" She said while handing a pair of Jessica’s shorts and one of her T-Shirts that had been lying on the floor to Melissa. She was smiling at Melissa but had a scowl on her face by the time she faced Jessica.
" WHAT THE FUCK" Jessica screamed, suddenly overcome with both fear and anger. " What the hell did you do to me?!!" She demanded of her mother.
" Language like that will get you into an even worse situation." I’ve warned you about your mouth" So I as the mother of both Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 15 years and Melissa Ellen Easton aged 9 years demand them to exchange one year from one to the other. Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 14 years and Melissa Ellen Easton being aged 10 years"
Before Jessica could say another word, she felt herself shrink another inch and looked down as her breasts receded another inch. Her pants were now very loose and had fallen to her hips. Melissa felt another warm wave wash over her when her mother said the words and she looked down to see the ground moving away again. She was growing another 3 inches. Her hands and feet were larger, her arms and legs longer. She had more energy and was very excited by what was happening. " NO, This can’t be happening! This is impossible" Jessica said with fear in her voice. " No, Jessie it’s not impossible. I think you need to be taught a lesson. I’ve grounded you and done every puishment I could think of to have you stop being mean to your sister. I came across a little thing in a book that could change ages. I knew it would work. I just knew it."
" But, but there’ll be questions, I can’t show up for school looking like this. You can’t send Missy to school looking like that…" Jessica stammered trying to get back to normal.
" See Jessie, I’m going to spend these 2 weeks teaching you a lesson. You don’t have to get any younger as long as you’re nice to your sister. You can spend these 2 weeks at 14 if you behave, or you can keep pushing me until you’re a baby again."
" You wouldn’t" Jessica said with a stop.
" Try me." I’ve finally found a way to punish you that you’ll respond to. Now like I said, the rest of your puishment is up to you, but I’d guess that you’re already having second thouhghts of fighting with her. She’s still 4 years younger than you, but you two are much closer in size now." Melissa just smiled. " Yeah, I guess you can’t be mean to me anymore"
Jessica responded without even thinking. " Oh you’re so dead shrimp"
Then the words came again from Carol " I as the mother of both Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 14 years and Melissa Ellen Easton, aged 10 years demand them to exchange 2 years from one to the other. Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 12 years and Melissa Ellen Easton now being aged 12 years." " I told you this punishment was up to you Jessie " Carol said as she shook her head, watching as her older daughter and her younger daughter became the same age.
" AHHHH!" Jessica screamed in an increasingly higher pitch. Her voice was getter higher as she grew younger. She was watching as her breasts, the breasts she was so proud of shrank away to nearly nothing. Her chest now had just two swollen bumps, enough for a training bra, but swimming in her increasing larger top. Her hand shot up and groped at her chest. " Nooooooooo" she moaned. With her hands up, the straps of her top slid down her thinning shoulders and arms. She clamped her hands tight to her chest just to keep her top up. Jessica bolted down the hallway for the bathroom. She nearly tripped as her pants were now falling down. The bottoms had engulfed her feet and she hiked them up and held on as she ran.
" Mommy, I feel really funny " Melissa said quietly as she continued to grow. Puberty had begun and her chest had begun to swell outward. Her hips and butt were filling out slightly and the drawstring on her shorts pulled out. The legs of her shorts were rising up her lengthening legs. They had been resting around her knees, but now they were over the knees. Her arms and hands were getting bigger and her nails were growing as well. " It’s alright" Carol said.
" No, I like it! " Melissa said " I just feel funny" She smiled as she realized that her voice was a bit deeper.
Melissa turned around and walked a few steps down the hall and looked in the mirror. She didn’t recognize the reflection for an instant. The face in the mirror was different from the face she was used to seeing. For one thing, she didn’t have any freckles. Well, there were a few, but very faint across her nose. Her nose and mouth were bigger and when she smiled she had her adult teeth. " Wow, I’m big" she said as she ran her hand over her cheek.
Carol had walked up behind her" You’re going to be very pretty"
Melissa turned around and was shocked to see that her mother, who had always towered over her was now just a few inches taller. Missy stood up on her tip toes and was taller than her Mom. Carol laughed silently. " Yes, you look to be about 5’5" and still growing" " How big am I going to get Mommy" Melissa asked
" You’ll keep getting bigger until your sister learns her lesson"
" Am I really as old as her now" Melissa said with curiousity.
" Yes you are. But…" Carol’s voice dropped to a whisper " it’s not going to be permanent, just until Jessie learns her lesson.
Melissa giggled as her mother talked to her. She felt so big and so strong. Better than she had ever felt before. She felt she had some power and even if it didn’t last, she was going to enjoy it. Melissa started walking down the hall to the bathroom. She just had to see what her BIG sister looked like now. As she was walking, she stubbed her toe on the bureau. " OW!, Stupid thing " She quickly bent down and grabbed her little toe and rubbed it. "I always made it by here before without kicking this" she said to no one in particular.
"Yes, but that was when your feet were half the size they are now ‘ Carol said as she went past her. She walked by then and knocked on the bathroom door.
On the other side of the door, Jessica was crying. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. It wasn’t fair. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and saw her 7th grade picture staring back. 5 years younger, just like that. She heard her sister and her mother laughing down the hall. Sure laugh it up. I’ll get out of this and get back at both of you, she thought as she shook with anger.
The knock on the door jolted her back. " Jessie…honey, open up the door. You can’t hide yourself in the bathroom for the next two weeks." Carol said. " I told you that this was up to you. Until you change your attitude you’re going to get younger. Until you learn your lesson."
With that, the door flew open and the now 12 year old Jessica came out. " Lesson? What lesson?, I’ve learned that your some kind of witch who turned me into a little ki…" She was going to say more but stopped dead when she saw her little sister standing there. Melissa wasn’t so little anymore, in fact, she was about 2 inches taller then her big sister. They were the same age, but everyone grows at their own rate. The T-Shirt still hung on her but she was turning into a young woman. Jessica shook her head. " No, no, no, no, no " she said as her voice rose. " This can’t be happening" " You have to change us back! You have to!"
" Well, I remember someone who just called their mother a witch " Carol said looking down at her smaller daughter.
" NO! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…I" Jessica stammered but it was too late. " I as the mother of both Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 12 years and Melissa Ellen Easton, aged 12 years demand them to exchange one year from one to the other. Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 11 years and Melissa Ellen Easton now being aged 13 years."
Jessica quickly dropped another 2 inches and she watched Melissa shoot up another 2. More than that, her T-Shirt was beginning to fit better and better and her expanding chest was very obvious, at least to her now flat-chested sister. Jessica’s hair had gotten thinner and thinner and her face was now younger than ever. She looked like a little kid. Her sister, now her big sister, Melissa was now a teenager and was getting the curves that went with her new age. Her hips were flaring outward and her waist thinning. Her feet grew another size and her legs were becoming defined in their new length. Now standing 5’7", Melissa’s face was also maturing and looking fuller and older every second. She smiled as she looked down at her new little sister. 2 years younger and 6 inches shorter now, she looked at the younger girl before her and felt better than she had ever remembered feeling. Jessica gasped as her pants gave up their fight and fell down. They pooled over her feet, now smaller. Her new body was not what she was used to showing off. Her thin legs were coltish and thin. Her panties now many sizes too big, they barely hung to her non-exsistant hips. Her top now hung half way down her chest, only held up by the fact that the straps were twisted on her arms. She hadn’t been wearing a bra and now, she defeinately didn’t need one. The emotion of the all that had happened suddenly came home to her as she looking up at her smiling sister. When she saw her smiling, she felt afraid, afraid of her now big sister.
" Guess you won’t be picking on me now, huh, shrimp" Melissa said as she walked closer to Jessica. " Look who’s the little one now, Jessie" she taunted her as she leaned over her. " Remember when you had boobs" Looks like I got ‘em now." She began to laugh. " Mom, make her stop " Jessie cried through her tears.
" Now, you know how it feels" Carol said to her younger daughter Jessica. " Now you know what you put your sister through all these years. You don’t like it now do you?" " NO" Jessie cried. "I’m sorry Mom.
" Apologize to Melissa" Carol said to Jessie.
" I’m sorry Missy, er, I mean Melissa " Jessie sobbed.
Melissa just beamed to hear those words. " Now, after 2 weeks, if you’re still behaving yourself, you can trade back…but if you fail to learn your lesson…" Carol just let the words hang there.
Jessie quickly made her way to her room. How, how did this happen? She kept asking herself. I have to wake up, she kept telling herself. I’ll wake up, this will have been a bad dream and I’ll have my body back. She closed her eyes tightly and waited to wake up. Then she began crying again. She looked around her and realized that none of her clothes fit her anymore. 2 weeks of being a kid, 2 weeks of avoiding her…big…sister. All the times she had pushed her and called her shrimp, munchkin, short stuff, midget, teasing her about being a kid, flaunting her body over her. A body she no longer had. At least it was only 2 years older…it could be worse.
Melissa opened the door to her room and was amazed at how different it looked to her. Everything was so small. None of her clothes would fit. The mirror was set too low on her dresser and she had to stoop slightly to get the top of her head into the scene. Her smile was a wide as a mile. " Wooo" Melissa quickly brought her hand to her mouth as it slipped out of her. She then laughed long and heartliy enjoying her deeper voice and how she sounded. She danced in a quick circle amazed at how her body now moved and felt to her. This is the greatest feeling in the world. As she looked around at her toys and her frilly, pink bed, she thought, this will never do. I’ll see what Mom thinks about us switching rooms.
Carol called for her girls to come down and get something to eat for lunch. Melissa bounded down. She was starving. She sat down heavily at the table surprised as her feet stayed on the ground when she sat down. She was still giggling thinking abaout herself. She was wolfing down a sandwich as Jessie came sheepishly into the room. She had put on one of her old shirts, of course too big now and some drawstring shorts that hung low on her waist. They were dressed alike, but they were very different.
" Hey shorty" Melissa said with a smile.
" Shut up" Jessica shot back.
" Oh, is the baby mad" Melissa mocked her then laughed and made another sandwich. " Come on sis, eat up, it’s good for those growing bones. Maybe, someday, you’ll have boobies too" Melissa was laughing hard now.
" I said shut up" Jessie was stunned with just how childish her voice sounded. There was nothing of force behind it. Jessie sat down and if she sat at the front of the chair, her feet were fine, but the time she slid back, she felt her feet leave the floor. She quickly slid back turning red and staring down.
" Oh this is all too good. Mom can I use the camera " Melissa said with a smile. " You wouldn’t dare!" Jessie shot back. " I’ll kill you, you lit…" She stopped dead. " You little what. Munchkin want to say that to her big sister, I’ll stand up and you can stand on your chair and look me in the eye " Melissa said with power behind her words. "Now, Melissa, Jessie is your little sister and you should leave her be. She’s not big and strong like you." Carol said.
" UHHHHH" Jessie cried out " This sucks so bad. I hate you both." Then after it was out, she quickly brought her hand to her mouth. " No mommy, no, please, I’m sorry I take it back." She was still pleading when Carol began to speak.
" I as the mother of both Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 11 years and Melissa Ellen Easton aged 13 years demand them to exchange 3 years from one to the other. Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 8 years and Melissa now being aged 16 years."
Jessica gasped when she heard 3 years being said. It was getting worse. " I really thought you’d have learned your lesson by now, Jessie, but I guess you still need some more." Carol said disapprovingly as her younger daughter Jessie began shrinking again.
Jessie began crying again as she looked up even further at her even bigger sister. She was shrinking rapidly this time. Her shirt was way too big now and even the loose shorts were about to fall. Her legs thinned out even more as she lost all pretenses of being a teen. Her face rounded out. Her nose got smaller and was now button small on her face. Freckles broke out across her nose and forehead. Her lips thinned and her teeth got smaller. She was moving her tongue around as she felt a space, she was missing a front tooth, just like when she was eight. Her hair got thinner and shorter but still held in her ponytail, even though pigtails might be more appropriate for a girl her age. Her arms and hands grew smaller and thinner, she felt weak and small. She had no curves anywhere and all hair had disappeared from her body. Her feet were tiny but some of the toe nail polish still remained on them. Now flakey and bunched up from her declining size.
She cried even harder when she saw her sister. She was beautiful. As Melissa grew older, her looks matured into real beauty. She now stood 5’10", an inch taller than her sister had ever been. Her blond hair was a rich honey color and came down to her shoulder blades. Her green eyes shone with her flawless skin. Her nose was thin, but seemed right for her face. Her lips were very full and naturally red. They pulled down slightly at the corners, which gave a slight pouty smile. Her ears had stayed small, coming directly in, with no lobe on the bottom and they were now pierced somehow. The T-shirt rode perfectly at her waist, a waist that was small and her stomach perfectly flat. Her breasts grew out still and were the perfect size 36C that her sister had been. Her arms were long and tan and her hands were slender and flawless. Her shorts now sat tightly on her hips, her butt full and round and firm. Her legs were long and tanned. They were well-toned and her feet were slender and delicate even at a size 8. She could be a model, Jessie thought in wonder.
Melissa had been equally surprised when her mother had said 3 years would be changing. She would be 16, she thought quickly. The warmth passed over her as she began transforming. She was most amazed as her breasts expanded quickly and enourmously to her. She’d never had breasts and was still getting used to what she had as a thirteen year old, let alone at 16. She could tell she was getting taller. She looked down not only on her little sister but also her mother. She was amazed at the tiny size of her sister. She couldn’t be more than 4 feet tall now, her size. But that thought caught in her mind suddenly. It wasn’t her size anymore. She was big and mature, it was Jessie who was that size, small now. Maybe forever, she thought. I know Mom said it would only be 2 weeks, but maybe, she could figure out a way to stay big. She’d have to check out that book that Mom was using to change them. She also thought she’d keep talking to her Mom to butter her up to the idea that she might be able to skip a few years of her adolesence.
" Now, have you learned your lesson" Carol said to Jessie.
" Yea…ye…yes" Jessie managed. She was amazed at how big her mother was to her. And her sister was even bigger.
" Apologize to your sister again, young lady" Carol said sternly.
Jessie was crying very hard now. She couldn’t bear the embarrasment to even looking at her sister, let alone apologizing.
" Look at me young lady" Carol said to Jessie and Jessie looked at her. " Now tell your sister you’re sorry and that you will never ‘get her back’ for anything that happens these 2 weeks. And tell her that if and I do mean if you get to return to being 17 again, you will always treat her with respect and never hurt her again " Carol said in a raising tone of voice.
Jessie was shocked. She had heard the emphasis on IF in her Mommy’s speech. " I..I’m sor…sorry Miss…Melissa. I’ll never be mean to you ever again" She said quickly. Jessie was amazed at how high her voice had gotten, she really was just a little kid. " I’ll never be, be mean to you again. Just don’t be mad at me, please, please Melissa. Please don’t be mad…I’ll be good from now on" " And you’ll behave at this age for the next 2 weeks, right Jessie." Carol asked " Yes, I said I’d be good and I will" Jessie managed.
" So, Mom" Melissa said, " How about me and Jessie switching rooms for awhile "
" What" Carol turned to her older daughter.
" Well, I thinkit would be proper if I was in Jessie’s room for these few weeks. I mean, like, she won’t be needing her clothes. I will. And I think she’d be happier in my room. It’s more her size and that way she could wear my clothes."
" Allright, I guess that is a good idea Missy, I mean Melissa.
" Actually…call me Mel."
"Allright…Mel" Carol said, adjusting to the changes in intellegence and mentality in her daughters. They had changed more than just bodies and ages. Their minds went with them too. She could sense the confidence in Melissa, Mel, and could hear her increased vocabulary. As well, she could hear Jessie using smaller words and fidgeting like an 8 year old.
" No mom, please. I don’t want her in my stuff" Jessie whined. " It’s still mine"
"Now now, this is not the time to be selfish, little girl" Carol said. " I think it’s okay" You should be in proper atmospheres for girls your ages."
Jessica thought of protesting more, but she realized she was now the littlest one and she had no choice. She turned and walked up the hall to Melissa’s room. She stopped for a moment in the doorway. She looked around and saw the small bed, the frilly pink cover. The dolls and toys and stuffed animals were everywhere. She sighed, then stepped in.
Melissa watched her go then quickly ran past her into Jessica’s old room. She flopped onto the queen sized bed and laughed and wriggled back and forth. She noticed her Mom standing in the door. " I know that you’re going to have a lot of temptation now that you’ve got the body you do, but remember, you’re in that body on borrowed time. Just 2 weeks and I don’t want to have the same problems with you that I had with Jessica. You’ve had the benefit of these changes so far, but I can still change you back." Carol said.
" I know Mom" Melissa said somberly. "I just feel so alive"
Carol backed out slowly and closed the door behind her. " YESSSSS" Melissa said as she drummed her feet on the bed. She hoped up and ran to the full-length mirror. She turned back and forth looking at her new frame. She was 16, but she looked older. She knew she was gorgeous. " I have this to look forward to! Oh this is so good" Better than Jessica even. She smiled widely into the mirror, very pleased with her smile and her face. Then she went to the closet and started sifting through all the clothes. Just slightly taller, but generally the same size, she knew the clothes would fit. She pulled out a black dress and slipped it over her head. It was perfect for her. It accentuated every curve on her body. She picked out a pair of stappy high-heeled sandels. She slid them on her slender delicate feet and clasped the ankle straps. She stood up and in the 3" heels, she stood well over 6 feet. She wobbled momentarily, then something else in her took over and she walked smoothly over to the mirror. " Oh ..my…God" This is soooo hot" She looked to her right and saw Jessie’s jewelry box. She put in a pair of gold hoop earrings and put on Jessie’s gold necklace. She felt like Cinderella, no, she was hotter than that, ready to go out on the town. She knew she couldn’t do anything about it. But she did see that her sister did have a camera. She pulled it out and tried to take pictures of herself in this body. If she really couldn’t keep it, she’d at least have pictures. She could turn off the flash and take pictures in the mirror from waist high and get a full picture of herself. She changed outfits several times, various dresses, tight jeans, tight low cut tops that showed off her clevage. She tried on her sister’s bikini and found that it fit great, if a little tight in the back. She painted her finger and toe nails red, the same color her sister had been wearing. As it neared dinnertime, she turned off the CD player and the Rap music stopped. She had never liked it before, but she loved it now. She danced to the beat like she had never moved before. She put on a pair of jeans and a white tank top and went down for dinner.
Jessie had gone into her new room and sat down on the bed. She cried some more, but after awhile, she realized that crying was doing her no good. She went to the dresser and looked for something to wear. She pulled out a pair of panties that would fit her and put them on. Then she found some jeans, junior miss size 6 for girls, the tag stated. She swallowed hard as she pulled them up. They fit. She then found a blue shirt, with a small collor and she pulled it over her head and it fit prefectly over her flat chest. She pulled her long brown hair out from the back of the shirt where it was pinned. It fell long on her back, but she could tell it was thinner. She had been avoiding the mirror so far, but then she took a deep breath and went and stood in front of it. She refused to cry. She just looked at her face in disbelief. It was her 2nd grade picture looking back at her. The wide round face full of freckles, with a small nose and a missing tooth. She gazed slowly over her body, but nothing was there to stop her glance until she reached her tiny feet. She wiggled her toes and smiled slightly. I always thought my feet were big…I guess I don’t have to worry about that now. She looked up as she smiled and the slight dimples she had as a child were back.. She mindlessly picked at her toe nail polish since it looked bad on her feet now. She had a sudden thought and she felt her ears. The holes were gone. She didn’t have pierced ears anymore. She was too little and Mommy wouldn’t let her pierce her ears until she was 13, 5 long years away. As she sat there, she started feeling bored. She got antsy, she had a lot of energy suddenly. Part of her wanted to play with the dolls on the floor. She had had so much fun with them when she was that age. Then it occurred to her that she was that age again. She was 8, why not act like an 8 year old. Then another part of her mind said NO, she was 17 and even if she was in the body of an 8 year old, she was still 17, she liked boys, and music and movies with Keanu Reeves. No, she liked cartoons and ice cream and Toy Story was her favorite movie. Jessie was very confused, so she got on the floor and started to play with the dolls.
Carol was enjoying her first day aof peace and quiet. She had read a book then leisurley cooked some spaghetti for dinner. Melissa was down as soon as she smelled it. She had never really liked spaghetti before, but now it smelled so good to her. And she was starving, all that growth had made her ravenous. Carol called for Jessie but she didn’t come. She went to her room, Melissa’s old room and opened the door. She saw Jessie curled on the floor playing with some dolls. " Jessie? Didn’t you hear me? It’s time for dinner. " Carol was still shocked to see that young innocent face again as she turned to her. " Oh, okay Mommy, I didn’t hear you…I’m sorry" she added.
" It’s allright, just come along." Carol said as Jessie skirted past her, Jessie head barely up to Carol’s bustline. Jessie ran into the kitchen but stopped cold when she saw her big sister sitting there. She was very intimidated by her now. " Huh, Hi…Melissa" she said as she hopped onto her chair.
" Hey Twerp" she replied. " How’s your dollies"
Jessica didn’t respond. She realized how big the table was now. Her feet dangled well off the floor and she couldn’t reach the pitcher in the middle. Melissa saw her straining to reach it, so she slid it to her with a laugh " Don’t spill it, it’s really heavy" she mockingly said to her little sister.
Jessie just stuck out her tongue and poured some juice into her glass.
" Watch it, I’ll catch that tongue and show it to Mom" Melissa threatened her. Jessie just looked down at the table. Carol walked in still amazed at her two daughters. She just shook her head as she placed the spaghetti on the table.
"Oh, I’m so hungry" Melissa said and went for the servers. She plunked at huge heap of spaghetti on her plate and dug in. Carol took her portion just giving a sideways glance to Mel. " Well, aren’t you going to have any, Spaghetti’s your favorite" She said to Jessica.
" EWWW, it’s slimy like worms, I HATE that groody stuff" Jessica said.
" Now, no attitide, you have to eat some or no ice cream" Carol came back with, then she remembered that yes, Jessica had loved spaghetti, but Jessie had not. She didn’t start eating it until age 12.
Jessie spooned a little on her plate. She finished off, then fidgeted while Melissa had a second helping. Once again, Missy had always hated spaghetti, but Mel was eating it up. " Who wants ice cream" Carol asked when it looked as if Melissa was done. " I DO" shouted Jessie. " No thanks, Mom" Melissa said " I have to watch that stuff, it’s bad for my figure." " HA, bubble butt can’t have ice cream" Jessie teased her.
" At least I have a figure, shrimp" Melissa said
Carol glared at both of them and Melissa left the room. They heard her turn on the TV and flop on the couch.
After Jessie finished her ice cream, she went into the living room, Carol was cleaning up when she heard them get into it. " Move it, fatso" she heard Jessie say. " You move it munchkin, I was here first."
Then she heard Jessie cry out " Mom, she’s hoggin the couch, make her move" Carol came in. " Jessie, remember why you’re being punished and what happens if your bad" Jessie’s eyes widened and she nodded her head. " Good, then let your sister have the couch" Melissa stuck out her tongue. " But can’t we watch cartoons" Powerpuff girls are on" Jessie said.
" No, TRL is on and we’re watching that" Melissa said. Jessie jumped for the remote, but Melissa simply held it up out of her jumping reach. The oldest trick in the book for an older sister. Jessie sat down on the floor and sulked.
At about 8:30, Jessie yawned and Carol saw her." If you’re tired, why don’t you go to bed"
" It’s only 8:30, I never go to bed this early" Jessie said in reply
" Well you do now" Upstairs to bed now…and brush your teeth. "
Jessie didn’t brush her teeth. She took off her pants and shirt and slipped on the nightgown that had been Missy’s. It came down to her mid-calf. She hopped into bed and left her night-light on. She could see her outline under the sheets. Still amazed at how little she had become that day, she fell asleep fast.
Melissa on the other hand, stayed up and watched Letterman and Conan beofre going to bed. She loved it and she feel deeply asleep on top of her covers in just her tank top and panties.
The next morning when Carol woke up, she heard cartoons on. When she came into the living room, Jessie was sitting with her legs folded under her on the couch watching TV. " Hi, Mommy, I woke up early, so I thought I could watch some TV" Jessie smiled at Carol and her missing tooth stood out in the grin. " That’s fine honey" Are you feeling okay" Carol wondered.
Jessie frowned for a moment. " I miss being big"
" Well, show me that you’ve learned your lesson and promise that you’ll be nice to your sister and you’ll be big again in about 2 weeks.
" Okay Mommy, I’ll be good" Jessie said and returned to watching cartoons.
This might actually be good for her. After awhile, Jessie went and got dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt. When she came back down, she went outside and played in the back yard. It was noon before Melissa staggered down to the kitchen. She grabbed a Coke from the fridge and swallowed half of it before sitting at the table. She mumbled and pushed her hair back from her face. " Well good morning Sunshine" Carol said chippily. " The crack of noon is at hand. I see you gained that typical teenage attribute"
" Yeah, I’m really tired" Melissa came back to her. " Where’s shrimpazoid"
" Your sister is out playing in the yard" Carol replied.
Melissa stood up and walked to the window. She looked out and smiled. There was her big sister, swinging on the swingset. Dumb Kid, she thought.
" So, Mom, What are the chances of me staying like this" Melissa said tentativly. " What?" Carol asked looking at her daughter. " I knew you’d get attached to this. I just knew it." Lokk, I’ve always known that even at 7 you were an intelligent girl and more mature than your sister, but it wouldn’t be fair to either of you to leave you like this. Your sister can’t be made to grow up again and you need to go through all those experiances too. You can’t skip 9 years in a single day."
" But Mom, you don’t know what it’s like. It’s like I did go through all those experiences. I feel like I did grow up. I know Algrbra and history and all kinds of things I learned in school. I know about sex, I know we had to talk about it. I have those experiences" And I bet that Jessie has forgotten all those things, her mind is an 8-year old. She’s forgotten about being big. " No, just this morning she said she missed being big" Carol interrupted
" She might remember it. I know I remember being little, but being 7 really feels 9 years ago to me, not just yesterday." With that she got up and walked out back and called for Jessie. Jessie came running up to the door. " What do you think about boys? " Melissa asked her. " They’re stupid and they have cooties" Jessie replied.
" What do you think about me?" Melissa asked her little sister.
" You’re my big sister, you hate me" Jessie replied quickly.
"Have I always been your big sister?"
" Yes, what kind of stupid question is that" Jessie said quizzically " Nothing, go back and play" Melissa said to her and Jessie ran back out into the yard. Carol was amazed. This is bad she thought. I have to change them back right away. She was thinking frantically. She headed for the book.
" Look Mom, She’ll be just as oblivious 2 weeks from now. Please. Don’t change us back yet" Melissa reached out for her Mom’s hand.
Carol stopped for a minute. " Just go. Go upstairs, I…I have to read. I’ll talk to you later" Melissa went over and sat on the couch. She let her long legs spread out before her. She stared at her feet and let her eyes move up her legs, up to her chest. " I don’t want to give up this body " she said defiantly. " Maybe you can give some years back to Jessie without taking them back from me." Giver her some of your years. You can lose 9 years without missing a beat. It’d be good for you. Going from 40 to 31"
Carol was ignoring her and reading frantically. She got to the age adjustment spell. She had read how to make one person younger while making another older. She figured it had to be the same in reverse. She got to the bottom. The page read: This spell is not reversable. " NO." She screamed and threw the book across the room. Melissa sat up with a start. Carol was crying. Melissa walked over and picked up the book. As she read, her left foot slid up and down her right leg absent-mindedly. She too read the spell and the bottom line. She had her back turned to her mother and she was smiling. She was going to keep this body. She just kept smiling and pretending to read. Carol came over and snatched the book away. " Quit smiling Melissa" There has to be someone to get yo uback to normal. "
" What if this is normal. I like it, Hell, even Jessie likes it. Look at her, she’s happier than she’s been in years."
" What? What are you talking about."
" I’m talking about the fact that there are 3 people who know about this, I’m happy, Jessie’s happy, you should be happy for us."
" No, It isn’t right" Carol said and started to cry again. She read the book.
Carol read through the book then went out and bought even more books like it. It was 12 days later. The day they should be changing back. Both seemed to have forgotten what had happened to them. Melissa had become a typical 16-year old. Sarcastic, grumpy and merciless to her little sister, she called her names, pulled her hair, and tormented her at every chance. She weilded her body over her and made fun of her tiny size. She lorded over her and enjoyed every minute of it. Melissa had taken every opportunity to get out of the house. She knew how to drive, somehow, and went out to the lake or the mall. She even hung out with Jessica’s old friends. None of them knowing that it was little Missy they were shopping with. She loved the attention she got from the boys.
Jessie had become used to her lot in life. It was all she knew. She was the little sister. She tried to avoid her big sister, but every day, somehow, she got in her way. Melissa would push her down, call her shorty, and tease her about being a kid. She couldn’t help. She was only 8, not 16 like her big sister, Melissa. Her Mommy had asked her all kinds of questions, weird questions. She’d ask her if she wanted to be big again. She’d answer she wanted to be big, but what did she mean by again. Mommy asked her her birthday. Duh, it was June 9th, 1993, she had just turned 8 a few months ago and was starting the 2nd grade. Mommy had put books in front of her and asked if they looked familiar. Yes, those were Melissa school books, but she didn’t know those words or math problems. Jessie happily played games with the other girls in the neighborhood, tried to avoid her big sister and was a normal kid.
Carol was frantically searching for another spell to change her daughters back. She’d had no luck and everything she read just discouraged her. Even if she did find a new spell, every book said it was tougher the second time. Once a person had a spell placed on them, it was tougher to put another spell on them, it might not take, especially if the person resisted. She came across an awareness spell, but that would just be disasterous, better to leave Jessica oblivious then depressed. The day passed with no resolution.
Somehow, everything had changed with the spell. Melissa Ellen Easton was enrolled as a junior at Truman High School. She had grades and records for every year up to it. The School records had very few records of Jessica Elizabeth Easton. Just her shot records and her grades from kindergarten and the first grade. Jessie started the 2nd grade. She was excited about the new dress she had gotten to wear. It was pink.
Carol had to let her daughters live lives even if they weren’t their own. Melissa got a job at McDonald’s after school and was playing on the varsity soccer team. Jessica just liked to play after school, she was learning cursive writing and bringing home good grades. Carol was still without a solution.
Christmas came and Jessie loved her Powerpuff girls and Barbies. Melissa got clothes and CD’s. The only hang up of the day was when Jessie tried to wake up her sister. Melissa had held her down and pinned her arms behind her back and laid into her with all her weight for that one. They fought the entire break.
As time continued to pass, Carol gave up hope of turning back the spell. It seemed impossible to her and they longer it went, the more everything seemed normal. She still had two healthy daughters, one in high school and one in elementary school. They were both happy but Carol felt incredible guilt. It had been her fault, Jessica had to grow up all over again. She’d be different this time, that was for sure. Her big sister had made sure of that. Melissa had adjusted so well, that it would be near impossible to get her to go back to being a kid, but the same problems had come back, just in reverse. Melissa was the big sister and she picked on her little sister. Carol just shook her head at the thought of reversing back to the way it was.
It had been one year exactly. It was August 16th, 2002 and Melissa and Jessie were fighting again. Carol had come across the loophole just a few weeks ago. She hadn’t stopped looking for a reversal, and she wasn’t sure if this was going to work. Then she heard the magic words from her younger daughter Jessie. In the middle of her fight, she said " I wish I was the big sister and you were the little one. Then you wouldn’t be so mean to me. Then Melissa replied, " Yeah right shortcake, I’d like to see that. Face it, little sis, I’m bigger and older than you and I always will be, so shut up, get out and play with your dolls" She pushed her down then and as Jessie fell to the floor, she felt weird…all funny inside. She felt warm. She flipped over onto her back and stared at her sister. Melissa was frozen still. A chill passed over and she shivered, but more than that, everything was coming back to them.
Jessica jumped up. " You’re not my big sister" she said with her voice raising. " I’m the big sister. I should be 18 now, not 9. " She stammered. " Mommy was mad at me for being mean to you when you were smaller, so she put a spell on us…it was only supposed to be for 2 weeks, but I’ve been a kid for a whole year." She stopped amazed.
Melissa just stood there." Oh my god, I had forgotten. I forgot the whole thing. You were so mean to me I was so happy to be bigger than you. But I went and did the same thing…I was mean to you." Jessica walked up to her big sister. She barely came up to her breasts. She was staring up into her eyes. " I’m supposed to be the big one… give me back my body… my right age"
" I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can give them back. I sure don’t want to" Melissa replied"
" You have to give them back…You have to. You have to. You promised it would only be for 2 weeks, not a whole year." Jessie cried as the emotion and hope rose in her.
It was then that Carol walked into the hallway. " Mommy, make her give me back my body. Make me big again…I want to be big again. I don’t want to be a kid anymore.
" It’s alright, honey" Carol walked up to them and put her hand on Jessica head. She knelt down in front of her young daughter. " I’m sorry this happened this way. I never meant for you to be stuck as a kid for a whole year" She was crying a bit as well. " But I think I have a way for you two to switch back. But you have to really hope and really want it, okay"
" Okay, Mommy, I’m sorry for being mean before. If You change me back I’ll never be mean to Melissa ever again, I promise" She said hurridly.
Carol stood up and looked into Melissa’s eyes. " Now Mel, I know that you don’t want to go back to being a kid again, but think about what this means to your sister. Think about what’s right. I put you into this position and this body before you were really ready for it. I know that it feels right in the flesh, but what about in the mind? Please Melissa. For this to work, you have to be willing. "
Melissa looked into her Mom’s eyes and then down at her little sister. How could she go back to being the little one? How after a year of being a teen, could she go back to the third grade? How could she go back to life as the one being picked on? How? She had power now. She was big and her body, she loved her body, but as she looked at the tears in her sister’s eyes, her resolve broke. Her body would be waiting for her in time. She nodded her head at her mother and said, " Go ahead. Change us back"
Carol said the words she had replayed in her mind every night for a year. " I as the mother of both Melissa Ellen Easton, aged 17 years and Jessica Elizabeth Easton, aged 9 years demand them to exchange 9 years from one to the other. Melissa Ellen Easton now being aged 8 years, and Jessica Elizabeth Easton now being aged 18 years. "
They were standing right across from each other, only a few feet seperated them. They both looked at each other intently, watching for the changes to start. Melissa smiled slightly at Jessica and bent down to her. " Don’t be mad at me Jessie, I didn’t mean it" She said with a slight pleading to her. She bent down as Jessie whispered into her ear " Don’t worry about it big sister, I’ll go easy on you " and she started to laugh. Melissa rose back up to her full height of 5’10" then in an instant she started to shrink.
The changes were more evident in Jessica as she went to 10. She was growing quickly and putting on inches rapidly. Melissa was getting smaller. She whimpered as her breasts began to shrink. Jessica was staring at the floor as it got further away. Her clothes were getting tight and she heard a rip in the back of her shorts. She was about 12 now and she could feel her breasts beginning to reappear. She looked up and realized she and her sister were the same height at that moment. She smiled, if she had gained 3 or 4 years then Melissa had lost them, making them both about 13. She smiled slightly as she passed up her sister.
Melissa was taking her retreat back into childhood rather well. She mourned the loss of her breasts and she was losing her other curves as well. When she noticed that her sister was looking her in the eye, they shared something at that moment, something eternal. As she watched her sister get taller than her, she knew there was no going back now. Her voice was higher as she went to speak " Now don’t forget your promise " she said as her voice rose.
Jessica was lost in her own changes when she heard her little sister speak. " I won’t forget " she said.simply as her body returned to her. Soon after they had started, the changes stopped. Jessica had ripped clear of her clothing and was standing naked in the hall. She was now 18 years old. The year had still passed and she was still a year older, but many years wiser. She was 5’9" again, her breasts hanging freely where the fabric of her little girl clothes had been unable to hold them. Jessica was suddenly self concious. She put one arm over her breasts and her other hand down to cover her vagina. She danced back and forth on her size 10 feet. She always had thought she had big feet. She quickly reached into the bathroom and pulled out her robe. It was her robe again. She quickly pulled it on and pulled it closed. She smiled and pushed her hair back over her ears. She noticed they were pierced again.
Jessica looked over at her again younger sister. Missy was swimming in her clothes. The T-Shirt she was wearing now came down over her knees. Her shorts had fallen to the ground and covered her tiny feet. Her panties had fallen down too, but the shirt gave her sufficent cover. She looked up at her big sister. She tried to smile but she couldn’t. She didn’t cry even though she wanted to. Instead she lifted up her tiny hands at the ends of her thin 8-year old arms. She moved her hands back and forth in front of her face, then she patted down her body. She stepped out of her shorts pile and wiggled her toes. She ran her fingers through her thin blond hair and then over her face. Carol bent down in front of Melissa. " That was very brave of you" You did the right thing and I’m proud of you."
Missy just nodded again and looked up again at her sister. Now she smiled.

Tragic Kingdom Part One

submitted by techorganna - Dec 7, 2002

Part One, Regression to follow soon. I am not a true writer of Age Regression, preferring to deal with death and poetry, but I found a loop hole and am hoping to review John?s life in a retrograde fashion, so while this will not be a true AR story, I hope it will please some people on the message board.
Criticism is welcomed and ideas are welcomed too. Also, if anyone wants to ?steal? this story for another board or to rewrite or add on to, I just ask that you let me know in advance. Actually, I would not mind someone taking my story and adding to it, Techorganna

Tragic Kingdom Pt. 2

submitted by techorganna - Dec 7, 2002

Again, all comments, criticism, and suggestions wanted, Techorganna

Trick and Treat by EgARednu Sphinx and by Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Nov 10, 2002

The entire story: an introduction, four tricks, and two treats.

Trick and Treat: Introduction by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Oct 25, 2002

"Too old to trick-or-treat? Nonsense. In fact, I have just the thing."

Trick and Treat: The First Treat by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Oct 29, 2002

That made a 10 year old boy and a 9 year old girl telling a boy twice their age and size that he wasn't being a good boy. Even though this should have seemed wrong, Mark couldn't help thinking of them as 'the big kids' and that he really should listen.

Trick and Treat: The First Trick by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Oct 30, 2002

Looking in the mirror, he was shocked to see a five year old with a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt staring back at him.

Trick and Treat: The Fourth Trick by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Nov 4, 2002

It wasn't until he locked the door behind him that he realized he'd been crying.

Trick and Treat: The Second Trick by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

submitted by TabulaRasa - Nov 1, 2002

After they split up, Jared, the boy who'd snapped at Amanda, returned home and went to bed. He didn't even notice that his thumb had found its way into his mouth.