Trick and Treat: The Third Trick by EgARednu Sphinx and Tabula Rasa

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Looking around quickly revealed him to be in his brother's room, although it looked slightly different, and lying in a bunk bed.

Trick or Treat from DonnyG and Bojay!

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DonnyG and Bojay have contributed some Halloween images in honor of the Holiday. You can go and enjoy them here!

Trickery by Erin

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(as a storywriter, this is my first story, ^-^ I am 16-f-louisiana. I would realy like to turn this, if it is interesting, into a story where people participate. You can all post ideas under this topic for my character to do}

Trust by Timeminder

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A short vignette about two hikers and trust.

Turn the page Part 1 by Areg5555

Jun 14, 2002

The regression of a married couple

Turn the page Part 2 by Areg5555

Jun 14, 2002

the plot thickens

Turn the page Part 3 by areg5555

Jun 16, 2002

diminishing returns

Turn the page part 4 by areg5555

Jun 18, 2002

schemes and choices

Turn the page part 5 by areg5555

Jun 20, 2002

an ending and a new beginning

Two Birthdays by TinyG

submitted by admin - Jun 7, 2002

A man and his wife use magic spells from the Spells 'R Us shop with unintended consequences.

Two Cookies by Undrdog

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A couple makes a special visit to a nursery.

Unidentical Twins (Part Three) by Time Minder

Oct 4, 2002

Unidentical Twins (Part One) by Time Minder

Sep 26, 2002

This is a story of a medical age regression that goes wrong. This is the story of twins, indentical girls, one of whom's life is about to change dramatically.

Unidentical Twins (Part Two) by Time Minder

Sep 29, 2002

Sorry, there were some typos in the first installment. Mandy's boyfriend is Doug, not "Luke".
And Anonymous is me, Time Minder.
First time I've posted on this new fangled website. I must say Heidigger and Timmy (unless they are the same) have done a marvelous job. Here's part two.

Uploaded Quite A Few Stories

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I have uploaded quite a few stories, although I did not post them on the homepage because I have no description for them. But it appears that once this site is finished we will have nearly if not more than 50 different authors writing here! Authors Uploaded: ARthur, Tabala Rasa are complete to my knowledge. Uploaded 1 Tainted Sins (awesome story), and a couple of Jennifer's. Peace, Timmy

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Ups and Downs by Capst

submitted by heidegger - Mar 31, 2002

A woman becomes conscious in a teenaged body and wishes to return to her normal age.

user online part 1 by areg5555

Jun 21, 2002

for want of a surge protector...

user online conclusion by areg5555

Jun 22, 2002

Electric morph reality


Mar 13, 2003

What happens when ruki from digimon takes a hit for renamon?Ruki's mind start to act funny.....

Walk A Mile by Sgt. Vincennes

submitted by Timmy - Jul 6, 2002

Walk A Mile
by SgtVincennes

Sharon Winstrom was stealing a moment of peace and quiet. She had actually been looking forward to spending a week with all 4 of her daughters, then she heard the incredible din that came with 4 girls all packed into one small house.
It had been nearly a year since they were all together and sentiment had made Sharon hope that this week would go smoothly. After her Divorce from David 3 years ago and their agreement of joint custody it was rare that any of girls weekends coincided together. Now she got the added pleasure of her oldest daughter Lori, who was home for Spring Break.
Lori had of course wanted to go somewhere Fun and Warm like South Padre Island or San Diego, not back to her little hometown of Carter, Minnesota. But the fact of the matter was that one, she was broke, and two she had a big project due soon after school resumed and she wanted to ace it. As Sharon lingered getting dressed and enjoying the fact that her door was still closed, Sharon knew that Lori would be sitting down at the kitchen table reading away. It was a scene that Sharon missed. She loved all her daughters and was proud of all of them for their own reasons, and it was hard only getting to spend part of the time with them.
Originally, Sharon thought that she would only have her 12-year old daughter Abigail for the week. Lori, at 19, was trying to figure out a way to go on vacation and her other 2 girls, 15-year old Megan and 7-year old Katie were going to be with David. Then David had been forced to go to Washington for business. Sharon knew he was a good father and had even offered to take the girls with him, but without proper supervision through the day, neither of them were comfortable with the thought of the 2 girls sitting in a hotel room or trying to explore the nation’s Capital alone. Sharon was happy to have them at home, then when Lori announced that she too would be spending the week at home and at first she was thrilled, the the noise level hit.
Lori was mature enough to try and help keep the peace but the extra excitement of having her home seem to wind up Katie and Abby more than usual.
Sharon had finished dressing. She was 41 but looked younger. She was trim and fit, a fact she was very proud of concidering the fact she had been through labor 4 times. She had dark brown hair, almost black. It was shoulder length and neatly styled in front. She had been told that she looked like Sela Ward and was very flattered by the compliment. She was an Accountant and had been amazed that she had gotten some time off this week, not much, but some. She had brown eyes and smiled often. A few lines marked the corners of her mouth and her eyes and while it wouldn’t be bad if left on its own, but she made sure no gray appeared in her hair with some help from Clairol. She was wearing tan cotton pants, a white tank top sytle shirt and a blue denim shirt unbuttoned over the top. Her feet were bare as she closed her eyes one last time and listened to the noise below.
Lori Winstrom was sitting at the family kitchen table. She was 19 and even though she hadn’t done anything to show it today, she was very pretty. She stood 5’5" and was quite petite at that. She just carried herself in way that made her seem tiny. She had long, curly brown hair. It was prone to frizziness if she didn’t pay it any attention, today it lay fairly wildly down over her shoulders. She wore glasses over her ice blue eyes and had a stren look of concentration on her face as she read the dense book in front of her. She wore an old T-Shirt, gray and losing its stitches around the neckline. One leg dangled down and lightly tapped the floor with her bare foot while she had her other leg pulled up against her chest. She wore old black sweat pants and rested her chin on one knee as her foot rested on the edge of her chair.
Lori was studying Business but she had an interest in Anthropology. Just something she enjoyed pursuing and that was where her project was due. It was for a fascinating class called Magic, Myth and Religion. She was doing her project on lost arts. The things of magic and myth like invisibilty and shape-shifting. She was attempting to explain these origins. She was reading intently when Katie burst squealing into the kitchen.
" Help me Lori! Abby’s going to beat me up!" Katie yelled as she tore into the room and took up a hiding position directly behind her big sister. Abby burst in after her.
" You’re dead shrimp! I’ve told you to keep out of my room and not to read my diary!"
" Why Abigail, I haven’t been reading your diary" Lori said with mock shock.
" You know I’m not talking to you Lori…you can’t hide behind her all day Katie"
"Now Abby, I remember someone else who was obsessed with reading an older sister’s diary" Abby blushed knowing her sister had called her bluff. Katie peeked out from around Lori and stuck out her tongue.
Abby returned the gesture and fumbled to find a response to cover herself. " Yeah, well now I know how you felt and you used to chase me for reading your diary "
Lori just smiled as Abby made her move charging the table to the right. Katie took off yelling again and Lori corralled her 12-year old sister in a bear hug.
" Let her go" was all she needed to say. Abby just sighed and pushed her hair back from her eyes.
Abby was typical 12-year old. A bit gawky with her first real development and growth spurt. She now stood 5’2" and thought she had a few more inches in her. She had just moved from training bras into an A cup last month. Her legs were thin under the loose blue shorts she wore. Her budding womanhood was concelled by a long red T-Shirt. Her face seemed more mature to Lori every time she saw her. Her hair was a dark blonde color and straight as could be to half way down her back. Her blue eyes showed her real talent, she was the smartest girl in the family. School had always been easy for Abby
As Abby headed back to her room, Lori saw her give a quick tap to the top of Katie’s head as she walked by. Katie was the youngest of the girls at 7 and had the usual complex that went with being surrounded by 4 older females. She just wanted to be noticed and strained hard to get attention. She sat on the couch watching TV, Scooby-Doo by the sound of it. Her little legs swinging back and forth not touching the ground under her pair of blue jean shorts. Her white shirt advertised Scooby as well. It was a beat up shirt that had made it’s way from Megan on down. She had long straight, thin light blonde hair and big brown eyes. It was a family trait for all the girls to start out blonde and just get darker hair with age.
As Lori was looking at Katie, Megan staggered down the stairs. At 15 she didn’t appreciate being woken up with the noise of her sister’s fighting. Megan looked with anger at both of them as she passed but said nothing. She was the tallest of the sisters standing 5’8" and she was also bigger than her older sister. She was developing a very volumptuous form. She had long straight brown hair and brown eyes. She was very pretty, probably the prettiest of the girls at that point. She had braces but wasn’t self-concious about them, her smile still came through often. She was wearing a gray tank top and gray shorts that showed off her body despite her lack of trying. She mearly mumbled at Lori as she entered the kitchen and retrieved a can of Coke. Then she was back out, slumped down, watching cartoons with her sister from the chair.
Lori went back to reading. She had come across a portion in Latin that proported to be a spell to change bodies. She sounded it out loud as she was all-together unfamiliar with Latin and wondered if she was pronouncing anything correctly. " Taberous Que. Haberous Tu intenatus mille " Weird sounding language no wonder it died she thought.
Lori had just looked down when she heard the unmistakable sound of Buster scratching the fence in the back yard and barking. " Great" Lori said. " Stupid dog broke his chain again and I have to go catch him in the rain."
Lori stood up and went to the door, sure enough Buster was loose and barking at a squirrel. Lori knew she had to go get him before he found a hole and got out. The pile of shoes next to the door was
more like a mountain. All the girls had at least two pairs mixed in there. Lori found one of her sneakers, then saw a pair that matched. They were big, black and clunky. In style but not hers, they were Megan’s. Lori was just happy she found a pair the matched and she was sure Megan wouldn’t care if she used them for a minute.
Lori slipped her feet into her sister’s shoes and ran out into the back yard and the drizzle. She caught Buster and slipped his leash back around his neck and led him back into the house. Buster of course shook off the water once inside. Lori shielded herself from the dog spray. She didn’t even think that while she had slipped easily into the shoes, she now had to step on the heel to get them back off.
Lori just sat back down at the table and started reading. She couldn’t seem to get comfortable though. She absent-mindedly pulled at her bra strap; it felt tight. She was reading and the words started to blur on her. She took on her glasses and the words cleared up. Lori’s face took on a definate look of confusion. She looked at the glasses in her hand, only to realize that it wasn’t her hand.
Her hand was bigger than before, the fingers longer and fingernails of one inch in length. The glasses dropped from her hands and clattered on the table.
Lori sprang up out her chair, knocking it over. At the sound of the crash Katie looked up but Megan just said " Calm down in there spazz" Katie was confused at what she was seeing.
Lori was standing up too scared to scream. She was panting rapidly almost hyperventilating. She looked at her body and it was changing. Her breats had grown and were pushing tightly in her bra. She would have brought her hands to them but she was paralyzed. Her hands went straight out and shook. Finally her paralysis broke. Her hands flew up to her face, They weren’t her hands yet they were familiar to her. She felt her hair changing and a few strands fell into her field of vision, now perfect and not needing glasses, if she had seen them she would have known that they had also changed from blue to brown.
Lori felt a sudden pulling in her mouth, her teeth hurt. She parted her lips and brought her tongue up and slid it across her teeth. "Braces! Why in the Hell am I wearing braces?" she thought quickly still unable to speak. Her mind was reeling. " What’s happening to me!" finally made it out of her mouth.
Katie had watched the whole transformation in awe and confusion. She couldn’t believe it. She looked at the chair next to her and sure enough, Megan was still sitting there. She looked to the kitchen and there was Megan again, only she was wearing the clothes that Lori had been wearing. Katie had just watched her sister Lori turn into her other sister Megan.
Megan had looked up then at the panic sounding voice from the kitchen. The voice didn’t sound like Lori. Megan’s jaw dropped and she screamed.
Sharon heard the screams and hurried downstairs, Abby cautiously trailing her. As she came down the stairs she saw both Katie and Megan, frozen in place staring into the kitchen. Sharon heart dropped as she feared the worst. She was totally unprepared for what she saw. There in the kitchen was another Megan.
"What?" was all she managed in a paniced tone. "Megan?" she asked cautiously and the real Megan nodded her head.
The Megan in the kitchen was crying hard. Sharon started walking towards her. Between the sobs she heard in Megan’s voice " Mom…I’m Lori"
Sharon screamed then. She rushed to her and hugged her. It wasn’t Lori to her touch; it was Megan.
After calming down for a moment and sitting the new Megan down she asked " What happened honey" " I…I don’t know" was a garbled reply and Lori thought she’d have to compensate for talking with braces again. " I was sitting here reading. I got up and let the dog in. I sat back down and I turned into Megan. I don’t know but I’m scared.
" That’s impossible" the real Megan gasped.
" No it isn’t. I watched the whole thing" Katie said.
" What did you see baby, " Sharon pleaded.
" I saw Lori come back in and sit at the table. Then she jumped up from the table and knocked her chair over. Then her hair went straight and lighter, her face changed into Megan’s and she got taller"
While there was a wtiness it didn’t answer many questions. That was when Sharon saw the title of the book on the table, " A Guide to Ancient Magic" read the title. " No" she thought. "There’s no such thing as magic" even as she looked at her 19-year old daughter as an exact copy of her 15-year old.
" Were you reading anything from the book?" Sharon asked
Lori looked up with her now brown eyes growing wider " YES! Of course! I was reading from it. I read a passage in Latin…" her voice trailed off. " Oh My God" she said in shock. But she didn’t know why she became Megan.
As they were all thinking about it, the original Megan started to grow faint. She was standing by the back door when she had to grab onto the counter to keep from fainting. She stumbled momentarily and stepped directly into the pile of shoes, tripping and nearly falling.
Megan knew she had stepped on a pair of Katie’s shoes, since she had stopmed completely on a shoe and her foot totally covered it. That sent her right leg out further where it had caught on another shoe. Also one of Katie’s; Megan realized as her right big toe was all that fit into it as she stumbled. She stood back up and kicked Katie’s shoe across the room.
Little attention was paid to the stumbling incident until about a minute later when Megan screamed.
All eyes turned to her and shock broke out on everyone’s faces. Megan was shrinking and shrinking quickly. Her gray tank top was hanging from her shoulders and the breasts underneath came nowhere near the ends to fill them up. Megan’s hands flailed at her chest. Her hands were becoming much smaller. She looked to her legs as they shrank and thinned; all of her curves disappered in a matter of moments.
Sharon happed up and grabbed her shrinking daughter. Shrinking wasn’t really the correct word though, she wasn’t just getting smaller, she was getting younger.
Sharon was hugging her tightly as the reamins of her breasts disappeared. The top of Megan’s head kept moving further down Sharon’s chest. Not only that, her hair was thinnig and turning light blond just like she had when she was a kid. Her eyes were still brown, her braces had disappeared though and she could swear that she had baby teeth in her mouth.
Her shorts gave up their hold on her now narrow hips. They fell to the ground and covered her tiny, delicate feet that no longer had any evidence of red nail polish on them. In fact, to Megan they didn’t even look like her feet anymore.
Megan pulled back from Sharon’s embrace when she felt the changes stop. She stood there and sobbed briefly. Her mother towered over her again, just like when she was a kid. Her tank top had slid off her shoulder and the dropped neckline showed her flat chest. She looked up at her Mom and saw her standing there with her hand covering her mouth in horror.
Before she could say anything, Katie walked over and looked Megan directly in the eye. Her mouth was open as she stood before her. " Megan! You look like me"
Megan started crying then as she looked up and saw her mother just nodding at Katie’s words. She broke and ran into the bathroom.
Megan stared in wonder at the image before her. It was Katie down to the beauty mark on her left cheek. She thought that maybe she had just become a younger version of herself but the mark confirmed it for her that she was Katie. She was 7 again. Her hands and feet were sahped differently than what hers had been like at that age.
Sharon opened the door and comforted her daughter. Megan had just gone from 15 to 7. Sharon couldn’t believe her own eyes.
Lori had come down the hall to comfort Megan too. Lori was still very upset, but secretly and quiltily in the back of her mind she was happy she had only turned into Megan. At least she wasn’t a total kid again.
Katie had also come down the hall to the bathroom, she was fascinated at her sister’s changing. First Lori had turned into Megan and then Megan had turned into her twin. They could play together now.
As the crowd gatherd around little Megan down the hall, Abby had an idea. She wondered, just wondered if it might work.
"Lori had said the spell and she changed into Megan. Megan hadn’t said anything and she turned into Katie" Abby thought working through the problem. Abby had seen Megan stumble by the door. She had kicked one of Katie’s shoes off her own foot then started changing. " Maybe once Lori said the spell everyone was affected. It must have something to do with touching something that belonged to another. Lori had said she went out and let the dog in." Abby leaned over the pile of shoes by the back door. The only pair standing up and together she recognized as a pair of Megan’s. " What if Lori had been wearing Megan’s shoes when she went out, then she changed, then Megan touched Katie’s shoes and changed."
Abby smiled wryly out of the corner of her mouth. " Only one way to be sure " she thought. Abby bent down and found Lori’s right sandal. She had to search to find the left one. She placed them out in front of her, then gave a glance down the hallway. When she saw them all occupied she slipped her feet slowly into her big sister’s shoes.
She stood there for a minute and felt nothing. She stared at her feet waiting for them to change. Nothing, she sighed and looked down to step out. Her feet now fit the sandals perfectly. Her feet were bigger and they were no longer shaped like her feet, they were Lori’s. She stepped back out of them then and watched her legs. They darkened and gained a tanned look, they also got a bit longer but not much as Lori was only 3 inches taller. They did gain curves though. Abby’s skinny legs filled out. Her hips flared and her waist narrowed.
" Wow, I didn’t realize how skinny Lori was" Abby marvelled. Her shorts fit better but were still loose in the waist.
Abby grabbed the neck of her red T-Shirt and pulled it as far as it would go. Her breasts were growing rapidly. She hadn’t been wearing her bra. She honestly didn’t need one when she was just going to be sitting at home. They were rapidly defining themselves now though. They grew to Lori’s 36B and filled out. "I need a bra now " she thought.
Not wanting to bring attention to herself, Abby went over and picked up the stainless steel toaster. It was no mirror but she saw clearly enough that she now had Lori’s face. Mature and pretty, but she was squinting hard. She put down the toaster and ran her fingers through her hair. Sure enough, her fingers caught in her now curly hair. She pulled the hair stuck in her now longer fingers in front of her eyes.
Abby then went to the table and picked up Lori’s glasses. She slid them on her new nose and hooked them over her new ears. Sure enough, she could now see perfectly.
Abby stepped backwards, still checking herself out. Her shirt was plenty big enough for Lori’s body then the real Lori looked down the hall. She screamed suddenly when she saw herself standing in the kitchen.
" What Lori?" Sharon asked as she spun around and stood back up fully. Megan was still crying in her oversized shirt.
Sharon peeked around the corner and screamed too. " Oh Lord! Lori?" Abby swallowed hard. " No Mom, it’s me Abigail" as Lori’s voice came from her mouth. Now Sharon almost fainted. 3 of her daughters had just transformed. " When is this going to end" she wondered disbelieving. This was so impossible. " What happened Abby?" She said with desperation in her voice. Abby wavered for a moment then said " I know how we’ve all changed. It’s our shoes" " What? What are talking about shoes?"
Megan was standing there when her Katie voice came out. " No. That’s right! I stepped on Katie’s shoes by the door. Then I turned into Katie"
Sharon looked at Lori, now Megan. " But why did you…"
Lori’s now brown Megan shaped eyes lit up and her voice, still getting used to talking around braces said " I…I put on Megan’s shoes to get Buster. They were the first matching pair I came across. I put them on so my feet wouldn’t get wet and muddy"
Sharon looked at Abby. Abby just shrugged, " It was the only way I could think to prove it" Megan took off down the hall. Her little kid legs pumping. She grabbed a pair of her shoes, Megan’s shoes and quickly pulled them on. She stared at her body. Nothing happened. She still sat there minutes later and started to cry " It’s not working" came her high childish voice.
Megan looked up at her sister, now her and heard her old voice ring out " I guess it doesn’t just reverse itself. We’ll have to find a way to change it"
" We have to change it! We just have to. I don’t want to be 7" Megan pleaded.
They were still standing there 5 minutes later. No one had spoken as everyone was trying to figure out a way to reverse it. Then Sharon looked around " Where’s Katie?" Katie! Katie where are you!" Katie heard them calling for her, but her mind was far away. She gazed into the mirror before her and she smiled widely. She had always thought her Mommy had a very pretty smile. To Katie it looked even prettier looking back at her from the mirror.
Katie had heard Abby’s explanation of the changes and a thought had come into her head. Katie had just watched her sister’s all change. Lori was now Megan, Megan was her and Abby was now Lori. Katie didn’t want to be the youngest anymore and this looked like her chance. She had snuck into her Mother's room many times and had played dress up. If Abby was telling the truth, then she had a plan.
When her Mommy and her sister’s had all been watching Megan try on her old huge shoes, Katie had slipped quietly out of the kitchen and ran upstairs. She ran right into Mommy’s room without hesitation. She ran across the floor to the closet and swung the door wide open. There in front of her were at least 30 pairs of her Mommy’s shoes. She smiled as she picked out a pair of Sharon’s heels. A black pair with a 2" heel. She stepped right into them and her toes slid forward into the toes. They were huge on her but that was about to change. Katie felt a surge and she pitched forward. She stumbled and had to step forward on her right foot to keep from falling over. She thought that her foot would fly right out of the shoe but her heel caught in the heel of the shoe and didn’t budge. The shoe fit her foot perfectly. She stared at wonder then looked at her other foot; not only did it fit but it was also a lot farther away. She was growing quickly. Her attention was brought to her waist as her shorts ripped. They ripped down the stitching of her left thigh first then the right. Her legs were long and full and full of curves. Her shirt was straining to keep her chest contained. Her stomach was now showing. It had just a slight bulge to it, her Mother’s show of motherhood, she had never paid attention to the small details. She ran her growing hand over her exposed thighs. There were slight lines of discoloration there. She had no idea what a streach mark looked like, now they were on her body. Katie gave it no mind though, she had better things to focus on. Her Scooby-Doo T-shirt was old and had a few holes in it anyway, now those holes streached and gaped in response to her new body. Katie quickly pulled it off her head. She stared in wonder at her chest. She now had what her Mother had. They looked different on her own body, quite confusing to her but she knew she was happy. Katie had also noticed that when she pulled her shirt off, she had barely felt her hair. It was much shorter now that it looked like Sharon’s. Katie’s eyes shot to the mirror. Her Mother’s face looked back at her; she started smiling, she couldn’t help it.
Katie was self-concious though at her naked state. She walked back to the closet, amazed at how long her legs were, how long her strides were, how it sounded when her feet touched the floor, how her body moved differently. She had the grace and poise as a 41-year old woman that she had yet to develop as a 7-year old girl. She picked out a black dress that she thought had made her Mommy look pretty. It was black with a slight floral pattern on it. She stepped into it still wearing the heels. Katie was walking in heels for the first time in her life and was doing it naturally, it must have come with the body. She pulled the dress to her waist then grabbed the zipper in tha back and pulled it up.
Katie smoothed out the dress over her new stomach and legs. She did a quick turn around and watched the dress swing and catch up to her legs. She was smiling at her new reflection when she heard the scream and thump behind her. When she turned she saw her Mother fainted on the ground.
It was few minutes before Sharon woke back up. " What happened" she siad dazed.
" What hasn’t happened" Sharon saw that it was Megan who had said it, then she realized and remembered. That wasn’t Megan that was Lori.
Sharon sat up and saw herself standing before her own eyes. The second Sharon nervously chewed on her bottom lip and shifted her weight back and forth between her feet. Then Sharon heard her own voice say to her " Are you okay Mommy"
Sharon just laid back down. She had no idea what to do.
When Sharon finally got up she said " I have to take a shower. I have to take a minute to myself and think about this. I have to figure out a way to change you girls’ back.
Sharon walked away from her daughters all in various states of shock. She worried the most about poor Megan. She wasn’t taking being the smallest very well. It was defiantely emotional for all of them but maybe more so for Megan, she had gone backwards through puberty rather quickly. Sharon’s hands shook from worry as she undressed and stepped into the shower. She stood there and let the water run over her but she still couldn’t clear her head. She still couldn’t get over the sight of her 7-year old daughter in her body.
When she finished she dried off quickly and grabbed her robe and wrapped up in it. The problem with a small house is that there was just one bathroom with one closet. After all that had already happened, one would have thought that Sharon would have looked closly at what slippers she placed on her feet.
Sharon stepped in her blue slippers, at least she thought they were hers. She forget though that she had given her old pair of blue slippers to Abby when Sharon had gotten a new pair last Christmas. She stood there in Abby’s slippers unaware of what was about to happen.
Sharon wiped the fog off the mirror catching her hand slightly on the cuff of her robe sleeve. Once she untangled her hand she looked in the mirror. She had her comb halfway down her hair, her hair that was now half way down her back. Sharon dropped the comb.
Abby’s youthful visage looked back at her in shock. Sharon’s hands shot up to her mouth in horror. She got a glimpse of " her" hands. They were small, smooth and unlined. The hands of a child. She dropped her hands to her sides and they were swallowed up in the sleeves of the robe. She was sobbing slightly as she opened up the front of her robe. The sight that greeted her was what she expected and dreaded. She had just taken her daughter bra shopping for the first time last month. Now that chest was hers.
She took a step back and slid her right leg out from under the robe so she could see it. Sure enough it was Abby’s thin leg. Paler than her own skin with smaller feet still encased in her old slippers, Abby’s slippers.
" How could you be so stupid and careless" Sharon swore at herself. When she opened the door, Lori gasped " Oh my God! Mom! What happened!?" Sharon looked up at Lori, now Megan " I screwed up and stepped into Abby’s slippers. She said as she lifted up her right foot and swept it back and forth. " Now I’m Abby. I guess this completes it" Abby stepped forward and adjusted her glasses for Lori’s eyes. " No Way"
Sharon just shook her head. She looked at the scene before her. Lori was Megan, Megan was still crying as Katie, Abby was now Lori and Katie was her. She had to look up at her youngest daughter. She gulped looking at her own face staring at her with pity in her eyes.
Abby then spoke up " I have an idea"
Sharon looked up at her daughter " Well what is it"
" Well, since I look like Lori, maybe I can go to school and see if I can find her teacher. I could ask him about the words. Ask him if there’s another spell to reverse it"
" Yeah, that’s brillant Abby!" Sharon cried out in Abby’s voice. " No, wait a minute. You might look like Lori but you’re still 12, how are you going to get there?"
" I can drive her" Lori chirped up in Megan’s voice. " I can still drive as long as I don’t get pulled over. I’m still big enough to drive. I’m still 19 I just look 15" Megan looked up at her old body " People always think, er, thought, I was older anyway " she chiped in.
Lori continued " You’d never find Professor Lewis anyway without me Abby. He’ll ask a lot of questions to and I can coach you on them. We’ll just say I’m your little sister and I wanted to visit a campus" she was picking up speed.
Luckily both of them still fit into their original clothes so they both ran downstairs to take off. They both hesitated when it came to putting on shoes. They knew it couldn’t change them back, but they didn’t know if could change them into someone else still. Lori was careful to pick out Megan’s sandals and Abby was careful to put on Lori’s sneakers.
" Katie. Stay there" Sharon said in her higher voice pointing up at her youngest daughter. " I want to get some of your clothes so Megan doesn’t have to keep running around her half-naked. Sharon shuffled off down the hall in her oversized robe and Abby’s body. Megan crowded up against her as they headed to Katie’s room.
Megan picked out a pair of Katie’s jeans. They fit perfectly of course. Megan cried a bit more when she put on a yellow shirt. She cried because it had originally been hers…8 years earlier. Sharon comforted her daughter but it didn’t sound right in Abby’s voice.
Sharon went into Abby’s room and picked out clothes for herself that fit. It was humiliating putting on her daughter’s clothes, but she sucked up her pride and picked out approriate clothes. Sharon gathered up Katie and they went downstairs to wait. Katie was very antsy, she still had all the energy of a 7-year old pent up in an adult body. Sharon forbid her to go out. Megan didn’t want to move. She just curled up next to her older sister’s body, but her Mother’s soothing words. Katie stood up after an hour. " I don’t have to sit here. I’m an adult now. You two aren’t bigger than me anymore. You two are just kids you can’t stop me."
Sharon jumped up and said with all her force " Sit back down young lady. You might have my body but you are still my daughter. I’m still in charge here"
"Young Lady? Hah! You sure don’t sound like the boss around here" Katie mocked her. Megan curled up into a ball and cried harder.
" Don’t make me force you to stay here" Sharon said but her voice broke.
" You don’t scare me and I’m the biggest around here now" Katie didn’t have a plan for herself though but to save face she marched back upstairs. If nothing else she could try on more clothes. Sharon just plopped back on the couch. She was close to crying out of anger, fear and frustration. Then she pulled it together and saw that Megan was just about catatonic in shock of being 7. She soothed her as best she could and prayed that Lori and Abby would find a way out of this.
It took an hour to drive from Carter to St. Paul and the campus of The University of Minnesota. Luckily since it was sprink break, the campus was deserted. Lori was petrified that someone would recognize her, well recognize her sister as her, so she hurried them to the Liberal Arts building. She felt it such a stroke of luck that Professor Lewis was a workaholic and would be in his office. Before they went in though they went over their lines again. Lori had spent the entire trip down speaking through her still uncomfortable braces to her sister. Telling her details and what to ask. When she felt that Abby was well prepared to play her. She knocked on the door.
Professor Jack Lewis looked up. " Come in" he said somewhat surprised. He didn’t know anyone was in the office besides him. " Oh Hello Lori. What brings you here?"
Jack saw his student smile at him, he noticed a younger girl was with her. " Good Afternoon Professor" Abby said and Lori sighed, they might pull this off. " Good Afternoon Lori. And you are? " Jack said as he smiled at Lori, now Megan. " I…I’m Megan. Megan Winstrom" Lori said nervously
" Yeah Professor this is my little sister Megan. She’s 15. Mom wants her to start thinking about college. I thought I'd bring her with me. You know give her a little tour"
" Oh that’s a great idea. Never too early to visit campuses; I hope you’ll consider us here Megan. If you’re as smart as your big sister, I’d love to see you in one of my classes." Lori just smiled her brace-filled teeth and blushed.
" So what can I do for you. I’m sure you don’t want to be here during break" " Well, Professor, I’m working on my paper and project and I’m stumped" " What’s got you?"
Abby pulled out the book and pointed her finger at the line that Lori had said to start all of this. "What is this?"
Jack pulled on his glasses and read the line. He was quite good at old languages but this wasn’t any he knew. " Where did you get this book?"
" Here, it was in the library"
" What’s your paper on?"
" On the Lost Arts. Invisibilty, shape shifting, things like that"
" Noble. That’s a difficult topic"
" I think it’s Latin, but I’m not familiar with it"
" That’s not Latin. I’m not sure exactly what it is"
" What! You mean you can’t read it " Lori let slip and Abby shot her a look " Excure Me?"
" I…I’m sorry. I just thought…I mean…it means a lot to my sister’s paper…"
" Well Megan I appreciate your enthusaism for your sister’s GPA" Jack was confused but he continued. " I think I can read it Miss. It looks like a cruder version of Latin. Like a very early version of a translation, maybe of one of the native tribes that were in Italy.
Abby was still glaring at Lori " Well, it’s just that I wrote myself into a corner and I can’t really go on until I find out what this is…and if it can be reversed."
Jack studied it for awhile then began sounding out the words. He finally said " It says To Become another: Say this and you will walk as them one thousand" " One thousand? I don’t get it"
" Um, well, they didn’t have our system of measurements or even the metric system. One thousand would be like a mile. It means say this and you’ll walk a mile in anothers’ path" Abby and Lori looked excitedly at each other. It made sense to them. " Oh, Uh, is there, Um was there a reversal spell"
Jack flipped the page. " Yep, right here" and he studied it again. After a few more minutes he said "Menifus, entirus Quare. Vocabus Te quel junius. Que Trainus mille"
" Translated it means: To Become oneself again entire after the journey of one thousand. Complete the thousand then say these words: Te quel junius; I return to me"
Abby’s heart was pounding in her chest " So it can be reversed"
Jack smiled. Lori was usually such a calm girl, she sure was acting strange today. " Yes, in theory of magic, there is a reversal. You had to walk one thousand, a mile, then say the spell" Jack wasn’t even quite finished when both girls were out of their seats running " Thank You" rang out as they fled at top speed.
" You’re welcome" he called after them. " That was very strange" he mumbled as he shook his head and went back to reading.
Lori and Abby had run all the way back to the car. They planned all the way home. Lori couldn’t wait to get back to her own body. Being Megan and being 15 was just too weird. She could tell something was changing to them inside as well and she wanted to change back before it went too far. Her body was 15 and she hadn’t felt hormones raging like this in her in years. Lori also noticed that Abby was more mautre than normal. She knew she was smart, but she was very calm and cool suddenly. Abby teased her big sister about not changing back. " I might not want to give up your body sis" " Don’t even joke about that" Lori said back." You’ll be an adult soon enough. And you’ll be prettier than me"
Abby just blushed from the passenger seat.
" No, we have to change back. Look at what happened to Megan. We can’t leave her like that. She’s a wreck in Katie’s body. And besides, you want Katie as our Mom forever?" Lori was stared at Abby. " OH God No!" Hurry! Drive! Get us home!"
They reached home at around 6 with a plan. They came in and saw that Katie wasn’t around. Sharon jumped up and rushed to them " Did you get it! Can we change back!"
" SHHH!" Abby motioned them all around them and whispered their plan " Now we have the reversal spell, but everyone has to go along with it so it looks like we’ll have to trick Katie. All we have to do is walk a mile in each other’s shoes. That was the spell Lori let loose. To reverse we each have to walk a mile then put on our own shoes again and say the new spell and we’ll change back." Lori had come in and picked up Megan. Megan was still crying and being picked up easily by her own arms didn’t help. But when they said she could change back, her eyes widened.
Sharon went upstairs and rapped on her own bedroom door. Katie opened it and towered over Sharon. "What Abby?"
" Um, Katie. It’s no good. Abby and Lori couldn’t get a reversal spell. It looks like we’re stuck" " Hah, this is so great. You know I’m starting to think like you too. I bet you’re really becoming Abby aren’t you? All those years slipping away and coming to me"
" Anyway…we thought that we should go to the mall. You should have your own clothes. We all should." " Really? I bet little Megan will just love shopping at Children’s Place?" Fine, if you think so, I’ll go, but since it’s my money now, only one new outfit each."
Sharon was already heading back the stairs with a big smile. It was a good thing that Abby was so smart. She could tell her mind and thought patterns were changing but Abby had enough sense for her to pull it off.
" You look happy about this Katie" Katie said to Megan. " When did you get so happy?" " Um…"
" Leave her alone…Mom" was Lori’s retort. " I’ll drive"
Lori made sure that she parked in the space furthest from the mall entrance. Then took them to a further door.
" What are you doing Megan" Katie said sarcastically. " It’s such a nice night and I wanted to go to this end first. That’s where Abercrombie & Fitch is, I’ve got to show these off."
They all led Katie back and forth through the mall as many times as they could before it closed. They made sure they were as far away from the car as possible when the security guard had asked them to leave. They had to walk all the way around the mall to get to the car. They knew that they had walked a mile.
Once they got home, Lori grabbed Katie from behind. Abby tied her hands with a scarf as tight as she could, then pushed her down to surprise her. When Katie hit the ground she started to struggle. It took all of them to hold her down and it took 10 minutes to tie her legs togther with a shirt. They shoved another scarf into her mouth. Sharon ran back with a roll of Duct Tape to hold her hands and ankles.
" I’m sorry honey. I don’t want to hurt you, but we all knew you wouldn’t change back voluntarily." Lori sat on Katie’s chest and read the spell in Megan’s voice. As Megan, Lori was the only one who outweighed Katie.
Once the spell was complete Abby and Sharon ran upstairs into everyone’s closets and pulled out new shoes from and for everyone. They didn’t want to take any chances, the shoes thay had worn would be burned.
They raced down the stairs carrying the shoes and they went to little Megan first. She had already taken off Katie’s shoes. When they placed her favorite pair of black shoes in front of her she smiled a wide 7-year olds gap toothed grin. She put her feet in her shoes and waited breathlessly. All of them waited with baited breath, the only sound was Katie struggling under Lori. The moment seemed to take forever and Megan even began to cry again, then her crying hitched and she gasped.
Her body took off growing. The tiny shirt seemed to explode off of her as her chest expanded back into her lovely form. She grew tall and regained her curves. Puberty boomed through her suddenly and she screamed out in her own voice " Yes! I’m back" Her, Katie’s, clothes were in tatters around her and she pulled violently on them to get them off of her. Her face was still changing as she tore off the little girl clothing. She was only wearing her shoes now as she stood before the mirror and watched as the details of her own face returned. Her hair darkened and thickened. She was smiling as she turned around, once again as 15-year old Megan.
" Welcome back big sis" Abby said as she tossed Megan’s robe to her. She had the forethought to bring it expecting Megan to tear her clothes as she grew.
Sharon stepped over to her and hugged her daughter. " Take over for Lori and hold down Katie" " With Pleasure" Megan smiled and sat down hard on Katie. " Hiya Kiddo" she said as Katie kicked back and forth in protest. " Lori; You’re up"
There were two Megans again but not for long. Lori sriped off Megan’s shoes and stepped into her own. " That feels so good. I can’t wait to be rid of those damn braces"
Lori was soon rewarded, her teeth her clear again. She shrunk back to her original form. Her hair bursting out in curls. She stood smiling as Abby came over to her, hugged her and handed her back her glasses.
" You’ll need these more than I do"
Lori just smiled as Abby walked back over and pulled off the shoes she had been wearing as Lori. She too dropped in height and her hair straightened out. She didn’t like losing her breasts, she had grown quite fond of them, but she was happy to be back in her skinny still developing body. Sharon then stepped out of her daughters’ shoes and stepped into a pair of her own penny loafers. She closed her eyes as she felt her feet slide forward and hit the end of the shoes. She looked down to see her legs filling out under the loose pants she had picked out in anticipation. Her chest returned to her as did her face and hair, her arms, hands, stomach and yes, even her streach lines. Now they had to move in on Katie. She was the only one still not back yet. It took all 4 of them to hold her still. Lori took a good kick to her stomach trying to get Sharon’s shoes off Katie. Finally they did. They were barely able to touch them to her bare feet but it was enough. When Katie started shrinking Sharon yelled " Cut her loose, get the tape and stuff off her. Lori cut through the leg restraints. It was easy as her legs were regressing rapidly and thinning out. Megan didn’t have much trouble freeing her hands either. Katie’s wrists bascially shrunk out of them, with just the tape stuck to the tops of her hands.
Katie yelped when Abby had pulled the tape from her mouth. The tape had only been a small piece over her lips, but as she dropped age and her face got smaller and younger, Abby was afarid the tape might engulf her mouth and nose.
When they were done a small crying girl sat before them. The dress she was wearing swam over her and her tiny feet were under several folds of panyhose.
Katie cryed heavily" I…I’m sorry Mommy. I don’t know why I was so bad"
Sharon picked her youngest daughter up. " I know you didn’t honey. It’s not your fault. You weren’t you there. None of us were in our right minds. I hope we didn’t hurt you holding you down like that" " No, it didn’t hurt" she continued crying.
Sharon took Katie up to bed. She sat with her all night to make sure she was okay. By the time morning came, it seemed that Katie was fine.
None of them ever spoke of the incident ever again, but none of them ever fogot it.

Walking Back Up (Part 1) by Doxy

submitted by Doxy - Jul 16, 2002

Well, this is my first shot at an AR story. I welcome all comments and encourage you to give me a buzz at with your thoughts. I'll do my best to post part 2 in the near future, but it may be a bit due to classes. Enjoy.

Wanna Chat?

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Welcome to the Hole by Jason Mitchell

Sep 23, 2002

This is a story I wrote a couple of years ago based on an idea by a friend of mine who does much better AR stories.

Welcome to the Hole part 2 by Jason Mitchell

Sep 25, 2002

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